Avandia Lawsuit Settlement of $60M Will Resolve 700 Cases: Report

GlaxoSmithKline PLC has reportedly agreed to pay $60 million to settle about 700 Avandia lawsuits filed over side effects of their diabetes drug. However, the drug maker still faces thousands of other similar suits filed throughout the United States alleging that they failed to adequately warn about the risk of heart attacks, heart failure and other injuries. 

The Avandia settlements were reached to between Glaxo and two law firms representing hundreds of clients, sources told Bloomberg News. The agreement is believed to be the first settlement of Avandia injury claims brought by users, and Bloomberg reports that the drug maker is continuing negotiations to settle Avandia lawsuits with other lawyers.

Avandia (rosiglitazone) was approved in the United States in 1998 to treat type 2 diabetes by helping control blood sugar levels. The drug has been used by millions of diabetics, but sales have plummeted in recent years as concerns have mounted about the risk of serious and potentially life-threatening heart risks with Avandia. Some experts estimate that Avandia has caused between 60,000 and 200,000 heart attacks and deaths due to cardiovascular problems in the U.S. from 1999 to 2006.

Concerns about the risk of heart problems with Avandia first gained widespread attention in May 2007, when a meta-analysis of 42 different clinical trials was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, suggesting that users of Avandia had a 43% increased risk of a heart attack.

In the United States, GlaxoSmithKline PLC currently faces thousands of lawsuits over Avandia filed by former users of the drug who allege that the drug company failed to adequately research their medication or warn users about the serious side effects. Federal Avandia litigation has been consolidated into an MDL, or Multidistrict Litigation, for pretrial litigation in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, where the first trial is expected to begin in July.

Details of the agreement are unknown, including the nature of the injuries involved in the cases. However, the Avandia settlement breaks down to an average of about $86,000 per plaintiff.

Pressure to resolve the Avandia cases has increased in recent months with the first trials approaching and a renewed push by critics for a recall of Avandia to be issued.

Earlier this year, a Senate report was released that criticized GlaxoSmithKline for intimidating doctors who spoke out about Avandia side effects and for failing to adequately warn users about the risk of a heart attack from side effects of Avandia.

Last week, at a House Agriculture Appropriations subcommittee hearing, several lawmakers entered testimony criticizing the FDA for not issuing an Avandia recall and questioning how the drug was ever approved in the first place.

FDA is currently conducting an Avandia safety review and estimates that it will conclude its investigation some time in July. Some of the FDA’s own drug reviewers said as early as 2007 that Avandia poses too great of a health risk for too few benefits. The FDA is considering pulling the plug on an Avandia study, called TIDE, which is looking at the side effects of Avandia compared to those of Actos, a competing diabetes medication manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceuticals. The FDA says that given the Avandia heart attack risks, it may be unethical to continue the trials.

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  1. Pam Reply

    that’s good news. Was that for everyone or just your group that the lawyer is representing? Thanks for sharing…

  2. Laura Reply

    We haven’t gotten our check from the lien holdback yet, and we had United Health care. We don’t know if they are in the lien ressolution or not.

  3. no name Reply

    Is this site being filtered. I posted something last week and it never made it to the board. You have to wonder who the mediator is.
    Why is it that United Health care and the other health insurance companies take to “clear liens” even after Garettson cleared medical liens. United Healthcare, Humana and a few others opted not to participate in the lien resolution program, in such they can sue you personally for bills they paid in direct result of Avandia injuries. So please tell me why those that had these insurance carriers that are not participating we as the plaintiff have get clear them or owe them. In effect we are notifying these health care companies with a huge red flag that “Hey we have money sue us”. So if you don’t owe them money you get a letter and clear them, if they decide you do owe them money then what.. they keep you entire hold back money. How does that seem fair. Anyone that had United Health Care or Humana actually received their holdback money?

  4. Marvin Reply

    I was told on October 21, that the attoney office had my paper work back, and I should receive a settlement letter in 2 weeks, then I was told because of the large number of cases it is taken longer to release the settlemennt letter. Now I am told they are still processing the lien. So where am I now? I don\’t have a clue, again we are now going in circles with the lien solution process. It depends on what attoney you get when you call, no 2 answers are the same and neither gives any positive information as to when I will receive the settlement letter or when payments will be released. I am blessed to still be alive so I will wait on the process. I refuse to stress myself out waiting on this money, For those I owe money I will pay when I get it, if I die call Avandia lien resolution for your money. IHave a BLESSED DAY….

  5. Laura Reply

    I guess this sight isn’t working no more because peope haven’t chat since the 25th of Nov.

  6. Marvin Reply

    I got a settlement letter from my attoney office on 4 December reference the medical lien payment. Did anyone else get there letter? Hi Laura I still monitoring this site.

  7. Laura Reply

    Hey Marvin, Not to be nosey but was the settlement offer up to what u thought?

  8. Marvin Reply

    Yes, there were no lien payments withheld.

