ParaGard Lawsuit Filed After Copper IUD Migrated, Embedded in Colon

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By: Irvin Jackson | Published: March 8th, 2013

A Florida woman has filed a product liability lawsuit against Teva Pharmaceuticals, alleging that she suffered sever complications from a Paragard intrauterine device (IUD), after the birth control migrated out of her uterus and embedded into her colon. 

Yolanda Hudson filed a ParaGard IUD lawsuit in Florida state court on March 4, according to a recent report by

The complaint alleges that Hudson had the ParaGard copper IUD inserted in March 2008. Although the birth control device is designed to remain in place for up to 10 years, Hudson began experiencing severe complications a year later and it was discovered that the IUD had perforated her uterine wall and migrated outside the uterus, ultimately embedding in the colon. As a result, Hudson required surgery to have part of her colon removed.

According to allegations raised in the lawsuit, Teva Pharmaceuticals failed to adequately warn women and their doctors about the risks associated with the Paragard copper IUD, which is promoted as a safe and effective form of long-acting birth control. In addition to problems with migration, Hudson indicates that side effects of the ParaGard IUD could include intrauterine pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic infection, expulsion, Wilson Disease, vaginal bleeding, septic abortion, and other complications.

The lawsuit charges Teva with failure to warn, negligence, breach of warranty, misrepresentation, and designing a defective product. The lawsuit seeks $15 million in damages for pain and suffering, disability, physical impairment, disfigurement, mental anguish, inconvenience, loss of capacity for enjoyment of life and also seeks punitive damages against the company for at least three times the compensatory damages.

Mounting Lawsuits Over IUD Birth Control

ParaGard is a copper IUD, where a T-shaped plastic frame is wrapped with copper wire coils, which is designed to produce an inflammatory reaction in the uterus that is toxic to sperm. The device is designed to remain in place for up to 10 years after insertion.

Hudson’s complaint comes amid a mounting number of similar lawsuits that have been filed over another type of IUD birth control, which is sold by Bayer under the brand name Mirena.

The Mirena IUD does not feature copper, but rather is designed to release a type of progestin after the T-shaped plastic device is inserted into the uterus.

According to similar allegations raised in dozens of Mirena IUD lawsuits filed by women throughout the United States, Bayer failed to adequately warn about the risk of migration and perforation, which has often been seen long after the device is inserted. The complaints argue that if women had been provided more detailed and accurate warnings about the risks, many severe complications from Mirena IUD could have been avoided.

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  1. The same thing happen to me, but I am trying to find a lawyer to take my case. Can some please help? Thanks!

  2. I just had my paragard removed last week after 3 and half years. I literally thought for 3 of them I was dying. I had started preparing my kids for the worst, which was traumatizing for them. I had body pains as if I had a stroke on the entire left side of my body, my legs would go out without notice and I would buckle down to the floor, I would have sharp pains throughout my arms and legs and could no longer pick up my babies or raise my arms above my head because of pain. I developed hypertension, went the two ER for stroke symptoms many times, even to fainting, something I never had in my life, I was put on muscle relaxers and heart medications that made the symptoms worse, had ultrasounds, x-rays, an MRI and a CAT scan to find the source of my misery with no avail. I asked every doctor about the IUD and was basically told that was not the problem, they recommended neurologists and thyroid testing. I went to the ER to stop the consistent bleeding that lasts at least two weeks at a time and leaks through clothes, bed sheets because it was so heavy, I had headaches, insomnia, hair loss abdominal pains mood swings. The worst thing is that I didn’t know I had a Paragard until it was taken out. I have severe allergies and would have never knowingly put anything copper in my body, I can’t even wear jewelry, eat fish, take penicillin, and use latex, soaps, and perfumes eat anything with acid or wear anything other than cotton clothing without having an allergic reaction. I have every form of Dermatitis, vitilago, and asthma. Why would a doctor give someone something so dangerous to a person with so many medical issues I don’t understand? But it was pushed on me; I never asked for the device, I was told it was safe. I thought it was a Mirena because that’s the information I was given at the time of my appointment after being told my insurance denied an essure birth control method which I originally requested. I am still having effects of the device. I still cannot sleep and having constant cramps and bleeding. I still have pain on the left side of my body, however they are slightly less severe that when the device was inside of me. I must have a cyst removed in my vaginal area and have a lump forming on my left side. I also just had a large lipoma removed in January. I am not sure what effects come directly from the copper, but I am more than positive it is at least 90%. Before this I was an active person, I played with my six kids daily, afterwards I felt like I was a 75 year old that had aged terribly. I hope someone will take my case because I am definitely filling one against the manufactures or the doctors, whichever is more feasible. I feel they are both to blame I wasn’t told either way of the risks and could have left behind six beautiful children if I had never seen a commercial for defective IUD’s and started researching the side effects.

  3. Got pregnant with it in place. Not to mention had to deal with infections before that. Any advice?

  4. I have had my Paragard in place since May 2010. Starting last year I have been having infections after infections, dicharges with a deadly odor. Severe abdominal pain, shap pains all over my body at times that leave me motionless for hours, heavy spotting daily besides the the massive flow from my period. I have been having thickness in my breast that have been blamed on the IUD. However, I have another appointment this month to confront the same symptoms. This time Im thinking of having it removed.

  5. I had a paragurd for 10 yrs, an i had to be put to sleep in hosp. for it to be taken out cause the string went on up inside me. the last yr of having it , I had stomach cramps like never before.

  6. I had ParaGard for only 7months. i had horrible pain in my abdomen. I had went to the ER July 2012 for a different reason other than the IUD. I was asked to provide a urine sample. The doctor came to collect my sample & was immediately shocked at how much blood was in my urine. Every time i would have a period it would last almost 2weeks, but was very painful & very heavy. The doctor told me to go to Women & Children’s hospital ASAP. Because my urine didn’t look normal. I went to the Women’s hospital & the ER doctor i had was very rude to me & did not want to deal with me. However i had to have my bladder inflated by catheter, & took for ultrasound. After hours of torcher, the doctor poped his head in the door & said “everything seems ok & the device is in place”. He didn’t have the decency to come in my room & talk to me about it. After about another
    month of pain & discomfort, i made my way back to where i had it put in at. The midwife that looked at my chart from that night in the ER was astounded. She told me my IUD was tilted & was not in place! It took her 6 trys of violently pulling on my IUD string. She finally grabbed a set of clamps
    & clampped onto the string, forcefully pulling it out of my skin! It felt as if it was attached to my skin & should have been surgically removed! After it was taken out i continued to hurt but my periods weren’t bad anymore. I suffered a miscarriage 2month’s after it being removed. February of 2013 i had blinding pain & had put up with it for quite sometime. So enough was enough & i went back to the ER. I then find out i had PID really bad. When my IUD was violently taken out i was not given any antibiotics or pain medicine. I was told in the ER that they couldn’t find my left ovarie in the ultrasound. Which has never happened. So all my pain is on my left side. I feel as if years were taken off my life instead of months. I put my trust in this device only to have it make me feel as if I’m 70 instead of 27. I still have many complications that I’m not sure will ever go away. My hair still falls out, i can’t sleep anymore. & i wake through the night what time i do sleep, with horrible pelvic pain. No use for me to go to the ER. I’m always told theirs nothing wrong! Think twice before getting this monsterious device ladies.

