Generic Yaz Lawsuit Filed Over Launch of Gianvi Birth Control by Teva

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By: Staff Writers | Published: June 2nd, 2010

Teva Pharmaceuticals announced this week that it has launched a generic version of Bayer’s Yaz birth control pill, which will be marketed as Gianvi. The announcement has sparked a patent infringement lawsuit from Bayer, who says Teva is breaking an agreement between the two companies. 

The generic Yaz lawsuit was filed shortly after Teva announced the copycat pill. Bayer officials say Teva is violating a contract between the two companies that prohibited the generic drug maker from launching Yaz generic until at least July 2011. Teva officials, however, say that the contract allowed them to sell the generic birth control pill early under certain conditions.

Yaz (ethinyl estradiol and droperinone) is a birth control pill manufactured by Bayer, which contains a fourth-generation progestin that is only found in Yaz, it’s precursor, Yasmin, and Ocella, a generic Yasmin version. While Ocella is also distributed by Teva, Bayer still manufactures the pill under a prior agreement between the drug makers.

Earlier this year, Bayer reported a 10% drop in Yaz sales for the first quarter of 2010 amid growing concerns about the potential side effects of Yaz and Yasmin. The losses in the healthcare division were at odds with gains made in other parts of the company, which saw a 5.3% increase in sales overall for the first quarter of 2010. The successful launch of a Yaz generic would likely cause Bayer’s profits from the birth control pill to fall even further.

“Demand for [the Yaz family of oral contraceptives] in the United States suffered particularly from the discussion surrounding the thrombosis risk of contraceptives containing drospirenone,” the company said in its report. “However, Bayer continues to believe that the risk profile is comparable to that of other combination oral contraceptives.”

Bayer currently faces more than 1,100 Yaz lawsuits, Yasmin lawsuits and generic Ocella lawsuits filed throughout the United States on behalf of women who allege that the drug maker failed to adequately research their birth control pill or warn about the risk of serious and potentially life-threatening injuries, such as stroke, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, gallbladder disease and other complications.

Critics have pointed to drospirenone as the likely cause of an increased risk of blood clots and other serious health problems with Yaz and Yasmin. Many of the complaints filed against the drug maker allege that a recall of Yaz and Yasmin should have been issued after post-marketing reports suggested that the birth control pills carry a higher risk than some other oral contraceptives

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  1. It’s crazy that the price of the “generic” version of Yaz costs $76 dollars. Generics shouldn’t cost more than $25 dollars, still, Gianvi is the first generic that I know to cost only $10 less that the brand version of the same drug.
    As pioneer as Yaz is, it’s had the generic version in Argentina for less than $20 dollars, actually, for only $50 Argentine pesos you get the same contraceptive in Argentina. Why us in the United States have to pay so much for birth control? Do they want to increase childbirth rates? Isn’t it crazy that we’re paying $76 dollars for something that offers the same level of prevention against pregnancy as a condom and we’re also at risk of all the secondary effects? Pills shouldn’t cost more than $20 bucks to become affordable to all of us women who work, get paid less than men for the same job, and still we are the ones paying month after month for something that kills our libido!

  2. i just got gianvi ive never taken it before ive always taken yaz and im scared 2 take this new 1

  3. Should I be concerned about my 16 year old daughter taking Yaz? After reading the information above about life-threatening injuries, such as stroke, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, gallbladder disease and other complications, I have my concerns. I definitely would not want my daughter to acquire any of these problems because of Yaz. What can you tell me?

    My daughter would not accept the generic form of Yaz and had the pharmacist re-make the prescription.

  4. Angry – That hasn’t been my experience. For me, the full price of Yaz was $70 and my co-pay was $20. I don’t know what the full price of Gianvi is but now my co-pay is $5, a substantial decrease me for.

  5. It really pisses me off that they’ve had the generic of Yaz and haven’t been releasing it to make more money. It doesn’t surprise me but it pisses me off.

  6. I also was just given Gianvi by my local pharmacy on a refill, as I had inquired about a generic prescription when I began taking Yaz. I’m also a little nervous about switching over (I was one of those people who had really horrible effects from other pills). However, based on my receipts, Gianvi costs less with my insurance ($10 copay vs my previous $30 copay), but more than Yaz without it. ($84.99 vs Yaz’s $76.99)

    And to the complainers out there, the pill is not the only method of birth control. No one’s making you buy it. There are many more methods of contraception that have been engineered so that just about anyone can use them – even pretty inexpensive ones. As for the stated theories on why it’s more expensive in the US – it’s most likely not a matter of trying to increase childbirth rates so much as a matter of what Americans will pay for it.

    It just came out – it’s not some freakish conspiracy to bleed Yaz users dry. Chill.

  7. I’m ecstatic to be paying $10 instead of $35. It really irritates me that all birth control pills carry the same side effects, yet when Yaz announced possible side effects the public acted like this was “new” information. Wish this country wasn’t so sue happy. That’s a huge cause of why prescriptions and health care are outrageously expensive.

  8. Don’t worry. It’s the Same drug it is just as effective. I got it in the mail and I didn’t know what it was until I read the active ingredients and realized it was yaz.

  9. What is very irritating is that the insurance companies arbitrarily just send you the generic w/o telling you. My refill came today in the form of Gianvi as opposed to Yaz. I thought they sent me the wrong thing…I didn’t even know there was a generic form. It should be the patients decision. I may just switch all together now. It says it is manufactured in Israel??? What sort of standards do they have over there. It is a little scary to me.

  10. As a long time user of Yaz I just opted for the generic version “Gianvi” and was also surprised that the cost was only $10 less then Yaz.
    I was nervous switching pills as well and actually got sick the first day I started taking Giani..I hope that I actually caught a cold versus getting sick from the new pill.

  11. I just got the generic of Yaz today, and it only cost me $10, and when I was paying full price for Yaz, I was only paying about $40…

  12. How can you demand that pills only cost less than $25? Just because something is generic does not mean that it will be cheap. Yes, the point of generic drugs is for it to be cheaper than the brand while maintaining the same quality but sometimes it takes a while for the price to go down. Isn’t it crazy that you could also visit a planned parenthood and receive contraceptive medication for cheaper than $76? Furthermore, how can you be sure that the quality of medications you buy in other countries are up to par with the regulations in the United States? It is more likely that there are issues with counterfeit medicines in other countries, hence why the prices are often cheaper.

    There are plenty of other options for oral contraceptives if price is the biggest issue. Generics for Ortho-cyclen and Ortho-tri-cyclen are $9 a month at Kroger or Giant Eagle. I think that’s an affordable price to pay to protect against pregnancy without going broke.

  13. Just got gianvi tonight because walmart was out of stock of yaz, so they just assumed i wanted the generic. After I told them i didnt want this they continued to tell me that my insurance wouldnt pay as much for yaz any longer. last month yaz cost me 30$ with my insurance this month 42. I went ahead and took the gianvi after talking to the pharacist and with it only costing me 20$. i am so scared to take it though and will be calling my doctor in the morning!! not happy about this AT ALL

  14. I just found out about the generic today. Even though Yaz is so expensive I have to take it over other brands because I use it to treat endometriosis and it’s the only one that works (for those that are wondering why not switch or use condoms). However, the generic is more… makes no sense.

  15. I would be glad if it was only costing me 30 or 40 but it cost me 68 and I was EXCITED about that I normally pay 87.00. I am a single mother that just got a divorce in which I had to fight for custody of my lil girl. I have had several female surgeries and prior to the divorce I had decided that if I had to have another I would have a hysteromy but then 4 mo after I left my husband I was having problems again and went to the doctor and I had a laposopy surgery again in less then 6mo after the last one and then I starting the yaz and have been on it since and had very few problems and I am so glad I didnt do the hysteromy because I truly want another child and I have an excelent guy and want to be able to have more kids with him when the time is right in our lives also my lil girl wants a brother and sister. It has been a blessing to finally find something that has helped with the pain and the prevention of anymore problems so I just have to make that scarfice to be able to one day expand our family. So I am hoping that the generic is just as good because I could truly use the extra 20.00 a month.

  16. I just got my refill for bc and the pharm advise me about the generic brand Gianvi. I am hestitate about taking it, but if it provides the protection i need, i’m okay with it.

    I never have any side effects with Yaz. I will keep you posted.

    Honestly i don’t understand what the problem is, like the others viewer’s said you have a choose to use a different contraceptive. I was blessed to have one healthly baby. But do you people realize the cost along to have a baby, with healthcare along it costed me 30k. I don’t mind spending the $76 a month for the protection compare to daycare a month. Do the math ladies.

  17. I have been working in the medical field for years and the generic drug is the exact same active ingredient and most of the time the exact same contents all together (ingredients to make the capsule shell and so forth) as the name brand. To prove this next time you go to the drug store pick up Tylenol and the store generic brand of acetaminophen it is the exact same drug down to the chemical structure. People do not believe this but it is fascinating to see how much more you pay for Robitussin, Tylenol PM (acetaminophen and diphenhydramine- which is brand name Benadryl) or even Yaz when the generic or store brand contains the exact same ingredients on the label.
    I do take Yaz and was switched to the generic and looking at the ingredients it is the exact same drugs with the exact same dosages. You cannot call it that drug unless it is chemically identical in structure and components. With over the counter medications the only thing that may differ is the amount of a particular drug in the overall pill which anyone can see and compare by looking at the labels.

    To answer side effect questions, ALL drugs have side effects. Even excessive amounts of supplements and vitamins have side effects. Most oral contraceptives have similar side effects switching to a different form of contraceptive such as injections or IUDs have different side effects but still have them non the less. The bottom line is the risk is always there and it is up to the individual whether the benefits outweigh the risks.
    Hope this answered some questions.

  18. Yea, the pharmacist also filled my prescription with Gianvi and I thought I was getting the wrong prescription at first too. Then they said it’s a generic refill and that it was done by the insurance company. The insurance company then told me that it might have been the doctor who may have checked the box which said to substitute with generic if available.

    Everyone I have consulted said it’s the same thing and that I should not worry since its the same drug. I’m skeptical and still worried; I loved Yaz despite the risks.

    Is Yaz the ONLY birth control (pill or otherwise) that can help with the moodiness, fatigue, appetite, etc?

  19. I just received Gianvi in my mail-order prescriptions and at first thought they had sent me the wrong prescription as well, since I didn’t even know there was a generic. The active ingredients are the same, so as long as I don’t have any adverse reactions to it, I am thrilled to pay a $20 copay for a three-month supply rather than a $70 copay. As for pharmacy’s filling your prescription with generics, the ones I have gone to (CVS, Walgreen’s) state that very clearly when you drop off your prescriptions and my doctor’s prescriptions have the option of checking “brand-name only”, so it really should be no surprise to anyone who is literate that this is allowed without your express consent. As for the side-effects, EVERY drug has possible side effects and the side effects listed in the lawsuits against Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella are no different than the risks related to any other birth control. Obviously, it is something to consider. I certainly don’t want to have any of those conditions, but I am fully aware of the side effects and the odds of having them since I read the information packet enclosed with the prescriptions.

  20. I am excited to give the generic a try!!! It will only cost me $20/mo instead of $60. That’s a huge savings! Yaz did wonders helping me control my PMDD and clearing up my acne. I will monitor my weight which is what usually is effected by birth control pills for me.

    Some generics are NOT the same. For example, Synthroid generics can effect an individual’s TSH levels; however, I am willing to try this generic if it saves me $40/mo (equates to $480/yr!).

  21. I just received my Gianvi tonight. After being on Yaz for a year im a bit concerned but I wont know until I try. I have been on MANY different BC pills due to mainly to my endometriosis that they found when I was 19. Im 22 now but my body wont let the rest work… only Yaz… SO hopefully all will work out. My Gianvi was only $10 as opposed to the $25 for Yaz.

  22. I have taken several different birth control pills successfully.

    Yaz gave me 2 blood clots within 6 months of starting it. I have no other risk factors and have had no clots since stopping it.

    Now I cannot take any other bc pill because no doctor will prescribe it to someone who has a previous blood clot.

    Bite me, Bayer.

  23. The pharmacy filled my YAZ generically on the first dy it was available. I am taking the pill for help with PMDD. m The generic versiojn is NOT the same. After two days on the generic, I was weeping, crabby, and back to the old PMDD symptoms. My doic switched me back to the name brand.

  24. I’m a cpht and I have been taking yaz how ever now that the generic one came out is super cheap on my insurance. It is the same active ingridients and I always talk to my pharmacists about brands chnaging to generics they are cost savings and I am not worried at all. How ever ppl should be worried it is the same exact thing. With this economy anything worth saving is worth having. .

  25. I ment costumers taking generics shouldn’t be worried. Yes when drs check of thr box to allow generics to be filled we as pharmacy techs will fill your medication with a generic unless not in stock or back ordered then we fill for brand with higher copay* depending on your insurance plan but always ask at the pharmacy counter before you leave and geta counsultaion for the pharmacist before you walk out they know there stuff very well.

  26. I ment costumers taking generics shouldn’t be worried. Yes when drs check off that little box to allow generics to be filled we as pharmacy techs will fill your medication with a generic unless not in stock or back ordered then we fill for brand with higher copay* depending on your insurance plan you also can decide to take it brand and we can fill it upon your request but then that’s a higher copay than regular brand copay because you as a patient are requiring it, now the dr can request brand only and you might find it a cheaper copay. If you call your insurance they can tell you the exact copay before filling it at your desire pharmacy but always ask at the pharmacy counter before you leave and geta counsultaion for the pharmacist before you walk out they know there stuff very well.

  27. I was surprised to get this Gianvi instead of my YAZ. No wonder when I went to the pharmacist a few weeks ago they wanted me to pay $20 for YAZ. I thought my insurance expired. I called them and Im still covered. Went back today and they gave me this. (I get BC for free) Kinda nervous as I see this is basically a NEW DRUG. Scary.

  28. Yesterday I picked up the generic for Yaz that the pharmacy sold to me stating that my insurance would no longer pay for Yaz. Needless to say, I am seriously checking it out! I discovered this discussion and it seems like this has happened to many women RECENTLY…..Why? I’ve been reading lots of the comments on this particular site and I have the same questions and concerns. I was diagnosed with PMDD about two years ago and Yaz was the wonder drug for me…still believe it! I took many natural remedies (St.Johns Wort worked best for my moodiness but not the other symptoms) and stopped because that was the only supplement that Yaz suggested to stop. The recent hype concerning law suits piqued my intrest to learn more and after learning a lot, I am really not that worried. I guess I am writing this because it has helped me to read others comments, questions, concerns, etc. I intend to keep checking this

  29. As of 10 minutes ago I picked up this generic to Yaz and I’m kind of worried….however, some of these comments have made me a little more at ease. Hopefully this stuff continues to work for me just like Yaz has. I just hate having this surprise of a new drug, and seeing as it’s generic and only costs about 4 bucks cheaper for me. (Only $74 not $76 this month…woo?) I hope it stays the same for all of us on Yaz.

  30. I take part in mail order precriptions. My cost went from $60 for Yaz down to $20. I’m not worried about possible side affects or any of that. As long as it does it’s job that’s all that matters to me. What happens happens and worrying about it can just make it worse.

  31. i just received gianvi from my mail-order prescription company and the price is just about half for 3 months worth. Yaz cost me about $54 for 3 months supply whereas my first bill for Gianvi will be about $24 for the same amount of medication. we will see how it works…i have one more pack of yaz before i start the gianvi…

  32. Like many of you, I recently went to refill Yaz at CVS and discovered that my prescription had been replaced with Gianvi. The pharmacist asked me if I was okay with this, and after asking her a couple of questions I agreed. It was ten dollars cheaper for me than Yaz. Reading these comments has me feeling a little conflicted, so I decided to do some research of my own. Every credible source i have been able to find has told me that name brand and generic drugs are for all means and purposes exactly the same. check this site out.
    i’m going to try Gianvi, not expecting anything different than my experiences the past 6 months on Yaz. good luck to you all!

  33. I just got my first pack of Gianvi and it only cost me 10$ with my insurance where my yaz was 35$, so this is much better. I guess “angry” doesn’t have insurance or at least not a good one.

  34. I went to the pharmacy today to pick up my Yaz Birth Control and received instead the generic brand Gianvi. I asked the pharmacist if it is the same as Yaz and the pharmacist said that it was, that it was just the generic brand of Yaz. I also asked the pharmacist if I will get any side-effects from changing to the generic and the pharmacist said no. I’ve been on Yaz for about 3 years, so that is why I am here looking up information.

  35. I dont have insurance and I usually pay $76 for Yaz. I went for my refill yesterday and paid $36 for the generic. I was confused and thought I got the wrong thing. I just wish someone would notify us before this happens.

  36. I guess i’m confused… my yaz was $35 a month up until this month, they replaced (without asking me) the yaz with this generic and it was still $35. I receive no savings, but don’t have the option (unless I get my doc to rewrite the prescription) of going back to yaz.

    If somethings not broke, please don’t try to fix it- I want my yaz for $35 back please.

  37. I called in yesterday to get a refill on yaz and once i picked it up they said my insurance would no longer pay for yaz so they gave me gianvi. They are saying they have the same ingrediants and everything but i was wondering if they offered the same things . Yaz has worked wonders with my acne since ive been on it ive only had one small outbreak and it only lasted 3 or 4 days and was only on my chin. I had horrible acne and it has drastically cleared it up my face is smoother than ever just waiting for the blemishes to go away. I really hope this generic version acts the same as the name brand ! ! ! ! !

  38. I was also very surprised when I received my mail order perscription for yaz and it was this new generic drug. I am very scared to take a drug that is so new to the market. Does anyone know how long this drug has been through clinical trials for? Does anyone know what sort of results the trials had? Has anyone started to take this and have any comments on reactions? Do you feel any different? Has anyone called their doctors concerned and was told that this drug is safe and ok to take? Honestly the price does not matter to me at all what is more important is being safe and healthy. A measly 20$ more in my pocket a month would do me no good if I get pregnant when I dont want to be or if even worse I have a stroke or a heart attack. I work for a pharmaceutical company and i know that just because a drug has been let out on the market it doesnt mean it is definately safe to take. And the fact that it is made in Israel really scares me because Im sure there regulations are not nearly as strict as the FDA.

  39. Has anyone had a reaction to the sun, like increased sensitivity and/or blistering, after switching to Gianvi?

  40. Ladies…check out your local Planned Parenthood! I just got a year supply of Yaz for free.

  41. Daughter takes it from dematologist and only for that. The generic doesn’t work the same for acne and she is now having major breakouts. Having to go to a and harsher medicine now. This generic is garbage.

  42. I have tried other generic version of Yaz and have not had good results. Yasmin and Ocella both were ineffective in helping with the crazy, moodiness I get and the pain. I know all the generics have the same ingredients, but the amounts and the balance of those ingredients is what makes Yaz work for me. I just got the Gianvi, without any explanation or acknowledgement from the wal-mart pharmacy that it was a generic replacement, and I paid the same price! I am taking it back, I finally found something that works and doesn’t make me crazier, I want it back!

  43. In response to Amy: Yasmin and Ocella are not generic versions of Yaz. Yaz and Yasmin are similar pills made by the same company and Ocella is a generic version of Yasmin. Gianvi is the first generic version of Yaz and was just released in the US this month.

