Pampers Diaper Rash Reports Lead to Investigation of Dry Max Products

Complaints of severe diaper rash from Pampers “Dry Max” diapers, which are a newer and thinner type of the popular diapers, has sparked a federal investigation into whether problems with the diapers are causing chemical burns on babies. 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) began a probe this week after a growing number of parents expressed concern over potential side effects of Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers diapers employing “Dry Max” technology. The new diapers, released in March, are thinner than previous versions.

CPSC officials say they have received a handful of reports from parents who say their children suffered persistent and severe rashes after wearing the diapers, including blisters similar to those caused by chemical burns.

Officials at Proctor & Gamble have dismissed concerns over Pampers problems, calling the claims that the diapers cause severe rashes “completely false.” The company says that the severe Pampers diaper rash complaints are being perpetuated by a small group of parents who are angry at the changes they made to their diapers. The company says the spread of the rumors have been helped by the use of social media.

“We have comprehensively and thoroughly investigated these and other claims and have found no evidence whatsoever that the reported conditions were in any way caused by materials in our product,” said Pampers Vice President Jodi Allen in a press release issued on Thursday. “Independent physicians, highly respected in the field, have analyzed our data and have confirmed our conclusions.”

Allen said Proctor & Gamble has received less than two complaints for every one million diapers sold, which she says is typical for a diaper. Allen said that the company has turned over all of its findings with the CPSC.

The commission is urging parents who have experienced problems to contact them immediately. Parents can contact the CPSC at

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  1. brooke Reply

    I had exclusively used Pampers diapers on both of my girls, age 3 and 16 months, since they were born. I have never had an issue with Pampers until approximately a month and a half to two months ago. My 16 month old who is still in diapers had never had a diaper rash before, ever. Until now. I had used the “Baby Dry” diapers on her until about two months ago when I switched to the Pampers with Dry Max, and within days, she had developed a diaper rash. My husband and I both found it very strange but couldn’t figure out what was going on. Every diaper cream out there and WEEKS later it still had not cleared up, and by this time, she literally had bleeding blisters all over her bottom that would not go away. It NEVER occurred to me that the diapers were doing this, especially since I had used Pampers for three years, otherwise I would had stopped using them right away. I literally couldn’t even wipe her bottom without her screaming. Just last week I was on my Yahoo home page and saw the article about the Pampers Dry Max diapers doing this to thousands of babies. This is UNNACEPTABLE. I immediately went and boxed up the rest of the diapers and returned them to the Target store where I bought them and got my $28 bucks back. There is no way I was going to let them sit there after all the pain and suffering my daughter went through for weeks, and be out the almost $30, not to mention everything else we went through. I explained to the lady in customer service what is going on and demanded my money back. I bought a package of Huggies Naturals that night, and within two days, the “rash/burns/blisters” had immensly cleared up, it was like a night and day difference from just a day and a half before. It does appear that she may actually have scars from this as it has started to scab over. She still winces when I wipe her. I cannot believe P&G is saying this is the parent’s faults!!! This is NOT a coincidence. I am telling everyone I know, especially those with babies/children in diapers about this and reccomending anyone using Pampers to stop.

  2. Heather Reply

    My daughter is 21 months. We have used Pampers from day one as well. She has never had a diaper rash before but around the first of April her little bottom broke out so bad that i considered taking her to the E.R. We went to the Dr.and im sure as many of you have experienced as well, they don’t have the answer. Could be diet, soap, detergent. But none of these things have changed at all. So they tell me to use Beaurdeax Butt Cream, (i had already tried Desitin Creamy and Clear, Vaseline and Aquaphor. After going through about 2 tubes a week for 2 weeks i took her back to the Dr. and this time they said that it could be an allergic reaction to the diapers , the dye in the elastic or the diapers themselves. so i used the last few Pampers we had and switched to walgreens brand. The “rash” is very slowly but surely improving. Then my mom tells me to look up the report that she saw on the news. WOW.. i will say that this made soooo much sense. Her “rash” is the worst were the elastic band goes around her leg. And i cant really say that its just a “rash” … besides the rash , on each leg were that elastic touches its a huge silver dollar size puffy blister , when i can get it to “dry out” a bit , skin actually peels off of this spot like a sunburn. We have had countless nights of no sleep due to her crying, itching, digging and just being plain miserable. It is so hard to be mommy and KNOW they are miserable but there is nothing you can do.Tears your heart out. 🙁 and then to see the comment that Pampers made that its a small group of parents mad that they changed their product..let me just say if i had a way to find the number for whom ever it was that thought that was a good idea to make that statement…… and to top it off, i actually did call Pampers yesterday, before even READING that comment, to tell them that we too may be having a bad reaction to the diapers, they took all my information, listened to my complaint and concern and then told me that it was only one or two people who have had a complaint about this besides myself and then proceeded to tell me ” well this is what we are going to do.. we are going to send you a coupon for a jumbo pack of diapers and if you have any other questions or comments please give us a call” REALLY? im calling to tell you that your diapers have caused my baby almost 2 months of suffering and your going to give me a COUPON? first off i was not calling to try to get anything other than some answers, and i hardly think that a damn coupon for the product im complaining about justifies anything.. THANKS ANYWAY PAMPERS

