Mentor ObTape Vaginal Sling Lawsuits

Women who have received a bladder sling to treat stress urinary incontinence may be at risk of severe and debilitating injury if the Mentor ObTape Vaginal Sling was used. The defective design of the device could lead to infections, erosion and other painful complications.

STATUS OF OBTAPE SLING LAWSUITS: Cases have been filed throughout the United States for women who received the Mentor Ob Tape Sling. Lawsuits filed in federal court will likely soon be consolidated in an MDL, and ObTape sling lawyers are continuing to review new cases.


MANFACTURER: Mentor Corporation

OVERVIEW: The Mentor ObTape is a transobturator vaginal sling which was used in thousands of women between 2003 and 2006 to treat Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI).

The bladder sling is designed to provide support to the vaginal wall, reinforcing the muscles that control the flow of urine. Stress urinary incontinence affects approximately 14 million women, where the pelvic muscles that support the bladder and urethra are weakened. This could result in involuntary leakage during coughing, laughing, sneezing and similar actions.

The Mentor ObTape Sling contains a “nonwoven” design, which has been found to block essential nutrients and oxygen, leading to a substantial number of serious and debilitating complaints from women treated with the bladder sling.

OBTAPE SLING PROBLEMS: Over 35,000 women worldwide received the defectively designed Mentor ObTape bladder sling between 2003 and 2006. Some estimates have suggested that complications from the vaginal sling could impact over 17% to 18% of these women.

Women treated with the ObTape have suffered severe pain, vaginal extrusions, urinary tract erosion and infection.

Symptoms of Ob Tape problems could include:

  • Vaginal or Pelvic Pain
  • Bloody Discharge
  • Pain During Sex
  • Vaginal Infections
  • Severe Pain in the Back, Hips and Legs

In many cases, Mentor ObTape Sling complications have required multiple surgeries to remove the bladder sling. Even after surgery, women may be left with permanent and debilitating injuries.

Although Mentor Corporation never issued a formal vaginal sling recall, they stopped selling the ObTape Sling in 2006, just three years after it was introduced.

A study published in the October 2006 issue of the Journal of Urology outlined a number of bladder sling problems suffered by women who received the ObTape sling. Researchers evaluated 67 cases of women treated with the Mentor ObTape. More than 13% of the women developed vaginal extrusions. In adddition, 8 women developed chronic vaginal discharge and 1 developed an abscess on her thigh.

The study also analyzed the cases of 56 women who were treated with another vaginal sling and concluded that none of those women experienced the urinary incontinence sling complications.

OBTAPE RECALL CORRECTION NOTICE: The original article posted on this page contained the sub-headline “Mentor Vaginal Sling Recall” based on an article in the Journal of Urology which indicated an ObTape recall was issued due to a high erosion rate. At the request of Mentor, the Journal published a retraction notice in 2007 correcting that there has not been a vaginal sling recall. Rather, Mentor stopped manufacturing and marketing the ObTape sling in about March 2006, three years after the product was introduced.

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  1. Marie Reply

    I had been thinking about getting something like this done and now anm scared to death- thanks for all the good info. I have a kind of Q thou- I know many women with hysterecomies that never had any kind of suggestion of a sling or got one and never had bladder troubles.? So it seems odd that some dr’s say you need it- they didn’t used to do it. As a multiple back surg. patient I have had a million caths and they caused the leakage. Patricia- get an atty and stick with em- it took me 18 yrs but i finally got a full benefit this yr.

  2. Joanie Reply

    OMG!! I have had the Monarc TOT since March of 2009. I have had leg pain and numbness in my right leg, suffered vaginal mesh erosion, a few to many repairs, TPIs and STILL in constant pain. Please contact me if you have the Monarc TOT!!

  3. Sandra Reply

    I had mine done a couple of years ago. it was the Advantage Sling. I haven’t seen that name come up on here but reading some of these comments have brought tears to my eyes. It’s like being told you’re not crazy after thinking you are for a long time. I’ve had the urine that streams down the sides but doesn’t really want to come out, the pain (no sex since the surgery) pain on in my lower abdomen (on the side) lower back, you name it, all of the above. I work for an attorney but kinda feel like it’s a private thing, but he’s a good person and a great attorney, any suggestions on what I should do next?

  4. Susan Reply

    I have read all these horror stories and mine is quite the same. I am in horrible pain and fully regret having the tot sling put in .My plea is anyone who has had a successful removal please write me and give me a recommendation. I would be willing to travel for a competent doctor. I live in central florida. Thank you.

  5. Darlene Reply

    Roberta, I too live in Canada and had the Monarc Tot procedure in December 2010. I had severe reaction, burning, pressure, grating feeling, etc. I had the sling removed 10 days ago…still in pain , burning etc. which the Doctor is suggesting is nerve pain. Have you had any relief yet? If I would have known the actual risks of this procedure I would trade my incontinence any day!

