Seroquel Litigation: 8,787 Lawsuits Filed against AstraZeneca

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According to court documents filed last week, AstraZeneca currently faces 8,787 Seroquel lawsuits that have been filed in federal and state courts, which allege that their antipsychotic medication led to personal injuries, such as pancreatitis and diabetes.

Seroquel (generic quetiapine fumarate) is an atypical antipsychotic medication which was approved by the FDA in 1997 for treatment of schizophrenia. It is also commonly used off-label for treatment of anxiety, obsessive dementia, compulsive disorders and autism. 

Research has established that Seroquel side effects can increase the risk of weight gain, hyperglycemia and diabetes.

Other drugs in the same class of atypical antipsychotics, which include Zyprexa and Risperdal, have also been associated with these side effects, but the diabetes risk has been the highest in the case of Seroquel.

AstraZeneca indicates that they have been served with complaints involving over 13,000 plaintiff groups. As of August 27, 2008, about 5,841 Seroquel lawsuits have been filed in federal court involving 5,847 plaintiffs, and another 2,946 Seroquel cases have been file in various state courts involving 7,492 more plaintiff groups.

In federal court, the Seroquel litigation has been consolidated in an MDL, or Multidistrict Litigation, that is centralized in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida before Judge Anne Conway. Approximately 5,829 of the lawsuits are currently in the MDL, where they are being handled together for pretrial proceedings. If the cases do not resolve during pretrial litigation, the MDL procedures require that the cases be sent back to the court where they were filed for trial.

In an attempt to facilitate a resolution of the cases, Judge Conway has established a case management order which calls for the first Seroquel trials involving cases filed in Florida to begin in February 2009. A group of 12 cases have been selected, involving six cases designated and ranked by the Plaintiffs Steering Committee and six by the defendants. The Seroquel litigation will start with the trial of the top ranked case selected by the plaintiffs, and then trials will alternate back and forth until those cases have been tried.

Zyprexa litigation, which involved similar claims of diabetes and weight gain associated with the other type of atypical antipsychotic resolved earlier this year before the first individual injury trials began. Eli Lilly, who manufactures Zyprexa, paid about $1.2 billion in to settle about 30,000 individual Zyprexa lawsuits.

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  1. Rochelle Reply

    just wanted to update everyone since my last entry, i was having high liver levels well it turned into pancretitis i just got released from the hospital it was from taking seroquel, they stopped my medicine and with in 5 days i started getting better i have to have blood drawn again in a few days to check.. beware taking the medicine seroquel please, the serious side effects we all share here may not come for many years but they do come. i am 33 and been on it 3 years and look at all the things that happened to me from it. get with a lawyer if you have issues with the seroquel please..

  2. arlene Reply

    i’ve been on 600mg seroquel for 3 yrs and don’t like the side effects weight gain,diabetes,fatty liver and muscle weakness and lack of energy. i can’t sleep without it but am thinking of asking for sleeping tablets..i have no emotions and memory imparied. once on seroquel the drs think you have to stay or go to hospital.i would gladly report it to atty if had finances.

  3. Sophia Reply

    I was a firm believer in this medication and was on it for several years with outstanding results. That is until my doctor screwed with my medication dosage. Now I cannot take it and I wish that I could.

  4. Emily F Reply

    My son was taking 300 mg of seroquel 3 times a day for about 2 years he is now 9 years old, he no longer takes seroquel but is taking Zyprexa. He gained a whole bunch of weight has severe leg cramps and craves carbohydrates all of the time which has me concerned too because I am diabetic. He is now in the hospital for a manic episode in which he tried to kill himself, how do I get involved in the law suit to make those SOB’s pay for what they have done to my son

  5. Jake Reply

    yahh im 16 and very suicidal i was admited to a mental health center for it but all they did was give me zoloft and seroquil because its suposed to make me not so angry and hatefull and sad all the time its been doing that i was on 100 mg now they moved me to 300 being as im suicidal i realy dont care about the risk but i mean i dont wanna get stuck with diabetes or some shit ide rather just have it kill me than get diabetes anyway yahh just thought ide share that with ppl starting seroquil

  6. L Reply

    I have been on Seroquel 50 mg for about two weeks for OCD. My legs and now arms and fingers are jerking and twitching. I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin. I just discontinued this on my own. I’m hoping these side effects aren’t permanent. Scary stuff.

