FDA Panel to Evaluate Side Effects of Restylane, Juvederm and Other Dermal Fillers

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By: AboutLawsuits | Published: November 17th, 2008

A panel of outside advisers to the FDA will meet this week to review reports of dermal filler side effects, and to consider whether the regulatory agency should place new warnings or instructions on the injections used to reduce wrinkles and scarring.

According to an FDA document posted Friday on the agency’s website, there have been 930 reports of dermal filler side effects received between 2003 and September 20, 2008. Some of the problems were associated with administration of the injections by untrained professionals or in a setting other than a doctor’s office.

Although no specific products were identified by the FDA, the more popular dermal fillers available include Restylane and Perlane from Medicis, Juvederm from Allergan Inc. and Radiesse from Bioform Medical.

Dermal fillers, which are also known as wrinkle fillers, are injections given to smooth wrinkles for a younger look or to reduce the appearance of scarring. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, about 84,000 men and 1.36 million women received a wrinkle filler injection in 2007.

The FDA advisory panel is scheduled to meet tomorrow in Washington, D.C. to review the safety of these products and whether any regulatory actions, such as strengthened warnings or additional instructions, may be necessary to protect the public.

The FDA review indicates that some people given dermal fillers suffered “serious and unexpected” side effects, such as facial palsy, disfigurement and rare life-threatening allergic reactions or anaphylactic shock. In some cases, surgical procedures have been required to treat these problems, such as draining abscesses.

Other wrinkle filler side effects have included inflammation, pain at the injection site, numbness, bleeding, blistering, bruising, migration, formation of lumps or nodules and infection. Minor problems, such as a small amount of swelling or redness, are known and expected side effects and are currently described in the product literature.

The FDA is attempting to determine whether additional studies are necessary and whether any updates should be made to the product labeling. Although the FDA is no required to follow the recommendations of their advisory committees, they often do.

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  1. I had injections for nasal folds and lines above the lip. My lips were swollen after this and now my face has black and blue bruising in the area and I have bruised lips. We paid a lot of money for this, my husband had some areas done too. We did not see any noticeable improvements. Although, I feel the surgeon was competent, the product leaves a lot to be desired.

  2. sculptra was injected under my eyes to decrease hollowness. It was a nightmare I had bumps that were a mess and had to be removed surgically. My ps cannot remove all of them because I might get holes and scarrring because the sculptra is placed under the skin quite deeply. It has taken two years to remove God knows how many lumps.I did nothing but cry for years because I looked distorted.There is now much improvement but I can still feel the lumps. I was never informed this might happen If I had been told I would not have done it. I am very angry that I had to go through this. I feel as if four years of my life was ruined.The two years I waited for the lumps to so call disolve and the removal,another two yearsI hope no one goes near this awful product.It should be taken off the market

  3. Eleanor & others
    I have a friend who has the same SCULPTRA nightmare. She went for a MRI and was told the product wasn’t injected correctly and should not be used under her eye and the big lump is not able to be removed. Please contact me and let me know what you did and where you went to get it fixed. My friend needs help. [email protected]


  4. I had juvederm plus yesterday in the nasel fold area an now I have hugh red distorted looking face. I could not sleep it hurt so bad. I did keep ice on my face and that felt better. I had to go to my allergist today and she said what happened to you. I hope these hugh red blobs go away soon I had reaience that cost a fortune and did nothing a thousand dollars down the drain.

  5. I had juvederm injected in September of 2007. I still have huge eye bags and loss of vision. This product has caused me two be miserable for amost two years. It was supposed to go away in 9 months or so. It didn’t.

  6. I had juvederm used as a filler for my lip area in oct. 2008 which caused facial paralysis. It has been over 7 months and have the paralysis.

  7. I had Radiesse injected under my eyes 6 weeks ago. It has been a nightmare. Under one eye I have a large bubble and uner the other eye its lumpy. Underneath both eyes the whiteness of the Radiesse shows through. I have been to a few doctors and they keep telling me to wait but I have seen litttle if any improvement over the last few weeks.

  8. I regret every day for almost two years now, the day, on a whim, I walked through the door of this board certificated plastic surgeon’s office for a cosmetic consultation and got a hardcore sales pitch on these injections called Sculptra “Not Risky Like Surgery, Just Some Injections”. Brain surgery is less risky.

    I live with chronic pain. The surgeon injected in all the thin skinned places, I have huge rock hard painful lumps on the injection sites to prove it.

    This injectable is to unpredictable for anyone to use on a patient nevermind injected by someone who injects it like Botox. I have lumps in the rims of my eyelids, they migrated. The skin that was almost wrinkle free under my eyes has sunken in and is also raised on the surface like a range of mountains with valleys. Lumps in he interior of my mouth and deep in my jaw, with time they have gotten larger and are on the nerve endings. I have flair ups of inflammation when my face, out of the blue, looks like a balloon about to burst. Nerve medication just cuts this pain a bit.

    Of course I paid several thousands of dollars to this man and didn’t even get the promised “new colligan”. To add insult to injury he turned around and stated he informed me of risks no one in their right mind would agree to subjecting themselves.

    There is too much deception at play. It’s ugly and so unethical.

    The only word to describe Sculptra is a nightmare I can’t wake up from. Of course the surgeon than said he fully advised me of these risks that no one would never take.

    Actually this surgeon knew better than to inject. This is all so unethical. I though I walked into a medical doctor’s office, not, in my case I walked into a someone’s office who looked at me as dollar signs not a patient. Going on two year my under eye area is so disfigured, deep lines like ‘x’ marks, discoloration and under the skin is an intense bacterial infection, no antibiotic can fight off with intense inflammation that flares up. Just two months ago, my face blew up like a balloon. I have clumps of this garbage in my eye lid, it migrated. There are rock hard large lumps in my mouth and deep in my jaw on all the nerves endings. I am in chronic pain and always aware of these lumps “called a foreign body sensation”. I have been to easily ten doctors and was charged of course for these consultations – paying again in hopes they can correct this wackos mess. Amazing I paid him to wreck my face, healthy and sanity, than I pay to see reputable surgeons will not attempt removal, I am not saying they should give me their time for free, the problem removal will cause additional scarring and they are concerned about an inflammatory reaction. You can probably find one to take your money, say an under eye bag lift would do it, my head probably would have blown off on the operating table but they would have a sign consent form.

    This injectable was a bomb in Europe. Why didn’t the drug company just wait and develop a product that didn’t harm? Everyday now they change their story, yes they have trainers, no they don’t. If you give them all your personal information, they will review and of course give you nothing. You are a trail study. When you read the website, the Iinjector is actually a fault, my consent form did not look like their sample, oh course the surgeon knew the brochures were so misleading, he sure didn’t use that Depot method. So actually the surgeon overlooks his reponsiblity for the quick bucks and he should be held accountable if the surgeon you went to has zero ethics like “my guy”, than the best, He Blames The Patient.

    I wish tomorrow morning I would wake up and suddenly I never went in for that consultation, I didn’t waste several thousand dollars and didn’t even have a bit of that “new collegan” that never happen.
    That I didn’t have to live on nerve medication for the pain. That there were standards and this md would have to do something else for a living.

  9. I had restylane done from the nose down (around the mouth) and around the jaw area…..I use to have 20/20 vision and now can barely see out of one eye….I have seen every Dr. and had every test to rule out anything else……This happened shortly after the injections.

    I wish I had NEVER done this nightmere….and have since read that although this is rare it can happen…….I wish I had been told that.

  10. Having terrible swelling and brusing from Radiesse injections around mouth, but only on one side! Other side is fine.. After 2 1/2 weeks, I am sore on inside and outside and still have a slight bruise where injected (which I bled alittle after injection). Why am I so swollen and why so painful so long? My Dr. keeps saying wait wait… it will heal. and go down. I am iceing at the moment and it hasn’t gone down. And I take ibuprofen also. Any help and what could he have done wrong on ONE SIDE!!!

  11. I had Restylane injections around my eyes 6 months ago and had a terrible reaction. I took tons of photos and my eyes were red, swollen and my upper lids sagged. I was 60 and looked 45, now I look 60! I can’t use any eyes creams or moisturizers with swelling and puffiness and I have deep creases that I did not have before the injections. They promised me instant gratification and I got instant nightmares. The follow up treatment to the injections was even worse and administered without anesthetic! I paid a lot of money to see a doctor I thought was one of the best in San Francisco because she’s famous for creating the Proactiv line! My results are depressing and I suspect permanent.

  12. I had Resty done yesterday at 7.30pm. I woke up at 2.30am this morning just with that ‘something is wrong’ feeling. Went to the bathroom mirror, my whole top lip had swollen up and was almost touchng my nose. Needless to say I properly freaked out. I called the doctor who did the injecting, he told me to take 2 Piriton tablets. That seems to be working a bit. He’s also on his way round to see me so I’m happy that I have a decent doctor who cares enough to pay me a home visit. Wish I’d known about this side effect though. It’s a very frightening thing to see your face like that!!!!

  13. My son had restylane injected in his left upper lip area to fill in a permanent scar. On the same day, 3 mos. ago the L.A. Ca. Dr. also injected the filler below his eyes. He had to be flown home to Wa. state where we live 7 wks. ago to undergo tests because he feels like he has some kind of disease that has attacked his nervous system. He has symptoms such as leg and arm weakness, blurred vision, hardness/stiffness in his upper arms, plus leg and arm “heavy” feelings. He has had 2 MRIs, an EEG, an upper extremity ultra sound, has had his eyes and heart checked, seen an allergist, a Physical Therapist and a Naturopath, plus trips to the ER. The Endocrinologist is tomorrow. He is trying to rule everything out and so far we have nothing….anxiety is setting in, but anxiety did not cause these unbelievable symptoms. He is 30 yrs. old and is at home, being cared for by his parents, and is unable to work out or drive at this time. Could this all be due to the Restylane injections? He was healthy and busy working on his career when these possible side effects began. Should he be part of the FDA Panel investigation??

  14. I had Juvederm injected into the nasal folds and the sides and below my mouth last August. Shortly thereafter, I developed some sort of pneumonia and wound up in an ambulance on my way to the emergency room. After doing a Cat Scan it was determined that I had some node type things growing in both my lungs (never before did I have respitory problems), of course I was put on a course of strong antibiotics. The pulmonary specialist suggested I wait 3 months and go in for another Cat Scan. When I went back they couldn’t find anything. Strange? I believe wholeheartedly that it was a result of the Juvederm. In addition, I have cronic acne on that part of my face (I am in my fifties). Stay away from any of this stuff! I reported the incident to the FDA, but who knows if they do anything about these dangerous products.

  15. I had restylane injected under eyes, nasofolds, lips. I made it very clear i only wanted small amounts. Every day i look different. THis was 3 weeks ago. I have under eye bags i did not have,my eyes swell and get really red, my cheeks feel tight and look chipmunk like when i smile, and my lips also swell. I also had botox and also look horrid from that. My brows dropped and i look years older. I am having tension headaches and my forehead feels in spams. This has been a total nightmare. The only thing i am worried about being permanent is the under eye bags. I suggest everyone report their bad reactions to the FDA and restylane company. This is the only way the info is going to get out there!! Under eye injections are not an FDA approved procedure (they call it off label use).

  16. The day before I had Perlane injections in my nasal folds, eyebrows, and smile lines. I left the office fine, woke up the next day fine, tiny bruise (I took arnica for days before–that helps) This morning I woke up and felt the swelling on two of the injection sites on one side of my face. I’ve a call into the doctor. crossing my fingers, but must say after reading the above am now quite scared. I hope tomorrow I wake with no swelling.

  17. Restylane injections done on August 13, 2009 (almost 3 weeks ago).
    I had restylane injections into my tear troughs at the suggestion of the RN at my Plastic Surgeons office, which I later decided to try, and immediately my PS stated, oh no I bruised you. So right away I knew that I would have a bruise under my right eye. He had injected into the vein at the very bottom of the tear trough. He applied heavy pressure to the area for a few minutes and then continued to inject the restylane in both tear troughs. The left eye did not bruise or swell up like my right eye did, but by the very next morning it was already apparent that the left eye was lumpy and it didn’t even completely fill in the tear trough area and the fat pocket that is just beneath the bottom eyelid was still more raised than the area that had been filled, so in my opinion it was not good. The left eye has also developed a blue shaded area that is not a bruise, it is just a blue coloration of some type. The right eye was so swollen and bruised that I called in sick at work the next day and continued to put ice packs on it, which ultimately caused skin burn as I was not warned that this could happen to a tender swollen area. The skin burn is fading thank goodness. There is still a blue bruise like spot with a lump under the right eye 3 weeks later. I also expected that the outer corners would be treated with the restylane at the same time, but later found out that my PS has never injected the outer corners of the eye (crows feet area) which still looks loose, puffy and wrinkled and it is not a smooth transition from the inner corner to the outer corner, especially with the lumps that are visable. I went back to my PS about 10 days after the procedure and he said that I was just one of those people that did not have a good response to the restylane and that he wouldn’t recommend that I do it again (here’s your sign!), and he did apologize that it didn’t work well for me. I mentioned to him that I was concerned that the restylane was injected into the vein and he responded by saying, “I don’t think so”, paused a minute and then said, “I know I didn’t”, but there is a blue raised vein like streak from the inner corner down the tear trough to the middle area just beneath the eye. I believe that that restylane did get into the vein. There has been only tiny tiny improvement in the size of the lump and the darkness of the bruise, but the blue vein like area is still raised and blue. I look 10 years older than I did when I went in to have the injections, it is my fault ultimately for make such a poor decision to go through with it, I hope I don’t have to kick myself forever for that poor decision! I have read so many other stories about this stuff lasting more than 12 months that I am extremely worried. Oh yes, he used the left over restylane, with my permission of course, to fill in the lines around my outer mouth area, and now I have several acne breakouts in those areas now, so I am a hidious mess right now. My advice to anyone reading this DON”T USE ANY INJECTABLE FILLERS AS YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU WILL BE THE PERSON WRITING THIS LETTER.

  18. I had juvedrem injected into a deep frown line between my eyes. It looked great at first and then began to migrate downward!!! I am now left with a LARGE bump at the top of my nose and above it the same deep frown line I was trying to erase. There should be money-back guarantees on this stuff – it’s so expensive. I don’t even know where to start to have this fixed and can’t afford more treatments anyway.

  19. Last August I had my first injection of Restylane. I thought the doctor was an experienced injector. He immediately bruised my left eye. Before I left the office you could see the beginnings of my hugh black eye. I had people asking me if my X punched me in the face. The next eye he damaged was my right eye. I now have a big gash under my right eye which is hollow because there is a bubble of skin above it. This gash extends down into my cheek. His injection technique was to go down below the muscle because it supposedly yielded better results. When he was injecting into my right eye you could immediately see the mark that was never there prior to the injection. His comment “oh that is just a skin fold, it will go away once the Restylane settles in.” It never settled in an now I am scared for life until I trust someone enough to operate on my eyes. That is the only way the damage can be undone. Too make matters worse I had a severe allergic reaction to the Restylane that they do not tell you about. I was in severe respiratory distress. I was unable to breathe normally and talk. I have been on Advair Disc for the past year along with a rescue inhaler. Restylane is DANGEROUS and the FDA should do something to protect us. Restylane should be taken off the market. I looked at the adverse events on the package insert and found out there are others who have had severe respiratory problems. I reported everything to the company and they created a medical file on me but to date I still have not received any reimbursement for this toxic biohazardous material that was injected into my body. I was lied to and told that it was safe and natural. Same ingredients found in the human body. Yea Right.

  20. I had juvederm 1.5 years ago under the eye area. Its been terrible. I went into the day spa for a scheduled facial and in the consultation room they asked about my concerns. I mentioned the hollowness under the eye. They just happened to have the ENT who does the procedures there that day and somehow talked me into juvederm injections. The tear trough areas both bruised and did not give a natural fullness. Instead you could feel bumps and the whole area was bruised for 4-5 days. After that it just looked puffy. The bags and bumps were MUCH worse than the hollowness. I called to ask him about it and he was very defensive. I ended up getting hyluralonic injections (reverses and spreads out the lumps as much as is possible) by a leading derm in my area who is willing to try to correct other mistakes with juvederm. It helped some. I still have a puffy ridge right at the eye socket bone that I think is permanent and not a natural puffiness or natural aging process. MY ADVICE..DO NOT GET JUVEDERM IN THE TEAR TROUGHS. I had it in cheek and nasolabial, and lips and was pleased with all those areas.

