Yasmin and Yaz Birth Control Lawsuits Mount Against Bayer

A growing number of lawsuits over Yaz and Yasmin have been filed throughout the country against pharmaceutical giant Bayer, alleging that women suffered serious and potentially life-threatening injuries after using the birth control pills.

Yaz and Yasmin, which are both manufactured by Bayer, are combined oral contraceptives that contain ethinyl estradiol, long used in oral contraceptives, and drospirenone, a new type of progestin that is not used in any other birth control pills approved in the United States.

The Yaz and Yasmin birth control lawsuits all contain similar allegations that the warnings are inadequate because they do not properly indicate that the use of drospirenone increases the risk that women may suffer a variety of side effects, such as:

  • Strokes
  • Heart attacks
  • Pulmonary Embolism (PE)
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Cardiac Arrhythmias
  • Gallbladder Disease
  • Kidney Failure
  • Sudden Death

Drosprenone can increase blood potassium levels, potentially resulting in a condition known as hyperkalemia, which is known to disrupt heart rhythms and potentially lead to death. Individuals who have pre-existing kidney, liver and adrenal disease could be particularly susceptible.

Over 50 reports of Yasmin or Yaz deaths were reported to the FDA between the first quarter of 2004 and the third quarter of 2008, according to some of the complaints. The deaths involved women as young as 17 and included cardiac arrests, pulmonary embolisms and strokes, with elevated levels of potassium in the blood frequently reported.

Earlier this month it was reported that four new lawsuits over the birth control pills were filed in federal court, with three in Ohio and one in Wisconsin. This week, another 7 suits were filed in the Northern District of Ohio. All of the complaints allege that side effects of Yaz or Yasmin were a factor in the plaintiffs’ injuries.

The number of state and federal Yaz birth control lawsuits has increased this year, following a third warning by the FDA that Bayer’s advertisements and marketing for the birth control pills are false and misleading. FDA warning letters indicated that Yaz ads made exaggerated claims about the drug’s benefits, and downplayed or did not mention important side effects. As a result of pressure from the FDA and states attorneys from several states, Bayer agreed to spend $20 million on a corrective advertising campaign.

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  1. Kim Reply

    I was on Yasmin for two years, and discontinued use only because of financial circumstances preventing my doing so after having lost everything I owned to Hurricane Katrina.

    My doctor placed me on the product, not because I was looking for a contraceptive, but as a means to ease my cramps and regulate my period. (Without birth control, I have a period once every three to six months, and experience intense cramps and deep depression prior to and during my period.) I’d tried other forms of birth control prior to Yasmin, but they all caused me to have violent mood swings, sent me into a deeper depression, and caused me to gain a considerable amount of weight, and failed to alleviate my cramping, the only positive affect being that I had regular, lighter periods. Overall, I was miserable on the two or three products I’d tried at first, and it wasn’t until my doctor put me on Yasmin that I was fully satisfied.

    While on Yasmin, I lost ten pounds, had mild periods with barely noticeable cramps, and my skin was clear; furthermore, I did not experience the mood swings I’d suffered while on the other products, and I was no longer depressed during my cycle. I was immensely satisfied with the drug, and I plan on getting back on it now that I have insurance and a stable financial situation, as my periods are again getting rather unmanageable, and as a birth control method.

    However, I was rather displeased to hear that there were suits brought against Bayer for this product, and have conducted my own research on the subject.

    Really, I feel that the women who are so outraged by these side affects should have done their research prior to getting on Yasmin, or any contraceptive pill, for that matter. Many of these symptoms can be caused by any form of birth control that uses hormones to prevent pregnancy, with those symptoms varying from woman to woman.

    Yes, certain contraceptives are more likely to cause problems than others, and the side affects should be clearly labeled, but clients have a certain responsibility, as well, and that includes researching any drugs that your doctor wishes to put you on; and that’s not restricted just to birth control. In my opinion, and to be blunt, you’re lazy for not doing so. Furthermore, there is no telling what affects a drug will have on an individual until that person begins taking it, as each person is unique and reacts differently to different chemicals and hormones, and I do not feel that it is the fault of the manufacturer, as not all side affects occur regularly enough to even be warranted attention, or even detected, for that matter. In taking any drug, you are taking a risk concerning your health, and you should conduct your own research and weigh the benefits against the potential complications.

