Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Over 5 Hour Energy Drink Heart Attack

  • Written by: Staff Writers

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against the makers of 5-Hour Energy, the popular 2-ounce energy drink, which one family says caused a heart attack for a 27-year old Tennessee man. 

The product liability lawsuit was filed by Monica Hassell, the wife of Antonio Hassell, in U.S. District Court in Tennessee late last month against Living Essentials, the company that manufactures 5-Hour Energy. According to the complaint, Hassell had been drinking the shot-like concoctions to stay awake during late shifts at a warehouse.

Hassell suffered a heart attack on August 2, 2009, while playing basketball, after about a month of drinking 5-Hour Energy on a regular basis. He died about seven months later.

The lawsuit alleges that Living Essentials failed to properly warn consumers about the health risks of 5-Hour Energy or its potentially lethal side effects. The lawsuit claims that the labels of the energy drinks are designed to lead consumers to believe that there has been pre-marketing clinical testing on the safety of the products, which is untrue.

According to the 5-Hour Energy Drink lawsuit, Hassell’s doctors determined that the drink, which contains a combination of caffeine, taurine, glucuronolactone, malic acid, and other ingredients, was the sole cause for his heart attack. Living Essentials has kept the specific recipe for the drink a secret, but the lawsuit claims that the ingredients as listed are known to increase the risk of strokes, blood clots, heart attacks and other illnesses.

The 5-Hour Energy drink, which dominates about 80% of the energy drink market, is considered a dietary supplement and not regulated by the FDA.

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  1. Jon Reply

    Dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA? You either do not know what you are talking about, or you are not telling the truth. Which is it?

  2. LISA Reply


  3. Gary Reply

    @ Jon — supplements are NOT regulated by the FDA, which is why you really need to research the company you are buying your supplements from, as well as the product.

    A couple of good questions to look for – do the doctors behind the product actively promote the fact they formulated that particular product? Any reputable doctor will not hide from their work.

    Has the supplement been tested for banned substances and impurities? US testing only looks for about 30- 40 banned substances. Go with the company Informed Choice from the UK – they test for over 190, so their list of safe products is better.

  4. Josh Reply

    I drank a five hour energy drink with in the last 48 hrs. I did not eat anything because of timeing. I drove from baltimore maryland to the eastern shore of maryland. I sipped it all day. I had 3 black outs from it. One of them my final resualted in me getting sent to the hospital and i have had several test done to figure out what is worng with me. I blacked out durring my crash. drove off the road and in to a farmers field then went airborne over a two lane road and landed on the other side on an embankment.

  5. jerry Reply

    I tried 5 hour energy for the first time yesterday.this crap has every bad side affect known to man , immediately I became nauseous and sick to my stomach and my fourhead felt like it was on fire and I got very dizzy and I had diarrhea and throwing up at the same time and my stomach mussels were twitching for 5 hours, my chest and arms felt like they were on fire and itched and the roof of my mouth was itching and I had the shakes for 4 hours and blurry vision, it also mested with my breathing and heart rate, I was sick all day and felt bad, how is this crap legal to sell

  6. Nancy Reply

    5 Hour Energy sent me to the hospital with head to toe hives, tight throat, vomiting, passing out, irregular heartbeat, extreme weakness, etc. I have tried twice to get a full list of the ingredients from the company and they refuse. They won’t say what they use for flavoring and say it’s a “proprietary blend”. Stay the heck away from this stuff!! Does anyone know if there is a class action suit against them? I am really angry now. I would have let this drop, but they won’t give me the information I need to keep myself safe!

  7. Energy Reply

    I drink 5 hour energy from time to time. I’ve never had any problems.

  8. Don Reply

    been drinking these on and off for well over a year now… Not one side effect, problem or irregularity… In fact, I am about to drink one right now…

  9. Tim Reply

    5-hour energy is really bad for you! While I was drinking it in the bathroom while getting ready in the morning, I accidentally spilled some on my genitals. I immediately broke out into a rash, and my wife had to drive me to the hospital. The Dr. said I had an acute type 3 hypersensitivity reaction to the 5 hour energy drink, and that I shouldn’t get that on my skin! I had to apply a hydrocortisone cream for the next 3 days to control the swelling. Fortunately, skin grafts were not necessary, but I nearly lost my ability to reproduce! Please, do not use 5 Hour Energy Drinks. It is very dangerous!

  10. em Reply

    my friend and i drank one one day, and felt awful several hours later.. yuck!