  7. I had the paraguard put it at my 6 week appointment after having my son in 2010. About a year later I had it takin out because I had consistent bleeding the entire year after getting it. Not to mention constant cramping and very uncomfortable sex. So after getting it takin out my periods still did not slack up. I was put on 3a different types of birth control at one time which stopped my bleeding for maybe a week and then started back again. After that I went back to the dr and he suggested the depo shot to stop by abnormal bleeding. Did not work. It stopped my period for a week and then started back. My dr acted as if this was no big deal and instead of looking he just shoved me out the door with something else. I have now found a dr that is in the process of finding the problem and running tests. And have now been bleeding since my son was 2mths old ….he will be 3easier july 7th. So over 2 and a half years! If my dr finds whats wrong and it does result in it being caused by the iud paraguard is there any lawsuit I could file against them? Over 2 years of bleeding and pain and my sex life completely been takin away due to pain…not to mention im tired all the time…I can’t sleep at night…irritation from constantly having tampons and pads being used. Fainting, dizziness. Ppl may not see constant bleeding as an issue but overtime it impacts you and your body and brings you way down. It doesn’t seem so bad until you experience it…and its absolutely exhausting and all the symptoms are horrible.

  8. My paragard iud had been in for 7 years when i started feeling extreme uterine pain in March of this year. Then i got my period and the gyn said they could not remove the iud until i stopped bleeding. I wound up in the ER in early April. The xray and ultrasound and CT scan all showed the IUD was displaced in my uterus. The ER doctor removed the IUD and sent me home with anitbiotics and pain medicine, saying I had bacterial vaginosis. I was sick in bed for the whole next week, vomitting and diarrhea. I visited an urgent care doctor who told me the pain I described would not be caused by the diagnosed infection. I told him the medicines were making me sick. He gave me an alternative pain medicine but not a different anitbiotic. I went home and continued to vomit, etc., over the next three days. I went to the ER for a second time, severely dehydrated. They repeated all the tests – ultra sound, CT scan, blood, urine, and pap. Reportedly, I did not have an infection and my organs looked healthy. I was diagnosed with PID anyway and sent home with more antibiotics. When I finished this round of antibiotics and I was still experiencing severe pain, I was able to see the gyn. The gyn said I did not have an infection, and I needed anti inflammatory medications and this would clear up the pain in 3/4 days. Last weekend the pain was more than I could handle, the anti inflammatory wasn’t helping and it had already been 4 days. Back to the ER. This time they would not repeat any tests. I had hoped they would do a hysteroscopy to look inside my uterus and find out what was wrong. But they said only a gyn can do that test. I contacted my gyn and she refused to run the test, saying it was too early since the IUD was removed. She would not do such a test for at least 3 more months. She wants me back on antibiotics, even though she said last week I did not have an infection. I have missed 15 days of work in April. Yesterday I was fired. How can I sit here in pain for 3 more months? Why can’t the test be conducted so I can make progress in identifying the actual cause of this terrible pain? Is my uterus all tore up inside because of the IUD? Why can’t we just look and find out? My life is ruined now. No medical medical help and now no job…..only endless days of pain.

  9. Wow…I am truly wowed by the stories I’ve been reading…I had the copper IUD placed in 2006 after giving birth to my youngest child and I have not been the same since. I’ve had infection after infection for the last 7yrs I had never had any infections in my life before placing the Copper IUD I suffer from occasional back pains abdominal pain sometime so severe I can’t move I ball up and cuff my abdomen like a baby rocking back and forth for hours at times trying to comfort myself. I’ve been suffering from insomnia never getting more than 4 good hours a sleep a day. I am an emotional wreck down and depressed and all these symptoms seem to have started after I had the IUD placed and after all these years of all these different changes in myself I would’ve never thought it was the IUD causing the problems I mean yes I suggested the pain being from the UD but not all of the emotional distress that is until reading other peoples experiences about the IUD experience this is crazy and now I guess im done thinking about the removal I am going to have it removed and hope that the pain and infections stop and that my mood attitude and life goes back to the way it was before having the IUD placed seeming how it’s been so long I am truly scared that something else may be wrong I pray to God that everything goes well and no surgery is needed.

  10. I wonder why there aren’t any class action yet on Paragard?? I would like to start getting women who have been suddenly diagnosed with Endometriosis or coincidental now have it after having it removed? Also any other complications such as Miscarriages etc or had Endometrial tissue implanted in a rare part of body. I promise that I will get our story out and possibly get this lawsuit started. Please email me your Story @ [email protected]. I am not giving up and know that there many cases like mines.