    I am blood type O positive, and a friend of mine who was on Yasmin for years without side affect also was type O positive; and I, like Margaret and Michelle, wonder if blood type is indeed a factor in those who experience the severe symptoms associated with Yasmin.

  2. ALICIA Reply

    OMG….Ladies My doc just prescribed this YAZ for my polycystic ovarian syndrome that i found out i have just 1 year ago and i can not beleive my doc would do that.My phramics called and told me what he was prescribing and told me to call him and ask for another brand That she would not recommind me taking this.
    I am so not going back to my obgyn. I am in the process of getting a second opioion some where else…This doc is trying to kill me.
    I am glad i did not have to go thru all of these issues. Please everyone going thru a lawsuit make them take it off the market.MAKE THEM PAY

  3. Tanya Reply

    I started taking Yaz after my daughter was born in 2008, she was born in April, and I started Yaz in the fall of 2008. I was extremely moody, to the point my husband had a hard time being around me, by christmas I was having slight pain, which I thought was just acid reflex, by Jan I was getting ready for bed the one night and sever pain hit me! I told my husband I was gonna die of a heart attack, and I needed to get to the hospital! I thought I was too young for this, all they did was give me a shot of demerol and sent me on my way. From then to the end of Feb I had several attacks, and I had to wait till March for an ultra sound, needless to say finally I got the right doctor the one night and by then my body was so infected from having an inflamed gall bladder, he immediately admitted me and started me on medication and morphine, I was in for almost a week to get it down enough for me to have immediate surgery, and also had to stay in 2 days after, where I had to have a drain out my stomach from the fluid and inflammation! I had stayed on Yaz bc I had no clue about any of this, I ended up depressed, was having at least 2 migraines a week, very tired. Still oblivious as to what was going on with Yaz I ended up on medication for these symptoms! And by New years 2010 I started getting dizzy, faintish, sick! To have a doctor tell me I’m gonna have a stroke, for no apparent reason? Just the symptoms I gave her that’s all she could come up with, at the age of 27 otherwise healthy, Scared the Bjesus out of me! Needless to say I found out about Yas during this time and the doc said there was no way it could have anything to do with any of what I was going through, but I told her I was done with it, and went and had an IUD put it since my husband and I are done having kids! Since I have not had dizziness or any other symptom, I am still waiting for an MRI, and also have to go for another ultrasound bc they think there is still stones left in my Bile duct! Before any of this I had never had a problem with my body or health! Anyone I know that is taking either one of these birth controls I share my story and encourage them to switch!

  4. Very Concerned Reply

    My daughter’s best friend has no health insurance and mounting health bills of about $5000. She is complaining of extreme migraine headaches, blurred speech, blurry vision in one eye. I can tell that she is very moody and currently depressed. She was on YAZ until only recently. There aren’t any neurologists that will look at her due to not having insurance and there is no proof of this medication being the cause. She is only 21 and doesn’t know I’ve made this request for help.

    As she isn’t my daughter and her circumstances don’t offer any other options, what should she do? As a single mom, and recent loss of job, all this adds to the stress and she is feeling very overwhelmed.

    Very Concerned

  5. Valerie Reply

    Alot of people are saying they havent had any of the affects from it but it can take years. I right away started having migraines but no one ever connected it. 2 years almost to the day i had to have my gallbladder removed. Doctor couldnt figure out why i would have needed it taken out so long after my last child,(normally pregnancy causes gallbladder issues) So i concluded it had to be yaz. Once i found out about the lawsuits i realized my migraines had to be caused by the yaz as well. Sure enough i had doctor switch me off of the yaz and no more migraines. Because of the gallbladder issues the infection from it caused my apendix to rupture as well within 2 months i had to have my apendix removed too, which almost killed me it had ruptured and infection was horrible spent 3 days in hospital recovering. Its hard for some people to believe it but its one of those things once you connect the dots i know it was the yaz. I loved it too i had very light periods and no cramps nothing it was awesome until i realized it could have killed me. I refered this too many many people. I feel horrible that i did i hope none of them have the issues i did.

  6. Nicole Reply

    OMG, I’ve read pretty much every comment on here n this is rele scaring me! My doctor put me on yaz 2month’s ago mainly to avoid getting pregnant as well for cramp’s n mood swing’s! I’m going on my 3month of yaz in 3day’s, I’m seriously thinking of going off it now! I’m a 30yr old mother (not currently in a relationship) in pretty good shape! Since being on yaz these are the thing’s I’ve been experiencing, I’m rele tired more then ever, gained weight, problem’s sleeping (which I never had before) always hungry, my mood hasn’t changed, n today for the 1st time weird back pain in my lower right side which as been thriving on n off! But nothing else as of yet! What should I do? Should I go off it?