  11. Jennifer Reply

    Does anyone know if there is a legitimate website where it has detailed research and any information on 5HE? I have found it quite frustrating that I haven’t found none but few sites where it wasn’t biased, incomplete or not having any information I’m looking for on this product.

    I can’t tell you how long I have been on/off 5HrE…A couple of years. Wondering if anyone else has experienced errratic/irrational emotions, feelings behaviors, attitudes, etc? Wondering if anyone else has felt these things are addictive?

    The reason I’m asking is like I mentioned, I’ve been on/off these things for a few years. I literally buy them by the dozen. No other energy drink/shot would work as well as 5HrE. However, I have noticed strange things going on with my body. Dizziness, wheezing, and a dull pain between the left side of my neck, across the collarbone to left shoulder. I don’t feel that it’s a heart issue, but a lung issue. Not sure, and unfortunately I am unable to see a doctor at the present time. I don’t want to sound like a hypochondriac, but just am more aware of these things. These blunt aches seem correlated to taking 5HrE, or I assume they could be. As a full time nontraditional student with a more than full credit load, I need all the assistance I can get. But, if I can definitely deduce that these ‘feelings’ are a definite result of the energy shots, then I shall try and find another energy resource. It’s too bad, that sleep isn’t always a part of that option.

    Does anyone else have any similar experiences or resources I can contact to do the footwork myself? I’d greatly appreciate it.

  12. Idiot Reply

    Look, 5 hour energy is mostly caffeine and stimulants… so you’re just shooting up really.

    They throw in a cocktail of “amino-acids and vitamins, which means if you take a daily supplement you can easily end-up overdosing (yes, you CAN OD on vitamins)…

    But mostly it contains a crap load of caffeine (Seriously, all the symptoms people describe are consistent with caffeine overdose. There is no way this contains just 60mg, more like 500mg to 1000mg).

    There are no “magic pills” here, all energy drinks are caffeine based and that is what causes most of your symptoms (though it’s in the 500 – 1000mg levels). People need to learn that sometimes you just can’t do it all in one day… and learn that their body is always right (sleep when you’re tired… don’t take drugs to stay awake).

  13. Dana K. Reply

    I have been using the 5hre for about 2 years now and I love them. I have found that if I am not eating correctly and sleeping correctly that they will make me dizzy, overheated and sick to my stomach but these are all symptoms of any stimulants being introduced into a body that is already lacking the bacics (food, water, sleep)

    If you are responsible with the 5hre drinks they work well as a booster to a long night shift or as a pick me up when you don’t get your normal amount of sleep. But these should NOT be used as a replacement for the minimum things your body needs on a regular basis.

  14. Richard Reply

    I am 46 years old. On Oct 7th 2010, I purchased a 5 Hour Energy Drink. Five mins later after drinking the entire bottle, I pulled to a drive up window to place an order, and had a (SCA) Sudden Cardiac Arrest where my heart quit beating and I died for 5 mins. I was brought back by the EMT with the use of a defibrillator. I now have a implantable cardioverter defibrillator. Remember caffeine is a killer

  15. Tammy Reply

    My 16 year old son also passed out andwent into Sudden Cardiac Arrest while playing in a high school basketball game where he had no heart beat and no pulse for several minutes on January 19, 2010. He was also brought back by the EMT with the use of a defibrillator. He had been taking the 5 hour energy drink every week before playing football games and also the summer before when playing basketball games. He has an ICD implant as well.

  16. JD Reply

    Drink this stuff (whole bottle) and withing 2-4 minutes – Tachycardia. Be careful, this stuff is not for everyone. Start out with half a bottle if need be.

  17. sam Reply

    I have been drinking 2 to 3 energy drinksa day the last one i drank with in 5 minutes i had a heart attack now i have a defiblator