  3. Bins Reply

    My son has experienced severe blisters since we switched to pampers Dry MAX. He has never ever had a diaper rash in 9 months nor has my older son in the past 2 years..
    But after having switched to pampers Dry max, the entire area had blisters and i even saw the red skin.My son used to scream and cry for every diaper change! Even now the skin has not formed fully!
    Do they need pictures as proof from every parent that has gone through this! This company better take responsibility for all the pain the have caused my son and other babies.
    They better recall this!

    No more Pampers!!!! I switched to Huggies organic diapers and the rash just went away!

  4. regina Reply

    Wow! I tied them too because I had a coupon, he had such a nasty rash @first I thought he was sick or it was the soap, laundry soap, nope changed back to huggies and all better bottom! so no more pampers for us either!

  5. rpmcpr Reply

    Same thing. Just started using Dry Max diapers and 2 year old boy is getting oozing, blistery rashes. Change to other brand.

  6. KAF Reply

    My son has NEVER had diaper rash before until I switched to Pampers Dry Max Cruisers. I have been using them consistently for a week now, and he has SORES on his butt! This is not a normal diaper rash. We even went to the doctor, tried prescription cremes, baking soda baths, changing ever hour, and nothing has worked! I switched diapers this evening after reading all these comments because I put two and two together, and this is the only thing that makes sense. Thank you everyone for posting your comments. Pampers you need to recall these diapers before anymore babies get hurt! These are our children you are talking about!!!

  7. dana Reply

    my son is 8 weeks old i used the swaddlers dry max for three days and now he has a rash up his back and ariund his ear it looks awful and i realized he has been putting his little hands there to “itch” it..i feel awful for buying these diapers

  8. Jessica Reply

    I am just so thrilled to be able to say my peace about these awful new pampers. My son cohan is 16 months old, my only child and we have used the pamper line since the little new borns. Its been up until tomorrow that I will no longer torture my baby into wearing those diapers. We have been in and out of the pediatricians office for prescriptions that hardly work. Tonight is when I decided to investigate my assumptions after I softly tried changing my sons last Pampers diaper and after his screaming and crying shook his head and said mommy no. Now how can you just go on after hearing that. It broke my heart. At the beginning of all this I was ate up in guilt thinking o my I’m not changing his diaper enough and my fiance coming home to lecture me about how to properly change his diaper. Its all too much and I’m sick of not doing the little part I can do to prevent other mothers to feel what I felt tonight. Not to mention there innocent children. Also I did to notice my son constantly picking at his diaper and doing an itchy feely type thing throughout his rash days. Any ways thanks so much for your time and Beware of the Pampers!

  9. Shannon Reply

    I have recently just heard of the pampers complaints,which has made me very upset,yet happy at the same time…I have been fighting a ‘diaper rash’ on my son for this is at least shedding light on what could be the problem..The pediatrician first said it was a normal yeast infection,prescribing over this whole period of time hydrocortisone,different athletes foot creams,A&D,stromger Desitins.. nothing has helped and now they have no answers besides to ‘wait & see’,but i dont want to wait,its horrible,i dont know what to do or where to go with it…My son cries that it hurts and I cant make him better..Then I heard about this and believe the diapers are the cause and now in hindsight seem to be the only thing that could make sense,this is so scary to me..I have used pampers on all of my children,and i have now lost my trust and faith in them completely..Its so sad we cant even trust the diapers we put on our children anymore..WHATS NEXT??!!..SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS!!