  6. Joanie Reply

    Darlene, I don’t think anyone would have “chose” to have the tot sling put in IF the doctors were honest about it…. Instead of calling it a “Minimally Invasive” procedure, they tell you all the rewards of having it placed, they never once tell you what can really happen. I asked my doctor he never told me any complications….. just “Oh the risks and complications rate is so low YOU have nothing to worry about!”…. FALSE HOPE!!! LIES!!! It’s all about money, sad though that doctors have actually stopped caring about their patients and worry more about the kickbacks they get each time they put mesh in their next victim! Then once you do start having complications they tell you “You are the only one!” know how many times my doctor told me that. When the mesh eroded through my vaginal wall 3 times, he assured me I was the ONLY one with problems. I still have my tot in, but one day this nightmare will be over. Peace and healing!!!

  7. Shesflipped Reply

    I had my surgery on Sept 3, 2010. It has been the worst 5 months of my life. I am undergoing trigger point injections, on Neurontin and Elavil for nerve pain (I have been told that the mesh sling is sitting on a nerve) I have had several infections, have lost 25 pounds, have developed high blood pressure, and now have purple legs from the thigh to the knees. I feel like a serated knife is trying to poke through my urethra. This has not only affected my life, but, that of my husband and children. My Dr.. thinks that these things are not a result of the surgery. I am appalled that this product has not been pulled from the market, and that Dr.’s are so dismissive of the pain their patients are going through. This has been a cold, hard reality of our medical system, and Dr.s who have a God-complex. What happened to ‘First of all, do no harm.’ I am weary of the pain, and miss the person I was. This should not allowed in the United States of America. People should not have to worry about products used in surgery, that are put in their bodies, being safe. This needs to stop.

  8. Mary Reply

    I had the sparc suspension bladder sling surgery in Dec 2004
    the DR who did this did not tell me of any risk or complications …. he also did not give me the medical ID card with the name and serial number of the device … I do not know why he did not give me that information
    also he did not do a follow up after the surgery

    for several years I have had unexplained pain
    it was not until recently that I was able to get the attention of doctors to look into what was causing this pain …
    I found a good doctor who recently took this device out of me and I still have a long road to recovery
    I had the sling erode and the mesh was infected … my bladder is inflamed and prolapsed … among a few other things … I have had too much pain for sex and it has had an impact on my life ever since….. this has been a bad nightmare for me …..
    is there help for compensation from what this device has done to me ? I see I am not the only one who has had a problem with the device ….

  9. karen Reply

    I posted a comment Oct 2010. I did go to Santa Monica for enhanced
    MRI and the MD agreed that my right leg and buttock pain was probably
    due to my perigee bladder repair. I had gyn surgery here in central
    OR to explore. It was done by laparoscopy. The surgery lasted 3 hours
    and a wad of mesh was found with scar tissue, fibrous, a loose suture
    and a piece of plastic. I am in recovery mode and hope to be able to
    walk again without pain. If I was considering this surgery I would have the
    new elevate procedure with ONLY an experienced MD. I have had no good quality of living for over 3 years.

  10. Monika Reply

    I cannot believe how many women had this procedure done. I had my first prolapse repair done vaginally in 2006 in Canada. After a very short period I was experiencing vaginal pain (as if something sharp was prodding me) and severe rectal pain I made another appointment with the surgeon. I was told that the mesh had let go on one side and had rolled up on itself. More surgery was upcoming… I had the second surgery done with a new and improved mesh( so I was told by the surgeon). Three hours of surgery. The old mesh removed, a rectal hernia repaired with more mesh and a new and improved mesh to replace the old. Now I had two meshes instead of one. I was returned to my room to recover and the pain I was in was horrendous. My surgeon did not come to see me for 3 days. My husband actually found him in the hospital hall on the third day and asked him what happened. He blamed the pain on the extensive amount of surgery that was performed. I was sent home the following day. The pain just became unbearable at times, so I continued to take my Tylenol 3 medication. Upon my 6 week visit to the surgeon told me that things looked good and that due to my age the body heals slowly (I was a fit 53 year old woman who worked full time running three businesses with my husband)
    I was then told that I was well enough to go on an overseas vacation with my husband. The pain increased during that time. (vaginal, abdominal,leg,rectal and back pain, bloated stomach and weight gain,) Once I got home I made another appointment with the surgeon. I was told that there was nothing abnormal and that to prove it he was going to send me to another gyno to assure me that all was well. My visit to this Dr. who was across the hall from my current Dr. was a disaster. This Dr. also confirmed that all was well and decided that I should be put on hormone therapy.( which I refused) I went back to my surgeon and he was unwilling to do anything for me. By this time I was taking in excess of 8 ..222’s with codeine for the pain.
    After having to find a new family Dr.( because mine retired) I was fortunate enough to find someone who would listen to me. The family Dr. called one of the top gyno’s in Vancouver and she recommended that I be sent to a Dr.Cundiff. I cannot say enough good about this man. He is totally against the mesh being used vaginally and after another three hours of major reconstructive surgery (due to the previous surgeon removing so much tissue when he redid the mesh there was little for Dr.Cundiff to use for the repair) using pig skin to repair the damage and to hold up the bladder, I was finally on the mend. Even after the surgery I was totally pain free and I was released into my husbands care in less than 24 hours. The feeling of being pain free is rather euphoric.
    My suggestion to anyone getting a prolapse repair or a hysterectomy find a surgeon who will only use pig skin and will do abdominal surgery NOT vaginal.

