Breast Lymphoma Lawsuit Filed Over Sientra Silicone Implants

  • Written by: Irvin Jackson

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Dozens of women are pursuing breast implant lawsuits after developing a rare type of cancer in the surrounding tissue. While most of the claims involve problems with Allergan’s recalled Biocell line of textured breast implants, a recent lawsuit suggests that silicone implants by Sientra may also result in a similar risk.

In a complaint (PDF) filed last week in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee, Kelly Painter-Hart indicates that she was diagnosed with breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) from Sientra silicone implants.

Painter-Hart underwent bilateral mastectomies in November 2013, as a preventative measure against breast cancer. At that time, she was implanted with Sientra textured oval-shaped silicone gel implants manufactured in Brazil.

By September 2019, she was suffering from acute swelling of her right breast, and was diagnosed with the breast lymphoma in October of that year. A month later, in November 2019, she had the implants surgically removed.

“Mrs. Hart chose to undergo double mastectomies in order to avoid the risk of developing cancer,” her lawsuit states. “Had she been informed of any increased risk of developing cancer associated with Sientra textured implants manufactured in Brazil, she would not have chosen to use that product and/or would have opted out of reconstruction.”

Concerns about the risk of BIA-ALCL emerged a few years ago, and researchers determined that the problems appeared to be linked to certain breast implant designs that featured large textured surfaces, which may result in persistent inflammation that produces lymphoma in the breast.

In July 2019, Allergan was forced to issue a worldwide breast implant recall for its entire line of “Biocell” textured breast implants, after the FDA determined the design was linked to more than 500 cases of BIA-ALCL diagnosed worldwide, including at least 33 deaths.

In a recent update, the FDA indicates it has identified an additional 160 new cases since July 7, 2019, as well as three new deaths. That brings the total cases to 733 BIA-ALCL diagnoses worldwide, and a total of 36 patient deaths globally.

At least 620 of those breast implant lymphoma cases were specifically linked to Allergan design, and in another 47 cases the manufacturer was unknown.

A recent study by Columbian researchers found only seven out of 18 cases of BIA-ALCL diagnosed in that country were linked to Allergan breast implants, with the rest caused by other designs.

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  1. Janice Reply

    I had Seintra silicone implants put in 5 years ago and have had all sorts of issues. I’m in a lot of pain and waiting for an appointment to have them removed. I’m very upset about this article. I’ve been complaining to my Drs about inflamed under arm issues, pain, burning and more.

  2. Libe Reply

    I have been harmed by silimed textured siretra implants … tested positive for autoimmune. Left capsular contractor with fluid surrounding it and right ruptured. Was not warned of recall in 2015 to Australia and not told can cause problems by destination beauty cosmetic company

  3. Kimberly Reply

    In 2013 I had a breast Augmentation. Sientra textured tear drop implants were used and no cautions were spoken of this implant. A week into my recovery I had issues and went to ER. I followed up with Surgeon who ordered an ultrasound and was told all was ok after several complaints of severe pain. Left breast has always showed pain from time of surgery. A majority of my health issues started in 2018 until today’s date. After many ER visits, blood tests, scams, tests for auto-immune disease, I am not looking at my decline in health as being a result of Sientra implants. I was never notified of a recall my my surgeon or by Sienna . At this time, I am bed ridden, on a feeding tube, and not able to function on a daily basis . Here are my symptoms today with no other explanation as to the cause
    Hair loss
    Heart palpitations
    Feeling of acid/poison running through veins
    Dry eyes and mouth
    Eyes sometimes get very red, bloodshot and hurt/burn
    Sudden Sensitivity to allergens
    Phlegm in throat
    High pulse
    Constant gas
    Acid reflux
    Bad blood circulation
    Sinuses filling up at night while sleeping or while laying down
    Raynaud’s phenomenon that comes and goes
    Hot flashes
    Bruising that doesn’t go away or takes a long time to go away
    Intermittent Achy joints
    Brain fog
    Extremely dry skin
    Intermittent breathing problems/ wheezing
    Waking up multiple times during the night
    Trouble concentrating
    Back pressure/upper backache over lung area
    Headaches that start behind eyes
    Blurred vision

  4. E Reply

    My mom got Sientra textured implants in 2013 or 2014, and began showing signs and symptoms of autoimmune complications but we didn’t make the connection. A year later, a spot on her upper left lung was discovered on an xray when she had pneumonia, but she was told it was nothing to worry about. In Sept of 2019, she thought she had pneumonia again and was coughing up blood so she had another xray done, which led to the discovery of late stage lung cancer in her upper left lung that spread so quickly that we never got time to do any real treatment before it spread to her other lung, her breast, and her liver (all found upon her autopsy). She died on Jan 3, 2020 and the autopsy did not find evidence of BIA-ALCL. However, once I started researching textured implants, I found plenty of links to lung cancer. Her cancer spread very quickly, which was abnormal for the kind she supposedly had. She was never warned of any cancer risks by her surgeon. I found a Sientra product packet that had general cancer risks buried in the fine print and written off as “rare”. Her surgeon did not tell her to do yearly cancer screenings, especially because her age bracket had the highest risk. Before these implants, my mom was a vibrant and healthy woman with decades of life left. She hit the gym regularly, and danced in shows, and was very capable and full of life. She was my best friend. She was also a nurse and had she been warned of cancer risks, she would never have gone through with the surgery. She was also never warned of a Sientra implant recall after hers were put in- never contacted by anyone about that to check and see if she was effected by that batch. I only found that out while she was dying. My mom seemed okay, and then in three long months, she suffered greatly and died without a chance. And because it was lung cancer and not officially bia-alcl, I can’t find a lawyer to pursue a case against Sientra, or her surgeon for failing to inform consent. Nobody should die because they were trying to feel beautiful, and nobody should have to helplessly watch that happen to their mom.

  5. Pirie Reply

    How can we reach Sientra and file a complaint or lawsuit against them for their horrible implants that have made us sick? I just had an explant surgery because of 2 ruptured implants and pain behind both of my breasts. I know Allergan is helping patients, but what about Sientra? Thanks!

  6. jennifer Reply

    I also had sientra silimed implants and explant surgery with numerous illness. I also was in the study they didnt complete. the gummies you can cut in half wont leak. PLEASE. i would have never gotten these if I only knew. not to mention they we recalled and no one contacted me

  7. Christi Reply

    In November 2014, I had textured Sientra implants implanted. In January 2019, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the left axillary. In August 2019, my left breast engorged, and upon removal of the implants and biopsy of two swollen lymph nodes, from the same left axillary that the Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was in, it was diagnosed that I had anaplastic large cell lymphoma caused by the breast implant. I underwent treatments from January 2019 trough to December 2019.

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