VIBE Machine Recall: Vibrational Integrated Bio-Photonic Energizer

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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has posted information about a recall of the Vibe Technologies Vibrational Integrated Bio-photonic Energizer Machine Multi-Frequency Field Generator, which was not approved by the FDA. The agency indicates it was not made under current good manufacturing practices.

The device was marketed and sold between November 2002 and March 2008 with statements that it could be used to treat or cure cancer, depression, infection and general pain. However, the FDA has never determined that the VIBE machine is safe or effective, as no data has been provided by the manufacturer to support these claims.

The FDA categorized the VIBE recall as a “Class 1 Recall”, which is the most serious type, reserved for situations where there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious injury or death.

In addition to issuing the VIBE machine recall, the FDA has urged consumers and health-care professionals to report any incidents of adverse reactions or quality problems that have been associated with the use of this product. Reports can be submitted on-line through the FDA MedWatch Reporting program.

Vibe Technologies, which is based in Colorado, is cooperating with the FDA’s recall. Certified letters will be sent to all consumers who purchased the Vibe Machine, advising them to immediately stop using the device.

The letter also includes a new warning label which clearly indicates that the VIBE machine is not a medical device and should not be used as one, an updated users guide that contains no medical claims and a certification to be signed by the owner confirming they received the notice and understand that the VIBE machine does not affect the structure or function of the human body.

Many of the VIBE machines have been sold to clinics or individuals who may still be promoting the machine as a medical device for treatment of cancer, depression, infection or pain.



  1. Gene Reply

    So why is “Vibe Machine” a/k/a “The Quantum Pulse” NOT included in the FDA recall? This same machine “Vibe Machine” was conveniently renamed “The Quantum Pulse” as a response to the FDA investigation leading to this recall. The Vibe machine was determined and predicated by the FDA as an adulterated medical device. To deceive the public without required registering, obtaining Pre Market Approval, and a 510(k) is a mockery to the FDA authority of protecting the public. Could simply changing the name to avoid compliance be a model and license for other companies to endanger the lives of the public by doing the same? If other manufactures have to follow rules with an FDA in then so should Vibe Technologies. Profiting millions and millions of dollars would allow this company to comply. There are NO excuses for beating the system.

  2. John Reply

    Once again, the FDA wasting my taxpaying money by committing fraud with their claims.
    Here is what VIBE Technologies really claimed:
    By sitting in front of the VIBE Machine for one to five minute sessions, one can energize the cells and begin to realign and balance the physical, emotional, and spiritual systems, returning them to their natural “state of Being”.
    I do not have a doctorate in English but don’t see anything about curing medical conditions. It’s all pretty clear to me what the FDA has done for me–intensified the deplorable health conditions in this country through the foods and drugs they regulate.

  3. Love Reply

    I know this machine very well and it’s amazing. THE POWERS THAT BE ARE SO FUCKING WITH US. It is apparently not going to change. Money is the game, and not healing the public and empowering them is the FDA’s passion. This is a war on consciousness and quite frankly I am so sick of it. The FDA can go fuck themselves.

  4. DYJ Reply

    I have witnessed the vibe machine in helping many people with many problems. I have never seen anything even close to this in my life.
    For myself it has given me a lot of energy. Enough energy to tell the FDA to go fuck themselves!!!!

  5. Gloria Reply

    VIBE machine is a a fraud. Designed to be used by pseudo healthcare providers with no education but a huge desire to take money and justify this theft by stating they are dealing with the the , “whole person”. Hogwash.

    Before you or yours sits in front of this scam machine, check the credentials, education, of those selling you what you can’t see research on. This is quackery at it’s finest.

  6. kim Reply

    I have witnessed the Vibe Machine in action on numerous people with numerous different health problems. I myself used it for over 3 months, 3 -5 days a week for constant headache from a whiplash injury and bulging discs. Unfortunately it didn’t stop the headaches, but gave me a good 6 hours of energy after each use to help combat the fatique I was feeling from the constant headaches. It helps with quality of life and is very popular in Colorado, where it was invented. the FDA is a farse, not the VIBE Machine!


    The FDA is the most dishonest organization in the world. You know why they want to shut down the use of this AMAZING machine? you guessed it, because they aren’t making a dime from it. Yeah you guessed it, the FDA could CARE LESS about the health of ANY individual. They care about making money and THAT’S IT!! My very good friend was diagnosed with TERMINALcancer years ago, he started using the machine and wah lah, after about two months, there was no sign of cancer in his body, it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that this machine is amazing. A year and a half ago, my ex, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and because of the BIG FUSS the FDA was making about the VIBE machine at the time, my Joey couldn’t find a location to have even a session, in NY and passed away without ever getting the chance to use it, and possibly be CURED. So FDA, I pose this question to you, what if your son, or daughter, sister, mom, dad, brother, wife, husband, was diagnosed with an illness and was given one month and this was the only way to save them? would you still be so quick to recall the machine, stating that it didn’t follow guidelines? or would money still be ALL that you cared about. Think about it!! There are people dying at the cost of your greediness. People see what you’re doing and it’s just making the FDA look bad, what harm has this machine ever done anyone?? NONE AT ALL so give up the ACT and allow people to get treatment!!!!!!!