  11. Sheila Reply

    I had the sling put in back in 2003 during my hyst. at the Coleman Women’s Center in Indianapolis. I had problems with pain, not knowing at the time what it was, and complained to my GYN back in Richmond. During an exam I nearly went off the table. He never suggested that the sling had anything to do with it. However, I went to a urologist in 2010 who discovered during an examination of my bladdar walls that the “mesh” sling had slippped and was the cause of my pain. Just 2 days ago on 2/18/11 I had the urologist repair/trim and reconstruct new flaps to hold it in place. It was done vaginally and I was released after a few hours from outpatient surgery. He told me to be careful for a few weeks to allow healing time; which is understandable. I have faith in him, but I am still worried about the mesh having been trimmed back, rather than replaced. It seems like I may eventually end up with another problem of slippage again. I am curious how long it took you to heal? Do you recall any problems or changes in the way it felt afterward when you had your repair completed?

  12. lisa Reply

    I am a 30 year old woman that had this sling repair when I was 28 do to leaking urine. After surgery didn’t feel right when I went to my follow up after the surgery I told my doctor I’m leaking more then before I had it he said give it a few months it been 2 years and still have the same problem the leaking Constance using the bathroom the odor the back pains the horrible pain during sex my life has been hell since I had this done my hart goes out to all the woman that are living with this nightmare I wish I can take it all back do wish this on my worst enemy

  13. lisa Reply

    Sorry meant to say I don’t wish this on my worst enemy

  14. linda Reply

    On August 27, 2010. I had a partial hysterectomy due to vaginal prolapse. The two doctors convinced me that I needed a bladder sling. He installed a TVT-O urethral from Boston Scientific Obtryx Halo. It has been a total nightmare for over 7months. I have problems now that I never had ever prior to the uterine prolapse. Severe burning and tingling on the right side obturator ligament has gotten so bad I could not put full pressure on my right leg. I finally switched doctors as the surgeonswould not listen to me. A NEW doctor gave me 2 nerve blocks so far so I can stand the pain. A Neurologist has told me he thinks it is causing nerve entrapment and is completely unsuccessful. I am also leaking like I never used to as it is too tight and causing my bladder to spasm. It is the worst decision that I have ever made not knowing all the facts and has basically destroyed my quality oflife. Nowit is a big dangerous take it our since they did not listen to me and it has been so long. I am working on my options now.

  15. maxine Reply

    i’m 75 years old. had miniarc sling 3 years ago. I’ve not seen a well day since. my legs are swollen, have pelvic and vaginal pain ever since. my back always hurts all the time, i feel as though i have a pulled hamstring, side always hurts, leg and hip pain constantly, dr. never once told me of any complications. dr. never even did a post-op check-pa. did checkup. i didn’t even go to this dr. for incontinence problems, i went because of a past kidney surgery. this dr. ignored the reason i told him i’d come for the visit. six months later, i found i had a kidney stone which this dr. completely ignored. all he wanted to do was expensive tests in order to do the miniarc for my supposedly uncontrollable peeing on myself. now, i have absolutely no control over my bladder. i have to wear heavy pads all the time. i just went through surgery to partially remove the sling which was hanging out and had eroded through my vaginal mucosa. NOW, TO MAKE MATTERS MUCH WORSE, I HAVE RECTOCELE WHICH HAS FINISHED RUINING MY LIFE. I’M CONFINED TO MY BED AT LEAST HALF OF THE TIME. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON THESE MONEY-HUNGRY DOCTORS!

  16. Amanda Reply

    I had a hysterectomy on April 8, 2011 due to 2 bad paps and biopsies. I was offered a urethral sling for incontinence which I took. At my 2 week apt. I told them something was wrong but was told to give it time and they didn’t even look down there. I am leaking all the time now instead of only when I cough or sneeze I can see a black thing in my vagina. I have pain all the time in my vagina, thighs and stomach. On top of still bowel problems. Last week I went for my 6 week apt. Which they did a pelvic exam and said I needed surgery again to cut that piece out. She told me I was a rare cause which I am finding I’m not. They haven’t called me to schedule this new surgery but I think I’m going to insist on them taking the whole thing out. I got to a outpatient teaching clinic that is free due to my income so I feel I maybe stuck with getting the proper help????