  44. As many of you have posted, I too went to my local pharmacy to pick up my refill and instead of $20, it rang up $8.48. I thought maybe this was a special, error on thier part,etc. I opened it and saw Gianvi. I went back to tthe pharmacist who stated they gave me the generic version to fulfill my last refill and next month, I will get my regular Yaz. I understand it is the same, but when you are used to something working, cheaper or not, you are going with the brand that has worked. Yaz has not helped me with my moods (they kind of got worse) but that was ok. It did the job. I have used other BC’s in the past and have been on Yaz for a year. I can do generic aspirin, antibiotics,toothpaste,etc but I don’t know about using a generic version in regards to my Birth Control. Right now, I have no choice, so we shall see and I will check my local planned parenthood also. Thanks for that.

  45. My refill also was automatically filled with the new generic. I have not opened it yet in case I want to return it for YAZ. My physician said that it is the same active ingredient, but slightly different amt. She said that there are more active pills in YAZ than the generic. She also mentioned that this varying amt. of the active ingredient “could” affect the acne. I am going to check with my insurance on cost. I like what I am taking and it works well. Can anyone confirm the difference in the number of active pills (which could also mean a slightly longer period with the generic?)

  46. Yesterday I went to pick up my Rx for Yaz and I also got the Gianvi. I called the pharmacist, thinking they had made a mistake. They explained to me that by law, they need to provide the generic before name brand unless the doc specifically requests the brand. I’ve been taking Yaz since it’s debut and my insurance hasn’t changed recently, so I was a little confused, but the pharmacist assured me that it was the same pill. Skeptical, I called my doc just to make sure it was OK to take. The nurse practitioner told me NOT to take the Gianvi because there IS a molecular difference! They have been kind enough to offer me some samples of the Yaz as well as a $20 Yaz card for future use so that my Yaz will only be $20 every time. I think I will switch to a new pill though, some of this seems weird and I’m not OK with trying a name I don’t know or trust. VERY glad I called my doc and you should do the same before taking Gianvi.

  47. I just rec’d a call from my Dr. office. The YAZ rep was there today and said that a lawsuit has been filed because the generic is NOT the same as YAZ. The difference will affect how it helps with acne and moodiness, etc. She also said that the rep provided cards that will allow a 1 yr prescription for $25 each time it is filled and the first scrip filled is only $5. If you would like to stay on YAZ, I recommend calling your physician to see if the YAZ rep has provided any of these cards to them.

  48. If anyone has done any real research on this issue then she would know that the yaz manufacturer ( Bayer) entered into an agreement with TEVA and they are actually making the generic Gianvi pills and allowing them to be marketed for part of the profit. It happens all the time in big Pharma. The actual tablets are made in the same factory! Why are some people all upset about TEVA’s headquarters being in Isreal? The Yaz package clearly states”manufactured in Germany”, is that any better?We ladies need to take control of our own healthcare, understand the insurance plan that WE select and pay for, and if you don’t know, ASK! Half of the above comments make it seem like people have no clue about a hormone that you put into your body every day.

  49. I’ve been on the Gianvi for two weeks now and I’ve started spotting… something that I haven’t done in over a year with YAZ.. and the spotting is not a normal consistency. I’m going to my doctor asap and having her change back to YAZ. I’ve noticed that my moodiness is coming back, also, and it’s not worth saving 10 bucks a month for me!

  50. I Just Got Gianvi tonight. Im scared to switch from Gildess. I took yaz a few years ago and it worked wonders with PMDD and acne. But does Gianvi work The Exact same as Yaz???

  51. I would agree with those who said that generics contain the same active ingridients as brand medications, so i would defenitely give it a try especially if it\’s cheaper than the brand. Also, for those who were mad on the company who had the generic but didn\’t release it-it\’s because the company that\’s making YAZ has exclusive rights to market their product for a certain amount of years before generic product could be available, otherwise it would not be profitable for any company to discover new drugs.

  52. Gianvi is only for the use of preventing pregnancy, not for use on acne or PMDD. In black and white for you ladies:

  53. I recently started taking the generic version of yaz and I have actually been feeling a little weird sense switching over. Its been about 2 in a half weeks on Gianvi and I’ve noticed my acne is starting to return as well as minor stomach pains that are just uncomfortable. Has anyone else who is taking the generic pill had side effects?

  54. I went to pick up my Yaz yesterday and was given the Gianvi instead. The price went from $35 with my insurance to $10!!!!!!!!!!! I was pretty stoked! Thank you generics!

  55. I just received the Gianvi birth control today, and like someone else said I too thought it was a mistake. I called my pharmacy and they told me that “once a generic form comes out on the market its counterpart normally becomes MORE EXPENSIVE!” What concerns me more is the pharmacist said “the only difference is in the fillers of the drug not the hormones” but that sounds like a BIG difference to me. I have taken several forms of birth control because I have an extreme form of PMDD, and YAZ has been the only one to make my life normal again. My mom is also concerned because the reason my sister is here today is because a doctor switched her onto a generic birth control drug.

    I am mainly angered because I wasn’t informed at all. I believed it was a pharmacy error. I will stay on this generic drug just to give it a chance, but I’m still highly sceptical!

  56. The generic doesn’t seem to work as well on acne. I’ve been using the generic for less than a week and have starting getting new pimples, which had been practically been non-existent with Yaz. Has anyone had similar experiences?

  57. I picked up my generic Gianvi monday and was surprised with the switch. Never mind the cost i just hope it is as effective as yaz.

  58. I miss my brand name, if not for the smaller pills and better cases. Yaz only had a $9 dollar copay, which went down to $3 for the Gianvi. The $6 is not a big deal. Can’t say I won’t miss Yaz.

  59. I (like most on here) just picked up what I thought would be my regular monthly prescription for Yaz, only to find that they had switched me to Gianvi. It was 10 dollars cheaper, which is a pleasant surprise. However, I’m very nervous about starting this birth control. I’ve switched from Yaz before due to losing my health insurance and had horrible mood swings, depression, spotting, and pain on a regular generic (not gianvi, this was months ago) birth control. I got my health insurance back and was put back on Yaz and felt wonderful again. Now I have this Gianvi and am generally worried. I don’t want to experience the same side effects I did when I previously came off Yaz. I have severe endometreosis and am not allowed to have a period, and I require a very high dosage of the hormone contained in birth control that only Yaz provided. I called the pharmacist and he told me it was the exact same pill, same dosages of every ingredient and I should be fine to use it both for stopping my periods and to control my mood (I’ve always had depression). I’m genuinely scared to try this, and have found the comments on this page to go back and forth in both directions, good then bad then good. Is there anybody that has similar requirements to mine that has tried Gianvi that has a success story?? That’s what I’m after and I can’t find it.

  60. I am very upset that my insurance carrier decided without my concent to change my BC from Yaz to Gianvi. I have been taking Gianvi for the past two weeks and I have experienced moodiness,irritable, and acne break-out. I’m a kindergarten teacher and a single mother of three I can’t continue having these side affects.

  61. My daughter has been on YAZ for the last 2 1/2 years with no problems. We paid a $40 copay for a 3 month supply while she was in college and still on our health plan. We just got a SURPRISE in the mail yesterday, when I opened up a box from the mail order pharmacy we use and found these 3 packages of GIANVI sitting on top of my boxes of meds! I knew that YAZ was the only other RX I had ordered with my RX, but it would have been SO nice to have the RX mail order company send out a letter ahead of time OR WITH THE RX, telling us that we were getting a new generic that is new to the market. I am SO nervous about my daughter taking a generic of something that there is so much controversy about. Besides the lawsuit, I was concerned reading in the article that there is not as much of the active ingredient in the generic as in the original YAZ?? I take LOTS of generic meds since I am getting older and taking more meds and most have a generic, and I don’t mind. BUT, when it comes to my daughter’s reproductive health, I am concerned. She does not take YAZ for acne problems and I don’t think she takes it for moodiness (hey, we all get moody around our period, even me!!)
    So, her boyfriend is in the Army stationed 6,000 miles away, so I will tell her to take the GIANVI while he is gone, and then take the YAZ for a few months when he is coming home for vacations. So, let’s see how that works out.
    Infringement lawsuits can take a long time to run through the court system. I hope that they get it straightened out, and I am going to have my daughter call her gyno when she gets home from her trip to Boston later next week. I want grandkids, but not quite yet!!!!

  62. My daughter picked up her prescription, found the generic had been substituted. Sounded fine to us, until the ACNE returned with a vengence, after only a few days. It’s been two weeks, and tomorrow morning she is switching back to YAZ!

  63. The thing that irritated me was they (CVS) simply handed me the generic without discussing it with me at all. At first I thought there was a change with my insurance; my charge was only $10 rather than $25. Then I looked more closely and saw that it was Gianvi. I was really mad at first and requested the pharmacist give me Yaz. Then after he talked to me a bit, I felt more at ease. I just wish that they would have discussed it with me prior to filling the prescription.

    Yaz has worked really well for me. My husband & I are unable to have children and I take Yaz strictly to regulate my period and to deal with my moodiness. Not to mention after many years, I have finally found a way to keep my skin clear from blemishes.

    Good luck to us all and let’s be thankful we’re saving a few bucks. I don’t know about you all, but I can surely use it!

  64. I started taking Gianvi this month and I only have 5 pink/orange pills left before the white ones. My mom has commented on how moody I’ve been this month and my face is breaking out! I am definitely one of those people that can psych myself into believing it doesn’t work though so I’m going to try it another month and hope it gets better!

  65. I am glad I found this post just minutes after calling my OB/GYN. He just called the pharmacy near me to have me go pick up Yaz specifically tonight. For the past week and a half I’ve had 6 migraines! 6! I had a migraine once maybe every 6 months in the past. This is ridiculous. Can’t wait to be back on Yaz.

  66. i just recieved the generic version of YAZ and i DO NOT want to switch to it! i have LOVED being on YAZ and have had no side affects what-so-ever. has anyone actually taken this pill yet long enough to have any indication to any added side affects?

  67. another here who went to get a refill and got gianvi. it’s $15 cheaper for me, especially since i don’t have insurance it helps but I have been hearing a lot of stuff about side effects on forums, especially stomach pain. If it’s the same drug, why would people switching have side effects? I don’t buy it. I’m worried about taking it, I don’t need to for another two days so I’m going to call my gynecologist and speak with her maybe she can make me feel better. Otherwise, I may just go back to CVS and ask for Yaz instead. I’d rather pay $15 more than take a chance on something that might give me issues.

  68. After reading all these comments and giving everything some serious thought, I thought I would share my own decision in hopes that it might help someone else. Last week I went in to pick up my Yaz refill and was handed a Gianvi pack instead. At the time I didn’t think too much into it, and was just grateful for the cost savings. Luckily I was not due to start a new pack until today, and something just hasn’t felt right about making the switch. I have read the comments here and done a bit of research and come to the following decision – for me, a few dollars saved is not worth the risk. My body had a difficult time adjusting to Yaz, but I seem to be doing fine on it now and I’m not looking to go through any sort of adjustment period again. Each comment from those who have already started Gianvi mentions moodiness and a return of acne, so regardless of what the facts say about the similarities between generic and name brand, I choose to play it safe. Now with that said, I just left CVS with a positive experience. I took my unopened pack of Gianvi back, told the pharmacist I was more comfortable sticking to Yaz and with no questions asked (and no persuading on the generic argument) they took the generic back and gave me my Yaz ! And the best part is I have found a way to get Yaz for $25 regardless of insurance – Bayer is now offering a discount card (found here : that will keep you from ever spending over $25 on the Yaz. I just want to finish by saying that I am not bashing generics by any means, I just wanted to share my own decision as well as the savings card for those who might only be on the fence due to the cost.

  69. I started Gianvi about 2 weeks ago. I haven’t had any problems, but I am a little skeptical with all the controversy going on. I have taken Yaz for 2 years and never had problems. When I went to refill my prescription, they offered the “generic” version so, of course I said yes because the price was cheaper ($35 for Yaz compared to $10 for Gianvi with insurance). I visited my gynecologist today and he said that his Yaz drug rep said Gianvi isn’t FDA approved yet. It worries me that it has been pushed so hard and so quickly that what if there are serious health implications?

  70. This is my first time taking generic Gianvi and I am not happy. I’ve started my period 8 days before I was supposed to, and I’ve noticed a breakthrough in my PMDD symptoms. I’ve been very moody and irritable since starting my generic pills, and believe me, my husband has noticed this difference as well. I will not be taking this again. I would rather pay a higher co-pay than have to take this medicine again!

  71. I also was switched to Gianvi and not told about this until I picked up my prescription. It was the same price I had been paying for YAZ. Like others, I loved YAZ. It was the only birth control pill that kept bloating, dizziness and, cramps other stomach irritations at bay. Other BC pills made these side effects unbearable.

    I have experienced all of these side effects with GIanvi. I know my body well and I did not have these side effects before I switched to Gianvi.

  72. With my insurance I pay $15 for Gianvi.. and without it would be $54.. or at least that’s what my pharmacist said. I threw a hissy fit with the pharmacist, I was beyond concerned that it would make me break out; that’s why I am (was) on Yaz to begin with. I know it takes time for the new pill to kick in, but I’m on the second row of pinks, and I haven’t had any negative side affects other than a slight increase in discharge, and “mini-cramps”

    hope this helps anyone at all, and I really hope people have success on Gianvi.. I really like paying $15 a month instead of $30!

  73. I got the generic GIANVI. It made me sick. It was like taking a different birth control bill. I had cramps, spotting, nausea, head ache, and bloating. I did not think there would be a difference to YAZ because the active ingredients are the same, but there was a difference. I took it back after 6 days and I got Yaz.

  74. I have been on Yaz for two years with almost no side effects. I have been taking it for control of heavy periods, bad cramps and PMDD.
    Two days ago, while at my pharmacy, the generic version was given to me. I was thrilled at the decrease in my co-pay amount and thought the switch would be fine. Things are not going well for me. I am experiencing migraine headaches and nausea. These are NOT typical for me. When I originally started Yaz I had no problems at all. I am concerned and have called my physician to switch back to Yaz.

  75. I’ve taken Yaz for a year now and was kicking out $50 a month. When I went to CVS this month I was told there’s a generic and it costs $20. I was shocked! I reviewed everything from packaging to dosage and its all the same. I feel like Bayer should have come out with this sooner. They would have gotten more sales at 20 bucks vs a few sales for 50 – 80 dollars. I’m justing hoping its as effective

  76. I work at a pharmacy and what I found out is that the Gianvi was released before the patent for YAZ has expired. The company making Gianvi has been sued by Bayer for patent infringement and the Gianvi has ceased production. This means that as soon as the stock of existing Gianvi is depleted, it will no longer exist, and everyone will be back on YAZ until the suit is settled (could take years). As for the ladies who blame the pharmacy for the switch, it is no mistake! I don’t know the laws in other states but in MASS it is a state law that the pharmacy substitute a generic whenever possible, I suppose to ensure that the customer always gets the cheapest price. Our RX’s all state very clearly that “Interchange is mandated by law unless the MD writes NO SUBSTITUTION in the space provided” on the face of the RX. Our pharmacy councils patients whenever there is a change from brand-generic but this is a courtesy, not a requirement. Large stores (CVS, Wal-Mart) will obviously have more Gianvi in stock for longer so if you want to switch back to YAZ, my advise is to use a small or independant pharmacy- their stock of Gianvi will be exhausted sooner. I hope this helps.

  77. I have PMDD and was diagnosed in 2005. I have taken yaz for a few years now and it has helped me more then anything, not 100 percent but alot! The generic brand I have been on for a month, and it has been great not only 60 bucks cheaper, but it does the EXACT same thing. I love it and will continue with this.

  78. I had been taking Yaz for about 3yrs but just recently switched to Gianvi due to my insurance, and the fact that it was less expensive. I’ve been taking Gianvi for two weeks now and I have been having a very uncomfortable pain in my lower abdomen constantly now. At first I didn’t associate the pain as a side effect from Gianvi but I am now wondering if it is since nothing else in my life has changed other than the new medicine. I have been trying to get in touch with my doctor but haven’t had any luck yet. I am definitely changing medicines as soon as possible, I just don’t feel comfortable taking Gianvi, especially if its the cause for the pain in my stomach.

  79. Like most, I went in for a Yaz refill today and was given Gianvi…the first I’d ever heard of the drug. I reluctantly agreed, but came home and did a little research until I found this site. After reading some of the negative comments (especially about acne, since that is part of the reason why I’m on Yaz to begin with) I immediately returned to the pharmacy and had the pharmacist give me Yaz instead. She told me the price on Yaz through my insurance may go up later…but as of now, my price difference between generic and brand name is less than $2.00!
    I can’t see even taking the chance of switching medicines if the price difference is so small, and I can’t risk having any negative side effects of my acne return. For all out there wanting to go back to Yaz: I had no problem from the pharmacist when I stated I did my research and Gianvi wasn’t approved for treatment of acne and that was the reason I took Yaz. I would think any good pharmacist could just as easily give you the Yaz you were originally on if you ask them to. Hope this helps!

  80. I plan on having my doctor write a “brand name only” RX for Yaz before I need my next refill. Between all the problems you ladies have had, and the lawsuits between Bayer and Teva (not only proving that Teva broke the agreement with Bayer after purchasing Barr, but also that they were caught -and have admitted to- lying about the ingredients being the same and changing the dosage amounts)… I just can’t fathom agreeing to take Gianvi. I also called Bayer to find out about the savings card mentioned earlier and it is the real deal. I already printed mine out.

  81. this whole gianvi thing is ridiculous. I went to walmart to get my refill for three months worth of yaz like I usually do….usually problem free. Well a few days ago I went and the lady said(very quietly and quickly) “there has been a formula change for yaz and we can only give you one months worth of bc”. She than had me sit down and wait forever only to open my package and see this new drug that frankly I thougt was a mistake at first. So far gianvi has been nothing but problems for me and being anxious about drugs I am scared that gianvi will make me sick. I’ve been on it for two days now and my period still isn’t gone,im breaking out(which NEVER happened on yaz)and I just feel different. Bottom line is,these pharmacists don’t understand that generic is NOT yaz! Yaz is the best bc I’ve ever been on and tomorrow I’m going back. I’m surprised to see so many other ladies who are having the same problems and maybe like me laying awake at night worrying what the hell I’m putting in my body.

  82. reading this helped alot but because i am “switching” is the effectiveness of the pill going to be the same ???

  83. I just picked up this new prescription on Monday, and Wednesday I started noticing a red bumby rash all over my body. I am so pissed off! I know it says its the same as Yaz, but obviousely it isn’t

  84. I was given the generic by my pharmacist two weeks ago. After a week I noticed that I was bloated, gained 3 lbs, and felt “blue”. I quickly realized, since I had these symptoms before I ever started taking Yaz, that this was due to my change in pill from brand to generic. I thought it was supposed to be exactly the same. Has anyone else felt different on the generic version? Everyone is telling me that it’s just in my head. HELP!!

  85. I have been taking Gianvi for almost 2 weeks and this pill has been making me break out in acne really bad. I can sleep on my back because it has broken out so badly. Also I’ve noticed that Im getting alot of headaches. I am going to my doctor to get a cheak up soon so I am definatly switching back to Yaz. I hope the makers of Gianvi get the hell sued out of them for not properly reaserching and testing their product corectly. They could’ve killed someone!

  86. My pharmacy switched me to Gianvi too. Within a week I was having side effects I’d never had in 2 years on Yaz — severe lower abdominal pain (as in can’t get out of bed pain), hoarseness, bloating. So I went back to the pharmacy and got Yaz. If you go to you can get a card that will let you get your next Yaz pack for $5 and then for only $25 after that. To avoid those side effects is worth the extra money to me.

    I know the generic and brand name versions are supposed to be the same but my body reacted very differently to the generic. A placebo effect is not causing the kind of abdominal pain I had on Gianvi.

