Yasmin, Yaz Class Action Lawsuit Filed for Women in Canada

A class action lawsuit over Yaz and Yasmin birth control has been filed in Canada against Bayer Pharmaceuticals on behalf of women who were prescribed the birth control pill, alleging that the drug maker hid the risk of serious and potentially life-threatening side effects of Yaz and Yasmin

The Yasmin and Yaz class action lawsuit was filed earlier this week in the St. Catharines, Ontario, by Christine Lovelace and Jennifer Demunnik. Both women say that Yaz and Yasmin cause health problems above and beyond those caused by other typical oral contraceptives.

In the United States, about 1,100 Yaz lawsuits and Yasmin lawsuits have been filed on behalf of individual women who allege that they suffered injuries that were caused by the birth control pills, such as a stroke, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, gallbladder disease and other injuries.

Lovelace alleges that she suffered a transient ischemic attack, also known as a “mini-stroke,” last fall after taking Yaz for several months. She was temporarily paralyzed on her left side and could not communicate. She has mostly recovered, but still suffers hand and foot nerve damage. Demunnik alleges that she developed gallstones after a year and a half on the birth control pill and had to have her gallbladder removed from Yaz.

Yaz and Yasmin are similar pills that are both manufactured by Bayer, containing a combination of ethinyl estradiol and drospirenone, a new type of progestin. Drospirenone, or drsp, impacts the body’s normal mechanism of regulating a balance between salt and water, which could result in elevated potassium levels. This can cause a condition known as hyperkalemia, which is linked to potentially life-threatening heart problems and other health issues.

The lawsuits over Yaz and Yasmin have suggested that the oral contraceptives have been responsible for at least 50 deaths in the U.S. alone.

The Canadian Yaz class action lawsuit claims that Bayer knew, or should have known, that the birth control pills carry a higher risk of side effects than other birth control pills. The lawsuit is seeking $487,000 for each Canadian woman prescribed Yaz or Yasmin, and an additional $20 million in punitive damages against Bayer.

There have been at least four Canadian Yaz and Yasmin class action lawsuits filed against Bayer in Canada. In the United States, all federal Yaz litigation has been consolidated for pretrial proceedings in a multidistrict litigation (MDL), under Chief Judge David Herndon in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois.


  1. Robin Reply

    I was on Yaz for 5+ years just last year had to have my gallbladder removed because I was having alot of problems breathing and not feeling right took doctor a while to figure out that my gallbladder had stopped working correctly actually wasn’t working at all. Not sure if Yaz caused it or not but after hearing all the size effects I think there is a good reason to think maybe my birth control might have had something to do with all of it. I was unaware of all this.

  2. Jennelle Reply

    I am 20 years old and I have been taking Yasmin for about 3 years. Last November I started having random chest pain. In January I also discovered that I was having very low blood sugar, and my pulse and blood pressure were higher then normal, on average about 135/85. I went to the doctor in February and I got him to change the birth control I was on to another one. I had one episode of chest pain and I decided to stop that one as well.
    If there is anything I should be doing about this please inform me.

  3. Melissa Reply

    I’m 20, I was on Yaz for about a year when I started getting severe heart pains, dizzy spells that would last more than 12 hours, and I would have a stomach ache everyday. I heard about the class action and stopped immediately and started a new pill. I am yet to have those symptoms again.

  4. Brenda Reply

    I’m 37-years old. I was having abnormally long periods (10 days long every 26 days) and my Dr. perscribed Yaz to shorten my period. The greatest side effects that I have noticed are: 1) a complete loss of libido; my libido was fine before taking the pill and 2) a great deal of hair loss. I had beautiful thick hair prior to taking Yaz. It has thinned so much that now it just looks long and stringy so I am having it cut shorter this weekend in an attempt to make it look fuller. If it would have known about these possible side effects ahead of time I would not have opted NOT to take this pill. I’ve noticed occasional sharp chest pains too but I’ve always just dismissed it. I will start paying more attention now and talk to my doctor about a better option than Yaz.