  17. Sherry Reply

    My problem goes back to 2003. I had a mesh sling put into my body due to incontinence. I was 41 at the time. About 4 years ago I started having right hip pain then lower back pain and now severe groin pain. I have had an MRI on my lower back, x-rays on my right hip and 2 ortho doctors telling me that they can’t understand why I am hurting. They could find only minimal arthritis. They said the groin pain was maybe a nerve issue. I have had PT on my hip,back and right leg along with seeing a chiropractor and now an acupuncturist. I have been having pain in the lower part of my rear end and then it goes into my groin. The Acupuncturist, not knowing about my previous bladder surgery, said that my bladder channel was not recv’ing proper nutrients. I told him about the surgery and he said he may not be able to help me until that sling came out. I have suffered for years now and have tried everything to stop the pain. What he said made sense to me but today I watching TV and a commercial came on about a class action law suit on the bladder sling. Stating that people who had groin pain, hip pain, vaginal pain etc… to call a number. I about fell over. I got on the internet and found this sight and all of these people have my symptoms. I’M NOT CRAZY!!!!! This is my AH HA moment. I have an appointment next week to see the gyn dr. that put this sling in. Please pray that he believes me and will look into to this for me. I am so excited that maybe I can get this fixed. I want my life back!

  18. REBECCA Reply


  19. Lisa Reply

    @Sherry, was wondering how your appt went. I have one monday with a urogynecologist.thanx

  20. falisa Reply

    Regarding the Comment by Joanie on 8 January 2011:
    Hi I was just reading these posts and came across yours, If you have not received help please e-mail me because I too had the Monarc Sling with severe complications. I finally had my final surgery 12/21/2010 to remove all of the infected mesh!
    God Bless

  21. Laura Reply

    I had a hysterectomy in January 2010 and at the same time, my GYN basically attached my prolapsed bladder to my vaginal wall (he didn\’t want to use a sling, which after readying these post, is probably a good thing). And he also put in a mesh to hold my vaginal wall up. I have had multiple UTI\’s since this surgery. I\’ve been on many rounds of antibiotics but the infection does not go away. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations for this problem?

  22. Anna Reply

    I have suffered since 2002 from surgery that Dr. Niai performed on me
    i have 2 incisions on my pelvic bone where I was cut. (The Mesh was used on me)They bother me all the time, it is very painful when touched .I Did not want another surgery like that again. I was told by several ladies in the Doctors office that they were back for a second surgery, because the first surgery did not work. The mesh used was I was still suffering from incontinence from lifting people in and out of the bath tub from work. I worked for I H S S in Redding, CA. I also had surgery for 2 Hernia`s on the bladder from working at I H S S .
    Why did`nt the Doctor find the two hernia`s in 2002 or 2003

  23. Margaret Reply

    First off, let me say, I don’t know if the bladder sling,(mesh), tape, that was used in 2008 on me was involved in my case or not. I had a bladder tack in 2008 in AL. at a world renowned hospital. I started having recurring uti’s a year or so later. I consulted specialist in GA and was told upon examination that the mesh had drawn up causing the urine to back up in my bladder. I had them remove the sling. I was told after follow up visits, if I needed them to call for appointment. I started having complications, such as uti’s, pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding, vaginal canal was like mush, closing of vagina. I was examined by physician and given estrace cream to insert and told to order dialators and to self dialate the vagina. Impossible. Vaginal tract is closed. The GA doctors told me I was not a candidate for surgery to open the vagina. They refused to see me any more and referred me to a pain clinic back in AL. I saw a gynecolgist last week in AL. The nurse advised me this would be a brief visit. I thought that sounded strange. The doctor went to examine me and had to use an infant spectrum when he noticed how closed my vagina was, he told me to dress and come into his office. Once in his office, he referred me back to the same doctor in AL that had done the original bladder sling. I do not want to return to that doctor. I have consulted multiple urologist, uro/gyno’s and now I am back to square one. I was not advised by the GA physicians that my sling/ mesh was one of the recalled, so that is still unknown. I did notice on their web site that they have widespread internet announcements of documentation of the findings of the recalled slings, mesh, tape, etc…..I was not told any details about what they removed from me, except the mesh had dried up causing my problem…..I would appreciate any and all input on my situation. I have been told by one urologist that he did not take other doctors screw ups! At least, he was very up front and morbidly honest….Give me honesty over passing the buck. I need help and help fast! These recurring yeast like symptoms, sex is an impossiblity at this time, maybe for the rest of my life… I have suffered such anguish, going from one state to another, one doctor to another, test after test……Can anyone help advise me on what to do? Thanks

  24. Karla Reply

    I need help! I just realized a few days ago that maybe some of my problems are related to the Monarc tape sling surgery that I had done Dec. 2006. I have severe back, thigh, hip, leg and knee pain. I been to see a spine specialist and am being treated for arithritis in my back and nerve damage. I wear a back brace, am using a Tens Unit and taking medication for inflamed nerves and pain. I just want some answers. The two Drs. that preformed the surgery have since retired, I have had to quit my job. I have to wonder if I am being treated for the wrong thing. My life has changed dramactically, I spent two days with my three week old grandson this weekend and it was painful to hold and rock him. I have weight restrictions of 10 lbs. sit/stand 50/50, no push/pull over 5 lbs. I still have incontienence. I just need to know if I should have this thing removed, I’ll do anything to make this stop. I was once full of energy and now I can barely do anyhting. HELP!