  10. christina Reply

    i had no idea that a diaper could do this until my friend told me to switch diapers i have used pampers on my daughter since birth she is 18 months old now and i never had a problem until i bought the cruisers and easy ups for her she blead and cried and scratched horribly i didnt know what to do i bought all the most expensive creams and powder if i would have known to switch the diaper i would have saved a lot of money and a lot of pain my baby went through for those couple months it took me to figure out what the problem was

  11. Adanma Reply

    This diaper is horriable my 3weeks old baby could not sleep and i thought is colic or what I ate as a breast feed mum but just realized that it is diaper pampers and luv . I have gone to doctor for prescribtion and she prescribe nystatin still nothing works. I have changed my diet all thinking is what i ate but my daughters bottom is still red bleeding. until i changed to hugues and things start getting better.

  12. Michelle Reply

    I have been using Pampers since my daughter no longer needed newborn huggies. I have had no problems with the new pamper dry max. To me they are better than huggies that make your kid stink like pee as soon as they pee. As for people complaining about leaking, sounds like you need to put your child in the next size diaper. My mother inlaw was putting a diaper 2 sizes smaller than what her mother used on my niece and it leaked everytime she peed. I tried all sorts of brands and so far pampers are the best. My daughters private are is perfect and she wears them everyday and I use Balmex on her everytime I change her. The only complaint I have is that they bunch up a little in my daughters closes because even though they are thin they seem a little big in the butt area.

  13. Kristie Reply

    I do not believe its only the diapers with Dry Max because I use the Pampers Baby Dry which is not supposed to have this in them and my son has had a rash for a week and a half – every since I switchd him back to them from Huggies. They seemed a little thinner than before but thought they were safe because everything was saying it was the Dry Max. NOPE – his rash is all over his private area and all over his thighs. I thought it was a heat rash so I took him to the doctor and she said the only thing that explains it was the diapers because it was only where the diapers touch. She also said it was the new liners in them that is probably causing the problem – which I assume is where the Dry Max is. My poor little guy has been miserable for a week and a half because they will not admit to any wrong – Shame on Pampers. I have turned in a complaint to the CPSC. They need to fix this problem before someone gets really hurt and anything I can do to help make them fix it – I will do (legally of course) 🙂

  14. Jeff Reply

    My daughter has had a rashes all over her body since we switched to pampers with dry max from off brand diapers. I went back to the cheaper flowery diapers and the body rashes haven’t come back.

  15. Erin Reply

    I agree that it isn’t just the Dry Max. We seem to have experienced the same problem as everyone else. Our son is almost 2 and we’ve been loyal Pamper’s purchasers since Day 1, switching back and forth between Cruisers and Baby Dry depending on the sales. Just this week when our Nanny used a fe Baby Drys on him, his little testies have turned a bright burning red colour and had blisters. I had already heard a bit about the Pamper’s issue so within 24 hours we have Huggies on him now. Today when I was in Walmart another mom told me she was in the exact same boat. Coincidence? I don’t think so, Pampers. Shame on you.

  16. teresa Reply

    Yes I agreed with every one here. I watch my grandaughter wild my daughter went away with her husband, and I both the new dry max diapers. I can tell you that she did not have a rash when she came over . This product MUST BE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET! and be corrected.

  17. Kelley Reply

    Pampers is crazy if they think parents are just creating this “story” because they have a new brand of diaper out on the market. The Dry Max diapers are horrible and need to be removed from shelves – or include a warning that chemical burns may occur with use. My daughter, who is 17 months and rarely has a diaper rash, began using the Dry Max diapers. Within about 3 days, she developed a horrible rash, which we thought was a heat rash…until it began to blister. Then I began hearing about the Dry Max diapers causing a similar rash on many other children and I stopped using the diapers immediately. Within 7-10 days, her rash (or burn) was cleared up. I called Pampers to report the problem and they asked many questions. Told me the Health and Safety Board would contact me with more questions and offered me coupons. I refused the coupons, telling the lady on the phone that I had since switched to Huggies diapers. Not one problem with Huggies! I will add, though, that Pampers wipes are the best! 🙂 Will continue to use those always!