  7. Phoebe Reply

    I was put on Yaz at 29 years old, after they no longer made the Aleese bcp. I only used Yaz for 2 and 1/2 months. In that time, I experienced dizziness, fogginess, blurred vision, and my arms and legs would go completely numb- and I mean from hip to toe and from shoulder to fingertip. I stopped taking Yaz and felt better within a week or two. I’ve done a lot of research into pharmaceutical drugs, and while I think there have been amazing discoveries and some may have saved lives, there is also a darker side to all this. There are many reports of companies and the FDA not completing the proper testing on these drugs before they are given that stamp of approval. The faster the companies get them on the market, the faster they will see the profit. The FDA is supposed to be there to protect the public, but I believe they unfortunately have been corrupted as well. My only advice is to do your own research before you blindly put something into your body. Just because a doctor and trendy marketing says it’s safe doesn’t mean it is.

  8. Gail Reply

    I am also a victim of Yaz. I took it for several years, not realizing that it has a drug in it that none of the other birth control has. I am 37 and have always been very healthy. I go to check ups once a year and that is about it as far as going to the doctor. I had to get surgery in January of this year, and even took Lovinox shots after the surgery to prevent any possibility of blood clots and I do not smoke. A few weeks after my surgery I experienced the worst pain I have ever felt in my right side. I thought I may have pulled a muscle, but the pain was so bad I could barely move. Then I could barely breathe because of the pain in my chest. Thankfully, my friends made me go to the doctor. He knew it was a blood clot and sent me straight over to the ER where they found a clot in a main artery to my lung. I KNOW this is related to taking the Yaz because I did everything I was supposed to after my surgery and was very healthy prior to this. Now I am on Cumidin for 6 months and will always have a higher chance of getting another blood clot than people who have not had a blood clot. I wonder how many people it will take before they take this crap off the market? I am going to look into a lawsuit because I had to go back into the hospital and for two days the pain was unbelieveable. My first round of morphine didn’t even put a dent in the pain. As for the girl in one of the posts above who blamed us for “not reading the info and eductating ourselves,” Bayer witheld info on this pill, and I hope for her sake that this doesn’t happen to her. If it does, I’m sure she will feel differently. I have learned that even if you do your research, companies can withhold important info that could have made people decide differently about taking this pill. I would recommend to anyone that is on it to get off of it immediately.

