Defamation Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart Results in $9M Verdict

A Texas jury has awarded a Houston woman $9 million in a defamation lawsuit against Walmart after she was wrongly arrested and accused of trying to cash fake money orders that were actually real. 

The plaintiff, Nitra Gipson, filed the defamation lawsuit against Walmart after she was jailed for two days when employees at a store in Meyer Park, Texas had her arrested for trying to cash counterfeit Walmart money orders.

The 24 year old student was later released after prosecutors determined that the money orders were real. Gipson had obtained the money orders from selling her car for $4,100 to raise money for college tuition.

Even after her release, Gipson alleged that Walmart continued to defame her by sending a letter stating that she owed the company money, and then threatened to file shoplifting charges against her if she did not compensate the company $200, according to a story in the Houston Chronicle.

Defamation lawsuits involve allegations that a defendant publicly made false statements that caused the plaintiff to be seen in a negative light. Following trial in Harris County, a jury ruled last month that Walmart defamed Gipson by wrongfully accusing her of forgery, counterfeiting, shoplifting and theft, and awarded her $8.2 million in actual damages. It then hit Walmart with another $820,000 in punitive damages.

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  1. Peggy Reply

    After I was laid off from my job, I was watched when I entered certain stores in close radius to where I live. It was the dumbest thing I’ve ever experienced. You live a good clean honest life and what do you get? The haters want to see you down. They want to see you suffer just a little bit more after they’ve already put you through living hell.

    It’s stressful to carry yourself in a manner that you appear not to know what’s going on when you actually do know. No need to carry that kind of burden around when you can do something about it.

    I’m really happy that the plantiff was compensated for all that she was put through and I hope that her accusers were handled accordingly.

  2. elbert Reply

    As I was leaving wal-mart on nov.4,2010 I was stop and my basket was grabbed by a wal-wart employee. I was told that I could not leave the store until I showed him my receipt. I told him it was in the gabage,they told me to go in the gabbage and get. as we were gonig though the gabbage looking for the receipt the casher came up and told them that we had just paid for the item. At this time ronda find the receipt in the gabbage and we were let go. All this went on in the front of the store in front of everybody.

  3. andrew Reply

    i was stopped out side a walmart for stealing and police keep me and my girlfriend in front of the store with my hands behind my back for 3 hours in front of every body coming out of the store they were staring at me like if was a criminal i would figure they would of took us to a room away from public view once they found nothing on us they did not let me file a report like they were trying to cover it up what should i do?

  4. Shina Reply

    I was recently in Walmart to cash my check – with my name on it – with my, no make that ALL of my identification. I even had purchased a Walmart Money Card. I was denied. Thats okay – however, I wanted to know why? It wasnt a challenge, just a question – after all – all of my personal information and ID was taken back by the store manager to a supervisor (so I was told). I was then told I “could speak to the supervisor, who could over-ride the decision and explain it to me more”. I said, “Oh, okay-thank you”. They called the police on me, who then humiliated me in fromt of everyone in the store. All the while an employee was laughing so loud and causing an additional scence. What is needed is a class action suit – then maybe WalMart will be a little more careful with their training and who they hire. I’m glad that lady won her case.

  5. keith Reply

    i,m a weekly shopper at my local walmart now for some unknown reason i’m being watched like a criminal dont now why or whats going on this is really discusting dont have not a cule as to what is going on all i can see is someone has lied on me about something i’m completely in the dark some employee are looking at me stange some are on cell phones watching me all i want to do is get to the bottom of whatever and clear the air of whatever lie is going around the store.

  6. Frank Reply

    I was at a wal-mart recently and I used my debit card to get $50 cash back. The cashier handed me a fifty dollar bill; I took one look at it and immediately handed it back saying “Sorry I can’t accept this, it doesn’t look real.” She called her supervisor over. The supervisor looked at it and said it was counterfeit. It took them 30 minutes to give me a real fifty. And that was only after I started getting loud -demanding my money now because I had a daughter who was waiting for me to pick her up after school.