  25. Jenna Reply

    To Joelle:
    I had the sling surgery and total hysterectomy almost 5 years ago…I also have IC….I cannot hardly pee anymore….I have to self cath almost daily lately and I just found out about the lawsuit….I have contacted an attorney and now am frantically getting dr appts to get a surgery set up to remove this horrific deviice! I would rather pee myself than live like this….I am in excruciating pain constrantly….feels like b roken glass is in my urethra and vagina and some type of blockage….I have been very suicidal from pain and not being able to pee on my own…it has affected my husband and our sex life horrific! I hope you get some relief

  26. Deb Reply

    I had the sling along with stitches to put my bladder back in place back in 2003. Dr. Michael Moore in Denver might be a good Doc but he was out of his league when he did my surgery. I had to keep the cathader in just about 6 weeks before my bladder would function on it’s own. Later the stitches started to fall out my vagina.
    My bladder would fill up so full and I could not void at. Another Urilogy Doc in Denver had me start self catherization. Finally found a Doc specializing in pelvic reconstuction who had to TOTALLY undo all the mess with another surgery. Success at last! I voided totally from first day after surgery and thereafter.

  27. Betty Reply

    I am a 64 year old woman that has had the mesh sling put in and have had three surgeries. My last doctors trip he told me that my bladder wasn’t emptying all of the way. i have pain in my back my legs, my stomach is bloated like im going to have eight babies. He told me to come back in three months and he would examine me, but he did not examine me when i was there and i told him that i was having pain. And discomfort, I am taking pain medicine, i have never had to take pain medicine in my life only after the surgeries that he performed. i have read the comments and i am very interested in the doctor in Canada that is using pig skin instead of mesh, because the lady was in my shape, it sounded like from what she wrote in her comment, after the pig skin was used she is now doing much better and i have also had all of the effections that have been named in the comments that the other ladies left. I hope and pray that this mesh and all of these surgeries do not kill me before I can get it fixed. My doctor acts like i am doing fine he doesnt pay attention to anyhting I say. I can only get one finger inside of me to wash myself out. Is anyone else having that kind of a problem? I have had three surgeries! And I am NOT WELL! If the pig skin can help I will try anything at this point, to much pain and to much infections. Please write back if your having the same problem I am having. “”

  28. Tracy Reply

    I have just been overwhelme&d with all the comments regarding the monarch sling and can totally relate! I had mine implanted along with a hysterectomy last July, 2010, and have had nothing but complications! I have had persistent pain and infections since I’ve had it done. I have pain when I urinate or make a bowel mov”ement. I also have sciatica pain which I experienced since about 5 weeks after the procedure and now it’s so awful I can’t sit for any long period of time. Sex is horrific, as the pain is excruciating. I just went to the dr again b/c I’m in so much pain, and he insisted these were uncommon symptoms! He did agree, upon examination that the pain I was experiencing during sex was from the sling, and that I could go back in the or and have part if it (the part thats in the vagina) removed, but the sciatica pain or other symptoms couldn’t be from the sling. Funny I never had them before???? I checked with FDA and while there have been complaints about the sling there are no recalls as of yet. I’d be very interested to hear from others! Ita so disheartening to go have a procedure done to better yourself and u end up in a nightmare!!!! The saddest part is I’ve been having other health issues since April and I’m wondering if it’s not all related to this horrible device?!?!? Please feel free to email me! Very interested in hearing from others who are in the same boat! Thanks!

  29. Sally Reply

    In 2000 I had a total hysterectomy and in 2002 a vaginal-bladder sling device w. donor tissue put in in which I have not been able to pee normal since and have incontenence really pretty bad and have to wear pads all the time ever since. My lower belly looks deformed w. lumps and recently found out I have a lump on the top of my kidney, probably from the pressure the sling puts on my organs I surely hope sI don’t start having problems now w. my organs and apparentaly I am going to do so! I have to take blood tests for a year to see the lump larger, benign, ect, ect…..

  30. Carol Reply

    For help with prolapse issues, please check out the following website. This website gives options that actually work for women with prolapsing organs. There are practical “do-able” exercises and posture correction for prolapse. Please try this safe and workable option before having such a dreadful surgery as the mesh correction done.

  31. sylvia octerber 24 2011 Reply

    i have this do to me but i think them was doing a cut surgarel but they told me that they have done a mesh buddler with the sling i have problem with this just like they say about they leg,urine leaking when you cough .it very hard for we sometimes to have a bowell movement jurt fill like i needs to go put can not go i told my friend look like i needs to get tack by up again because same like it coming back down again. told me taht i will not have no problem no more. again they did not tell me nothing when i come out surgarl that what they told me.

  32. Tammy Reply

    Wow, I am so sorry for all the women here going through so much suffering…d*mn the FDA and doctors for not protecting us better! Why isn’t this information common knowledge by now????

    I would like to warn everyone and ask you to pass along this v-mesh related nightmare:

    I have a friend who was slightly incontinent when she bent over. She was in her mid-60’s. Her doc recommended a vaginal mesh (and I don’t believe she was told about the nightmarish potential results). Her doc never imaged her abdomen…just “felt around”.

    My friend had the surgery performed. Months later she still had the problem. Finally another doc imaged her lower abdomen and guess what?