  7. COLUMBO Reply

    from the start of taking seroquil the med had me all stoned out I was not able to function rightI don’t know if it was the quanity or what it always had me loike I was all reded out……this was not my demenner……

  8. Disgruntled Reply

    It’s very unfortunate that the hospital Drs. so readily prescribe these damaging antipsychotics. They are lethal drugs that should only be used in emergency situations. The mental practitioners should not assume that long term use of these drugs are warranted if someone is not psychotic ie danger to himself/others/gravely disabled. Even then they have the potential to make a person worse mentally. Just read the tiny label. Seroquel is a dangerous drug that causes heart disease, diabetes, and possibly cataracts and addiction.

  9. chad Reply

    I started taking seroquel about 6-7 years ago when I was in a mental institution in florida. Within 4-5 months after taking the drug I became a diabetic with extremely high blood sugars. I was on 300mg a day for about 2-3 years before I found out it causes diabetes. I am presently in a lawsuit against the company. I am only 45 years old and since my diabetes started from what I believe is from seroquel I have had two amputations of my left leg, I have coronary heart disease, had to have a stent in my heart, my neuropathy is so severe I constantly burn myself on my hands, I have been hospitalized 3 times with pancreatitus, my stomach no-longer digestes food properly and vomit rotten food on a daily basis and because of this I can hardly keep my sugar levels up now. almost daily my sugar drops below 50.listen to me people, I am only 45 years old and have a very grim future because of seroquel, please dont let it happen to you. the drug manufactures cannot give me enough money for the amount of pain and suffering ive gone through and it will only get worse. The sorry part of it all is I probably not live long enough to see anything from it. My wife and children will hopefully get it for the suffering they have gone through as well. I cant even wear my prostetic leg hardly ever cause I get sores and of course because of the diabetes I dont heal…PLEASE>>IF YOU ARE ON SEROQUEL< GET OFF IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL........... chad

  10. Sage Reply

    Started on Seroquel, took it a couple of weeks and then took some Ultram for back pain and within two hours had a Grand Mal Seizure. If you are on Seroquel at the very least make sure you talk to pharmicist and Dr. about med combos when changing around prescriptions. I personally believe it works quite while for many people, but…be careful when meds are getting changed around – neither seroquel or tramadol is any med I will take again. I will not take the risk of having a seizure while driving and killing someone plus how horrible I have felt since the seizure.

  11. anthony Reply

    my son was put on serequel for bi-polar and obsesivive compulsive disorder.he was prescibed serequel by michigans community mental health doctors in hart michigan and ludington mich by there doctors,not only did it make him extremly tired but he gained excesive weight and is now 16 and weghs almost 300 lbs and he sleep-eats231

  12. Jennifer Reply

    I think it’s important to know the positives as well. I was put on this med in a very low dosage of 25mg 10 years ago. Throughout the years, this med has been adjusted for me, but never exceeded 100mg. I have not experienced any weight gain or diabetes as a result of the medication, and against some doctors recommendations, took the Seroquel during pregnancy. At one point during the pregnancy, the doctors tried to remove the Seroquel from my regimen, and I ended up in the ER after a month of sleeping only on average 1 hour per night. After putting me back on the low dose of Seroquel, I delivered a beautiful, perfectly healthy baby girl who has been on target for all goals. My only complaint, is that once I experienced sleep for so many years from the low dose of Seroquel, it is very difficult to go back to averaging 3-4 hours of light sleep at night. Once again, I was on a very low dose, and as fas as I know, most complications seem to come from much higher dosages. Also, not every drug is going to be right for everyone. But like Lisa’s comment, we tried all other sleep meds, and none of them worked. I am sorry to hear of anyone with a bad experience, as mine has been positive…Oh, except since I don’t have health insurance, I struggle to pay for my script out of pocket. Now, I have recently been able to get help through the AstraZeneca program.

  13. melanie Reply

    I was on seroquel for 7years back in 2001 to 2008 and was taking 600mg a night for sleep i sufferd from leg pain server leg pain to the point that i had surgery on both knees and the doctors could only tell me it was wear and tear.Not only did i go threw that which my knees are even worse, when i lost my insurence i was cut off of my meds and went threw the worst withdraws.I felt like a drug addict going threw withdrawls like you see on t.v. and never once did the doctor or nurse call to see how I was or if i needed help getting my meds. I hope that NO ONE has to go threw that.