  87. I have just started into my thrid week of the generic form of Yaz and I have been having spotting ever since. I went on yaz in the first place so I wouldn\’t have my period all the time. I\’m really worried I\’m going to have insurance problems now after reading all of this. Is anyone else having constant spotting? It is getting really annoying and I want yaz back!!!!

  88. i got swiched over from yaz now to gianvi it is not the same if you noticed it has a higher doses of mg and it cause weight gain alot after takeing it for at least 2 weeks i gain weight and i was more hungry for surger than i was takeing yaz i really think that it wont be the same iam scared and i hate the side affects i think the gianvie is a fake so they can rip you off. PLease listen to what i wrote


  89. When I went to pick up my Yaz at the pharmacy, it had been replaced with the generic. The pharmacist said it was the same exact thing as Yaz and since I have not had any problems with Yaz over the last few years, I was happy to pay the lower copay and try the generic. I am almost 3 weeks into the generic and have had spotting and dull cramping the whole time I have been taking the generic. Also, some dizziness. I made an appt with my ob-gyn just in case it is something else, but I really do think it is the new pill. I will be requesting that the pharmacy gives me the Yaz brand from now on if my ob-gyn recommends I stay on it. I think I would ultimately like to go on natural hormones, but don’t think I can afford that at this time because insurance won’t cover the natural alternative.

  90. I like everyone else was given gianvi instead of yaz. At first, I was excited thinking I would save some money, but after having my period the entire time (I have been taking it for 2 1/2 weeks) I am thinking I am going to ask my pharmacist to switch me back to yaz. I have never in my life had an irregular period. I would rather pay a little bit more, than have my period all the time.

  91. I just got the new generic, and I was too worried about my PMDD and spotting between periods. I have been on Yaz for about 1 1/2 and I love Yaz. With this change, I decided to look up gianvi and found this website. After reading alot of the comments, I am not going to risk any unneccessary changes that can occur with this new generic. I am taking this back and requesting my Yaz back. I can not afford the moodiness, cramps, bleeding, acne, and bloating. They have been such a problem with me that I can’t do it to myself. I can’t do it to my family either. I will have to pay $30 instead of $15, but it will be worth it. And yes, the pharmist said it works just like Yaz. I am not going to be a test subject.

  92. When I went to pick up my prescription for my Yaz they gave me the generic version this was June 8. so far i have had some spotting but i don’t see anything bad with the generic version plus it only cost me $3 instead of my regular $17 :)

  93. I’m amazed at the range of costs for Yaz & Gianvi. I have been paying $40 for Yaz and will now pay $25 for Gianvi. I am scheduled to take my first Gianvi in a few days, but these comments do cause some concern. I think I will try the website referenced by Julie on July 5th. Thanks Julie! I need to have another baby in the next couple of years and then shut my system down because these BCPs seem to have a great propensity to cause far too many risks.

  94. I have been on Yaz for 2 years because I was diagnosed with having endomitriosis at 18, as well as migraines and weight gain. After taking Yaz, my headaches that were occuring everyday went away immediately, my 30 lb weight gain practically shedded off in 3 months and my cycle was finally normal and I wasn’t in pain. Two weeks after receiving the generic version, I have gained 7 lbs, had 4 major headaches and bagan spotting… I’m convinced it is not the exact same drug. I am not happy!!!

  95. Gianvi may be less expensive for most, but I have been taking Yasmin for 6 years, then switched to Yaz and have been on Yaz for over a year and a half, and went to refill my prescription and they gave me the generic type of Yaz, Gianvi. i ended up having an allergic reaction to Gianvi it was like chicken pox all over again and ended up having to go to the clinic and getting a shot, cream, and prescription pills to finally put a end to a horrible experience. In the long run, it ended up costing me more than just paying full price for he Yaz :(

  96. I am also in my third week and have had spotting for the past three days which seems to be getting worse to the point of a full blown period. I wonder how much is he transition to something new and how much is perm. Also headaches

  97. I Just got switched from yaz to gianvi. I have taken 11 gianvi pills and here are what my symptoms have been:

    I started the pill the Sunday after my period started (as normal) and on Wednesday night, Thursday night, and Friday night, I woke up in the middle of the night with BAD cramps. (it felt like I was starting my period). I have also experienced extreme fatigue, moodiness and irritability, and nausea. The nausea started about 3 days ago. Weird part about it is that it usually happens around the same time each day and lasts a few hours. (I imagine that this is what morning sickness feels like.)

    I seriously feel like I am pregnant. My symptoms are not constant. The only constant symptom is the fatigue. The ONLY symptom I don’t have of pregnancy is the breast tenderness. I have taken two pregnancy tests, but they were both negative. Has anyone else felt like this from switching??? I have NEVER felt like this on other birth controls! This SUCKS!

  98. I recieved Gianvi from the pharmacy and have been taking it for a couple of weeks. I am experiencing side effects that are not there when I take the Yaz. I have been taking Yaz for about 5 1/2 years and have never had any problems. With the Gianvi, I’m having terrible mood swings, very painful cramps and as of today I started my period which I wasn’t suppose to start for another 2 weeks. I have called the doctor, but I am going back to Yaz for sure. Yes the price is nice for the generic, but not worth it to me.

  99. I was very hesitant to pick up the generic Yaz just days ago and since I have used it I have had a non-stop headache, horrible stomach pain, and feel like I could throw up all the time. I haven’t been able to sleep at all since I spend most of the night over my toliet thinking I’m going to vomit. I’m not going to continue my pack and will be seeing my OBGYN in a few days and will insist on having Yaz back. I also was on Yaz to help with any ance. I haven’t had a pimple for 2 yrs and will not risk having bad skin for this generic pill.

  100. The last time I went to pick up my refill I was given Gianvi without being asked, and when I questioned it, they said there would be no changes. I ended up having spotting the entire second week and into the third along with getting a huge breakout. When I went into the pharmacy today to speak about it and get my Yaz back I was told I would now have to pay more for Yaz than I was before. Why should I have to pay more because I won’t settle for a cheaper pill that doesn’t work?

  101. I was on Yaz for 3 years and have not had one problem. This month my pharmacy changed my prescription (without informing me first) and after I asked why then did they inform me it was a generic. I have now been on Gianvi for 3 weeks. I DO NOT LIKE IT! It is not the same as Yaz it does not help for PMDD or acne. I have gained weight and walk around feeling bloated when I dont even have an apitite to eat and my face is completely breaking out. This will be the only month I am on the “generic” I am going back to Yaz even though it cost me $72.

  102. I went on Gianvi from Yaz about a month ago and I started seeing spotting and what almost looked like to be my period when I still had a good 2 weeks left of my pills. I have also felt a lot more sad and down then I usually do and I thought I was the only one with these problems so I am glad to know that I am not. I just finished the end of my “active pink pills” on Wednesday and like I said earlier I have already had my period/spotting for over a week so I hope that it doesn’t decide to continue going since I just finished my pills. Overall rating of Gianvi: F!!!

  103. I too was switched to Gianvi from Yaz because of insurance coverage. I have been spotting and had weight gain of 5 lbs or more in the first week but still exercising and watching my carbs. I dont like it.

  104. It’s true that meds are very expensive, and insurance companies try to not cover as much as possible. But, anyhow… Here in Puerto Rico, insurance companies don’t cover contraceptives. Yaz is around $75 and Gianvi around $55 (or about $200 less a year). The pharmacists asked about the generic switch for the refill, and it just made sense!

  105. At my last apmt my gyn and I decided that it would be a good idea for me to get on YAZ because I have had acne since I was a teenager, my periods are irregular and I have horrible mood swings. I don’t need it as a BC since I’ve had my tubes tied for over five years. When I got this Gianvi stuff and the pharmacist swore up and down that it was the same as YAZ I decided to go ahead with it. For the past three weeks since I started, I’ve had nausea, worse mood swings, stomach pain, and my acne got worse than ever! My husband thought it was all due to something else. I thought I was loosing my mind. I’ll be driving to the pharmacy today and demanding that I get YAZ.

  106. Alright, they had no right to change my pill from Yaz, which i have been on for 2.5 yrs, to this gianvi which i have already noticed my body changing, i was scared to take this new pill, and i was right. I have broke out in ache that has been controlled for my entire teen life. [i'm 17] I have PMDD and, it has only gotten worse since the change, i get really irritable over a lot. and my mom is fed up with me being angry all the time. I’m also very anxious all the time. When i was on Yaz and not this new pill, my PMDD was controlled nicely :). Yaz has become a part of my normal body, and now that its changing all of a sudden because someone decided to make a dumb generic brand, that makes me mad, i didn’t even have a say if i wanted to change it, but thats my insurance company. And they say Yaz has all these heart problems or stroke or whatever, i disagree, Yaz has been prefect for my life :) and im going to try and get it back, and they better keep Yaz and not discontinue it. I agree with Tammie, its the patients decision to change.

    Also Sue, i would not fear at all, ive been on Yaz since i was 15, I haven’t had any problems with it :) and thats good, the gerenic brand screwed me over, good for her, keep yaz!

    Julie, i have really been thinking about getting that card, i really hate how my body has changed with this new pill, i want Yaz back!

    Christiana, same thing for me i hate the side effects and im onlt through week 1!

  107. Just got my generic Yaz last week. Used to cost me $30 a month. Generic was 3 months for 25 since the insurance company was incouraging the use. So far the only side affect is Im hyper & start spring cleaning at 8pm. Yaz always made me tired & I was unable to take in am before work.

  108. Like others I was taken by surprise about the change. Three weeks in, when I went to my PCP I was complaining about being tired, increased mood swings and a few other issues that I thought would be either thyroid related or possibly pregnancy. Well my thyroid was more than fine and I am NOT pregnant. Apparently the switch to generic cause some major issues for me (for example I was sooooo tired I was almost falling asleep driving). I had to request a new script from my OBGYN with DAW (dispense as written) on it. I will be starting back on Yaz in a few days, but I have 2 months until I could see changes BACK to the normal me. The generic is horrible and I wish I never had the switch. It says it is the same, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

  109. 2 days after I started taking the generic form of yaz i fainted and when i woke up i couldnt talk or move the left side of my body for over 24 hours and then couldnt walk for 2 weeks. i have had severe headaches. i just visited my gyno about an hour ago and said to stop taking it that yaz is sueing gianvi right now for something illegal going on. i wouldnt take gianvi.

  110. As a pharmacy student, I’d like to suggest that you all direct your questions to a pharmacist who is trained to answer them and has the knowledge to do so. Many of you seem angry that the pharmacy changed the prescription from Yaz to Gianvi without consulting them. By law in most (if not all states), the pharmacy must dispense the generic form of the drug unless the doctor indicates that a generic may not be used. I feel that the pharmacies should have made you all aware of this change when you picked up the medication though. Also, Yaz may cost you more now because when you refuse a generic option, the brand name is often more expensive than before. Many of you seem concerned that Gianvi isn’t approved to treat acne and PMDD, but since the pills are supposed to contain the same amount of the active ingredients the drugs will work the same and should provide the same benefits. However, with the amount of people who seem to be experiencing adverse effects, there may be a problem with some of the fillers present in the generic or even the active ingredients (I haven’t researched this too in depth yet). Since the generic was brought to the market too soon, most likely Gianvi won’t be available once the pharmacies run out of it, and the generic may be tied up in legal matters for years. I know this recently happened with the generic for Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo.
    Overall, I would just suggest talking with your pharmacist and doctor about any problems or concerns you have. Sometimes birth control pills take a few cycles to regulate with your body, so you might just need to give it a chance. Also, even though generics have the same active drug, some people don’t have the same effects due to fillers, etc.
    Oh and as far as where a drug is manufactured, if it’s FDA approved then it has been tested to contain the amount of active drug it says it does.
    Here’s a website that’s easy to understand for those looking around online:

  111. Two weeks ago I went to pick up my YAZ refill. I noticed that my birth control only was $10. I looked inside my bag to make sure that everything was there and noticed I had a different birth control gianvi. I asked the pharmacy what is this. Oh, it is a gerenic. I suffer from PMDD and have already noticed that my mood has changed back to the way it was, I am achey all over again and I am not able to function. My face has even broken out in red spots. My face has always been clear. I am very disappointed. Gianvi is not the same as YAZ. I called my doctor and he is switching me back. If it works do not change it please.

  112. I am so glad to hear that someone else had the same experience. When I went to CVS to pick up Yaz, I was THRILLED that it went generic because it saved me $55! Although the pharmacy didn’t ask me if I wanted to switch, I did so because I trusted that it was the same pill. I switched to Gianvi and was very UNHAPPY with the results. Like Sara, above, I only take Yaz to control my PMDD, which it does with fantastic results and quite seriously changed my life. Within 10 days of taking the generic version, I could tell that it was different. For the rest of the month I had symptoms of PMDD: isolation and depression. Not all generics are the same. It’s important to know that. Generics may affect 99 out of 100 people the same as the name brand however 1 person may be affected differently. And if you’re that one person, it’s not worth it. Congratulations to all who don’t notice any change.

  113. Two more things….not only did my PMDD symptoms return but it doesn’t feel like the generic version has the diuretic because I felt bloated all month and I had a fairly normal “period”instead of the usual almost no “period”.

  114. @ tina
    I am in the same vote. I went to pick up this months perscription of YAZ and I was told that my health insurance has expired. I usually pay $30 with health insurance. Without it I would’ve paid $70. So the pharmacy gave me Gianvi, which I paid $54 for. I am very causious about taking it.

  115. Yaz and Gianvi are not the exact same. Bayer is suing the manufacturer of Gianvi over false advertisement because the testing done on Gianvi tablets shows that the ingredients are not really the same. They are also suing over copyright infringement as their copyright does not expire until 2014. It took me a very long time to find a bcp that worked well for me in balancing weight with mood. Yaz worked very well for me. I can easily maintain my weight and not feel moody while on it. I reluctantly gave Gianvi a chance when my husband picked up my prescription for me and was told by our pharmacist that our insurance would not cover Yaz since Gianvi was now available. It has been three weeks and I now have acne which I never had in my life as well as almost daily spotting that I did not have on Yaz! I am 35 years old and haven’t had problems with my skin since puberty- and even then it was only an occasional pimple.. this is awful! I called my insurance and my physician. My insurance will cover the Yaz as long as my MD writes that the brand is necessary. Needless to say: I am switching back to Yaz!

  116. I absolutely HATE this Giavani! I have gained 5 pounds and my face is breaking out like crazy!!!! I am so upset with the way this pill has ruined my body and face within 2 weeks!

  117. Just because there are a hundred bad stories here, I thought I’d share a positive one:

    I made the switch about three weeks ago. Had no side effects on Yaz other than a decreased sex drive. Not my favorite, but pretty standard for the pill, and way better than the constant vomiting caused by other pills. Since making the switch to the generic (which, it should also be noted, costs me 10 bucks a month now, compared to almost 60 before), I’ve noticed no difference except that my sex drive is back.

    I don’t doubt that there are people who may be reacting negatively to the inactive ingredients in Gianvi, but seriously, 95% of people, if not a higher percentage, should notice no effects. If you’re afraid to make the switch, it’s really not a big deal — and if it does turn out to be a bad switch for you, talk to your doctor and pharmacist and work something out.

    Seriously, ladies, let’s not be fear-mongers and encourage people not to switch. Your bad experience doesn’t mean everyone will have one, just like my having a good experience doesn’t mean that you didn’t have problems with the new pill. I’d imagine most of us are on Yaz/Gianvi in the first place because we had horrible side effects to pills that hundreds of thousands of other women use with no issue. People are different; our bodies work and process meds differently.

  118. I know that the ingredients of these two pills are the same, but GIANVI IS NOT YAZ. I’ve never had a single problem with Yaz, but after only a week on Gianvi I have terrible acne. Never in my life have I EVER had acne. I’m not willing to stay on this pill long enough to see how it treats my PMDD.

    I do not think it should be legal to produce something marketed as “generic” form unless it is the EXACT same, down to ingredients, dosages, side effects, etc. I just wish someone would have told me.

  119. Thankfully, I stumbled upon this page today while searching for answers about spotting, headaches, and weight gain. I, too, was switched to Gianvi three weeks ago. I’ve gained 5 pounds in these three weeks, and I started spotting today. I’ve been on Yaz for three years without any major problems. Thanks to everyone for sharing; it’s comforting to know I’m not alone.

  120. Like many previous comments I went to pick up my Yaz prescription about a month and a half ago and was given Gianvi. I was excited by the price decrease and was told by the pharmacist that it was “exactly the same” as Yaz. I have been taking Yaz for about three years and have been really really happy with it. I never had negative side effects and it cleared up my skin and helped me with my heavy periods that I have always had to deal with, and I was no longer moody around my period, etc. Basically Yaz did for me exactly what it said it was going to. I have now been taking Gianvi for a month and a half and I think it is awful. My skin started breaking out within the first two weeks of taking it. My sis said that maybe my body was just adjusting to a new med, but it is still breaking out. Also, I have been really tired and lackluster. I didn’t even attribute it to the Gianvi for awhile, but I just keep feeling worse and all the time I am feeling down and depressed. Thinking negative thoughts, etc. It’s normal to have the blues once in a while, but this isn’t like me to constantly feel so negative and depressed. I think it has to be the Gianvi considering how badly my skin is now breaking out since I started taking it. It can’t be a coincidence that this “bad mood” and bad skin reaction are happening at the same time I started taking the Gianvi. Anyway, I guess tomorrow I will go to the pharmacy and ask for yaz again. Will they make me wait until the end of the month to give me a new Yaz px or will I be able to take the Yaz again ASAP?

  121. I have already used a full pack of gianvi. my doctor switched me without asking me, but i had no problem with it. I used to pay $25 for yaz, and now i only pay $10 for gianvi. It has the same exact active ingredients. Yaz would sometimes leave me with an upset stomach, and I haven’t had a problem with Gianvi.

    My acne has not acted up at all since switching. I went the whole month and only got two small pimples.

    no weight gain, no tiredness, i feel the same as when i was on yaz.

    so dont get discouraged by the comments on here ladies. Give it a try and see for yourself.

  122. double posting…

    after getting off of the computer, it struck me that a few things that have occurred in the last two weeks probably had everything to do with Gianvi. I made a calendar of the events, and they are definitely worth noting, one being a strange panic attack where I felt I couldn\’t control my anguish, and its cause was eating too much spaghetti. This is far from a normal day for me. Yesterday, I had uncontrollable dripping sweat while I was at work. I also had a migraine the day before the panic attack, and a couple of strange zits I attributed to stress popped up the day after starting Gianvi and a few have yet to go away. This wouldn\’t normally be alarming but they popped up on a face that\’s been very clear for a very long time, and the way I have felt stressed can\’t be explained by anything happening in my life. The only thing that has changed in a month has been my prescription.

  123. I have been on Yaz since 2006 and never had any problems. I went to pick up my refill yesterday and got the generic. Just the night before a friend was telling me how sick the generic brand made her and I was very skeptical. With my insurance the generic brand only saved me dollars. I got home took my pill and within and hour felt sick as a dog, like a train had hit me. I called the pharmacy and they refunded my money and got my insurance to approve paying for Yaz and recommended I take some benedryl.I rather pay the extra six dollars any day!! I got home took the benedryl and today I feel normal again. There is no way this pill is the exact same as Yaz if I had such a terrible reaction to it!

