Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) Warning Issued by FDA Over Health Risks

Federal health regulators are warning consumers that an oral liquid supplement known as Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS, which has been marketed to treat a number of diseases, can cause serious and potentially life-threatening health problems.

Miracle Mineral Solution, which is sometimes also referred to as Miracle Mineral Supplement, has been sold by a number of distributors over the internet with claims that it can treat HIV, hepatitis, H1N1 flu virus, common colds, acne, cancer and other diseases. However, the FDA has received a number of reports involving consumers who experienced severe nausea, vomiting and life-threatening low blood-pressure from dehydration caused by MMS.

The Miracle Mineral Solution warning was issued by the FDA on July 30, urging consumers to immediately stop using the supplement and throw it away. The agency indicates that they are unaware of any research to support that MMS is effective in treating the conditions for which it is advertised, and consumers could face serious health complications from Miracle Mineral Solution.

A number of different product labels have been used by different distributors, but the FDA indicates that the products all share the MMS name.

When used as directed, consumers mix the sodium chlorite solution with an acid like citrus juice. This produces chlorine dioxide, which is an industrial bleach typically used for stripping textiles and for water treatment. Consuming high doses of the mixture as recommended on the label can cause symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and severe dehydration.

The FDA indicates that it is continuing to investigate the product and may pursue civil or criminal enforcement actions to protect the public from the potentially dangerous product.

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  1. Judith Reply

    This is absurd!
    FDA approves dangerous drugs with life threatening side affect every day, MMS when taken correctly does what it claims and the occasional symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and possible dehydration can happen if taken incorrectly. Just like to much aspirin can cause severe bleeding problems!

    The FDA needs to butt out!


  2. warren Reply

    Yes this is true.

    I bought that product i experienced almost vomiting and nausea.
    But at the time i start feeling like this.

    I decided to stop immediately.
    This product is not a cure but a POISON.

    Can you sue JIM HUMBLE for this.
    I almost killed myself with this stupid product.

    I guess i damaged my liver and other internal organ.


  3. Eric Reply

    I used MMS at 15 drops twice a day for 2 weeks. I did not experience any vomiting. I did experience slight gagging when I smelled the mixture but I masked it with peach juice. I did have some slight stomache cramps one of the days & experienced a massive explosion of diahrea.

    In small doses like I was taking, sodium chlorite kills bad bacteria of a certain PH level, parasites, & germs internally. What I experienced with the diahrea was a mass die off of the bad bacteria & nasty stuff in my digestive system & body.

    I did not experience any dehydration, vomiting, or nausea. I did however get rid of 5 warts I had on my hands. I did not do anything topically, only the internal mixture. I was shocked that they dissapeared without any topical treatments like freezing or burning. My brother also had about a dozen warts go away on his hands as well.

    I think the FDA is nervous that if people start curing there illnesses & diseases, they will lose a huge ammount of money.

    I took accutane for about 6 months & look at the side effects:
    Weak skin, Alopecia, depression, suicidal tendencies, birth defects, miscarriages, back pain, joint pain, dry mucus membranes, pink eye, dryness of the eye, vision problems, ringing in the ear, psychosis, liver damage, anaphylaxis, erectile dysfunction, aggressive behavior, bone loss, heart attack, stroke, seizures, lowered white blood cell count, inflammatory bowel disease, and allergic vasculitis.

    Thanks FDA, but I’ll do the research & take my own chances on something you’re not making money off of.

  4. Tom Reply

    I found this product very useful for several things. I took it on and off for over a year following the directions which warn you of nausea and instruct you to reduce the dosage to prevent this problem. So I had no vomiting, dehydration, or low blood pressure, so no life threatening conditions. It did heal sores in the mouth overnight, nip sore throats and colds and respirator infections in the bud if taken in the onset. Topically it removed a mole on my eye lid and removed 2 warts, on my hand and toe. This is like outlawing beer because someone drank too much and passed out… leading to all kinds of life threatening possibilities… especially behind the wheel.

  5. rob s Reply

    I have used this as directed for HIV for 3 years. I went off my HIV meds the day i started the MMS. The HIV is not detectable in my system now with NO meds for 3 years. The FDA is scared of this because it does infact WORK!

