CDC Warns Of Errors In Giving Shingrix Shingles Vaccines

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Federal health experts are warning about the risk of problems with Shingrix, GlaxoSmithKline’s shingles vaccine, indicating that errors have been reported in recent months due to confusion between the new drug and its older competitor, Zostavax. 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a report this week in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), highlighting the number of adverse event reports submitted in recent months involving Shingrix administration errors.

Shingrix (recombinant zoster vaccine; RZV) is a new GlaxoSmithKline shingles vaccine that was just placed on the market in October 2017. It is only approved for adults age 50 and older, and is one two shingle vaccines that are currently approved in the United States. The other is Merck’s Zostavax (zoster vaccine live; ZVL).

The report indicates that 155 reports were submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System during the first four months Shingrix was available, including at least 13 problems with Shingrix administration. According to the findings, nine of those errors were because the drug was administered in a single subcutaneous dose, instead of as a 2-dose intramuscular injection, which is how the vaccine should be given. The single subcutaneous dose is how Zostavax is administered, suggesting confusion among doctors.

All but one of those patients suffered injection site reactions, including pain, erythema, and pruritus.

In two cases, patients were given the vaccine information statement for Zostavax instead of for Shingrix, and not instructed to return for their second dose, which also suggests whoever administered the vaccine thought they were giving the patients Zostavax, or thought that Shingrix worked the same way.

In the other four cases, the patients given the vaccine were younger than the minimum age of 50, for which the vaccine is approved.

The CDC researchers suggest that early monitoring indicates that the vaccine providers are confused over administration procedures, and storage requirements of Shingrix. Nine of the 13 vaccine administration errors occurred in a pharmacy, while two happened in a health care provider’s office, and two occurred at unknown sites.

“To prevent RZV administration errors, vaccine providers should be aware of prescribing information, storage requirements, preparation guidelines, and (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) recommendations for herpes zoster vaccines,” the CDC report recommends.

Shingles Vaccine Problems

The report comes amid concerns over the potential side effects of Zostavax, another shingles vaccine that was introduced in May 2006. Merck now faces a growing number of Zostavax lawsuits, which claim that the drug not only fails to protect against shingles as advertised, but actually causes a more persistent strain of the infection.

According to allegations raised in dozens of product liability lawsuits filed over the shingles vaccine, Merck used an under attenuated live strain of the varicella zoster virus (VZV) in Zostavax, which was not weakened enough to prevent reactivation of the virus. Instead of the body developing the proper immune response, the live virus combined with the old virus in some users, resulting in a more virulent strain of shingles.

Zostavax sales have fallen sharply in recent years, while Shingrix sales have far surpassed original projections, with full year sales now projected to exceed $600 million for the new drug.

Shingles is caused by the same virus, varicella zoster, which causes chickenpox. Later in life, the virus can be reactivated and cause shingles, which is a painful rash that usually appears as a stripe of blisters on the body. Pain can continue even after the rash is gone, which is known as postherpetic neuralgia.

Shingles itself can cause scarring, bacterial infections, encephalitis, hearing loss, vision problems and other complications.

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  1. Cecil Reply

    I received the first Shingrix shot on 15 Jan 2020 and my arm ached a month with flu-type symptoms, three weeks later my hands and knees developed arthritis swelling and pain barely managed with ibuprofen. That faded and I developed a few episodes of moderate sciatica which subsided around the end of March. This past week the sciatica returned with debilitating pain (10 of 10) and resulted in a medical teleconference due to Covid-19. After recovering from the last event and with hindsight today I realized the source of my problems. I will not be getting the second shot.

  2. Charles Reply

    I have a horrendous story to tell of what the Shingrix vaccine has done to me. (CDC says I’m the one in 6)
    Did not have a problem , it was recommended by my General MD and my life has been a physical hell the last 1 1/2 years with boils appearing all over my body where there are lymph nodes .