  124. I was just sent Gianvi and I was horrified! My ob/gyn did not think that there was a generic available so she wrote me a RX for the Yaz ( I had great experiences with Yasmin) she did not write DAW. I have worked in the medical industry for over 10 years and I will only accept generic medications when it comes to treating certain things. BCP is NOT one of them! I usually give the generic a shot in most cases.
    I called the pharmacy and they said that this was the generic equivalent and I asked him when Yaz went off of patent and he couldn’t answer me. I also called my doctor in the meantime.
    I would advise that if anyone is experiencing any sort of a different feeling to call your pharmacy immediately. These things should be reported to the FDA. All companies keep track of Adverse Events and could eventually lead to a product label change or warnings.
    Furthermore, the difference between a generic and original name brand product is that they ARE DIFFERENT MEDICATIONS. The core molecule is the same, however fillers and other things that they add to the product could be different from the original. Range of variability by law can vary by 20%, meaning, it could be 20% more or less different than the original formulation. I am sure that we would all agree that less efficacy or concetration of the original molecule when it comes to BCP is NOT a good thing but more could lead to increased side effects or different side effects all together if different ingredients are substituted for the original version, thus a different response from your body.
    I don’t take chances when it comes to BCP, because it is dealing with your hormones and risk of pregnancy so I will stick with YAZ even if they come out with a legal generic formulation and I encourage others that are concerned about risk of pregnancy or increased PMDD symptoms to do the same.

  125. I was glad that they came out with a generic pill for yaz. It saves me a lot of money each month. I was paying $30 for yaz and now I only pay $5 dollars which is a big difference. The pills both do the same thing so it doesn’t matter if one is generic or not.

  126. I get my prescriptions through Medco…which is the WORST company on the face of the earth. I have been taking Yaz for two years and I LOVE it! It is the only thing that treats my PMDD. I tried generics at first and I got really sick from them. I get a three month supply via mail order. I recently had my check-up to get a new refill for the year and today I got my first refill. I opened the package and I got Gianvi. Medco never asked me if I wanted a generic, they just sent it to me because it was cheaper…yea….$10 cheaper. Thanks Medco…NOT! Does that even seem right to you? No. Shouldn’t they have asked me first if I wanted a generic? YES!

    ASSHOLES! Oh and by the way…thanks for sending me a medication that currently has a lawsuit against it…that’s just super!

  127. I was on Yaz for my ovarian cyst and Yaz actually made my cyst better the pain stop hurting and it cleared up my acne when i went to pick up my next perscripton of Yaz i got this ulgy caser of gianvi ITS CASING IS ULGY BUT REALLY i was scared to take it because i didnt kno how i would react to it ive been using Yaz for like a year and now i got somthing new that pissed me off i was doing just fine wit yaz and this new Gianvi stuff doesnt help my wit my face im starting to break out remind you i havent broke out in like a year so im very pissed just leave Yaz alone and let the poeple who lik it use but warn them i didnt get a warning but i take care of myself so i have no worries

  128. I have been taking Yaz for right at a year. This past time, I went to the pharmacy to get my Rx and I got a generic form of it. About a week and a half into taking Gianvi, I began another period. I’ve never ever had that happen. The flow was beyond heavy and the pain got so bad I had to go to the Emergency Room for it. I went to my regular prescriber on Monday and he told me to immediately get back on name brand Yaz because generics only have to be at most 80% like the name brand and when messing with hormones that 20% can really mess ones system up. I do NOT suggest ANYONE to take Gianvi over Yaz….just pay the difference. I use Walgreen’s Pharmacy and my difference is only 7 dollars….

  129. I am a PhD organic chemist and basically it’s my job to make molecules and drugs like the ones in yaz and gianvi. Firstly, there is NOTHING different between the two, they contain the same compounds in the same dosage. The reason the brand names always cost more is that it costs an average of $1 billion dollars to develop a new drug and take it to market. Patent rights allow a period of time for a pharma company to make back some of that money. Generics can be sold cheaper as those companies can take the brand name drug, work backwards to the compound (retro-synthesis) and produce the same drug without the cost and time of all the initial trials and tests the brand pharma company had to do. Don’t be scared of generics, I realize I may be a little more knowledgable than some due to my field of work but I’m so happy gianvi is here, my copay is $5 instead of $25 per month and I’m 100% confident in ALL generic scripts and OTC’s including this one

  130. 5 years on Yaz with poly cycstic ovaries. Yaz has finally helped me lose weight, balance my mood and become a normal woman and confident. Then the pharmacy switch to generic Gianvi – which has turned my life upside down. After three days on Gianvi I’ve had initial migraine with aura’s for the first time in my life. 7 intense migraines in 21 days and an MRI and a neurologist visit. This pill has change how I feel, has disabled me, impairs my vision and is awful. How can Teva say this pill is a generic.

  131. Regret the day that I ever accepted this drug as a replacement for Yaz. It is why I am up at 3 in the morning suffering severe cramps 12 days into taking the drug. It is not working, I am break through bleeding, bloated, cramping, and suffering all the symptoms for which I began Yaz over three years ago. As a generic that is only 10 dollars cheaper there is no way that I would ever recommend anyone changing over to this drug. Please be warned it is not as effective!!!!

  132. I’ve been on Yaz for over a year and never spotted or had a period. Now I’m on my second pack of Gianvi and am bloated and bleeding everyday! Maybe the ingrediants are the same but I’m different now and am switching back to Yaz.

  133. I’ve been using Yaz for nearly five years now and have never been happier with a contraceptive. I had tried Ortho-tri-cyclen and few others in the years prior to beginning Yaz and still suffered horrible cramps, mood swings, fatigue, migraines, and a general all-around sick feeling. After starting Yaz, I have had very little, if any, symptoms of PMDD. I went for my refill shortly after the pill was released in June, and like most other reviewers on here, I, too was concerned that there was something different in my bag. I’ve used the same pharmacy since I was a child, and the same pharmacist has been there for about 15 years and he assured me that it was the same chemical compound, and sure enough upon reading the label, I saw that he was right. I’ve been taking it for about a month and a half and have noticed no difference between the two and considering my insurance co-pay as went from $75 to $10, I’m certainly happy with the change.

  134. I just got gianvi today. It was weird cause my pharmacy usually gives me Yaz. It’s much cheaper than the 30 dollars I payed for Yaz. Now I only pay 15. It has the same risk as Yaz and the same stuff in it. The packaging is not very discreet but as long as it works I don’t really mind so much. I like that it’s cheaper because I have to take birth control no matter what because I have irregular cycles.

  135. OK, so basically everyones had different side effects when switching from yaz to gianvi, or nothing has changed at all. i would think women would be a little bit more concerned about whether this new drug is just as effective in preventing pregnancy or not, because honestly thats the only thing that worries me in switching.

  136. Went to the pharmacy last month to refill my yaz, pharmacist says “there’s a generic now, is that okay?” I say sure. I save 4 dollars. I just finished my first pack. I have been bleeding for 2 weeks. Different than normal. Very dark. Weird. cramps. And acne is back. Today I feel like I might “start”. Heavy cramping. But since I’ve been bleeding two weeks one would think I surely must be about done?

    Called in my refill today and insisted on Yaz. At first, the pharmasist insisted that I continue with the generic bc my insurance would charge me more. Come to find out, its 4 dollars more. I will pay the 4 bucks to make the breakouts, cramps, and spotting go away. I will also be speaking with my doctor next week about revising my prescription to not substitute a generic. I only take yaz for acne and endometriosis and it appears this generic has done nothing to help me out with either. I took the generic willingly. I figured it was pretty much the same. Well, it wasn’t for me!

  137. After reading all this comment about the generic for yaz i will definitely stop taking mine!I was taking yaz for a couple years they never had no side effect on me!but after thet switched me to this generic one i just started 2 weeks ago i started having the side effect headaches and my concern was they can gain weight,just taking them for two weeks i weight 100lbs only and i am realy concerned about my weught but since i started this i sttart gaining weight right away for 2 weels taking this i gained 2 pound!NO way I WILL DEFINITELY STOP THIS TOMMOROW BEFORE THIS GENERIC TURNED ME FRM A SKINNY TO JELLY DONUT!SERIOUSLY!

  138. I was so excited to learn that there was a generic yaz as yaz was costing me $60 every month. Immediately after starting Gianvi I had night sweats… like had to change my clothes drenched in sweat, gained 10 pounds in a month, and was the crabbiest I have ever been for no reason. It was awful Nothing has changed as far as a workout or eating routine… switched back to yaz this month and am curious to see what happens. I know it says its the exact same, but obviously something is different for my body to react immediately. so much for saving money… my sanity is worth more.

  139. Same story, went to pick up my bc, got generic instead of Yaz with no warning. I was paying $35 for Yaz and now, Yaz has gone up to $65 and Gianvi is $35. I’ve been on it for 2 months now and I hate it. I’m getting zits, cramping really badly all the time, my period went from one light day, one medium day and one light day to 5 days of heavy flow of very dark blood. I’m also much more tired to the point of barely being able to stay awake during the day, increased appetite, several headaches during the week, spotting, and gained 5 pounds. I went on the Bayer website and enrolled in the Bayer savings card that will enable me to pay $5 for my first pack back on Yaz and $25 for every pack thereafter. I’ve already called the pharmacy to tell them to switch me back and I’m picking up my Yaz pack today. Thank god Bayer did that!

  140. When i found out there was a generic form of Yaz i was excited as i pay $40 per pack and with generic $10 but my pharmacist said i was still being charged the $40…to make a long story short my insurance company told me that because the manufacturer didn’t make enough to meet the demands they are now selling it at brand price. So if i’m paying Brand price i want Brand…but the pharmacist said they are out of Brand Yaz…so i had to pay $40 for the generic, which i might add is causing break through bleeding and some cramping…i dont’ like it!!

  141. I personally think Gianvi is horrible….Since I switched from Yaz to Gianvi I’ve been spotting constantly. When I found out there was a generic I was pretty happy, my co pay for a three month supply went from 43.00 down to 20.00. But the problems I’m having really are not worth the money I’m saving. I will be going back to Yaz.

  142. BEWARE OF THIS GENERIC! I started taking the generic this month (before I found out about this lawsuit) and it’s awful. I’ve gained weight and feel like crap. I went to my gyno and she said that they are NOT the same thing and changed my prescription to a different pill.

  143. I had the Mirena for 3 years and decided to remove it and try birth control. The Mirena was not controlling the bloating, acne, moodiness etc … My doctor prescribed Yaz and when I took the prescription to CVS I was asked if I wanted Generic brand for $10.00 or Yaz for $50.00 – I of course asked the pharmacist what the difference was and he said nothing except $40.00 a month. I went ahead and requested the Generic brand. I am currently on week 2 of Gianvi and very afraid of taking any pills but I am glad to say that not much has happened. During week 1 I had morning sickness one day, nausea another day and some dizziness here and there but nothing I couldn’t control. I was more afraid of getting the headaches than anything else due to having had an aneurysm 8 years ago. I hope this works cause if it doesn’t I will have to live with having my period every 3 weeks and feeling just terrible almost everyday of the week. I always try to stay away from taking any pills due to the side effects but what could be worse than getting your period every 3 weeks – anything you take can cause side affects and that is a risk we all take when consuming drugs. I hope this helps.

  144. I started taking Gianvi seven days ago and have gained over 5 pounds (and I live a very active lifestyle). So none of my clothes fit and this has put me over the edge. Talk to your doctor right away if something does not feel right, do not wait a week like I did. I also experienced horrible nausea the first four days, swollen feet, exhaustive and the mood swings are back. I can’t stop crying and I’m fat, thanks Gianvi!

  145. I am on week three of Gianvi and I have experienced incredible fatigue, naseau and some spotting. I couldn’t figure it out except that I started taking Gianvi this month. After reading these comments, I’ve called my doctor to get him to switch my prescription to Yaz or something else, nut I am not taking this pill anymore.

  146. DO NOT TAKE ANY BIRTH CONTROL PILL if you have a family history of blood clotting disorders. There is a MUCH higher risk of forming a blood clot if you do.. My 21 year old niece just had a stroke because she did not know she had the heriditary disease. It takes a $400-800 antibody blood test to determine if you have the disorder.

  147. My doctor has told me that MOST generic medicines are the same. Two exceptions (that apply to me) are thyroid medicines (Synthroid vs. the generic Levothyroxine) and birth control pills. I mostly take birth control pills for depression (other than the obvious reasons!), and I have been on Yaz for years and years–and loved it. I got the generic–again, without being asked–and It has been about a month and a half and I am suffering from some bad depression. The only thing I can really associate it with is the change in bc pills, but I’m scared that now my insurance won’t pay for the Yaz now that a generic is out…

  148. I was on Gianvi for two and a half weeks. I was moody, broke out like crazy, and gained five pounds:( I have switched back to Yaz and things seem to be getting better. I am just pissed at the fact that when I asked my pharmacist if there would be any differences or side effects she said no. I know they are just chain pharmacists but they should know their facts. Do not take Gianvi!!!!

  149. Gianvi is a horrible drug and should be removed from the market immediately. Just like everyone else I was switched without my knowledge or consent. I had been on Yaz for years with NO SIDE EFFECTS. I have been on Gianvi for 2 weeks and immediately noticed horrendous side effects including bleeding, bloating, decreased sex drive, excessive weight gain (124 lbs. up to 137 lbs. in 2 weeks) nausea, stomach ache, lethargy, etc. The “generics” are not the same. There is a 20% variance in the key ingredients and other ingredients may be left out all together like the diuretic component. I called my OBGYN and was told that they have had more complaints and that no one liked Gianvi and that they had to write No Substitutes for every patient for the past 2 months since it hit the market in Mass.
    Just what every woman wants…a 10+ pound weight gain in bathing suit season. Wish I could sue that damn Gianvi company. I HATE this drug.

  150. Grow up. I’ve never seem such a group of congragated complainers. It’s a generic form and they work the same. I’ve had depo provera shots before and those are hell. I’ve had my period for 6 months. Gianvi and Yaz are both wonderful forms of birth control and as for being worried about getting pregnant on gianvi it’s probably not going to happen. And if it does it’s because your not taking it right. But you could say it’s because it has less of an active ingrediant. You probably would say that you bunch of whiners. If a pharmacy sold birth control that didn’t work, they wouldn’t sell it. Or at least they wouldn’t call it birth control. So to all you haters put there….I LOVE GIANVI!

  151. I took Yaz for PMDD. When I got Gianvi at the pharmacy I warned my boyfriend that it might not work that same and that he should keep an eye on my mood to see if it does actually get worse during the month. I figured I could switch back to Yaz after that month if my PMDD was really bad. And it WAS REALLY BAD. I don’t just get moody, I get dangerously depressed but only for about 3 or 4 days out of the month. Yaz is the only thing that worked for it and it seems that the only other thing I can take for PMDD is an SSRI anti-depressant. Yaz is not covered AT ALL by my insurance and I can’t afford to pay $80 a month. The Gianvi did nothing for it but I don’t want to take an anti-depressant for this when I know that Yaz would work. I am going to see if I can try Ocella which I’ve heard helps with PMDD as well, but I am worried it won’t work. I don’t know what I will do if it doesn’t.

  152. I have been on Yaz for about two years now and without my insurance telling me I got Gianvi instead, I had no idea there was a generic for Yaz and I’m kind of nervous about taking it.

  153. Wow!! I have been really upset the past couple of hours. Needless to say, I went to my local Walgreens Pharmacy and they gave me this Gianvi. I was shocked that no one informed me of the switch. They never asked me if I wanted generic. I called my local Family Planning and spoke with the doctor who writes out my scripts. She was really nice about the whole situation because she knew I was so upset. I still am!!! She was unaware that there was a generic form of Yaz. I’ve been on Yaz for five years and I love it. I have had no problems on it and I am extremely reluctant to take this generic crap. I used to take Orthotricyclen lo and I did not like it one bit!!

    I am afraid that I am going to have side effects and that is the very last thing I need to deal with. Much like to what has been stated here, the pharmacist said that my doctor would have to write “Brand name medically neccessary”. She’s certainly not going to write that because I have not taken the Gianvi as of yet and I would have to have a medical need to take Yaz and this is ridiculous. I told her that I’m not trying to overreact but I said I don’t want to have any bad reactions or side effects to this drug. I mean what constitues a generic drug? The plastic case on these generic pills reek!! I am on Medicaid, but I am extremely unhappy about this. I don’t have the option to take Yaz. I was fine until this garbage occurred today. I guess I have to play the wait and see game. This really sucks.

  154. My daughter was switched to the generic form of Yaz this past month and it has been horrible for her. Her face breaks out constantly, she complains about having more headaches and in general is very miserable during her period. She also experiences more cyst pain from her ovary. I also have experienced her “mood swings” coming back. Gianvi may be cheaper, but it shows with my daughter. I’m getting her medicine refilled tomorrow and will only accept Yaz for the refill!

  155. Do not take Gianvi. I have had every miserable side effect from this drug that has been listed and then some. How dare my government use me as a guinea pig fo a drug that IS NOT THE SAME AS YAZ and has not been tested on humans. Gianvi has for the time being ruined my life. I hope my body goes back to normal after I get back on YAZ. Now let’s go fight with the insurance companies to pay a fair price for the brand name because the so called generic is not anywhere near an equivalent. I hope Teva gets a huge lawsuit for their greed in rushing this horrible drug to market.

  156. “Is Yaz the ONLY birth control (pill or otherwise) that can help with the moodiness, fatigue, appetite, etc?”

    No. When a drug makes a claim that “sounds” like this to the consumer, what it really means is that they performed tests with their drugs for those symptoms and they showed effectiveness. In most cases the other drug manufacturers cannot make the same claim for a certain amount of time because the company who did the original testing has the patent.

    As for you ladies who think you are moody, breaking out, gaining weight, etc… on the generic, you are having pretend symptoms like a woman does for a hysterical pregnancy or anyone does with hysterical blindness. There will be a very, very, very small number of people allergic to the tiny difference in the binding ingredients, but that will be below .001%.

    Where the medication is manufactured has nothing to do with quality if it has been approved by the FDA. Besides, most medicine-making corporations are based here in the US, but get cheaper rend and cheaper, yet equally educated employees in other countries. It is cheaper for an educated American to live in Israel and work for an American-based company than it is for them to live here (believe me, I know….my husband works for a major one with branches in different parts of the world).

  157. My Granddaughter aged 16 takes Yaz for acne control not birth control.She was switched to Gianvi without our knowledge. I can’t see where it is approved for moderate acne problems. Do any of you know the answer to this. thank you

  158. I took Gianvi for the month of June after taking Yaz for 3 years, then my insurance inexplicably changed my order back to Yaz…and now it’s just like I started Yaz for the very first time, with all the acne, bloating, irritability etc. that the body goes through when adjusting to an influx of hormones. So obviously, Gianvi IS NOT THE SAME AS YAZ. There IS a difference in the ingredients, and we have all been feeling it, apparently. To Liz who posted on Aug. 2, your comments were unnecessary..we aren’t whining for God’s sake, this is a real issue that is obviously affecting a lot of women, and frankly it really sucks. If that’s not the case for you, then great, but now you’ve pissed off a bunch of overly hormonal, severely irritated women. Way to go. Oh, and learn to spell. To everyone else, hopefully this shit will never happen to us again!

