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CooperVision Contact Lens Recall Issued Following Eye Injury Reports

  • Written by: Staff Writers

CooperVision has removed about 600,000 Avaira Toric contact lenses from the market after a number of consumers experienced potentially serious eye damage, but the FDA is suggesting that the recall has been done too quietly and the agency may issue a warning to alert the public. …

FDA Warns Over Lasik False Marketing Claims

According to a recent warning issued by federal regulators, some LASIK eye care surgeons may not be telling their patients about the full risks associated with the procedure and the FDA is threatening those that fail to advertise properly with fines, injunctions and product seizures. …

Prednisone and Glucocorticosteroids Need Eye Injury Warnings: Report

  • Written by: Staff Writers

Public Citizen, a prominent consumer watchdog group, is calling for new warnings about the risk of eye problems to be added to some classes of steroids, saying that side effects of prednisone and other glucocorticosteroids could leave consumers with impaired vision. …

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