  18. cath Reply

    My spouse drinks them all the time and for some time now. Since I have been on him, he now hides it from me. Now I do not know how much or how often he takes them. However, I do know through side affects that he has had on. Side effects, I have noticed are, irritability, moodiness and tiredness when comming down…. I assumed since crashing can do this. He is nasty to everyone, especially with the kids at night time and has no patience. I have been thinking of leaving for some time too since his irritability has become verbally abuse to the kids. The other side affects are he has a headache almost every day and if he is not complaining of a headache its he doesn’t feel well. He is often feeling sick with lots of sweats. Two times he complained of chest andd arm pain. Lastly and just the other day, he has complained of not feeling well, legs are wobbly and aches. At first, I was not thinking nothing of it; however, lately have found two bottles on him and started to research his popular 5 hour energ boost. After reading alot of the dangers and peoples blogs, I believe everything I heard, seen and noticed to be linked to the 5 hour energy drinks. What do you think? What should I do? I can not talk to him about it, he doesn’t believe the dangers…or maybe just doesn’t want to for he is addicted and enjoys the rush he gets from it. I guess I will have to wait till, he goes in cardiac arrest and leaves me and our three children alone with absolutel nothing to assist us. Thanks alot to the people who feel they made the best source of money with these dangerous energy drinks. I guess your 13.5 billion dollar profit of harmful products was really worth the weight of man deaths. How can ou live with yourselves. It is like murder and should be punished as such……it is called premeditated murder. You know what the dangers are, the hidden stuff your are not including and the missing ingredients you choose not to share. There is more to it then, your special ingredients and you know it…….shame on you. I have a special recipe for you, try it but I could never tell you what your eating or drinking. I bet each and everyone of you working in this energ industry would be too shicken shit to try something you don’t know too much about……that is why I would need to hide and lie about the ingredients to pass the laws before you cowards would try my recipe. Your consumers only figure it is safe because it passed all laws to be able to be put on the market. Your customers trusted and put their faith in you for a true and trustable product. When in fact you provided them with a deadly and dangerous product. If you do not care for the adults consuming your product, Think of the children who are……and the children you are murdering and endangering with no child restrictions. These energy drinks should be banned, if not banned from children. With labels drink at your own risk. Adults can decide and takes risks for themselves, but children the just want to drink whats cool, what others are drinking and because of the exciting containers they are in. Something seriously has to be done. Banned all, or at least ban from children.

  19. candy Reply

    is why is store still sell it i think it should be take out of store and all other place too

  20. Realistic Reply

    The dangers are mostly hype. If caffeine is risky to you, then don’t use 5HE. It’s also not intended for multiple daily uses. If you don’t use a product responsibly, don’t be surprised when it has a negative effect. I occasionally use it when catching up on work late at night and need a boost to get finished or when I hit a huge drag during the day and feel like nodding off. It has been very beneficial to me, since caffeine pills like Vivarin take too long to be effective, and assumedly some of the other ingredients in 5HE help stimulate as well. It doesn’t give me 5 hours, but it may carry me over a drowsy point or keep me alert long enough to complete a project. Also, people “harmed by” this product should know that using it consistently to push your body beyond necessary sleep is foolhardy. Companies cannot and SHOULD not be held responsible for others’ irresponsibility. And if you try 5HE and it makes you feel funny — STOP USING IT! It’s just not that complicated. Have a heart condition? DON’T USE STIMULANTS. Suppose someone has an unknown heart condition, say myocarditis, and the effects of 5HE compound the problem culminating in cardiac arrest after strenuous exercise. That’s tragic, but the reality is, there are countless things that can cause any unknown problem to end horribly. You simply cannot blame a company making a good product for everything that goes wrong. Nothing, not even water, is 100% safe. The computer you are using to read this isn’t. Only a company that is willfully negligent and fails to disclose known dangers that could not have ordinarily been ascertained using sound judgment should be penalized. I, frankly, am sick of the high costs I have to pay for — well — EVERYTHING, because every single product marketed has to be designed to be impossibly idiot proof.

  21. Ricky Reply

    I’m a high school student and also have a part time job (20 hrs/week). I do take this every once in a while if I’m in a bind or have to study. I have never experienced any harmful side effects. And to my understanding, the caffeine is comparable to a cup of coffee. Granted, people may drink more than one at a time because the small size of the bottle may look misleading.

  22. Terry Reply

    I got a 5he from a co- worker this afternoon at work and felt great I was sick this weekend and afraid that some of the medicines that I took yesterday and this morning along with the redbulls I drank right after may be causeing me to feel anxiety nervous and my heart rate to make my heart feel like it wants to jump out of my chest it\’s been around 7 or so hours since I drank it and still no sleep it\’s 0230 and it first started making me feel crazy around 2300 hours but when I came to lay down around 0100 or so when I closed my eyes that\’s when I started feeling like my heart wa going to explode but I drink red bull all the time and it\’s never done this to me this sucks considering I have to be up in two hours at 0430 to go to work I\’ve read all the other blogs but no one went into as much detail as I have about what other things I should not have taken etc. How long do these side affects last and what should I do, yesterday I took dayquil nyquil and suidafed my wife is agravaded with me for always buying redbull could the combination of the two be causing the headache, sleeplessness ect. Or just the fact that I have never tried 5 hour energy before and I drank the whole thing without anything to eat other than two chocolate cupcakes and a coke n then a redbull?