  7. shad Reply

    I was at wal mart this past weds night i pushed my basket to the check out line waiting on my wife to bring what she was getting I told the cashier to wait on my wife to get their I walked to the front door and the cashier called the security man that had been following me around the store who then slammed me against the wall and told me to give him what I just put in my pants I dropped everything boxers and all right there at the service desk and didn’t have anything on me tgey still detained me in a back room for like an hour refused to call the police so I could make a complaint and told me I wasn’t allowed back in another wal mart in all 50 states for a year that’s their bad though because im taking it all the w ay to the highest court I can go to

  8. david Reply

    I was doing my xmas shopping in Walmart this past December and i thought all was fine but, in February the police called and told me they wanted to talk to me when i went there they told me i had stole two TV’s and that’s when I found out the lady in the check out line had forgot to wring up the TV’s in my cart i paid for everything else and i didn’t realize till it was brought it to my attention that it had happened and when i went through the checkout i put insurance on a camera i bought for my daughter and at that time i had said to her i only ins on the camera and not the TV’s now my court appointed lawyeris trying to get me to plea out to shoplifting and I feel it was the checkouts fault not mine what can i do and can i sue Walmart for there mistake and the worst part of all this is that i have worked hard to keep my 8 year old daughter believing in xmas and they destroyed it for her she was devastated over this and now hates xmas

  9. Steve Reply

    I will never shop at Walmart again. They had me arrested a month later for retail fraud. All because I used some coupons at self check out. Their associates helped me with the transactions and managers approved every transaction! They are shady, don’t shop there. I want to take them down.

  10. Kayla Reply

    On december 14h 2016 i was at walmart with my boyfriend and his mom we buy over 800 dollars a month there. It was freezing ice out side here in eugene oregon and we live up a huge hill called bailey rd. We needed salt or gravel for our driveway so we went to ask the door about the bags they usally have out front and he said he was not certin but we could go check cause he was unable to leave the door do to customers leaving he had to check reciepts and the walmart employee was talking to us about the date so i ran over to my mother in law that was waiting by door already paid to give me her reciept so i could show him and i showed him in my phone also and so my boyfriend went to check and he had our cart and my pursr in the front of the cart and when he made it to the door a lady grabs our cart takes it and tells us to leave the property before she detains us mind you all my perscripton drugs and mother in laws dieabity medicine was in my purse along with my wallet 747 cash lisence debit cards court papers my rent envolope and my car keys storage keys cell phone court papers and i went went to grab my purse and she told me no its not mine and so we left property fast i called them they said to call back in am so i did and i called 1800walmart filed a report claim i got a call back from manager a couple days later she told me she gave it to police i explaind to my perscriptions i need as well as my mother in law and my rent envolope and my christmas cash i need. She was very rude and dudnt tell me anything really. So i called euhene police made me wait and leave a message with lost and found they have 4 to6 days to return my call and its december 25th 2016 christmas day no money and evicted from place in process. What do i do ? I want this resolved and compisated for asap. Kayla

  11. Ms.mary Reply

    Walmart guard asked me to empty my bag after I showed a receipt told me to stop running my mouth

  12. Jonathan Reply

    On 12/31/19 I went to Walmart to pay our internet bill and was paying cash with 2 $100 dollar bills that my spouse and I had found earlier that morning when we went for a walk in the desert. These bills were sun faded from exposure In the sun. Although they felt real and I ran my thumb nail down. The ruffles. I was approached by the customer service manager and she accused me of using counterfeit bills in a loud fashion for many other customers to hear. I said that those were strong allegations without checking the bills. So she used a pen and they showed real. Once again she assured me I want getting these bills back that they were still counterfeit. So I requested a sheriff come to handle this. I was approached by two Walmart security men as they waited one on each side of me like I was a criminal. The sheriffs showed up and again get your hands out of your pockets. Making me feel like. A criminal again. They took me out front and had one of the sheriffs go to the bank and have the bills checked again and he came back saying they were real. Never once got an apology for the humiliations in front of dozens of customers and Walmart employees and security.

  13. Chris Michael Reply

    I think i just lost my job.i work for Brosnan security contracted out to Wal-Mart in Phoenix az.a woman,a greeter for Wal-Mart asked me for my number and then a date.after three days of texting i realized the number was fake.i went to the Wal-Mart to see her and she told me she was getting off at 6.i wasnt getting any signals that i was doing anything wrong.just to be sure,i asked.she said i wasnt doing anything wrong.i came back and waited.she didnt show up.the other security guard comes up to me and said contact the supervisor.she told me to leave.didnt say anything else,didn’t ask for anything.i go to work atanother Wal-Mart on Saturday,and I’m told to go explanation,no nothing.she didn’t say i was doing anything wrong,she didn’t ask me to stop doing anything.

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