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Centralization of Farxiga Lawsuits Opposed by Drug Makers

Although a growing number of Farxiga lawsuits are being pursued throughout the federal court system by individuals who have suffered diabetic ketoacidosis, kidney failure and other injuries after taking the new-generation diabetes drug, the manufacturers are opposing a recent request to centralize the cases before one judge for coordinated pretrial proceedings.…

Invokana Lawsuits

  • Written by: Austin Kirk

Side effects of the diabetes drug Invokana may lead to ketoacidosis or kidney failure. Lawsuits are being reviewed by lawyers.…

Invokana Litigation Gets Underway in Federal MDL

An Invokana court order lays out the beginning steps for getting the consolidated federal litigation underway, including plans for a “Science Day,” a special mediator to discuss settlement and discovery issues, and the appointment of plaintiffs’ attorneys to leadership roles.…