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Peanut Butter Food Poisoning Lawsuits

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A salmonella food poisoning outbreak which began to surface in September 2008 has been linked to contaminated peanut butter served at nursing homes, hospitals, schools and other food service institutions, as well as peanut paste used to make various brands of peanut butter cracker, peanut butter cookies and other products containing peanut butter.…

Peanut Butter Salmonella Likely Source of Food Poisoning Outbreak

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The recently recalled peanut butter sold by Ohio-based King Nut Companies has been identified as the likely source of a Salmonella outbreak that has caused at least 410 people in 43 states to suffer from food poisoning, including over 70 hospitalizations and 3 deaths.…

Peanut Butter Recall Issued Due to Salmonella

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King Nut Peanut Butter and Parnell’s Pride Peanut Butter, which were distributed to schools, hospitals and other food service providers, have been recalled after Salmonella bacteria was found in at least one of the tubs. The peanut butter recall comes as the CDC is investigating the cause of a nationwide salmonella food poisoning outbreak that started to emerge in September 2008.…