  159. Stacy, I have always been open to generic drugs. I feel i am educated enough to not go with ‘the flow” of complaints, etc. But on this one I have to agree with most women here. First, the price is very good and we are all looking to cut expenses here and there, especially now. Second, my symptoms started as soon as i took the generic version of yaz and did not put two and two together until a few days ago. Now, i am not someone that lives writing blogs or expressing opinions in any websites, newspapers, etc. but i started getting suspicious when I started with headaches, feeling depressed about things that usually have no effect, diarrhea, nasal pain, and feeling blue about everything. All these symptoms were not brought on by listening to others or reading posts, etc. My suspicion brought me to this page and has affirmed what i thought. Hysteria? possibly in many cases but as i mature I also find out that my gut feelings are to be paid attention and not ignored or dismiss as imaginary things. I am most confident that all the ladies here in this blog are intelligent women that do not make up things in order to gain attention, we have our personal relationships for that. I also know of women who never suffer PMDD, PMS, pain or anything like that, to those I say good for you and I hope you never have to experience any of that. I have to say that your assumptions are rather pretentious and ignorant by nature. But the ladies here are not suffering from hysteria…This type of stereotyping is damaging and serves no purpose to women whose symptoms need to be acknowledged and explored.

  160. I am stopping the generic immediately. i have occasional migraines that i can usually wait out. i have been on Gianvi for 2 1/2 weeks and have had 7 debillitating migraines in 5 days. Double auras and pain that stays for hours or in the case of this last one -2 days. not happening. I would rather pay the more expensive copay than lose a days pay because I can’t go to work.

  161. Thank Goodness!! I have been spotting and having problems with gianvi for three weeks now. It quite frankly SUCKS!!! I have been spotting and bleeding for three weeks and me PMDD is not being help with this CRAP Generic. This was put out to make money and no other reason. I cant wait to see this pulled from pharmacy’s. Women all over are having a terrible time with it. But I am relieved to here that other women are having the same problem as me.

  162. I too received the generic Gianvi in place of Yaz. I immediately started spotting and am bleeding heavily now. Not good considering I was put on Yaz to stop my periods because of low iron. I called the pharmacist and asked for Yaz. Wouldn’t you know my insurance company charged me $50 instead of the usual $15. I plan to talk to my doctor to see if she can rewrite the prescription for Yaz only. If my insurance still expects $50 then I certainly will get ahold of a prescription cards so I will only have to pay $25.

  163. my daughter has been on yaz for 2 years and has had no side effects except for acne gone and her bleeding has been alot less, then last month we go to the pharmacy and they give us Gianvi without even asking us. after taking it for a couple of weeks poof acne back and heavy bleeding back, we try to get the REAL yaz and pharmacy said you will have to pay full price or get a written letter from your dr to get the insurance to pay, so we had to make an appointment with her gyno and she told us. gianvi is not the generic for yaz its the generic for yasmin which is different and the pharmacy should not be giving people who r on yaz gianvi, she also told us that giavni is different it has different levels of hormones in it and that is why my daughter is getting acne and heavy bleeding, so she wrote a new perscription for yaz and included fill perscription as written if this dont work she will be fighting with the pharmacy and the insurance company for us, this is bs if u r given a script for something what gives the pharmacy or the insurance company the right to change it…

  164. Like many other women, I went to pick up my prescription for YAZ and was told that since the generic form is available, my insurance would no longer pay for the brand name, EVEN THOUGH my presecription said “brand name only”. They told me that my doctor had to write a letter to the insurance company explaining the exact medical reason for the brand-name medicine. This is now my second month on Gianvi and I definitely do NOT feel the same. I have had clear skin for most of my life, I am 21. However I have been on YAZ for so long I don’t know whether or not to relate my clear skin to YAZ or not. BUT since starting on Gianvi I have MAJOR breakouts, that I have NEVER had before. Coincidence? I think not. Gianvi has treated the PMDD, but the pimples are not worth it.

    So the question remains, do I stop taking birth control all together? Or do I keep switiching and messing with my hormones to find something that will work. This country is being run by corporations that care only about money. It is disgusting.

  165. I’m so glad I came across this forum – I actually found it because i”m currently suffering from my third migraine in the past month, after just being switched from Yaz to Gianvi by my insurance company. I’ve never had regular migraines before, and these have been so bad that I get a loss of vision and vomiting. I also had nausea and extreme fluctuations of emotions, all of which I’ve never once experienced on a year of Yaz. I didn’t think it would be possible to get such symptoms from switching to the generic, because I assumed they were both exactly the same. I can’t wait to meet with my doctor because this is getting unbearable.

  166. I started taking Gianvi last month, on my second month with the pills I started having bad acne breakouts and mood swings. I also had some weird spotting. I also developed one of the most horriblest bacterial infections, and I am not sexually active right now. I have never had any of the above until I started taking Gianvi. Now I got my new pack and I have switched back to Yaz.

  167. I was also given Gianvi by my pharmacy. I don’t use it as a birth control, but to regulate hormones and decrease muenstral pain and acne. I didn’t really care about using a generic, hell I only paid $5 on co-pay instead of $15. After the first day i felt sick to my stomach, I’ve been nervous and jittery since. It’s the only medication i’m on and I havent made any dietary changes nor have there been any other changes. I started it 3 days ago. I WONDER IF THE GENERIC IS THE EXACT SAME MEDICINE CAUSE I FEEL LIKE CRAP!

    Edit before submitting:
    I was about to submit this comment, but decided to look at other comments listed here. OMG! I’m so glad i did and now I know i’m not the only one experiecing changes.

  168. My mail-order prescription company (CAREMARK) mailed me Gianvi rather than Yaz this time, after filling Yaz for YEARS. They did not consult me or my physician, and REFUSE to change it back to the brand name because a generic is available.

    If the medications are so equivalent, will they pay for my abortion or for raising a child when I get pregnant due to the FDA-allowed 20% variation in efficacy allowed by law in ALL generic medications, including oral contraceptives? I doubt it.

    But the mail-order pharmacies will still be laughing all the way to the bank from their deals with these pharmaceutical companies, while more and more women become pregnant due to the “allowed” variations in generic OC’s that they were sent instead of their regular medication.

  169. i have been on yaz for two years. it has worked out for me and helped my periods.. but i am thinking of switching because i have been seeing commercials on tv that yaz has serious health risks like blood clots and such. and i recently got Gianvi….without being asked… and i feel horrible! im spotting big time and i feel like i am still on my period! and also nauseated. i have never felt this way before. i am going to my doctor and asking to be put on something other than yaz, yasmin, or ocella. i want nothing more to do with this brand.

  170. I have recently been switched to the Generic version and it made me completly sick. I cramped really bad, my legs started cramping. My legs never cramp and I hadn’t done anything for them to hurt. They hurt so bad I laid around all day and didn’t want to move. It freaked me out so bad I stopped taking to pill all together and now I’m having a hell of a time finding a new pill to take.

  171. I was surprised when I was given generic 3 months ago. I was afraid to take it but it saved me some money. Can I just tell you that I have felt like crap this summer between nausea and vomiting to weight gain and a mess of pimples. Sadness like you wouldn’t believe! My dumbass thought I was pregnant – couldn’t imagine why else my stomach would be so unsettled… went to the doc to check for hyper thyroid, diabeties and everything else and he says I’m clear on all accounts. So I thought I was crazy until I decided to do some research. Thanks for making me realize I am not alone in this!

  172. I’ve been on Yaz for about 1 year and a half. Didnt have any problems with the pill. Until two weeks ago when I picked up my prescriptions for a refill, the pharmacist have given me Gianvi instead of YAZ…Apparently I thought it would be the same. I have been taking Gianvi for two weeks, I have suffered from anxiety,stomach aches, nausea,vomiting and I also lost my appetite.I felt horrible. I didnt know what was going on with my body. This was not me at all. I stopped taking Gianvi and I’ll be seeing my doctor.

  173. OMG! I’ve never posted on a blog but I have to say I am 100% relieved that I’m not crazy! The same thing happened to me, I have taken YAZ for years and when I went to pick up my Rx in June they switched me to the generic Gianvi. I have been emotionally sliding downhill for 2 months and finally today I started researching counselers and physciatrists. I have just had mental breakdown after mental breakdown and I could not figure out what was wrong with me. I have never been a depressed person. I have always been happy and upbeat. But I started becoming paranoid, nervous and just blue. I couldn’t find my happy to save my life. I have getting terrible headaches, feeling nausea and dizzy almost every day. Finally, finally, finally I narrowed down the only that had changed in my life in the last 2 months and this was it. I started googling and found this….I called my Dr. and they said that YAZ and the generic use the same type of drugs to make it but use different fillers. I instantly felt a weight lift off my shoulders. THANK GOD I’M NOT CRAZY!!!! I was terrified that I was really losing it. I tossed the last pill that I had and will not be going back. Now I can’t wait to get this crap out of my system for good and get back to my old self again.

  174. To Comment by Liz on 2 August 2010:

    You don’t realize this, but Gianvi is the reason why you are acting like a total idiot. It’s okay, we’re all irritated here. For me at least Gianvi is like a shot of angry Adderral. I swear anphetamines is in this stuff. Get off the Gianvi Lady!

  175. i’ve been on yaz for about 3 years now, and have never had any problems with it. i actually was very happy i went on it. the reason i went on this website is because i just have been having sudden nausea and dizziness. at first i thought it was something else, then realized that i had just switched to gianvi. after reading through almost all of the comments, i realized this was me! everything you guys have been describing is how i’ve been feeling. nasues, dizzy, headachs. there is no way yaz and gianvi are the same. i am highly disappointed i was every switched onto gianvi and i am switching right back to yaz.

    take it from me, this is NOT the same! save yourself from feeling sick.

    thanks to all the helpful comments.

  176. Ok – I have been on YAZ for 4 years now and two months ago I was switched over to the generic brand, Gianvi. I just wanted to post this and I NEVER EVER post on blogs but I have noticed a major change in myself this past month. The first month I took Gianvi I got my period on time and everything was pretty normal; my boyfriend said he had noticed a mood change in being really moody. Now, that I have been on it this second month…everything is screwed up. I started spotting 2 1/2 weeks before my period was suppsoed to come, and I am still spotting. I have been bloated after I eat certain things, and I have been getting major headaches. I started freaking out because I thought I was pregnant so I took 3 tests which are all negative. I have had never ever had any problems like this in my life until just now! Sometimes I feel nausea and most of this month I have had serious headaches. I called my doctor and she said she believes it is all because of this birth control. I just want to stop taking it, I have never felt this way in my life and would MUCH rather be put back on YAZ where I feel more of myself.

    I thought for sure I was going crazy until I started to read all of these posts and I was like maybe thats why I have felt this way for the past 2 months straight. So thank you to everyone who posted their experience!

  177. I’ve been on the generic for about 3 months now , and in my personal experience, I have noticed frequent panic attacks and a new alarming symptom of hair loss. I was on yaz for about two years prior with absolutley no side effects.I don’t care of they Claim to have the same Ingredients or not, something clearly does not agree with my body

  178. It’s called the American way people. The said truth is 85% of your healthcare costs are for pharmaceutical costs. Trust me, I know. There is no reason why prescriptions in the country should cost what they do other than the mere fact that someone is greedy and wants more money in their pocket. Why is research needed especially when certain drugs have been around and used for years in other countries. Just as an example, I went to Europe, got a month supply of an allergy medicine for $6. When I inquired about cost here…..$100 per pill. PER PILL.

  179. I’ve been taking Yaz for over a year, I switched from my local pharmacy to Ride Aid because they have cheaper prices… i was paying almost $90 for my birth control… Ride Aid switched me to the generic brand, and so far it’s the exact same a s Yaz. i like so many other have heard about the side effects of taking Yaz, I still choose to take it because my doctor has been taking care of my family for at least three generations that I know of… so i trust him with my life. I stayed on and it did what a birth control should do, that and it helped with my acne… I have experienced no negative side effects while on Yaz… I’m still the same old me…

  180. All birth control pills have side effects and the side effects of Yaz have been reported to be significantly higher than other pills. Anyone asking, “Should I be on Yaz?” or “Should my daughter be on Yaz?” should have probably asked those questions before ever filling the prescription. Many prescribers have incentives for prescribing certain (especially new) medications, so you need to be your own advocate and ask as many questions as possible then truly weigh the risks and benefits. Every single drug will do some sort of harm to your body, but you have to ask yourself, is the cost of being on the drug less than being off?

    As for the cost: Most new drugs are released under patent laws so that generic forms cannot be released for a few years so the developers are able to charge more to cover their research and development costs. Then, generally, a few years later the generics start to roll out at a lower cost. Without insurance, the cost of Gianvi is only about $10 less than Yaz; one good thing though is that many insurance providers only cover generics and not brand names, even when a brand name is not available.

    Kimberly, your argument saying that there is no research needed for drugs that have been around in other countries for years, you need to do some homework. A great example of this is Fenfluramine (part of the Fen-Phen craze), it was FDA approved in the 70′s, then it wasn’t until the 90′s that researchers noticed a correlation between heart problems and people on Fenfluramine, roughly 30% of the patients had developed heart problems, and it was pulled from the market in 1997. It was research done 27 years after Fluramine received its FDA approval that saved who knows how many lives. This is true for many many medications! Research saves lives and creates new, better drugs.

    Seriously, what kind of allergies do you have that you would be needing a $100 allergy pill?! There are costs to everything, Europe may make a cheaper allergy pill, but I assure you that cost will be reflected in some other form. And “85% of your healthcare costs are for pharmaceutical costs,” where exactly did this statistic come from? Do you understand what all goes into healthcare? In my practice maybe 5% goes to pharmaceutical costs, and that is a pretty standard number. Healthcare in America is expensive, but that goes hand in hand with the fact that we have the best healthcare in the world. Everything has a price, and I don’t know about you, but I am not willing to skimp on my health.

  181. I have been on yaz for 3yrs. Each refill $ July i was told by the pharmacist of the generic brand costing $12 so of course i swithched..
    Right away i noticed my mood swings were back, had feelings that i havent had in a very long time.Thinking of switching back to yaz.

  182. Back on Yaz after the generic and I cannot wait to feel good again. The generics make me feel sick and I have high anxiety. It has been 7 days back on Yaz and I am afraid it may take at least a month to feel normal again. I never want to go through this again. I have returned to small doses of Prozac.

  183. I wasn’t given the option to switch to Gianvi. I went to pickup my refill and when I was asked to pay $10 instead of the $30 I knew something was up. That is when I was told that I was being given a generic brand, which I wasn’t too thrilled about because nobody asked me or gave me the option. It was almost like I was given an ulitmatum…Take Gianvi or don’t take anything, which I don’t think is right at all!! I decided to be optimistic and give it a try even though I love Yaz and have been taking it for over a year.

    I’ve been on the Gianvi for two months and hate it!! My face is breaking out again regardless if I’m on my period or not. I would never break out onYaz regardless if it was when I started or at any other time of the month and my skin was looking so good, now I can’t get my face clear to save my life. My mood swings are horrible, my headaches are more frequent and more painful, and my cramps are much worse as well. Also my period, which used to last only 3-4 days with Yaz is now lasting closer to a week, week and a half.

    I went to the doctor today and had them right me a new prescription for Yaz only and will be filling it as soon as I get off from work. I do not like Gianvi and the companies can say whatever they want, but it can’t be the same pill. I wouldn’t recommend this generic to anyone and if Yaz has been working for you then I wouldn’t suggest switching. I know it costs more, but to me it is well worth it. I hope this information helps…

  184. I just rec’d my generic form of Yaz – Gianvi, and the cost was only $14.00 total for a three month supply. That’s a little of $3.00 a month. You may want to check who you both yours from and why they are charging you so much.

  185. I got the generic Yaz and felt weird too…a bit of weight gain and very moody. I take the pill for Endo. Yaz is $87 where the generic is $12
    How do i get my insurance company to cover some of the expenses?

  186. I am up late at night exploring the generic Yaz because since switching 2 weeks ago I have had nausea, low level abdominal discomfort and worsening depression and acne. I didn’t realize the “blues” could be due to the Yaz switch and only looked into this because of the nausea. I feel relieved to see others have had this mood change and will be going to the pharmacy in the morning to get my Yaz back. Thanks for all your comments.

  187. I just switched to Gianvi after being on Yaz since March. I originally began taking Yaz because the other BC pill I was taking caused oily skin, acne, etc. Yaz cleared it up, and so far Gianvi is doing the same. I’ve been on this new generic for about a week, and I haven’t experienced any uncommon mood swings, any recurrence of acne, or sickness. I would recommend a switch to Gianvi if you are looking for a little extra money in the bank. Going forward, I will save about $200 a year.

  188. In response to the question about getting insurance to cover Yaz instead of just the generic…Some insurance companies will only cover generic prescriptions regardless of whether or not a generic form exists of the medication; however, if you have insurance that once covered Yaz and no longer does because the generic form is available you can file an appeal with your insurance carrier. You typically need a letter from your physician or prescriber that explains a medical need to be on the brand name; normally prescribers are very understanding and willing to do this. Medical need can be as simple as you don’t like the way you feel on Gianvi or that it makes you break out. Talk to your insurance company about what you need to do to get Yaz covered, it is normally a pretty simple process.

  189. I am so glad that other women are having problems with Gianvi. I was switched also, without my knowledge/consent, to Gianvi from Yaz. I have no problem with generic drugs in most cases, but when a person is on a medication that is working for them, I don’t think it makes ANY sense to switch them unless they consent. Meaning, I would have appreciated a mail or even email notice from my mail pharmacy saying: “Hey, there is now a generic available on that refill you requested. Would you like it???”
    Anyway, I am finishing my 2nd pack of Gianvi, and am waiting for an order of YAZ that I insisted on getting after I finished the 1st pack of GIANVI. My problems?? Same as all of you ladies: increased acne, MOODINESS, anxiety, depression, night sweats, bloating, gaining 10 pounds for no apparant reason (and I work out 4x per week!), spotting and BAD headaches. Hopefully Gianvi prevents pregnancy as well as YAZ, but I think we can all agree that it DOES NOT work as well for the other things. And if a drug’s side effects are really bad for a significant amount of people, then it should not be on the market! Now, I”m not sure how extensively Gianvi has been tested, but you can be sure that I am registering my complaint, and detailing my side effects, so that they can be counted. It’s not ok for a drug to go to market and have all these horrible things happen to people.

  190. Legally, pharmacies must dispense the generic medication, if it is available, unless the prescriber has directly specified on the prescription that the brand name drug only may be dispensed.

  191. I will like to know if this pills Gianvi are causing the same efects as yaz, like stroke, sudden death, etc. Because I am worry, I’m taking this pills and read a report about bad sides efect of this pills yaz.

  192. I have PMDD and YAZ is my life saver. i was shocked when they gave me the genric. i called bayer and asked if they were going to pull YAZ off the market because i saw on tv an ad for the lawsuit oh wait you mean the people that SMOKE while on the pill which can increase the side effects! they told me that they stand behind their product and that YAZ would remain on the market..
    i do not want to become the PMDD monster that i was before YAZ
    and its the drospirenone that kills the PMDD! Yaz is the only pill on the market with this hormone!

  193. I took Yaz for a good year and a half and stopped taking it February. I am now about to go back on birth control and was expecting to get Yaz when I was given Gianvi. It seems that most of you were currently using Yaz when you made the switch, experiencing multiple issues with it. My body hasn’t been on birth control for a while, and unlike most of you I’m hoping that my body will adjust better to the generic medication because of it.

    I understand that both products contain the same molecular formula and that Gianvi is approved for PMDD or acne. Yaz was great for me. It made me less moody and did help clear up some mild acne.

    Does anyone have a similar situation to mine? Not having been on birth control for a while and starting fresh with Gianvi? If so, what has your symptoms been like?

  194. * correction: I understand Gianvi ISN’T approved for PMDD or acne…

  195. The pharmacy that i currently go to just switched me from Yaz to Gianvi, i was excited for the fact that my insurance now covers Gianvi, rather than Yaz, so in summary i dont have to pay the 80.00 for Yaz now my BC is free..