  11. “Oh boy, where do I begin.. I have had two boys, two years apart, both delivered by C-section. My first was an emergency C Section and my second I felt pressured in having another C section since they do make you feel like its the best way to go… Any who the problem started right after my last C-section. I had the Paragard IUD inserted about three months after having the baby and that’s where I feel it all started. I bleed heavy, changing my pads every hour with huge blood clots for almost two months. Doctors had no explanation to why this was happening to me. So he ask me if I wanted it removed and I didn’t hesitate since I felt there might have been something wrong. Even after the removal the bleeding wouldn’t stop so the put me on BIrth control until it stopped. I believe I didn’t get a period for about 4 months. I feel like my body went through a Menopause state and the doctor ended up prescribing me some hormonal pills to see if it starts again. I then started suffering from PID where some months I will spot on and off then to having a unique pain in my abdominal area. I tried to have it investigate by going to the ER and my OB GYN complaining about the discomfort and I got diagnose with some many different things each time. One was nerve damage , tubalar leakage and even possible STI. It even made me question my Marriage and still no resolution. I finally in 2012 had a MRI done and discovered I had a mass in a very usually place which was by my Rectus Muscle. He was puzzled and had me do a Cat scan and found multiples, what it appeared to be Endo implantation and referred me to a general surgeon. I thought finally they have discovered where that unique pain has been coming from. Well the General Surgeon performed abdominal surgery and removed a chocolate cyst only from my Rectus Muscle and said I would be okay. He didn’t think I had multiples because he compared MRI and CT Scan.Well 4 months later I am again having that unique pain and now he changes his mind and says I may have Endo. I have never in my life had any period problem or have been diagnosed with this and now have this? My husband is MIlitary so we 5 months later moved to Ga. I followed up with my GYN and he offered Hystertomy Andy lepton shots or he even suggested getting pregnant. Well I ended up getting pregnant and ended up having a complete spontaneous miscarriage. I again ended up again in the ER because I have that unique pain in abdominal and again it’s sorta dismissed. I believe deep down and truly believe a women’s intuition is hardly ever wrong but since this IUD I have had all types of complication. I truly think I won’t be able to carry again due to adhesion in my uterine wall and scaring and no one ever warned me about it. I believe something went wrong the day I inserted the IUD and now the are just trying to say its Endo. I have found 5 cases exactly like mines and also the Mirena also has case.

    Example- Mirena lawsuit plaintiffs contend that the Mirena IUD device can migrate, or become displaced, after initial implantation, causing further serious complications including uterine perforation, endometriosis (when tissue from the uterine lining begins to grow in other parts of the body), and in some cases even surgically-induced menopause, or hysterectomy, in which all or part of the uterus is removed. Mirena IUD lawyers for the plaintiffs claim that their clients were never adequately warned by Bayer about these risks, and that Bayer willfully exposed patients to injury.

    I believe this happen to me and I can pull any past ultrasound, CT Scan and MRI to prove before and after. In addition I found 5 women who coincidental have been also diagnosed after either had it placed ( Paragard not The Mirena ) or removed with Endo. Please help !! I will do anything to help prove my case. My uterus has never been the same since and all I have been put through is pain and suffering.”

  12. 3 years ago, I became pregnant 7 months after having Paragard inserted. The device caused me to miscarry. 2 months later, I was going to become an egg donor. I was only 24 years old. They administered fertility testing, and I found out that I was LESS fertile than the woman I was going to be donating to! I had just given birth to my second child one year earlier, and had no trouble conceiving. Now, 2 months after having my Paragard removed, due to the miscarriage it caused, I am being told that my fertility level is far below the norm. So low that, not only did I not qualify for egg donation- I was told that I would most likely never be able to conceive again, and that even with the help of fertility drugs, my chances were still very low. I don’t believe this to be a coincidence.

  13. I am meeting with a client for the first time tomorrow who had a Teva Pharmaceuticals ParaGard IUD. It migrated, piercing the uterine wall. It could not be located. She became pregnant and eventually her doctor performed an abortion. I noticed in Teva internet advertisement that it warned of the possibility of migration, piercing the wall and pregnancy. Does anyone know if that warning has always been present? Did it come in the inserts? Thanks Blake

  14. I had the paragard placed in June of 2011. I had gone for a full year without any complications whatsoever. As of October 12, 2012 I fell ill while at work with an extreme nauseas feeling, shortly after I began to feel sharp pains in my lower abdomen. I was advised to go home early by the way of my supervisor driving me. I was so sick and dizzy I could not sit up straight to drive. When I got home I laid down for the rest of the day and began to notice that my stomach was swelling (I had hoped I could sleep it off, that it was just a bad stomach ache or gas). I had attempted to eat several times and immediately would vomit. When I attempted to get up to go to the restroom I was extremely dizzy and would black out. The next morning my stomach was even bigger and my husband was terrified at the pale look in my face he urged me to let him take me to the hospital. We went to the emergency room and were seen almost immediately. I was given a physical exam and then looked at by way of ultrasound. My attending nurse had a look on his face that I will never forget. He went from asking me questions about my family, where do I work, am I feeling comfortable to immediate seriousness. He left the room and came back with 3 doctors. They spoke around me for several minutes as though I was not there. Finally, I was told that I have an ectopic pregnancy, a ruptured fallopian tube and internal bleeding into my stomach, I needed surgery at the moment. When I came out of surgery I was told that my left fallopian tube and ovary had been removed due to damage, I had 2 liters of blood that needed to be pumped out and I had received an blood transfusion. Since I still did not look well, I received another transfusion while in the recovery room. I have never been a sickly person, broken a bone or ever had surgery for that matter. This was the scariest day of my life. When I was told I needed to have surgery I sent my husband home with our two children wondering if we would see each other in the physical form again and how could I be putting my family through this. Almost immediately, I knew my physical decline was due to my \”birth control\”, even before it was confirmed by my doctor. There are other options for long time birth control than risking your life. Lesson learned.

  15. I have been having severe cramps bleeding, abdominal pain, back pain, I can no longer feel the strings, it is also causing pain to my husband during intercourse, I am looking to schedule another appointment to have it looked at, because when I originally had it looked at the doctor told all of this was normal, well after doing my research online turns all of this is in fact NOT normal. So I was curious if there were any lawsuits going on toward the paragard due to this issue. Thank you for your time, look forward to hearing from you. Thank you Casandra

  16. I would recommend that anyone that has any kind of IUD, HAVE IT REMOVED IMMEDIATELY, mine almost killed me and I spent weeks in pain, 2 weeks in the hospital had to have my ovary and both fallopian tubes removed and I was only 29. my daughter spent all of this time, almost a year that I was sick wondering if I would die, it\’s not worth it. I wish someone had told me about the dangers, I would\’ve had mine removed or never had it put in.

  17. I have the paragard iud since September 2010 and I\’m 14 weeks pregnant I\’ve been put on bed rest due to severe abd pain and spotting I\’m consider high risk for my self and baby. I live in Houston tx looking for attorney to help any recommendations!!!

  18. I was on the Paragard and got pregnant. A year and nine months ago we lost our baby. The IUD was implanted into my uterus and the doctor was unable to remove it. At 19 weeks I started cramping and spotting. When I finally went into labor at 23 weeks, we found out that I had an infection due to the IUD. It put me at risk and also my baby. Our baby passed away. I honestly did not know how many other women out there have had complications with the Paragard.

  19. I bleed for a year straight and had abnormal paps. this caused me never to have kids and have to have a novasure and my tubes tied , I was only 27 years old.