  6. Hula Reply

    I was looking for food grade Hydrogen Peroxide for curing my new dog’s chronic ear infection, and something the fight off the heavy chemtrail (bio-chemo attack of april may 2009) symptoms. I was already challenged with fluoride poisoning (my bones were breaking and my teeth were extremely loose and porous) My dog”s ear is fine now, my teeth are smooth and my bones are healed, the only medicine I took was mms and colloidal silver in small quantities they are really the best medicines of our time. My body did the healing once I removed myself from a really bad environment(the city). The FDA refuses to acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of vaccine injuries – This is a loss of all many of us.
    the FDA is at war with nature itself – permitting growth hormones and pesticides, gmo.’s and cloning as part of a nutricious diet, while raiding organic farming black opps style.
    Codex Alimentarus, Agenda 21, The World According To Monsanto, One Hundred dead Microbiologist dead. Jimm Humble is very aware (and so are we) that his life is in danger.

  7. Jessica Reply

    This is absurd, i’ve taken it for two years and it’s helped. The only reason people get sick is from taking too much at once while toxic. Monsanto poisons everyone and destroys crops. But when the head is running the FDA the people perish.

  8. Agogo Reply

    This product saves lives everyday… So, if one of you, who cannot read instructions for use properly, becomes a bit dehydrated – according to the Big Pharma Drug Cartel – aka- FDA, then perhaps you should check yourself into the local meat factory -aka- local hospital, and get a good chemo drip… this should fix the crack in your brain… PERMANENTLY.

    Thank you Jim Humble for all the lives you have saved.

  9. Harry Reply

    I think the last post is just an uneducated post. I myself have taken mms before with great results. The vomiting nausea and loose bowls are small side effects that are not present with everyone, I myself had little to no side effects. The bottom line is that the FDA is controlled by the drug companies and the would rather you get sick taking their medications so that they continue to show high profits. It’s all about making money not helping the sick. Mms works and it should be up to the people to decide what they want to take.

  10. Mr Man Reply

    This is complete bullshit, FDA know that this stuff works and cant make any money out of it, that why they say this!! MMS works perfectly and the know it!

  11. Yolanda Reply

    I’ve taken MMS now for two years and the comment is true, if it’s not taken properly it can cause problems, but what if you take it properly? What effects would it have. Do not believe the FDA! We are on our way to a global catastrophe, you are a fool if you believe anything they say. I’m about to stock up now on MMS. Im out cyber world!

  12. Tom V Reply

    Been taking this product for nearly 2 years now, with no ill effects. Like anything else, common sense has to enter into the picture. I have had severe problems from too much Excedrin over a period of time. I simply had to back off.
    With MMS as directed, you just had to start off with a dose that does not cause discomfort. Then work up to higher doses. No doubt some would want faster results, and hurry the process. With the small cost of this product, there could never be clinical trials unless controlled by a big drug company.

  13. Bill Reply

    I’ve been using MMS for over three years, and will continue to use it. The only time I felt nausea was when I took a drop to much. If people are stupid, can’t read and mix it wrong, they deserve to get sick. I’ve seen many, many miracles with MMS. The FDA is not getting there cut from it, so why not send out a warning to make people stop taking it. I’m keeping mine thanks!

  14. L S Reply

    I used MMS for about 2 weeks. I was fine for the first 10-days but then started vomiting. After 2-days, I totally stopped taking MMS. It may help some people but it sure made me sick. I still have an unopened set of MMS, I emailed PGL International, LLC [] to see if they will refund my money but I have not received a reply as of today, 08/17/10.
    If you chose to take this product, please stop if you get sick, recovery takes days or weeks.

  15. Lori Reply

    Warren, did you actually read the instructions?

  16. Tom Reply

    I took the product and was very pleased. It warned of all the mentioned side effects, but one can chose a very low dose and effect great results. I had a headache for the first two days, but then it was gone and my energy level rose and I felt better then I had ever before. The FDA should stay busy removing other meds from the market that havbe side effects that can reallyc ause damage to all sort of body organs. MMS is good stuff, but needs to be used corerectly and the instructions are simple and clear. The FDA needs to calm down.

  17. John Reply

    Anything the FDA recommends is usually suspect. The warning they give is vague at best. I have taken this product myself as well as a dozen others I know and I have experienced very good results from it. I am perfectly capable of deciding what I can put in my body or not. I appreciate the FDA since I almost always do the opposite of what they suggest. It helps tremendously.