  196. I had been taking Yaz for sometime and when I first started taking it a felt a little nauseous so instead of taking it in the day I took it in the evening and I was fine. I switched about a month ago to the so called generic and my nausea has returned tenfold, I am also getting pain behind my eyes, blurred vision and sharp chest pains every once in awhile. I attributed the nausea to the pill but was unsure about the other symptoms so I started to look up what the side effects were and if other people were experiencing them and sure enough they were. I am getting off of this and either going back to Yaz which I like (depending on cost) or switching to ortho-tri-cycln.


  197. After being on Yaz for alomst 2 years I recieved the generic in the mail in July. Within 1 week I noticed weight gain of 3 lbs. Within the following 2 weeks I expierenced the following additional symptoms: Pain in my rihgt leg, sleeplessness, headache. Called the doctor he said there is no reason I should be expierencing these problems switched me to Junel (loestrogen generic). Gained an additional 3lbs as a result. Calling the doctor again this week to switch back to the brand name YAZ….definately don’t think the Yaz generic is the same drug.

  198. How long has it taken for those who go back on Yaz from Giavni to feel normal again. I have been on Yaz again for 10 days, through the inactive pills and now 2 of the first active pills. I have a good day then a bad day.
    I am definately not normal yet. The dizziness and almost fainting is new to me.

  199. After being on Yaz for 2 years my pharmacy switched me to Gianvi without concent and it was a drop of 30 dollars but now I am getting acne and I never had acne even before I started Yaz, I am gaining weight, major nausea, dizzy, and light headed. I was put on the pill because of having ovarian cysts and Gianvi is not helping with those like Yaz does. I refuse to take more than 1 month of this medication with or without insurance co-pay its horrible.

  200. I am in the health field and my mom is also a pharmacist, so I know that the generic is the exact same as the brand name. HOWEVER, I had been on YAZ for 3 years. Suddenly, I was sent the generic. At first I thought I was sent the wrong prescription as many others did, but then realized the generic has been released. I normally have no problem with generics, but I have been having major side effects with Gianvi that I had not had with YAZ. I’ve been having leg cramps that feel like a “charlie horse,” acne, bloating, very painful intestinal cramps, and random depressive emotional swings. I am all for generics, but when they are giving me these new side effects, I wonder if there will be a recall for Gianvi.

  201. So I’ve been having the same issues as everyone else. I have been on Yaz for probably the past 4 years and absolutely love it. Just recently in the past 3 months my pharmacy has been giving me Gianvi. I have been having headaches, nausea, dizziness, weight gain, and aches. I did not really think anything about the nausea and dizziness because I thought it was just from the horrible Alabama heat and maybe getting too hot. I didn’t think anything about the headaches because I thought it was just the stress from school. What made me wonder was the weight gain. I haven’t changed any eating habits and in the past week I’ve gained 5 pounds!!!!!! and I work out! I knew there was a problem. I was so relieved when I saw this posting to know that I was not alone! I called my pharmacist to see if they could swap me over but my insurance wouldn’t cover it. They told me it would be $80 out of pocket. I’m a student and definitely can’t afford that. I called my mom to see what I should do. She told me that if I called my OBGYN to let them know the problem, they should be able to write a prescription specifying to fill as written…no generics and insurance will have to cover it. I called this morning and they called my pharmacists after I spoke with them to get my prescription changed. I knew that all of you were having some of the same issues with Gianvi as I was and I thought I should let you know that this worked for me. You might try calling your doctor as well to get your Gianvi changed back to Yaz. I can’t wait to get back to feeling normal again! Good luck yall!

  202. Wow…after reading all this, I am TERRIFIED to take Gianvi. I’ve been taking Yaz for 2 years and never had any issues with it at all. In fact, it has been the only birth control pill to help me with my intense symptoms of PCOS. I’ve tried many different brands for many years and it was the only one out of all of them to help me! I am specifically on Yaz to help with my health issues, it’s not like I’m a healthy woman who is taking it just for birth control reasons.

    My husband isn’t going to be happy at ALL that I’m going to refuse to take Gianvi, which is only $10 and instead go back to taking Yaz, which was $40 (after insurance coverage)…and now Yaz is likely to be even more expensive. So…wonderful.

    I won’t be taking Gianvi after reading and hearing an insane amount of very negative reviews. It’s just not worth it to me.

  203. I started taking Gianvi at the beginning of this month when the pharmacy switched me from Ocella…I noticed and pointed it out to the person ringing me up. She said, “Oh they must have just switched it.” I told her that I was a firm believer in the – If it ain’t broke dont fix it- saying…She said I should be fine….Well here I am 28 days later with no menstruation and feeling horrible. I’m worried I am pregnant because I have never ever missed a cycle. Not to mention I got my first pimple in YEARS… I constantly don’t feel well and I’ve gained at least 5 pounds….I really wasn’t planning on a pregnancy so I’m pretty worried. I’ve been reading all the other comments of women skipping their cycle so It’s a little bit of a relief that the rest have had negative pregnancy tests as well. Good luck all..I’m switching back A.S.A.P.!!!!!

  204. I consider Gianvi toxic. Since going on this pill, I have gained 15 lbs in less than 2 months. I am getting severe migraines and have been so depressed. If I stay on this pill, I will wind up 200 lbs and probably dead because the depression has been so extreme. I am not on any antidepressants as I did not have a problem with depression until I took this garbage.

  205. I had been successfully using Yaz to control my severe menstrual bleeding. The first month they switched me to the generic, I am experiencing the worst period of my life (and that’s saying something) with severe blood loss and passing clots the size of my fist. (my doctor and I are deciding right now whether I should head to the ER). My pharmacist told me she had received several similar complaints. Clearly there is something different between Yaz and the generic.

  206. DO NOT TAKE GIANVI I know many of you are excited over the savings, but the health risks are NOT worth it. My pharmacy replaced my YAZ prescription with Gianvi two months ago. Since that time I have had nausea, migraine headaches, dizziness, mid cycle bleeding (I’m talking a full fledged period during the 2nd week of the pack), my blood pressure has skyrocketed and I have gained 17 lbs in two months. I passed out Friday night and am told that I actually stopped breathing for a minute. I was rushed to the ER and my blood pressure was through the roof. I am going to my primary physician tomorrow to see just how much damage this medication has done to my body. 5 day off the meds and my blood pressure is back down a good bit (137/73), but my normal BP is 117/70. I urge all of you to use caution when taking this medication. I would urge you to STOP usinging it immediately!!!!

  207. I’ve been on Yaz for years and was given the Gianvi just over a month ago. Yes, it was much cheaper – but with the side effects I have been experiencing, it’s so not worth it!
    I haven’t been sleeping good. I have a lack of energy. I am a runner and training for a 1/2 marathon. I run 2 a year. This past month a can’t complete runs. I might have to pull out of the race. My face has been breaking out. I gained 5 lbs out of the blue. My husband says I’m moody and snippy – not my personality! I”m usually a pretty positive, upbeat person! I called my Dr. today to switch back to Yaz. She said I am the first to have issues, but it could be because I’m very “in tune” with my body. Hope I can get back on track! It just seems like there was never much info on Gianvi. Did they test this pill? It would have been nice to get compensated for trying it and having to go through the miserable side effects! Unfortunately I live in MA and Yaz is super expensive – hope I can find some way to knock down the cost. Just not fair!

  208. Mydaughter has been on Yaz for 3 years. back about june she was switched to the Gianvi brand. soon after she began having abdominal pains….she was seeen inthe ER twice…underwent a CAT scan and Sonogram and saw a surgeron….we never asked for her to be switched but the allmighty Walmart policywas to give generic if available and didnot tell us. she stoped the drug fro a month or so the pain went away…started it on a tuesday and by saturday was inintense pain again…we have since put her back onthe name brand yaz…this generic needs to be pulled from the market….she never had pain with the name brand Yaz

  209. I was placed on YAZ for migraines and it has been my lifesaver. but my new insurance does not cover Yaz or the generic form Gianvi. so I would rather pay the 75$ for the generic than the 100$ or above that the name brand cost. my experience with Gianvi is that it IS NOT the same as the name brand YAZ. my headaches have come back, and I am spotting now with this new crap. I am trying to find a way to get back on the name brand without paying the ridiculous price. anyone else on Yaz for other purposes than birth control? and now see that Gianvi isnt the same??

  210. my pharmacist recently switched me to gianvi after taking yaz for about three years now. my dermatologist put me on yaz it to get rid of acne, and it was like the miracle pill for me. my skin cleared in a month, i had 2 day periods most of the time, and no cramps. in the two months that i took gianvi, my face started breaking out constantly, i had major lower back pain and abdominal pain, and weight gain, which is weird for me b/c i can’t gain weight for anything! and a 4-6 day period. it was the most horrible “generic” i’ve ever taken! i went to my obgyn who gave me this little card that gives me my first prescription of yaz for 5 dollars, and thereafter for 20. so i am currently back on yaz & loving it. generics cannot be 100% the same. my body could tell a HUGE difference apparently.

  211. I should have known this wouldn’t work, got the gianvi instead of yaz, 2 weeks into the pack i’ve had a period (first one in 3 years), night sweats, hot flashes, unbearable cramps,mean-ness, irritability…..all the reasons my doc put me on yaz to begin with….and i’m not even to the placebo?? guess i’ll be throwing a temper tantrum in his office this week….since i can’t control my pmdd without my miracly happy pills!!

  212. I was on Yaz for a year and a half, then went off the pill for a few months. I hadn’t realized it, but some of the side effects people are mentioning above (mood swings, hair loss) went away as soon as I stopped taking it. I thought I was just in a stressful relationship, and didn’t realize the pill might be the problem. I went back on the pill in August, and when I got the prescription filled they gave me Gianvi. Within a week, the mood swings were back (worse almost) and the hair loss started again.

    I did some research, and discovered that there could be a vitamin deficiency caused by the hormone levels in the pill. I started taking a multi-vitamin that contained extra Folic Acid and Zinc along with additional vitamins for extra C, E, B12, B6, . Ever since I started the vitamins my mood stabilized, and I have more energy than when I wasn’t even on the pill. Gianvi plus the vitamins are still a lot cheaper than 1 pack of YAZ.

    The only other double-edged sword for me is the periods. My first was only 3 days long, and the next one barely existed. I like the quieter periods, but they obviously add anxiety regarding pregnancy.

    No nausea, but since I had that with YAZ, I’ve learned that it’s better to take the pill at night so that any side effects such as that don’t bother me during the day.

    I don’t have acne or pain symptoms, so cannot address those.

    Hope this helps anybody who still wants to work with the less expensive prescription. There are ways around the side effects.

  213. I was on Yaz for almost three years before starting taking the generic version two months ago. I am almost finished with my second pill pack of the generic and it will be my last. Since starting the generic, I have experience spotting throughout the month and acne break outs—problems I never had on Yaz. Overall Yaz worked very well for me. I didn’t have any issues with weight gain, and my boobs definitely got bigger. BUT, I have suffered from mood swings around the time of my period since starting the pill. Lately I have been concerned about the reports of Yaz-related deaths, but I have no family history of high blood-pressure, etc, and I am afraid to start taking anything new. Guess I’ll be sticking with the real Yaz for a while longer…

  214. So I had my period 2 weeks ago and I was completely bed ridden. It literally felt as if I was giving birth to something. I had intense pain that all the Tylenol in the world couldn’t relieve. I had to take 3 days off work, I day being my F-in Birthday. I bled like I was stabbed and kept on bleeding for 2 weeks. I had terrible diarrhea, sweating like crazy because of the pain, also leg and back pain, and couldn’t sleep at all. I broke out so bad it was awful and I packed a total of 12 pounds. Thanks a whole lot Gianvi. I’m glad to report that I’m back on Yaz and already feeling better.

  215. My 17 year old daughter was put on Yaz Jan it was her Happy Pill!! She had severe acne, not to mention she would bleed so much and scream of pain before yaz it was heatbreaking but then we had Yaz!! AMEN she has the clearest skin periods nice and light no pain oh and the best part she sleeps and eats like a normal person … and not to mention the nice person to be around …. then we get the generic she was in tears saying my happy pill ..please do not change me … she has taken the generic for 9 days … her face is broken out , she is crying and moody , and headaches…Thank God I have a few samples left over of Yaz this generic is NOT the same do not chance it.

  216. I’m a pharmacist for CVS and I’ve been on the brand Yaz for 3 years now and it worked wonderfully for me. Then once the generic was available I was excited I would have a cheaper copay for my birthcontrol. Well…. I never thought I would say this as a pharmacist, but there has to be something different in the generic because I’ve had lots of spotting/cramps on Gianvi. I never had spotting on Yaz. We are taught in pharmacy school that the generic has the exact active drug ingredients as the brand. I’m not sure what’s going on with that generic, but in the meantime I’ll be putting myself back on the brand Yaz.

  217. I have taken yaz and gianvi and they are HORRIBLE!! they made me gain a total of 15 lbs in a period of two months, and i’ve had sevre depression after taking them. after just relieving myself from birth control completely for a while i’ve lost all the weight and i just feel like myself again. so just be warned not all side effects are great, yes it did regulate me but the weightgain and depression was not worth it.

  218. I was on Yaz with no problems but was paying $70.00 a pop for it. Gianvi is only $30 a month, but I noticed I have ALOT of spotting with it almost everyday, and also my skin problems have returned, Yaz had cleared them all up. So I guess its not exactly the same.

  219. I recieved Gianvi on a re-fill prescription that the doctor wrote out before the generic was put on the market. I have to do my prescriptions by mail (Caremark) and had no idea this generic was coming instead of the Yaz that I have always gotten. And to top it this generic was more money than the original. I actually paid $10.00 more for it. Now I dont know if is the pharmacy or the pharmaceutical company that had the nerve to price the generic more money than the Brand Name. I spoke to Caremark and they said that is there procedure to send any generics when available to the consumer but why would it be MORE money. I feel this is very unfair to the consumers and to the company that originally made the Brand Name…

  220. i have been on Gianvi for two months – it is NOT the same as Yaz! i have noticed i am much more moody, i always feel like i want to eat (i know that sounds weird but i can wat a whole meal and want to snack 5 mins later!). then the real kicker…..i have gained 8 pounds! and no, i dont give into my munchies. i eat healthy and am working out everyday plus i teach dance several nights a week. so there is NO reason for me to be gaining weight like this. i am going to the pharmacy today to fill my script and am going back to Yaz!

  221. If gianvi is the EXACT birth control as yaz, why are their two out there? I don’t get it? Why would they sell yaz AND the generic brand? Why not just sell the generic brand and stop all the confusion. Is it so companys can make more money and rip off the american citizens? If insurance companys were going to switch us to the generic brand why put us on yaz in the first place? I dont get it.

  222. I am having serious issues with Gianvi and am (strangely) relieved to see other people are too and I’m not just going completely insane. I have been on Gianvi for 6 weeks after being on Yaz for almost three years. In six weeks, I have gained 10 lbs. for no apparent reason. I am breaking out with acne constantly, sweating at night, having horrible cramps, and spontaneously crying. My insurance requires me to purchase prescriptions like birth control in a three month package. If I want to switch back to Yaz, I will have to pay for it out of pocket until November. At this point, I would rather be on no birth control until November than take another pill of Gianvi.

  223. I had originally witten here on Sept. 3, terrified of taking Gianvi after reading the reviews. After MUCH discussion with my doc, a nurse, and two pharmacists…I decided to try it. Been on it for about two weeks and so far so good. Although the one thing I’ve noticed that SUCKS is that my skin is breaking out SOOOO bad now. I never had skin problems before! I had such pretty, clear skin…even on Yaz my skin was clear…and now Gianvi is making my face break out AND my back and shoulders. It’s really annoying. I don’t know what else to do though…my insurance refuses to pay for Yaz now and I don’t have an extra $80 a month or whatever to pay for it! Ugh! Yaz was working perfectly fine…why did they have to go mess with me and create Gianvi? Boooo.

  224. I was on Yaz for several years and very happy with it. The past two months that I have been on the generic have been horrible. I have been having terrible mood swings like I have never had before and feeling depressed. I really don’t care that it cost less money, what does that matter when nobody wants to be around you when you act like a psycho all the time? I wanted to stay on the Yaz but told that my insurance (which I pay over$310 a month for) won’t cover it. I will be seeking other forms of birth control and I urge others who have had an experience like mine to do the same. Anyone who says generic is the same as the name brand has it all wrong in this case. It’s disgusting!

  225. Wow! I am so glad I found this site. I thought I was going insane, and it is so great to hear that I’m not alone. I have been on YAZ for over 5 years and just switched to Gianvi because it was $10 rather than the $70 I paid for YAZ. I was thrilled that there was finally a generic and took it with no questions asked. I also immediately started spotting and breaking out terribly. (I’m 25 and have not had skin issues this bad since high school.) I also felt super depressed and stressed out and even cried at times like other people said. And to top it all off, I too gained weight…about 5 pounds…in 2 weeks!!) I decided to completely stop taking it in the beginning of my 3rd week in the cycle and just get my darn period, in hopes that the spotting would stop after that. I had my period for 6 days (not including the days I spotted) and am finally seeing with clarity. I am relieved to hear that I am not alone in my dilemma and will be promptly searching for a new pill that doesn’t make me crazy and doesn’t cost me $70 either. Wish me luck!

  226. Quote: “Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. admitted that the Physician Prescribing Information included with packages of its oral contraceptive Gianvi™, falsely claimed that the ethinyl estradiol in the product was stabilized by Bayer’s patented “betadex as a clathrate” formulation, and in fact, that Gianvi does not have Bayer’s patented stabilization formulation. Gianvi is Teva’s product and is sold as a generic version of Bayer HealthCare’s leading oral contraceptive YAZ® (drospirenone & ethinyl estradiol).” Fr:

  227. This morning I’m on my way to the doctor again after waking up to head-to-toe blisters 2 days ago. Having been given two steroid shots, i skipped my bc pill and doubled up on gianvi last night to make up for the missed dos. i woke up at 5am itching again and my face is swollen. we decided it has to be gianvi and did some research and am so glad to know the other symptoms of dizziness, and moodiness (which i’ve never experienced before) are more than likely caused by this new generic bc.
    Nothing is worth this! By the time I pay for doctor visits, steroid shots and travel to my doctors office (1 hour) repeatedly, the new generic has cost me lots of money and stolen my health.

  228. Wow, I never thought all these women had the same trouble as me!! I was on Yaz for a yr for peri menapausal symptons. I’m not even 40 and I had terrible bloating, acne, fatigue, etc. Yaz was a Godsend! Walgreen’s “offered” Gianvi (at $5 a pack) so I took it. I knew something was wrong after one month. My stomach felt awful, the boating was back and the fatigue and everything else. One of the side effects I got from Yaz was a dark pigmentation on my face (butterfly marks) which I had when I was pregnant, but still worth the benefits. They started to fade too…hmmmm. As soon as that happened I knew it was the Gianvi. I get 3 at a time, so I finally finished the last pack this month. I go to Walgreens to ask to switch me back and they said the insurance covers a whole lot less since the generic is out. I pay $30 a pack now. It’s still worth it to me, but I think I’ll call my doctor and see what else I can do to get the price down. I can’t wait to start back on Yaz!

