ParaGard Lawsuit Filed After Copper IUD Migrated, Embedded in Colon

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A Florida woman has filed a product liability lawsuit against Teva Pharmaceuticals, alleging that she suffered sever complications from a Paragard intrauterine device (IUD), after the birth control migrated out of her uterus and embedded into her colon. 

Yolanda Hudson filed a ParaGard IUD lawsuit in Florida state court on March 4, according to a recent report by

The complaint alleges that Hudson had the ParaGard copper IUD inserted in March 2008. Although the birth control device is designed to remain in place for up to 10 years, Hudson began experiencing severe complications a year later and it was discovered that the IUD had perforated her uterine wall and migrated outside the uterus, ultimately embedding in the colon. As a result, Hudson required surgery to have part of her colon removed.

According to allegations raised in the lawsuit, Teva Pharmaceuticals failed to adequately warn women and their doctors about the risks associated with the Paragard copper IUD, which is promoted as a safe and effective form of long-acting birth control. In addition to problems with migration, Hudson indicates that side effects of the ParaGard IUD could include intrauterine pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic infection, expulsion, Wilson Disease, vaginal bleeding, septic abortion, and other complications.

The lawsuit charges Teva with failure to warn, negligence, breach of warranty, misrepresentation, and designing a defective product. The lawsuit seeks $15 million in damages for pain and suffering, disability, physical impairment, disfigurement, mental anguish, inconvenience, loss of capacity for enjoyment of life and also seeks punitive damages against the company for at least three times the compensatory damages.

Mounting Lawsuits Over IUD Birth Control

ParaGard is a copper IUD, where a T-shaped plastic frame is wrapped with copper wire coils, which is designed to produce an inflammatory reaction in the uterus that is toxic to sperm. The device is designed to remain in place for up to 10 years after insertion.

Hudson’s complaint comes amid a mounting number of similar lawsuits that have been filed over another type of IUD birth control, which is sold by Bayer under the brand name Mirena.

The Mirena IUD does not feature copper, but rather is designed to release a type of progestin after the T-shaped plastic device is inserted into the uterus.

According to similar allegations raised in dozens of Mirena IUD lawsuits filed by women throughout the United States, Bayer failed to adequately warn about the risk of migration and perforation, which has often been seen long after the device is inserted. The complaints argue that if women had been provided more detailed and accurate warnings about the risks, many severe complications from Mirena IUD could have been avoided.

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  1. Prathima Reply

    I had the Paraguard IUD inserted December of 2013 and I had it for 3 months before I got it removed. The first month I experienced severe abdominal pain, heavy bleeding, and longer bleeding. I went to my obgyn and she did an ultrasound and said everything is fine and the IUD is in the right position. She asked me to keep it for one more month and see if I have the same symptions. I followed her direction and had it for another month. The cramping was normal and the bleeding went down. But starting February (2 months of having it), I developed joint pains which are so bad that I cound not raise my feet, arms, move figures. I got x-rays, MRIs, blood test with no avail. I research online and learnt about Copper IDU and it’s relation to copper toxicity. The very next day I got it removed. Once after I got it removed, I developed hives, swelling, more joint pains and that I go to urgent care and emergency. I feel the Paraguard company and the medical professional should educate the women better about the side effects and should stop manufacturing this poisonous product. I am going to do all I can to help spread the word and help other fellow women.

  2. Chanelle Reply

    I had the Paragard IUD inserted in 2009 and in 2011 I became pregnant with it still inserted. I was sent to a specialist to have it removed, but they were unable to remove the IUD because it was embedded in the wall of my uterus. At about 19 weeks I started having cramping (contractions) and had to go to the emergency room. They were able to stop them, but I continued to have them from that point on. At 23 weeks my water broke and I went into premature labor. My primary doctor sent me to a hospital in Austin Tx were I delivered my baby. The IUD caused an infection in my placenta, which is what eventually caused me to go in to labor. My baby ended up passing away moments after delivery. Because of this event it has caused me and my family much grief and pain.