  18. Gina M Reply

    I bought my MMS about 6 months ago for my Lyme Disease and am happy to say that I am lyme free because of it. I agree that the only reason the FDA is recalling it is because they aren’t making any money off of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets remarketed under a differnt name and a bidg Pharmaceutical company in the near future costing $100’s of dollars. Another way the government controls us!! All BS

  19. Das Reply

    I have used this product for over a year and it ALWAYS works. When I increased the dosage I did experience nausea and diahrrea because I wanted to quickly rid my of bacteria, yeast, fungus, etc. I am doing GREAT now. What I experienced was just a die of systemic garbage. I could have done it slower, but I didn’t. Now each time my family members has a stomach ache, sore throat, or fever I give them 5-10 drops and it knocks it out immediately. We have become spoiled. I definately recommend stocking up on this product. I am a Naturopathic Practitioner and this is the easiest, cheapest product that can make you well! Low doses of this product has NEVER caused any of my family members(ages 6-75) ill effects. If you take as recommended I believe you can heal ALL your ailments!

  20. Byter Reply

    Haha. The FDA are plain evil. I’m glad I ordered my first bottle of MMS a few weeks ago. My mum got a terrible viral flu (chikungunya). She couldn’t walk. Four hours later after taking hourly doses of MMS she was fine. Amazing stuff. My dad’s autoimmune disorder which was causing water filled blisters to appear all over his feet…. cured. Then there’s the “house help” who has diabetes. Started dosing her and it is now under control. Need to find more people to heal. Dengue fever is rampant where I am. Wish I had MMS when I fell ill twice. Anyway don’t listen to the FDA. Also funny how Project Greenlife’s recall notice is dated the same day as when Jim Humble’s seminar in the Dominican Republic (Aug 9 – 13) was ending. Now Jim’s websites are gone too. and But I recovered using Google’s cache. Haha. I’ll be getting more MMS that’s for sure. I’ll also be making my own eventually. It’ll be easy enough to get the Sodium Chlorite where I live. Then there is Jim’s MMS2 (calcium hypochlorite) which turns into hypochlorus acid when activated with water. Check it out. Jim says it’s as effective as MMS1. Use both together for serious illness. Ok take care all.

  21. DENISE Reply

    i have been to several doctors and specialist for years a long with a lot of other people that i know.I have had narcolepsy for 11.5 years doctors recently stopped my meds cooled turkey.I have a had seen 8 different doctors for morgellons.they all refused to test my and even refused to try to help me.I felt as my body was dieing.MMs saved my life and it was a cure for my narcolepsy.It is wrong to sue over this and take it away just over control and greed.It is my life and I should be the one to say if I want to put it in my body or for the doctors they do not even care they will slowly but surely kill you.

  22. Judith Reply

    FDA approved the prednisone that killed my adrenals, left me vulnerable to getting breast cancer and lichen sclerosis. I survived all by using products not approved by FDA…..hmmmm, how much is the FDA really protecting me? Twice in the last two years I experienced getting flu like symtoms or food poisoning where there was feeling of vomiting and having diarreha. I immediately took a dose of MMS and in both cases the syptoms were gone in about 15-20 minutes and did not return with only one dose. I’m not returning mine and I hope we can someday get more. Sorry, America, for our screwed up medical system.

  23. Judith Reply

    I just left the following message for one of the many attornies trying to get us to sue Jim Humble.

    I want to sue FDA for passing a drug like prednisone to be prescribed for me that left me with no adrenal function, breat cancer, cataracts, heart problems, and lichen sclerosis, but has denied me the use of products not approved by them that has saved my life.

  24. Amy Reply

    I took MMS for three days, starting with one drop and working up to three and got so sick I thought I was going to die. I was sick in bed for three weeks with nausea, vomition, hallucinations, unable to sleep more than three hours at a stretch and terrible stomach pain. I have been able to be up some for about a week now but still have a long way to go to completely recover. MMS may work for some people but I will never take it again.

  25. Joe Reply

    Hahahahaha! I’m glad I bought the mixing ingredients that’ll last 30 years and moooore! FDA kiss my butt!