  8. tamara Reply

    fuck the fda and their bullshit ways. this machine works and i am tired of their ways. they have never done their job, and their stamp of approval doesn’t mean crap. they approve shit that never should be in our foods and drugs. this machine definitely works.

    wow… i just read some of the other comments. I’m so so happy i’m not the only one that is backing the quantum pulse. yah! i feel better.

  9. Superman Reply

    I know someone who used to own a VIBE machine and I stood in front of it on more than one occasion and it did not kill me and did not harm me in any way. This friend had cancer and was able to return to work and get back into life after purchasing the machine. If the VIBE did not work and did not have a following the FDA would not be trying to discourage it’s use. It is obvious to me what is going on in this supposedly free country.

  10. Brenda Reply

    I have yet to find a location in Colorado that offers the Vibe therapy. I do agree that the FDA would rather keep people unhealthy, they are greedy and dishonest. Our bodies are flowing with energy. So why not treat with energy? FDA would rather treat health issues with man made chemicals. I can not wrap my head around how fucked our world has become.

  11. Shane Reply

    My dad bought a machine years ago, and I have used it many times. He has copd which is a degenerative disease. His breathing and lung function has gone up, and has given him years on to his life. I think that this recall has scared people who gave sessions into not using it. To bad gmo’s are not looked into as much as the fda has looked into this.

    I have been to a convention with other owners and found no ill will to anyone with cancer or any other disease. As in a time when the FDA was paid by tobaco companies they now are sponsored by big medicine. I may be wrong at this analogy but its like saying that a MRI doesn’t work even tho they see a picture of the body right in front of them.

  12. believe in goodness Reply

    Most governments and multimillion/billion businesses are in a maze of corruption,and that is always destined to implode. No matter how much effort is placed in preventing it, it is a natural, automatic process. Just explore history and you’ll see. However, good people are working on solutions as always supporting the masses. Check out and see it for yourself. It is free and you’ll learn a lot to manage yourself so you do not develop illness. It is the best way to stop corruption in health care.

  13. Leanna Reply

    I personally used the VIBE as a 40 year old with a TriMalleolar Fracture of my left ankle and tibia. The ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON’s comment upon review of my Xray at 4 weeks was, “wow, what is going on? you are healing like a healthy teenager” We won’t be needing that surgery. I can’t believe those bones fused like that this quickly. I was out of a cast that I was promised would be 9 weeks in 6 weeks. This leg is stronger than it ever was 4 years later-no arthritis or anything. The FDA is wrong about this and many other “approved” things that are so harmful.

  14. Fred Reply

    I am a medical doctor. I very reluctantly decided to try this 1 month ago and return it for a laugh.
    But strange things started to happened. First time I got a headache. After 1 week 25% increase in energy was noted. I thought its placebo effect. But no, there is more in it than what I just “felt”. My sleep is improved, now I feel rested when I wake up. Sex drive also has increased. Moderate decrease in depressive symptoms as well has been noted without any medicine!
    This is very strange. I am not returning it nor recommending it to anybody yet till I do my further studies and tests on it.
    1- I want to check it for any xray radiation by a more reliable Giger counter, my current hand held one reads high but that even reads a flash light as high so that test was not reliable
    2- I already checked it with my RF meter and a small oscilloscope, it produced electromagnetic waves at about 100 KHz. Looks like it produces a range of different waves at the same time beyond my device range
    3-I am going to test its effect on a dish of paramecium and plants under microscope
    I will see, I feel it may affect different people differently and everybody is touching different part of the elephant.
    So far I have been extremely satisfied and am thankful .

  15. Linda Reply

    My goodness the FDA is freaking retarded.. My grandpa was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer was puking up blood and was given 3 months to live… he never tried any western medicine but used natural alternatives including the VIBE machine…. I was a skeptic and no believer until he was so frail and weak I had to help him into the van and strap him into his seat belt…… and sure enough after he went and did the vibe machine he stood up and walked condfidently to the van and drove home without a problem. That thing kept him alive for almost 3 years…. ITS THE REAL DEAL!!!!!!!! FDA is full of a bunch of assholes, because imagine if we didn’t need the thousands of medications out there….. how much money would they stand to lose??? Too much for them to give up

  16. carrie Reply

    If electromagenetic fields are known to cause cancer, how is the vibe machine good for you?

  17. Lyme Reply

    I am curious if the Dr. Fred who commented above has done any further research/studies with his VIBE machine? I had an opportunity to use one a few times. I do believe it did something positive- yet of course hard to define. I did not expect anything either. I look forward to hearing your results sometime.