  229. I was on YAZ for PMDD for about 8 months.- my symptoms cleared up about 95%. Then about 3 months ago the pharmacy switched me to gianvi- I’ve noticed a slight increase in moodiness/food cravings on the “off” pill days. I talked it over with my doctor today & will stay on Gianvi- my yaz would be 40$ a month now and gianvi is only 5$. 35$ difference is huge for only a few, mild changes in symptoms; plus my periods are lighter with Gianvi. I will keep a close watch though…good luck ladies

  230. My 19 y/o daughter was given Gianvi, the “generic” version of YAZ. She was surprised and clarified with pharmacist at Walgreens who assurred her it was the generic form of YAZ. After feeling sick with intermittent abdominal pain, nausea and having no period for 6 weeks she went to the doc who referred her to a gynecologist. The gynecologist said that Gianvi is NOT a generic form of YAZ and that several pharmacies are making the substitution. My daughter is diabetic and Gianvi is contraindicated in people with diabetes. No wonder she was sick.

  231. My doctor prescribed me the generic Yaz about two months ago and I experienced spotting and high anxiety. It can’t be the same as regular Yaz. I had never experienced spotting EVER before this drug. I was so anxious and moody that I just wasn’t myself. I threw away the 2nd half of the 2nd month pills once I felt so terrible. I haven’t gone back on regular yaz yet– it almost makes me want to stop bc all together. This experience was horrible. Since I have stopped taking the generic, I have lost a few pounds and am back to my happy self.

  232. I was swictched to generic Yaz a couple months ago and now having breakthrough bleeding, cramps and moodiness. I have been on Yaz for almost 3 years without any side effects. So much for it being the same. This will be the last month of this generic med.

  233. My wife was on Yaz for about 2 or 3 years before her Dr. approved the pharmacy to switch her prescription to Gianvi. As soon as she started taking the “generic equivalent” she had a heavier period that month. The Dr. assured her that it was the same ingredients. The second month of being on Gianvi, my wife is now pregnant! Gianvi DOES NOT WORK the same as Yaz. Another case of companies trying to save a buck at other people’s expense!

  234. Normally I’m all for generics and take generic everything, and I encourage people to take generics when possible, unless there is a medical reason not to. That being said, I switched from Yaz to Gianvi about three months ago and have been experiencing much more breakthrough bleeding ever since. While on Yaz, which I took for 5 years, I had breakthrough bleeding at most every 3 months or so, but only when I skipped placebo weeks (and avoided my period) for 3 months at a time. Within days of switching to Gianvi, I have had breakthrough bleeding at least every two weeks, even when I go on my period that month, so I’m basically having two periods per month now. To get FDA approval as a generic, the activity/distribution in the body has to fall within a small range of the original brand drug–it doesn’t have to match exactly. So if you’re someone who is sensitive enough, that small change might be enough to effect you, which might be the case with me. I’m going to talk to my doctor in a few days to see what she says. I’ll try switching back to Yaz as an experiment to see if things go back to how they were. I’m not ruling out that this is just a coincidence, but I want to find out more and try switching back to brand to find out.

  235. I was sent the generic and should have asked for them to replace it with the brand name. I must admit during the time I was on the generic I was also under a tremendous amount of stress at work, but I believe there were noticeable differences in my mood, demeanor, how I felt, I had an acne breakout that I haven’t had since I started it, and I had some weight gain. I just got a refill yesterday and will NEVER go back to the generic form. And by the way – generics are not the same. I used to sell drugs and learned really quick that the generic form of the drug is allowed a variable of the percent of the active molecule (the active drug). It was 5 years ago so I can’t remember the exact percentage – I want to say it was +/- 20%. The same manufacturer could deliver different “lots” of the drug and each lot could even have a different level of the active molecule (as long as it was within a +/- range of 20% of the level of drug manufactured by brand name drug. So, what you can get with generics is an inconsistent level of the active molecule, from pack to pack. For some drugs this is not a major issue, but for birth control, I prefer the same consistent level of the drug each month, especially since it affects our moods. And another thing – most drug stores and pharmacies make more money selling the generics, so they are not just selling you something that will save you money – it also makes them more money. They much prefer selling the generics and will often fight to keep filing scripts with generics. Even when some of the docs I called on indicated the script be filled with the name brand, some area pharmacists refused to do so. They don’t like being told to fill brand name. And one more thing – the last person who can give you real guidance regarding the side effects and possible health implications for a common prescription drug is, unfortunately, your doctor. Doctors these days – especially your primary care docs – are just revolving through us as quick as possible and any patient who asks for a specific drug is likely going to get it. Your primary care docs get very little reimburstement these days and just want to get patients in and out – which also has to do with the fact we are all on the Internet now diagnosing our “ailments” and wasting their time with our hypochondria and overload of medical information. I am not blaming the physicians – they should have never allowed pharmaceutiacal companies to market directly to consumers and the Internet can be trouble. That’s another topic though. Hope this helps.

  236. I’ve been on Yaz for about a year and it was great. I suffered from a lot of moodiness and depression around my period. My mom and I called it “Red Week”. Once I began Yaz, Red Week disappeared. I’m pretty sure I have PMDD.
    I received the generic recently. I used one pack in July-August, then found I still had Yaz for August-September. Then I had to go back to the generic in September. I didn’t notice the changes so much in that first month b/c I had a lot of stuff going on in my life but after the last month, I’m not “me”. I’m an emotional wreck of “me”. Both my boyfriend and my parents have noticed the change. I am calling my doctor today to find out how I can get my Yaz back.
    If you’re taking Yaz for PMDD, just be aware that it might not work as well. Pay attention to your mental and physical health. I hope the generic will work for you as well as Yaz.

  237. My daughter (now 15) was on Yaz for two years to control heavy and irregular menstrual bleeding. She was switched to Gianvi by the insurance company without any notice. She has experienced terrible mood swings and possibly depression following the switch.

    I find this practice of switching with no prior notification medically irresponsible and unacceptable. I am contacting my insurance company immediately and refusing payment on the unused product. I am also requesting a new prescription from her doctor tomorrow for Yaz. This product has worked well for my daughter and switching against both mine and my doctors request is unacceptable.

    I have no doubt that this will be the subject of a class action suit in the near future. My goal is to ensure I don’t need to participate in that since we limited her exposure and damages associated with this premature generic.

  238. In response to Keith, who had his daughter on Yaz for 2 years and is trying to get it for her, again…I would be greatful that your daughter was taken off of Yaz. My daughter was onYaz and, as a result, had a massive blood clot, when she was 20 years old. She missed a semester of college. And, because of her clot, she will have health problems and will have to take coumidin every day for the rest of her life. If she wants to have a baby, she will be a high-risk pregnancy. She is 25, now, and still has to use a leg pump every day because of swelling. When looking at your daughter’s heavy and irregular mentrual bleeding, I would take those over taking the risk of her having worse problems because of taking birth control. Especially at such a young age!

  239. After reading some of the comments, I also had the experience last month to get Gianvi instead of Yaz and I just realized that something was wrong when I was paying and the pharmacist charged me only $15.00 co-payment instead of the usual $50.00. I didn’t want to take the risk. I know there are other cheaper pills but It took me a while to find the one that gave me less side effects and believe me, as women that have to go through all the pain every month I am hesitant to change meds just because it’s cheapear.
    However I am questioning if there is any profit, incentive or something like that for pharmacists to just change the prescription for generic without asking you first.

  240. I have been takeing Gianivi for about two months.I have also had abdominal pains, mood swings and to top that off I have had a cycle for over 2 weeks. “That does it I am threw with this GIanvi. I will return to Yaz and be back normal.

  241. Wow…I am shocked to read all this, and relieved as well. I went to my pharmacy three months ago and they told me that there was a new generic available for Yaz. Thankfully, my pharmacy gave me the choice…but, practically living paycheck to paycheck, of course I opted for $10 instead of $35.

    For the past three months, I have felt HORRIBLE. I cannot tell you what I’ve gone through. I’ve missed many days of work due to migraines, upset stomach, panic attacks, dizziness, numb fingers, etc. Not to mention that I have been the most depressed and lethargic I have ever been in my life. The worst part is that I haven’t had my period in 3 months since I started the generic (the opposite of what most of you ladies have here). I reluctantly went out, bit the bullet, and got some pregnancy tests…fearing the worst. Sorry, but I am on birth control for a reason.

    It came out negative, thank goodness, but just experiencing that scenario alone was enough stress for one year. So I began to worry what else was wrong with me. Should I get an MRI? Do I have anxiety? Do I need medication? I even thought cancer at one point. That’s extreme, but I was REALLY freaking out about my symptoms. Then I just thought about it today and like a light bulb, there it was…I started new birth control about 3 months ago. This was the first page I came to and I feel relieved to know that this isn’t all in my head. I’m still going to go to my OBGYN to make sure everything is okay, but these drugs obviously cannot be exactly the same if people are having such adverse reactions to them. I am definitely going back on Yaz ASAP. I just can’t believe that it is my dang birth control that has caused me to miss so much in the past three months due to feeling like a bump on a log or sick. I hope they take this drug off the market!

  242. My pharmacist or doctor or SOMEONE switched my prescription without me knowing it _ from Yaz to Gianvi. At first I was excited because it was only $10 co-pay, as opposed to the $25 with Yaz. But I recently found that I have a terrible attitude taking Gianvi. The hormones in it have to be different or something. THEY SHOULDN’T SWITCH YOUR PRESCRIPTION WITHOUT NOTIFYING YOU FIRST.

  243. Birth Control should be free. After insurance, I am still paying $60 for the genaric. Ridiculous.

  244. Why I agreed to switch to Gianvi for a $10 savings, I’ll never know. After 1 and 1/4 pill packs, I threw the rest away and demanded a fresh pack of Yaz. I gained 10 pounds in 29 days! I have been the same weight my whole life. After reading the posts above mine, I feel lucky that I did not suffer from some of the more severe side affects that come with this obviously inferior treatment.

  245. I used to take Yaz and I thought it worked wonderfully! It helped my moods, period, acne and didn’t seem to have any bad side effects. I recently started (and ended) Gianvi. It was horrible! I gained a good couple of pounds, broke out like crazy, had really weird mood swings and had a lot of stomach problems…I think the commercials should be warning people about this stupid drug, not Yaz.

  246. CVS on River Highway in Mooresville NC tried to switch me to generic YAZ today. When I told the pharmacist I wanted brand he told me they were the same thing. I said no they are not, and I would like branded YAZ. He then told me my insurance didn’t cover YAZ anymore. I knew he was lying and I told him to fill it with brand or I was filing a report (YAZ is tier 2 on Cigna of NC). What that pharmacist did was illegal. Who wants to take a generic birth control???? Not me. Pharmacists make it so difficult for patients to get what they want. This pharmacist is also a liar.

  247. I am very upset and concerned, My mail order requires me to mail order after 3 refills. I have done that and they sent me the generic form of YAZ. Since receiving Gianvi. I have not stopped bleeding for almost 3 weeks. This is upsetting and I am told give it 3 months and my body will get used to this generic form. REALLY!!!!

  248. Sure I pay $35 for Yaz, with my insurance, but after 1 month on Gianvi (which was filled w/out my permission, much to my chagrin), it seems a very small price to pay. For a $15 decrease, Gianvi offers me the pleasure of daily headaches, and mood swings that border on depression. And what does a girl who’s feeling depressed need most? Breakouts, of course! Say what you will about it “being the same”, but I’ll cough up the extra $15 not to be a nut-job. If it ain’t broke, don’t take Gianvi.

  249. I stared taking the Generic form of Yaz in July 2010. Since then I have not had a period and cannot get my period to start back up again. My periods were perfectly normal when I was on the brand form of Yaz for 3 years, but thanks to my pharmacist, she asked me to try the generic form because the co-pay was less expensive. Welll now I am paying the price. I have taken pregnancy tests and show that I am not pregnant, but how do I get my period to start again?

  250. I have to more than agree with Kelly. I had been on Yaz for nearly 2 years when I was switch (automatically by the pharmacy too) to Gianvi. I haven’t had any major side effects as far as breaking out or changes in my period. However, I really think I’m starting to lose my mind. I have mood swings that are beyond severe. I never know when I am going to be perfectly fine or when I am going to completely snap, especially at my boyfriend. No clue how he puts up with my insanity.

    Key thing-Gianvi may be a bit cheaper but I think this is definitely one case where it is well worth it to pay for the real deal

  251. i dont see why people make a big deal about it being generic. generic means its has THE EXACT SAME INGREDIENTS without the cost of the brand name.

  252. and if your prescription costs that much thats on your healthcare because i pay $5 for mine

  253. I have taken yaz for the past 4 years and then in july my doctor switched me to Gianvi without telling me. After taking it for about a week or two I started to get really sick to my stomach so I stopped taking it. I haven’t had my period for the past three months and I’m not pregnant. Even though I stopped taking the pill I am still breaking out and am extreamly moody. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow. I hope I don’t kick her ass. Even if I did it’s her fault I’m in such a shitty mood in the first place. If this pill made me sterile I will be so upset. I’m only 20 and I’ve always wanted to be a mom. :(

  254. I went to the pharmacy and was surprised when they put me on the generic of Yaz. I knew it was not my doctor because I had a discussion with her about how it wanted to stay on Yaz and not get switched to the generic. Since it was a SaturdayI could not get ahold of my doctor so I figured I would start this new pill. I could care less about price. It took me a long time to find a pill that worked so well for me, and Yaz was the miracle pill I needed. After only 2 days on this generic I became very emotional and could not stop crying. I did not feel like myself and I knew it was because of this pill. If this generic is the same exact thing as Yaz, I should not be experiencing these horrible symptoms. I went on Yaz to control my moods, and now this new one is making me worse. It also made my period heavy and the worse it has been in a long time. I only took it 2 days, and there is no way I am taking day number 3 tomorrow!!! I will be calling my doctor in this morning to make sure that I can get a new month of Yaz asap. I am upset that this generic form is going to screw me up for a month since I was doing so well on Yaz. But there is no way I will take another day of it. I will do whatever I have to to keep on taking Yaz. At this point I do not care how much money I have to spend.

  255. I just recently got swithced over and it is almost as expensive as yaz I have been on it about a month now and I have noticed the difference. I called my doctor because I feel uncomfortable taking the generic brand. Why is it so expensive?

  256. My daughter was switched to the generic several months ago by the insurance company and had nothing but problems: headache, spotting, etc. which she never experienced with Yaz. She stuck with it for 2 months and then she contacted her Dr. They brought her right in- there have been numerous, severe problems with this generic drug!!!! We are currently fighting with the insurance company to get them to pay for the Yaz which she is now paying for out of pocket.

    I am all for generic brands if they work the same- this one obviously does not.

  257. Okay, so here’s the point of view from me. I’m 16. My father requested that I take birth control after he found out about me and my boyfriend. At first I was taking Yaz, which was prescribed by my doctor. I didn’t even want to take this, but whatever. So I’m taking this and already in the first week I have issues with dryness, etc. I got pretty upset. After a few weeks of taking it though, it started to go away, so I was like “Cool.” A few months later, someone (I don’t know who) changed my prescription to Gianvi. I was worried, considering this was a generic brand and all. I gave it a shot, though. I read the little book thing and it’s exactly like the Yaz book. The only major problem I have with this pill is that I believe it is making me moodier and maybe have more of an appetite. I’ve been taking this for a few months and I can say that I honestly cannot tell the difference, besides the name of course. If you’re worried about giving your daughter birth control, don’t be. It’s much better than having her pregnant or something. I haven’t had any “life threatening” side effects. Companies are required by law to put ANY potential threats. These ‘extreme’ side effects happen to like 1 in a million people. Another thing I like about this birth control is that it still comes with the little wallet and only costs TEN DOLLARS CO PAY. I can keep going, but all I’m trying to say is to NOT worry. It’s the same thing.

  258. BEWARE!! my daughter was on Yaz for 3 years until 2 weeks ago was switched to generic. within 4 days she thought she had the flu, aches, pains, vomiting, diarrhea, and eyelids almost swollen shut. She stopped taking the generic. Went to doctor was told it was a virus, 3 days later went back to dr, was told it was a sinus infection, restarted pill within in 12 hours, symptoms came back with a vengeance.Went to see different doctor he said it was an allergic reaction to the generic. that they use different “fillers”. So who knows how long it will be until she is back to normal. no more generic for her!!!!

  259. Thank you to everyone who has shared on this page. I recently got my prescription of Yaz refilled after a 6 month break due to insurance issues and was surprised to be handed Gianvi. I felt very uneasy about this new pill so I decided to research it. I found this site and immediately decided not to take it.

    I called my pharmacy and they said that I could switch it out for Yaz which I did that same night. With my insurance Gianvi cost $63 and Yaz $76. I’m happy to pay the extra money not go through what has been described on this page.

    Thank you everyone.

  260. I also want to thank everyone for their comments on Gianvi. I was going to switch to the generic brand because of the price like probably all of us, but it’s not worth the risk. I’ve never had any problems with Yaz and that’s good enough for me. By the way, I would love to be paying $35 or even $65 for my Yaz; where I live its $80 with a savings card!

    It’s ridiculous, but there is a reason why Gianvi is NOT called Yaz!!

  261. Gianvi made me nearly suicidal. I have depression and was nervous about the pill for that reason, but as a 21 year old that has always had vomit inducing periods that ibuprofen and naproxen sodium do little to treat, I decided it was enough. I was prescribed Yaz with the assurance that it would not make my depression worse, but it might make it better. Not knowing much about drugs, I said yes without a thought when the pharmacy asked if the generic was okay. I didn’t realize that “generic” meant “similar drug that isn’t approved to treat all the same things and hasn’t been tested enough.”

    I ended up in the worst state of depression I have ever had. I wasn’t myself. I got angry or upset over things all the time since starting Gianvi. Then, because of the depressive tendencies I already had, I attributed it to depression, but nothing that usually helps the depression worked. I did everything I could think of to help it, but I stumped a lot of people with my psychological case. I could only assume there was something so wrong with me it couldn’t be fixed. I have, with all my depression, never been self-harming. However, I told my roommates that I wished I was because then someone could put me in a hospital. I worried my roommates so badly they called my family, a counseling center, and an ecclesiastical leader. Finally, my sister made the connection between the start of Gianvi and the start of my terrible moods and my mother started looking stuff up and everything started to make sense.

    I recognize that this is just my situation, to all you people who are accusing us of being fear-mongers. I am glad you didn’t have any problems. I recognize we are all different and different things can happen to us. I also cannot have gone through this–feeling like I should have never been born, worthless, a problem to everyone–and not say something about it. We all are different, but we also never know what will happen when we switch medication and with side effects this bad, I would say it isn’t worth the risk. The fact is this drug is being marketed as something it isn’t. It isn’t a substitution for Yaz. It may keep someone from becoming pregnant, but so many people use it for so many other things and it cannot fulfill all those functions.

  262. Last week I went to my doctor because I was having major pains when I was ovulating (I’ve not been on BC in almost 6 years). It turns out I have a cyst on my ovary. The Dr. told me BC might help, so she prescribed Yaz. I had heard both negative and positive things about it, but decided to see how it would work for me. I picked my generic prescription up from Walgreens and my co-pay was only $5…I was so excited. I had taken generic medication before, but never thought much about them. Then I decided to do some research on Gianvi and found this board…I read through every comment and started getting freaked out…I’ve only been on this pill for 6 days and have already noticed major bloating, and new pimples on my face, as well as some weird intestinal cramping yesterday that had me laid out on the couch for a good 30 minutes. I called my Dr’s office and told the nurse about my concerns and she said “well the generic is supposed to be the exact same as Yaz” but I told her I wanted to only be prescribed the real deal…hopefully my Dr. will understand my concerns and will tell the pharmacy to ony give me the name brand stuff. Like I said, I’ve not been on birth control in almost 6 years (I like my body to do its thing naturally, not with fake hormones), so I was skeptical to even get on something that might mess with me, but I needed something for my migraines and ovarian cysts. Hopefully I can get on Yaz and everything will be good from then on.