  18. Pam Reply

    I can tell you that I have used Huggies since 2006 for my Toy Poodle~ Sometime in June, I went to Walmart to purchase more and they were out of the #1 size, so I picked up Pampers instead.

    By July she was dragging her fanny and grabbing at her butt! We thought it was her glands and took her to the vets~ Turns out it was not her glands!

    I started asking around for suggestions and someone who saw I was using Pampers mentioned their GChildren can not use them. I was a bit skeptical, but I was desperate as this has been going on all month of July.

    I washed her well, and went out and picked up some huggies in Sunday. She stopped itching/dragging Sunday night and as of today, the rash that was around her VG is now gone!

    THEN, I saw the info on the chemical burns on Human Babies!

    Wow, is all I can say…something is going on with these diapers if it even bothers a dog!

  19. Geneva Reply

    My granddaughter is 8 months old. She came down with a (rash is not really the right word to describe it) about a month 1/2 ago. She hurt so bad she cried when you just changed her diaper. She screamed and cried when she had to have it wiped. We blamed it on something new she was eating or drinking. Her mother started changing and watching every little thing she ate and drank to try and find the culpirt. Nothing seemed to alter what was going on. Due to some extreme measures we finally cleared it up after about a week or so. She is using the drymax diapers. She has not always used them, but has been for about 4 or 5 months at least. She again came down with this (rash) a week ago she again got this red god aweful looking rash that looks as if she has been doused with some sort of chemical from just short of her navel to her lower back, around her inner thighs. Everywhere these diapers have touched is slowly become a red mess. She is scheduled to see a doctor on Thursday to confirm that it is indeed not some other thing causing this reaction.

  20. dylan's mom Reply

    I am so grateful to learn the cause of my one year olds persistent rash. he has suffered since May 2010 and just yesterday I stumbled upon the CB/S news article about the Dry Max probe. I couldn’t understand his red bumps and inflammation (which causes him to writhe in pain 6 diaper changes a day). We used pampers from birth and they were fine on him until May when he turned 11 months old. I also think the “sensitive” formula is tainted because upon using those, the rash seemed to escalate. I just stopped using pampers yesterday, and will have to try cloth diapers since huggies, target brand never did him much good as a newborn

  21. Kimberly Reply

    I just found out about this problem going on. I have a child that is 23 months old and have been using pampers since birth. In the last few months she has been getting diaper rash real bad that I can’t seem to get control over, so I took her to the doctors. Doctors had to put her on antibiotics due to the fact that she was said to have a staph infection. Companies need to be help responsible for the problem that is occurring and admit they made a mistake. Babies don’t deserve this!

  22. Eileen Reply

    My twin newborn daughters recieved the worst rash I have ever seen before from the Pampers Dry Max diapers. It lasted for about 3 weeks and my husband and I tried every diaper rash cream under the sun and there was no relief until we switched to different diapers. My poor girls would even scream as soon as we unfastened the pamper to change them in anticipation of the excrutiating pain they were about to go through. There little buns were so raw, red and blistered that they were even bleeding!!! Shame on you Pampers!!!! I hope a recall is done soon to prevent any other children from going through this horrible ordeal.

  23. Miranda's Mom Reply

    My comments are going to sound like everyone else’s on this page, but I want to add my story to this huge list of people whose babies just happened to get the same kind of severe rash while using the same kind of Pampers diapers. My 4-week-old has a terrible rash with open sores on her bottom. We were given Dry Max diapers to use in the hospital, so I continued with them at home. After all, they worked well for my first child four years ago. She hardly ever had any diaper rash, and certainly never one this bad. I couldn’t understand why my new baby had one, especially at such a young age. I’ve been to the pediatrician’s office twice for it already, changed creams three times, and used 3 different medications. Still no change. I just heard about this issue today, and I immediately went out and bought Huggies. After reading the other posts here, I am totally confident that this rash will clear up in a matter of days, without all the prescriptions I paid for.
    As everyone else has said, Shame on you, Pampers!!!!! There is more to business than the bottom line. How about creating a product that is effective AND safe? Oh yeah, and make sure it’s safe BEFORE you put it on the market. What a concept…..