  20. I had the Paragard for 5 years. Last month I had severe abdominal pain and ended up going to the ER. It turned out I had an ectopic pregnancy and I was bleeding internally because it ruptured a blood vessel. I had to have emergency surgery to remove the pregnancy and the blood.

  21. I had Paragard placed after Mirena had issues with me. In 2010 I had Paragard inserted and with issues of my husband being able to feel it during intercourse I was unable to get a good answer from the doctor as to why he could. Late 2010 I noticed my period was late, I took a home pregnancy test which stated I was. At the hospital I found out my IUD had moved from it original position and replanted itself on the under side of my uterus. My daughter just turned 2 July 1! I am not unhappy with her I am unhappy with this product because we were not ready to have another child at the time we had her.

  22. I have been surffering since 1978. Well over 6 surgeries becsuse of this paraguard Copper IUD. I will never br able to have any more children. I lost my only child in May 23, 2013. And I still cant have normal bowel moments without taking something to mske me go. My colon is jacked up. Pleade help me. No one should hsve to live like this. That thing popped away and grew into my ovaries intestine and colon and my kindney.

  23. I have had surgery back in 1996. And after the surgery Dr.said they couldnt remove the iud because it had embeds on the outsider of my uterus. I still have bad!!! Cramping,where,i have to take off from work. So i am looking for a Good Lawyer.

  24. I just had a baby July of 2010, I spoke with my obtained about different birth control methods knowing I wasn’t ready for anymore children soon…I asked about the Mirena since I seen commercial on TV in Illinois. My doctor recommended the Paragard with no hormones saying its better for me cause I had high blood pressure…he onlyexplained it was like the Mirena but without the hormone and its reversible. He never once mentioned it could get stuck in the uterine walls after asking him what are the side affects….so August 24 I was scheduled for the implantnation of the Paragard…first 4 months I felt ok than it was times that I got sick throwing up and very sharp pains in my lowest where it? Would stop m in my tracks I couldn’t do anything but sit in one spot and ball up at times cry cause the pain was severe.. this happened every month…in June. 2011 I went for my checkup and told the doctor my pain persistent and I couldn’t no longer feel the strings that s in my uterus from the Paragard.. so he examined me and told me he thinks its stuck after tugging on it to see if it’s in place .. my reply to him was Stuck? If I known that these birth control method Paragard could get stuck I’ve wouldn’t have Ñever gotten it…than he reply after several tugging I would have to have this method Surgically removed and I would be put to sleep to gv it removed….I didn’t want anymore surgery after havinga Cesarean of the birth of my son…I was scheduled July 11 of 2011 to have it removed …I have missed days of work trying to findout why my stomach gutted severely or went home early cause I couldn’t take the pain of standing I’ve worked for the United States Post Office for 14yrs and had been suspended for9moths because I either was hitting the emergency rm or leaving early for being in pain…I have been stressed even more knowing the doctor couldn’t figure out what was wrong as a results of me losing my job without Pay and also not knowing if u would get it back and about me having to go through all that pain and another surgery not a full year from having my son….no one seemed to take my case on this situation ….I don’t see what the difference is from the Paragard and the Mirena there both T-Shaped and has to b implanted in ur uterine walls In need of help in filing a Lawsuit…Sincerely Yalonda H.

  25. I had A Paragard IUD untill it got lodged in my cervix. I did not know it was in my cervix until I found out I was pregnant. The IUD ended up not coming out until 2 weeks after I delivered my daughter.

  26. I had a tubal pregnancy, which resulted in my fallopian tube rupturing and having to be removed while using paragaurd. I believed that paragaurd was 99.9% effective against pregnancy…i didnt realize they were not including tubal pregnancies in that number.

  27. After close to nine years of health complications caused by a Paragard IUD I had inserted after my second child that had to be surgically remove, I have to say things are better with my health. What I would like to know is, why is it so easy to find legal representation for Mirena injuries and none for Paragard? When according to my research both causes the same kind of medical problems. I know that one of the pharmaceutical company is base in Israel and the other in America. I also notice that the American company is under much fire and the other company seems to be getting off scotch free, why? Non of these company has the best interest of women at hand, because both companies have manage to be deceptive about the dangers of their product. Seeking legal advice to proceed with lawsuit against Paragard.

  28. Paragard caused infertility. As a last resort, we attempted IVF and found I had to have surgery for a fibroid, Dr. was surprised to find a Uterine Wall Mass had developed in my Uterus as a result of the 10 years I had the IUD. She had no idea the mass existed until she did my surgery. She said there was no way for an embryo to implant with the Uterine mass (which was undetectable thru ultrasound).
    As a result, we tried to have a baby for 9 years and were unsuccessful including IVF. Dr. took pictures of the Uterine Wall Mass which I now have as proof. The Paragard IUD caused my infertility and my husband is childless. We have run out of time to have a baby.

  29. I has copper iud, like t for 5 years ariund 1990 to 1995, and I expend all this years trying to have a baby, and I can’t, I have perforation in my uterus cause by the iud, my doctor try to fix my problem years ago but nothing happen, can somebody help me with that, because is not fai that we trust in some conraceptic and that contraceptic danger all the life of the people like mine. I need help.r

  30. I was looking for a non hormone form of birth control and decided to get the Paragard. I had pains from the time it was inserted, sharp like lighening pains which felt like it was shooting through my uterus. I had gone to the doctor to be told that my body was adapting to a foreign object. I had never felt my strings from the time it was put in and told my doctor that as well. When I could not handle the pain anymore I went to have it removed and the doctor could not find the strings and told me it had fallen out, even though I was still in pain. I was sent home and found out shortly after that I was pregnant. I went back knowing that something was wrong and told the doctor I was still in pain and I do not think the device fell out, turns out after an ultrasound that it was pushed through my uterus so I had to have surgery to have it removed thinking that I was going to lose the baby through the surgery. My son is now 10 months old.

  31. I had the paragard I was very ill soon after removing it I had a watermelon size cyst/Fibroid that attached to my ovary I had my ovary Removed .Till this day I still have major issues. Please Help! I would like to get more info on this class action lawsuit this has ruined my life paragard.