  3. Patricia Reply

    2 weeks after receiving my 2nd Shingrix vaccine I developed debilitating joint pain to my L shoulder and bilateral knees. It came on suddenly and it’s progressively getting worse. I was seen by my orthopedic MD who could find nothing on the x rays. I walk everyday 3-6 miles and now I am basically bed bound. I did not put 2 and 2 together since it did not appear immediately after the injection. I was not warned of this. I would risk my chances with the shingles if i had known of this pain. It is life changing with no relief in sight. My MD was not aware of this side effect either. When I researched the side effects I have found on here the horrible stories.

  4. Paul Reply

    My wife had a second vaccine and three hours later suffered a massive hemorrhage stroke

  5. Steve Reply

    Have hip surgery just four months ago before taking the Shingrix vaccine. It caused high fever and severe pain at the inner upper thigh joint area of the operative leg. Feel as bad as joint dislocation.
    Talked to doctor and no one seem to know of such side effect so far.

  6. Michael Reply

    Visited doctor for physical to receive diabetic meds. Doctor said I need the shingles vaccine. I told her not to give me anything that will mess me up. She said all I will feel is a slight headache and gave me a Shingrix shot. The next day I felts bad all day. Flu symptoms that night. Next day started itching in a few places. That night hives started covering my body. I have been fighting hives for three days. I hope this ends soon.

  7. On to the game Reply

    This is an unmoderated comment section filled with unsubstantitated injury claims. Anti-vaxxers seek out these forums to post messages claiming all sort of horrific injuries caused by a vaccine to scare people. The majority of these complaints are far-fetched and unattributable to the 2-part shingrix injection.

  8. Stacey Reply

    My mom was given the first dose of Shingrix. Two months later, she contracted a viral ear infection- lab tests showed this virus was related to the shingles virus (?)… Her inner ears were so inflamed she lost 100% of her hearing in less than a day and had to be hospitalized for months with a wackload of other symptoms seemingly coming up out of nowhere. Diabetes type II, diabetes inspidus, pituitary gland tumour, lung nodule, and finally vasculitis. Treatment for the vasculitis was chemo (free), or an expensive alternative with fewer side effects… no brainer for our family. Forked out the money but there’s no guarantee that this treatment would cure the disease. However, it was considered superior to the chemo. If it doesn’t cure the vasculitis she has to do another round of it. [Aside: met a lady at the hospital drug administration unit during the first treatment dose. This lady had the same vasculitis disease as my mom and she takes this expensive drug every few years as maintence…].

    12% of her hearing came back, and she’ll be getting cataract removal surgery soon to remove the cataracts that grew insanely thick after all the high dose steroid treatments she’s had to be on. More money being forked out due to coverage for only the most basic treatment. Again, no brainer because the woman has been through enough.

  9. Heidi Reply

    My 88 year old female friend had Shingrix shot in December & had horrible mouth ulcers for weeks. She could barely drink water & broth due to the pain, but we couldn’t figure out what it was & Dr’s had no remedy. One Dr literally shrieked when she looked in her mouth! She just got the 2nd shot a few weeks ago & they came back a few days later. That’s when we figured it out!

  10. Lane Reply

    First of all i am NOT an “anti-vaxxer” person that fabricates stories about reactions to vaccinations etc.

    I am a perfectly healthy 56 year old active male. I recently went in to my pcp for my annual physical. He suggested the shingles vaccine. Explained it is a 2 part deal will have some discomfort at the injection site blah blah blah. Sure, sounds reasonable plus i have seen what my 82 year old Mother has gone through with shingles outbreaks recently. So the nurse administers the first vaccine. It was a little uncomfortable but nothing unbearable. Arm a little sore that evening, took some ibuprofen went to bed. Woke up about 2am chills, vomiting, every joint aching and a 102 fever. This lasted about 36 hrs. Not sure if i will go back for the 2nd round!!

  11. Eyob Reply

    I had Shingrix vaccine in October 2019 and the second one in March this year. Since I had this vaccine my vision decreased and I have some other issues with my eyes. I go for a check up every year and when I was at my eye doctor last year April every thing was fine with my eyes. I know that Zostavax created a lot of health issues, Shingrix maybe has also some side effects.