  21. On September 2009 I had Teosyal Deep injected into the nasio fold lines and the fine lines around my mouth, even though I had been using Arnica products the bruising and swelling around my mouth was absolutely horrendous, I was told you would have slight bruising for a couple of days, my bruising was instant.. I had to cancel a job interview because no amount of makeup would cover up the brusing, I went on a pre-booked holiday 6 days after the filler and the bruising remained for the 2 weeks I was away, albeit slightly lighter.

    What concerns me most though is the lumpiness around my mouth, on one side more than the other, making it look swollen and people have noticed, and, whether this is a coincidence or not, whilst I was on holiday I had a cough/cold and the cough won’t go, I am suffering constant headaches and I’m worried that the filler has impaired my immune system.

  22. I had juvederm under my eyes. It had left me severely bruised, and perhaps even with a hematoma (my doctors are unsure), and inflammation. I had it partially removed. I decided to to this after a consultation, at which time I was told about the risk of bruising, but that a laser could be used in order to take away the bruising if needed. 2 months later, after several consultations, I decided to go back and have the juvederm with this particular doctor. He did inject me, I did sign a consent, which again discussed some side effects -none along the lines of what I have experienced. Approximately one week later, I returned because of the extreme discoloration. At that time, he did not mention that it looks like I have bled excessively. In fact, he stated that it’s likely I have tyndall effect or hemosiderin staining -although each of these imply improper injection technique. He also discussed that he could not use the laser on me at this time because my skin color was too dark -this was the complete opposite of what was said at my consultation.

    And after 4 weeks, I still have severe discoloration underneath the eyes that is a yellowishish-brown. I have been to other doctors for 2nd and 3rd opinions, who have all suggested that a vein or several blood vessels were hit, though no one seems sure of what this is. I am also in pain around the nasal-jugal groove. I look tired, feel tired, and cannot sleep because of the worry I constantly feel about the side effects that I have experienced and continually exprience.

    I think that doctors have not been performing this technique long enough, particularly in the tear trough to really know it’s side effects (short-term and especially long-term) to be able to tell /advise their patients and unfortunately there are few ethical doctors out there to be that honest with their patients in light of it’s being lucrative and filling a need in society. I hope that this brings greater enforcement or training requirements like needing to have done a certain amount of injections, trained a certain number of years in terms of filling a particular area (on or off lable) and full disclosure of all possible (known) side effects within that time period.

  23. Had restylane injections done in the nasal bifolds and around my mouth 1 week ago. During the process my left side swelled up immediately during the injection, and very little on the right side. During the injections it felt as if the nurse was not injecting this in the right spots. This is day five after and it is definately apparent that it was not. She did not inject it in the bifold creases but about a 1/4 inch or so below them. Now I have product that is in the side of my upper lip instead of the creases which looks like I have big bumps on the sides of my lips and made the creases look even deeper because their is no product in them. I called her to let her know as she works out of her own office backed by a cosmetic surgeon. She seemed very upset and said that was impossible…….she would have to see it……….I have gone to her for almost 6 years for botox and did the same restylane treatment 4 yeats ago and it all has turned out great till now. The restylane treatment 4 years ago lasted almost 2 years. I also have an area of swelling that does not want to leave. I am scheduled to go back in 2 days……I do not understand how she could have injected it in the wrong area. At this point she refused to admit it. In the 6 years of never complaining about anything it is clear that this is a real problem. I pray there is some way to correct this………I don’t want to be like this for 2 years…..I also don’t feel I should have to pay more money to correct this problem if it is correctable.

  24. I went to a board-certified plastic surgeon who said I would “love the results” and his office workers said “everybody loves the results!” of juvederm under the eyes. Well, i sat on the table, and he came after my face with that needle and my gut told me to get out fast, but i did not listen. He took one tube of juvederm and plugged half under each eye. It was WAY TOO MUCH! i did not have any reactions to the juvederm,no bruising (i took arnica montana before I went in), but for 5 months I was horrified at what I paid someone $750 to make me look sick and older with eye bags I did not have before I went it. I was wearing sunglasses when I did not have to just to cover my eyes. Finally about six months later, i went to dermatologist who put in too much vitrase, then caused deep indentations that were not there before. Then i was horrified so i went to another BCPS who injected juve back in, which was still a little too much, but not as bad as what the first guy did. I do not think I am nearly as beautiful as i used to be, i have unevennes under my eyes and on the left eye i have bulge that has been there for 1.5 years now, and the right eye the juve migrated downwards so now i have indentation, then a long bump snaking down my face, then another indentation under it. The key is to get someone competent in the first place! demand before and after pictures. Anyone who refuses to show you , walk out the door. Remember, this is your face YOU have to wake up with every day of your life. They take your money and forget about you as soon as you walk out the door and have to deal with what they did to you.

  25. I have a question about restylane. Because have used this stuff in my cheeks. I didnt like the results and now I wondering if every body can break this down and then I mean the protein who binds it. Its BDDE and they use it in restylane. If restylane isnt permanent the BDDE should break down to. Can anybody with experience answer this question?

  26. Annika, and others, you can get rid of hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm, Restylane and I think the new Prevelle by injecting hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down the hyaluronic acid in the filler. Not all doctors using the injectables stock the enzyme to break it down, but there are doctors who do. It is virtually painless and will result in a very quick reduction in volume as it breaks down the filler. Sometimes you actually have to pay for this from the same doctor who injected you, which I think is wrong, but if you can’t stand it you might as well get rid of it. I don’t agree with having to pay for something that disfigures you, but it’s rare that a doctor or nurse will refund your money. If they don’t get it all dissolved in one go, you may have to go back, but worth it if you really need to get rid of it. The enzyme will not work with collagen fillers, or Radiesse, which is made of calcium hydroxyapatite, and that is not dissolvable. Under eye injecting is difficult as you really have to judge how much to put in, to account for the additional volume you will get after injection because hyaluronic acid attracts water from the body. If injected properly, you will get more volume for your $$. Technique by the injector is paramount, it is art and science. Too many people are doing this who don’t know what they’re doing, but even experienced injectors can misjudge, so their service after treatment is really important. Juvederm *can* migrate, that is documented according to my doctor. HTH

  27. I had juvaderm injected between my eyebrows to smooth out a deep wrinkle. WELL……..I’m now left with a LARGE LUMP and it looks horrible. The problem from my research is THIS…it is NOT the product, but the DR. lacking the skills to INJECT…..Research your PS before you get this done. I’m NOT against JD, but you best know your PS.

  28. I had juverderm 1 week ago under my eyes and the bruising is almost gone; however, he injected my lips which my lower one looks fine but the upper appears to keep getting fuller – go figure. I too had an injection between my eyebrows to smooth our a deep wrinkle and it looks like someone hit me. This DR has done for me in the past, not sure what happened this time. In the past I’ve had Restylane…maybe that’s the way to go.

  29. I had juverderm injected under the hollows of my eyes 22 months ago. 18 mos prior, I had had restylane done to the same area under my eyes and was not too pleased with those results. I was pleased, however, with the juverderm more so than the restylane and felt confident about continuing with the juverderm. But, as the months passed by I’m now left with puffiness and bruising which I never experienced with the restylane. I asked my doctor about these bruises and he said laser would be an option to get rid of most of the discoloration. But, I am quite concerned that it may do more harm. Has anyone ever had the bruising under their eyes treated with laser and if so, has it helped? Also, what can be used to minimize the discoloration other than make up. Is there a cream that some one can reccomend to help conceal or heal these bruise marks?

  30. I had juvederm in upper left lip only …three injections about 4 mths apart…long story short.

    It has left me paralyzed …no smile on left side of face. confirmed thru emg and mri tests…

  31. Please help! I am totally panicked. I just Radiesse in naso labial fold. I asked the physician for restylane and instead he talked me into using radiesse. My face is swollen and bruised around the mouth on one side. I am not so concerned about the bruising. I am really concerned about my smile – it has changed and the place between my nose and upper lip is longer like a chipmunk. Is it only temporary. I has been about 18 hours since I did the treatment. I am going on a cruise in the next 2 days ( I told the physician about this) and this was such a bad choice. It gives me so much pain.

  32. I had Restylane injected in my inner cheek area to fill in where I had lost volume. Instead of plumping up my cheeks, I looked like I had large bug bites on my cheeks. It was put in 3 1/2 years ago and small amounts of it still remain. I have tried everything to break it down–heat , red lights, massage. It has been a complete nightmare. This product should not be advertised as breaking down in 4-6 months.

  33. I had juvederm injection inbetween eyes for deep crease yesterday and it was performed by the best company in the country…..or so they say. It has swelled right up and i now have a large lump in place of the deep crease. It is only day two but it just doesnt look right and although it is swollen it feels very solid. Im sure its not meant to look like this. I look really wierd with a big lump shaped like a diamond inbetween my eyes.

  34. I had restylane injected into my smile lines this afternoon and the injections were terribly painful. My eyes were drenched with tears and I cringed liked a wounded animal trying not to move and endure the pain to enhance my beauty–yuk. Now, eight hours later, the area around the injection site is swollen like a chipmunk, I can’t hold a smile, I feel numb and sore in my face and I am really terrified that this will not go away. Prior to the injections, my doctor offered to see me tomorrow to treat the bruising w/ a laser. I wonder whether I should ask her to start removing the swelling with the neutralizing agent that the person suggested above. Best of luck to everybody.

  35. i been takeing serquel for 3 years now and it still have not help me out with my sleeping disorder or my depression i still have sucide taughts i cant sleep my bones hurt real bad since i been on the serquel my weight gose up and down and my apitie been way off and nothing change since i been subscribe the medication

  36. I had radiessa injected in to my cheeks.It’s been two weeks and i still have swelling.I look like Grace the mule face woman from the book of freeks.this stuff does migrate.what looks good in the doctor’s office,does not mean your going to wake up to.people need to be warn of the side affects.my heart goes out to everyone.for I know your pain.

  37. I had radiesse injected into my smile lines it’s been two weeks my face is swollen like a chiipmunk I have a smile scary smile. I don’t look anything like lit use to be can somebody do something about it why they are getting away with that and ruined people faces.

  38. I had Restylane injections in the lines in the naso labial folds 5 years ago. At the time of the injections the doctor told me that I didn’t need an allergy test because it was safe and something that is already in the body. The doctor is a well respected dermatologist in my area. I trusted him. But when he injected me I could tell that he was putting more in one side than the other and that it was going into the cheek area of my face and not just the lines around my nose. It was very upsetting, but I thought he knew what he was doing. Right after the injections I looked at the results when I got to my car. I had horrible bruising and had to cover it with makeup every day for over 2 years (I still have some discoloration-darkening of the pigment where I was injected and still have to use makeup on it!) . I also had an allergic response to the injections and had to call the doctor the next day. He gave me a prescription for an antibiotic and an allergy pill for the swelling. I took pictures of the mess on my face at the time of the injections, it’s bad! I used to really like my cheekbones and they still don’t look the same. I am now having another problem even though it has been 5 years since this happened. It has become itchy again and swollen in my cheek area. I have one cheek bigger than the other. I also have discoloration just above the injection site and it does not cover up with makeup. My skin is without color in that area and looks really bad. I have had people make fun of me and ask “what happened?” I have discoloration across my nose as well that does not cover with makeup. I would tell anyone who is considering these injections not to have them. You just don’t know how you will react to Restylane or any filler for that matter. I would also say that the FDA should take it off the market. It’s not a temporary filler if I’m still having problems with it after 5 years and shouldn’t be marketed as such. And it’s not “safe” for everyone.

  39. I’m wondering if CA June 30, 2009 ever found out what was wrong with her son and if not would suggest a muscle biopsy. A friend was getting Restylane and after several treatments developed dermatologic problems, then muscle problems; she was diagnosed with dermatomyositis and eventually needed a heart transplant. Coincidence? She was fine before the Restylane

  40. Restylane seems to be dangerous. Q-med must take more responsibility for this product. This gel dont break down so fast as they say, just say it is up to your body.SCARY!!!

  41. I had two injections of sculpta in my cheeks about 3 weeks apart.I had fat injections in 2007 when I had some plastic surgery. But my family has thin fac es and Ijust wanted a little more volume in my cheeks. I thought of juvedern,but my dr. recommened scuptra since it last longer. I did research and took arnica, bromelaine and the dr. gave me vit. k (prescription) prior to the proceure. I was bruised and swollen at the first injection, It healed. After the second one(not as much bruising) I developed a lump on the top of my cheek.the dr. said it was a pimple and not to worry. Well it got bigger and redder. I went back. He said it was a hemamatoma and drained it. It was painful., I had to apply an antibiotic and wear a small bandaid for a week.When I returned a week later, it looked better. Now its’ over a month and a have a red lump. I went back and the dr. said it would eventually heal. I apply a hot water bottle and ironically enough, it reduces them swelling In fact, when I wake up in the morning it looks flat. but as the day progresses it gets larger(nothing like before) but after spending all this money,I am beyond my wits end trying to disguise something that should never have happened at all. If anyone ever had this or has a suggestion, please let me know.I went to a cosmetic md who said that it would go away, but he wouldn’t do a laser treatment because there is no guaranatee and he couldn’t see taking my money, I am disgusted.

  42. I had PSL deep line filler put in around my mouth and between my eyebrows on 18/02/10. About three weeks (couple of days before I went on holiday) I noticed that I had a small hard lump on one side of my face (where I had the filler). During the holiday the lump got bigger and I got them on the other side of my mouth as well. by the time I got back I looked like I had had a stroke one side of my mouth is dropping (with the weight of the hard lumps) I have a lump in the middle of my forhead and the bridge of my nose into one of my eye sockets is swollen. I can not see the person that carried out the procedure until tomorrow (as she only works for the company once every two weeks). I am absolutely beside myself I look dreadful and am worried sick. I cannot understand what has happened. Has anyone else exeprienced these problems.

  43. I consulted with a board certified plastic surgeon and he recommended Radiesse. He stated that there may be some bruising but no downtime from work. The Radiess was injected into the naso-labia fold on both sides of my face and around the mouth on Monday. One hour after the procedure I noted a small bruise on my cheek, by the next morning thebruise had traveled down my face to my upper lip and chin. I expected the Phycisian to call the next day to see how I was doing and never got a call. By Wednesday the bruising became worse, it turn to a very deep purple and people started asking questions a work. Of course nonone wants to let co-workers about cosmetic procedure one is having done but since it looked like someone beat the hell out of me I had to tell them the truth. Many did not believe it since the right side showed no indication of injection or bruising. I finally call the office and spoke to the RN since the MD was in a procedure. She stated bruising was a side effect and that each side of the body was different and that is why one side bruised and the other did not. Her solution was to put makeup one. I tried the makeup but due to the deep-deep purple the bruise was still very noticiable. On day Friday I called again since the bruise traveled further, and stated my concern that noone had checked back with me. I then e-mail about 10 pictures to the MD showing the prognosis of the bruising from day 1-5. It is now day 9 and the bruising is starting to subside. I truely believe the radiese is safe but the MD’s techinque was not up to par. I paid $855 for botox and the radiesse. After 7 days the botox does not seem to be working since I can still frown and the crease in my forhead is still there. I am not sure if I should ask my credit card company to hold the payment. Is it MD technique or not??? I’m pretty upset about the whole situation.

  44. I worked for a group of plastic surgeons for over 6 years. I just want to advise anyone considering injectable/fillers to do their research on the injector. I wouldn’t suggest any other type of doctor, besides a PS to administer injections, however, even better than that is a PA or RN that has extensive training & certification in injectables & fillers. They are typically the best & most thorough at the decision making involved in which treatment plan is best for each individual. Most MD’s do not feel like they need to obtain this type of certification & even though these injections are expensive to the patient they actually do not equate to much profit for the surgeon. The MD had much rather be doing surgery, but will default to injections if you are too hesitate to procede to the operating table. A certified injector is your best choice, having worked with an amazing group of plastic surgeons, I wouldnt hesitate to let them operate on me, but I l would never let anyone of them inject me. It might seem llike simple needle injections, but I have learned that this is definitely not the case, it is a specialized science that borders on artistic technical skill. Just want to share my knowledge. Hope this helps. The FDA needs to begin requiring a certification for anybody administering these injectable/fillers.

  45. 2 years ago a board certified FACS plastic surgeon recommended sculptra. I ended up with clumps of product and chronic cellulitis (multiple drug resistant bacterial infection) and chronic granulomatous inflammation. The FDA had no business approving Sculptra without any histology, mode of action or safety data in 2004 for people with HIV and then to grant wider approval for cosmetic use in 2009, when the panel stated there was a “paucity” of safety data but would recommend approval based on compassionate use in HIV individuals. Then Daniel Shultz resigned. The FDA is corrupted by big pharma and incompetent scientists. They have an obligation to assure medical devices are safe. Sculptra is NOT safe. Just look on the MAUDE database. But Sanofi is laughing at us because of the Supreme court FDA medical device approval immunity. The world we live in!! Never use Sculptra it is a dangerous product that can not be corrected.

