Recalled Samsung Washing Machines Causing Problems, Headaches for Homeowners

  • Written by: Irvin Jackson

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A growing number of consumers are pursuing lawsuits over a recent Samsung washing machine recall, indicating that they are being steered away from refunds or being offered very little for their expensive washers. In addition, many homeowners are complaining that a so-called “repair” option for the recalled washing machines is essentially just a sticker slapped on their machines, which blocks the higher-powered settings and leaves them with a product that is vastly different from what they thought they were purchasing. 

In November, a Samsung top-loading washing machine recall was issued, impacting about 3 million units found in homes throughout the United States.

Samsung recalled the washing machines after at least 733 consumer reports indicated that they may begin to shake violently and break apart, exploding and causing projectiles to fly from the machines.

At least nine injuries have been linked to the recalled Samsung washing machines, including a broken jaw and injured shoulder from a consumer being hit by pieces of the metal frames or struck while attempting to control the shaking washing machines. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), many of the reports also included incidents of property damage to surrounding walls and floors in laundry rooms.

Prior to the recall, a warning was issued on September 30, alerting consumers about the risk that Samsung machines may explode or break apart. The warning resulted in an investigation by both the CPSC and Samsung, which concluded that the impacted top-loading washing machines can lose balance at high spin speeds with heavy loads, such as bedding or bulkier water resistant items. When the loss of balance occurs, the machines may spin out of control, causing excessive vibration that may result in the top of the frame detaching from the chassis, posing an impact injury risk.

At the time of the recall, consumers were given three options: refund, replacement, or repair. However, many consumers have left comments on this website and social media complaining that Samsung is trying to force them to take the washing machine replacement option, or a discount towards a new machine that forces them to spend more money on the manufacturer’s products.

Many sought to receive a refund, but are complaining that they are being steered away from that option, or being offered pro-rated refunds based on the age of their machine. Some report they are only being offered a fraction of the original price of $450 to $1,500, even if their machine is only a couple of years old.

Consumers also report that the Samsung washing machine “repair” option is not acceptable, consisting of a sticker that is placed on the controls, blocking the more high-powered options, as well as reinforcing the lid. This leaves homeowners with a washing machine that does not have features they paid for, and many suspect they still have an unreasonably dangerous and defective product in their homes.

According to a number of media reports, the CPSC has been notified of the problem and is investigating. CPSC spokespersons have said that they are working with Samsung to address the recall problems. Samsung has also said that it is attempting to improve the recall process.

Notably, in the FAQ on Samsung’s washing machine recall page, it answers questions about the repairs and the rebates, but appears to avoid addressing refunds.

The consumer watchdog group Consumer Affairs,also reports that many others have come forward stating that Samsung has either refused to refund them or have also cancelled several appointments, potentially attempting to force consumers to use the rebate option.

At least one Samsung washing machine recall class action lawsuit has already been filed, and others are expected as additional consumers contact lawyers over concerns Samsung has taken advantage of them.

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  1. elizabeth Reply

    Mines never worked right from the beginning and now they want to offer me 450 for a 1,000.00 dollar machine, no way!!!!

  2. Terry Reply

    Samsung after many calls and appts made that were cancelled, finally sent out a DISH TV tech to repair or do the so called fix. After he left the washer was worst than before. Called samsung and never got through again

  3. Jennifer Reply

    Samsung is selling faulty products to the public they only offer $257 rebate if I buy another Samsung washing machines when I told him I didn’t want another Samsung washing machine they dropped it by $100 total rebate on a Samsung washing machine that I paid over $800 for a couple years ago is now only worth $157 they refused to honor the warranty on my Samsung refrigerator which is also two and a half years old my Samsung copier Which is less than a year old is not working right it has never worked right they refuse to replace the product Samsung needs to be stopped I would like to join a class action lawsuit and I would also like to have a lawyer contact me about Samsung

  4. Tina Reply

    I. Was not offered any options, only given a sticker to place on the machine
    How do I go about getting a replacement ?

  5. Sandra Reply

    I have one too, and they would not refund my money and wanted to repair it and it is less then a year old. We expected more from this and they did not do it. What Can I Do???? Please let me know….