  12. Deborah Reply

    I went to my PCP for an annual check up back in September 2019 and was advised that I should get the shingles vaccination, being over 50 years old. The office didn’t have the vaccination available, so I was advised that I could go into my local pharmacy to get the vaccination. I went to the pharmacy on October 3rd and received the Shingrix vaccination, and of course was never told or read in the information what happened to me next…3 days later, I was in full blown shingles. I went to the ER because I was experiencing chest pains and a blister on my back started forming. I was told that I had contracted the shingles. The shingles covered the ban around my upper back/chest area, I was in excruciating pain due to this outbreak. I am still, to this day, experiencing post neuralgia pain and it affects my lifestyle tremendously.

  13. Roseline Reply

    I had the shingle vaccine august 8th .Iam not going for the 2nd dose in sept 2020.I had terrible migraine headace fatigue no appetite up to this present moment I feel sick sleep and sleep

  14. Roseline Reply

    I had the shingle vaccine august 8th .Iam not going for the 2nd dose in sept 2020.I had terrible migraine headace fatigue no appetite up to this present moment I feel sick sleep and sleep.Several red spot patches under both arm pit also my hands itching .The left side I got vaccine itch swollen very painful.I got dizzy spell.Iam so worried .Dont like the way I feel.still have the terrible headace .Iam diabetic

  15. Therese Reply

    I got my first dose of Shingrix about a month ago at the Pharmacy. I did get a mild case of shingles on my left side. I also had extreme fatigue for three days. My injection site was originally red, hard and sore. That evolved into itching and a small pimple. To this day the site is hard, warm and deep inside the middle of deltoid I have tenderness to my elbow. Also when using my arm I will experience a deep stabbing pain in the same area. I am afraid to get the second dose. I have had my warning with the problems I have experienced to date. I hope nothing more serious happens to me.

  16. Ginny Reply

    I underwent my first shot of shingrix in May and had some side effects. I hv a high tolerance so could handle it.

    3 months passed and I underwent my 2nd shot. Wow it gave me very terrible body ache which was like bone pain even in my thumbs, fingers and toes and I had a very difficult night with pain and chills. Took Tylenol for a few days to deal with it but it’s been day 5 and I still feel lethargic and on and off headaches which gives me a feeling of malaise. I used to exercise daily and walk for 45 mins every day or play tennis prior to the 2nd shot, but somehow I am feeling like too strained to do it since.

    I am not sure why and I hope this wears off soon.

  17. laura Reply

    I had my vaccinations yesterday I woke up and thought I was dying from the Corona virus have never experienced so much pain and fever and chills I am so upset that I did it I have side effects of Most medications IDK why the doctor would give it to me

  18. Maxine Reply

    Got the new shingles vaccine first dose .I got it August 21/20. I had a sore arm at injection site . That has subsided , however I got dome rash and extreme itching a week later . I’ve have been fatigued and have body aches . The itchy is waking me I middle of night . I hope these side effects go away soon !

  19. David Reply

    I received a Shingrix vaccine on the day of my physical, which was stellar for a man of 61 years old. I do not smoke, drink, have never done drugs and do not take any medications for any underlying health conditions. I took the 1st shot on 8/17/20, and on 8/27/20 began having pain in my legs. The next day I began having several falls and by that afternoon was unable to walk. I was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with Gullien-Barre Syndrome. I am waiting to be transfers to an acute care rehabilitation facility and my recovery if successful may take several weeks, months, or even years. I was definitely affected by this vaccine in a terrible way, and
    I do not remember being told GSB was a possible side-effect.

  20. Susan Reply

    I had the Shingrix vaccine on 10/7/20 at Sam’s Club.I was not given a handout or told of any possible adverse effects. About 6 hours after receiving the vaccine I started feeling terrible. I had chills, shivering, fever, weakness, severe headache, dizziness and difficulty walking or moving. I was completely bed bound and slept around the clock. On 10/9/20 I was still feeling weak and like I had a terrible case of flu. In the early afternoon I had a sudden onset of tachycardia and went to the ER. I was diagnosed with paroxysmal Afib. It resolved on its own, but I was admitted to the hospital. I was discharged late in the evening the next day and am having to take Metropylol to prevent a recurrence of Afib.Today is 10/11/20 and I still feel terrible with headache & profound weakness & dizziness leaving me bedbound. I have never had any cardiac issues and have been in excellent health at age 64. I will not get the second dose & I am concerned these adverse effects may cause permanent damage to my health. I would never have agreed to the Shingrix vaccine if I’d been told of possible adverse side effects.