  5. ERIN Reply

    I was put on Yasmin after I had my baby to regulate my periods. It worked for a while but my doctore decided to change my perscription to YAZ. I was on these pills for a total of 2 1/2years. During this time I suffered from major chest pain that I went to the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack. I had all the tests done.. which included a lung scan, stress test, echo cardiogram etc. The doctors kept telling me I was fine. I was suffering huge headaches and began to suffer from severe dizziness to the point I thought I was passing out and having to hold onto something to stop me from falling. I had major heart palpitations and shortness of breath several times a day.
    I kept going back to my doctor weekly and she tried to tell me I was suffering from anxiety attacks and these were causing all these symptoms. I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I was going to die from the pain in my chest. My heart would be racing and pounding out of my chest.
    I would take my pill faithfully every night at 11pm. I would wake up faithfully everynight at 2am-3am.
    I was taken to the hospital one day by ambulance because I had no energy to even get up. My husband called the ambulance and they took me to the hospital where I was suffering from such low blood pressure.
    my doctor insisted that the pill had nothing to do with my symptoms so i kept taking them….I finally stopped taking them myself and feel better…

  6. Summer Reply

    I am 27 years ld, and have been on Yasmin for two years. I year ago, I was suffereing from periodic chest pains that resulted in a shortness of breath. After a few visits to the ER, I eventually had my gallbladder removed. Again, not sure if Yasmin caused this, but after hearing the side effects, I am forced to wonder.

  7. Candace Reply

    I am 28 years old and have been on Yaz for aprox 8 months. I have never had any serious health issues and have never been hospitalized for any serious illnesses. Quite healthy over all in fact. In December I had my first gall bladder attack and have proceeded to have them since. I have been in Emergency 3 times in the last 3 months due to gall bladder attacks, and otherwise usually try to ride them out at home. Just over two weeks ago, when I was in emergency for my last attack, I started to experience shortness of breath and a few days later side pain. After seeing my doctor I was sent to emergency and found out I had a pulmonary embolism in both my lungs. Now I go to an IV clinic twice a day to get heparin shots (my evening visit is my kids field trip before bed), and get my blood work done once a day. I am on warfarin as well to prevent clotting. After being released from the hospital I was told about the links with my medical conditions and Yaz from a friend. Now I am left with the question “Could my birth control be the culprit??” The doctors have identified my birth control to be my only risk factor at this point. So when I die due to a Pulmonary Embolism from my birth control are they going to sooth my two children I leave behind?? This needs to come off the market, so many people have had issues with this how can we turn our heads. I am lucky to have been diagnosed before it got too complicated. This may have not taken my life this time but it had drastically changed my life, and my families.

  8. Rose Reply

    I was put on yasmin to decrease the flow of my period. Within the first month I had to go to the emergency room with severe adoninmal pains. The doctor didn’t know what cause these pains and I was told to continue to take yasmin. However over the next few months I develop severe depression to the point where I was becoming suicidal and it was only at this point that the doctor told me to stop taking yasmin. Since then I am experiencing wide mood swings; one moment I am estactic without a cause and the next moment I am deepen sadden and gets upset with people around me. I now wondering if the pill has cause this to happen to me.

  9. Elaine Reply

    I have been taking Yasmin for approximately 2 years now. My doctor prescribed this pill to manage hot flashes and peri-menapausal symptoms. I have had several of the symptoms mentioned here by other women….the latest is gall stones. I am meeting a surgeon to see what needs to be done…..Not impressed with this pill….if you are on it STOP!

  10. Maria Reply

    I was on Yaz for four months to help stop my breakthrough bleeding. During that the time I suffered horrible headaches and intense migraine headaches. I talked to my doctor and told her I could not keep taking this pill and stopped. Within a month I had developed high blood pressure (165/112) and am now on permanent blood pressure medication. I also cannot sleep without sleeping pills.

  11. Kayla Reply

    I was on Yazmin for about 3 years. I have swtiched to another birth control because I was gaining weight. My doctor put me on a lower dose. I have been off of Yazmin for about 2 years but I jsut recently had to get my gall bladder taken out because i had gall stones and my gall bladder was chronically inflammed. I think this might be from the Yazmin birth control.

  12. Bethany Reply

    I am 22 and I had been on birth control since I was 16. I was on Yasmin for about 2 years before I decided to stop taking it a year ago. I didn’t have any health issues during that time or after, that I knew of. I decided to go off of chemical contraceptives all together for my own personal reasons. After reading this article, I am so glad I did, we all know now the severity of these drugs in affecting young women. Personally, I think no one should be taking any kind of oral contraceptive, it’s not worth the risk. Our bodies are made the way they are, and there’s no point in trying to change any natural occurrences that are sure to come (for instance, acne, heavy bleeding, and the overall fact that we menstruate).

    I only hope that others will follow my lead in taking back their bodies and having complete control over what goes in and what comes out. I also know for a fact that our bodies only use 20% of any prescription drug we take in, the rest goes into the toilet, down to the water treatment plant where it doesn’t get filtered out, and back into the natural environment for other species to ingest, and therefore be affected by.