  3. Stephanie Reply

    Hello im stephanie I want to share my experience with the para gaurd iud. June 27 2013 I went in to emergency room suffering with extreme lower abdominal pain. After getting a cat scan they found cyst on both of my ovaries and a very bad infection. The doctor desided to give me antibiotics a few days and then check them agian in hopes that surgery wasnt needed. During this time I sufered from very high fevers were at times I would be shivering badly and then I would be sweating like I was in the shower it was miserable. July 3 I had another cat scan the infected cyst had gotten bigger and I was going to have surgery for a full hysterectomy and my appendix removed.They had a infectious diseaese specialists doctor come in to find out the cause of my infection. They found several bacteria and that they came from the iud. I have to take antibiodics for 3 to six months and see the doctor once a month to do blood testing. I hope we can do something about this kind of thing dont happen to anyone else.

  4. madmom Reply

    I feel for all iud users. I had my first paraguard in 2004 . No real issues. Heavier bleeding during af. Had it removed in 2008 to try to concieve. Well it took almost a yr to get pregnant again found out I was borderline anemic. Went on pill after son was born in 2009. Forgot a few in 2011 bam was pregnant again. Decided to get iud again. Went to our local birth control clinic due to insurance not wanting to cover it. Had it inserted dec 21 2011. Biggest mistake I made. Nurse pract. Inserted it. It was way more painful then my 1st i knew something was wrong she just said your body changes with age and pregnancies. I had to sit in appt area for 30 mins .I kept feeling faint light headed. Still was told it was normal. Bleed non stop. I about passed out xmas day carrying my baby down the stairs. Thank god i caught myself and held onto him for dear life. Told nurse at check up she said she could feel string its normal. I bleed for 3 months straight. Finally every 2 wks got period instead of constantly. I was constipated non stop and in pain. After breaking down and asking my mother about the constipation she said enema. I was like no way but knew how to do it from first pregnancy and meds to stop vomiting. So I did it . To my discovery there poking thru my bowel was an arm of the iud. I about freaked. Called doctor got appt for wk later. They thought I was crazy. Well told the NP. She said there’s no way ur utertus and bowel don’t line up. Gave me meds for constipation asked if I wanted it out. Said hell yea. So shr had me undress. Didnt bother to check the iud beyond the strings that were in place still. She got clamps to pull it out. It took her 3 hard painful pulls to remove it. I thought I was going to pass out then and there. Didn’t ask how I felt just threw it away and left room. Heard her joking in hall with her nurse about it and me not knowing what I was talking about. Let me tell you for month after I had blood in my stool. Went to 3 wk check up she scheduled to be told she had no idea why I was back. Aghh so now were trying to have another baby and worrying if what iud and she did to me will prevent us from having our last child. Very mad that I wasn’t warned beyond wait 6 wks if nursing to get iud I was ten almost 11 wks. They need to just not guve nursing mothers the option of iuds at all. Other drugs and items say not dor pregnant or nursing mothers this is by far one item that needs to join list. As well as my NP loosing her license. I haven’t pursuid the matter as I should have I just wanted to forget and get in doct. My cousin even got iud put in and ended uo being pregnant . Never again will I put myself thru that hell or allow any of my female friends. Its too scary and painful

  5. pain everyday Reply

    I had the paraguard for 1 year while I had it I had cyat rupture heavy bleeding pain everyday to the point sometimes I couldn’t walk. The doctor keep saying its an infection pain meds and antibiotics was what he said. I had it removed and I was still in pain everyday. Finalt my Dr said we need to do surgery. I did the laproscopy and I had endometrosis. My left ovary and tube were mutilated and had to be removed. My right ovary wasn’t as bad they wanted to remove it but I wouldn’t let them because I was only 26 and fixing to get married. I had lessions that had to be burned. Now its been almost 2 yrs and I’m still in pain everyday on my left side where it was suppose to be removed. They had me on pain meds to manage the pain but just took me off of them because I refused to have another surgery. They laughed in my face because I tell them how bad I hurt and want do surgery. I haven’t been the same since the paraguard. I have depression anxiety mood swings. Sometimes I hurt so bad I can’t work. No matyer how I move there is no releif from the pain. I’m 28 yrs old with 4 kids ( only 1 is mine) and some days I cant even get out of bed. I never had problems lime this before.

