Proctor & Gamble Seeks Dismissal of Pampers Dry Max Diaper Lawsuits

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Proctor & Gamble is pushing to have lawsuits over its Pampers Dry Max diapers dismissed on the grounds that there is no basis for the claims made by parents that the new product increases the risk of severe diaper rash. 

On October 20, Proctor & Gamble filed a motion to dismiss all of the dry max diaper lawsuits, which have been consolidated in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati. Since the first Pampers class action lawsuit was filed in May, several dozen plaintiffs have filed similar claims, alleging that their children experienced problems as a result of Pampers’ diapers with the new Dry Max technology.

However, the company says that all of the claims are based on speculation and that there is no evidence linking the diapers to severe cases of diaper rash.

The complaints include a number of class action lawsuits that seek to represent anyone who used the diapers, who suffered severe diaper rash or even people who stopped using them due to health concerns. The lawsuits allege that in many cases, the infants’ diaper rashes disappeared as soon as the parents switched brands.

In March, Proctor & Gamble released new Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers diapers using “Dry Max” technology. The diapers are thinner than previous Pampers. As of September, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) had received about 4,700 reports of Pampers Dry Max diaper rashes, with the vast majority of the reports filed in May, when concern about the diapers reached its peak on the internet.

Parents on social media sites and news websites (including this one) flooded comment sections with reports of children developing rashes described as painful, often puss-filled burns or blisters which they say occurred soon after switching to the new Dry Max diapers.

Last month, following investigations by both U.S. and Canadian government officials reported that they have been unable to find any specific links between the Dry Max diapers and the severe rashes reported by parents. However, the CPSC says that parents who are concerned should stop using that brand of diaper and says it still wants to receive reports of severe diaper rashes.

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  1. Tamara Reply

    My granddaughter is in Pampers right now and has the worst diaper rash or chemical burns or what ever you want to call it , one that has been going on for months. I have tried everything under the sun to get rid of it, just not working. My daughter is finishing out the box and changing brands. We now that it is the diapers period, when you take care to change regularly, use half tubes of what ever cream you have handy( tried them all) and it doesn’t even make a dent. You as a parent or grandparent know it’s the Pampers. Now a friend of mine has a grandaughter in the hospital for the same thing , guess what she also uses pampers. This is getting ridiculas and changes have to be made, I was an avid Pampers user with my kids, so naturally my daughter is using them, but not for much longer. P&G need to account for there mistakes and take them off the market.

  2. Carol Reply

    No kidding!! Diaper rash with the chemical filled diaper product? Big surprise. Come on what did you expect. Just use cloth diapers and you will have no problems (unless you don’t change them when they are wet) Why people continue to use expensive disposible diapers is amazing. You get what you deserve

  3. Crystal Reply

    I agree, there is something wrong with Pampers diapers. My son is 1 1/2 years old now and I have always used Huggies brand diapers (prior with my daughter who is now 5 and currently still with my son) and neither one of my kids have EVER had a diaper rash. However a few months ago I ran out of Huggies and realized I had a box of size 4 pampers diapers in my sons closet (given to me at my baby shower) so I decided to use the pampers. Within 3 days my son had a horrible diaper rash. He had never had a diaper rash before using huggies. I noticed that he was red and breaking out all over exactly wher the pampers diaper had touched him (below his belly button, on inner thighs, lower back, along with the private areas) anywhere the pampers diaper had touched him he was red, breaking out and having a horrible diaper rash to the point where in some areas his skin would crack/chaffe and bleed. It was miserable for him. I started assuming it was the pampers diapers since the rash developed with the change of diaper brand, so I immediately stopped using pampers and went back to huggies brand. I had to air my son out for a few days and use ointments and creams to get the rash to clear, and since than (being back on huggies) my son has never had a rash or outbreak again. This is horrible that a diaper company would make such a product that has these types of effects. I would NEVER recommend Pampers diaper brands to anyone, in fact I tell them my story and encourage them to turn from ever using Pampers to avoid such a horrific experience at all!

  4. Suzanne Reply

    I am so grateful to find this page. My daughter has some severe blisters inside her diaper area and this is my 6th child so I am aware of how to determine allergy related rashes. I am confident, through process of elimination, that these blisters are a result of her diapers. We have been using Pampers and Luvs. I am amazed to find this conclusion affirmed by all the other parents who have commented on this site and other sites as well. It is relieving to have my thoughts confirmed so I can make quick changes to her diaper brand in order to bring her relief as soon as possible. Sadly, it is a shame that so many children have had to endure needless pain. I have many many friends with young children and will make it clear to them all what I have discovered. I have great affinity for P&G and a deep brand loyalty as my brother has a very well paying job with them but I can not keep silent on this issue as it affects baby’s health. This is uncalled for and demands immediate attention!

  5. Janine Reply

    I have a 3 week old that have the most awful rash. After reading this I am switching to huggies. We have a prescription cream from the doctor and have been cleaning her off in Luke warm water after every poop. Pampers should take responsibility if there are so many claims. I have always used pampers. If the rash goes away after switching I will most likely be a huggies customer.

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