  46. Had artefill procedure and am at wit’s end. I passed the patch test, then had one application end of June and was fine. Then a second one on first of August. Woke up during the night after 12 hiurs with a feeling of
    poison going through my body – numbness and tingling. No eruption on the face but these past 5 weeks have been hell – have been diagnosed with hypersensitivity by internist and now have been told it was nerve damage due to injection. The company says it is not the product!! One doctor says bovine collagen allergy. Have no idea. Artefill is bad news.

  47. I had radeisse injections in my nasal labia lines a week ago. It was done by a PS. He also decided to inject my cheeks. I have purple bruises on both sieds of my face. My left side looks like a big birthmark. I had no idea of any of these possible side effects. I was hoping to smooth out some smile lines and now just want my face back. Every day I see new bruising and there is no sense to any of it. I would NEVER have anything put in m face again. Just praying for healing and no further side effects. Praying for all of you as well. What a nightmare!

  48. I am in Portland, OR and was getting Botox when the doc suggested I have Restalyne injected into my tear troughs to get rid of the dark circles. This one done by “the biggest provider of Botox and Restalyne in the state” and I assumed she knew what she was doing. Wrong! she over injected and I had to look over the giant bumps to see my feet. I still have lumps. This was 4 years ago and she did two free laser treaments after two years to try to get rid of the lumps and it did nothing. If anybody has had success getting rid of this permanent, disfiguring sludge, please post about it.

  49. i was injected in December of 2009 with Juvederm. I was at my Dermatologist to have my last follow-up after having basal cell skin cancer next to my eye. I had been interested in these fillers for some time, having seen the brochures at his office for quite some time. I’ve had other basal cell Moh’s procedures. I decided to treat myself to botox on the forehead and Juvederm injections where noted below. The botox has worn off and that was no big deal. I prefer my forehead the way it is.

    The area injected with Juvederm is what the Dermatologist referred to a Marionette lines. The area beneath each corner of the mouth and going south towards the jaw bone area. I read the brochure and saw the Juvederm was used on these Marionette lines. He’s a well known Dermatologist in Philadelphia and I put my trust in him after having had four MOH’s procedures done by him over a period of years.

    I expected the swelling and bruising. Put up with the discomfort and did the required icing. Covered it with make-up to the best of my ability. In August I developed what looked like Mumps. Doctors are still trying to figure out why my face has a lumpy area extending from the cheekbones down to where the injections of Juvederm were given. I now need to see a maxo-facial specialist to see if my parotid glands have become infected, inflamed and if this is another situation where Juvederm has migrated. I’m a side-sleeper and sleep on both of my sides throughout the night. It looks like the Juvederm went along the side of my face. Seems where the side of my face meets the least resistance with the pillow the juvederm found a route towards the cheekbone area..

    I amm in the midst of having tests to rule out something serious with the parotid glands but they are definitely affected by somethig. Even the area where the parotid glands drain in to the mouth are quite blocked. Antibiotics, warm compresses and anything else I have been told to do by my GP has worked. I am experiencing pain and it isn’t going away.

    Of course I want to rule out a tumor in the parotid glands and I am hoping it isn’t that. I read the brochure and saw that this juvederm is suppose to dissolve away in 9 months to a year. Well it is 9 months and I hope this Juvederm starts disappearing. I have a gut level instinct that what the doctors find after tests will turn out to be Juvederm which has migrated.

    If I had seen any mention of the possibility that it could migrate…I would never have had Juvederm injected.

  50. Nothing in these comments has taken me by surprise. All these risks and more were easily found online with very little effort. I mean, think about it. You’re injecting a foreign substance into your body, there is a chance you body will reject it. I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience, but if you weren’t willing to to take the risk, then why in the world would you sign a consent form and allow someone to inject you with a substance you know nothing about?! But no, no one in this country ever wants to take responsibility for their own actions. Instead, you just turn around and sue. You people are fucking morons.

  51. I was part of a study group 5 years ago for Restylane. We were injected within one year 4 – 5 times between the nose and the lip. After the final
    injection, I developed such severe acne like sores that seemed to take forever to heal. I never had acne before in my life. Also, the area was so lumpy, bumpy, red and uneven that is when the nightmare began.

    I developed Morgellons skin condition because of the Restylane.

  52. To Caitlain. What on earth are you doing on this forum. This is a complain board and obviosly you have not have anything injectet in your face so you dont know what we are going throw. Well the company of Juvederm and Restylane dont say to us we have a foreign substance in us they say the opposite.That we already have this in our body. If they have named it foreign substance maby all of us havent done this stupid injection. And you sad we signed a paper, the paper with bieffects was never showed for me and if I have seen the bieffects I had never went with this injection.

  53. I had two appointments with a PS June 2008, inquiring about a lower eyelid lift. She recommended I get Sculptra injections under my eyes. Like so many others, I have now been living a nightmare for over two years. The PS that performed the injections says “there’s nothing I can do for you.” I’ve conferred with two additional PS’s who both say they will perform surgery to “try” and remove the many granulomas and lumps caused by this product. There are no guarantees they can locate all of the “beads” (the term they each used). A very large one is situated so that a large vein lays across it. It will be challenging to try and excise. On top of all of this is the expense to try and reverse this damage. Has anyone had success with surgical removal of Sculptra lumps? Has anyone successfully received compensation from their provider for personal injury? Would love to hear from other Sculptra-damaged individuals. Thank you, and good luck to all!

  54. A product liability lawsuit has been filed in Federal Court in Nevada. There is also a news story being aired on Oct.31, 2010 on Las Vegas channel 13 (ktnv.com) at 11pm. You can access it on their website as well after its air time. The story covers the person who filed the product liability suit and others who have been damaged by Sculptra. You can also go to Sculptradamage.com for more information.

    Good Luck!

  55. I have had restylane injections approximately once a year for the past 5 years. I had my last injection 5 days ago and I’m clearly having an allergic reaction of sorts. The symptoms are a constant tension headache across my entire forehead most pronounced above my eyes. My eyesight is blurry and it is hard to focus. My skin feels tight, uncomfortably and noticeably tight. I feel a bit under the weather. I don’t feel right in my head. Lastly, I have a couple of small red dots on my upper lip where the restylane was injected. The actual result is good in that I don’t have some of the other disfiguring symptoms people mention above. However, I just don’t feel right and this constant tension headache across my forehead is alarming and uncomfortable. I certainly will never do this again. Like others I was told it is a natural substance that already exists in your body. But clearly it is dangerous. Bad idea to rake something like this. I dearly regret it and hope the symptoms and product will dissipate soon.

  56. I’m 50 — I had Restylane injected in my deepish “smile lines” two years back, with great results. Some minor discomfort for about a week, and then a younger, natural looking face. Actually the improvement lasted so long my body must have created its own collagen. I was really happy with the results — I looked more relaxed, younger, it was very natural, basically “non invasive” and “my little secret.”

    The doctor said it would last a year. I finally went back yesterday after two years for a second treatment (before the holidays), after debating for a long time whether I needed it yet for my small naso-labial folds — not as deep as the original. The doctor, who’s quite competent and conscientious, just kept tinkering, adding a little more, a little bit more, maybe wanting to use the whole syringe so I could “get my money’s worth.”.

    As a result, I’ve been OVER FILLED. The left side is fine. The right side is puffed out, my mouth is being pushed down by filler and is on a sharp crooked slope, and there’s an ugly puffed up area under my chin because it all has to go somewhere. Looks like I was socked in the face. But it’s embarrassing because it’s so plastic looking and I am just a mom trying to look a bit nicer, not some vain Hollywood bimbo. Definitely not “my little secret” this time!

    I probably need to go in and get the hyleronic whatever to take it away — and how much will they charge for that?

    Fortunately aside from some facial tingling and discomfort, and exhaustion, which is to be expected the day after, no serious side effects, thank god. I’ll think twice and thrice about this next time. When it goes bad, it just isn’t pretty.

  57. I’m on my 4th mo. now, i woke up to swelling under my left eye. I had rsdiesse injected to help my problem with bags under my eyes, now the bags stay swollen under my eyes and the points of injections are discolored under both eyes. I was told radiesse would last maybe 1 year. My looks has change for the worst i look much older now dark shadows under my eyes and swollen bags.

  58. I had both sides of my nasolabial folds injected with Restylene. This is my second treatment, the first time I used one vial and it was great. This time we used a second vial (about 4 months later). One side is great but on the same evening of the injection my entire right side of my face looked like I had been beaten. Even my forehead, which is not near the injection site. It looks like patches of red all up and down the right side. Plus I’m so swollen the right side of my upper lip is being pushed down. The right side of my interior nostril also feels irritated, like I’ve blown my nose too much but only on one side. I am having trouble smiling on the right. I look terrible. I don’t think I’ll do this again. I wish I had seen this site before I agreed to do this.

  59. Holy !#$!# reading these comments have scared me to death. I have had restylane, juvederm and radiesse with no complications for the past two years. However…I did recently get my nasal folds done and now I have swelling on the side of my nose up towards my eyes. Its almost like I got my cheeks done even though that is NOT where I was injected.

    It looks puffy on one side. It wouldn’t have worried me but I didn’t have my cheeks done and I didn’t know restylane would migrate that far up my face towards my eyes. I think one mistake I did was to work out the night I had the restylane done. I think that may have exacerbated the problem.

    I will say that most of the problems I have read on here are from inexperienced (or rushed) doctors/injectors. I know instantly when I am going to bruise because when they stick the needle in it stings (even with a nerve block).

    If you get terrible brusing and swelling (which does happen from needle trauma too) I think the person who is injecting you is being too rough. Restylane is injected mid derm and if done right should not bruise bad. The needle is a 30 gauge and half an inch long.

    I have had good and bad injections done. It really does depend on the doctor. The eye area (under eyes) is a tricky spot to do. I’ve had it done with restylane with fantastic results that lasted almost two years BUT if they overfill it will make you look like you have bags under your eyes and it will be horrible. There is a fine line that the doctor/injector has to know not to cross.
    Again…I think the technique is key. I wish all of you the best and hope that my face goes down sometime soon.

  60. i had radiesse 3 days ago so far so good the first day it was kind of swollen so my nasal folds looked completly gone it seems like the lines are faintly showing up a tiny bit but by far not as it was before getting the filler i messaged it alot right after for fear of beeding and wanted it smoothed out not at the advice of the injector and used alot of ice which she did say to do for a few hours off and on i had almost no bruising just a little pain in the area afterwards that advil was able to releave , at the time of the injection lidocane was mixed in with the filler so i felt no pain at all while i was recieving the treament i will go for my follow up im hoping that i got anough of the filler becuase i would hate to find out becuase i kept smoothing it out and messaging i need more but for now i love the way it looks

  61. Restylane Juvederm is made of bacteria. No doubt it could serios problems. I am from Sweden and FDA is very hard to get throw with any substance. WHY did they trust this HA-FILLERS??? It should NOT be on the market.

  62. On November 19, 2010, I posted my problems with the Restylane injection. This is the story in full: I had it injected on a Thursday only in my nasolabial fold and on the same day I started seeing patchiness on the right side of my face. The injection area on the right bled a little about 4 hours after my procedure. By Friday my right side was VERY swollen and my lip was pushed down from the swelling. I was reddening along the right side, even to my forehead. The nurse who injected it said it was normal. On Saturday the swelling was still severe but the redness along my nasolabial fold, nose and right forehead was worsening. I asked if I should go to the ER and the nurse said no, it’s normal. On Sunday I had severe acne near my nasolabial fold, my nose had been running a lot and the redness was worse than ever, although the swelling was less. The nurse said it’s normal. On Monday, I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon named Dr. Few in Chicago. The nurse was irritated that I was going to a different provider. Dr. Few told me that the nurse injected the filler in my ARTERY, causing blood and oxygen flow blockage, thereby killing my skin along the artery. The acne was not acne but postules that form when the skin gets no oxygen. The inside of my nose had necrosis (2 mm of black). My face was extremely red, purple, and I had formed a line along my upper lip of what looked like bruising but was actually blood going there because the artery had been compromised and the blood had to go somewhere. Dr. Few immediately injected a dissolvant. On Tues I saw no signs of improvement but Dr. Few did. On Wed, my face was getting pink. Today, a week after he injected the dissolvant, my right side along the artery is pink. I may now need laser to eliminate the color, which may take up to a year without laser. My interior nose right side still hurts, bleeds occasionally and the mucus is terrible. I need to use Ocean twice a day to keep it moist. PLEASE WATCH FOR SIGNS OF NECROSIS!!!! If you start seeing swelling, go to a plastic surgeon or dermatologist IMMEDIATELY and get it removed. Even that night because the time for necrosis varies from person to person, it could take only 12 hours to have black skin. From there, permanent scarring.

  63. had judeverm for brow lift
    had a large lump left on eyebrow for 5 weeks , looked like a large cyst, was very upset went back to clinic in kent, was told it may take more weeks to go or i can have the judeverm dissoloved and return to normal
    so after 5 trips to see the clinic and still have the lump on eyebrow willl have to have it reversed
    what a waste of time and false avertising that lumps will go after 2 weeks
    all i had payed for was lots of timewasteing and money

  64. I had Botox injected into my brow frown and crow’s feet at the sides of my eyes, and then Restylane to plump up the wrinkles in the same areas, plus Restylane into my lips. The doctor said it was okay to spend the day doing normal things so I went out and about 2 hrs later noticed that people were staring at me. I went to a mirror and saw that my head was shaped like Hermann Munster. The swelling was unbelievable and lasted for 3 days. The doctor had also pierced a blood vessel in my upper lip, leaving me with a permanent lump called a “blue maeva”. I felt ill with a foul taste in my mouth which lasted for 3 days, and was very anxious. I became so anxious my friend called an ambulance and I was hospitalized in a locked mental ward. My friend told the doctors at the hospital I must have been having an allergic reaction to the injections as I had never been like this before (aged 48 years). The doctors insisted Botox and Restylane were 100% safe with no possibility of side effects. 10 days after the injections I looked really good and it all settled, except for the permanent lump in my upper lip. I will not go through this again. I believe people who have bad reactions are silenced by the medical fraternity as there’s too much money at stake and consequently bad side effects are under-reported.

  65. I had Restylane done under my eyes and smile lines 2 month ago, 3wks it was fine till i got my monthly period, couple of days before i woke up very swollen with bags (fluid) under my eyes, the rest of my face was swollen as well and pain where the resty located, also very bad headache, after period was over the resty seem to migrate and the swelling seem to be still there, i had already one hyaluronidase injection under my eyes, tomorow im going for the second one, the Restylane done by “top plastic surgion”, when i called with the problem the resp. told me that he is out of the county, so i had to pay to remove the product, i still have edema under my eyes, im going to see another doc tomorow for the second hyaluronidase injection, so far its been a nightmare

  66. I have a friend who had restylane injections on her nose for a period of time. Now she suffers from, kidney pain, fatigue, hair loss, swelling and some of her other vitals orgarns or not functioning properly. She needs help. Been suffering for a few years now. She needs a lawyer who has a class-action lawsuit against this product to know how she can relief her pain.

  67. in june of 2008 i had radiesse injected for the second time…within days my eye began to droop, and face began to swell. i did not know if you had allergies this product is not advised. it was injected underneath my eyes, and into cheek and nasolabial folds. also, 10 yrs prior i had sinus surgery, not knowing what they had removed. apparently, there is a process called sensitization. i developed an allergy to the product. when it was injected the second time i suffered the most severe allergic reaction possible. somehow, it went systemic, and for 2 yrs i battled an autoimmune response. 2 yrs of in and out of er’s and hospitilizations. severe migraines, to the point of having to go to the er to have them stopped, and nerve pain due to a nerve entrapment. that is only a third of what i experienced. this product has not been properly regulated. it is not approved or has it been studied in the areas that doctors are injecting. thus areas are misinjected. this is what is considered product law liability, and i am waiting for the day someone finally files a classaction lawsuit.

  68. Had Restylane three days ago for frown lines and have been in pain ever since. Bruising and swelling began almost immediately, I have two black eyes, the bridge of my nose is swollen so much my eyes are hooded and a huge lump and two reddish blue lines on my forehead. Within a few hours I began to feel very unwell with a dreadful headache – so much so I had to leave work early, I am still off work with shaking and anxious feeling, plus when I work this morning i had huge bubbles under my eyes which seemed full of fluid , I can see the swelling on my cheeks every time I look down – I look 20 years older than before I started.. I was not warned of any side effects other than some localised swelling and redness which would pass quickly. I so regret having this done.