  32. In 2005, I was looking at birth control options. I had given birth to my son about 6 months earlier, and my husband had accepted a fellowship in India. I was looking for a birth control method that was safe, no-fuss, and long-lasting, as I knew I wanted to wait several years before having more children. I researched the IUD, and I was impressed by the numbers of women who used IUDs around the world. I remembered reading that IUDs were safe and effective, and that side-effects were rare and minimal. I had disliked the hormonal effects of birth control pills, so I choose a Paraguard IUD. I had the Paraguard placed before we left for India.
    After awhile I developed a pinching pain in my pelvis, and from India I started to do research on what it could possibly be. We were living 6 hours south of Calcutta, but we purchased internet, so I was able to research online. I found that it could possibly be my IUD. However, I could still feel the strings, so I knew the IUD had not migrated much. I began to email my doctor back home to ask questions, as few people spoke English in this part of India.
    There was very little I could do, but check the strings and wait to see if something would happen. One morning, I leaned over and felt a little POP. and blood started gushing from me. I knew exactly what had happened, and I called to my husband who was about to leave for work.
    The IUD had perforated my uterus and I was bleeding copious amounts of blood. If it had just been 10 minutes later and my husband had left for work, I am pretty sure I would not have survived. I used my son’s diapers to catch the blood, and I used diaper after diaper, filling each one, and getting lighter and lighter headed.
    We did not have a car, and we needed to call for a driver to help us. It took quite some time for the driver to get to us and to get to the hospital.
    At the hospital which was open air (yes! mosquitoes) and without clean hand-washing facilities, I waited for some time to see a doctor. When I saw them and they asked for me to disrobe and get on the exam table, I was concerned about bleeding all over the floor. The assured me it would be okay, so I did as they asked, only to see their shocked faces as they returned to the room to see large puddles of blood on the floor and the exam table.
    I was then taken to do an ultrasound, but only after I drank a liter of water to fill my bladder. All this time, I am bleeding to death and getting fainter by the minute. It took several hours to get through the process of definately determining that it was an IUD perforation.
    Then, because the strings were still available, it was a simple matter to pull the IUD out. The doctor asked me if I would like to keep it. Yes, I would. So I still have it in my home medical files tucked in there, wrapped in a paper towel.
    I continued to bleed heavily after the removal. And my doctor prescribed 3 different medicines that were designed to stop the bleeding. Why three? Well, with shortages of prescription drugs, the doctor did not know which drug I might be able to find. In the end, I could not find any of the three available anywhere in the city. So, I just bled and bled, sometimes it would stop for awhile, and then it would start up again and I would be filling up diapers. SOmetimes I was very faint and lost the color in my face, but I was relieved to be alive, as I knew I came so close to leaving my baby son motherless. I would like to make sure that women in the future have more accurate information regarding the potential complications of the IUD.

  33. I just had my Paragard IUD surgically removed in December 2012. Cost: $15,000. It was causing me MAJOR pain and side affects. Severe pain in groin. Many infections. I thought I had heart attack symptoms. Was scared for my life. Told my kids on several occasions I thought I was dying. I was constantly dizzy. Many more gorey details. I was never warned of the possible side effects or outcomes. Was told it was one of the safest birth control devices. Had it inserted in 2009.

  34. I had my paragaurd iud inserted in 2005 after my son was born. For 7 yrs after that I experienced abdomal pain, back pain, mood swings, sleepless nights crying in bed,spotting all the time .Anytime that I went to the E.R. The drs would tell me they couldn\\\’t feel the strings and send me home with pain meds. I finally had enough least year and decided that I have to do something because I just wasn\\\’t healthy and my children and my relationships were suffering because I was in pain constantly. I took my mother with me because I was worried and needed moral support, these drs did and exam and told me they couldn\\\’t feel the strings so they wanted to do an ultrasound . They saw it and proceeded to tug on it trying to pull it out as my mother stood behind me holding my hand while I criedandshe watched the screen on the moniiter showing what they were doing. I could hear my mother crying. The drs wanted to know if I wanted them to stop and I told them I needed out \\\” I couldn\\\’t deal with the pain and anguish any longer\\\”. So then they tell me it\\\’s imbedded into my uterus and they need to put me under anesthesia so they can remove it. After the surgery the the dr that preformed the removal of my iud started crying when I told her thank you, I\\\’ve been hurting for 7 yrs because of my iud. I really felt like there was something that she wasn\\\’t telling me. It\\\’s been about 10 months since the surgery and I still experience abdomal pain, and I honestly don\\\’t believe that I can have children anymore. There should be a lawsuit going and if there is I would like to know about it, thanks. Jennifer

  35. I have a similar story to long to post on here. But let me just say I cannot have any children because of the copper iud. Almost died last year because of it.

  36. Hi my name is Erica in March of 2005 I had a paragard IUD inserted in Kaiser to which three months later in June 2005 I found out by two different doctors and ultra sounds performed that I no longer had the IUD in my uterus. That some how my body must have rejected it and it must have came out. I had my second daughter had plenty of ultra sounds and everything was perfect. After I gave birth to my second daughter I had a second IUD inserted in 2008. In 2012 I fell and went to the ER and in my X-rays I found out that the IUD from 2005 was in my stomach. I had surgery in 2012 to which was not successful. The only way I can get it removed is to remove my uterus and look for it. Now this is the worst news a 27 year old could receive. I have tried to have my last baby for a year but no hope. I really need help I have all doctors documents and X-rays from the doctors showing the IUD in my stomach.

  37. after almost 3 years I just had my iud removed today . I have had stomach pain for the last 2 months. I left the ob/gyn and I was extremely weak. I went home and slept. when I got up I was still weak I had to go back to the doctor I have an imflammed pelvic , yeast infection and I might lose my ovary. sex is painful and while having sex this thing ripped the skin off my husbands penis. I have been in constant pain . I now have diabetes and my blood pressure goes off the scale a lot 246/ 170. on Monday I got out of the car and started cramping all of a sudden there was a gush of blood . this thing should be taken off the market . no one needs to experience the kind of pain I have

  38. In 2009 I had my Paragard copper iud removed when they removed it I had extreme pain. Within 3 days I was in the hospital and no one would believe it was the iud removal. After 2 weeks of severe pain and missing work I was diagnosied with PID from the iud removal. I had constant cramps with the iud and spotting. I ended up with ovarian cysts and mustiple trips to er. I can no longer have kids and I believe the PID is the reason.