  6. Shepherd Reply

    I had a Paragard IUD from 2002-2008. I though this was the 5 years one, but it was the 10 years one. I went to go have it remove and the Nurse Practitioner went to put it out it broken into several pieces. She told me that the device was embedded and would have to have surgery to get it remove. I have been trying to find a lawyer, but I am not having any luck. Do anybody know if there is a class action case?

  7. Gosia Reply

    I had a Paragard IUD removed after a very long and painful 4 years. I feel like I am an old lady with achy joints and it feels like my whole body is out of tune. Since I started using this IUD I have a lot of facial hair and hair around my niples. The last couple of years were so paiful I could not enjoy my life at all. Pain all over my body. I found out today than the IUD pancured my uterus and there is a lot of inflammation.I am so disappointed that the product is offered. I hope I will be ok and my uterus will heal fast.

  8. Trista Reply

    I had my paragaurd put in shortly after the birth of my son. I was told my body would adjust and cramps would be bad for a while but after a year and a half of terrible cramping whether or not I was on my period, my acne went nuts, and I would have extreme bleeding during my period. Also had constent head aches. I went to my doctor about it. He tried to remove it twice, second time breakin off part of the string. His RN tried a third time, this time the whole string broke. I then was sent to an obgyn who had it out in 10 seconds. … The first 3 tries were horrifying. After it was out, I was a new woman! I looked at it when the doctor left the room and took a pic. My body had ATE half the copper off of it. I regained my energy and have no more crazy unexplained headaches.

  9. liz Reply

    I had paragaurd and it fell out after about 3 months. My doc put another one in. I got pregnant after 11 months & had to have it removed when I was 3 months pregnant. The doc warned me that it may cause a miscarriage when they remove it. It was either have it removed and have a possible miscarriage or face other issues later in my pregnancy and deliver by c section.

  10. Samantha Reply

    The same thing happened to me. I wouldn’t sue on my own, but would join a class action lawsuit if there is one.

  11. Paula Reply

    I developed copper toxicity from the Paragard. Extreme weakness, muscle pains, cramps. My doctor thought I had lupus because mu creatine kinase muscle enzyme was elevated so high. After taking zinc (50 mg) daily for months, I am finally starting to feel better. Not normal, just better. I had to push to have a copper test. It’s not part of the routine blood tests. My doctor was shocked at how my copper levels were. Thank God He guided to me a solution. I would also gladly join a class action suit.

  12. takka lynn Reply

    I had The IUD put in after my youngest son was born I had heavy bleeding bad stomach cramps lower back pain after it was put in then I wanted another baby. When I went to my obgyn to have it took out the tale broke in pieces and embedded into my uterus and severe bacterial infection and had to have a get it out

  13. denise j Reply

    Had IUD Removed in order to conceive approx. 9 years ago – trying to conceive the entire time – pursued fertility testing and multiple doctors.

    Realizing we were running out of time, found a doctor who determined I was still ovulating. Found out I had a fibroid and that I could not get pregnant until I had that surgically removed. Surgeon was surprised to find a “uterine wall” mass which had grown and was attached across my uterus which also had to be removed during my surgery. Doctor said that it would be impossible to become pregnant with the “uterine wall” mass in my uterus, an embryo would not be able to implant. Doctor gave us pictures of what she found and was very surprised. We completed our IVF.

    Because of the damage the Copper IUD did to my uterus, and because there was no way to detect until I had the surgery for another procedure, we did not have a chance to have a baby. My husband does not have any children. We now know all our efforts were futile and costly, without the possibility to conceive as a result of the IUD damage to my uterus.

  14. Laura Reply

    A few weeks ago, I was having some unusual cramping and went to have it checked out. The doctor discovered one of the arms from my IUD had broken off and lodged into my uterine wall and there was green goo on the part that came out. I was told the only way to remove the piece would be to have surgery.

  15. misty Reply

    i am going on 29 years old at the ago of 27 i have a ParaGard IUD put in i had a 2 year old boy i was wanting to wait for 2 to 3 years before having a baby 2 but for me i never go my baby 2 because i have the ParaGard IUD put in and 5 months later it made me blood all the time no stop for over 1year… it got so bad that i had to have a vaginal hysterectomy that was 3-26-13 and then i have to go in to get more removed because the paragard iud i had put in hurt me so bad that i had so much it done and my 2st hysterectomy was just 3 months a go…… i wish i cold have one more baby but i can”t and it hurt i still have lots of pain and problems with all of it…..