  21. Lyle Reply

    I’m a 75 year old man, I had the original shingles shot almost twenty years ago and never had shingles. On October 2, 2020 I was talked into getting the new improved shingles shot Shingrix. I’m very healthy don’t smoke or drink with perfect blood pressure. Two days after receiving this shot I felt terrible, The shot was given to me on my right shoulder and was very painful for several days. Two days after receiving this shot the muscle in the right side of my back was hurting, I went to my chiropractor that Monday four days after receiving the shingles shot and not knowing why my back was hurting so bad, two days later Wednesday it was hurting worse and went back to my chiropractor and didn’t resolve my issue! That night Wednesday/ Thursday 3 AM my back and spine was broken out with shingles. I was able to make Dr. appointment that morning and before I came in he checked to see if there was any data on people getting shingles after receiving this shot produced by GSK he said there was any data. He confirmed I had shingles and put me on Valtrx and Gapentetin. Here I am 10 days later after getting that shot on my right shoulder and I’m having to deal with shingles and unbearable nerve pain down my right thigh and up my right chest 24/7 this is not a coincidence like they want you to believe. And after reading all these stories similar to mine GSK has a legal problem and I’m going to file a lawsuit pain and suffering and fraud. I can’t believe how I was duped into getting this poison injected into my body with the potential of lingering nerve pain that could last for months or even years.

  22. Valorie Reply

    I received the shingles vaccine at the Lansing VA during a doctor visit for a different reason. The nurse talked me into getting the vaccine due to the possible pain of shingles. I have had chicken pox in the past.
    That evening my tongue swelled some. The next two days i was in horrible pain all over my body. On the following day, a Monday, I called the VA. The pain was still in my legs. The pain has remained in my legs ever since.
    I was advised by my pcp not to take the 2nd part.
    I’m not an anti-vaccer. I am a veteran who had a much better quality of life prior to this vaccine.

  23. Eileen Reply

    Five days after the Shingrix vaccine my left shoulder started hurting and it is still very painful. It has been 11 days now. I can’t raise my arm without crying. This sucks! I also felt like I was getting sick day 4 and had red itchy skin where they gave me the shot. I hope it improves or I don’t know what I’ll do.

  24. Larissa Reply

    I just got my Shingrix booster at age 52. After the 1st shot, two months ago, I felt under the weather for a day or so. But this time along with the general malaise, I’ve got other symptoms. It’s 3 days after the 2nd vaccine booster and I’m having sharp pains off and on in my left ear. (Same side I got shot in). I’ve never in my adult life had ear pain. Or any physical problems really. Hoping it’ll go away on its own. Also the roof of my mouth on left side is sore and ulcerated. And generally feeling tired. The ear pain is concerning me the most as I’ve never had that before, nor do I have a cold or allergies.

  25. Valerie Reply

    I received the Shindrex vaccine in one dose on Oct.30th. A week later I experienced severe pain on my left posterior back radiating down to my hip. Nov.14 the raised blisters rash appeared and I was diagnosed with shingles in a medicentre. I am now on antiviral medication and have to take T3’s and Ketoralac to manage the pain.

  26. Carol Reply

    The pharmacist at the Kingsway Publix Store, Sue Le, administered the shot. She kept ramming and ramming and ramming my arm. The pain I have experienced from her performance, or I should say lack of, has put my left arm into severe, horrifying pain. There was no reason for her to do to me what she did. I have had to take prescription pain pills for my arm pain and anti inflammatory pills.