  69. I developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity about a year after I started getting Injections of Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse and botox. I am a very healthy person and was surprised that my immune system got so bad.I have never had any health problems of any kind. I was quite ill with Chemical Sensitivity last year. I stopped going out because everyone’s fabric detergent bothered me etc. I wonder if it was the injections. I stopped using Botox a while ago because my eyesight diminished quite a bit in one year.

    I started googling this is because the last few days I have woken up with strange swelling under my left eye and redness in the lining. It looked horrible. It was two swollen bubbles. I had Juvederm injected under my eyes and the doctor hit a vein and its still a little bruised 1 1/2 years later. It looked bad for about 8 months and isn’t that noticeable now. Its the same eye.
    I went to the doctor they said they thought it was an irritation. I am hoping its that and not some further damage done to this eye!
    i Used reputable doctors, but after injecting and getting treatments for 4 years, I realize that they are really salesmen and not very concerned with my health.
    I look good still, but wonder what other agents are in these products. Like someone said earlier Hylaronic acid is sold as all natural.

    I researched a lot before getting the treatments and I would NEVER get sculptura or any kind of plastic injected into my face. I am also now afraid of Botox.whic is called Botox Neurotoxin and MCS is an illness where you cant handle common neurotoxins.

    with MCS i have had respiratory problems, developed asthma. I am doing much better but it has been a huge struggle and expense.

    I look good though!

  70. i had slightly hollowed eyes, never was a big problem and i never had any eye bags. i was talked into having juverderm to improve the area. 2 weeks later and i am suicidal. my eyes now have large bluish coloured bags, my eyes itch, i feel like i have a low grade headache and always feel tired. I dont know what to do now, i am desperate.

  71. i had some darkness to my tear troughs, but no bags, and it never looked that bad anyway. my practitioner said i would need 2 syringes, some in my cheek then the hollows, he injected in superficially, he had some left just under 1 syringe, he put this in my top lip, without any anaesetic, it absolultely hurt so bad. its been 8 days now, and i am suicidal. i have 2 large bluish bags, they are horrendous, my eyes feel heavy and tired, i have a heavy feeling across my eye brows, i look like a freak and a old lady.

  72. OMG please help! I had Radisse along with Botox and I believe the dermatologist put restylene as well. I had the whole left eye and check swell until left a horrible abscess. The dermatologist was on vacation I did take a sterile syringe tip and started the drainage process. There was swelling even by the right glad by ear. I did go to urgent care to get an antibiotic injection and oral. But he even said see dermatologist ASP? She is still on vacation and I was told by office staff they will try to fit me in? I have seen this doctor for years and have not had a problem like this before however, once is enough! This stuff is dangerous and I had called several times to let the office know something was wrong, they should have had someone on call to see me? I took photos it is horrible and horrific the swelling and puss oozing from the area of my cheek and now I am not sure if I will be disfigured, when I was trying to look better!

  73. Hello FDA!

    How can you believe the Swedish company Q-med? They say Restylane is temporary it is NOT. Some residue stays in skin like BDDE. It should be classified semi-permanent. Many people including me have permanent lumps , you know its been there for 4 years. And I have the number for my injection so it is real restylane.

  74. I had restylane injections several years ago and have been suffering ever since. My symptoms include body numbness/weakness and tingling, heart problems, muscle twitches and spasms, and blurred vision. Nobody in the industry will listen or take any responsiblity for these horrible side-effects. For those of you suffering, I commiserate. What can be done? I don’t want to sue anyone, I just want to feel better. Has anyone had success with treating side-effects?

  75. I had a juverderm injection between my eyes and in my nasal folds. I hated it and felt bad from the beginning. I went back to have the vitrase dissolve the juverderm between my eyes. I now have a tingling feeling at the top of my head. I have had a cat scan that came back fine but I am praying the tingling goes away. The juverderm between my eyes has dissolved but I still have it in my folds. Do not do it its not worth it I really did not even like the way it looked just kinda puffy did not like it will never do it again. Dont waste your time money or your health learn to love yourself.

  76. I had juverderm injections under my eyes and it was a nightmare too. I had the lumps and bags for months, I then had it taken out and made a bigger hole in my face now I just had fat transfer. I have spend thousands of dollars. Does anyone know of a class action law suite? Please HELP??? I AM STILL PRAYING THAT THIS WORKS UNDER MY EYES.. I will never be the same this should be band !!!
    Don’t waist your time money and your normal looks I look disfigured.

  77. To Jane. Me to have suffer severel years after restylane. I have discover I have the same symptom as Rosacea. So maby you should seek for that or a allergic reaction. It is more common then people realise. It seems if you get problems from it it stays for years. The makers of HA should warn if you have thin fair skin and rocasea you should avoid restylane or juvederm.

  78. In October 2009 I had Radiesse filler injected into lines around mouth. I researched product and believed it to be safe before injection. I had Juvaderm prior and was happy with results but looked into radiesse due to it being a longer lasting product. The product is not safe and I had and still having an allergic reaction to the product. After injection my face swelled up and was deformed for about 3 months. Then it seemed it had settled, but then in about a month my face swelled back up and a mass in my face appeared then the sinus infections started. It has now been almost two years and this product is still causing a reaction in my face. I have to take allergy medicine daily to deal with the reaction and have had sinus infections every 6weeks since the injections. This is a very unsafe product. Vanity wise my face is not my face anymore, but beyond that it has taken my health and has made me sick for almost two years. I hope the damage goes away with time, but I wish for no one else to go through the pain and years of being sick from a product that should not be available to make people sick and deformed. You think youre starting to get better than bam there it is still in your body – will this stuff ever break down is my question and this is a question we cant answer. Something that cant be removed or broken down by doctors or the company that produced it, is a big sign that it is not safe and should never be put into our bodies and should not be on market for consumers to use.

  79. I first had disport injected and the qualified derm did the inside corner of my eyes. When I stopped her and asked why she would inject there, she said trust me, it makes the inner eye bags disappear Sadly, two days later I had cheek ptosis or at least what has been described as that. Went back to the derm and she suggested more Botox to rid me of the problem. Another solution was filler to fill in the unsightly bags that it caused. I went with restalyn filler and have been in a nightmare ever since. Burning eyes,lumps,bulging vein under both eyes. I kick myself everyday for making such a rash decision. When I smile, I have the chickmunk cheeks and dent where the restalyn was injected. After seeing my own personal problems, I search everyday to find the answer to rid myself of the bulging veins and the dented areas under the eyes. I cry about seven times a day. It has affected my family, my work, and most importantly, my walk with the Lord. Im ashamed that I would be so vain, but am sickened by the reflection in my mirror. I have read about the Vitrase but at this point I am so worried that I will cause permanent damage. If anyone has any solution, please please let me know. Life is supposed to be much betterthanthis. Im 41 and I really wish I could go back four weeks and deny that doctor from touching my face.

  80. I’m having some bruising under both eyes with Sculptra even though my doctor didn’t put any Sculptra there. Its been about 3 days since the injections. Other than that, just some localized pain at the injection sites.

    I’m just wondering for everyone who has all these problems, are you massaging the material regularly? I’m doing it 6x a day at my doctor’s suggestion.

  81. i had juvederm ultra and ultra 2 injected into my nl folds in the glabellar region and crows feet also into my cheeks i had a nightmare 10 days it started approximately 4 days later i felt unwell with a headache nausea diahorea flushing to cheeks and chest severe palpitations anxiety i coulderm i have also had blisters inside my mouth with horrible purple nodules i lost half a stone in 4 nights i couldnt eat had no appetite a continuous rapid heart rate i didnt sleep for nights on end my partner was so worried he almost called an ambulance 1 night thinking i was going into aniphilatic shock i went to my gp twice that confirmed i was having a severe allergic reaction to the juvederm i have been so upset and depressed with why i chose to do this just to have fuller cheeks i checked out the clinic and doctor in brentwood essex it was all board registered the dermatologist i saw said he did 15 injections alone of botox a day so i felt sure he knew what he was doing he had been injecting botox for 6 years i asked him i decided against that as was worried it was a neuro toxin he did not inject a lot approximately 2 syringes if that as he said he wanted to be conservative for my wedding next week.This is why i did this to feel good about myself after losing alot of weight after the birth of my second child.He never pressured me to have anything as i had to previuously had to cancel my 1st appointment due to a swollen gland infection he told me to come back in 2 weeks.I paid £600 he said he didnt need to see me before my wedding and to come back in a couple of months if i wanted more done i signed a consent form but he didnt say what it was for i presumed it was just to confirm my details and general health not a disclaimer of sorts.I contacted the clinic after the 4 days when i started to feel unwell the 1 st day i had the procedure done he bruised me on my right side just beside my crows feet he apologised and said he trys not to let this happen i did not have any numbing cream before.I actually liked what he had done it was subtle apart from the big bruise that was already purple the next day.My partner said he didnt see much difference and was upset i was bruised he didnt want me to get it done in the 1st place said i was attractive anyway i have always had clear skin and never had any injectibles previously but i have previously had 2 rhinoplasty procedures a lip implant brow lift and tightening of lower eyelids 10 years ago.The clinic were a bit slack at contacting me back the doctor that had given me the injections was on hoilday bit they arranged for me to see 1 of the top doctors of the clinic as was getting so aggitated because they couldnt tell me about hyalurondaise to reverse the juvederm my skin felt like it was burning from inside out i thought my implant in my top lip that i have in for 10 years with no problem was melting i couldnt stand it.I went to the clinic today still ill my partner took me.The doctor was helpful he listened and even tried to lance the cysts in my mouth with a small syringe he said he woulnt give me any hyalurondaise as he couldnt see any visible lumps even though i have seen weird ridges above my eyebrows 1 day then gone the next.Also i noticed 3 days ago my left eye had drooped as had my brow and cheek my left side of my nose looked caved in and i cant smell or breathe out of the left nostril.The doctor said it was inflamed i pray that the numbness i feel on my left cheek goes away and my eye becomes less distorted.My wedding is next week i am terrified that i will still feel like i have been hit by a bus.The doctor told me that juvederm cannot mygrate that this reaction i have is very rare he sometimes sees local redness or acne he seemed genuinely concerned and wants to see me next week again a day before my wedding he adviced steroid tablets and antibiotics to try and make me feel better he gave me a private prescription so i would have to pay it is expensive so my gp said they would do 1 for me on the nhs i borrowed money from my childrens accounts to pay for these injections i feel so bad i could have just had a few relaxing facials instead much cheaper.My face is still bruised and my skin is so dry and tingly i am scared as especially today i developed horrible burning in my left shoulder then numbness then tingling im my feet i also have a terrible headache that wont go away i hope the medicine gives some respite to these symptoms but for how long have i unknowingly subjected my body to a long time of pain.I pray this wears off as all the advertising claims its not permanent or is it.I was never offered money back.What a waste of time and money i still look the same just a bit tiered and older and odd looking on the left side i will be so self concious if i actually get to my wedding i nearly called it off for fear of feeling so rough.Can anything be done people should not be left to suffer like this i have read so much bad reports on these sites about bad side effects too many to be ignored money is handed over and when side effects happen who really wants to know the surgeon told me not to read to much on hear but it is only through these sites that i have calmed myself down a bit as so much of my symptoms have now been explained i hope as i didnt have too much filler put in the first time the symptoms may not last too long and my body absorbs the foreign material quickly i am in agony typing this sorry for it being too long it has been a very harrowing experience for me and my family no way is this a lunch time fix with no downtime there should be stricter labeling that this injection does not agree with everybody.There should be an allergy test done before you have the injection apparantly not compulsory i wasnt offered one if i had been i would have maybe thought twice about having these injections i wish i could turn back time and just have left it i will kick myself forever and a day i pray for all the poor people on here who are suffering,god is with you dont give up.

  82. I had perlane and restylane Injected in my checks in May 2011 by a nurse who claimed to have had lots of experience. I had bruising and my left eye would not close. It scared me to death! I knew immediately I would have bruising since I heard the needle pierce something in my face. It was a nerve! I mentioned it to the nurse but she said it was nothing and don’t worry. I went back to the PS office after about 4 hours and the nurse gave me a script for steroids for 7 days. I still have headaches or should I say faceaches and it’s been 3.5 months. It took my eye about 3 days to return to normal and about 2 weeks for the bruising from the nerve. I wish I had never done it. I thought I had done sufficient research. Everyday I wake up wondering when will it dissolve. As for the results, looking at before and after pictures, you can’t tell I had it done after the swelling went down.

  83. I had juverderm for the lines between my eyes. I did not like it I coiuld feel like it was cold under my skin I went back to have it dissolved with the vitrase. Now I have headaches and cant sleep went to the emergency room the next night after the vitrase dissolved Juverderm. I have night sweats, headaches and anxiety. I pray every day the headaches will go away. Did not have headaches before. It is my trust in Jesus and his word for healing that keeps me going. I now have to exercise my faith for healing. Please dont do Juverderm or Vitrase near your forehead. I also feel feverish and yucky not myself since the injections.

  84. I had Radiesse under eyes for puffiness & hollowness which gave me a tired look so ps offered me injections and immediately had swelling, bruising, fluid and redness which stayed for several months and after 14 months of Hell still have fluid bags that have been there so long i now have sagging skin under eyes that was not there before. i contacted ps after the 12 months since i was told it would only last 12 months and she is pretending to be working with me and offered me laser treatment which she admitted it could make swelling worse. She says she no longer does the eye area because of what happened to me. She contacted Radiesse and was told it blocks the lymphatic system which promotes healing for the swelling part. I think it’s an excuse. It’s been awful and i look older and also have permanent creases esp under left eye where she injected more then right. I’m 48 and used to look 38 but now look 58! I’m thinking of contacting an attorney for permanent damages. Most importantly i was not informed of these side effects and that it’s Non-FDA approved for under eyes or i would have never had it done. Radiesse should be banned for sure. Anyone thinking of doing the eye area should NOT do it. It will ruin your life physically and emotionally. Just be happy with the natural aging process> if i could go back i would. So tired of wearing sunglasses day & night whenever i’ve left the house, otherwise been a prisoner in my own home. People that i haven’t seen in months are still asking me what happened. Someone thought i was in a car wreck 2 months after the injections that’s how bad i looked initially and now i just look old, older! I will never forget the day someone thought i was my teenage daughters grandmother instead of her mother. That hurt!

  85. Hi i just wanted to update the problems i am now having following juvederm injections 5 weeks ago to cheeks,lines between eyes,on nose,crows feet and around eyes(crows feet).Well i have been in hospital for 9 days after the blurred vision started about 2 weeks after the injections,i started developing nausea,headaches,drowsiness,memory loss,confision.Blurred vision getting worse.Extreme sensitivity to light and sound.I had a ct scan,mri,lumbar puncture,chest xray,blood work.Nothing,negative.Am now waiting to have another eye test but the last 2 showed nothing.I had this procedure done for my wedding,it ruined my day.I was so ill,now i am worse.My head feels so tight above my eyebrows i can’t look up.I am experiencing bouts of depression,panic attacks severe insomnia.The hospital prescribed amitrytiline for vertigo and migraines.I did tell them about the filler,at first they thought it wasn’t related,then when all the tests were clear they came to the conclusion i was having a reaction.I feel the juvederm migrated to my eyes and has maybe crossed the blood brain barrier causing the headaches and memory loss.I have researched that this can happen with botox.If juvederm does migrate or filler was embolized into your cerebral circulation you can experience a type of stroke like syndrome.I have found out all of this since having the injections.I am terrified my vision will get worse,the headaches,panic and confusion never stop.It is taking me longer to do simple things.Why did thr dermatologist inject this area if there was this much of a risk?That he never told me about.I would never have had this done if i was aware of this risk.I am due to see him next week to ask exactly how much of the 0.55ml syringe was used in this area.The rest was used around my lips where i now have visible lumps and two lumps on either side of my eyes where it was also used.I have lost almost 2 stone in weight i cant eat,even water makes me feel sick,my tongue is white with fur on it and my stools are runny and pale.I dont feel well with the fuzzy feeling in my head.I am not even sure if hyalorondase would help as i have a burning feeling in my forehead on and off.I dont want to go out,my husband has been helping alot.It has only been 5 weeks i cant bear to think of going through this for another 5 months if indeed that is how long it takes to wear off.Why did i do this i keep asking myself i dont look any different apart from the little lumps.I just feel terrible.If i had just had thr juvederm in the cheeks maybe i would be feeling better. I felt a bit better after the 1st reaction of burning in the cheek area started to subside after taking prednisolone and antibiotics but then the blurred vision started.I have just got worse and worse.The neurologist at the hospital said that the filler is probably being compromised by the movement in my forehead and pressing against my skull causing pressure and pain he also said no one should inject hyalouronic acid in the face.This scared me as i do not know what will happen now.I havent been able to do the things i would normally do.My life is not the same anymore,i dont feel the same. I use to be confident and out going,now i dont want to talk to too many people,as i feel so low.I am scared of the long term effects could i ever have a stroke or problems with my vision.I miss my old self before all this stripped me of everything.I just want to feel well again if that is at all possible.Has anyone had any of these symptoms and if so could they please reply.I have joined realself.com a site that discusses problems with botox and fillers.I was too scared to try botox after reading about it.I wished i had tried that instead of juvederm at least that would have worn off soon i dont know if my eyesight will ever improve,i see constant floaters and sparkly little lights especially in daylight.Can this stuff really do this and not show up on mri or scans?At times i think i am going to die like have a heart attack because my body cant cope with the stress.Friends and family say it will get better with time but how will it,is this how i will feel forever.Only god i think can help me now,i try not to think too much but it is there 24 hours a day with no reprise.Any feedback is grately appreciated.All the best to you all suffering.I would like to say dont give up hope of feeling better,but i would feel like a hypocrite as i am not sure myself.Thanks.