    She had a tumor the SIZE OF A GRAPEFRUIT! Yes, it had grown during all those wasted months of the v-mesh surgery and recovery.
    Because her 1st doc did not image her abdomen, her cancer progressed to STAGE 4 (the worst, if you don’t know about stages).

    My friend is now undergoing chemo.

    Does anyone know if abdomen imaging is REQUIRED BY LAW before recommending v-mesh surgery to a woman? If not, WE ALL NEED TO WORK TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! and of course, we need to inform EVERYONE, women and men.

    My friend is too weak to pursue this topic, but I would appreciate any answers and lawyer referrals.

    Thanks and my heart goes out to all of you!

  33. Carla Reply

    I am having severe back, leg and hip pain and have had it for several years. I had TOT with this sling around 2005 after a complete hysterectomy. I have lost all sexual function and have not had relations with my husband in months. I just started bleeding and my doctor found a vaginal lesion and did a biopsy thinking it was cancer. It was not and I have just now come across this website. I cannot believe it, I have ALL of these symptoms. I will be talking to my new ob/gyn about all of this. I never even thought to tell him about the sling. I am now requesting all my medical records from my old doctor and the hospital that did this procedure. I have been fighting doctors for years about my intense back pain, as they cannot find a ‘real” cause for it. I have pelvic pain, bladder leakage…all of it. I am in shock that this could be the cause of my issues. I will further pursue this, that’s for sure. Good luck to all of you fellow suferrers out there.

  34. vicki Reply

    I had Mentor ob tape surgery in March 2007. At first the leakage was better then everything went down hill. Just went to the uro/gyno today and he said the sling is seems to be find. He thinks that the menstrual cramping that I am experiencing is POSSIBLE my colon. He prescribed something to stop the urgency, but side effects are constipation – having menstral cramps and constipation????????? Could not give me any explaination for the CONSTANT back pain. If not better in 6 weeks come back and they will do that terrible bladder test to check how the bladder is working. I am so tired of DOCTORS!!
    I told him how mybladder was working- When I Pee and get to the sink to wash my hands, then It begins to leaks-His solution “WHEN YOU EMPTY YOUR BLADDER SIT ON THE TOLIET SEAT FOR A FEW MINUTES THEN STAND UP OVER THE TOLIET AND LET IT DRIP. WISH I HAD THOUGHT OF THAT. This is the worse situation, I know something is very wrong and this dr wants me to stand over the toliet. I also asked what is going on that my vagina feels if something is in it like a tampon and he said that he wasn’t sure. Never mentioned it again. By the way, I had a total hyst in 1995. NOTHING THERE FOR MENSTRAL CRAMPS.!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone with similar problems? Another thing to Note the Mentor was taken off the market in 2006, the hospital that I used (Gadsden Regional Medical, Gadsden, Al) must have had a very large supply of these slings, because that was the brand that they used on me. By the way it had an expiration date on the label. (2011-06) Wonderful

  35. Suzanne Reply

    I have been diagnoised with Stage 4 kidney disease. Does anyone else have this problem.

  36. cathe Reply

    On April 28, 2011 I had the sling put in due to prolaspe bladder ( fallen out of my vagina 1/2 ” ) prolaspe rectum and vigina. The operation was very very painful afterwards for wks. I went back to work w/ drs approval. Within a week I called the dr and told him I was in very much pain in my lower back running into my groin down to my legs and knees especially my right leg. He told me its due to my bad back.. ahh I have NEVER had this pain before my surgery. My lower butt even hurts along with pain in my vagina. I called him again and told him I’m still in pain he told me I need to make an appointment with the pain specialist.. okay I have done this and this coming Monday Oct 17 I will find out what the real truth is. I’m going to find out what kind of mesh he used and hire an attorney. This is BS I don’t like being used as a experiment this is my life and the pain belongs to me and it’s for real.. I can’t even empty my bladder w/o standing up over the potty to finish peeing.Yes I had a hyst in 95. Before this surgery I was told by the dr this is a safe proccedure and not to worry.. hummm worry who me I trusted my dr. and now he has my money from the surgery I will not have another one by him. The next time he hears from me it will be by my attorney. There is so much more to write about this but after reading all this imput above it all sums it up for me.

  37. vicki Reply

    I went to my GP last week and I had him check my urine – I have leukocytes and blood. The same as 2 months ago. They sent it off to see what bacteria it was and GUESS WHAT? No Bacteria. Ladies check it out – if you have leukocytes and blood with no bacteria, this happens when there is physical damage to the urinary tract. (
    Then I called and made appt with another Urologist, The appt is Dec 2. Ladies we have got to do something. I have an attorney but what good in money when you wonder if the next dr is going to do something worse. I am scared. I want this thing out of me, but what will the effects of that surgery be? Good Luck