  26. AntiFascist Reply

    FDA is no more than hitmen for pharmaceutical companies.

  27. Jermaine Reply

    Look at the FDA… They are scared as heck, that people are finding out about a way to cure cancer that doesn’t feed their pockets. Where were they when all these americans died from all the “Drugs” that the FDA themselves approved as safe and effective??? Personally, I take this as a sign that MMS (Mirical Mineral Supplement) really works. I just got mine in the mail and I will be using it tomorrow. I bought it for my mom, but the doctors brainwashed her into getting Chemo and Radiation. I hope she comes around and takes this though.

  28. Lori Reply

    Shame on the FDA! They could be helping us by testing such natural medicines as MMS and improving on them, but instead they’re conspiring with the giant multinational drug companies whose profits depend on “managing” disease, not curing it. Soon none of us will believe anything the FDA says, and with good reason!

  29. Raquel Reply

    Ha, Ha , Ha. FDA is losing their power!
    Nobody believes you anymore!
    Such a great time to be alive!
    The big people are losing their grip!
    Such a great time to be laive!
    Ha Ha Ha

  30. Arrow Reply

    I just received this comment here at and I think
    this is a great idea. We should make this viral and with everyone’s help here we can. Cut and past this post and move it on to other blogs and forums. Even sites that sell MMS should be able to post it.

    Heres the comment:

    “The FDA advises consumers who have experienced any negative side effects from MMS to consult a health care professional as soon as possible and to discard the product. Consumers and health care professionals should report adverse events to the FDA’s MedWatch program at 800-FDA-1088 or online at

    Why are they not asking for reports where there are no adverse events but cures or recoveries? I think anyone with a good event should be reported as well! Yes report the good stuff whether they like it or not!

    Hey did you know if you take more acetaminophen than recomended in a 24 hr period you can die of liver failure! Why is that product not recalled? Go figure!
    Enjoy! ”

    If you have had a positive experience report it to the FDA. I doubt they will accept phone calls of positive experience but they have no choice with online record. Even if you had a not so positive experience tell them and let them know how it resolved and that you are not dead nor in the hospital nor permanently damaged.

    Remember FDA approved products kill hundreds of thousands every year. Remember vioxx.

    If you know of someone who has had a positive effect please give them the FDA contact information and ask them to write to the FDA. We must not allow them to take MMS away nor fill the airwaves with lies.

  31. Alyssa Reply

    Nausea and/or vomiting are simply side effects of a detox reaction. MMS is a very strong natural detoxifier. If these symptoms occur, it means one must decrease the dosage, then the symptoms disappear. Drink a lot of water when you are taking any kind of natural detoxification product.

    I have taken MMS myself with much success. It was the only product that cured a stubborn staph infection I have had since I was twelve. This is a fantastic product when used correctly.

    Personally, I would NEVER trust the FDAs recommendations for what I should and should not put in my body. I don’t trust pharmaceutical drugs. Period. I wont touch the chemical and pesticide laden food the FDA approves of either. What a joke!

  32. claudia Reply

    I am very worried about MMS. I took MMS off and on for three weeks for a sinus infection and again for the flu. I took my last and most recent dose about a week ago. My stomach has been in an uproar ever since. Major diarrhea, bowels lurching and gurgling, constant metallic taste in my mouth. Am I poisoned? Will I ever feel better? Also, I have no energy and I’m sick again with an upper respiratory infection. Even as I write my stomach is making more noise than the keyboard. I am concerned I’ve caused some permanent damage to my organs.

  33. Christopher Reply

    I’m a pretty openminded and a natural method seeker. I eat well and take care of my body. I read extensively about mms reviews and all. I thus ordered the product and followed the directions directly and experienced mild nausea the first few days, by day six or so I got up to six drops, this would be the last day I would use this due to it putting my in the hospital for toxicity. I was severally poisoned, it took me about a week to recover from that. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT, I am a voice of experience and very painful one at that.

  34. Shannon Reply

    I took one drop of this stuff mixed with lemon juice and I have now been dizzy for almost two months. The doctor told me that it poisoned my inner ear, causing permanent damage. Eventually he expects my brain to adjust, but he doesn’t know how long that will take, or if it will happen at all. PLEASE do not take this! It is literally poison and can cause permanent damage.