  18. Colleen Reply

    I totally agree with all the positive statements about how exceptional the vibe machine is for any health problem. I have seen many wonderful results with it. But don’t stop with posting your comments here. Write to your representatives in your state and in Washington D.C. Demand that changes be made so that the FDA and Big Pharma stop working together to line their own pockets. Read the book “The Truth About The Drug Companies – How They Decieve Us And What You Can Do About It”. It’s a conflict of interest. That’s supposed to be illegal.

  19. Daniel Reply

    A friend of mine in Arizona told me about the vibe machine but I was very skeptical. However, several months later I developed a swollen lymph node on the left side of my neck that the ear, nose and thrroat doctor said should be surgicly removed. Considering our lymph nodes are the body’s natural “filters”, I refused to remove something that helps keep my body running optimally and felt there must be another way to fix this. There must be another way to unplug or clean this filter which is called a lymph node. Then I remembered about my friend that uses the vibe machine and started going with him. After three months of treatment of two, sometimes three, sessions a week, the lymph node completely went down to normal and the doctor was baffled. Needless to say, I did not have the surgery. To those reading this: Think what you want, but I feel this machine has helped me.

    The fact that the FDA has approved many dangerous and sometimes lethal drugs based merely on a six week study that is performed by the drug company itself is enough to make me wonder who is bed with whom. It is obvous to me that both the drug company and the FDA stand to makes milliobns of dollars on their sale of these “approved drugs”.

    The only reason the FDA is shutting down the vibe machine is because they are not making money off it and will stand to lose more money if mainstream society starts using alternative methods of healing to potentially eliminate the cause of the problem instead of feeding just the symptoms with a bunch of harmful chemicals.

    I would like to see the information the FDA used to base their decision on banning the vibe machine. I am also curious to know how many deaths are caused yearly by asprin vs the vibe machine.

  20. Margaret Reply

    My son suffered a serious brain injury. Each time he uses the vibe machine, we notice a vast improvement. The surgen, that opperated on his brain, was amazed at his progress. Because the injury was so serious, there is a decline if he misses more than two vibing days.

    I swear to it’s wonderful results

  21. Carole Reply

    The VIBE machine has been a benefit to me, as it has eliminated floaters in the in my eyeballs, and it only takes one -two sessions. But, how could I prove it as even a optometrist cannot see these floaters, that obstructs my vision. I agree, I think the FDA is corrupt, and it only takes one complaint from someone who has not had any experience with the product to unleash another government agency’s mighty forces.

  22. Mary Ann Reply

    does anyone in the Atlanta, Ga area have a machine that they would be willing to share for a couple of weeks of ‘test’ sessions prior to purchase? If so, please ‘e’ mail me and thank you!

  23. Solei Reply

    I owned a vibe machine and watched it contribute to thousands of people’s lives and bodies health and well being over the 6 yrs people of all types were coming to it. The little known fact that the Mayo clinic is using one for research to verify its positive effect on people is incredible.

    The truth is that disease is big business and with one complaint by a well intentioned uneducated person is enough to shut down legitimate companies. The Quantum Pulse is still on the market as the FDA is being complied with all the scientific research by the Mayo Clinic for cancer.

    The real truth is that unconsciousness choice and conscious choice to die or hate oneself or what is going on in ones life and not change it creates tremendous “disease” in the body as the body is always listening to the thoughts of the spirit inhabiting it. Everyone knows this fundamental truth in their being and not yet allowed themselves to realize the truth that they know.

    What would it take for everyone to step up to Conscious Realization that they are creating their health or un-health?

  24. Quantum Pulse OWNER Reply

    WOW this thing allowed my body to have more energy increased feeling of well being and positivity which has helped me a lot.
    My eyesights increased from an accident earlier in the year and keeps getting better 20/20 hear i come !

    Simply talk to some of the publically posted centers and they will tell you first hand their experiences. FDA = aspartame and gmo. enough said.

  25. Sherry Reply

    I bought a used vibe machine, and it is now not working. I called the company, but they said the previous owner had a past due balance of several thousand dollars, and unless I paid that past due balance, I could not get any repair work done. Does anyone know a place I could send this to have it Repaired?

  26. Mark Reply

    Half of these comments were written by the same person. Most others by a different one person. The reviews are as fake as this overpriced flashlight. The reason the VIBE was ordered recalled was because the manufacturer made wild unsubstantiated health claims the FDA said we’re false. Now the manufacture claims this flashlight offers new age balance nonsense and lets “reviewers” make the wild, unsubstantiated health claims. Americans are fat, lazy, stupid and want the easy fix. Well it’s easy, eat better, exercise, read more and stop looking for the miracle cure to your bad life decisions. If this POS did half of what it claimed originally the makers would have shown the documentation 15 years ago when asked by the FDA, their name change and shift in health claims speaks more to the validity of this nonsense than any foul mouthed “testsmonials”.

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