  13. tori Reply

    my name is Tori ris, i was on yazmin for 4 years. last year at the age of 18 i became deathly ill. i was mis-diagnosed three times at the emergency in red deer alberta. by the forth time i was so dehygerated that i could not walk by myself i could not drink water or i would throw up, i could not eat, and i still continued to take my birth control. when i was admitted into the hospital they couldnt even find a vein to put an i.v in. at this time i was on my death bed. they found that i had two large blood clots that were sitting in my lungs. for the next2 weeks i was in the hospital reciving 10 mg of warfrin and one shot of innohep everyday. when i got out i went two to three days a week for blood tests , and i was taking between 12 and 18 mg of warfrin for the next 8 months. everytime my blood was thick i had to take a shot worth $25.00 cnd (luckly the hospital supplyed me) and i went through horrible pain. i am now 19 i still have severe chest pain and have regular hospital visits because my heart and lungs go through unberable pain. if someone knows where i can joing this lawsuite i have all of my medical papers these people need to know what they did.

  14. Lisa Reply

    I started taking Yasmin about 5 months ago.

    About a month ago I started having symptoms like a wheezing, heavy feeling and a burning pain in right chest. The burning pain was more intense and accompanied by severe shortness of breath when I did activities like exercise or walk up a flight of stairs.
    There was also numbness and cramping in my calves and legs.

    2 days ago I saw my Dr. about renewing my prescription for Yasmin and I mentioned my chest pain.

    Several test later it turns out I have clot in my right lung .
    I am now on blood thinners (shots and pills) and need to do blood test every other day (for now)… and I am totally freaked by needles!!!!!!!

    What is also shocking is to see that so many women are having issues with these pills….

    Best regards to everyone….

  15. Daniela Reply

    I was switched over to Yasmin in Nov 2008 from another birthcontrol and within a month of use I started having incapacitating chest pains with difficulty breathing. I was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism in January 2009. The cause of the blood clot was due to the birth control pill. I was immediately told to discontinue using the yasmin birth control pill. I had treatment for the PE for over 6mnths. I was lucky I caught the blood clot when I did because if I hadn’t been diagnosed so quickly I would be dead. Treatment was horrible.
    Don’t take Yasmin. Best of luck to all.

  16. Sarah Reply

    I was prescribed Yasmin for the treatment of endometriosis and was taking it for approximately 18 mths when I started to develop extreme shortness of breath and fatigue. I could no longer work or even walk more than a few metres without stopping to catch my breath. My Dr treated me for asthma and depression . Symptoms subsided somewhat after two months and I returned to work for a few weeks then had to go back on disability when symptoms returned.I went back to Dr’s and insisted something was very wrong- finally they ordered an echocardiogram which confirmed that my heart was enlarged and pressure from right mitral valve extremely high and was given the diagnosis of Pulmonary hypertension a serious degenerative heart-lung disease. I was refered to a cardiologist for further testing to determine the cause and I was then diagnosed with Pulmonary embolism– I had a number of blood clots in both my lungs that had been there for a period of time. My cardiologist immediately put me on Cumaudin and ran a number of other tests to determine the cause of my pulmonary emboli ie: DVT, clotting disorder. Nothing was found and my cardiologist indicated that the oral contraceptive that I was taking was the likely cause and recommended I discontinue use of the product and all oral contraceptives as I was now in a high risk group. I still have Pulmonary hypertension and have also developed high blood pressure so in addition to taking bloodthinners for the rest of my life I am taking three different medications for the high blood pressure also. I am now awaiting an open hear surgery procedure to remove some of the scar tissue that remains after the blood clots have been absorbed as these scars continue to obstruct my breathing. I have not worked in over a year .and I am still being treated for anxiety depression due to the difficulties of living with a degenerative and potentially terminal disease.(PH) I have used other oral contraceptives in my 20’s and 30’s and developed absolutely no adverse side effects. I was in good health prior to taking Yasmin at 45yrs, no heart issues , good cholesterol,optimal blood pressure 120/80.
    Don’t take Yasmin, it’s not worth the risk.