  38. Sheila Reply

    I had my uterus removed in 1999 and my ovaries had to be removed due to cyst in 2006 by my GYN. I had the mesh sling surgery performed by my Urologist. These surgeries were back to back. December of 2006!!! I also have IC Disease and was told that my body rejects Eliron. I was in the hospital for 2 or 3 days using a urine bag. I had to leave the hospital with it. It stopped or got clogged within a few days and had to go to ER two different times once because urine couldn’t pass and then I stopped being able to urine on my own.LIFE IS A NIGHTMARE!!!! Yes I have said I don’t want to live like THIS!!! I’m grateful that I can most of the time urinate on my own BUT THAT’S NORMAL FOR BEING ONLY 45!? I have a GREAT DEAL OF PAIN and even more for the last two weeks wondering am I going to die from this pain. Sorry this is unbelievably long. Please someone tell me is this pain from IC Disease? That’s what I have thought since December 2006. I told my mom, thank God she was there to take Great care of me NOT allowing me to bend or anything!!! So I know I didn’t over do it.I do give myself bladder cocktails injections into my bladder to try to relieve the Pain …I do NOT. have insurance and haven’t since January 2010..How do I find out and get medical care.I had been on pain patches everything nothing takes it AWAY. PLEASE HELP EMAIL ME OR SOMETHING. Thank You

  39. cathe Reply

    Since my last post I have been back to the dr. who put the bard marlex sling in me. It took over 15 calls to convince him to see me. I’m still having pain in my groin, back, hip, buttocks, down my legs rotating front to back, my rectum feels like it is contracting as well as my vagina, cramps, and discharge. The pain comes and goes from mild to severe. My back pain he told me is due to my disc disease. I have NEVER had this pain prior to surgery. He said it’s my sacative that I feel. He did an internal exam afterward I had pain in my right hip going down my leg. He said I have no mass or infection. Well duhhh… I asked if he had put the sling too tight he said no I give myself 2 cm so this wont happen. Now he wants me to go to an urnoligist to have steroid injections in my apex to help numb the pain. I feel this is a wasted time and money, bandaid fix. He told me I could HIRE any lawyers the sling he put in me is not on the recall list and he knows what he is doing. I received a call personally from him today telling me he wants me to get an MRI to see why I’m having pain and from what.. well let’s see.. it dont take a rocket master to figure this one out… no pain before surgery and now you got it. I also told him I’ve been having to stand in a squatting postion to finish emptying my bladder. He had the NERVE to tell me I TOLD YOU THAT YOU WOULD PROBABLY NEED MORE SURGERY ON YOUR BLADDER AFTER HAVING THE SLING PUT IN SINCE IT WAS UPSIDE DOWN. He gave me a 95% outcome that things would be taken care of is all he said. I never had any care after my last follow up and D/C from him. This is a violation. I called and said I HURT I HURT!! Just take ALEVE and you’ll do fine
    I was never told about adverse reaction from this procedure and he is saying he did.. (CYA) cover your arse.. I feel they should take this damaging thing off the market totally. There is so much I could go on with but I need to be basic on this since I have a lawyer working for me now. I just pray this can be taken care of.. I want this THING OUT of me.. And I pray for all of you girls too.

  40. lisa Reply

    does anyone know how to get exact model info indicating name number etc from obgyn. Having severe symtons completly debilitating me.

    My ob-gyn is dr. Molley Peters , Allentown Pa I need HELP!!

    any advise is appreciated.

  41. Cindy Reply

    Does anyone know if the Monarch sling is one of the slings that has a lawsuit against it? I had a partial hysterectomy in 2006 along with a TOT. One year latter and had to have a specialist remove lots of scar tissue from the vaginal wall. A love life was out of the picture for the past year and has never been the same since. Painful is a nice way to put it! I had just resigned myself to the fact that my body was a mess and that it wasn’t ever going to be good again. Recently I went back to the specialist and now get injections into the vaginal wall to help with the pain as well as hormone cream. I don’t believe that either surgeon is responsible for the scaring issues, but I do believe the bladder sling is the culprit. Anyone out there know whether there is a class action suit against “monarch”?
    I feel great empathy for those of us in this situation.

  42. Sharon Reply

    I find these stories very interesting. Howevere I was told there isn’t anything I can do. I had an organ hanging from my vaginal area in 12/09I made an appt to see my GYN doctor, I was seen by her Nurse Practitioner who said I had a uterine prolapse, since there was some small spotting and I had a history of cancer in 1985 my GYN wanted to do a hysterectomy so Dec/10 I had the hysterectomy only to find out the organ was still hanging. I made an appt with the GYN she then said it was a cystocele or my bladder and I needed a lift. The procedure was done 9/11. The procedure was only scheduled for 1-1/2 hr, but a whole was accidently made in my bladder and a Urologist had to be consulted, then I was in surgery some 7 hrs. The GYN doctor told me and my family she wasn’t able to do the lift, but the Urologist seemed to have patched things up pretty well. I have had numerous infections, 3 cystoscopies, urinary retention, frequency, urgency, leakage and pain. I went for a cystoscopy today and the Urologist stated there was a foreign body there, he said it look like there was a white device that was causing erosion in the mucosa and wants to refer me & did to Cleveland Clinic. I was never told anything about a device (mesh) by the GYN. I don’t know what to do, can anyone offer any advice.