  35. Becky Reply

    I have been on mms for 6 weeks now. The last 3 weeks I worked up to the 15 drops twice per day. I have had severe diahrrea, I am so tired and am having terrible leg cramps and charlie horses in both legs. I have lost evey ounce of energy. My face is so broken out with sores and I have dark circles under both eyes that were not there before I started this. I am really scared right now. I have never felt so bad in my life. I quit 2 days ago and the diahrrea lasted for 39 hours.

  36. Kathy R. Reply

    I agree with the posters who said we should sue the FDA; and, we should jam their system with our POSITIVE reports! I’m really curious to know if those who CLAIM to have had adverse effects fully read and followed the directions. One problem I can see being possible would be some folks forgetting to shake both bottles well prior to mixing the drops. There are so many folks out there who’ve grown accustomed to the idea of a nanny state that the concepts of having to actually read and follow directions for themselves. Folks like that keep the “illness care industry’s” profit margins high. After having given at least some of the negative posters credit for just being well meaning folks who screwed up and now want to blame someone else, I’ll move on to the next 2 categories I suspect of putting up negative posts: both of whom are pure evil! 1) Those who are paid by the pharma co’s., to try to discredit something which can cause their masters to lose big bucks. 2) Those who just see a chance to rake in a settlement for a fictional claim, without a care for those they harm in the process. Not that it’ll ever happen; but, if the FDA became what they were supposed to be and they approved the alternatives that have a track record of working; then, the folks who need to be “hand held” to use something could get it from their doctors. I just thought of one other posibility for the folks who DID follow directions, etc… I’d be interested in whether they were really taking what they thought they were taking. I’ve heard reports of big-pharma lackies intentionally tainting other products that threaten the industries profits. In a “perfect world,” where the FDA wasn’t in big-pharma’s pocket, they’d be testing to make sure that the ingredients were as stated. I’d be willing to pay a couple of bucks extra for a product that had been made in a REPUTABLE lab, batch tested, etc. as opposed to having been made in someone’s kitchen. The FDA prevents that from being possible, though – opting instead to try to force folks to take crap that truly IS poison, made by the folks who pad their wallets.

  37. Leaann Reply

    people really need to understand that all you are doing to yourself is bleaching their insides I know someone very close to me who died taking this poison I urge everyone not to take this! research anything you put in your body these people selling this stuff just want your money they don\’t know human anatomy or pathology!

  38. Alex Reply

    Leaann you are talking rubbish. There is only one recorded death attributed to the ingestion of MMS and it was never made clear what caused the methemoglobin build up in her bloodstream. She supposedly took two drops of MMS and that is what they blamed her death on, whilst thousands more people take anywhere up to 16 drops at a time without any adverse effects. You really should not spread lies and disinformation about MMS to further the financial agendas of the FDA and big pharma. The genie is out of the bottle on this one and word is spreading like wildfire. Now that more and more people are learning how to make MMS at home the FDA is beginning to realise that it is slowly losing the battle.

  39. beachloven Reply

    the FDA are nothing but retired CEOs of major drug corps that have their ex employers lining their pockets with money to pass drugs that literally have worse side effects than the actual disease. the crazy part is the goverment who is supposed to help us are making sure drug companies keep us sick enough to keep buying but not sick enough to die. parma drugs are a multi billion dollar a year business and if anyone of those companies finds a cure for anything major they lose big. im a product of MMS and have used it to cure a viral infection doctors say is uncurable along with many other skin infections and bacteria. i recommended it to a friend with HIV and after taking mms for a year went back to the doc and results came back negative for HIV. do i gag everytime i mix the stuff? absolutly. do i get diarrhea after i take it? yes, but only when im trying to get rid of something fast. the FDA says its harmful and to stop taking it because you MAY get symptoms no worse than symptoms of the common flu. im a believer in this product and recommend it to everyone i can. if your an idiot keep listening to drug companies that make billions off your ignorance. i will be stocking up on MMS for years to come!