  23. Jennifer Reply

    I have been using a 5 hour energy drink every night for the last three weeks to help stay awake on my third shift job. I just recently started a new medication over this past weekend and I started to have weird side effects from the drug that I had never experienced before. Yesterday, I spent all day in the emergency room because I felt like I was having a heart attack. I had all the symptoms of one, luckily my EKG came back and said it wasn’t one. Now I have to miss three days of work until I can get my follow up with my family doctor. BE CAREFUL if you are using these drinks!

  24. Ralph Reply

    It mad me very angry. I quit taking it.

  25. Ban5HourEnergy Reply

    This shit nearly killed me! I drank a bottle my first time and I started having trouble breathing then my whole body went numb and I could not move my own lungs to breathe next thing you know I am taken to the hospital by my dad and I nearly died. I passed out in the hospital and dont remember alot of what happened its been two days and I have a nasty headache. FUCK THIS SHIT and the makers of it they need to go to jail and ban this poison!

  26. Natalie Reply

    My sister (age 42) and I were on a 7 hour drive last week. During that time she drank 4 Red Bulls. The minute we got to our hotel room she collasped and had a massive heart attack. Parametics got there in 5 min and had to bring her back with the help of a difibillator. She has never had a past history of any heart problems.Doctors said they do not know why she had a heart attack. Red bull was definetily a factor. She now has a ICD implant. Why aren\’t there any warning lables on these drinks!!

  27. Mike Reply

    LISTEN UP PEOPLE. I feel for all those that have had a misfortunate or tragic incident from taking 5 Hour and would not want to be on the recieving end of such an incident. But please before we all jump off and start throwing fingers let’s think about this. Nobody forces us (As far as i know) to take these supplements. We do this of our own free will. Now common sense has taught me that i shouldn’t take any type of supplement that may cause accelerration of the heart if infact i am not somewhat physically fit. OK, next point in case like the lady who sued McDonalds for getting burnt over HOT coffee. She knew what she was ordering so give it a break. This country makes it to easy to point the finger and sue. If people used common sense and did some research maybe we wouldn’t have so many issues. I’ve taken this 5hr pruduce over the last 3 years and have never had an issue. But i exercise frequently and maintain a healthy diet. I don’t take any product looking for a quick fix. And neither should anyone else.

  28. John Reply

    Responding to cath, that is not what premeditated murder is. “Premeditated murder is the crime of wrongfully causing the death of another human being (also known as murder) after rationally considering the timing or method of doing so, in order to either increase the likelihood of success, or to evade detection or apprehension.”
    I just don’t like ignorance

  29. Milo Reply

    I recently started using 5HE to help me wake up in the morning. I exercise daily and have no previous issues with caffine or heart trouble. Last weekend after consuming a 5HE my heart began to beat so hard and fast my friend could feel it sitting next to me. I wrote it off as a panic attack and when Monday came around I started my day with a 5HE. I was standing at the printer when my heart started pounding, and felt like it might explode in my chest. I got a ride to my primary physician and had an EKG and the next day got blood work done. After this experience and reading these comment I am swearing off 5HE

  30. Ashley Reply

    I took it about 3 hrs. ago and im all shaky and i looked in the mirror and i dnt know if i was hilluscinating or not but my face started turnin barney purple and i freaked out!

  31. Phyllis Reply

    I drank a 5 hour energy DECAF on Sunday and Monday and I was hospitalized on Monday night for AFIB…thought the decaf was safe but it had my heart beating at 170 per minute. Thought I was going to die. I know am prone to having AFIB due to this event.

  32. Demetrios Reply

    I drink 5 Hour Energy all the time, I buy them by the case at Sams Club. I usually have 2 in the morning then more in the afternoon. I also drink a lot of Starbucks Coffee and take 60 mg of ADDERALL every day.

  33. Tammie Reply

    I drink them once in a while for a pm pick me up. I had one about an hour ago and my resting heart rate is 72. I may have an initial jolt, but it usually settles down. I agree, if it makes you feel bad don’t drink them. If you want your body to absorb the caffeine slowly, drink it slowly – half a bottle at a time. I feel bad for folks who have had severe medical issues, but it is often the unexpected that make us unaware of hidden issues.