  16. Donnelle Reply

    Holy crap! If I had read all of these comments BEFORE I got a Paragard, I sure as hell wouldn’t have gotten one. I had mine inserted in November 2011. I know it was supposed to make your periods worse, but I would told that would eventually even out. It didn’t. My cramps were so incredibly bad, I would have to take hydrocodone several days a month to deal with them. The hydrocodone made me tired, dizzy, and barely able to concentrate at work. Sometimes it would make me vomit, but I had to take it or I would have been in constant pain.

    Sick of living this way and feeling unhealthy in having to medicate my body so heavily, I went to get the device removed a few weeks ago. Like many other women here, it embedded itself into my uterus and I ended up having to get it surgically removed. THANK GOD I have insurance that covered most (but not all) of the procedure; without it, it was quoted to me as costing $10-$15K, as mentioned above. Horrible.

    It’s been a few days since the surgery…hoping I don’t experience any of the life-altering affects so many of the other writers have…

  17. Denise Reply

    I had a copper IUD 4 years ago and had nothing but infections and problems only had it for a year or less, when the doctor went to remove it the string was lost and it was embedded on my wall and had to be surgically be removed and asked at that time it I wanted to be fixed. I was not married, so was not ready to make that decision yet. But very expensive surgery for a device that was a problem and still have tons of problems now.

  18. Leenita Reply

    Become pregnant and I still have the iud inserted. …

  19. passion3flower Reply

    There’s a very informative site with lots of information on how to lose weight and get rid of the mirena iud side effects and find other natural birth control options. Check out: Her detox has also been immensely helpful to my recovery and I seriously recommend it

  20. Marcia Reply

    I had the Paragard IUD inserted in 2003. The IUD migratied out of my uterus and embedded in my stomach. This had to be surgically removed. The IUD caused me pelvic infections. Now I have PID. Pelvic inflammatory disease, I also had one of my ovary removed, due to the complications caused by this iud.

    I also used to bleed continuously while I had the IUD IN

    Due to the pain and suffering caused by this IUD and the physical impairment and disfigurement it has caused. I am now INFERTILE as a result. I want to file a lawsuit.

  21. Bridget Reply

    I had the copper t iud for six years got it taken out after have rrally bad pain diring my period. N going to junel 21 with in afew months i had a cysts removed from my left ovary in may of 2013my n then had hysterectomy to have my ovaries and my uterus removed they founddidnt besides the sec cyst and one cyst on the outside of one of my ovaries and fibroids in my uterus

  22. Malissa Reply

    I am horrified at the stories I have read. I’m so sorry for the women who have suffered horrific physical nightmares.
    I had my Paraguard placed inn April of 2013, 4 months after my twin girls were born. For the first few months nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I had lost much of my baby weight before the Paraguard. Then I began gaining weight very quickly. I now weigh about the same as I did when I gave birth.
    I am also now suffering from unbelievable back pain and cramps daily. I started investigating side effects of Paraguard a few weeks ago when I suddenly started having anxiety and horrible mood swings. I’m also missing a lot of work bc of an insatiable exhaustion.
    I have my annual pap scheduled sept 8th and I plan to have the I’d removed.

  23. Ashley Reply

    I got the paraguard in 2009. I had problems right from the start but my doctor said it was normal for cramping, bleeding, etc. I was told to give my body “time to adjust” Shortly after that I lost my insurance so having it removed wasn’t possible. I have horrible cramps and back aches every day. I have gained weight and I am depressed or emotional constantly. My spouse says my mood swings give him whip lash! I finally got insurance again and I am so scared what I am going to find out what this iud did to me.

  24. Sheryl Reply

    I have had the paragard in for over a year now (July 2013), I haven’t had any problems until recently. I have been having extreme lower ab cramps for the past 4 days. I took ibuprofen but that wasn’t working at all so i took some hydrocodone that i had left from a previous ailment and it seem to lighten the cramps.

    After reading these comments I’m afraid of what my outcome could be but I will be calling my obgyn first thing Monday morning to get this checked out and possibly removed.