  263. Just want to warn those with serious PMDD about new Gianvi. I had my gynecologist put me on Yaz about 3 years ago for PMDD. My symptoms were so bad (migraine, sick stomach, hot/cold flashes, exhaustion, serious mood disturbances, terrible food cravings, all beginning about seven days before my period and not ending until my period started). I thought I was going to go crazy until I went on Yaz. It was like a miracle. My symptoms decreased to an occasional mild headache the day or two before my period. It was WONDERFUL. Two months ago, my pharmacist gave me the new generic Gianvi. I never thought much about it, I have always used generics without any problems. This month, my symptoms started on Saturday, bad headache, nausea, so cold my teeth chattered no matter how many covers I piled on myself. I felt so bad I missed work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I would have missed Friday except I don’t work Fridays. By Wednesday morning my head hurt so badly I was crying. I called my gynecologist who refused to call me in anything for a migraine and had her nurse call me back to tell me to go to the emergency room if I felt that bad. I fired her. I was hysterical. I couldn’t stop crying, I felt like a complete idiot, but I was so miserable I wanted to die. I went to the urgent care where the PA prescribed me Bupap, a combination of butalbital and acetaminophen which is often prescribed for migraine. It made me sleepy, but I didn’t notice much improvement in my headache and absolutely no improvement in my nausea or emotional instability. Finally, this afternoon, I started my period and my symptoms have died down to a mild headache and mild cramps. After racking my brain for a reason for this horrible (and I DO mean horrible) episode, the only change I have made in any medicines, foods, lifestyle, etc., is switching from Yaz to Gianvi. When I remembered they had switched me to Gianvi, I also remembered that I had a worse time the week of my period last month as well (not nearly as bad as THIS month!!!), I just thought it was a bad patch, not realizing it was this new pill. So……I don’t care if it costs twice as much or whatever. I missed three days of work and lived through a week of horror that my poor family had to live through with me. I won’t EVER be taking Gianvi again!!!

  264. Do not take gianvi!! I took yaz for over 2 years for acne and never had one pimple ever the most would be a small blackhead everyonce in a while. After switching to gianvi my acne is the worst its been in years and it makes me depressed. Along with the severe moodiness this pill makes me wana cry. I can’t have a normal conversation with my mom and the added stressed of having cystic acne isn’t making things better. I’m getting yaz back tmrw and I cannot wait to throw these pills out.

  265. I just wanted to share my horrible experience with Gianvi in hopes that if someone else is going through the same thing they will recognize it. Four years ago my doctor put me on Yaz for horrible cramps, hot flashes, headaches, mood swings and heavy bleeding. After about 6 months I stopped having a period and have talked to 3 OB/GYN who all told me that since I’m not at risk for getting pregnant that I don’t need to be concerned about not having a period. I’ve felt better than ever without having a week of my life gone every month due to these symptoms.

    Everything has been fine for the past 4 years, then last month the pharmacy gave me Gianvi. I asked what it was since it was obviously different and they told me it was the new generic form and they were no longer carrying Yaz. So I took it the past month. On Wednesday night I went on the placebo pills and by Friday was starting to feel very emotional. I had some stressful things going on at work but I’ve never reacted so irrationally to something like this. I started getting hot flashes and stomach aches that I thought were maybe just early flu symptoms. Then Saturday evening I started my period and it’s been extremely heavy and painful. I’m also getting horrible cystic acne. My physical and emotional state have been awful. I went to the doctor today and they took me off the Gianvi and told me to not take anything but Yaz. Apparently sometimes generics can be just different enough to really affect certain people and I’m one of them. If you started taking this and have any of these change in physical and especially emotional state, please go to the doctor immediately.

  266. GIANVI IS NOT THE SAME AS YAZ!!! I have been on Yaz for 3 years, prescribed it for heavy periods and to manage endometriosis. Yaz made my mood better, drastically cut down on the heaviness/length of my period, helped prevent endo pain and I even lost a few pounds. Two Months ago my insurance stopped covering Yaz so I was forced to switch to Gianvi to save money. Within 2 weeks of the switch I had severe stomach problems which ended up requiring hospitalization and numerous tests. My stomach completely shut down and stopped processing food. After all of the tests, nothing abnormal came back, my Dr. was stumped. Month two on Gianvi I experienced severe depression and mood swings (which I have never had before), and at the end of the second pack of Gianvi, my period was just as heavy and painful as before taking the Yaz. This was my light bulb moment that not only is Gianvi NOT the same medication as Yaz, but it was the cause of my two months of health problems hell. If you take Yaz, don’t make the switch to Gianvi, you can still afford Yaz. Bayer is now offering a discount card (found here : For insured or uninsured, it’s $5 for your first pack of yaz and then $25/pack thereafter. Also, if you are like me and experienced serious side-effects from taking Gianvi, report it to the FDA by filling out the form found @: This form is specifically good for reporting generic drugs that are not similar to the original. Gianvi is manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals, a company that recently recalled their generic version of Adderall to find that many of their 5mg pills had upwards of 20mg per pill! Let’s stop these horrific drug companies.

  267. I was also confused when I saw my pharmacy had switched me from yaz to gianvi. When I saw that it said “generic yaz” I was relieved, because I usually trust generic brands. However, I am now starting my second month of gianvi, and I have noticed a significant weight gain. I have gained TEN pounds in a month- which is ridiculous considering I exercise regularly and watch what I eat. This is the heaviest I’ve been in years.
    Also I have noticed acne breakouts, which I never had on yaz. I am going to talk to my doctor about switching back to yaz; I’d rather pay more for yaz than less for a pill that makes me fat.

  268. Thanks Jennifer, (comment on June 28) for info on savings card. This morning I went back to pharmacy with my savings card(printed from website) and got a whole 70 dollars back, after purchasing Yaz yesterday. Great savings!!! hope Yaz will help for my daughter’s acne.

  269. Wow. I think everyone on here should quit taking birth control because it’s making you all crazy. The pills are the same. Okay? Has anyone heard of the placebo effect? You get something that looks different, therefore you think it is different, therefore you think all these different things are happening, when really it’s all in your head. I swear to you that if someone told you that you were getting Yaz, and you believed you were taking Yaz, when really they gave you Gianvi instead, you would be just fine. Seriously. Get over it.

  270. My 15 year old daughter started taking Yaz when she was 13 to help regulate her periods and for endometriosis. She tried several different birth control pills and after severe migraines we switched back to Yaz. Last month her pharmacy gave her Gianvi since her insurance would no longer pay for Yaz. After 2 weeks of taking the generic form she has had break through bleeding, severe abdominal pain and migraines! I honestly feel this generic formula is nothing like Yaz. She NEVER had any problems or side effects taking Yaz. I made her stop taking Gianvi and she has started feeling better again.

  271. All generics are not always the same. My daughter has breakthrough bleeding on the generic brand but not on the Brand name. Also there are several medications were you do not achieve the same blood levels on generic as you do with the brand. (ie: Coumadin vs Warfarin)I take care of many patients whose doses need to be increased to maintain the proper therapeutic levels. Just letting people know to listen to what their body is telling them etc.

  272. I too was given the generic and have been taking for about 4 months..I loved everything about Yaz except the price so I when I was told that there was finally a generic that cost $5 buck I jumped at the chance of saving a few bucks. Well you know what they say you get what you paid for; everything Yaz had “fixed” for me, adult acne and PMDD is now long gone in fact my acne came back worse! I kept asking the pharmacist if they were the exact same thing as I’ve noticed changes but was always reassured it was, now I’m demanding to be put back on the Yaz!

  273. After being on Yaz for over 4 years without any problems my mail order pharmacy switched me to this new generic…after hesitation I took it within two months I gain ten pounds even though I was running 3-5 miles a day and suffered from on going yeast infections within that timeframe and just didn’t feel good…I went back to my Dr.who put me back on Yaz and everything is back to normal including losing the 10 pounds I gained…I do not recommended this generic and say always go with what u instincts tell you..u are in control of ur health not the insurance companies.

  274. I have taken Yaz for the past 5 years, and I love it. I have had amazing skin, a weight decrease (except a half-cup bra size increase, bbut no complaints from me-it was like natural implants without the surgery!), and my mood is completely stable to a guru-esqe level. My periods are super light, short, and easy, oh, and did I mention it has prevented cconception? I would much rather continue paying $88 a month for Yaz than pay for all the other “fixes” for the things it helps: acne meds, weight loss meds, breast implants, anti anxiety or depressants or mood stabilizers, tons of tampons, pads, and ibuprofin, a KID. II would never risk all of these positive factors and switch to the new generic. If it was the exact same it would be called Yaz, not Gianvi.

  275. I am a college student and I was on Yaz for just over a year and very happy with it. When my Doctor switched me to Gianvi without notice I was nervous and hesitant to take it. I love Gianvi so far I’ve been on it for four months and it has been just as goo. d if not better than Yaz. The extra $20 a month in my pocket isn’t too shabby either

  276. One thing to keep in mind with prescriptions… there is a box on a written prescription that the Doctor has to check if they want it to be filled for “name brand only”. Often when there is no generic available (as was the case prior to June 2010) they don’t bother checking it.

    If you have a standing Rx for a year’s pill packs, and a generic comes out during that year, all those unchecked “Brand Only” boxes result in the pharmacy software & insurance auto-switching you to generic when it becomes available. From that day forward insurance companies adjust their pricing tiers for the drug making the brand a higher copay and the generic a cheaper one… even if by a little. If the Brand Only box is checked the Pharmacist cannot change you to generic without the doctor’s consent.

    Also, you can ask your pharmacist to pull your original prescription (yes they are required to file them onsite) and physically check it to see if that Brand Only box is checked. I worked as a Pharmacy Technician for a couple of years and I frequently pulled original Rx’s to verify refill amounts and brand selections for customers suspecting errors on either the Doctor or Pharmacist’s part.

    As for my experience, I am on BC to treat PCOS. I changed from Yaz to Gianvi a couple of months ago. I had bad nausea and dizziness the first week or two, but I get that with the start of any BCP. After that settled out I seem to be tolerating the med well. I have had some gastrointestinal problems that lead me to suspect an increased sensitivity to carbs, but it’s sporadic so I can’t say for sure. One change was my periods are extremely light and short which I frankly am fine with. I have noticed I am a bit more sensitive to sad stuff (tear up at stuff a bit, but don’t cry) which is a bit out of character for me but it’s infrequent and perhaps a bit more “normal” than my usual tendency. If my “tummy trouble” turns out to be Gianvi related, though I will try to change back.

  277. Ive been on yaz for quite a few years (about 6) I think, and I switched to the generic about 5-6 months ago and have not had a problem with it what so ever. About a year ago I tried to switch to loestrine fe so I’d get my period every 3 months, not a good idea. I had my period for about a month and was batshit crazy, and this was about a week or so into the new meds. Clearly Im easily susceptible to changes in my medications, but switching from yaz to the generic didnt bother me at all.

  278. I filled my prescription this last month and was sold gianvi the generic brand of YAZ. I could tell something was wrong within 3 days. I was irritable and angry. I finished the month but I am calling my pharmacy today and complaining. My body needs the Yaz. They say it’s the same but I know my body and it’s not responding the same. I wish there was some law that the pharmacy had to atleast TELL you you have been switched to a generic form. For me it is worth the price to have YAZ.

  279. I began taking Gianvi about 8 months ago (whenever it first became available). Prior to that, I was on Yaz for about 4 years. I have never had any problems with Yaz. Since the EXACT DAY I began taking Gianvi, I had been experiencing severe migraines. For 8 months I went from specialist to specialist trying to figure out why I was having migrained 4-5 times a week. The second I stopped taking Gianvi- they went away COMPLETELY. That’s the last time I do generic birth control pills…. my life was miserable for 8 months.

  280. I don’t have insurance for the first time since my dr prescribed Yaz for me about 8 months ago. I’m scared to death how I’m going to pay for it. Been taking Gianvi. He prescribed it in answer to my absolutely insane hormones that were causing extreme anger/depression in alternating periods. I have been really happy with the results and feel pretty much normal again. Just wondering how much I’m gonna end up paying now and may have to stop taking it so that is in itself upsetting. I would hate to go back to the way I was before I was taking this. My family will hate it even worse.

  281. I have been taking YAZ for 5 yrs. Recently I tried the generic due to my insurance not covering the brand name. I have had terrible side effects from the generic. I take birth control due to a medical condition. I think it is crazy that my insurance will not cover YAZ anymore due to the release of the generic, which obviously isn’t the same.

  282. I took Yaz for 2 years with no problems, then was switched to Gianvi last April. Since then I have developed acne on my chin. I switched back to Yaz last week and am hoping for the best.

  283. Of course Bayer reports lower sales, we were automatically given Gianvi! I was, and still, not very happy that I received it. I went to one doctor for 2 years and we agreed that I would take Yaz. I moved to a different state, different doc and I pick up the Rx and it’s some generic I’ve never heard of?! I’m okay with generics for infections, stuff like that, but this, no way. When I go to a different doctor next month for a refill/exam, I’m demanding I get put back on Yaz. I haven’t noticed many differences, but it seems a lot harder for me to shed pounds and exercise. I’m always hungry, tired, more irritable, and have had worse cramps since getting Gianvi. Yaz is so much better.

  284. I too was surprised to find a generic for Yaz when I went to pick up my prescription and was happy until I tried it. I had severe headaches from the first day. I’m very disappointed and have to go back to Yaz.

  285. I had the Gianvi and hated it. Some folks have problems when they go off of Yaz no matter what. Since I am 50 and going off birth control I will find out if it was the Gianvi or going of Yaz in itself. Not looking forward to simialar problems.

  286. I don’t understand how Gianvi and Yaz can be exactly the same, because when I was on Yaz, I NEVER got a period. Now I’m on Gianvi and I get one every month.

  287. I took the generic for about six months and the symptoms that Yaz relieved me from immediately came back. The irritability, long periods, etc. This generic DOES NOT WORK for PDD sufferers.

  288. I took Yaz for 5 Years ad my gallbladder EXPLODED! I almost died! So yall go right on ahead and forego all the warnings if u want to. Bad cramps, long periods, and acne are the least of my problems now.

  289. My pharmacy notified me when Gianvi was available, so I tried it. I had been taking Yaz for awhile with no problems, but just before Gianvi came out the price of Yaz was fluctuating from $30 to $60 and back (with insurance).

    I ended up being allergic to something in Gianvi, a filler, which resulted in extreme head pain and a $12,000 hospital bill, of which I have to pay $3,000 out of pocket. Gianvi was definitely no savings for me.

  290. Gianvi is HORRIBLE and i DO NOT recommend it. I had taken Yaz for about 3 years with absolutely no problems, no weight gain, no spotting, and my mood was generally approved even though I have no history of PMDD.

    HOWEVER, after switching to Gianvi to try and save a few bucks, I have had TERRIBLE side effects. I have been ten times as irritable as I was previously, have suffered from depression, I have frequent spotting, and even intercourse has become painful.

    I had never had any of these problems my entire life before switching to Gianvi. Bayer has every right to sue Teva for all they’re worth. Gianvi is an HOAX, and IS NOT even CLOSE to the same drug as Yaz, obviously, and SHOULD NOT be sold as the generic version.

  291. I was on Yaz since January or Feb of last year, and I was surprised when they changed to gianvi.

    I get free birth control bc in my state if you have low income (I’m a student), and no insurance you’re covered if you apply.

    However, I just moved and obviously have no free birth control in this state and have no insurance (until it starts in a couple months), and Gianvi which is generic IS $76. This pharmacy I went to just charged me only $67 for it. I have had no problems with this pill. but as far as being generic, it IS expensive relative to its Name Brand. I take another drug that’s like 200+ a month for the name brand and the generic is 70, still a lot, but comparably much much lower and that’s why it’s a generic.

    I can’t wait till my insurance for my new job begins and I can have a $30 copay! It won’t be free, but it’ll be half the price of what some are paying now. But for all the girls out there who have no insurance and pay out of pocket, bless your hearts– i know how you feel; i’ve had to do it a couple times. It’s worth it to me, though, bc I take for irregular periods and pregnancy prevention with my fiance… it’s cheaper than the monthly rate of raising a kid or coming up with hundreds of dollars at once for (heaven forbid) an abortion. you gotta look at it on a larger scale.

    I have tried almost every other birth control out there: IUD (gained 30 lbs in 3 months!!), depo-provera, para gard (the copper version of mirena, and it made my periods last 14+ days and was HEAVY, like i used a super plus tampon in 1-2 hrs), etc and other pills and the nuva ring.

    The nuva ring is my favorite form out there; however, I decided to try taking the Pill again because my doctor told me about Yaz. So, I will tell you what– that was the best BCP ever and I can’t believe I spent all those years trying all those other horrible methods. Gianvi seems to work just the same for me.

    On another note, I tried nuva ring to see if i’d like it, and the month after I tried yaz, and i noticed that on Nuva Ring, i had a lot of discharge and it was nasty, so I went back on the pill and I don’t have that anymore. If only I didn’t get dishcarge on nuva ring, that’d be my first choice.

    I’ve been on birth control for 10 years.

    my doctor before rewriting me a Rx for yaz/gianvi, she said “are you sure? it is a very strong drug with severe side effects, so I am just going to ask you again, do you really want me to write you this prescription? it can cause strokes, etc.” So, a responsible doctor would explain to you the risks, and stress how strong the drug was; she didn’t want to write a Rx for it, but I told her straight up, I am very sure, it’s the only thing that works best, I am aware of the side effects. I do want this exact type of pill. So she wrote it, but she didin’t just scribble out her signature and let me on my way. So, there are good doctors out there (this one was at a college health center, too).

    Best of luck with all your BCP (birth control problems! ha ha).

  292. I tried the generic for two months. I also had cramps and spotting I NEVER had on Yaz. I agree with some of the other comments, it was like taking a different pill. I was extra pissed because I had no idea there was a generic and MEDCO just sent me three months of the generic without asking or even warning me. Their records said they sent me Yaz and they charged me the brand price but it was clearly not Yaz. The customer service rep even had the nerve to ask me to make an appointment with my doctor so she could explain to me that the pill was the Yaz brand. Really? I don’t know what it looks like? I’ve been taking it every day for years and it said Gianvi on the box… anyway. I dropped Medco and Gianvi. When do we start getting brand birth control covered under ins the way Viagra is?!?!

  293. I was put on Gianvi when i first started taking birth control. I was on it for 2 months and asked my doctor if i could switch to another because i was breaking out really bad and my face has always been pretty clear. I was then put on Kariva for one month (not even) and i had really bad pains in my calf for a week and a half and I told my mother it hurt to walk , move etc. so we went to the urgent care center and they did an ultrasound on my leg and rushed me to the hospital. It was the worst pain in my life. I was in the hospital for 2 days and I had to take Coumadin and stomach shots (they hurt so bad and left me bruised.) After i got out of the hospital I had to see my doc every week to make sure the Coumadin was working and still had to have the stomach shots. So after 4 months or so I stopped taking the medication because I am stubborn and I am now blood clot free for now. It was a horrible thing to go through as a teenager and I am not able to take any birth control at all for the rest of my life my doc told me. Oh and the meds made me gain about 15-20+ pounds in less then 3 months I still can’t get rid of the weight. I am also still paying off hospital bills. Not fun.

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