  17. Patricia Reply

    Back in Nov-Dec 2006, I was looking to change my birth control pill as I was unsatisfied with the one I was currently taking. I saw an Ad in a magazine (either “Shape” or “Women’s Health”) about Yasmin, being great for less bloating and relieving alot of PMS symptoms(or PMDD). I contacted my doctor, gave her my complaints about my ‘old’ birth control pill and she suggested about 3 others to try. Among those 3, was Yasmin. I first tried Triquilar, as suggested by my doctor, and didn’t feel “right” with that one. After a few months, I tried Yasmin. I was very happy with it at the time and enjoyed that I didn’t have much bloating and severe cramping from it. In fact, I was a much happier person! But after a few years, things started to go “wrong” with my health. I was often constipated and/or had diarrhea, I had cramps in my abdominal area, my triglycerides slightly elevated, UTI’s, just an all-around “ill-feeling”. I went to see my new doctor and he ran several tests on me including ultrasounds. I was diagnosed with gallstones and my uterine fibroids have increased in size and quantity. The stomach cramps were due to constipation and was prescribed Lax-A-Day. Doc told me not to worry about gallstones yet, as I may not get pains from it. Unfortunately, a few months ago, I started experiencing severe pain that ran across my shoulder blades, no matter how I moved I just couldn’t get the feeling to leave. It was like my ribcage was in a vice. I had these ‘episodes’ for a few months…I always thought it was really bad indigestion, severe heartburn, something I ate…until my last ‘episode’ lasted over 8 hrs. I made an appt with my doctor that afternoon ….Doc says I might have more gallstones…sent me for another ultrasound…he was right. Saw a surgeon…had my gallbladder removed Sept 28, 2010. My Doctor has since taken me off Yasmin since I was concerned about possible side effects….I have never experienced this many problems on other birth control pills. I wish I had remained on the other one!

  18. Tracey Reply

    I took Yasmin for close to four years. I just went off it a month ago as I was diagnosed with a DVT in my left leg. I’m 40 years old and teach figure skating so being laid up at this time of year definately caused serious problems.
    I was unable to walk when I was first diagnosed. I am now able to get around but my leg swells up and gets hard every day. I try to keep it up when i am at my day job with a stool under my desk. It actually sits at a 90 angle under my desk. I am currently on 7.5 – 10 mg of warefin everyday and have to get weekly blood tests done. Originally I was also on injections. My symptons originally started out with heart palpitations and a wickly sore back so much i couldn’t even put on my own socks.

    My doctor has removed from yasmin and doesn’t want me to ever be any other meds for that again.

  19. Karon Reply

    I am 24 years old and was on Yasmin for I dont know how long and had to stop all birthcontrol from now on due to being diagnosed with blood clots in November 2009. I am now pregnant and am having a high Risk Pregnancy that involves me injecting myself twice a day until 6 weeks post partum, this is all because I have had blood clots in the past and this very well be because i was on Yasmin which was suppose to be safer than other pills 🙁 I am very upset and hope that we get some kind of Compensation for the consiquences we have to live with now due to this ‘safer medication’.

    Thank you Bayer

  20. Laura Reply

    Hey everyone, I am 23 years old and starting taking Yasmin in May 2009. It worked great for a while, then I started having major heart palpatations. After that I started having issues with eating. If I had any fatty or heavy meals I would start having problems breathing and my heart would either palpatate or beat heavily. I also discovered a painful lump under my arm that always seems to get worse during ovulation. I still have to get the ultrasound but my doctors seem to think its Fibrodenoma, which is caused by extremely high levels of estrogen. Its cost me hours at work and its very hard to move my left shoulder. In August 2010 I started getting my period 5 days before my expected period so I would have 10 day periods. This lasted until I changed my birthcontrol to LOestrin 2 months ago. Now I have my period twice a month. I just want this nightmare to be over with. I forgot that Ive also gotten pain across my upper stomach that leaves me bending over in pain…is this my gall bladder?

  21. Charissa Reply

    I had been on Yasmin for a number of years with no problems until one night in September of 2009. I was having alot of chest pain and not realizing that it could be something serious. Then as the night progressed I started having more excrutiating pain and could barely breathe. No matter what I did; standing, lying down, hunching over the pain wouldn’t stop, it felt like I was having constent contractions in my chest. All I could do was cry and yell in pain. That’s when I knew something was wrong and went to my local hospital. They did all the necessary tests that they could do on me, so the next morning they sent me to the University of Alberta to do further testing. I had dealt with 4 different specialsists and after 8 hours of testing it turned out that I had pulmonary embolism. They told me that I was lucky to be a live with how sever the clots were. I was told that I had blood clots in both of my lungs and that one of my lungs was starting to solidify. After finishing up with the specialists, I was sent back to my local hospital and was admitted to the hospital for 7 days with twice daily injections of blood thinners and blood work daily. I was told that my lungs will never be what they once were. Now in November of 2010 I still am on blood thinners with no chance of coming off.