  25. georgina Reply

    had pargourd 360 for 7 years. got preg high risk preg if taken out fetus would of died. had to have ultrasounds twice a week to make sure it didn’t get embedded in son. he ended up in nic unit 2 weeks. almost had blood tranvusion do to the copper in my body to him from this ..

  26. Michelle Reply

    Had paraguard inserted 9 weeks ago. Went in for a string check 6 weeks after insertion and NP could not find the strings. Had an ultrasound ( a very thorough ultrasound) 2 weeks later and found out that the IUD had perforated through the uterine wall and is sitting somewhere near my ovary. Scheduled for surgery to have it removed Nov.10th 🙁

  27. Amanda Reply

    I got my paraguard inserted 2 years ago after my third babe. Cramps were bad in the beginning but a year in became worse only on my left side. I told the doc they said it was normal. Today I went in the e.r. with pain in my side so bad I was vomiting. The ultrasound tech said she could see what was causing my pain, the doc then informed me the device had migrated to my muscle an a piece broke off and was gouging my muscle wall causing my pain. They called a gyno to come in and all he did was diffuse the situation, never talked to me, just looked at the ultrasound and xray. He said was normal, suddenly went back to square one and not knowing where my pain was coming from. I asked to see the xray and ultrasound and they said no.they gave me a norco and told me to go to my gyno because “if” there was a part missing the they would be able to tell. Seemed to me like the Gyno is paid by teva pharmaceuticals and wanted to make the woman in severe pain go away. I am so upset right now.

  28. lata Reply

    I went 2 get my IUD (paragaurd ) removed after my dr.tried with 2 differrnt tools he told me it was stuck to my uterus. Anyone ever had an IUD stuck to your uterus? Was the procedure painful?

  29. Kaela Reply

    Had Paragard for 2 1/2 years. Scheduled to have it removed. The Paragard had become embedded and cracked when Doctor attempted to remove the Paragard. As of currently, they have yet to locate the other arm to the broken Paragard. I have the remaining pieces of the device, as well as my ultrasound images and report regarding the images from the Radiologist. They are scheduling a D/C to hopefully find the missing piece and then surgery to remove it. I was unaware that there ever was a chance that this type of thing could happen. I originally set out to get the Paragard removed because I was experiencing severe symptoms that may have been caused by the device. I.E. Severe bleeding and cramping, severe back pain, multiple infections, ect. My surgery to have my D/C preformed is next week. This is just to see if they can even locate the missing arm and determine if they can remove it at all.

  30. laurie Reply

    Well, I guess I can say that on the bright side, I’m not alone. I was experiencing some bleeding after intercourse. I went to the doctor to see what could be causing this. The ultrasound showed the Paraguard IUD had moved down into my cervix. (I had had the IUD for a little over five years.) The doctor said she would remove it. When she pulled it out, she said, “I’ve never seen this happen before.” Not very comforting words. Only 2/3 of the device came out. One of the arms was embedded in my cervix. She dug around to try to remove the remaining piece with no luck. I was moved to the ultrasound room where she tried again. After about five minutes or so (seemed longer) of trying to grab it, she had another doctor come in to give it a try. She was unable to remove it, too. I finally couldn’t take the poking around any longer. I am now scheduled to go in and be put under for removal. Really didn’t see this coming, especially after years of it being in place.

  31. Deanne Reply

    I need her lawyer info… mine moved 3 times and is now in my colon as well and has been for a year. I’ve been dropped by 3 Texas lawyers and I need help.

  32. Martina Reply

    I had the Paragard after giving birth to my twins in 2008, a year later I became pregnant and my doctor told me that I was having a miscarriage and it would pass, and there was no way that I could have an ectopic. A few days later I was rushed to the emergency room with intense abdominal pain. My ultrasound revealed an ectopic pregnancy with a 6-8 week old fetus, and miscarried fetus in my uterus (twins!). I had to have surgery right away and the to remove the mangled IUD and damaged part of the fallopian tube.

  33. Cindy Reply

    I had a Paragard iud for 11 years (1993-2004) with no problems. Had a new one put in Dec 2008 and had abnormal bleeding in Jan 2015 only to find it was out of place via ultrasound (strings still in place but device not). When the PA attempted to remove it, it broke off leaving an arm behind. After a 2nd ultrasound, discovered it’s imbedded in the muscle. Gyn says not likely going to be able to get it out without removing uterus. I’m 46 and refuse to gave my uterus removed. If he can’t get it out, I will leave it in and take my chances. Very frustrated.