  9. Kelley Reply

    I believe in good doctors, but I also believe that doctors just prescribe drugs like candy, especially birth control, and some do it because companies pay them to prescribe their drugs. I took yaz a few yrs ago, got off of it after 2 yrs or so on September 2008 and it RUINED MY LIFE. I started with mood swings which my careless doctor didnt pay attention to, it was normal according to him. So a few months later i stopped with birthcontrol all together, not worth the risk of breast cancer since I have family history. I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety, thought of suicide although I never truly considered it, i just had that want to not exists anymore because i was so sad, i have no sex drive (including dryness), problems with sleeping that make the anxiety worse, at times i couldn’t get out of bed to get to class, never mind holding a job because i was always so exhausted. So after 4-5 yrs of dealing with this, of which 2.5 yrs i’ve been off birth control for good, I’ve done a lot or online research and there is no doubt in my mind that yaz caused a hormonal imbalance, I’ve been afraid that it might have even caused early menopause or something. IT RUINED MY LIFE! Im 24 yrs old, I shouldn’t feel inadequate because I cringe when my boyfriend touches me, because sex is even painful, because I cry and get angry for no reason. I’ve been tracking my fertility since Sept. 08 along with the withdrawal method and so far no problem. keeps your personal data and sends you friendly reminders of when you’re ovulating (to avoid sex) and when your period should be arriving. The more data you input, the more accurate it is, its sometimes one day or two off, but you shouldn’t be having sex for the wk of ovulation either way (although I have and still no problem with withdrawal). To deal with the depression and anxiety, I’ve been eating a vegetarian diet for 4 months (since meat is also thought to have hormones) and I want to nourish my body, I’ve been drinking green vegetable juices for about a month 4-5 mornings a wk and just started using liquid chlorophyll a week ago to neutralize my body (possibly even of some birth control residue and heavy metals), and I FEEL THE BEST I’VE FELT FOR YRS! I wake up early and well rested, even if I don’t get 8 hrs of sleep, I get sleepy by 10 pm or so, for yrs I couldn’t sleep well, I would spend about 5 hrs tossing in bed restless, and not be able to get up the next morning which made it impossible to hold a job and go to college at the same time (so this is great because i start a new job next wk, which has also helped release the stress). I have a lot more energy and just a desire to live, im not mopping around like i was just 2 months ago over any little thing and going crazy on my poor boyfriend, although i’m sure im still a bit sensitive because it’s my nature to be, I have emotions and I enjoy feeling and expressing them at a normal level (which hasn’t been the case for yrs). And soon i will be trying MACA, which is a Peruvian root extract that helps regulate the endocrine system and helps with emotional balance. Unlike birthcontrol that overrides your natural rhythm by introducing fake hormones to trick the body, maca is said to support the thyroid, pituitary, pancreas and adrenal glands to secrete the normal hormone levels for your body. I can’t wait to use this, i’m just still looking out there for extra information on this, as i did before using liquid chlorophyll. I think this will help regulate my body completely, and I will try it in small doses for a few months to not get my body so use to it and to GET MY SEX LIFE BACK! it’s natural and organic so there shouldn’t be any problem. I’ve read about niacin also helping with depression, I haven’t tried it as a supplement, but i eat a lot veggies which are rich in niacin. Ithink for those woman who are desperate and can’t get on with life because of the depression and axiety that yaz has caused, it is worth to do some research online, maybe these natural remedies will get your body back on a healthy path, just do extensive research, I spend about 15 hrs if not more researching every little claim about things i put into my body now. Don’t take my word for it, consult your doctor, although some doctors don’t have a clue about natural stuff or they will persuade you from not going the natural way because they are trained to prescribe drugs, but be well aware of how anything can affect you depending on your needs and your health issues. Nourishing your body with natural things is the best thing you can do, I haven’t even suffered from the smallest cold since I started eating healthy, more vegetables, about 2 yrs ago, and in the past month the green juices along with chlorophyll have me so energized (i think it has relieved my depression and anxiety), and im sure when i start maca (maybe this wk) I will be back to feeling like a 24 yr old woman again. I want to clean out my body and be balanced so that in a few yrs when I decide to start a family, I don’t have any residual effects from using birth control and the 4 yrs or so of my life that it ruined. And dont forget about (a classmate introduce it in my human sexuality class) it gets you in tune with your body to plan pregnancy (or delay it) the way nature intended. i will try to check this page to read more stories, maybe someone will write about the things I wrote. Best of luck everyone, blessings!

  10. Nicole Reply

    Well, I’ve been taking Yaz for a while. I stopped taking it in May 2009 because my ex-fiance and I were trying to have a baby and after I stopped breastfeeding I got back on Yaz. I haven’t had too many problems with it. Periods are light but do spot sometimes not often.

    However, recently I had an MRI because I have a lot of back pain from when I was in a car accident a while back. They found multiple cysts in my kidneys. In both of them. They found at least 7 cysts in my left kidney, which has the most cysts and some are in my right but I don’t know how many. I’m kind of curious now if maybe the cysts are a result of the Yaz. I’m also curious how long this has been going on. I’ve been taking Yasmin or Yaz since 2004.

  11. Amanda Reply

    I just started taking Yasmin 1 month ago and was suppose to take my last pill today. However, that did not happen due to me having to go the hospital emergency room. I then got an Ultrasound on my left leg, and have a blood clot that extends from my knee to my ankle. Needless to say I will no long be taking birth control pills. Thank goodness I have insurance because I could not afford the treatment to dissolve the clot otherwise, and I do not look foward to giving myseld daily injections.

  12. Mathew Reply

    My wife had to have her gallbladder removed and suffers from acute stomach and digestional problems linked to Yaz….

  13. Ginger Reply

    I was on Yaz after I lost my twins in 2007, I got off Yaz in 2008 because I kept going to ER for bladder infections after the other and my chest was always hurting. After I got off I became pregnant then I miscarried. My period was normal when I was on Yaz..but after I got off of has been irregular. I haven’t seen my period in 4 months and now my period has been on for 3 weeks!