  40. lynn Reply

    My Uncle was diagnosed with cancer 1 1/2 yrs ago and died 2 months later. He had taken MMS diligently before having cancer and worked up to 15 or more drops. He had severe diarrhea and vomiting and was sick for days. I am not saying it was or wasn’t the cause of his cancer, but it makes me wonder. He did recover from being ill, but started complaining of stomach and kidney pain. He got it checked and found out he had cancer. I never thought about it being the cause until I was researching for the correct ratio for MMS to take for my stomach virus and came up on this site. Just remember if you’re going to take MMS, do exactly as it says and don’t over do it. To much will cause severe sickness. I’ve taken it before and I was vomiting on 2-3 drops and nauseous days after. My stomach ached with pain. U shouldn’t be sick taking something to make u better. I love natural path and I don’t take medication or FLU shots, but I will be cautious from now on about MMS.

  41. A kendrick Reply

    My grandmother forces miracle minerals onto my granddad whenever he’s sick. She’s been doing this for about 4 years. He’s in renal failure and is expected to die. I’m sure there are many of you reading this reasoning that he was given the wrong dosage. For those of you like me, who don’t neccassarily agree with the FDA all the time, but recognize the difference between medicine and bleach ( which is what chlorine dioxide is), I putting out this warning: this product is unsafe. the bleach will kill viruses and bacteria, because that’s what bleach is made to do. This is not something meant to be digested. It will kill the bacteria neccassary in a human body. My granddad will die- I hope this post will prevent other deaths from prolonged use of this poisonous product.

  42. JJ Reply

    ok, i took MMS for 3 weeks, doing the Protocol 1000 or whatever, the 3 drops mixed w equal amount of DMSO every hour for 8 hours. the first two days i felt a very bad headache and nausea, but it wasn’t awful and no diarrhea or vomiting and i attributed it to ‘viral die-off’ or whatever. i also felt my sinus by my ears kind of unclog or something, and my ears would do this kinda pressure pop thing off and on when i would eat or blow my nose cuz it got super drippy, but again i just figured it was ‘die-off’ and really the side effects weren’t THAT bad.

    so, i have something wrong with my body that i guess might be related to lupus where every once in a while my body will feel like the nerves are on fire and the skin of my thighs down to my feet feels like its been blasted with sandpaper. i used to go to doctors and none could tell me what it was, and it would just have to go through a week or so of incredible pain until it went away. i was having a bout of this when i started MMS and it went away the next day. i was shocked and amazed.

    cut to 2 days ago i had been taking it with no problems when suddenly i had incredible astro-intestinal pain which woke me from my sleep and suddenly i was liquid from the neck down. i continued to take it, but only one drop, and it didn’t get better. I’ve been off it for two days now and still sooooo sick. and also my ear never did stop popping… i feel poisoned and I’m really freaked out. i wanted to be a success story SO bad, i took it as directed and i loathe the FDA and Monsanto and all those horrible corporations as much as anyone.

    so, i don’t know. maybe it was the DMSO, and it’s your call if you want to risk it, it seems like its worked wonders for some people, but i won’t be trying again cuz this really has me freaked out and miserable.

  43. Jr Humble Reply

    I took FDA approved medications for my severe illness and ended uo with a heart problem and stroke. I was bound in a wheelchair until I discovered mms. I was cured in a short time and I know mms absolutely saved my life. Thank you Jim Humble! I know God has his hand on you. I greatly appreciate what mms did foe me and my family. God Blessed MMS

  44. Science Reply

    Scientific studies need to be done, aka double blind trials on humans before it can be recognized as effective in treating what it claims to do so. This is basic science, not FDA coverups. Studies need to be done for this and no, you anecdotal claims do not work.

    This stuff is poison, you can not refute that, but it has its uses in treating oral hygene issues. As far as ingestion as an administration method, it’s highly suspect and fairly dangerous, but then again, the FDA might actually pass this like they have done so for chemotherapy because that has shown to work despite the horrid side effects, however MMS needs to have scientific studies performed.

    Don’t ignore this, it’s not a FDA coverup, it’s just regulation for human safety. Until this is scientifically proven effective, it’s just another poison that you shouldn’t drink just like hydrogen peroxide; it has its uses, just be careful with it!