  27. Lisa Reply

    I went for my yearly physical on 10/22/20. At the end of the visit my doctor recommended the Shingrix shot, flu shot and tetanus booster. I agreed to the Shingrix and Tetanus. I never take the flu shot. Had I known the hell I was in for, I would never had had the Shingrix. Within hours my arm was aching….then the chills, fever and body aches came. I work up to lesions covering the inside of my mouth, within hours started to feel discomfort when urinating. Turns out I developed lesions on my labia. I’m a healthy 57 year old woman in a steady faithful relationship. I could barely sit without pain for a week. Went back to the medical center where I was given an exam and was tested for herpes since that’s how it looked apparently. The test came back negative (which I knew it would).
    I was given anti viral meds. Also took some nerve numbing medication for shingles. Thankfully all the lesions just disappeared as fast as they came. However, I lost a week of work, questioned my amazing relationship due to feeling like a leper at the doctor and never felt so sick. It was Lot# YZ325. I believe this should be addressed. I can’t be the only one.

  28. Jennifer Reply

    I was ill with fever and chills my first injection but on my second injection of shingrix I was severely ill with a massive headache, severe body aches, fever for about 36 hours, injection site pain, and fatigue. It was horrific. It was like flu on steroids. I am a nurse and I could not have imagined
    I could feel that ill from a vaccination.

  29. Nancy Reply

    I got my first vaccine at cvs. The pharmacist gave it IM and I had a little soreness but nothing else. Yesterday I went back for my second vaccine. The pharmacist started to give it to me subcutaneous and I told him that I had the first one IM. He said no, you get it subcutaneously. The second he pushed it in my arm started burning. Now it is a large red swollen warm area where it was put it. It also has a knot in the red area. I’m really upset as I’ve also been getting very dizzy. I don’t know what to do.

  30. norm Reply

    I had a single Shingrix shot on Oct 21,19 during a routine physical. I was not told there would be a second shot. At the time, I was a very physically fit 60 year old who swam two miles three times a week, no drinking, no drugs. Within a week of the shot I lost all use of my right arm. I regained much of its use but a month later lost all of my left arm function and everything below the waist. I was subsequently diagnosed with transverse myelitis and have been unable to stand or walk ever since.

  31. MaryK Reply

    On 11/14/2020 @ my local Rite Aid where I have been using for all meds, vaccines, etc. for 8 1/2 years. I have never had a bad reaction to any vaccine in my whole life until that day w/ my 2nd shingles vaccine in 5 years. My normal Pharmacist was not in & the other pharmacist said he could give me this NEW strain. I’ve had much medical training & my Mom was a fine LPN for 50 years. This man hit a nerve. He obviously wasn’t trained correctly & I’ve been in severe pain since 11/14 & gotten. worse. My dr said go to ER in Red Bluff. I did. Reported back & dr saw the hospital report. He then prescribed a nerve medication & after taking 2 pills I had hallucinations & called to say that I can’t take medication. It’s been one crazy mishap & 4 weeks now I’ve been waiting for therapy on right arm. With holidays & misinformation for the referral I still suffering. I’m done! I need advice & called 4 days ago to say my MELOXICAM wasn’t working, is there anything I can take? No word from drs ordering perhaps Celebrex? My health has totally become debilitating & I’m already disabled. Please can you help me? I called one of these sites back in Nov but I never got much satisfaction. Thank you

  32. Kathy Reply

    I received my first Shingrix injection on 12/3/20. Immediately I had terrible pain in my arm, but figured it was just the possible side effect that would dissipate. It has been over 5 weeks now and I have limited use of my left arm and am in chronic, terrible pain. I move my arm certain directions and the pain is unbearable. I went to Urgent Care after one week and they diagnosed severe inflammation and pain and gave me meds for it as well as had me wear a splint. After 3 weeks I spoke to my pain doctor who gave me more anti-inflamatories. I am already on Morphine because of severe scoliosis of my spine, and it doesn’t even touch the pain in my arm. I am going to physical therapy now to try to get more movement back in my arm. There is no way I will get the 2nd vaccine which is due 2/1/21…not after this nightmare and everything I’ve read here. I can only hope and pray the pain will diminish, but I am doubtful it will.