  14. Claudia Reply

    I took Yaz for 3 months in 2006 to help control for heavy periods thought to be caused by some small fibroids. Within a month, I had a horribly dry mouth, felt exhausted, and started dropping weight. I also felt like I had a UTI, although the labs came back normal. All that was found was external vaginal inflamation, for which I was given steroid cream. After 20lbs loss, I took myself off the pill. For several more months I had symptoms, but gradually felt a bit better. My new PCM sent me to an endocrinologist who diagnosed me with thyroid disease and Addison’s, as per an abnormal cortisol stim test. A year later I was feeling much better, the cortisol test was repeated and was normal. I think the Yaz started damaging my adrenal glands. Scary stuff.

  15. cathy Reply

    My name is changed due to privacy. I have had all the symptoms listed. I should be dead. My doctor told me I had a 8cm blood clot, 6 inche i think, in my abdomen. Most clots start in the legs, and travel up. Mine started in my abdomen. I had an 8cm dvt, a three inch pe, and had a filter placed in my heart resulting in me taking coumadin forever. Life changing experience. No insurance will take it cause its all pre existing, at least so far till this year. Hope everyone reads before taking it. My doc still thinks it was not the pill

  16. Alexandra Reply

    This all sounds so crazy to me. I’ve been on Yaz for almost three years, and I swear by it. I had really bad acne, and cramps, and it cleared both of them up. My acne was so bad that it covered my back. Now my back (and face) is completely clear! My period is now regular, doesn’t hurt, and only lasts three days (when it used to last for six). I’m just as healthy as I was before I ever started taking the product, and I haven’t experienced any side effects.

    However, I’ve heard that smoking increases your chances of experiencing side effects with this product. As a non-smoker, I wonder if that’s why this product has worked so well for me?

  17. Kris Reply

    SOme people are saying that they’re still taking the damn pills even though they’re having their gallbladder removed/cyst/PE… wtf is wrong with you? Don’t take it, ask your GP for a different pill!!!!

  18. Danielle Reply

    I was on Birth Control for 6years. Started with Yasmin and switched to Yaz when it came on the market. These pills were suggested by my GYN when I asked about starting BC. I started when I was 23 and stopped when I was 29. During my time using these brands I had a several UTI’s, macro and micro blood in my urine, sensitivity to the sun, and slight swelling in extremities at times. I was unaware a water pill was associated with this pill and was very upset once I found out. Always knew about the K+ though. Issues: As soon as I stepped in the sun I would have a histamine reaction causing ruptured capillaries and edema. I was told I was allergic to the sun and believed the response from my MD. I never had an issue before, but at an age of 24 all of a sudden I did. I also would have a strong odor from my urine. I had many UTI’s and high amounts of micro blood in urine tests. I once had macro blood in urine meaning that I could actually see the blood. Went to a urologists and had many tests done only to be observed by a nephrologists. I stopped taking the pill because it appeared in the news. Now I have no issues going in the sun, my urine has no odor and the slight swelling in my extremities no longer exists. I was 29 once I stopped now I’m going to be 31. I still have micro amounts of blood in the urine indicating an issue with my kidneys. This is an issue that I will follow up with my doctors with, but I’m going to be very upset if a trendy BCP is the cause of a chronic disorder.

  19. Tink Reply

    I was on Yasmin for 3 years now and have experienced all the possible negative effects. I am a healthy person or well i should say i was healthy but subsequent to the pill, i have had kidney stones, uti infection, weight gain, loss in sexual appetite, become emotional and sensitive and escalated sugar readings and i am not 30 years old yet. I eat healthy and exercise and have not had a problem with weight before but i retain so much water, it is depressing. After my recent cyst and blood sugar readings due to the pill, my gynae advised me to stop it immediately. I am now off the pill since February and i have not had a menstrual period yet. I can only pray i am still able to fall pregnant after this. This makes me so livid as when i went to the gynae, i was told this is the best pill on the market and i trusted that as i have never been on any other contraceptive before. Does anyone know if we can complain about this to bayer? The website which was available previously, no longer exists!!!

  20. AJ Reply

    I have been taking BCPs since I was 16, so 12 years. The last 5 years, or so, have been on Yaz. I was great- it was the only pill that helped with my migraines. Then, I got cysts on my ovaries, but the doctors seemed to agree that they would go away once I stopped taking the pills. Fine. Then two years ago, on my own initiative and paying out of pocket I decided to get comprehensive blood tests, my liver function tests were a bit abnormal. I just had them redone today- my liver appears to be severly damaged. Big problem, I wish that doctors would make this potential side effect more clear. Apparently in Europe you get comprehensive blood tests done annually when on the bill and the doctors here cannot believe that I have been on the pill for so long. In Europe they recommend a break from BCPs annually. I wish I had known that. (BTW I am in my last year of grad school for a PhD so it’s not like I do not know how to do research and this information was just unavailable when I started taking this pill) . Nothing else could be causing this, I am a vegetarian (15 years), I don’t drink and I have no such family history.