  34. Jes Reply

    I would like to thank each of you for sharing your stories, I am so sorry this has happened to you. You have saved me though. I have been really considering an IUD & really wanted one that didn’t release hormones but I knew copper cannot stay in the body so I researched more & found all of you 🙁 I will tell every woman I know of your tragedies & hope it will forever stay in their minds in case they think about getting one! I can’t believe this thing is legal! I am so sorry for you all! I am angry that this has been aloud to take life from so many! Thank you again for saving me!

  35. M Reply

    It makes me feel a little better that I am not the only one going through this. I tried to get my paragard removed a couple weeks ago and it broke, leaving an arm behind, I had it for 4 years without a problem, and my husband and I want to have more kids. I went under general anesthesia to have a hysteroscopy to have the piece removed a few days ago, but it wasn’t found in my uterus. They said it probably just fell out, I’ve been having a lot of pain in my lower pelvic area and demanded x-rays after the surgery. Sure enough, it’s still there somewhere, either completely embedded in my uterine wall or it has perforated my uterus. Doc says if it’s completely embedded, he might have to take my whole uterus out. Pretty sure it has migrated somewhere crazy because I am in so much pain. Going in for a CT scan tomorrow to see where it is. Freaking out.

  36. lisa Reply

    I had paraguard put in abt 8 years ago. About five years ago, I started having a lot of strange aches and pains. The last year has been hell. Thank god I finally got my insurance back. I went to my doctor, neurologists, pain management doctors. At the end I could not hold a pen ir a cup of coffee. I was thinking abt getting a wheel chair because I couldn’t walk anymore.then I began wondering abt my iud. I every Dr told me it couldn’t do the things that were happening to me. I did some more research on my own and found I wasn’t the only one. Made an appointment to get it removed. They could only get two thirds. The arm had broken off and was migrating thru my uterine wall. Had to get a full hysterectomy. Then got infection and spent another week on hospital. I have kids w my exhusband, but my fiance really wanted children w me. Now we can’t. By the way, right after surgery, pains were markedly better

  37. angela Reply

    My paragard just came out on its own. I Had it for 4 years. while it was in place I suffered and was treated for suicide migrains, neuropathy, debilitating cramps and pain, very heavy bleeding. I’ve been under the care of a neurologist. Guess what..after the paragard came out IM HEALTHY AGAIN! class action lawsuit. Helll yeah

  38. Ladonna Reply

    I had my iud put in somewhere between 2009-2010. I could only leave mine in for a month. The first two days I bleed after that everyday I had a dark brown smelly discharge. When I went to my doctor I was informed I had got an infection from it. I experienced pain as well even when having sex. I was so embarrassed by the oder it cause and I was not made aware of the possible side effects.

  39. Joy Reply

    I’m glad I’m not the only one bit there shouldn’t be ANY of us! I went in to have my Paragard removed after a few years because I didn’t want it to become embedded after hearing a horror story online. The Dr. was only able to get most of it out. One of the legs is still there and I have to schedule an xray to determine whether or not I will need surgery to have it removed. This is outrageous and if there are any complications I intend to sue everyone involved. Especially the Dr. who couldn’t properly remove it but just yanked on it 3 times. It was so painful and no one should have to go through this.

  40. angie Reply

    I to had paragard, 1993-2008 & got another 2014 to present. It actually amazes me that there are so many horror stories. I would’ve never thought there were this many women with issues the product.

  41. Taka Reply

    I received the Paragard IUD in 2004. I immediately noticed that I had more painful and heavier periods. I only kept the IUD in for 3 months because I ended up becoming pregnant while it was in. The doctor told me that there was a chance that removing the IUD would dislodge the egg. However, I did not have a choice because you obviously cannot keep one in if you are pregnant. I also ended up having a miscarriage the very next day after the doctor removed it. I hope my story helps someone else as an unexpected pregnancy and miscarriage was very painful to endure.