  39. Well I inserted a IUD right after I had my second son. THE phase the Dr told me was that I was all set from the day they inserted it. Almost two years with the IUD I ended up pregnant but this time I had an eptopic pregnancy. The whole experience was so scary and confusing. I was never told that I can have that happen. That it was 99.9%. I ended up loosing the Fallopian tube on my left side. The Dr. From the er had left the device in and said it was doing it’s job to leave it. So I did He said the chances for this to happen again was very slim. 4 month after the operation of loosing the follopian tube I am currently pregnant again . This time the baby is developing. I had seen three different Dr. Two from the same office only one told me a reason why it could have happen and maybe I should check other options. The explanation was the string was to long so she cut it. So my thoughts were 2 out of three plus she cut the string. Since I was pregnant with the iud the same Dr office was giving me the run around to see me. Other doctors said I was a liability. I finally was able to see one and they told me the IUD could not be removed. I tried one last doctor and they finally said that I can remove the IUD BUT NOW I have anaemia. This whole situation has been very hard to handle. I am 11weeks and worried about everything. Plus my two little ones to take care off. I need information help something Please…….

  40. Iev had the paragard iud for 3 years iam losing my hair have unbelievable pain in my uterus and ovaries and unbelievable moods swings i cant aford to take it off and iam really mad because i dirint want this device in the first place i wanted my tubes tide but they refused after they had already giving me the epedural they told me abaut mirena and i reluctantly agree but when they trided inserting it it keep coming out so she left the room saying ur not getting of my table with out birth control she dirint even askd me o bleed for two months straigth and it even hurts my husband aghhh i wish it could go away but i can’t afford it:-(

  41. I had my IUD inserted a couple years ago my cramps were so intense IG was hard to deal with but I thought hey I’ll deal with it until I couldn’t anymore I have been to the emergency room twice for cysts which I’m sure the IUD caused because I never had a problem until I got this IUD its horrible and I would not recommend it to anyone I’m most likely going to have to have surgery to remove the cyst from my left ovary worst decision I ever made was getting this paragaurd glad I got it out of me.

  42. Had Paragard put in almost 4 yrs ago. Bleeding for almost a year straight, every day. I was told it would stop.No it didn\\\’t. Uterine pain, bladder pain, andlarge amounts of hair loss. Like I am on chemo. Tiredness, ovarian cysts, rupturing constantly. The inability to remember many day to day tasks, like how to turn water faucet on, where Im driving too. Many ER trips, I was so sick and in pain, they took the device out in the hospital. My cysts burst and memory loss are weekly and daily I need to be in a class action lae suit. Thanks Holly. To much to list here.

  43. Hi! My name is Vicki in 2009 I had my IUD (PARAGARD) placed at my 2week check up to make sure IUD was still in place Dr. wasn’t able to.locate the string so I had an ultrasound done to make sure it was in place results came back good.
    In 2011 my husband and I decided we wanted to have another baby so I went to get it removed around April and came to find out it was embedded so in December I had sugery done to remove it after 6 hours in the OR woke up just to find out my IUD was still in me Dr ‘s said they were not able to see it.
    After going thru so much pain I convinced the Dr’s to try again so on December 10 2013 I had surgery done again this time they had to remove my uterus and my cervix to get my IUD out….now I can’t have any more kids :(

  44. In 2001 I had the paraguard IUD inserted. I was told I would have heavy bleeding for the first few months and then it would subside. I had the IUD for 8 years as my insurance would not cover the expense of removing it and it was suppose to be good for 10 years. During these 10 years I experienced extreme blood loss with major clots the size of a strawberry during my menses regularly. I began to have stomach and digesive issues and cysts in my pelvis area began arising with excruciating pain. I began to experience fatigue and could feel the copper internally and the chemcial release of the metal left me feeling imbalanced. The fatigue continued and worsened. Eventually I began experiencing problems with my colon and found out I had a tumor in the section directly across from where the paraguard was placed. I was having internal bleeding due to the tumor as it grew, I went into the hospital and after rounds of testing found out I had been losing soo much blood that I was admitted and had to have a cholectomy to remove that part of my colon. The copper also did a number on my liver as I later found out the copper in the paraguard releases into your body and your liver attempts to purify the toxins from the liver something similar to the mercury problems found in the mercury fillings.

  45. I got the Paragard after my last birth. He is now a year and a month old… And I feel like I am dying. Every. Single. Day. I have been back to the same doctor – but he says there is nothing really wrong with me… Doesn’t bother to look by ultrasound or anything else to see if the IUD has moved. I think I need to see another doctor – ASAP.

  46. Ive had the paraguard for almost 2 years , I am planning to have it removed this week . It has been my worst nightmare ! I had the mirena in 09 after my first child was born I took it out after a year and a half because the hormones we going against my body , I was gaining weight , getting acne , painful sex , and very irritable. . I got pregnant with my second child not long after I took the mirena out . When I had my baby I decided to try paraguard because I was told it has no hormones , this one has been far worse . I have horrible, unbelievably painful back problems.. I feel like a 70 year old woman in a 23 year old body . I bleed everytime I have sex , sometimes spotting at times like 3 day period blood , im soo scared that i may have a cyst or something… I cant sleep at night , my anxiety is over the roof .. I cant believe I put this in my body and possibly done damage to it that ima suffer for…. the reason why I haven’t tooken it out over the past 2 years is because I was in denial, I didn’t wanna get pregnant (other BC havent been an option) and I dont have health insurance … but I cant take this anymore this week I am going pay w.e copay I have to and remove this crap out of my body.. I just pray nothing comes out in any test due to it ! Condoms from now on !


  48. I had a Paraguard many years ago. Around 1981 was the time that I used it. I know it’s probably well past the time for me to take any action but I just wanted to say that that product was the worst thing to happen to me. I had really bad abdominal pain. My partner was being stuck by the cooper wire on the product. It got to the place that I felt so bad when having a routine pap smear I was informed that my ovary was seriously infected. I had to have surgery to have the ovary removed. I have had terrible monthly’s since then and I now need a hysterectomy too boot. I seriously wish there was something that could be done now and for every other woman that has had to suffer from this product.

  49. I had paraguard removed because it was causeing life threatening side affects! I have high blood pressure,blood clotting,enemia from clotting, abdominal pain,hemmoroid like symptoms and hormone imbalance! I dont even think i can have any more babys and i still wanted badly to have more baby! I say this due to the severity the cooper wireing causes! I read that the cooper gets embedded in your uterus and colon and causes sterilty and damage to uterus and colon! I am still trying to get a claim going and possibly a lawyer! I also get infectioms pelvic inflamation!