  45. Martin Reply


    I’ve carried out some tests on a small scale and believe I found the optimum MMS therapy for myself. I’ve got rid of some malign moles using MMS, plus it helped me a lot to fight lyme encephalitis.
    Still, those saying “it is toxic” should be heard. Yes, it is toxic, like you can die from an overdose of alcohol or concentrated salt water.
    So this stuff oxidizes cells, bacteria or bio films that live in a acidic state or environment and produces a lot of organic trash that can be regarded as toxic to the cells. This is why most people vomit on the first attempt (referred to as Herxheimer reaction). This is in fact the best indication that the stuff works, however it can work too strong if you don’t ramp it up carefully.

    So, I would strongly advise to anyone trying MMS: Make sure you follow some detox protocol. Don’t just take MMS ‘as is’. For example, take a few drops in the morning, then drink cistus tea a few hours later or any other of your favorite antioxidant, you might just cook with lots of turmeric or coriander seed. If your intestines can’t detox (to put it straight, if you can’t poop properly), you need to fix them beforehand. Plus, you NEED to refill energy in form or magnesium, potassium, etc. – otherwise your cells can’t detox.

    A cancer patient has too much encapsulated, potential poison in his/her body. This is eventually what might kill, not the cancer itself or the MMS. The same counts for any chemotherapy – and how many cancer patients don’t make it past the chemo…

    Also another note on the MMS preparation itself: There’s no standard MMS and the different acids for activation make things even trickier. So patients will have to sort out for themselves what acid or activation level is best for them – this very much depends on the condition the stomach is in (acid levels, etc.).

    We’ll have to make the scientific tests on ourselves (I do have a protocol log), because the pharmas won’t. Why should they, no patent, no turnover, thus: no FDA approval!

  46. santa Clausss Reply

    I use MMS all the time . Every week I use 150 drops in my bathtub. Great product !!!!!!
    I got first MMS in 2000 or 2001 . Nothing wrong in so many years.
    Health Care in USA is Nr 1 Killer

  47. Myla Reply

    I just posted on another site that I got my MMS in the mail today followed the 1 drop to 1 drop directions and now an hour later I am at Providence hospital being monitored for the vomiting, racing heart, and feelings of about to pass out…and I only took two sips. Never again

  48. tracy Reply

    Ha Ha. Warren isn’t a real person. At least try a little harder if you want to scare us away from helping ourselves!

  49. Evron Reply

    This dis-information campaign by the FDA is designed to create fear and doubt about the efficacy of MMS, and paint a picture of it as a poison only used by the gullible and foolish. It is a deliberate campaign of defamation driven behind the scenes by the multinational pharmaceutical corporations, who, because of the low cost and effectiveness of MMS in treating a huge variety of infectious viruses, fungi and bacterial diseases want it to be banned by governments. If the use of MMS were to become popular with the public it could cause a severe dent in their profits, possibly even putting some of them out of business altogether.
    I initially became acquainted with MMS after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2009. At the time I was living in the Netherlands and went to a doctor in Maastrict, associated with the hospital there, who specialized in the treatment of Lyme. He put me on a very intensive regime of MMS where I was taking large doses every 1.5 hrs. It was a rough 6 months, but in the end of that period, I was Lyme free and have been ever since. The Lyme Disease protocol has now been refined and it is not now seen to be necessary to take such large doses. If there were any lingering side effects of taking MMS, I would be the one who would know. I use it for all kinds of things these days, sinus infections, skin rashes, athletes foot and cold sores, disinfecting cuts etc. It works well for almost all kinds of problems like this.
    Let there be no doubt, this is a powerful and effective treatment for many medical conditions. Instead of just trying to ban it, the government should be researching the proper methods, dosage and protocols for administering it and training doctors to administer it properly. Because the FDA is instead just trying to stop the use of it completely, it causes MMS to be used by trail and error by individuals on their own, without supervision.

  50. Abby Reply

    Bleach is corrosive ! Naturally it will kill bacteria etc…but what is it doing to your insides and your organs that your cannot see. What about long term affects on your internal organs. How do you know that long term some even more serious illness might develop due to the damage if taking bleach internally. What is the bleach doing to your bones ? I can understand people’s fear of illness and wanting a cure but this is dangerous in the long run. The FDA might not have the answers to everything but at least the warnings they give should be seriously considered because what they are saying is true. What scares me most is hearing about people giving this to children without Dr. Approval or supervision. Our children should not used to test every new thing that comes out. I am sure the people who sell this are very wealthy and not even qualified to know if it’s safe or not. I’ll stick with science and eating healthy !

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