  34. Dominique Reply

    My husband and I were in a store one day when a woman came up to him and asked if his rash was psoriasis. When he confirmed she told him she used to have it really severely. She started taking 5HE for pick me up and noticed her psoriasis started clearing up. After a month it was completely gone. She quit drinking it and the psoriasis came back. Her doctor told her if it works, take it. My husband tried it, and his severe psoriasis is slowly disappearing. He says he can feel it coming back when he doesn’t drink his one-a-day. It’s much more effective and less expensive than the $800 a tube medication prescribed by the doctor! Bottom line is he doesn’t have other side effects, and probably has a B deficiency that the drink helps him with. For those having reactions, it’s probably the opposite – you don’t have a deficiency and the levels of B, especially niacin are toxic to you. Listen to your body.

  35. adam Reply

    How do I get ahold of these people?? I had a heart attack a year and a half ago from drinking this product. How do I get help with this?? can somone help me please???

  36. M Ragain Reply

    sleeps 3 – 4 days

  37. frances Reply

    stays a wake 3-4 5AYS

  38. vega Reply

    i have been having a reation to this energy drin k and that is constant vomiying and a irriatable burning on my side ive beentaking this drink for some time now to where i seem to need to take it to complete the day. i cant understand since they say its not addicting im wondering if it is

  39. Kay Reply

    I’ve been taking the extra caffien “5hr” for over two yrs now and the most thing i find annoying but love in the product is the first 20minutes after taking the shot , i love that rush of energy BUT whay i hate about this product is that i feel like im addicted to it.. Well i dont think I KNOW I AM.. And its horrible thing i do some times get the rapid heart beat and since i have been taking it around the same time i been getting prone to infections ” urinary infection” on top of that but my main problem is the addiction part everyday before i go to work i HAVE TO HAVE IT and if i dont i dont feel like im bein productive enough.. Ppl when i say everyday im talkin about over 2yrs literally .. Even when im broke i scrunge up for some money.. Anyways i dont know if any of u are goin through addiction/infection but i have been noticing this

  40. nathan Reply

    oh my god some people are stupid if you drink a beer and get in a car crash you dont blame the beer manufacturer or the car maker do you no you blame the person people you need to moderate yourselvs and be careful of what you put in your body its not someone elses fault that you drank too much of something

  41. Carmen Reply

    I have been using 5-Hour Energy since late August. By the 21st I went to a hospital emergency room because asthma, medication taken there caused bad reactions (blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, triglycerids, etc. got very higher) and I feel very bad, like boiling all, and I did not eat anything because I fell like dying. My husband give me a bottle of 5-hour and said try this because you need energy, so I drank it. A little later I feel better, then ate some vegetables. Since then I have been drinking it in the morning, every other day because I drink collagen, after breakfast and medications. I did not notice any bad reactions, and I drink about three to four cups of coffe everyday. But this is only my experience,actually a breast cancer treatment.

  42. Kathy Reply

    My husband was working nights and was in good health 59 years old and was having problems with staying awake at night someone he worked with said to try 5 hours energy he did for a few nights and then he started having a sinsation in his stamach he was complaining for several days. He finally went to his Dr. they sent him for a chest x-ray and found out he was in heart failure and he has never had any heart problems ever. he was in A fib not able to breathe correctly and had a large amount of fluid on his heart about 23 lbs in one week that was gone but he is still on medications to keep the heart in rythum and the cardiologist stated this may have been the problem. 5 hours energy mentions about the good source of vitamin B’s and such but nothing about warning of this kind of side effect! we almost lot him now he is having to take early retirment because of the strain that it may put on his heart. This was not our plans, I wish there was a classaction lawsuit to get the info out there!! what was so strange as he was tyring to cut back to loose a few lbs not that he was veyr over whte, he still was gaining wht. now we know why fluid in his chest he is very lucky to be living. We have spent over 16k in out of pocket hospital bills and numerouse hours lost from his work. Many visites to doctors and ER rooms and 3 times to get the heart shocked back into rythum this is not right warnings are veg to say the least.!!

  43. Joshua Reply

    First off I want to give My Condolences for any and all people who have lost any loved ones or have been injured or hurt themselves/.

    Cmon People This is just lain stupid. Quit trying to blame others and take responsiblity of your own actions. So if you work nights sleep during the day, if ur not getting enough sleep see a sleep apnea specialist. if u are overweight and, out of shape need stimulants to get through the day there are other issues u need to take care o. Warnings are on the bottle of what it can cause, what is in it and to consult a Dr….Have some Common sense people. We are adults and there are consequences for all actions good or bad.