  6. Connie Reply

    In Sept 2012 we bought a matching Samsung washer and dryer. Within the first 3 months the water pump burst, sending gallons of water across our laundry room floor. That had to be repaired. Next came the stabilizer arms, the ones that allow for the weight of clothes and the water. Those had to be replaced, at our expense. Our machine can not be operated at a High speed cycle for the spin. It shakes and vibrates so hard that the machine resets itself and tries to go through the cycle again. This is not only time consuming to have to repeatedly check on the status of the machine, but the added electricity and the huge waste of water. We are on a well, which means our water pump constantly runs trying to refill at the start of yet another attempt. We have contacted Samsung and were told that there was a recall, our machine was affected, and that we would hear from them as soon as possible about a possible remedy. To date we have heard nothing. We will NEVER buy another Samsung product. We honestly thought that we were buying a machine that would last us for a few years.

  7. Connie Reply

    So we bought a matching set Samsung washer and dryer 2 years ago. Our washer is on the recall list and has never worked on the bedding cycle..takes 4 attempts and many rinse cycles later. We were given a sticker to put over the existing cycles listed on the washing machine. Our dryer has been acting funny for 6 or more months, it will either run nonstop after the cycle is supposed to be done or not work at all, no tumbling or heat yet still go through the motions on the display board like it is drying..we have tried all of their “suggestions.” The Samsung rep told me there was nothing they could do for our $1300 dryer. To try “resetting it” or unplugging it and even switch the circuit breaker off and then back on after 30 seconds. None of these “suggestions” worked. There was one time we discovered the dryer had been going for hours even after it played the music to signal it was done and powered down, yet was still running hours later. Opened the dryer and closed it and with the dryer still shut off, started going again. We had to leave to the door open if it was plugged in otherwise once the door was shut it would start running again. This was less than a year of owning the dryer.The washer has a sticker on the front that says “10 year warranty.” The Sears rep says they only have a warranty for a year on each. We are out $2600.00. According to “fair market value” our washer rebate is only $600, apparently after 2 years the value of our washer is not even worth half of what we paid for it. We had a Maytag washer and dryer that lasted over 20+ years..Samsung pair didn’t even last 2 years..if we want a different brand washer we will get less than $100 towards a new washer and we are already out a dryer that we paid $1300 for..after 2 years. Where is this class action suit we can be a part of? I can’t believe there is a company like this that has recalls on washers and phones and who knows what else, that obviously does not stand by their products for more than a year (scary) and even with serious recalls still doesn’t seem to be making it right with customers..we have always bought secondhand and they have lasted like I said 20+ years and we finally get a new set and the washer always had problems and the dryer stopped working after a is spending that kind of money on these appliances for them to only work a short amount of time seem okay to them??? I love having to go to the laundromat while our washer/dryer set that we worked so hard to buy just sits there as we are unable to use either one..meanwhile having to more spend money in another town at a laundromat to have clean clothes. This is beyond frustrating and disheartening..

  8. Geralyn Reply

    Our washer was ‘repaired’ by Dish TV repair service as well. They actually broke the washer. After they were done ‘fixing’ it the washer vibrated worse than before. I have been fighting with Samsung for months now to get a full refund for my washer and they give me one excuse after another for why my check is not yet issued. I have complied with all of the proof of purchase, etc. they required but all I get is a run around! They just don’t care that people are left inconvenienced without a washer! I will never buy another Samsung product.

  9. J.L. Reply

    I thought I was buying a really good machine I’ve always loved Samsung products but for the past 6 months my machine on the inside the paint has been chipping off and every time I use the washer it gets all over the clothes a metal tip that came off ruined a sheet set worth $100 that I had to replace through JCPenney I have the receipt please help I don’t know what to do I cannot afford a new machine right now so I have to clean everything up every time I use it and I’m afraid it’s chips that come off the machine are going to damage more clothes maybe you can help I hope so because I like them machine but I don’t like what it has done to my things thank you we bought the set washer and dryer 3 years old I’ve always had washers that have lasted years with no problem please stand up for your quality of the name Samsung

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