  14. Wilmer Reply

    First off I have Clonic tonic epileptic seizures from a head injury in California, Santa Barbara. My Dr. prescribed dialantin 300 mgs. at first then 400 ect. to 800. Still I suffered th worse kind of Seizures you would not believe me when I say I enden up In Cottagd Hospital upteen times massive head injuries everywhere almost broke my back on some they were terrible then this Neurologist figgured I needen Phenoparbital 60 mgs.2@day that took care of my seizures. My ffirst Dr. also had me on hydrocodone 10/325’s percocets , morphine from my injuries Had to have surgery on my left knee and right shoulder Broken wrists, fingers +I’m a musician.Now I’m 1 third titaniumm. then He cut Me off as soon as I complained I couldn’t feel my right little toe. Couldn’t sleep Diagnosed bipolar Seroquil 300xr then 400xr. Now I can”t feel my right foot and I stumbled a lot Neurontin 18j00 mgs. Now after 3 + ahalf year I can’t feel my knees or both feet Gained from 185 at 6’2″ to220 I am dependent on drugs that are killing me and from what I;ve been looking up on different sites on the web.I’m in the same sinking life boat everybody else is When I try to explain my situation to My Dr. HE KEEPS GIVING ME THESE DEATH PILLS AND I’LL BE DAMNED IF AT 56YEARS OLD I’m dying. can’t walk 1 block , I need help no where to run if I could. Sound familiar? This Insanity has to stop I feel I”‘m a guinny pig and pardon my spelling God be with uo all. I need a Lawyer!

  15. vicki Reply

    i was on seroquel and it recked my life i could not work,i had migraines was suicidel,neuropathy,it brought my white blood cells down that i was diagnose with lupus,i had memorry loss.with each diagnoses came another drug ,i was given this drug to sleep,i am 49 years old i was never in trouble in my life when on this horrible drug i would get up in the midldle of the night and do things which lead to me getting arrested ,i am so glad i found this site,becauce nobody beleaves me.when i got off seroguel i was retested for lupus and did not have it.that drug lead me on a rollercoater of many other seroquwel free i am off all the other drugs but my life fell apart from that drug.and the compamy is using it on people for so many things and not careing about the fact that it is making zombies out of people

  16. Marilyn Reply

    I, too, was put on Seroquel for sucidial tendencies by a P and he said it was also for sleep. He also diagnosed me with early dementia. Seroquel did not help at all with sleep. I use Melatonian for sleep and it works better. I take 10mg. of melatonian. I have a dementia test scheduled this month to prove him wrong, then I hope to have a lawsuit because the P confused the memory loss from seroquel as dementia and scared me to to death for two years that I have that dreadful disease.By the way, I took myself off of 600mgs. of Seroquel and only experienced sweats.I firmly believe that Seroquel should not be on the market and if it stays, then doctors should tell the patients what to expect from taking it.

  17. Josh Reply

    Been on for a year and a half…maybe two. Started off at 50mg for PTSD and mood disorders, six months later was on 400mg. Not as angry as I used to be although sometimes certain ppl tend to bring the demon out in me. Insomniac if I don’t take it, so I guess I’m dependent on it for sleep. It’s very difficult to wake up on especially since I get less than 6 hours of sleep a night but I maintain. The problems arise after about 2 hours after I take it. Dizzy and incoherant, hot then cold, racing heavy heart beat, low tolerance for ppl in general and this is not good considering I have a wife and kids. I’ve cut myself down to 300mg and am feeling a lot better but still fighting the nightime side effects. I don’t like being on it and for damn sure cant afford to live on it, but are the pro’s worth the con’s? Just a little food for thought…

  18. Melissa Reply

    My son is 11 and has taken seroquel 20mg for 2-3yrs Its been great for treating the sideeffects of his mediate ADD med. Hes able to sleep and is less anger toward everyone. Im scared now that I see it could cause death I wonder how many deaths in childeren it has caused???????