  50. I had a paraguard inserted in June of 2010. Prior to having the paraguard inserted, my menstrual cycle would only last one day. After the insertion, I would bleed for the minimum of three weeks. The abdominal pains were very painful that I would literally have to stop what I was doing and bend over in a fetal position until the pain stops. The cramps were unbearable as well as the clots. Having sex was very painful as well. I get chills all the time. Everyone else in my family is warm while I am yet freezing. I later found out that I was diagnosed with a uterine fibroid all of which I did not have before. I too had discharge that was thick like oatmeal and having an odor. Our vitamin D levels should be at 30. My vitamin D level decreased to 8. I have four children all in which the ages of 19, 11 year old twin daughters, and a 3 year old. They are currently doing a study to show that fertility is associated with Vitamin D. My hair has thinned tremendously on the top. I had a head full of hair and come from a family that has the same thing. After reading all of these reviews, I am really glad that I had mine removed. Although I had the paraguard removed, I am still suffering with some of the effects listed.

  51. I had the Paraguard IUD inserted December of 2013 and I had it for 3 months before I got it removed. The first month I experienced severe abdominal pain, heavy bleeding, and longer bleeding. I went to my obgyn and she did an ultrasound and said everything is fine and the IUD is in the right position. She asked me to keep it for one more month and see if I have the same symptions. I followed her direction and had it for another month. The cramping was normal and the bleeding went down. But starting February (2 months of having it), I developed joint pains which are so bad that I cound not raise my feet, arms, move figures. I got x-rays, MRIs, blood test with no avail. I research online and learnt about Copper IDU and it’s relation to copper toxicity. The very next day I got it removed. Once after I got it removed, I developed hives, swelling, more joint pains and that I go to urgent care and emergency. I feel the Paraguard company and the medical professional should educate the women better about the side effects and should stop manufacturing this poisonous product. I am going to do all I can to help spread the word and help other fellow women.

  52. I had the Paragard IUD inserted in 2009 and in 2011 I became pregnant with it still inserted. I was sent to a specialist to have it removed, but they were unable to remove the IUD because it was embedded in the wall of my uterus. At about 19 weeks I started having cramping (contractions) and had to go to the emergency room. They were able to stop them, but I continued to have them from that point on. At 23 weeks my water broke and I went into premature labor. My primary doctor sent me to a hospital in Austin Tx were I delivered my baby. The IUD caused an infection in my placenta, which is what eventually caused me to go in to labor. My baby ended up passing away moments after delivery. Because of this event it has caused me and my family much grief and pain.

  53. Hello im stephanie I want to share my experience with the para gaurd iud. June 27 2013 I went in to emergency room suffering with extreme lower abdominal pain. After getting a cat scan they found cyst on both of my ovaries and a very bad infection. The doctor desided to give me antibiotics a few days and then check them agian in hopes that surgery wasnt needed. During this time I sufered from very high fevers were at times I would be shivering badly and then I would be sweating like I was in the shower it was miserable. July 3 I had another cat scan the infected cyst had gotten bigger and I was going to have surgery for a full hysterectomy and my appendix removed.They had a infectious diseaese specialists doctor come in to find out the cause of my infection. They found several bacteria and that they came from the iud. I have to take antibiodics for 3 to six months and see the doctor once a month to do blood testing. I hope we can do something about this kind of thing dont happen to anyone else.

  54. I feel for all iud users. I had my first paraguard in 2004 . No real issues. Heavier bleeding during af. Had it removed in 2008 to try to concieve. Well it took almost a yr to get pregnant again found out I was borderline anemic. Went on pill after son was born in 2009. Forgot a few in 2011 bam was pregnant again. Decided to get iud again. Went to our local birth control clinic due to insurance not wanting to cover it. Had it inserted dec 21 2011. Biggest mistake I made. Nurse pract. Inserted it. It was way more painful then my 1st i knew something was wrong she just said your body changes with age and pregnancies. I had to sit in appt area for 30 mins .I kept feeling faint light headed. Still was told it was normal. Bleed non stop. I about passed out xmas day carrying my baby down the stairs. Thank god i caught myself and held onto him for dear life. Told nurse at check up she said she could feel string its normal. I bleed for 3 months straight. Finally every 2 wks got period instead of constantly. I was constipated non stop and in pain. After breaking down and asking my mother about the constipation she said enema. I was like no way but knew how to do it from first pregnancy and meds to stop vomiting. So I did it . To my discovery there poking thru my bowel was an arm of the iud. I about freaked. Called doctor got appt for wk later. They thought I was crazy. Well told the NP. She said there’s no way ur utertus and bowel don’t line up. Gave me meds for constipation asked if I wanted it out. Said hell yea. So shr had me undress. Didnt bother to check the iud beyond the strings that were in place still. She got clamps to pull it out. It took her 3 hard painful pulls to remove it. I thought I was going to pass out then and there. Didn’t ask how I felt just threw it away and left room. Heard her joking in hall with her nurse about it and me not knowing what I was talking about. Let me tell you for month after I had blood in my stool. Went to 3 wk check up she scheduled to be told she had no idea why I was back. Aghh so now were trying to have another baby and worrying if what iud and she did to me will prevent us from having our last child. Very mad that I wasn’t warned beyond wait 6 wks if nursing to get iud I was ten almost 11 wks. They need to just not guve nursing mothers the option of iuds at all. Other drugs and items say not dor pregnant or nursing mothers this is by far one item that needs to join list. As well as my NP loosing her license. I haven’t pursuid the matter as I should have I just wanted to forget and get in doct. My cousin even got iud put in and ended uo being pregnant . Never again will I put myself thru that hell or allow any of my female friends. Its too scary and painful

  55. I had the paraguard for 1 year while I had it I had cyat rupture heavy bleeding pain everyday to the point sometimes I couldn’t walk. The doctor keep saying its an infection pain meds and antibiotics was what he said. I had it removed and I was still in pain everyday. Finalt my Dr said we need to do surgery. I did the laproscopy and I had endometrosis. My left ovary and tube were mutilated and had to be removed. My right ovary wasn’t as bad they wanted to remove it but I wouldn’t let them because I was only 26 and fixing to get married. I had lessions that had to be burned. Now its been almost 2 yrs and I’m still in pain everyday on my left side where it was suppose to be removed. They had me on pain meds to manage the pain but just took me off of them because I refused to have another surgery. They laughed in my face because I tell them how bad I hurt and want do surgery. I haven’t been the same since the paraguard. I have depression anxiety mood swings. Sometimes I hurt so bad I can’t work. No matyer how I move there is no releif from the pain. I’m 28 yrs old with 4 kids ( only 1 is mine) and some days I cant even get out of bed. I never had problems lime this before.

