Samsung Top-Loading Washing Matchines May Explode, CPSC Warns

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Federal safety officials indicate that certain Samsung washing machines may be at risk of breaking apart or exploding during use, posing a hazard for consumers. 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued the safety notice in conjunction with the manufacturer Samsung on September 27, indicating certain model top-loading Samsung washing machines have reportedly began violently shaking and breaking apart while washing items on certain cycles. To date, at least one injury has been associated with the problem, due to smoke inhalation from a resulting fire.

The CPSC’s warning notice was released after Samsung identified at least 12 consumer complaints involving abnormal and excessive vibrations when the units were washing bedding or water-resistant and bulky items. Consumers report that the machines began to abnormally vibrate and rattle prior to them dislodging and breaking apart.

The affected appliances include certain Samsung top-loading washing machines manufactured between March 2011 and April 2016. Only top-loading washing machines manufactured in between the specified date range are impacted by the safety notice.

Several of the reports described scenarios where individuals could have been severely hurt had they been standing by the machines. One customer reported an exploding Samsung top-loading washing machine in May this year, stating the machine did a 180 turn when it exploded, and projecting pieces of the machine as far as nine feet away from the unit. When the machine exploded and twisted it caused damage to the dryer beside it, damaged the wall, and broke the water tie-in from the machine causing water to begin flooding the floor, according to the report.

Just last month, a consumer from Texas reported using a Samsung top loading washing machine that caught on fire during a cycle, completely burning the back wall of the house and damaging the rest of the home. One resident of the home was reportedly hospitalized due to smoke inhalation but no severe injuries were reported.

Customers are being asked to only use the delicate cycle when washing heavier, water resistant items such as bedding comforters to reduce the risk of injury. Lowering the spin speed by using the delicate cycle will lessen the risk of property damage and injury to consumers until a remedy is scheduled, officials say.

Currently, no Samsung washing machine recall has been issued for the top loaders, however, an investigation by the CPSC and Samsung is underway to determine the cause of the issue. With oversight from the CPSC, Samsung is working on a remedy for customers to ensure safety and effectiveness of the machines.

Customers with questions regarding the safety of the machines are encouraged to contact Samsung at 1-844-483-3881. Customers may visit Samsung’s warning page and input the serial number of the machine to determine whether it is impacted by the dislodging issue.

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  1. Christy Reply

    I purchased a Samsung top loader washer and matching dryer March of this year from Rent One Lexington Tn and also purchased the extended warranty on them both. My washer started making a very high pitches noise and shook the whole house and my dryer I was having to close the door 3 or more times before I could get it to start. I called rent one to tell them to pick them up and they did 7 weeks ago and brought a washer and dryer to me that they had said would be free of charge during paper work of extended warranty but then proceeded to charge me 42.00 a week the first week and 39+ dollars every other week.. I am so angry with it all I had a computer I only owed 30 dollars in as well as other things with only very little owed and had them pick it all up…. Rent One and Samsung both are letting me and my children suffer after much hard earned money was spent. Help us please! !

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