  22. Holly Reply

    I started taking YAZ to ease my PMS and keep my period regular. So I knew when it was coming. Not to long after starting the pill, I noticed what seemed to be mild heartburn and indigestion. Months into taking this pill, my symptoms increased and the pain became intolerable. My symptoms included, shortness of breath, chest pain, sharp pain in my lower back, radiating pain in my shoulders to my fingers, diarrhea, and nausea which all lasted for hours on end. I could not get in any comfortable position. I just assumed it was heart burn. I had never had this problem before. I was eating bottles of tums or whatever I could find to ease the pain. Which never helped the problem. It got to the point where if I ate anything greasy, it felt like I was having a heart attack. Even water wasn’t sitting well. I can’t tell you how many days I missed from work. Then one night I called my sister, I couldnt breathe or move, the pain in my back, shoulders, and chest were so severe, I told her to call an ambulance, I thought I was having a heart attack. I went to the hospital and was told I had poisoning from my gall bladder and needed it removed pronto! It was removed, and I ended up having jaundice. Not to long after, I did change BC pills because I felt YAZ was not improving my PMS. I tried another BC pill for a bit, they didnt work, so I decided to try YAZ again, but to improve my acne. Which did not help! Months into taking YAZ, I began to bleed very heavily and clot. I ended up in the hospital because I had been bleeding for 16 days, and I would pass clots if I moved to fast or stood up, the clots were close to the size of a golf ball. I was so weak and lost a large amount of blood that the hospital wanted to give me a blood transfusion (if the bleeding didnt stop soon)The Dr told me it was caused by the BC pill and to stop right away. The Dr gave me some kind of hormone pill to stop the bleeding, it took days but it did stop. I now have to take 300 mg of iron everyday, and still have very bad periods. I also have to take 5 pills during my cycle to prevent those nasty clots. I have NOT taken YAZ after the inccident which brought me to the hospital. A hysterectomy may be needed now! I am 34 years old.

  23. Paula Reply

    I am 29 years old. I took Yaz for 15 months. During that 15 months I gained 35 lbs while exercising, dieting etc. I had headaches daily that would turn to migraines. I always had heavy periods until I took Yaz. On Yaz I only spotted. I was told by someone that Yaz was the worst birth control on the market. I ifinished the pack I had and went back on a pill I was on a few years ago and I have not had a headache since. Now just hopng the weight comes off. I wonder why my doctor didn’t contact me about this. I only found out there was a lawsuit etc. last night. This is INSANE…..Should we get checked for anything?

  24. Maggie Reply

    Add me to the “needed Gallbladder removed while on Yasmin” list. Seems to be an extensive list.
    Probably my fault for not for not looking into the drug more and leaving my health in the hands of my “health care provider”.
    I no longer take the pill. I cannot believe the long list of medical issues linked to Yasmin/YAZ. You take a pill to remedy something, not make it worse!

  25. Chris Reply

    Everyone should do their research about drugs. My tragic story deals with my girlfriend who passed away suddenly in late 2006 at the age of 29. The only medication she was on was Yasmin. She had been on a previous birth control pill with never a problem. However after a brief period of time on Yasmin, she had ventricular fibrillation which was caused by cardiac arrhythmia (disturbance of the heart rhythm). I don’t believe in medical coincidences and I believe that Yasmin must have been a contributing factor in her death. After the tragedy, I did research on what might have caused it and found little at the time about the various side effects that are being documented by Yasmin/Yaz patients now. Through my research, I discovered that Yasmin acts to a degree as a potassium-sparing diuretic (regulating water retention and potassium levels in the body). One’s heartbeat is regulated by electrolytes in the heart. The main electrolytes are potassium, magnesium, and sodium. If these are out of balance and there is the potential of an undiagnosed health condition, then there is a possibility for fatal results. I remember reading the information that came with Yasmin at the time and it sounded very similar to the information given with the other birth control pill she had been on. We both thought it was the equivalent of other birth control pills since we were unaware of the other side effects. To this day, I wish that Yasmin had clearly warned as to what the other properties of the pill are since we would have required her doctor to prescribe a different birth control pill alternative. If you are on any new medication, do your own research since a family doctor only has so much time and in general can only rely on what has been said about the medication and what has been told to them by the pharmaceutical companies since doctors deal with so many different ailments. I am pleased to see so much more posted information about the negative side effects of this drug so hopefully other families do not have to live through what I, my girlfriend’s parents and her friends have had to deal with and will have to deal with for the rest of our lives.

  26. Josie Reply

    I was put on Yaz a few years ago and that was the worse mistake. Crazy things started to happen. My eye sight became so crisp, I developed chest pains along with stomach pains, I became very emotional and irritable. So I decided to go to my pharmacist and she said she wanted to contact Health Canada to provide them with information because there wasn’t enough studies provided for this contraceptive. So I did so and then about 2 weeks later I was rushed to emergency because I thought I was having a heart attack but I was not I was having a anxiety attack which I have never had before this pill. I went back to my doctor and he removed it immediately and put me on another pill which I am still on to this day.