  42. Monica Reply

    I am currently going thru problems with my Paraguard IUD. I have a history of POCS and was diagnosed in my late teens. I was told I would have a hard time getting pregnant on my own because of it. To our surprise, we got pregnant with our first son. 10 months after he was born, our second son was born. At my post partum check up I had paraguard inserted. Brantley is 4 years old and I will have my IUD 4 years in July. The past year, I have had very unusual, unpredictable bleeding. I have been bleeding for the past 4 months consistantly. Sometimes, only enough to be there when I clean myself, and others I am bleeding thru a super plus tampon in an hour. I finally went to the doctor a few weeks ago. She put me on Provera for 10 days to try and stop the bleeding but it just made things worse. After blood work and a ultrasound, we found out my IUD has dislodged inferior to its intended location and imbedded into the muscle. I have an appointment on Wednesday to discuss treatment…..

  43. Natalie Reply

    Shortly after having my IUD inserted, I began getting urinary tract infections and frequent cases of bacterial vaginosis. After a number of years passed, I began to feel depressed, anxious & foggy brained. After 8 years, I was having swollen lymph nodes, hives, systemic candida & leaky gut. I had many inconclusive blood tests and finally a hair sample which showed my copper levels were through the roof. All of my symptoms were associated with this so I had my IUD removed the next day. I am on a strict detox diet and am slowly picking up the pieces of my health. I am filing a class action lawsuit if anyone would like to join.

  44. Margo Reply

    I had the paragard IUD placed on in Dec 2012, six weeks after the birth of my third child. It was terribly painful and wasn’t even able to sit down on the car ride home. 1 week later Christmas Eve. I was in so much pain and considered having it removed, when I called the Dr office they told me the discomfort was normal and never suggested a follow up appt. I assumed they must receive calls like this frequently and didn’t think my case was that unusual. In Feb 2014 I discovered I was pregnant. Very scared and confused I went to my Dr to decide what needed to be done. There he told me , as well as a few of the other girls in the office that it probably fell out or I pulled it out with a tampon. Very skeptical of that scenario, I insisted I didn’t think that’s what had happened. My Dr then sent me for an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed it was no where to be found. I continued with my pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby boy aweek away from my due date. I had already decided as a mother of four now, aspiring nurse and full time employee that I didn’t want any more surprise pregnancies so I would have a tubal ligation done the morning after delivery. It was the morning of surgery that my Dr came in and told me the IUD was still in there and had migrated to the left on my hip almost, he was going to attempt to get it when he did the tubal ligation but if he couldn’t another surgery would need to be scheduled. Stunned I went into surgery hoping for the best. He was not able to get it so another surgery would need to happen he said after at least six weeks. One surgery was scheduled but having to go back to work pretty much the day after surgery and having no leave left to hold my position at work I had to reschedule. I attempted to reschedule a few times over the next year but didn’t receive calls back as promised and was unable tohave it removed by any other Dr because they said they had not put it in. In Jan 2016 I had horrible pelvic pain and went to the er. After an ultrasound and xray. My IUD showed to now be in my stomach. After 2 weeks went in for surgery with my Dr. Three hours later, not the hr that was planned, it was removed but a piece of my intestine had to be cut out because that was where it was stuck at. Im currently still recovering and finally starting to be able to walk . Haven’t worked in weeks, dropped half my classes and now as a single mother of four just trying to get by day to day. This has been a horrible experience and if I had known this was possible I wouldn’t have ever made the decision to have the paragard. I consider myself lucky because it could have been worse but I don’t recommend the Paragard to anyone. If there is a lawyer in California that thinks this may be a lawsuit please contact me. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and have a wonderful day.