  33. Sarah Reply

    I received both shots many months ago. I still cannot use my right arm.
    Made the mistake of getting it in my dominant arm. Extreme pain radiating down my arm and into my shoulder and back

  34. Valerie Reply

    I had 2nd Shingrix shot on December 30, 2020. On January 13, 2021 a large Shingles eruption occurred (largest blister grouping I’be had in over ten years). Before the first Shingles outbreak healed, another, even larger outbreak erupted. I have had 2 Shingles outbreaks in less than 1 month. Back on the Acyclovir (not good because I have Chronic Kidney Disease) I am now having acyclovir side effects I never had before. I didn’t have issues with Zostravax.

  35. Paul Reply

    I am a 61 year old man who bikes regularly. I consider myself to be quite active with no underlying health issues. Received my first Shingrex vaccine shot and experienced fever and flu like symptoms lasting 36 hours. Subsequent to flu like symptoms I have developed what can best be described as tennis elbow. I am right handed, injection and tennis elbow are associated with my left arm. Three months hence and I’m left with limited use of my left arm. Would think long and hard about injecting this vaccine into your body.

  36. Rebecca Reply

    Had the shingrex shot, the 1st shot gave mea bad headache for 3 days, the second shot made my arm muscle hard with redness and a rash, that night I had very bad shivering with fever, the next day, today I have a very bad headache again. Even my teeth hurt, with a small irritation on roof of mouth. This is a rough vaccine to take. I hope it works after all this. And I hope these side effects go away.

  37. Mary Reply

    Nor am I an anti-vaxxer. I had my first dose on 22 Nov 2019 with the local pharmacist. It took me several weeks to connect the fact of my recent vaccine and the pain in my left upper arm and limited reach could be connected with the shingles vaccine. At the six-week mark, I decided to make an appointment with my PCP. Prior to the appointment, the pain went away and my reach returned. I went for my second dose in early February 2020, this time prepared to track the pain and use of my arm with the vaccine. Two, going on three weeks later, I still have pain in my left arm, with limited mobility. Over-the-counter pain medications do nothing for it. I can still use it, but find the pain increases the more active I am. I spent the past two days shoveling snow and – it really hurts and my reach is limited.
    Both the pharmacist and my PCP have dismissed my comments about the pain and mobility. I was hoping they would share my feedback with Shingrix.
    I recognize this is mild to many of the people who have posted but I’m frustrated that no official cares to collect this data of adverse reactions and hope that the pain will recede soon.

  38. Eve Reply

    My experience was almost identical to Lisa’s above from November 2020. I am 57, in s 35+ year monogamous relationship, and had my first shot a week before Thanksgiving in November 2020. I similarly had fever, chills, body aches and malaise for 2 days, and extreme irritation on labia making it difficult to sit for over a week. By the time I was able to get an appointment with gynecologist, the symptoms had abated, so he assumed it was probably inconsequential. I just had the second shot and had fever plus aches/malaise for 10 hours and I am again experiencing irritation on labia. I have never had herpes or even a cold sore. When I had chicken pox I only had 4 or 5 spots. Perhaps my immune system has a strong reaction to this virus… I am glad I won’t have to have any more of thes shots.

  39. Robert Reply

    June 1, 2018, I had my first Shingrix vaccine shot. Had a bit of a sore muscle for three days were I was given the shot. Normal for this vaccine, similar to the Tetanus shot, and to be expected.
    Two months later on Aug, 3, 2018, I had my second Shingrix shot. Again a bit of a sore muscle, but only for about two days. My wife got her Shingrix shots with me. We’re both fine. Her grandmother had Shingles really bad and suffered horrible pain for a long long time after afterwards. That convinced my wife to get the Shingrix shots.
    My brother just told me he’s got Shingles in his head, and close to one eye, and lots of pain. He told me he was never vaccinated against Shingles.
    Happy my wife and I got our Shingrix shots. I highly recommend the Shingrix Shingles vaccine shots.

  40. Jan Reply

    I had my first Shingrix shot Sept 2020. Only a sore hardness at injection site. I’m ready for the second dose today (March 2021) and hope I have the same reaction. I know one thing, it hurt more than the Covid vaccine shot.

