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Stryker Working to Resolve FDA Warning Letters

Stryker Corp. indicates that it has resolved one of four FDA warning letters issued in recent years over concerns about manufacturing problems and other quality control issues, satisfying concerns the agency had over its Massachusetts Biotech plant.…

Stryker Trident Squeaking Hip Problems Plague Many After Hip Replacement

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Many hip replacement patients have complained of problems with squeaking Stryker Trident ceramic-on-ceramic hip parts, which may produce sounds like air being let out of a balloon or nails on a chalkboard. In addition to causing the annoying noises, the squeaking hip replacements could be a sign of unintended wear and lead to additional hip surgery or other problems.…

Ceramic Hip Implant Lawsuit Alleges Doctor Influenced by Payments from Manufacturer

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In a medical malpractice lawsuit that will go to trial in Pennsylvania next month, a 31-year-old woman alleges that her orthopedic surgeon’s recommendation that she participate in clinical trials for a new type of artificial hip was influenced by substantial consulting fees paid by the manufacturer of the device she received.…

Stryker Trident Ceramic Hip Replacement Lawsuits

Trident ceramic hip replacement systems manufactured by Stryker Corporation, have been associated with a number of reports involving loosening of the parts and squeaking in the hip joint. These problems can reduce an individuals ability to participate in activities they otherwise would, cause severe pain, and may lead to the need for additional surgeries.…

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