  19. Leslie Reply

    I have rapid-cycle bipolar. I’ve been on regular Seroquel for the past 3 years along with Lamictal and Lithium and occasionally Klonopin. It was a working cocktail for me until my psychiatrist put me on Seoquel XR. What a nightmare!! It threw my whole system off. My original dossages didn’t work anymore. I have severe night sweats, heavy irregular heart beats (emergency room visits were required), loss of memory (couldn’t tell you what happened yesterday), headaches (verging on migraine), weight gain, hypoglycemia, tremors, and suicidal/disturbing thoughts. I have a husband and 3 daughters. DO NOT TAKE SEROQUEL XR! And, after reading all the other problems, DO NOT take regular Seroquel either. I’m scared to taper off…

  20. jennifer Reply

    I am very happy on seroquel. Yes weightloss was a problem however I’ve lost 28kgs using…
    Ciplatrim 150mg a day. It has to be prescribed by dr. Only negative, and a lot of clients have said the same thing, is that u don’t feel any different and only lose stax of weight after monrh 3?!?!
    Also for weightloss is
    Manna 2 tablets 3-4times a day (like a multi vitamin and stabilizes blood sugar levels)
    Chromium 1 morning 1 lunch time
    Wheat grass
    Coomegavite extra strength also helps for strech marks and is great for your mind.

  21. Laura Reply

    My brother Mark committed suicide 4 months ago, he was prescribed seroquel, he was not bi polar, demented, he suffered from anxiety related to the death of his only child 8 years prior to cardio myopathy.
    Mark was also sober for 24 years, he was a recovering alcoholic and did not resume drinking after finding his son deceased upon return from a work related event. Why do we let the medical field prescibe these drugs????????? I have spoken with many people since my brothers suicide and many if not all have said that the side effects of seroquel include: hallucinations, long periods of sleep to name a few. Please feel free to e mail me I will respond and want to start a blog!

  22. marcie Reply

    I thought about just hearing Serequel is a antipsicotic drug, known to cause Diabetes and Death amongst being known to misue to assist with other labels. I trust my Dr. and been prescribed 6OO mg at bedtime for Insomoia. Thank you for helping me to go to my Dr. and repuest to discontinue Serequel process immediately with greatest hope that I hope my health isn’t jeapardized and thank you for hearing my comment upon reading your 2OO8 and 2O1O, now August 1st, 2O11. Sincerely, M. Cox

  23. Kate Reply

    I have been taking 100mg for under two years… I was told it was a ‘safe’ drug for sleep after being prescribed a range of drugs for a panic attack – diagnosed as bipolar2 at age 35. I questioned this and the new therapist agreed, and advised cessation of the drugs. This precipitated a manic episode…resulting in hospitalisation plus forced much higher doses of the epilim and zyprexa I’d stopped… and basically destroying my previously successful life. I had a second go at weaning off epilim and zyprexa, and spent a long time at it… but with seroquel introduced as the ‘sleep aid’ (marketed to me as new and safe, and in my vulnerable state I just wanted to sleep). I needed this as on top of the triple doses of drugs while incarcerated, they also gave me a sleeping pill. I begged them not to I could barely get back upstairs to my bed after the zyprexa but what would I know, I was crazy right? Regarding the seroquel, it’s been about 20mnths… I am just starting to get some nasty surprises and tapered cessation begins next week. Slowly!

    My comment is for Laura… I lost my brother to suicide too, many years ago. I don’t even know what they had him on (ironically I was sectioned to the same place he was nearly two decades later) and it was twenty years ago and I would email you just to chat if I knew how to find your details. If you want to respond to me, I would be really happy to discuss my experiences – and offer any support that I can. I totally support your desire to start a blog and I have been doing a lot of research into these medications and I fear your brother has succumbed to some of the scarier side effects of those dangerous psychoactive drugs whose risk/benefit ratios are a) not fully disclosed to patients and b) designed, funded and marketed by drug companies with a huge vested interest (financial of course).
    Typically these drugs are trialled for no more than six weeks – there is NO clinical basis for this whole ‘you need to be on drugs for life’ speech that they give. I recommend highly for all in this thread the following book:
    Your Drug May Be Your Problem – Peter M Breggin (MD) & David Cohen Ph.D
    It is frightening but also enlightening. And medically factual and accurate. 
    My heart goes out to all who have suffered, and especially:
    Laura, my thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time xox

