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Da Vinci Surgical Robot Lawsuit

The da Vinci Surgical System has been linked to a number of complications and patient deaths, which may have been caused by surgical mistakes from insufficient training or by the machine’s design. STATUS OF DA VINCI SURGICAL SYSTEM LAWSUITS: Potential claims are being reviewed by lawyers for individuals who have been injured or lost loved […]

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da Vinci Surgery Lawsuit Filed Over Bowel Perforation, Thermal Burns

Intuitive Surgical faces a new lawsuit over the da Vinci surgical robot, claiming that recalled Hot Shears caused internal injuries.

Continuing Problems for da Vinci Robot Maker Predicted by Analyst

Analysts warn that 2014 may be another rough year for the makers of the da vinci robot.

da Vinci Robotic Surgery Injury Cases Often Not Reported to FDA: Report

A new study shows that the da Vinci is more expensive for some surgeries but provides little additional benefit, while a new report suggests complications linked to the robot are severely underreported.

Da Vinci Robot Recall Affects 110,000 Components: FDA

Anothr da Vinci robot component recall affects 110,000 parts that could fall off of the robot.

Robotic Surgery Injury During Prostate Cancer Removal May Be Avoided

New study suggests that training doctors to identify at-risk patients may reduce the risk of uretral injury during robotic prostatectomy surgery.

FDA Notes Increase in Reports Involving Surgical Robot Injuries, Problems

As reports of da Vinci robot complications increase, the FDA calls for more surgeon training in robotic surgery.

Intuitive Surgical Insurance for da Vinci Robot Lawsuits Challenged

An insurance company says the makers of the da Vinci robot did not tell them the truth about the number of lawsuits it faces and wants out of its contract.

Concerns Over da Vinci Robot Surgery Continue to Weigh on Sales

Intuitive Surgical has reported continuing drops in revenue as sales of its da Vinci robot surgical system continues to fall amid safety questions.

da Vinci Robotic Surgery Complaints to FDA Surged This Year: Report

Citron Research has releases a report on Intuitive Surgical, highlighting the growing number of da Vinci robot complaints filed this year.

Robotic Hysterectomy Provides No Benefits, May Carry Risks: Study

Another study has found that robotic surgery is more costly, but no safer than other types of surgery, and may increase the risk of pneumonia.

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