  45. Sara Reply

    I had the Paragard fter my third child. I had very heavy bleeding ever since. I had got it checked out a few months later because of the cramps and heavy bleeding. I would bleed for 7 days and through everything waking up in a pool of blood. Which was uncommon for me since I had never had any cramps before and usually only bleed for about 4 days. The doctor said it was in the right place and that my body would take time to adjust. Which turned in to me adjusting to the problem instead of the other way around. See I have had 6 pregnancies an would deal with anything not to have anymore children. I had the paragard in for 4 years. It started with flu symptoms. So I just stayed home for a few days but did not get any better. Then constipation and after a few more days with no relief and unbearable pain.I had the constipation before that caused a lot of pain an had gone to a urgent care about a year prior too. My boyfriend carried me to the car n took me to the hospital. I was in tears at the hospital then to make things worst before any testing and in front of my boyfriend of 8 years they told me I had a STD .They admitted me 3 days later an many test later the told me I didn’t have a STD.Had a infection forming between my uterus an my spine. I then started to ask could it be my IUD? They never gave me a strait answer an did not offer to take it out. I demanded to have it removed. I was in the hospital for days on 3 or 4 different antibiotics. Then finally sent home on 2 more antibiotics for 2 weeks. didn’t work an was in bed for almost the whole 2 weeks. Since they took out the IUD I have more energy. My periods are back to normal and there isn’t anymore cramps or pain. I feel like a new person. Before they removed it I had joint pain n felt tired a lot. I had had been to the doctor many times because my knees wrist n thumb joints hurt. Still have the knee problem since it was a prior problem before the IUD but the other pain is gone.

  46. TRICIA Reply

    I have had 4 IUDs. The 1st, Paraguard, was inserted while I was breastfeeding. It perforated. I had 2 sepeerate surgeries to remove it. The doctor said that the whole back of my uterus was covered in scar tissue and that if I ever got pregnant again it woukd be very painful due to the scar tissue breaking apart as the uterus grows. The 2nd IUD was placed very carefully and with a paracervical block. it was painless and smooth, unlike the 1st one that perforated. My uterus is retroflexed, so very hard to get IUDS in. I had 2nd one removed due to long periids, but that didn’t fix it. my periods have been long ever since THE 1ST IUD perforated.. I did not have a period at all until the perforation occurred. The 2nd IUD was removed painlesslessly but my periods never went back to normal.

    I had Mirena inserted years later. Very painful because of my anatomy and the doctor refused to do paracervical block. I had that IUD removed 6 weeks later due to constant spotting and inorgasmia. (complete). IT RESOLVED WITHIN DAYS OF HAVING IT REMOVED.

    Years later .. (2 years ago in 2013) I had paraguard inserted. I believe the doctor did not use sterile technique due to I felt ill, tired, and cold as well as constant cramping that required ibuprofen around the clock the 1st week. (yjis had not occurred with the other IUDs). Also the doctor tried to do a cervical block but it failed as the insertion was quite painful, as much as the Mirena insertion hurt without a block. The IUD was removed 2 weeks ago and the doctor utilized a technique not advocated by paraguard literature. It wouldn’t budge and was excruciating . I had had sharp intermittent incapacitating pelvic pain for over a year by this point. when the doctor didn’t get it out the 1st pull (she yanked on it when she told me to cough…I had not had a doctor do this before), she said “oh…oh….it’s stuck!” she yanked it harder and it became unstuck and she pulled it out. I was writhing in agony. I had went to her because I felt the IUD had something wrong with it or was embedded. she proceeded to remove it I. this haphazard manner. the next day she asked how I was. I told her I don’t believe the removal was normal whatsoever. She replied, “no it wasnt. I think it was embedded in your endometrium”. I was in constant irretractable pelvic pain for 2 days after removal.

  47. Susan Reply


    Can you please advise if you took any action? I would like to join and file a class action too! I had two surgery and the missing part is still moving around and I have to go through another surgery in April!

  48. Michelle Reply

    A little over 10 years ago I had the ParaGuard Copper T IUD, and not only did I get pregnant with it, 2 years after my son was born they found they IUD was somehow lodged into my stomach cavity and perforated my lower intestines and punctured my colon. I had to have emergency surgery. They had to reconstruct my intestines and colon. I was in hospital for 8 days after surgery. I have major scar tissue on my intestines which cause a lot of pain when it flairs up. And a huge scar now on my stomach from the surgery.

  49. Susan Reply

    Hi Michelle,

    I’m so sorry to hear you had a difficult time! Did you ever talked to any lawyer? I’m looking for a law firm to accept my case. There are a lot of them for Marina but not Paragard.

  50. Lisa Reply

    I had paragon iud removed last week and there three attempts to remove. last try was under general anesthesia and gynecologist could only remove two thirds of IUD. The arm was broken off and left in . I’m having no symptoms so far. Should I leave in and monitor or seek other surgical options.

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