  86. On May 9th of 2011, I had Radiesse injected under my eyes to alleviate hollowness and dark circles. I would NOT recommend this to anyone. I now have long, hard bumps under my eyes and redness that is not going away. The redness looks like I had the letter “U” branded under both eyes! I most definitly look worse than before. I’m 50 years old. People would tell me I look 40 and that I have the most beautiful blue eyes. Now I want to hide behind dark glasses. I’m so disappointed. The Dr had no explanation. She had me have a “lympnatic massage” on my eyes….that didn’t help. She says there’s nothing she can do.

    During my initial consultation, the Dr discussed both Radiesse and Juviderm. The main differences – she told me – was the price $$, and that Radiesse would last longer.

    I got a second opinion from another Dr who told me that Radiesse should NOT be used for the eyes – because it’s calcium. Now I read on the internet of lots of problems with Radiesse when used for the eyes.

    Let’s get this word out – and hope it helps someone.

  87. Clarification of my post: \”lymphatic massage\”;

    The second opinion I got was AFTER the fact…….unfortunately. That Dr. could offer no way to fix my eyes either!

  88. Juviderm injected under my eyes on Friday. Terrible swelling and bruise that just keeps getting darker three days later. Doctor said only 5% chance of bruising for under eye filler. This seems unrealistic given the sensitivity of the eye area and my terrible experience. I went to the drug’s own warnings online and saw that 60% to over 80% of patients had bruising in trials. Arnica didn’t do anything. I am very sorry I tried this $700 treatment. I am missing work and have no idea when the bruising and swelling will go away. I signed a disclosure about the product that said I would not hold the doctor or company liable for bad results. My doctor told me he was an expert and bad results were extremely rare to non-existent with him. That can only be a lie. The FDA should have a better method of protecting patients from lying doctors.

  89. About six months ago, I had my bilateral nasolabial folds injected with a dermal filler (calcium hydroxylapatite). On one side, it was apparently injected into the vessel, resulting in severe pain, hematoma, swelling and, ultimately, tissue necrosis and scarring on and in my nose and on one side of my face. Additionally, the product came through my skin due to the swelling/hematoma, causing further damage and excruciating pain. Scarring and nose damage now requires surgical repair.

  90. I had Juvederm injected 6 weeks ago under my left eye. There is a yellow ridge about a centermeter long with a great deal of redness and a blue vein sticks out too.

  91. One of the “so-called” top dermatologists in the city made the recommendation to me that Scupltra was the finest and the best. Thinking he was trustworthy I agreed. 3 sessions of injections were what was required, he said. These were given about 40 days apart, and after the 3 session, which totaled a little bit over $4000.00, and no improvement could be seem, he decided that I should have 2 more sessions, which he did not charge for, I must say.
    The wrinkles, if anything, are even more pronounced, and I have red marks all over the cheeks and lumps the size of a pea under the skin, all over, I am 78 years young and I have always taken pride in my appearance. People used to be amazed when I would reveal my age, as I certainly didn’t look it. Now, I look older than I am and I am devastated. Can they actually get away with this fraud? As far as I am concerned the doctor in Edmonton Alberta, should be held liable. It is unconscionable that he is doing this treatment to others with no consequences. The manufacturer should also be held accountable and not be able to manufacture this harmful product anymore.

  92. I had Juvederm injected into the under eye area to fill some hollowness.I looked like a terrible right after the procedure and was left w horrific bruising and needle marks that lasted a week.Immediately I noticed the area looked uneven and only one eye was left with a huge lump.I am only 31 and had no wrinles or any dark circles prior to this procedure.I feel suicidal…I look terrible…It has been two months…the lump went down but I have a large half circle looking bruise that even the most expensive makeup cannot cover…believe me I have tried everything.I am a Administration of Justice student and missed 2 weeks of classes due to the swelling after the injection.I have had to attend classes regardless and have had to endure the looks of others probaly wondering what happened to my face as I am so ashamed to tell a soul what I have done.I look horendous…worse yet the doctor who injected the Juvederm couldn’t be reached.He never returned any of my calls as he says he was on vacation.I didnt get an appointment until a month later…thinking that he would fix this as he said,”if it leaves any dark marks which is very rare-I can laser it off for you”I was told at the appointment that he couldn’t do the procedure because it was too risky.I’ve also noticed vision changes…My vision seems blurred…All I want is to feel normal again…I feel as though I have ruined my life…My LOOKS are gone as I feel ugly and grotest-all I wanted and believed this product would do by all its advertisements-was simply enhance my looks-Its ruined my life!I have read some of the complaints and feel as though the MAKERS OF THIS PRODUCT AND DOCTORS THAT ARE INJECTING IT are misleading people to what this product really does do.It is ruining peoples lives and hopefully people like me don’t grow through w/suicide to end the anxiety and havoc it has brought into our lives!!!!

  93. I had juvederm injections and developed skin rash and watery pustules. I now look old and oddly lumpy. I have decided to just accept that I am old and let my hair go grey and eat what ever I want. I will never again put my health at risk to look young again.

  94. I would like to have anyone comment on Juvaderm. I have been to derm who suggested it for under eye bags…..I would appreciate any help with dos or don’ts. Thanks!

  95. I have been in a Juvederm/HA nightmare for 6 months now. I was initially injected with Juvederm and was lumpy bumpy, assymetrical, and had the Tyndale effect. I panicked and had many attempts at removal. When all ws said and done I had a blk line with no volume above my lip. They said the only thing to do was to inject more product in that area that now looks like a moustache. So then Restylane was injected in just that area, the same thing happened, so they tried to add Prevelle above it to smooth out the lumps and bumps and of course it just got worse. I am just trapped with no way out with the product in its bumpy and with it out it was uneven too. I can barely look at people wondering if they think I am just a freak. My work has suffered, my family life, dating. Don’t even know where to turn at this point. Prevelle is only supposed to last 2 months it has been in 3 now, with no signs of leaving.

  96. I had Juvederm injected on thursday and after over a week one side of my face was still completely numb, swollen, red and bruised. The numbness never went away. Very painfu headaches and on the injection site. I could eat or drink anything from the affected side. My gums became very inflamed. I had to get a MRI and my diagnosis was Inflamatory cellulitis and triageminal neuritis. I could not go to work for 4 days. I was told to see a neurologist to make sure that was no permanent nerve damage.
    I had to be treated with sterodis and pain medication. I looked terrible instead of the opposite effect I was looking for .

  97. I had perlane injected in my lips a month ago and developed white lumps (been to 3 plastic surgeons and a dermatologist-2 say it’s filler 1 says cysts and 1 does not know or will not say) and inflamed skin around my lips. Perlane was injected around vermillion border. My lips hurt and are sore. I look like I have permeant cold sores on my lips(which I have never had). The plastic surgeon, Dr Dean Kane , said come back in 6 months, this is beyond his knowledge. Someone please help me.

  98. In September of 2008, my dermatologist suggested that I have a filler– radiesse– injected to decrease deep lines at the corners of my mouth. As time went on, I noticed that I began to drool, and I was getting very frequent cold sores in the corners of my mouth. I didn’t connect these occurences until I recently got a computer with a web cam and noticed that the wrinkles have worsened, and that one side of my mouth seems to be somewhat paralyzed relative to the other side when I smile. I am beginning to think that the injections are responsible. Yes, I am 3 years older now, but the drooling began not long after the injections. By the way, he must have injected me at least 20 times on each side. It was extremely uncomfortable. I wish I had never done this. I now feel very self-conscious about my mouth, and that was not the case previously.

  99. I LOVE MY Restylane injections!! It has changed my life for the better.. I am sad to see these people with problems, I did LOTS of research and checkedc alot of DRs.

  100. I am now going blind from juvederm in glabella and have brain damage from the juvederm migrating into my brain confirmed on pet scan i have lost 4 and a half stone my hair is falling out and i have severe toxic brain ebcephalopathy.My brain is no longer functioning and i cannot even walk up a flight of stairs.The hyaluronidase administered 6 weeks after the juvederm has caused severe burning 24 hours a day ion brain forehead and eyes i do not sleep eat or even go to the toilet anymore i am dying and it is all to juvederm god help me.Mary

  101. I have had a serious life threatening condition that I believe was caused by Juvederm injections. I received injections in my lips and cheeks on three occasions (Vancouver B.C.) and although they were done by an experienced plastic surgeon and looked great, I noticed some minor side effects with the first two injections such as soreness at all areas injected that never did go away and a nerve related issue around my mouth that did eventually resolve and was brushed off as not serious by the surgeon. I was also getting headaches on a regular basis which I usually get only very rarely and did not at that time think they were related to Juvederm. However, after my last injection I became very ill. By the day after my injection, I had become very lightheaded and dizzy. That symptom worsened and I also started getting other symptoms such as weakness and numbness in arms and legs, some very serious heart issues, constant muscle twitching throughout my body, eye symptoms (eg flashes of bright light even when my eyes were shut). Within a few days I went from being a strong, fit personal trainer to being unable to stand because of the lightheadedness and fatigue, or even leave my house. I started having anxiety attacks which I had never had before. My body felt so sick and weak, I didn’t think I would recover. I saw many specialists including a cardiologist, neurologist, internist and nobody was able to find what was causing my illness. I eventually did mostly recover but it took about a year and a half before I could even start working again. I strongly believe it was the Juvederm injections that caused this serious reaction and have noticed other stories of similar serious neurological and cardiac issues on this forum although there are no warnings given anywhere of the possibility of this type of life threatening reaction. If anyone has any helpful information in relation to this or knows of a class action lawsuit in relation to this please post info.

  102. I agree totally Kyla with that comment i am so ill now that even though i had pet scan it doesnt show exactly what the problem is.I had and still have all the symptoms you have expressed.I am having theses burning symptoms all the time my eyesight is getting worse no doctor can help i am trying to get a biopsy but noone will do it i am slowly dying from this toxic stuff i am not the same person anymore i cannot leave the house hardly the burning is just wont stop all because i didnt want botox i was never warned of these possible side effects who will believe these symptoms,who even cares people say its our fault for doing it in the first place i am so scared i dont know what to do i need help and no one is listening i have been told im mad that im imagining this all how can you imagine this.Its disgusting this stuff is allowed to damage people.I havent been the same for 6 months now my life has gone i was so healthy.What can i do.Someone please help.

  103. I had a terrible reaction from juvederm and now i have multiple chemical sensitivities. I read on here another woman has exactly what i have now, I was very healthy before. Does anyone know of any lawsuits or class action suits?

  104. It has been almost two days since juvederm was injected to add fullness to my jaw line.

    The bruising is still very ugly and camoflage doesn’t conceal it. I also have fine lines that were not there before.,

  105. I had 2 syringes of Juvederm Ultra Plus injected on my nasal labia folds. Right after the 3rd of 4th injection I started to feel a numbness in my head and pressure along the temple area. Also had a strange “taste” in the back of my throat and a slight tightness in my chest. The dermatologist thought I was having a Panic attack, or a reaction to the Lidocaine in the Juverderm, but I have experieced anxiety before and this was different.
    Stayed in her office unitl I felt well enough to drive home. It took about 48 hours for this ill feeling to subside.
    However, the filler has made the lines in my face much softer and not so noticeable, The dermatologist wanted me to come back to finish some lines in the jowel area. She said she would try Radiesse instead of the Juverderm. But, not sure I want to take this any further.

  106. I had Radiesse injected in my nasol folds and in my chin on Dec 21, 2011. My face was distorted did not look like myself for a while and my face becomes super red and like a burning sensation. The Radiesse that was injected in my chin moved and I now have a white lump in my gum line and on the inside of my lower lip. I went back to the doctor because I am concerned. She tried to tell me it is a canker sore :( and gave me some steroid dental paste. I was changed for what should have been a follow up because I developed complications. I got a bill the other day in the mail for the office visit. I have gotten sinus infections about every 6 weeks as well. This product should be taken off the market in my opinion. I don’t know if this doctor just does not know what she is doing when she injected this filler in my chin. This stuff is super expensive as it is. I highly advise people not to get it. My face turns super red and is flushed since getting radiesse.

  107. I had Restylane in my lips & around my mouth on a cruise 2 weeks ago-I was & still lumpy but friends (who didn’t know I had it done) said “boy did that vacation do you good, you look great” I did look up Restylane and it did day it could take a few weeks for the lump/bruising/swelling to go down. a little while ago I looked into the mirror & my lips are purple looking and it looks like I have purple lip liner around my lips. I just called the doctor & left a message. I am FREAKING OUT after just reading all the heart & nerve problems people are having. If anyone knows anything about this, please re-post to me or email Thanks

  108. I have had restylane under my eyes lasting 3 years this summer (2012). It was injected too superficially, according to my new doctor and everone else who knows about results similar to mine. I would like a cheek lift to smooth out the results of the restylane, but the doctor said the restylane must first dissolve. He wants to use Vitrase injection to “melt” the restylane. The doctor says I have festoons from the improperly injected restylane. Also there are two irregular lumps within the injected area that look similar to blisters. Also below the injected areas are one-inch dark lines (shadows?) that form a separation between my lower eyelids and my cheeks. In other words, it does not look smooth from my cheek up to my lower eyelash area. I know I need the cheeklift due to aging alone, even if I did not have the restylane, but the need is now worse, with those dark lines on both sides of my face. Beware, get a doctor very experienced with injectible fillers and in fact with any procedure you’re considering. Be sure the doctor is experienced with the specific area of the body, For example: restylane in lower eyelids. Restylane can last INDEFINITELY, mine is.

  109. I too had Juviderm injections on the cheek bone area. I too have a blister–water like–which formed under one eye. A very experienced nurse performed the injections. I have had Juviderm and Radiesse injected before with no problems. In fact, both of these products did not last a long time. . .less than a year. I am hoping the swelling in my eye subsides though after reading this site I hold out little hope.

    I received the injections a week ago. Will give it more time before thinking of using the enzyme to dissolve same.

  110. I had Juvederm done on my forehead Dec 1st 2011. I left with loads of broken capillaries and lumps and since then have had lots psoriasis like hives mainly on my face and some on the body ,extreme dizzyness,heavy feeling in my forehead and in Feb 2012 my forehead swelled like a balloon for several days and only started to subside after taking some allergy meds .I contacted the clinic as I believe it was done incorrectly and it is advised to not have forehead done as it’s dangerous and was never told this .I wanted a refund ,after many calls from them saying no to a refund but they will retreat which is a firm NO on my part ,they now have come back and said I never had Juverderm done and hung up on me ,this is a Toronto based clinic that has many clinics. There needs to be stricter guidelines with this product as it’s causing much distress and health problems to many !!!!I have contacted Allergan to start taking this further and waiting on them to conduct a safety report !

  111. I had several Restylane injections in my lips and nasal folds from 2004 – 2007. Botox two or three times in the crows feet area. Came down with debilitating Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, became disabled. Was healthy and in great shape before. Research doctors who deal with MCS told me that both Botox and Restylane are neurotoxins and can cause this horrible disease. Now I cannot tolerate fragrances, fabric softener, anything scented, most drugs, the list is endless. Cannot travel or work. For what? To look a little younger for a few years?! The pay off was asthma, respiratory problems, and the life of a hermit.