  24. jerry Reply

    We used huggies on our baby for over a year and switched to pampers because of price. After switching our baby developed a rash and it did not go away until we switched back to huggies. This was almost 2 years ago.

  25. Gina Reply

    I am a 1st time Mom of a 2 month old baby girl! We were using Pampers, from day one, because thats what they had us use in the hospital. Within, one week her poor butt started breaking out in red bumps that turned RAW like a chemical burn! She would scream bloody murder every time we changed her diaper! My husband and I were like, this is NOT NORMAL!!!!!
    We went to the Dr. and got a prescription cream Nastin and that did NOTHING! We used every damn butt cream out there!!! 8 weeks later we saw the news report on possible Pamper Diaper link to severe diaper rash!!! OMG, that’s what my little girl has!!!! We switched to HUGGIES IMMEDIATLY and her butt cleared up in 2 days!!!! I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO PAMPERS, THEY SHOULD BE OFF THE MARKET!

  26. Candace Reply

    i have purchased pampers ever since my babies were born, I really like them. However the other morning I was getting the kids up my daughter’s diaper busted and all the contents in the diaper was all over her and her crib. I was very disappointed I had to bathe her before she was even able to eat anything. A diaper should never do that, and I change there diaper right before they go down to sleep, there’s absolutly no sense in a diaper busting out like that! I am not happy at all!

  27. Carolyn Reply

    My 2 yr. old granddaughter was in Dry Max diapers and developed the worst rash I have ever seen on a child. I had five children, and none of them ever had a rash (it looks more like a sever burn) like this. No creams worked, and she was not improving. I was baby sitting her and had her with no diaper on. When I put the Dry Max back on,she would get worse again.My granddaughter spent the weekend at my house miserable. Pampers should be ashamed of themselves for allowing innocent children to suffer like that! Maybe they should all wear those Dry Max Diapers and let them see how much pain they have inflicted on these poor babies!

  28. Natasha Reply

    My 2 year old have been wearing pampers since the day she was born.
    She has never ever really had a diper rash problem ever, until lately.
    My daughter has had a rash around the leg opening and rash on her but. The doctor first thought it was a yeast and treated her for it, but it did not work. They then thought it was eczema, and she has been on a perscription cream for months now, but it just keeps coming back. I have been changing her diet, and using only organic laundry detergent, creams and soaps. She has been wearing the cruser for about 6 month now, since she started wearing size 5.
    I just saw this story today September 13th 2010, and I can relate, needless to say, I ran out today and bought organic diapers. I have to trough out all her Pampers now. I hope this works, because it would help me, and no more expensive creams.

  29. K B H Reply

    Ihave 2 year old son who has been using pampers since birth. He has only had 2 diaper rashes both I believe were from things in his diet such as tomatoes which made his BM’s more acidic. BUT I have a 2 month old who recently developed a persistent rash that I can’t seem to get rid of. It is on the right side of his genitals and is right thigh. Skin looks raw, not bumpy or “rash like” I have tried everything. I use all organic creams and washes, and have put those aside to try regular products to see if anything would work and it hasn’t. I did not know of this issue, and not at all surprised that the public hasn’t been told. Just like our food supply-at the end of the day, its all about the almighty dollar. I too will change diaper brand and see if it goes away.

  30. Delany Reply

    My son is 19 months old and have used Huggies since birth. Ordered a box of pampers online from Amazon because they were on sale. Now I know why! He has developed horrible blisters on his bottom and back of his leg. He does not get a rash ever with Huggies and I had no idea about the Dry Max claims. I feel terrible for being the cause of his pain and discomfort. I have switched back to Huggies and the blisters are healing now. Get these off the shelf. I took pictures and wish I could attatch them.

  31. Jessica Reply

    I recently too bought swaddlers and my daughter who is 5 mos’s old has a horrible diaper rash with blisters and cracking skin. I just did a google to see if this was happening to other babies who are using the product when I ran across this website. I am truly appalled that this has been going on since May and these diapers are still on the market. Never mind dismissing the findings makers of Pampers do something about your harmful product.