  43. Mary Reply

    I had the sling put in and have been pain on and off for a couple of years. It recentley go so bad I went to my Dr. and they did a urine sample. There was blood in my urine but no infection.I was sent right away for a CT scan. I was told it was normal. I tried telling the DR. and CT tecnician about the sling, but it seems nobody listens. Now I have to go to a Urologist. Does the Sling show up on a CT Scan????? If they saw it, could they tell if there was a problem???

  44. Elizabeth Reply

    I had A Cystocele repair with Monarc transobturator tape sling, on 10/12/10
    I was 47yrs. old at the time 2 years before the operation I had A full Hystarectomy! and the surgeon did not take the time to make sure my bladder would not drop out! I had so many infections and urination issues no one heard my problem! it took 2 years just for an appointment to the Urologyist!
    Imedeatly I was told I needed surgury, and they would use A sling to attach my bladder to the wall of my Vagina!! And have to enter threw the Vagina, due to the scar tissue on the Abdomon .
    well After the operation I was walking around catheterized for weeks in and out of the Emergency Room. and had 2 infections, I can not have sex with my partner because of the pain, and bleeding that occures,also the hip and back pain. I still can not emty my bladder all the way, when I went for the last follow up !! the DR… said you can always CATH your self!!! I was shocked!! and left the office unhappy and found A Lawyer to take my case. I have to live like this the rest of my LIFE, I am 49 yrs old now and think this is so wrong ,

  45. Valerie Reply

    In 1980 I had a full hysterectory and bladder repair done vaginally. I was fine until 1994 and then had a bladder suspension (sparc) done and then May 2009 had another bladder suspension done. I was perfect for 6 months. Then in October 2009 I had a vaginal prolapse surgery. Since then my life had been a nightmare. I have to wear a pad as I leak all the time. My gyneoclogist said that I needed estrogen and so have been on that. He said when you get older your vaginal wall gets thin(I am 65). I have been bleeding on and off and have gone to see my family doctor and gynecologist several times. Last week I saw my family doctor and he is referring me back to the gynecologist. Another 2 years wait. I am going to see my family doctor again next week and ask him to send me to the urologist=at least a six month wait. I am in constant pain in my vagina and my back. Have not been able to have a sexual relation with my husband. I thought I was crazy and was so relieved to see all these posts from other women having similar problems. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thank you. Valerie

  46. Denise Reply

    I had the monarc transobular tape inplanted in March of 2010 in the last six mths i again have a problem with urine leakage but this time it’s not from coughing and sneezing, I now leak at the thought of urinating or i cant always go right away when i still have the urge, it feels like i froze up and really have to concentrate to go. I went to see my primary Doc to see if I have a urine infection and the test came back neg which was a real disappointment because i constinly feel pressure on my pelvic and the pain in my lower back and hips is so bad that i do things alot differently. My primary Doc checked to see if mybladder was prolapsed and she said that it was in fact slightly prolapsed. Today I had a OBGYN app and talked to the Doc about my concerns and he instantly disreguarded my concern and told my the feelings i were having was due to my diabetes and it probably caused nerve dammage. When he examined me he felt around and said that this area looked better than a woman half my age(which I thought was very inapproiate) He never asked me to bare dówn to see if the bladder was prolapsed again and when I asked he said he could tell everything looked great there was no problem with the surgery. He wrote out some scripts to see if they will help but he called them in to my Pharm and i knew it woùld be closed so when i asked him if i could fill downstairs at the Pharmacy there he said (Oh whats one more day) I am wondering what to do now?

  47. Sandra Reply

    I am do to have a sling surgery next month but I don’t know if I should because of all the coments that I have read. Is there a safe one out there?

  48. Karen Reply

    Well I had surgery 1/2010 due to constant (r) buttock thigh pain, the mesh was all balled up and a piece of plastic-needle tip?-all found,removed surgically. I am better but I believe I will constant pain
    the rest of my life. I can now walk but not anything strenuous. I think
    the mesh was pressing on pelvic/sciatic nerve. What a nightmare for
    me. I am now on antidepressant and am going to try water exercise to
    see if I can get some strength back without irritating nerve pain. Surgery
    and removal of mesh did help-done my David Redwine with laparoscope. He is in Bend, OR

  49. Sandra Reply

    I am now booked for corrective surgery to remove a piece of the bladder sling that has eroded through the vaginal wall…I had bleeding and my fiance has scars from it scraping him during sex. Are there any suits being filed in Canada.. I’m in Ontario and I have seen lawyers on TV in the U.S. but haven’t heard of any here.. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

  50. Missy Reply

    I need advice. Help something. 2008 had a partial hystercotomy and a sling. Horrible from the start leaking and pain. Worse than before. In 2009 I found an urogynecologist who did total floor reconstruction then replaced the sling that was “twisted” and replaced with a TOT. Now I am dealing with major bladder problems that my new gynecologist thinks is related to my sling. Major pain when I urinate, problems voiding, cramping. Going to get a scope of my bladder next week. I feel so helpless. I have insurance but it is very poor coverage and can’t work because of the non stop throbbing and pain. My uti tests come back normal. I never had these issues before.

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