  27. Jane Reply

    Sorry to hear of your experiences from your post,I hope there will be some kind of closure to this all.My daughter Nikki was presribed Yaz and started taking it December 6th 2009 and thankfully took herself off it January 23rd 2010.
    She just finished her menstrual cycle and then while taking Yaz she had bled continuously the entire time.She had gone to see her dr. and informed him of this and he said well keep on it and we will see what happens.
    It was the best thing she could have ever done for herself taking herself off of it as she was diagnosed with Mitral Valve regurgitation a little while before being on Yaz and enemic as well so she didn’t need to experience this ailment.
    I have done research and it say’s that anyone with valve disorder should not take Yaz/Yasmin.That was alarming to read that after the facr.I don’t know if her dr. knew that at the time or if he wasn’t told of that by Bayer.
    She was put on another birth control pill from her dr. and has been fine ever since.
    She had experienced high blood at one point so not sure if she still has it but Ishe is going to the dr.’s for a checkup next week and we shall see how she is.I want her to have her Potassium level checked too.

  28. Dominique Reply

    I was given Yasmin to regulate my menstruations, but back in July of 2009, i was diagnosed with several blood clots in both of my lungs.I was suffering from severe breathing problems for abut 4 days prior to the diagnosis and i don’t have a history of such problems in my family. I was informed that this was due to my birth control and was on a treatmnt of blood thinners for the next few months to fix what it did to my body. I had to give myself shots of Dalteperon until my blood was therapeutic than i was on Warfarin pills until Haloween of that year,then i was better.

  29. Daniela Reply

    I had never experienced any health issues prior to taking Yasmin but about 4 months after I started using Yasmin, I experienced ongong severe chest pain and breathing problems (just like stabbing pains). My doctor discovered that my gallbladder was enlarged and my bile duct was cnstricted with a stone. I ended up having my gallbladder removed. I continued to use Yasmin not knowing that it might have been the cause to all my problems, trusting my doctors, the pharmacists and bayer!. I still experenced pain after my surgery, chest pain as if I were having a heart attack but after a couple minutes, it went away, I disregarded my pain, never realizing it could be related to the pill.

  30. Natalie Reply

    It’s just too ironic reading all of this for me. I have been on various birth controls since I was 14. I am 23 and will be 24 in June. I have since being on birth controls including both Yaz and Yasmin, also others such as the crazy Depo Prevera (needle which caused me other great sickness), had to have my gall bladder removed, then shortly after that surgery they had to perform a laproscopic surgery to treat the endometriosis they found on site which I am getting about due for another one, again, at only 23. I also will never forget how after months after very first being put on birth control, my hair thinned out by half of the head of hair I once had. I also cannot seem to get pregnant as a ‘normal’ female would be able to, and have finally coped and realized I am just not meant to be a mother so have given up on this. I too also have chest pains but just thought that could be from stress, but now I have to wonder and stress some more over, is it really stress? I have cases of high blood pressure for someone my age, hard to say what that is too of course, but for my age I am experiencing many medical conditions that women do not see until their mid thirty’s. And most of these developed when I was 16-18.
    Makes me wonder, just wish I knew the steps to take and the process and the people to make contact with to see if I should be considered worth checking into.

  31. Teresa Reply

    I was also on Yasmin for approx. a year. During that time, I suffered through two painful gall bladder attacks and subsequently had it removed. My doctor never mentioned there might be a link, so I never gave it a second thought. Perhaps our medical advisors need to be more up to date on what’s going on out there! How else are we as patients supposed to stay informed?? How many have to suffer before something is done?!?! Those big drug companies need to change their focus from the almighty dollar to actually helping those in need.

  32. Kyla Reply

    I was put on Yasmin 3 years ago and was previously very healthy. I never really got sick rarely even a cold. I went on Yasmin because of all the advertising for better pms control, bloating ect. The last year and a half have been awful health wise. It started with being fatigued constantly, then I started having fainting spells. I had never fainted previously in my life so it was quite scary. Lastly I was in and out of the hospital with abdominal pain, at first I was diagnosed with pancreatitis then once they couldn’t find the cause for my lipase being so elevated they sent me for a ultrasound where they found out that I was having gallbladder problems which was in turn causing the pancreatitis. Sept 18th 2010 I went for surgery to have my gallbladder removed. The last year and half was so stressful not knowing what was going on with my health, missing work, not being able to eat properly because of the pain I was in being worried about blacking out. I just hope there are no long term side effects from this pill, I am only 33years old and to have these health problems at this age was very debilitating.