    Do you need a sign to tell you to wipe ur but after you poop,, put cloths on before going to work, or being told to dry off after taking a shower…No you do not it because. it is common sense and common knowledge.

    IDid anyone tie these people down restrain them and force it down there throats. No they did not…They were adults who made a choice and have had to deal with the effects of that choice.

    If you ask me it is Darwin Awards Finest and lucky they are no longer in the gene pool to pollute it any further. .Quit ur complaining and trying to get rich off of others stupidity.

  44. KGB Reply

    Basically most people do not even understand how complicated the human body is and interactions can be with many chemicals, vitamins, etc that are put into the body. 5 hour Energy is going to work for some people and not others. It is also going to cause problems for some people and not others. There are some people that will rave about the product who do not realize they are some of the small percentage of people with a vitamin B deficiency. So in reality they could potentially feel awesome with just a B vitamin supplement. I know because this happened to me when I was in high school. I found out by accident and went from being tired by the end of the day every day to becoming a lunatic. After supplementing a B-Vitamin made up of mainly B1, B-3 B-6 and B-12 and sucking on a cherry flavored B pill 2x a day I was doing better in school, playing baseball after school and holding 2 jobs. I could play 3 hours of tennis with no signs of quitting and my friends thought I was on drugs. Point is, this is all from a B-Vitamin because I was deficient. Some people are not and do need some caffeine or a lot of caffeine. Also, there are supplements out there with way more caffeine and B vitamins than 5 hour energy with minimal problems. 5 Hour energy is mainly being blamed because it is the most well known product. And for people who are legitimately having bad reactions, well yeah, but they were going to have a bad reaction anyway, just to another product when searching for a pick me up. Ephedra, got a bad wrap a few years back. The fact is it is safe in proper dosages and for people who are not allergic. They still sell it OTC mixed with Guifsan as a way to ease asthma type symptoms. However, as someone who has a good base knowledge and background in sports nutrition, no 5 hour energy is not that good for you. Too much caffeine (Consumer reports tested it, the does of caffeine was not the same in each, which is dangerous and it was closer to 180mg which is 1.5x to 2x what a cup of coffee is and too many B -Vitamins. Although I suspect the Recommended Daily Value set by the FDA is low, %8333 is to high. Also, Niacin, another B-vitamin is not good in high doses. IF you really want good all day energy, get tested for deficiencies in B vitamins and Magnesium, amongst other vitamins and then from there formulate something safe. You may want to take low dose supplements of some B-vitamins, some L-Carnitine to tap into your stored fat and sip coffee. Coffee has been proven in many, many studies by well respected labs to have many positive effects kind of like Green Tea.

  45. charles Reply

    I am a paramedic and have ran a few calls on people that say that it there problem was caused by 5 hour but people need to concider all the energy supplements they are taking . you cant drink 3 red bulls 2 monsters a liter of soda and coffee and then blame it on the five hour just because its the last thing you drank . in response to the kids taking it I live in Oklahoma and it is illeage to sell any energy drink to minors so if your children are taking them then it is a parenting issue not the fault of the makers of 5 hour energy .if your worried about the affects of 5 hour talk to your doctor as it plainly says on the side of the bottle that im about to drink ”if you are taking medication and/or have a medical condition consult your doctor before use” people use some common sence

  46. Nancy Reply

    I was hospitalized for severe nausea /vomiting and heart palpitations 3 hours after drinking a 5 hour energy drink. This just happens on 7/23/13. I am a healthy person. I don\’t smoke, drink, etc. This stuff effects people differently.

  47. Nancy Reply

    To add to my comment. I just started drinking these 1 month prior to being hospitalized. Just one a week. I would feel like I had to vomit, but I thought I might be pregnant. The fourth one that I drank a week after my last one was the one that landed me in the ER. Again, I am a very healthy person. It was sooo scary. I asked God to please not let me die.

  48. Melissa Reply

    My good friend is now in heaven. Sent there purple faced and in a ditch he slowly drove into having a massive heart attack 5 min after drinking this horrible stuff. We can not watch our children ALL of the time. I pray my child listens and NEVER tries this. Its like taking your grandmothers heart medicine. Not a goodd idea.. Too much niacin.

  49. Keela Reply


  50. Brian Reply

    I drank 2 five hour energy drinks every day and I had a heart attack last month!! I now have permanent heart damage! So I guess it’s consumer be concerned what you consume!!.

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