  112. I had Perlane injections for my nasal folds. I thought I was happy with the results. However, I noticed lumps on the right side of my fold near nose and lips. Also the “volume” around the areas in question have flattened. I asked the doctor’s office about that and I was advised to wait a while. They thought it was swelling which was normal. Lumps or nodule-like bumps have not gone away. I went back for an appointment and their nurse massaged my lumps. It seemed to work. I got home and saw a lump. It bothered me and I asked doctor about it. I went back for another injection for a reduced price. I did not notice lump till a friend took a picture of me and posted on his Facebook. I saw the lump on my right fold and it was embarrassing. I checked and felt the lump. I tried to massage it and it seemed to migrate around the area. My concern is that the lump might be permanent.

  113. I had Juvederm injected six months ago just before going on my vacation to Mexico. It has been a nightmare of swelling and lumps ever since. At first it was thought that I had an infection so before going away I was put on antibiotics. This did not help. Stayed swollen and could not have any pictures of myself taken. I looked like a goul. When I came back I went to my plastic surgeon (he did not do injecting). His injector gave me several shots of hyaluronidase on the right side of my face. This worked for a time. Swelling began again. For several weeks (just recently) I could not open my mouth because my jaw was so sore. Well, another nodule has now migrated out of my jaw and is sitting on my cheek. A couple of weeks ago I arose in the morning to see a person I did not recognize. The whole of the left side of my face is now swollen up. A test was done to see if this area was infected. It was not. I had hyaluronidase injected again on the left side. As of today and six months after the injection I am so swollen I could just die. My face is burning and it is red. Will have to go tomorrow and get something done. The only thing that I can say about this whole experience is that I have a wonderful surgeon who is very concerned about all of this. They have discontinued using Juvederm. He is doing everything possible to help me and he also refunded all of the money I spent. I have a feeling though, this is going to take quite some time before this JUNK – Juvederm is out of my face. If it ever comes out. Allergen who make this stuff said that they have never heard of any reactions like mine. Such liers. This filler should be banned as it is highly dangerous as you can judge from the above comments. I pray for all of you girls and myself as well. I hope that we all can overcome this stuff called “JUVEDERM”. If any doctors are reading this, do the responsible thing and get it banned from use. Also help your patients. This is like having a disease that keeps growing and growning. I do not know where the Juvederm is coming from. I have had so many shots to dissolve it. Prayers to everyone.

  114. I had juvederm injections a month and a half ago I have experienced many problems, including illness, I am 46 but if you look at my upper lip from my nose down to the bottom of my chin I look 30 years older, from the nose up I look my age if not younger, I do not know who I am in the mirror, I am devastated. I do hope someone will do a class action in regards to what has happened to so many of us.

  115. Reading these comments is just soo distressing. I wish all of you some respite from this horror. I am 41 and hate the 11 lines between my eyes. I had pretty much decided to have a combination of “temporary” dermafills and Botox, thinking that administered by a PC it would be safe. I like you seemed to be under the illusion that any adverse side affects from temporary fillers would be minimal and temporary. Having read about your experiences I have decided that there is no way that I would risk this. Thank you for posting this, my thoughts are with you.

  116. I had sculptura injection 6 years ago which left a small bump under the skin which has now turned into carcinoma. Sculptura is likely the cause as I always wear sunblock and large hats. Scarey!

  117. On Sept 10 2011 I was injected under my right lower eye with Restylane, This was the first injection the doctor made on my face. After he used the words I like to go deep under the skin he injected Restylane and severed a blood vessel under my eye. He went about injecting into different places on my face never mentioning what had happened after the first injection. My best friend who happens to be a doctor was in the room with me waiting for her turn. She noticed an instant port wine stain growing on my nose and along the right side of my face. She mentioned this to the doctor who said oh yes some bruising occurred. Nothing to worry about bruising happens. After her treatment she asked again why was my face having a bluish growing bruise on it. This doctor never said that he severed a vein in my face and that I needed emergency medical treatment to save my face from necrosis. The reason he did not say I needed help was because he was clueless as to what he had done to my face. He did not know that what he had done required immediate medical attention.He did not have the proper training to be giving injections because if he did he would have known that I need treatment ASAP. He let me go home without proper medical care. We took an elevator down and by the time I got to the first floor my face was shooting blood from the injection site, We went back up to his office very worried over my bleeding face. He took a look at the bleeding site and said oh just blood from bruising no problem now you won’t bruise as much. I went home trying not to freaked out. My face was getting worse by the minute. I returned to his office three different times asking him to help me my face was in terrible pain and white patches where showing up. Each time I went he acted like everything was great. His advise to me was relax it was nothing more then bruising and it would be gone in a couple of weeks. I had the procedure done on a Saturday on the following Wednesday my husband returned from a trip out East. He took one look at me and called a specialist to see me on an emergency basis. By this time I thought I had flesh eating disease. The white patches had turned black and puss was coming out of them. I wiped the area and found open holes in my face where once beautiful healthy skin was. I was examined by a doctor who told me what had happened. That upon the first injection the doctor hit a vein and severed it in half. He continued to fill the area with Restylane He advised me that when this happens there is an emergency procedure to reverse the side effects and it needs to be done ASAP. He said I was not given the proper medical treatment I needed so there was little he could do because the damage was already done.. At this point all he could offer was burn cream. He said he would not know for many months just how badly scared I would be. I used the cream day and night. I was unable to attend my family reunion, my class reunion and my daughters last high school home coming. I missed three planed vacations with my family. I was holed up in my house for 6 months only to go out to see my doctor weekly. In June 2012 saw a Laser Specialist who works on facial scars. It is now Sept 15 2012 and I am still receiving Laser treatments to help heal the scar left from my Restylane injection. I went to see the doctor who did this to my face after seeing a specialist. When I saw him he said to me “What no smile from you” and next he had the nerve to ask me “What do I think happened to my face” ….. he was not kidding…He was asking me..Who is the doctor here me or him. I have hundreds of pictures of this nightmare.What I want more then anything to let other women know that what happened to me can happen to them. Anyone who allows a doctor to touch their face must ask them if they know the emergency procedure to reverse the effects of an severed artery should they hit one. I only wish someone would have warned me.

  118. On sept. 26 I had juvederm injected to nasolabial folds. On 9-27 I had quite a bit of swelling on the left side and the left side of the inside of my mouth was burning quite a bit. By 9-27 I had 2 horizontal cuts on the inside of my mouth and a few open sores. I called the softer on 9-27 and she ordered valacyclovir 2 doses. No improvement. I saw her on 10-1 and she ordered 7 days of the same med. the burning and open area in my mouth are horrendous. The bruising and redness on my face is horrible extending to my chin. I would not recommend juvederm to anyone ever. I also have excoriated area at the creases at my left nose. I don’t know if I am going to call and see her again or try my fmd! When I saw her on 10-1 she basically just smiled and said this happens sometimes. I wish I would have found this site before!

  119. I have been thinking about juvederm lately and having read all your experiences I now realise the dangers are just to great. Thank you for sharing and helping others to know about the very real and scary risks. I know it may not be of any value to read this considering the nightmares some of you are going through but I really want to say courage and strength be with you and my heart is just aching for what you are experiencing. Our insecurities about how we “look” are fueled by a society that creates products that we find out we cannot trust (all in the name of dollars). It is so so tragic and sad…

  120. Started using restylane and botox for about seven years ago.
    Cosmetically sucessful!! Lips look good and fuller with restylane.
    Wrinkles between brows gone and my eyebrows lifted by making my eyes less tired.
    BUT however, this will bew my last treatment!! My headaches are getting more severe after each treatment. Muscles pain like symtom of flu, plus weakness, pain in my body and chronically tired and not to talk about problems with swollow difficulties and chest tightness, waking up in the middle of the night chipping for air..really scary!!
    And im a very healthy person. working out everyday, eating healthy, neither smoke or drink.. But my body pain like influensa, loosing energy is now impending me from working out that often!!!
    Does anyone have this problem…I feel soo foolish by letting my vanity damaging my health!!
    I know is due to restylane and botox!!! I have 2 sisters neither of them have try restylane nor botox…My sisters do not have these symtoms!!!
    Need to know if I ever get rid of these negative side effects!!

    Will never use Botox, restylane or any other substance again!!
    Rather grow old gracefully than losing my health


  121. So glad I found this website..I too had Juvaderm Ultra injected 3 years ago by a Board Certified well respected Doctor and it’s been a nightmare ever since..I was swollen immediately..knew something was wrong and had it dissolved a little and it still looked awful..from what I’ve read Juvaderm should not be placed in the tear troughs. I’ve been to an allergy specialist, ENT Dr., Dermo and no one can tell me what this redness and bumps are caused by and how to get rid of it. Had more dissolved recently only to have a blue vein appear out of nowhere and a dent in my face. Was told by my P.S. To go to my Dermo and get what’s called a V Beam laser. Had that procedure and woke up for 2 weeks with my eyes completely swollen and still red with bumps..a friend dragged me to a registered nurse who does injections and IPL lasers all day long and I think I’m finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel..With only one treatment of the laser the bumps have decreased and the redness is a little lighter. With make up it’s even better..not only do I think the Doctors are responsible but the manufactures should be held accountable..Called Allergan today and spoke to a girl who was basically useless and very unprofessional and lacked the knowledge of the product that employs her. They take a report period..she doesn’t know what happens next and doesn’t have a manager to speak with or any more information. If there is some kind of class action suit against the makers of this product, I would love to be included..

  122. Hi Agnetha, I had Juvederm in my cheeks, since then I have been having these symptoms of breathlessness and my face looks worse by the day. Now i am developing blue marking and sagging under my eyes.
    This product should be banned – it is far from safe as the manufacturers wish us to believe.

  123. Thanks for sharing your stories. After reading them I will never have any substance shot into my skin. I try to remember what a doctor told me years ago,”We are practicing medicine.”

  124. I had a juvederm injection above my right eyebrow around 6 months ago to fill in a scar and it has been the worst decision of my life. I original asked about getting laser treatment to smooth the scar but somehow I was talked into having this junk injected into me (harmles, will disolve, you wont even notice it’s there, blah blah blah) which all turned out to be lies..

    six months later, I still have a noticeable lump and it pushed my eyebrow down, so i now have asymmetric eyes. My hair is falling out of my head and eyebrow(right side, left not as bad).. I know its from the juvederm because I had really thick dark eyebrows and a thick head of hair. It is now really thin and getting worse every day! it just keeps getting thinner, I’m afraid it will be completely gone in a couple more months. I have a strange dizzy feeling not like anything I’ve ever felt(not like low blood preassure, or head rushes), headaches (right side only) and I can’t think clearly. I also have crazy dandruff which I’ve never had which is clearly from my body trying to get this shit out of me.

    Has anyone gone through the hair loss and had it grow back, or am I permanently fucked?? how much longer do i have to go through this hell? I only had 1/2 a unit of juvederm.

    I feel for you people that are going through serious health problems, I can only imagine how bad that must be.. I don’t think i’ve even had a bad/allergic reaction to it, it’s just really bad for you… natural my ass! It’s def toxic and my body is fighting tooth and nail to get rid of it.. which reminds me, my nails are very brittle too and break off with ease.

    this stuff should not be legal! it’s amazing to me that it is. I wonder how much the FDA was paid to approve this garbage.

  125. would also like to add… I was thinking about getting it disolved but from the comments above looks like that only makes it worse, so I will wait it out to see if my body can overcome this disease naturally.

    Juvedisease is what it should be called. there is nothing rejuvenating about it, unles you consider looking like gollum healthy.

    Everyone please post progress reports, or sadly regress reports too.

  126. I had Juvederm in my cheeks and upper lip six months ago by a nurse in England. It made me look deformed and I immediately wanted to get rid of it but the nurse told me I couldn’t. Since then I have had swelling, pain and looked like a chipmunk. I finally had it dissolved with Hyaluronidase but still have pain in my cheeks and not all of the product has gone. Juvederm should be banned. It is completely unsafe, more and more people are reporting problems. I wish I had never gone near this clinic as they appear to be only interested in taking the money and persuading people to have totally unnecessary procedures. Juvederm, in some people appear to affect the nervous system and cause severe adverse reactions.

  127. Hi there I just wanted to give an update on my hellish experience with the dreaded juvederm,its been 17 months now and I’m still in the thick of this burning dementia fog as I call it.I have now vision loss in my right eye,enough to warrant the need for prescription glasses.Hearing loss in the left ear,accompanied by 24 high pitched tinnitus.Severe memory loss,with cognitive decline.Permanent burning in eyes,forehead and inside head,feelings of suffocation,squashing,nausea,dizziness,muscle wasting and fatigue.My brain literally feels like acid is burning holes inside it,I have slowed reactions,fall over,misplace things,my body aches as if I run 20 miles a day.Im 42 soon and feel 82,I had these injections at 40 years old,people would tell me I looked 30,now I look 50.Thus is sick,it’s cost me so far almost £12000 to try and get better,my marriage almost ended,im having to relocate my family and have lost friends because they can handle me being sick for so long as I can’t socialise like I use to.This stuff is toxic bio hazard material,my hair is still coming out in clumps,how dare these pharmaceutical companies advertise this as safe and natural,it’s bloody made from strepptococcus bacteria and polymers,binding agents,God only knows he long term effects of this.I pray for everyone suffering,that you get better,no one deserves this,it’s torture.Does someone have to die before the government sits up and takes note of all the side effects of this and how sick people are getting.The list on here is getting longer,and will continue too,I hope whoever is going to sue Allergan doesn’t take too long,all the best.

  128. My first reaction to all I have been reading…you guys have let your healthcare professionals inject you off label. Restylane and juvederm are FDA approved for nasolabial folds and marionette lines only. You must research and be an advocate for yourself before you have any of these injections done. Please remember to go to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. I have heard any type of Dr. Can go to a one day seminar and do these injections. They then can let nurses in their practice do the injections. Not a smart move to trust these people. Never use a product off label…never trust a healthcare provider that will use it off label. I am so sorry this has happened to all of you :(

  129. .I did my restylane injections for three and a half years ago in Sweden. They said that this was completely biodegradable and it would be no residues. Now the big famous plastic surgeons in Sweden go out with this filler may be permanent. It was not what I paid for. Why not investigate restylane more, let someone chemist break down the material and make analyzes. I suspect that there are permanent products in it. It can lead to major charges against the manufacturer that markets the product as non-permanent.

  130. I am a 37 year old male, approximately 5 years ago i did the mistake of having 6 injections on my forehead with the objective of minimizing wrinkle lines. approximately 10 months later visible red lumps appeared in the exact places where the injections where done, some larger then others. I am not sure what the product that I had done is, as the place where i got them done is no longer active. Looking at this page i can see I share some of the unfortunate tales, my bumps are part of my daily life they are on my forehead and noticeable,, makes my life challenging, as i try not to focus on them, i hate it when people ask me what happen to my forehead, i try not 2 fall in depression, has been approximate 5 years now, is clear they are not going away, my objective on sharing my unfortunate incident with you is that i am urgently seeking to find a doctor or dermatologist that has experience dealing with such cases that can actually help me, I reside in mexico however willing to go anywhere where I can find a specialist in this field. Please if some one has had a similar experience to mine and corrected or minimized the lumps, point me to the doctor if you have similar situation to mine i be more then happy to share your pain. as i know what you are going through. thank you for your attention.

  131. Dear all,
    Thank you for sharing your experiences…i’m thinking of doing some injections to my cheeks and nasolabial folds…I even set my appointment with dermatologist already…i’m a 31 years old with saggy face …reading all your stories make me think that I really need to reconsider my intention to get the injections done…my thoughts and prayer are all with you….for those having side effects from dermal filler/botox , I pray for your speedy recovery…thanx again……..

  132. I had Radiesse under my eyes for hollowness. Do NOT do it! It’s not FDA approved for under eye area and ps knew it but did not tell me until things went horribly wrong. I still have bags under my bags. PS told me that the company said that it destroyed my lymphatic system and that’s why the swelling won’t go away. I had redness for months as well. The swelling was so bad that the first year I wore sunglasses everywhere I went day and night. I got 2nd opinion and that ps told me the 1st ps didn’t inject deep enough but she claims she did. I hate looking in the mirror to this day. It’s ruined my life. I used to look in my mid 30′s and now my eyes look like I’m in my 70′s or 80′sand I just turned 50. Good Luck finding anyone or anything to help. I’ve spent hundreds on creams and even had laser treatment with no results.