  33. Jamie Reply

    I didn’t know there was even a case against Bayer and that other people were affected by taking their birth control.
    My gyno put me on Yasmin and after a year of taking it, I suddenly one night felt like i couldn’t breathe and my heart felt like it was skipping beats. I went to the hospital and was monitored for 24 hours, with several tests being taken afterwards. They said i had developed an irregular heart beat and sent me home with a prescription for a sedative to slow my heart rate down. They said it was probably just from stress, and continue to take my birth control. I took myself off of it.
    I have since then had several ‘panic attacks’ and heart problems. I’d love to be a part of this lawsuit because before taking Yasmin, i didn’t have near any of the health problems i do now.
    I still have heart problems to this day. I was 17 when i was hospitalized for my unknown heart problems for the first time. I’m now 20 years old.

  34. Tania Reply

    Hi, I have just been through a wild ride thanks to “yasmin”, In October 2009 I had been put on Yasmin, to help with leg cramps, tummy pains, due to the “monthly” meeting…In November, I started having pains in my stomache, and chest…I had spent endless hours waiting in the ER for doctors to diagnose, something no body could ever find! Finally, in June 2010, my symptoms became so bad, I was hospitalized in Edmonton, and underwent a multitude of tests, colonoscopy, endoscopy, blood, CT Scans, ultrasounds, with the doctor unable to diagnose…continuing on the Yasmin, it was advised I have my GALLBLADDER removed (doctors had found that I did have some gallstones), the day after surgery, I had horrific leg pain, which within 3 day’s moved to my chest…
    I have suffered Pulmonary Embolism also and was treated with Lovinex, and now INR has still not stabalized..
    I am off Yasmin, but have no question that all these symptoms are related

  35. Jennifer Reply

    I started taking Yasmin after my doctor gave me a free sample back in 2006 during my annual physical. In May 2007, I woke up to my first gallbladder attack. It was so bad I thought I was having a heart attack. I attended my local hospital and had them check my heart. They said I was fine but clearly I wasn’t. After that incident, I had several severe gallbladder attacks resulting in me having to attend the emergency room. I would throw up green bile from the pain. In September that same year, I had my gallbladder removed. The surgeon stated I had 38 gallstones and one was blocking my bile duct. Since my gallbladder has been taken out, I have developed a bad case of acid reflex and I’m now on meds for that too. I’ve been referred to a Gastroenterologist and not once during all of this did my doctor or the specialist ever suggest that it could have been my birth control. I am furious this has been causing so many women the same issues I’ve been going through. Especially, when I’ve been healthy my entire life up until this!!

  36. Candace Reply

    I was on yasmin for 5 years and for 5 years i was having problems health problems I wasn’t able to eat certain foods, I all of a sudden had such bad acid reflux that i had to be medicated for it and hay had to change the acid reflux pills every year as they would stop working. I was having severe pain in my sides that would make me vomit every 15 minutes until the doctors gave me a gravel shot since i could,t keep anything down. They did tests on me for five years trying to figure out why I was having these problems. when we found out that yasmin could be the problem i stopped taking it right away and wihtin a week my acid reflux disappeared.

  37. Ana Reply

    I took Yasmín for more than 3 years. In July ,2010 the doctors found a mass in my brain.. At the beginning they thought that could be a thumor and I left Yasmin and doctors sent me Dexamethasona. After 3 months the mass just disappeared. I´ve had many MRI and now thanks God everything is perfect with me, but I still sometimes scared because was the biggest fright in my life. I would like to do something because I still wondering if that was because I took Yasmin ?..
    Thats no fair because my life hasnt been the same and I would like to warn all women before they take the pill. If someone can help me I´ll apprecite it. Thanks.

  38. Rachel HVH Reply

    12 days ago, I was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis and my dr suspects I have had several minor pulmonary embolisms since then. I took Yasmin for 4 years for endometriosis and I was never warned of the higher clotting risk. I would not have taken it otherwise.
    If you are currently on it, stop taking it!
    I may have to quit my job as a flight attendant and I had to defer my first year law exams because of this medical emergency; I don’t know what the long-term effects will be but I do know I am very lucky to be alive (my DVT was atypical and most doctors I’ve seen in the last week and a half have told me they wouldn’t have diagnosed it based on my symptoms).