  32. Gina Reply

    I have 3 boys and have always used Pampers Swaddlers/Cruisers, all have been fine up until this past month. My 1 year old has had severe blisters and sores on his rear end. We have changed his food, laundry detergent, milk with no prevail. I was advised at his day care that there were a couple of other toddlers who have experienced the same issue and the parents were advised to stop using the pampers. I am now changing his diaper brand.

  33. Wendi Reply

    My almost 2 yo daughter has been wearing Pampers since birth. She has had two “yeast infections” I’m the last 3 months. The current infection has been ongoing for two weeks now, nystatin is not clearing it up. I just read about the class action lawsuit against Pampers, I believe that my daughter iis having a reaction to the Dry Max technology too. I have just returned from buying a new brand of diapers and plan on informing our Dr.tomorrow at her appointment. We have been faithful Pampers customers since 2009…….NOT anymore, I can’t even bring myself to give the last of our Pampers diapers away.

  34. Teleshay Reply

    I once a burn on my child’s but after using Cruiser Diapers. Never again, we are strictly stinking to Huggies!

  35. Jess Reply

    My 14 month old son has always used Pampers and never experienced an issue with diaper rash. Mind you, I was using the kirklands from about size 3-4 and intermittently used the pampers baby dry ever since he was out of the new baby swaddlers. I started using the pampers exclusively just over the past 6 weeks and I started to notice raw bottom and rashes and bumps so I did what you are suppose to do and change more frequently, load up on barrier cream and thorough cleanse the area often. I have also tried changing his diet to see if that helps, but in the past 5-6 weeks since starting on the dryMax cruisers size5 and the baby dry at night, his entire bottom is red (like a BAD sun burn) and his genitals have been raw and blistering! I load him up with extra strength diaper cream and have been using the nystatin for 3 weeks thinking it was a “yeast infection” but it isn’t getting better. He is normally a very happy baby and loves diaper change time, but lately its been just horrible. Screaming in pain, balling his eyes out when he is sitting in his car seat or being held when his bottom is being touched. I didn’t have this problem when I was using the kirkland diapers (they just didn’t keep the poop in that well) but there was a big sale on Pampers a couple months ago so I stocked up. What do I do with all the boxes of diapers now?! I am going to get a package of Huggies on the way home and switch him right away and see if that helps. My poor poor baby–it just breaks my heart! I use to just love the pampers new baby diapers cuz it was so soft and just stuck with the brand thinking that these issues I heard about on the news were just an overreaction. But I seriously have my doubts now. I have my son on a very healthly organic diet and everything he eats is homemade and no preservatives and products are paraben free, hypoallergic and non-fraganced. I am extremely upset that P&G still maintains that their “new technology diapers aren’t an issue!

  36. Greta Reply

    Run/ from these pampers. I\’m a mother of six and grandmother of five. I always trusted Pampers brand pampers; that was until my poor,poor fifth grandbaby, suffered from wear your pampers dry max.I work in the nursing field and have never, never seen a bloody rash like this. Pampers should be ashamed of thereselves; no child should have to suffer like this. What is American manufacters doing to their once valued little ones. I wouldn\’t trust any of your products on any new lives. Shame,Shame and I repeat Shame on all of you all. My your finances end up like the many new lives bottoms( in the Red).

  37. Kelley Reply

    I have used Huggies snugglers and Pampes swaddlers. My daughter has never had a diaper rash I could not cure within 1 day. Since using Pampers dry max, she has the worst looking diaper rash I have ever seen with blisters, awful redness and she keeps grabbing at the diaper like it hurts. We finally figured it out after a week with these diapers. I was letting her bottom air out and she peed, which caused her to scream in pain because of the exposed, raw skin. This is horrible Pampers will not correct this.

  38. Alexis Reply

    my son has never had diaper rash from Pamper Dry Max. it’s actually the best brand i have ever bought as diapers. and he is wearing them right now. No problem at all

  39. silvia Reply

    My baby girl is 7 months old since she was born she used pampers but she always had small diaper rashes.unitl now she has one really really bad i took her to her doc gave me creams but nothing has work so far i put on her destin the blue one and purple also try a/d and other things for the rashes and so far nothing im so tired of this she cries of pain when i change her. she has her bouty all red and with blisters and she is even bleeding now. if pampers is causing this they need to to take off pampers from over the counters!!!!!!one more thing i have 2 other kids they never use pampers they use huggies and they never had a no rashes not even a small one. so now im changing to huggies and hopefully me baby gets better now.