  133. Hi, I m an RN, I started injecting myself about 3yrs ago, I used restylane at first and had good results, I had the usual bruising and swelling. I then tried a cheaper brand of hyluronic acid called Juveni, it was very painful, swelling was terrible and it didn’t last. i have since gone for training and have used juvaderm latley with very good results. I suspect that some physicians use cheaper brands and are not trained and don’t practice at all don’t tbefore they start injecting for big bucks. I have had a couple of bad experiences with board cert plastic surgeons. That is what encouraged me to learn to do it myself, now that I have gone for training, I plan to open a med spa offering fillers. I will be using only ,hyaluronic acid, I don’t trust Radiesse or sculptra. I had a bad reaction to Radiesse, and have read about many problems

  134. I had Juvederm injected into my tear troughs 8 months ago. It’s still lumpy and awful and blue. I look older and weird. I’m embarrassed to leave the house and have almost completely stopped socialising. I saw a specialist reconstructive surgeon last week who said to give it another year, and to definately avoid dissolving injections. I’ve written a letter to the company who did this to me “Transform Medical Group UK” asking for compensation and threatening legal action. My eyes are puffy and blurry, I’m no longer attractive and im now on anti depressants due to this. I’ve lost my fiance and all my confidence. These liars and thieves need to be stopped from doing this. Prayers to all of you

  135. 45yo male

    i havent had anything go so wrong as some people here but just wanted to share my experience.

    like many here, was going away on vacation wanted to do something to look a little younger. so instead of a haircut and color like most people would do, on a whim i went and got a juvederm “consult”. she ended up talking me into filling my nasolabial folds. i told her i was off on a cruise in one week and asked several times whether i would be good to go by then. “oh yeah” she said assuredly. “How long have you been doing this?” i asked. “Over 17 years, you’re not my first patient” she replied. I \detected a sarcastic tone. hmm.

    anyways…ok. get the injections (which were more painful than i expected), paid them over $600 and went on my merry way.

    5 days later here i am… the left side of my face looks like i got punched. it’s swollen and bruised and frankly it looks ridiculous. only on one side mind you. the other side looks fine.

    and i can feel the juvederm under my skin, a hard “tube” of it…feels like someone cut a sharpie marker in half and slid it under my skin.

    Concerned, I went back to the same place today and asked …”Why?” “Oh nothing to worry about” she says”it’s swollen and once the swelling disappears you’ll love it”. Uh huh.

    So …flying out tomorrow to Miami …gonna feel like everyone is staring at me because it looks like a was just in a fight. Paranoid or not, it doesn’t look “good” by any stretch.

    With all the hype surrounding injectables, like they’re a “lunchtime lift” and back off to work you go, one might think that would at least fall into the category of false advertising . I’m sure juvederm works just fine for many people, but if you think there’s no swelling or bruising or lumps and bumps, you’re in for a surprise.

    Hopefully the “tube” of juvederm softens and flattens out or even after the swelling does go down, it’ll look like a pen under the skin in my nasolabial fold. I’ll have to go back and get it dissolved, probably for a fee, and there i’ll be out 6/7/$800? and won’t have anything to show for it. Nice.

    Kinda feel like like a sucker. but i don’t think you can sue for that. Too bad. If you’re considering fillers, read through this page first, then decide. I wish I had.

  136. I had restylane from a certityed professional around my mouth and nose and in the forehead in july 2012 here in Denmark. 3 weeks later i started to develop Subacute thyroiditis. Inflamation of the thyroid gland. I am still suffering this, and as a chemist I have read a number of articles on this subject (dermal fillers and sideffects) and it is very very likely that granulomas that reslylane couses can lead to this desease among other very nasty ones.
    I have been ill for 6 month wich has been awfull.
    I want to say to everyone:
    Stay away from these fillers, as they DO harm your body.

  137. I have had Restylane injections in my lower face and they have worked well. I was considering getting my temple area done. I will never get any hyaluronic filler put in my face near my forehead area now. It should not be legal for a doctor to inject this area. The risk is too great. All I can say is that I feel so badly for all of you that have had to suffer from these money grubbing doctors that don’t care about the risks, they only care about the money. Thank you so much for sharing what has happened and warning people by posting this. I pray that you all get better.

  138. I am wondering if anyone remembers Radiesse issuing a release several years back about granulomas? Apparently the product was more prone to granulomas before being reformulated, this happened in 2010 or 2011. Please reply if you have information on this.

  139. I had jevederm injected a year and a half ago under my eyes. I didn’t think I needed this and had a promotional coupon and asked the doctor if he could save it for when I needed it around my lips. He said no we need to use it, I think you can use some under your eyes. My cheeks turned red and I had a bluing under one eye. He said it is called tinsel effect and would go away. I looked like a chipmunk and went back to him telling him one side was bigger than the other and he said it was not that noticeable and I am being “too microscopic”. Nine months after the injection I noticed a lump between my eyes growing and thought it was a pimple. Then I noticed multiple lumps. Went to my doctor and had a needle nose aspiration. The report said, “silicone like substance” and only surgery would help and would be left with a scar. I called the surgeon after the cheek area started getting lumps. He injected me with cortisone and it seemed to help for about 4 months. The lumps are back on the forehead and when I went in to see him again he said, I never injected you in that area I had no choice but to go home feeling frustrated. A week later the lumps on my cheeks came back and I did research and realized that the lumps migrate and even though he didn’t inject the area between the forehead, they migrated from the cheekbones because I have never had any injections between my forehead. What should I do? If he cannot make this right then I am going to sue him.

  140. Juvederm Ultra has lasted 3.5 years around the corners of my mouth leaving lumps and drapey skin. Nothing will dissolve this – I’ve tried it twice. We were majorly misled about this product being temorary or dissolvable.

  141. I was injected with non-FDA products (medical grade silicone or Aquamid) against my knowledge in a non-invasive beauty makeover…I sent many biopsies to the Dept of Health and called in the FDA, and was put in a fraudulent contract, seeking Declatory relief and the guy just died, and I am free to talk. I need to hear from a good atty to go after his estate,as I have been permanently damaged and am currently working with a well know Plastic surgeon making break throughs on how to manipulate the product from the outside before surgeries, lots to tell, need to speak with one of your Atty’s and asap. Thank you Tracie Miami :( HELP!!

  142. At 58 years old, I seemed to have developed cystic acne and hair folliculitis along my hair line. I have had both botox and collagen injections, but none for over a year. These injections were performed by a dermatologist, and she along with 4 other dermatologist have emphatically told me, the acne nor the folliculitis are from the injections. Still, I could not understand , why at this time of my life, would I develope cystic acne. After searching the web endlessly for over 6 months, I stumbled across this site. Has anyone else experienced similar symptoms from these injections? TY

  143. I also just learned of enlarged lymph nodes in my lungs after flu-like symptoms. It triggered my asthma badly. Fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, body aches, headaches….I am now on Prednisone, steroid inhalers and albuterol. My lungs are painful and I have shortness of breath. Labs so far are normal except for the lymph node.

  144. I also have been having problems with blood sugar (reactive hypoycemia) since the fills – i am wondering if I may have autoimmune Sarcoidosis. have no appetite and hard to eat from nausea which happened immediately when product was injected each of the 3 separate time.

  145. I am basically having most symptoms of Sarcoidosis and immune respons to include lungs, skin, endocrine, muscular, skeletal – almost all of my body systems seem to be affected by this? Look up Sarcoidosis and see if it isn’t similar. :-/ It’s an autoimmune disease.

  146. I am adding to an earlier comment Feb 25th. I was encouraged to do a biopsy to rule out sarcoidosis. I think he injected me in my lymph glands. I called the doctor and told him that and he said it was ridiculous. The ER doc said that when a substance enters the lymph glands which are mostly under eyes, exactly where he injected me. The white blood cells,(the soldier cells) eat the substance even though it is water soluble and try to desolve it and cannot. So they move from one area to another virtually a life time. I talked to a doctor in costa rica and he mentioned a medication that is good with granulomas. He said it is called “Accolatae” he has had good results with it. It was initially as a medication for asthma . He has had good results with it. HAS ANYONE OUT THERE HEARD OR TRIED THIS MEDICATION??? please write back. Thanks

  147. I had pitted scars from acne on one cheek, and was very self conscious about them. I went to a well regarded plastic surgeon with experience in injectibles. He injected the pitted areas with Juvederm. I didn’t realize this was an off label use; he’s the doctor and should have informed me. Or I should have done more research. I noticed lumps in my cheek within a month and went back to the doctor. He offered to inject the area with hyluronic acid to dissolve the Juverderm. Stupid me! I said no because I had paid so much for the injection, and thought it would dissolve on its own!
    Now, 6 years later, I have permanent raised lumps in that area that have not disappeared. I had the hyaluronic acid injected a year later by another doctor, but at that time it was too late. Nothing dissolved. I had gone back to the first doctor after a year to complain about the lumps again. He thought that the underlying acne scarring prevented the Juvederm from correctly filling in the underlying area. Why couldn’t be have thought that could have been an issue before the injections? He suggested a face lift to smooth the area..as if!
    I had also called Allergan to complain..the woman on the phone said they had never heard of any reaction like mine..oh, please! Utter bull.

  148. I had Sculptra injected over a year ago. Not only is my face distorted, but I get daily inflammation, swelling, burning and redness. I look like a freak. Dual board certified doc never bothered to tell me of all the risks or the fact that it was irreversible.
    This crap cost me my health, my job, my confidence and my emotional well being. Please, please, please stay away from this poison.

  149. I went to an “Open day” at a reputable clinic in Nottingham UK, I only mentioned about two lines down the side of my face. The nurse said that cheek fillers would help and injected Juvederm 4. I experienced pain swelling and a hideous change in the shape of my face. I eventually had the Juvederm dissolved with hyaluronidase but am still experiencing pain and a lump now on the side of my face. This stuff is poisonous to a lot of people looking at this website and it is about time that the risks with this JUNK were made clear. It is not safe nor has no side effects. My face now has scars deep sunken areas. The doctor obviously had little experience of using hyaluronidase and used too much. Avoid Sk:n clinic Nottingham UK.

  150. I had restalyne about 2 years ago also and feel like I have been living with sever body aches every day. My blood work comes out normal but I show slight elevation of inflammation. My arms and legs feel like I ran a marathon every day. I really dont know if one is related to the other but I do know that I got a facial rash ever since the injection. The doctor does not believe it was related but I do.

  151. I had Juvederm Plus injected into my tear troughs under my eyes May 6, 2013. Eight weeks later, I still have swelling and some pain near my left cheek bone. I went back to the doctor who happens to be a surgeon, complaining about the bags under my eyes a month later and he claimed that everything looked good. He suggested I go to an allergist to help with the headaches and swelling around the eye area. After reading all of the comments on injectable side effects, I am completely mortified regarding the health consequences I may have to endure in connection to these injectables.

  152. I was getting dermal injections (reystalene mostly & some juvederm) for about 1 year. Suddenly I developed an autoammune disease callled morphea scleroderma. My body is producing too much collagen. Maybe coincidental, however, I don’t think so. I think it was a reaction to the dermal fillers. I wish more research could be done on dermal filllers and autoammune diseases.

  153. I want to know if anyone has started a class action lawsuit regarding injectibles or the doctors who do the injections? This practice should be stopped or reimbursements should be made if something goes wrong. Or a free “corretion” should be given.

    Yes, I had under eye juvederm done about a month ago. The results are not worth the $600.00 I paid. I had brusing under one eye and I don’t see that this juvederm ultra really fixed the hollowness under my eyes much. The bruise went away but now I have a deep wrinkle under that same eye that the doctor said could possibly be fixed with more juvederm for another $300.00. So, for $600.00 I didn’t get the results that I expected and now I would have to pay even more money to get it fixed, which might not work. This is riduculous!!!

    Would I do it again….NO WAY. Why would anyone pay a lot of money for something that doesn’t work or needs to be fixed for more money? This practice, with the tease and anticipation that you could look better, younger, more rested, etc, should be stopped. Or the fix should be FREE…..like when you return something to Macy’s that didn’t fit. You get your money back.

    There should be a money back guarantee and/or a free fix for any problems that can be fixed. The people who do these injectibles need to have more responsibility put on their shoulders or this practice should be stopped, period.

  154. I had a terrible problem with restylane . It was injected into a very small depression I had on my cheek; in fact the assistant who was sent to mark it asked me to point out where it was because she could not find it. I noticed the doctor injected into several areas and was going to question him but I had had good results with him on one previous occasion on the other cheek.
    Well immediately it caused lumps in the area. He said it would die down overnight but it did not. Not only was the depression not corrected but it made the cheek area look like a lumpy mountain range. It has been over 6 months now and has not changed. I had that hydraulic acid dissolver injected several times to no avail. I don’t know what this doctor did to me really.
    So I have this depression in the middle of two raised areas, and then general lumpiness in surrounding area. My cheek area was very smooth previously, in fact I sent him several photos of now and before and he said maybe the befores were the ‘light’. It is amazing they don’t recognize how they botched up.
    I don’t know what to do, I am severely depressed about it. I even started to wear a bandaid over the area, until my children asked if I was going to wear it the rest of my life. I really wonder if it will eventually dissolve or not.
    I know someone who had the same restylane injected very deep into the same area and I guess it broke down the previous restylane nd smoothed out the lumpiness. But I’m afraid to do it, if it makes it worse I will become suicidal. I don’t know what to do.

  155. I am in my twenties and had juvederm injected to my cheeks. Right after i felt so sick and tired ,felt like im a walking dead body. My face was swollen and my eyes shrinked to tiny holes in my face. I couldnt walk .. I looked deformed like an ailen or someone that just was beaten up in face by world’s boxing champion. 2 days after, i woke up to a disaster! since then, I have saggy skin on lower face and two big hollow under eyes like black tear through deformity, hollow cheeks. Lost half the volume i had in my face in just 2 days plus saggy skin and hollow eyes. Here we think fillers gives you volume !!I had a lot of
    pain in my eyes and face a month. Regret it so bad ,wish i could turn the time bavk because i look 15 years older and $600 poorer i just 10′. I too hear the good lies and juvederm scam commercials in Dr office that how it gives volume no risk blah blah … I want them pay for what they did to me but i can see FDA approved means nothing,you can pay FDA and sell dangerous stuff . Its all about money and politics..

  156. I went for a Resytlane injection (1 syringe) to a highly reputable, “top doctor” (M.D.) and the results have been problematic.

    We discussed that the Restylane would be placed along the nasolabial fold areas. It has always been done closer to the mouth than high up around the nose. My other doctor never went so high. As a result, I have large, firm masses on each side of my nose high up where the nasolabial crease begins. One side has been decreasing but the other side is getting larger and migrating towards my eyes and cheekbones. My eyes and skin are irritated, too. It has been painful to the touch. I cannot sleep. I have been icing the area. I am trying to sleep with my head upright in an effort to hopefully prevent further migration towards my eyes.

    Two days after the procedure I went back to the doctor. She said the lumps were a concentration of the filler in the area around my nose but it was nothing to worry about and it was not uncommon (although I never experienced anything like this after 5 years of using Restylane). She told me it should resolve.

    It’s now 10 days since the procedure, so I will go back again, but for a diagnosis only. I may not allow her to inject me, if she cannot do a routine Restylane injection competently. She might further injure the area. Especially now that it is migrating away from the crease up into the cheekbone area: Scary!!!

    Over the last few years I have used Restylane. Have have had only mild lumps and swelling that have resolved in a few days. Results have been outstanding. I get injections every 2.5 years. I will likely not proceed with another Restylane injection given what I am learning on this site. It’s not worth the risk. The doctor I went to is supposed to be one of the top docs in the country (to the rich and famous). This seems like a botched job.

    I just hope I don’t have anything worse and that it will resolve in time.