  39. Candice Reply

    I’m a healthy 17 year oldl, and was taking yaz for all of 6 months to control my period irregularity. I had a minor foot surgery, and within a week I was crippled with chest pain – it was more pain than I’ve ever experienced.
    After being rushed to the hospital, I was diagnosed with a Pulmonary Embolism directly related to the birth control.
    Before the surgery, I had never seen the inside of a hospital. Now, however, I need weekly blood tests to ensure that the blood thinners are working correctly so as to prevent another clot from forming.
    I also will never be able to take any form of hormonal birth control again.
    At 17, nobody should have to hear that they’re lucky to be alive …

  40. Moira Reply

    I was on yasmin for over 5 years and when i was 29 years old i had to have gallbladder attacks when i was 28 years old then had it removed when i was 29 years old and they found 10 very englarged stones now i can not eat anything fatty with out have a very upset stomach or abdominal pain

  41. Julie Reply

    I am shocked to find out now how many women have experienced deleterious side effects from Yasmin and yet, not so shocked. I have had a suspicion for almost 6 years that Yasmin was responsible for my current medical problems that have left me unable to work and have changed my life dramatically. I took Yasmin in 2005 after my previous pill had been causing edema. My gyno told me it was a new drug from the states and she was literally trying it out on me. It took only two weeks for me to have my first fainting episode, which I tried to ignore, then a second, wondering what’s happening. The third time was the worst and last time, I felt faint, shook and fell straight back on the back/top of my head onto a concrete floor. I was unconscious and unable to move my limbs with temporary partial paralysis of my body, except for my face, for 9 hours or more. I was not ordered a brain scan, only blood tests. I was not referred to a neurologist, which I now know would have been proper procedure for such an episode. The attending physician concluded I had a stroke or clot from the birth control pill and that I should stop taking it. So I did. Sent home barely in control of my body, I continued to have problems laying down and sitting up straight, my body would fall to the right uncontrollably and I would have the sensation of falling/spinning when laying down. My equilibrium was off and I could not work for several weeks. I can’t remember much about the recouperation because I was in a fog. Now, I am having problems years later with stroke-like migraines affecting my speech, walking, movement and have had several brain scans to reveal a low grade glioma in the left frontal lobe and a fairly large pineal gland cyst. I have found out now that when the head hits hard at the back, the brain can bounce forward inside, hitting the skull at the frontal lobes and causing damage to the areas responsible for movement, and many other functions. I believe my left frontal lobe lesion to be a result of my stroke/fall from taking Yasmin. I have pain in my head that no doctor is able to understand or treat and the only factor affecting it seems to be moving too much, or in my case, living my life at my normal pace. I now have chronic fatigue as well, and many painful cysts in my breasts that are being monitored every six months to ensure they are not cancerous. These cysts appeared after ceasing Yasmin 5 years ago and have persisted until now. I urge every woman I know now to find a good doctor and stand up for what you believe in!! Do not let anyone push you around…it’s your life.
    Jules Age 28

  42. dragana Reply

    My daughter has PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). She was prescribed Yaz, then Yasmin. Two year ago she had her gallbladder taken out after being severely inflammed with gallstones. She was 27 then. I know three other girls/women with same problem – losing a gallbladder after beign on Yaz/Yazmine. There is a classaction lawsuit going on in USA, it’s about the time that Canadians do somethig about it too.

  43. Diana Reply

    I was on Yasmin for 5 years. I have since stopped taking it due to the following. 4 years ago I had a gallbladder attack and had to have my gallbladder removed. 2 months ago I had something else wrong with me. The doctors found I had a blood clot in the vessels attaching to my liver and my spleen, I was in the hospitals for 2 and a half weeks. I had to have surgery because the blood clot caused my lower bowels to stop working for a time, and then my spleen lost blood, so I had internal bleeding. Now I am on blood thinners for about 6 months I hope.

  44. Kristy Reply

    Im 27 years old, mother of a small child. I was perscribed Yaz in 2010 in the fall. I was on it for 3 weeks and suffered nocturnal seizures. I lost my licence for 6 months relying on everyone else to cab me around to where I had to be. I missed tons of time off work to go for MRIs( had 4 done) EEGs & EKGs done. A year went by, got my licence back everything was good until March of this year. Had another one. Then had one this past Sunday and again on Friday leading me to have to go for more tests because they all came back normal. Doctor at the hospital tells me its Epilepsy. I’ve been healthy all my life & have never suffered head trauma or sports related injuries.I’m now on anticonvulsants so I don’t have seizures. 3 weeks of this pill has ruined the rest of my life!

  45. A.S. Reply

    Is anybody else overwhelmed by the costs associated with treating the side effects caused by this pill ??
    I wonder how many years we’ll have to wait for compensation. Is there a way to speed up the process? Any suggestions?

  46. Emily Reply

    I was on Yaz , developed severe anxiety and depression and psychosis , hospitalised , cysts in utrerous are pre-cancerous , appendix removed was vomiting blood , extreme pain. Surgeon not sure if it was appendix or maybe ruptured cysts , removed it anyway. other symptoms .

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