  56. I had a Paragard IUD from 2002-2008. I though this was the 5 years one, but it was the 10 years one. I went to go have it remove and the Nurse Practitioner went to put it out it broken into several pieces. She told me that the device was embedded and would have to have surgery to get it remove. I have been trying to find a lawyer, but I am not having any luck. Do anybody know if there is a class action case?

  57. I had a Paragard IUD removed after a very long and painful 4 years. I feel like I am an old lady with achy joints and it feels like my whole body is out of tune. Since I started using this IUD I have a lot of facial hair and hair around my niples. The last couple of years were so paiful I could not enjoy my life at all. Pain all over my body. I found out today than the IUD pancured my uterus and there is a lot of inflammation.I am so disappointed that the product is offered. I hope I will be ok and my uterus will heal fast.

  58. I had my paragaurd put in shortly after the birth of my son. I was told my body would adjust and cramps would be bad for a while but after a year and a half of terrible cramping whether or not I was on my period, my acne went nuts, and I would have extreme bleeding during my period. Also had constent head aches. I went to my doctor about it. He tried to remove it twice, second time breakin off part of the string. His RN tried a third time, this time the whole string broke. I then was sent to an obgyn who had it out in 10 seconds. … The first 3 tries were horrifying. After it was out, I was a new woman! I looked at it when the doctor left the room and took a pic. My body had ATE half the copper off of it. I regained my energy and have no more crazy unexplained headaches.

  59. I had paragaurd and it fell out after about 3 months. My doc put another one in. I got pregnant after 11 months & had to have it removed when I was 3 months pregnant. The doc warned me that it may cause a miscarriage when they remove it. It was either have it removed and have a possible miscarriage or face other issues later in my pregnancy and deliver by c section.

  60. The same thing happened to me. I wouldn’t sue on my own, but would join a class action lawsuit if there is one.

  61. I developed copper toxicity from the Paragard. Extreme weakness, muscle pains, cramps. My doctor thought I had lupus because mu creatine kinase muscle enzyme was elevated so high. After taking zinc (50 mg) daily for months, I am finally starting to feel better. Not normal, just better. I had to push to have a copper test. It’s not part of the routine blood tests. My doctor was shocked at how my copper levels were. Thank God He guided to me a solution. I would also gladly join a class action suit.

  62. I had The IUD put in after my youngest son was born I had heavy bleeding bad stomach cramps lower back pain after it was put in then I wanted another baby. When I went to my obgyn to have it took out the tale broke in pieces and embedded into my uterus and severe bacterial infection and had to have a get it out

  63. Had IUD Removed in order to conceive approx. 9 years ago – trying to conceive the entire time – pursued fertility testing and multiple doctors.

    Realizing we were running out of time, found a doctor who determined I was still ovulating. Found out I had a fibroid and that I could not get pregnant until I had that surgically removed. Surgeon was surprised to find a “uterine wall” mass which had grown and was attached across my uterus which also had to be removed during my surgery. Doctor said that it would be impossible to become pregnant with the “uterine wall” mass in my uterus, an embryo would not be able to implant. Doctor gave us pictures of what she found and was very surprised. We completed our IVF.

    Because of the damage the Copper IUD did to my uterus, and because there was no way to detect until I had the surgery for another procedure, we did not have a chance to have a baby. My husband does not have any children. We now know all our efforts were futile and costly, without the possibility to conceive as a result of the IUD damage to my uterus.

  64. A few weeks ago, I was having some unusual cramping and went to have it checked out. The doctor discovered one of the arms from my IUD had broken off and lodged into my uterine wall and there was green goo on the part that came out. I was told the only way to remove the piece would be to have surgery.

  65. i am going on 29 years old at the ago of 27 i have a ParaGard IUD put in i had a 2 year old boy i was wanting to wait for 2 to 3 years before having a baby 2 but for me i never go my baby 2 because i have the ParaGard IUD put in and 5 months later it made me blood all the time no stop for over 1year… it got so bad that i had to have a vaginal hysterectomy that was 3-26-13 and then i have to go in to get more removed because the paragard iud i had put in hurt me so bad that i had so much it done and my 2st hysterectomy was just 3 months a go…… i wish i cold have one more baby but i can”t and it hurt i still have lots of pain and problems with all of it…..

  66. Holy crap! If I had read all of these comments BEFORE I got a Paragard, I sure as hell wouldn’t have gotten one. I had mine inserted in November 2011. I know it was supposed to make your periods worse, but I would told that would eventually even out. It didn’t. My cramps were so incredibly bad, I would have to take hydrocodone several days a month to deal with them. The hydrocodone made me tired, dizzy, and barely able to concentrate at work. Sometimes it would make me vomit, but I had to take it or I would have been in constant pain.

    Sick of living this way and feeling unhealthy in having to medicate my body so heavily, I went to get the device removed a few weeks ago. Like many other women here, it embedded itself into my uterus and I ended up having to get it surgically removed. THANK GOD I have insurance that covered most (but not all) of the procedure; without it, it was quoted to me as costing $10-$15K, as mentioned above. Horrible.

    It’s been a few days since the surgery…hoping I don’t experience any of the life-altering affects so many of the other writers have…

  67. I had a copper IUD 4 years ago and had nothing but infections and problems only had it for a year or less, when the doctor went to remove it the string was lost and it was embedded on my wall and had to be surgically be removed and asked at that time it I wanted to be fixed. I was not married, so was not ready to make that decision yet. But very expensive surgery for a device that was a problem and still have tons of problems now.

  68. Become pregnant and I still have the iud inserted. …

  69. There’s a very informative site with lots of information on how to lose weight and get rid of the mirena iud side effects and find other natural birth control options. Check out: Her detox has also been immensely helpful to my recovery and I seriously recommend it

  70. I had the Paragard IUD inserted in 2003. The IUD migratied out of my uterus and embedded in my stomach. This had to be surgically removed. The IUD caused me pelvic infections. Now I have PID. Pelvic inflammatory disease, I also had one of my ovary removed, due to the complications caused by this iud.

    I also used to bleed continuously while I had the IUD IN

    Due to the pain and suffering caused by this IUD and the physical impairment and disfigurement it has caused. I am now INFERTILE as a result. I want to file a lawsuit.

  71. I had the copper t iud for six years got it taken out after have rrally bad pain diring my period. N going to junel 21 with in afew months i had a cysts removed from my left ovary in may of 2013my n then had hysterectomy to have my ovaries and my uterus removed they founddidnt besides the sec cyst and one cyst on the outside of one of my ovaries and fibroids in my uterus

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