  21. Mel K Reply

    I’m not here to sue Bayer, i had heard about some of the dangers of Yaz, but decided to try this cure for my cyst issues.I’ve been on Yaz for 5 months to treat my PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome). I have positive affects from the Yaz too so I kept taking it, but no more. I’ve had nose bleeds for about 4 months every week, and sever migrains a couple times a month. Also i noticed little burst capilaries all over my breasts. I’m going to a new doctor next week. Thank you all for sharing your experiences, I’m not going to take it any more.

  22. Kathy M Reply

    December 2006 was my Yazmin moment. We came home from a holiday concert.. walked up the driveway.. and I had the whitest Christmas ever.
    Everything went pure white..That was my Yazmin moment.

    I went to bed (wrong thing to do).. Next day just did not feel right.. called my neighbor that was a nurse.. told me to go to the ER. The ER was swamped.. but when the took my vitals, told them what happened.. they rushed me back for a chest xray and CT with contrast. Bilateral PE was the diagnosis.. the cause.. Yasmin.

    Thanks to this wonderful product, that the drug company brainwashed my OBGYN with all the “wonderful” things this drug can do.. including using it for HRT for us girls going through that time of our lives. FYI was on it for 1 year and 3 months.

    The hemotologist came in the hospital room.. read me the riot act about how dangerous they were at my age (49) He was angry.. not so muc at me.. but at the OBGYNS for using this drug for HRT. He and I now have a permenent relationship… with regulating my Coumadin and checking my every 3 week blood test for the rest of my life. (or until he retires..whichever comes first)

    As for my life after YAZMIN.. I missed my grandson being born because I was not allowed to travel for 6 months… I now have damage to my left leg from DVT that is irreversable… cause by this wonderful drug.
    I have been imprisioned in compression stockings for the rest of my life due to the damage from the DVT. (I wish a fashion designer would invent clear ones for walking on the beach or ones that look like sand piper legs???

    Medical procedures are fun too.. I have to go off of Coumadin.. and take Lovenox shots in the abdomin.. If you like the color purple.. you will love these injections.

    The only good thing that has come out of this.. is that I feel extremely lucky to have made it through alive, I am more apreciative of all aspects of my life, and when we go to see the grand kids (2 of them now) I can hold them in person.. and not from heaven.( Hope that’s where I will end up)

    Please take a moment to read the white paper that comes with Yasmin.. say some prayers for everyone that has what they call a “Serious Side Effect”

  23. Cheryl Reply

    I took Yaz when it first came out and claimed to take away PMS and help with acne. It delivered neither. Instead it caused melasma all over my face that has ruined my social life and thereby caused severe, deep depression and suicidal thoughts. Bayer should be shut down for ruining SO many womens lives. I wont even take their aspirin as I dont believe in the safety of any of their pharmaceuticals. Nightline just ran a story of a woman who went into a coma, lost her job, and fiancee and is now blind. i hope she has filed a lawsuit that takes them down. People who post defending them are ignorant or work in their PR dept. Stop already. the truth is OUT.

  24. Karrie Reply

    I took Yaz for two years and had no problems, then got off because we were ttc. I was diagnosed with PCOS and I believe it was because of Yaz. Now, two years later I still have not conceived and I’m beginning to think it’s because of this drug. I would be very hesitant on taking it if you are planning on actually having kids later in life.