  40. Karinag. Reply

    I had my daughter last yr in march and at the hospital they give you papmers, so I bought some nd I had gotten some for my bby shower.. I later realized she was getting really bad rashes that would make her bleed nd it would worry me because she was just a newborn so I tried evry different kind of ointment nd didnt help at all so one day I switched to huggies nd realized it was the pampers the whole time! Her rash was going away! Once It was gone I swotchd back to pampers just to verify it was yhe pamper brand nd ues I was right the pampers were giving my daughter really bad radh which I just found out it was a chemicals burning her! Thats really pathetic they should remove pampers nd quit acting like its not there brand causing it! Obviously it is all these ppl have been complaining and they have the nerve to say 2 out of one million really? Im sticking to huggies my daughter doesnt suffer any more from it and shes a happy baby so happy baby=happy mom

  41. Pars Reply

    I recently bought a pack of Luvs diapers-size 4…I usually buy Huggies and this was the first time I happened to use another brand, due to the fact that I was a couple dollars short, I didn’t really think anything of it. After using just one diaper my daughter developed a rash(in only about 2 hours), I know for a fact that Luvs was the cause because the rash extended all the way up to where the tabs fasten. I immediately switched her back to Huggies, and thats what I”ll stick with!

  42. Jeff Reply

    Why is this product still on the market. Why are we not being warned on the box that this product causes rashes and sores that cause pain and discomfort to a babies bottom! Who is protecting parents from buying something off a shelf in a grocery store that can harm or cause pain to your 17month old! What is the FDA doing, they’re certainly not doing their job! This product should be recalled. My child’s bottom is so sore and has quarter size looking burns on her. I’m pissed! Procter and Gamble isn’t staying up at night with a crying child and a parent who can’t do anything about it but hope it goes away soon. The stores selling this product and the manufacture need to be sued!

    We changed from the diaper a few days ago and only a few of the sores remain and the rash is all but gone. No studies needed here, its the diaper! Pampers needs to do the right thing and pull the product!

  43. Ashia Reply

    Within an hour of using one of these diapers on my daughter she broke out with a severe rash that spread from her bottom up to the middle of her chest.. DO NOT USE THESE DIAPERS.. IM RETURNING MINE TOMORROW!

  44. Jessica Reply

    THIS PRODUCT NEEDS TO BE OFF THE MARKET.!!!! I’m so upset I started using pampers cruisers within 5 to 6 diaper changes my 10 month old was in the hospital. She had a horrible rash and was bleeding. I was furious!!! I have saved her diapers and have pictures. It was so bad she had blood in her diapers that I’d not ok!!!!! She looked like she had a chemical burn and was cracked. She has never had a rash until we used these diapers. I can’t believe this compAny won’t speak up. I won’t let this go.

  45. Rachel Reply

    My daughter was born in a hospital that used pampers, and was sent home with a terrible red and blistered bottom and private area. My doctor concluded it was the pampers diapers. After intensive trratment and a diaper switch to huggies, it cleared up. At six months, we tried pampers again because we heard she may outgrow the allergy…no luck, she immediately developed a red rash after one pamper diaper. we will never use these again.

  46. Vivian R Reply

    tthis is so crazy. I just discovered on my 2 lyrics old son an outrageous rash on his buttocks were his diaper gos .. I can\’t take him to the e.r until tommorow ,so I typed in \” what is it called when your toddler has an outrageous rash on there buttocks where his diaper gos?\” and it recommended me to this page.. the odd thing is my son was just useing Pampers a week ago until I bought him a box of parents choice..Something needs too b done.. my poor baby has it bad and I\’m concerned for him For get it they are arguing

  47. anna Reply

    My son is 3 weeks old and in the hospital we were using pampers but when we came home we used luvs diapers and in the first hour he developedva blistered rash and screamed and cried. We tok him to the Dr. And were advised to stop using the luvs. He is since healing but still has some awful marks and peeling from the blisters. Help, what should I do.

  48. wedlow Reply

    it has caused my baby serve rash

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