  24. Katrina Reply

    As an uninsured patient a lot of my doctors visits results in surprise doctors, trial and error diagnosis, and handfuls of prescriptions for as cheap as possible. This summer I was put on a one month trial of Seroquel. I only took it for one week, as it made my far more manic than I ever could have achieved on my own. But also during that week, almost overnight, I developed a severe pain in my shoulders, back, and chest. As well as a roving gang of troublesome pains traveling through the rest of me, often stabbing at the bottoms of my feet. But mostly the upper back. As if my spine was/is trying to tear itself out through the back of my head and start a life of its own on the road. A ramblin back. Seriously though, I never would have considered the Seroquel even though the timing was right, because it just sounded so silly that a drug taken for one week, for mental stability, would do such damage. It’s been 2 months and it hasn’t gone away. I take 1600m of Neurontin (which doesn’t work much) a day for what my doctor has decided to call ‘fibromyalgia’ despite the fact that this mystical pain doesn’t even follow the criteria for that.

  25. Anna Reply

    I have been prescribed Seroquel, a whole host of tricyclic atwin depressants…phenobarbitol lead me to learn I have drug induced hypersensitivity disorder. Bactrim (sulfa drug for uti) ve me same reaction few yrs latwr and landed in hospital for 5 days. Bothtimestrated with steriods. no help woth progressing issues Anyway, seroquel and the tricyclics completely screwed with my insulin levels, strorage of glucose etc etc. the seroquel and tricyclics were for sleep and anxiety, btw. I now found I have a mass on liver, fatty liver disease (non-alcoholic), and possibly pancreatitis. And other issues. I gained so much weight….5’2 and 110 to 130lbs with seroquel after 1.5 mos. doctors orders, I kept
    taking it. I was so miserable. I stopped the seroquel cold turkey after around 4 months and a startling exposé in the local paper. no doctor, no nurse toldme aaaaanything about these drugs excet theor benefits and “possibly slight
    weight gain…just watchyour diet”. And the tricyclics are almost as bad. Please don’t take these drugs (I don’t know about bactrim or phenobarbitol for others), but sero and the tri’s are terrible. I’m down to 118 or so, but diabetes II is also a possibility. Oh, and my liver and pancreas enzymes are NORMSL, but considering my excruciated upper middle abdominal and back pain an ultrasound and ct scan(with and witout contrast) were ordered and here I am. Follow up Tuesday and GI appt for first time on April 22nd. Primary days she wants me to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy to check for missed problems. Oh, and I’m 38. Started on those drugs at 34 and stopped all at 36. One more thing…severely vitam D deficient and I live on the beach. Goes hand in hand with liver disease and pancreatitis. I just hope no cancer. Trying not to get ahead of myself. Pardon the lack of paragraphing. And thanks for reading. P.s. I ate healthily as a vegetarian and exercised at gym and power yoga 3 times per week along with outdoor activities. Weight was so stubborn. Now I have no appetite, hence the weight loss. Crazy random sweating day and night as well. Liver related i just don’t want anyone to suffer or have long-term effects. Bad bad bad. Sweating like crazy as I type.

  26. Lauren Reply

    I was put on 200 mgs seroquel nightly for sleep only (no other anxiety or emotional problem) after tapering of some valium given to me years ago for all things an overactive bladder. I tapered off the seroquel over a year ago since I complained of a thirty pound wait gain! I couldn’t wear any of my clothes and grew three dress sizes!!! Exercise didn’t help with the weight. After I was tapered off the seroquel, I have not slept more than three hours per night. I have tried every sleep drug (don’t do that route!), every natural sleep remedy, and my sleep cycle has been ruined! I used to sleep a solid eight hours a night. I have an important job for this country and now work at it with only three hours of sleep a night.
    The doctors just shrug, look at each other and have nothing to add. I even went to a sleep doctor who complained about how horrible seroquel is and it is not a sleeping med. No help to me! I question whether I will ever have a normal night’s sleep. I haven’t lost the weight even with a personal trainer and exercise/diet program. This is a dangerous, horrible, despicable medication, and I can’t believe it is still on the market after reading this thread. I hope all of you get better and don’t turn to other meds for the answer – will only be worse. I am hoping that with regular exercise, clean eating and time, my sleep will improve. Otherwise, I work for you in a fog thanks to Seroquel!!!!! Lauren

  27. Donald Reply

    This drug Seroquel left me with
    Parkinson Disease now I’m having to take Benztropine for trimmers and shakes.

  28. Alex Reply

    Headaches, diabetes, clotting problem.

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