  25. Johanna Reply

    I took Yasmin for 2 months this fall. I experienced nausea, hideous acne, lack of appetite, weight loss (-16 pounds) and exhaustion. To climb up the stairs was sometimes just too hard, I remember once when I had to use the staircase to get to the fourth floor at the university because the elevator was broken, I had to rest for ten minutes afterwards until I was ok. My average caloric intake during these 2 months must have been around 500-1000 a day…
    I did my blood work after a month and it showed elevated AST/ALT liver enzymes and after 2 months they were even more elevated, in fact so elevated that my doctor took me off the pills in order to prevent liver damage. Liver damage. I’m don’t drink alcohol, liver disease doesn’t run in my family and I’m only 20 years old…

    Now, after 3 weeks without Yasmin, I’m doing fine. I can eat again! I will do more blood work in a couple of weeks and all I wish for Christmas is lowered AST/ALT…

  26. Katie Reply

    I am in Australia and I am horrified that I have only recently found out the health risks of Yasmin. I have heard nothing of these risks in Australia. In 2005 I had my gallbladder removed as the result of a large gall stone. I was 30 years old and at that time had been taking Yasmin for a number of years prior. Can anyone advise of lawyers in Australia who are conducting law suits against Bayer for this?
    I have not been on birth control since 2009 because I was having babies but as I have now completed my family I asked for birth control from my Dr. He gave me Yaz which I was told was similar to yasmin.

  27. Theresa Reply

    My 19 year old daughter has suffered a sagittal sinus thrombosis ( blood clot in the brain ) due to Yasmin which she had been taking for 6 moths after switching from her regular pill because of terrible mood swings !!
    She had to leave university and has to now re take the year and has had to give up her part time job due to the totally crippling migraines this has left her with !
    We keep being told that this is a rare , random occurance but am not convinced and wondered if anyone knows of any lawsuits being filed against Bayer here in the UK ??

  28. Julie Reply

    November 2005 I started taking Yaz as I too had severe cramps with my periods. February 17, 2006 I was put in intensive care with a blood clot that went from just above my knee to my ankle. I also have a PE and because of the PE I had pleursy and scarcadosis. I was released from the hospital only because I agreed to inject myself with Lovonox in my stomach for a short period of time. It took me three months to get back to work full time. I was on blood thinners for over a year and went back regularly to get me blood check to make sure my the medication dose was in line. I was on pain medication for a period of time because of the pleursy and the damage that was done to my lung. I too have had several tests run to try to figure out if it was something else besides the birth control. My vein in my right leg will never be the same because of the clot. So you decide if this product should remain on the market. You know my answer.

  29. coleen Reply

    I have a question. I had a bloodclot which caused a heart attach and double bipass from the birth controll Triphasil. Are there any suits against them?

  30. Crystal Reply

    I have been extremely fatigued for over a month, taking Yazmin for under a year right now.. I have no idea why I am feeling so I’ll and tired. I’ve tried changing my diet and taking more specific vitamins. And nothing is helping. I have recently seen the commercials about a lawsuit against the company. But I’m scared now.. And going to look into this with my doctor. I live in Canada and don’t understand why if it’s been recalled, am I still prescribed it! I’m terrified and going to
    Stop taking yazmin and see if it changes how I am feeling.

  31. Adrianne Reply

    I have been takin Byaz for a year & a half now. Symptoms started about a year ago…tinnitus, ears clogged, hearing declined, anxiety, shortness of breath. I am a healthy 32 year old & tired of feeling like crap. Has any1 had these symptoms? I was diagnosed with menieres but just have a feeling its the pill??

  32. Theresa Reply

    I had the same issues with Tri-phasil in 1997. I had trouble breathing and ended up in the ER and diagnosed with blood clots in my lungs, and deep vein thrombosis that nearly killed me. Back then my doctor told me it was extremely rare to have this problem. Today i suffer with severe swelling in my leg where the clots started–the clots destroyed 2 veins which causes poor circulation and i take my daily dose of Warfarin everyday. I’ll never be the same healthwise and always have the fear of getting pregnant because of the severe side-affects that happen to the fetus.

    I see all the lawsuits concerning Yaz and other BC’s and would like to know if there are any suits for Tri-Phasil. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  33. Tree Reply

    I took yazmin when I was 18yrs old and it was nothing but a problem with horriable side affects. Now being 26 yrs old I said I would never take birth control again after last year I was on yaz for 4 months and did nothing but bleed for 3 months and had being told by doctors its your body getting use to the pill. No human should bleed for three months with no breaking period at all. So I just stop taking it after being told that . Now after stopping it I have cycist in both breast ans they always hurt I have to sleep with two pillows on the sides of me to fall asleep with out being comfortable . When to a doctor they said they weren’t concern about it just cut out caffeine in your diet. It’s nothing to do with caffeine and everything to do with yaz and yazmin . Ty very to the people who kept this pill on the market. Now I just have to live with this pain I think not I want something done and some real answers and one if you have had the same symptoms as I please email me.