  157. I had perlane L injected in Sept. 2011. It was around the mouth. That night my lips swelled up huge. Within days I started feeling like I had the flu, aching all over. Then I went to barely being able to walk,getting out of bed or doing anything. I went back to surgeons office and they said they had never heard of anything like this. I\\\’m thinking \\\”why are you doing these injections and don\\\’t know the worst side effects?\\\”. I then went to my primary care doc and he put me on prednisone for a week . It did help. After I came off all pain was back so he put me on it for another 10 days. So nice to be pain free for a bit. Then I saw a neurologist ( worthless visit) who did a nerve and muscle test. He tried to say possibly fibromyalgia. I knew NOT. Next doc was a Rheumatologist that told me to go back on prednisone until my symptoms left. Maybe autoimmune. I wasn\\\’t happy with this so I scheduled myself for a muscle biopsy with the neuro muscular dept. at Duke Med. Cntr. They did an MRI first and then told me my tendons were inflamed throughout my body. I\\\’m thinking those injections hit a vein and went all over. The neuro doc. said there was nothing they could do for me. I was amazed hearing that at Duke. People go from all over there for diagnosis and treatment. I left so depressed. They sent me to another Rheumatologist at Duke and she was a Total WASTE. She said maybe you should try Celebrex. I had already tried Cymbalta and no help. I asked her if she could give me a prescription and she said I would have to get it from my primary care doc. I did not get it b/c I knew what the real problem was. NO Doc wants to hear about the injections causing the problem.
    Then tried acupuncture and it didn\\\’t help. I knew a girl that went to a kinesiologist /chiropractor that figured her problem out so being desperate and fed up with traditional medicine, I went there. He put me on a special diet, no sugar, white flour , dairy etc. , also on some supplements. It has not helped so back to square 1 and frustrated. My symptoms are flu like all over, stiffness, achiness all over. I\\\’m coming off the prednisone and symptoms are all worse. The inflammation is still there after almost 2 yrs.
    I was totally healthy and active before all this and I like most of you regret the day I was talked into the perlane injections. Telling you totally safe and you trust that…..that\\\’s my case. Help I can\\\’t live like this.

  158. Artefill Nightmere! Got artefill 1-2 years ago to help with what I called a drool river.Hated that moist feeling in corners of my mouth . But now granulomas rearing their ugly head Lumpy heavy face. Dr trying to help by injecting steroids of some sort now it is very lumpy,itchy RED blood vessels. Now he is refilling with juvederm and working on redness all for free. But then what ? How long will I need to go through this and how long will it be free? They blamed it on stress from my dad passing away.

  159. I got restylane injected in my lips 4 days ago. These have been the worst 4 days of my life. The left half of my face is completely paralyzed. I can’t smile on the left side or blink my left eye. I’m shaky, I’m nauseous, my eyesight is ailing and, above all, I’m struggling to adapt to paralysis. Of course. The doctor who administered this saw me today & assured me that the injections were not the impetus for the symptoms I’m having. She and the nurse practitioner offered me the consolation that I’m probably “having a stroke,” never mind that I’m 27 years old & I’ve never had health problems. Idiots. Healthy 27-year-olds don’t have strokes. Restylane paralyzed me!!

  160. There is an attorney I know of that takes Botox lawsuits. That would be against Allergan. I had perlane and the company is Medicis which has now changed to Valiant I believe. I have to talk to this attorney but would be good to have people wit my same problem, so severe it has ruined my life. Its been 2 yrs doc to doc and no resolution. Life is depressing. Before Perlane I was biking, golfing, running……no more and it\’s sad. I HATE MY LIFE.
    I am needing help in resolving my not being able to walk, do stairs,
    bend or anything basically due to being lied to like everyone else. I was also told , totally safe and a natural product that\’s in your body.
    You are trusting what they say….now I know better. Too late and have spent thousands out of pocket. The company needs to compensate and be banned from injecting this garbage.

  161. ladies and gents, if you have a purplish, graying bruise that wont go away and it may or may not be accompanied with a rash of tiny pussy blisters and rash, GO TO A BOARD CERTIFIED SURGEON!!! Or a dermatologist!!! The filler may have gotten into a blood vessel (or is pressing on a vessel) which causes blood flow to be restricted and you’ll only get WORSE if you don’t have it treated IMMEDIATELY!!! It can lead to permanent soft tissue damage and horrible scarring. I have a very mild case of this right now… but the world “mild” doesn’t make me feel much better. My PS has me on antibiotics and additionally some meds to increase blood circulation. fingers crossed.

  162. wow!….the stories here are really shocking!!…makes you wonder just how much damage these fillers have done to people as we can only be skimming the surface here!!…..it\’s a disgrace that these companies can ruin people\’s lives by selling harmful products. IF YOU WANT TO HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS, TRY AND MAKE AS MUCH PUBLICITY AS YOU CAN ABOUT THE DAMAGE THESE PRODUCTS HAVE DONE TO PEOPLE!!!!……it\’s all about money…..that\’s why they go out of their way to promote their products through slick advertising campaigns and why you have to did a lot deeper to see the ugly side of what these products can do!!!

  163. People have died from complications from these injections. I read where a little girl had them for some med problem and she died. Of course the company insists they are not at fault. You all are right. These fillers need to be banned but of course not , too much $$$ to be made. They don\’t care as long as they live in luxury.
    I had fillers 2 yrs ago and can barely walk now and in horrific pain. Everything has been ruled out. before that I was running, golfing, exercising and now can\’t even bend over to get something or getting dressed is a major chore. Also steps are hard. I\’m too young to be dealing with this and these sorry A _ _ companies could care less. let them go through this hell. Like I said I WAS a healthy 50+ yr old.

  164. 4 months ago my doctor injected juviderm ( which he has injected with no issues before) But because I was a repeat customer he said he was going to mix a little something with the juviderm to make it last longer.
    I thought he was just blowing smoke. The next morning I was so dilopitated and had enourmous flaps on the sides of my mouth. I immediately went back and instructed him to dissolve them as I knew Vitrase could do that. Well, he was able to reduce it to some extent, but for the most part it stayed in certain areas. He then tried convincing me that I already had these huge flaps and was this assymetrical. I asked him what he used to supposedly have it last longer and he said “just purified water” I am not sure if he was telling the truth or if the added water added volume and took away the ability to dissolve the juviderm with the vitrase. I had quite a bit of vitrase injected and I am fearing what will happen to my skin once the juviderm actually starts dissolving on it’s own. I absolutely hate this Doctor for what he did as the only reason I was using Juviderm was because he told me it was reversable and was very specific in that I only needed a little bit for my frown lines. He just went injection happy and literally told me to throw my mirror away if I don’t like what I see. Hoping it eventually goes back to normal after the year ends.

  165. I received an injection of Restylane to my tear troughs without any sort of block. I felt immediate numbness on the right side of my face. I had some trouble speaking, complete numbness and pain. My board certified dermatologist tried to reverse the procedure 2 weeks later with Vitrase. When she injected the Vitrase I felt a strange, heavy feeling in the right side of my nose running down to the right side of my mouth. I lost the ability to move the entire right side of my face. Now I have partial paralysis and cannot smile or speak clearly. I’m extremely concerned and my doctor stated this has never happened and she really didn’t know what to do. I’m trying to find a nerve specialist somewhere that can assess the damage and help my face to heal FASTER. If anyone has any suggestions I’d greatly appreciate it. This has been a nightmare. I’ll never seek a filler injection ever again. I’d rather look old and be able to smile. My job requires me to be client facing constantly and this is seriously impacting my professional and personal life.

  166. I went in to get juvederm injected into the middle of my upper lip due to two deep lines. Doctor talked me into injecting a little in my smile lines as well. After putting numbing cream on and a few minutes after beginning injection, I began to sweat and feel nauseous. I had to lay down with a wet rag, and doctor brought me juice. I felt a little better so Dr. began again. I got nauseous and went to bathroom and threw up. The doctor struggled to smooth out lip lines and I believe ended up over injecting. Thinking it must me scars, she moved on to my laugh lines. She injected there and then asked if it would be ok to do a little on my bottom lip to help compensate for the amount she put in upper lip. As we were finishing I still felt flushed and a migraine came on. I was not prepared nor prep talked that these symptoms could come on. Dr. did say it could just be my adrenaline. I’m two weeks post and not only do I have a nodule on my lip, one side is fuller than the other and now I have two odd parallel lines on the upper right lip that weren’t there before. It looks as if she only put some in the middle of upper lip as the sides of my upper lip slope down to the corners. Think Leela from Futurama. The upper parts of my smile lines I hope are still swollen as they protrude out and make me look like the joker when I smile. I’m really disappointed and completely regret my decision. In looking on many websites of pics, many woman have had issues/complications. I feel that the Juvederm pamphlet and website play down the side affects and time it takes for recovery/symptons to subside. All of my friends were interested in getting injections, I have honestly advised them to steer clear. Also, I have a high tolerance for pain, but it was still unbearable even with the numbing cream. Steer clear of this stuff!


  168. I went to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon 2/19 of this year for Botox & Restylane injections for my lines & dark circles. I had Restylane once before, about a year ago & it helped. He suggested Voluma for my cheeks since I have a thin face & said I would love it & lasted 2 years. He injected 1 syringe along with1 of Restylane. I had to go back on the 26th because it wasn’t even. I should mention he left me waiting in the reception area while talking to someone who had no appointment & had never been a patient. I thought it was very rude when he knew I was sitting there & mentioned it to him. He said he just came in his office and sat down, perhaps you can say you have a patient. I felt rushed & every time I’d point something out he would say, oh, your crazy, not in a mean way but flippant & didn’t appreciate it.

    My face had a bubble like lump, extreme redness & had never looked like that. I was very upset by the whole incident & emailed him explaining how I felt along with photos. He assured me that there was nothing to worry about. It did finally subside but by the first week of May, I noticed a lot of bruising, redness & the same blister like lump plus the left cheek was very swollen.

    JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC is a Hyaluronic FDA approved (10/13) filler for the cheek area to correct volume loss. I would think it’s important to know all the possible side effects & how to treat a patient in case of an infection or reaction. He never mentioned anything about a Biofilm infection or that it was harder to dissolve if there was a problem because it is a thicker substance. I left a message that night and went in May 8th. I don’t know if he was annoyed by my email but felt he minimized my concerns & said he didn’t feel any lump. I actually had to place his hand on the lump and finally said he felt it. There was no way you could miss it. He explained the redness as rosacea which I’ve never had. I asked specifically if I might have a biofilm infection. He said I didn’t but the tone implied I had no idea what I was talking about. I also asked about dissolving it but he said not to do anything at the moment. I left the office feeling very uneasy & asked if I could send him pictures since he brushed it off which bothered me.

    I sent more on the 12th since it was mother’s day weekend showing how the redness had spread down my cheeks. He called at the end of the day & said he really didn’t know what to do & should find a doctor who had experience with adverse reactions. He did confer with a dermatologist who suggested I be put on antibiotics for a possible BIOFILM infection, the same one he so readily dismissed when I asked. I told him I called Allergan, the company & there had been some reports & even found some cases where doctors explained the specific symptoms & treatment. He wasn’t aware of anything like that & even asked me to forward the site to him. He prescribed Biaxin for 10 days & gave him my pharmacy to call but they hadn’t received it 15 minutes before closing. I was anxious to start & had to email him the name of a 24 hr. pharmacy. Why make a patient wait who is so nervous? He said to follow up next week. I think a doctor should be the one to follow up, not ask your patient to give you a call. I spent the next 48 hours researching every doctor to find the right one.

    I feel it’s best to err on the side of caution & make sure the patient is taken care of even if that means bringing in another doctor. It’s a very frightening experience, especially anything around the eyes and felt so alone. I’ve had 3 injections to dissolve this & shouldn’t have been sent home with a lump in the first place. I can’t fathom why he thought it was fine but doctors need to listen to their patients. I may not be the expert, but I do know when something is wrong. If you don’t know how to deal with an adverse reaction, perhaps it’s not a good idea to inject these fillers until you do & make sure your patients are aware of all possible risks BEFORE any procedure.

    I requested a refund on 5/15 since he told me I should find another doctor that can deal with this but asked me to sign a release which I can’t since I haven’t finished treatment. He has known me for years & feel a caring physician would have offered not only to reimburse me but also to pay to have this corrected. It wasn’t a large amount of money but regardless, it’s the right thing to do instead of running to an attorney or malpractice insurance company.

    I’ve heard NOTHING from him, not a call, an email to see how I’m doing, could he help in anyway or follow up on my progress. IT DOESN’T COST ANYTHING TO CARE BUT IS INVALUABLE IF YOU DO. IF you’re inexperienced with reactions to these cosmetic fillers & tell your patient to find someone else, why should they pay the cost? I want people to be aware of what can happen & to be extremely cautious!

    After reading everything possible to learn about infections and complications with facial fillers, I’ve learned some of the causes can be; how the doctor does the injection, the product itself, not cleaning the area properly which can allow bacteria in or how it was stored. the doctor had to go down the hall for the product since he didn’t have it in his office. I’m not saying this caused my reaction but you do have more control if it’s in your office at all times. The photos I sent the next day clearly showed a blister like lump and redness which should have triggered enough concern to want to check it out.

    This has been a nightmare and having his wife write such slanderous comments on Facebook, such as accusing me of extortion is deplorable. The fact that he allowed it, speaks volumes. It will be interesting to see how the medical board views this. What happened to patient/doctor confidentiality? I asked for a reimbursement because he said he didn’t know what to do and to find someone who was experienced with complications so now I’m paying to have this fixed. I think it’s wrong to wash your hands of the situation and keep the money!

  169. DEFORMED AND DISAPPOINTED. … May 12th, 20014th I made the BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life. Voluma XT was injected under my eyes for dark circles. I had two black eyes, lumpinesd, and 2 months later instead of less darkness I look like Lurch from The Adams Family. I have been back the my board certified plastic surgeon twice now. Even tried arnica montana. DEVASTATING RESULTS. Terrible!!!!

  170. 5 months after my restylane injection which had entered my venous blood supply causing “venous congestion” and “venous stasis” a series of symptoms and pathologies began. From muscle twitching and muscle spasms, to adhesive capsulites, tendinopathy, bursopathy, tendinosis, and bursitis ensued. My TSH thyroid levels began “swinging” as high as 17.2 but prior to this, my hashimotos thyroiditis had been stable for 10 years without problem or significant change. My body tremored intermittently for no reason. I felt sensations of heat in my left arm. My heart rate was erratic sometimes reaching 145 from just simply walking across a room. My primary complaints one year later from onset of symptoms are limited movement of my shoulders, buring and discomfort in my elbows and stiffness in my left hip and cervical/thoracic spine. The twitching and electric rumbling that goes on throughout my body is everpresent. A year ago, before the onset of these symptoms, I was in excellent shape. I did pilates twice a week and was strong and extremely flexible. I am now taking Plaquenil for “Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease”. I believe that I know these problems came from the restylane (bacteria dervided hyaluronic acid) has triggered an autoimmune response in my body. Perhaps Autoimmune Inflammatory Syndrome (ASIA) or perhaps I have begun producing antibodies to my own hyaluronic acid. I am not a doctor and do not know. It is unfortunate, that NO doctor around knows anything about this. I just want to recover and be given proper treatment. I have become old before my time. Please help me. I would be a guinnea pig, and you could perform any and al tests necessary for a definitive answer. Histology, CSF, whatever it takes because I know my body and I truly believe this has occurred after being primed with restylane in my systemic circulation. I am a biology teacher teaching both high school level and college level biology. I have a great deal of understanding regarding many of these matters. I just need someone to listen and run the appropriate tests. I have been unable to achieve this, despite much of the medical literature I have found regarding ASIA from hyaluronic acid injections/acting as adjuvants. I have been suffering. Please help me!

  171. I had Radiesse injected into my nasolabial folds and in the tear troughs under my eyes by a trained plastic surgeon in Chevy Chase, MD. According to all of the doctors I have seen since then who have been able to look at the photos of my infection, it is believed that a blood vessel was occluded. I developed a severe infection that lasted for months and was treated with antibiotics as well as antivirals. I was left with permanent scarring. That was 2 years ago. A few months after the infection from the Radiesse I developed vitiligo around my eyes and in the area where the infection was the most obvious. I lost all of the pigment around my eyes including my eyelashes and have suffered from breathing issues since then as well. I was a very healthy 34 year old at the time. The decision to receive that filler changed my life. The FDA doesn’t care about people. They care about the pharmaceutical companies.

  172. Has anyone had any experience with Artefill? I am so angry that my doctor (who I trusted) injected it under my eyes for lines. The Artefill rep was even there to monitor it and NEVER ONCE said that the filler was too thick to apply in that thin area under the eyes. They charged me $500. It didn’t look right from the start and I called the Doctor and Artefill to complain. Finally the doctor tried to resolve the problem and then tried to charge me another $500. I went back to her at least 5 times and each time it looked okay for a few weeks and then back to looking bad. I NEVER had ANY BAGS prior to this and now have permanent bags under both eyes from this PERMANENT filler. I talked to many other professionals who said that they would NEVER inject ARTEFILL under the eye as this area is way too thin for it. I believe that artefil was supposed to be used only in areas that are very thick (naso-labial folds?). Now I have these bags that make me look OLDER when the whole reason I went in was to look YOUNGER. I am not new to fillers, botox or even plastic surgery, but feel as if this doctor should PAY for me to get this filler removed. Otherwise to look normal again I have to PAY for filler to fill up the areas above where the bag is every 3-4 months! HELP! Are there any class action suits yet against Artefill?

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