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Risk of Actos and Avandia Fractures Increased for Men and Women: Study

  • Written by: AboutLawsuits

The findings of a new study appear to add to the evidence that the side effects of Avandia and Actos, two diabetes drugs in a class of medications known as thiazolidinediones, could cause users to suffer debilitating bone fractures, finding that both men and women who take the drugs could be at an increased risk.…

Avandia Lawsuits Filed in Illinois For 186 People

Two new Avandia lawsuits were filed this week in Illinois state court, encompassing 186 plaintiffs from across the United States, who claim that a variety of illnesses and complications, including several deaths, were caused by the type 2 diabetes drug.…

Avandia Vision Problems Confirmed by New Study

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While prior reports have linked the use of Avandia to vision problems, new research confirms that side effects of Avandia and Actos, another diabetes drug in the same class of medications, increase the risk of the potentially blinding condition, diabetic macular edema.…

Avandia Vision Loss Lawsuit Pending in Canada

  • Written by: AboutLawsuits

A lawsuit is currently pending in Canada against the makers of Avandia, involving a lesser known potential side effect of the diabetes drug, which could cause severe vision loss and eye damage, known as macular edema.…

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