  34. Tracey Reply

    I started to use Yasmin 6 months ago now my face is completely ruined. I have huge scars from where my skin broke out and had these things called nodules growing under my skin. It is extemely painful and very disfiguring. I used Diane 35 for years and never ever had a problem why is Yasmin still on the market.

  35. Sam Reply

    I would like to share my experiences,
    I took this drug when my daughter was 6months old, I was switched from dianette, The following side effects occured

    Low mood, Mood Swings, Obsessive thoughts, Depression
    Dehydration, Dry eye Syndrome
    5 UTI infections in one year
    Constant Yeast infections, Agressive to the point where I went to GU clinic
    Dry skin, constant ichy legs, vagina etc
    Kidney infection
    Dark eye circles maraculucly appeared (do not run in my family)
    Frequent peeing
    Bloody discharge from my nipple, after ultrasound couldnt find out why..
    Huge pain under the ribs, dr explained I had artheritus at 30!! under the ribs??? given strong painkillers I never took.

    I never felt myself I felt like someone had taken over my body..
    I never related my symtoms to Yasmin until I googled this and found all my life for the last 3yrs related to all of these complaints I actually cried that I wasnt going mad!!!
    This is a evil drug that needs more publicity, My dr looked at me like i’d grown 3 heads when I explained I think my problems r down to Yasmin, and I demanded a Hormone imbalance test…

    I had the test today and it will be interesting to know what the results are as I only have one kidney and i’m a smoker!! I’m lucky to be alive! I explained that I never should hae been precribed this drug in th first place… I have been off Yasmin for 12 weeks and my depression has disappered etc, No UTI’s, and the yeast infections are gone.. Dry eyes have improved, But I am so worried that it has caused long term damage..
    good luck to you all…
    One word of advise GET OFF THIS PILL…

  36. Nadine Reply

    I developed a blood clot that nearly killed me thanks to Yaz. I was healthy and fit and all of a sudden ended up in hospital hours away from death.

    Get off this pill!

    A class action really needs to start for Australians who have suffered

  37. Pereko Reply


    • I developed what I thought was ulcers, went to my GP he also thought its ulcers, I was vomiting with cramps that would last up to 2 hours or three at a go (these were episodic and very painful). Soon after this I started developing edema in my left foot, this edema was so bad, on some days I used to limp, again no doctor could explain this. I went to a lymph system specialist, he saw nothing, told me to lose weight, what he did notice was that I had inactive gall stones, in my gall bladder which show that these stones were once active , which was confirmation that I did not have ulcers it was gallstones . At this point I still could not link any of this to the pill.

    • I started losing hair and had to cut my hair, I thought it was because of the type of hairstyle I had at the time and did not question this.

    • Sometimes when I eat I would get nauseous at any point of the day.

    • In December/January this year I went on a diet and certain tests were carried out (through all this I still had a problem with edema in my foot which no doctor could explain to me what the cause was) The dietician picked up that my liver enzymes were very elevated, when I asked her what could be the cause she gave me some answer which at the time made sense, I started taking liver supplements.

    • About 3 weeks ago I fell off the bed during the night, felt dizzy and started vomiting a yellow, bitter substance.

    • My nose started giving me seriosus problems, it was permanently blocked no matter what I did, it turns out I had upper respiratory infection caused by Yaz.

    • My stomach became so big I had people asking me if I’m pregnant, I thought I am just gaining weight that is why I tried to do something about it, but I think it due to what was happening in my liver.

    • I went to Doctor Thandi Mtsi in Lesedi Clinic on Saturday, she is just about the only specialist who opens on Saturdays. She has taken certain blood tests (LFT and lung tests) to test the damage in my liver and if I have any clots due to my swollen foot.

  38. B Reply

    I started Yasmin due to horrible cramps and acne. Within 14 days, a large lump developed in my right breast. It was terrifying. I had to have it removed. Thinking it was just my body and not the pill, I started taking it again like an idiot. 14 days and I have a 7.3cm “cyst” or “mass” in my right breast. Both breasts are filled with large cysts now. I have to go for a biopsy tomorrow. I’ve been out of work because I am always sick. Something has Always been wrong with me since I started this Yasmin pill. I’m so scared. This has cost me my financial stability, sanity and my health. I’m terrified to go through this surgery tomorrow. Please listen to the comments. It’s not worth it. I wouldn’t make my worst enemy take this. I don’t want to have cancer or lose my breasts. I want my life back.

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