  41. Steffie Reply

    At 61 years old in excellent health, mowing half acre with a push mower for years and years. Have NEVER had a reaction from any inoculation.
    Working years in the medical/dental/legal fields and not witnessing the issues with the old shingles shot (which I took).I saw no reason not to take the new one with my younger husband who had not taken the old shot and had full blown shingles years ago.
    Off we went to the pharmacy to receive the first shots.
    That evening husband developed a large rash, 10 inches by 6 inches on the inoculated arm. Flu like symptoms, headache, joint aches followed. Lasted 3 days for him. Sicker than I had ever seen him in 30 years of marriage.
    A few days after I receive the shot, feeling very sick, I headed to my lab folks and had over $350 worth of labs taken.
    I developed Epstein Barr Virus, had NEVER had Mono, but here I was very sick. Had to start antibiotics immediately due to the kidney, bladder and spleen infections. Also developed mouth and vaginal sores that were very painful.
    I am now living with this virus and NO I will never take the second shot. I can only hope and pray that I will be able to take the Moderna inoculation in just over 2 weeks! I will be researching EXACTLY what will be in the Moderna jab for sure!

  42. Carol Reply

    I received my first Shingrix vaccine October 2020. My arm was sore but tolerable. My second was on January 26, 2021. That evening I began feeling freezing cold, headache, super flu like symptoms. Right side chest discomfort. My joint aches were horrendous. This lasted 3 days. The headaches continued. I had clay colored stools for several days. I think my liver was whacked. This finally subsided, but the headaches they continued. My neck hurts and Back aches. I feel terrible. Went to the Dr. and he sent me to Physical therapy, traction to my neck with massage, 2 weeks and no improvement. Had X rays of neck and showed abnormal cervical 6-7. Said that was the cause of headaches. Went for M R I and he said I would’ve need surgery but could probably benefit from a epidural. Each morning my joints hurt so bad I can hardly get out of bed. I wish I had never has the Shingrix vaccine. I am almost crippled from it.

  43. Jeanne Reply

    I have had severe ongoing skin rashes since getting this horrible vaccine. I had a tiny patch of poison ivy (which I am very allergic to) when I got the shot. Within 24 hours, Ii was covered with it from head to toe. it sort of morphed into an ongoing autoimmune skin disease. My docs and I guess the vaccine jut put my immune system into overdrive to react to the poison ivy and it has never gone away. It felt like maggots crawling under my skin 24 hours a day. for months I was living on benedryl (which upsets your stomach at a high dose) and coffee for several months. I lost over 10% of my body weight due to that and the sheer misery of the rash. This was everywhere–on thle soles of my feet, on my eyelids. I coud not wear any clothes because anything that rubbed caused the rash and itching to start. I finally took a 3 week dose of steroids and it got a lot better. But I still have horrible itching all day long. This has set off a chain of related horrendous medical problems, including significant bone loss. I will never be the same and never stop scratching or coating my body with lotions. I now have to go on bone meds. I never had skin problems before–not once. Worse yet–the doctors are hawking this like ice cream. I told my doc time and time again that I never had chicken pox, but she insisted it would be no harm to get the vaccine. Well not really. My sister and father are doctors and they confirm I never had chicken pox. no one in our family did. I was never afraid of vaccines so I thought it would do no harm in case somehow I had a symptomless case as an adult–which is virtually impossible. Promotional material for this vaccine tell doctors to assume that anyone within a certain ag group had chickenpox. If they deny it, the literature says to assume they just forgot. Right–you forget you have chicken pox. I am now very anti-vaccine. this has ruined my life. I can barely move without getting the rash and crawling maggot sensation when any article of clothing rubs on my skin.

  44. Marsha Reply

    Since 2018, I have contacted no less than 50 law firms due to the permanent side effects from the smithglaxokline shringrix vaccine. Not one law firm was interested in my case that left me with nerve damage in my hand. Also contacted the gov’t agencies listed on the info sheet given to me at time of vaccination – All said I would be entitled to compensation – never happened! Disgraceful that this can happen to people in this country and no one takes responsibility!

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