  9. Laura Reply

    Were you on private insurance ? Who did you have?

  10. Paula Reply

    Yes we live to tell about the horrors of the transvaginal mesh but look at the predicted settlement offer. It’s outrageous that the cases that have gone to trial have been no less than $2,000.000 and these manufacturers are planning to settle with us for a portion of that. I compel everyone to reject any offer below $500.000 and make the statement. We won’t be bought out for pennies, I live a year and half of my life that I can never get back donated by this mesh product and that year is worth more to me than their puny offers. I refuse to accept any less than $500.000 in a settlement or intend to take my case to trial in which I am positive I will receive much more……..

  11. Laura Reply

    We have heard they are putting Avandia back on the shelves. If they haven\’t already. But that won\’t affect the ones already in the lawsuit.
    The ones already in the lawsuit are already grandfather in.

  12. Marvin Reply

    I had tri care for life insurance and no other. Has anyone else gotten any settlement documents for the their medical lien payments?

  13. Laura Reply

    I don’t understand what is taking so long with these lien resolutions. Was told by the end of the year. Well here it is another year and still nothing. They keep saying it is coming, but don’t think they know when.

  14. robert Reply

    my husband received money fro law suit advandia ,to us it was not enough due to his injurys ,loss of both legs,diebetis insulin,heart trouble ,etc,I the wife have to take care of him rest of his life ,an is very hard on me, who can put a price on that i never know if he will make thru another day with all his health problems,caused from this drug ,he has lost all hope for life,no matter how hard ,he has just went down hill since then,,i can only do so much for him anymore.if u can do anything else for Robert to help him please send us a letter , soon as u can 38608 E Gunn City Rd Garden City Mo 64747

  15. Joyce Reply

    After filling out paper after paper. Sending report after report from doctors. Phone call after phone call and all of the excuses any one could hear why no money Six years after my huspand dying I got a small check. My husband was a active man untill this advanda. This check was pennies I got in December 2013. No one will answer their phone. The last excuse was that the money has to be wired to the office before I can get a check. What the heck? I haven’t talked to an Lawyer just office people for years.

  16. Bill Reply

    Anyone still waiting for a first check, or heard anything lately?

  17. Angela Reply

    Has anyone heard any news about the advandia settlement. When it supposed to happened.

  18. Kat Reply

    I’m still waiting for a first check…the one that was promised a year ago for the first 10k…waiting…and waiting.

  19. Angela Reply

    Can someone please tell me if the advanda case settle yet, I’ve been waiting for 3 years nothing ,signing papers still no answer please let me know if it is settling soon.

  20. crackednut Reply

    Talked to lawyer yesterday, he said 2nd check should be about the middle of July.

  21. kathy Reply


  22. Dan Reply

    Well we just received our 2nd check and final check as beneficiary from my fathers death last April. Out of the $10K gross total award we received $1.7K after all the legal fees and expenses were taken out.

  23. Bruce Reply

    Has anyone heard any news about the advandia settlement. When it supposed to happened

  24. Bruce Reply

    My lawyers are very negligent on providing updates. I called so much that I am tired and the excuses they give. Now they are saying theres a lien against the remaining payout. Called the insurance company and they have no such info. Is this all a scam? Does anyone really care about the victims and their families?

  25. Angela Reply

    Have anyone received paper from their lawyer to sign and the amount .

  26. Kat Reply

    @Bruce I have just had a very similar experience. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting. No first check, I wanted to get a loan on my promised money and now I was told that they won’t allow any loans and surprise all of a sudden my mom has a $6400.00 medical lien from Kaiser that No one has ever heard of or told anyone about. I don’t believe it. Where’s the rest of the money then? We were supposed to get 10k last year and they were going to keep 10k for themselves and keep 10k aside in case of any medical liens. Well, I should have 1360.00 coming to me then right? Where’s my checks? How can we do anything about it?

  27. Angela Reply

    Well why is it taking along time for the settlement to happen I was told it will happen in September. But as it look nothing is happening have anyone have any news on when the lawyers will send out paper of the amount of your claims.

  28. cracked nut Reply

    I am now told medicare is suing to recoup what it has paid out.

  29. Linda Reply

    I have read some of these statements and they talk of a second check. I have gotten nothing. After taken this meds I had six heart attacks and have no feeling in my feet and half my legs.
    I could sure like to know what the big plan is.

  30. Laura Reply

    We were told September 2013 we would here something on the lien resolutions. It has been a year and still not a 2nd check. We have called GSK and they say that they are still trying to work something out with our insurance company. What I don’t understand is, that my husband worked and payed in to the insurance so I wonder how they can have a claim. Was told that medicare and medicade already got paid. What they are waiting for now is the private insurance. We were told to call back next week. We have the lawyers out of Denver, Colorado. We deal with GSK because the lawyers are shady. 1-866-694-4446. That is the number to GSK. Everyone, you stand a better chance contacting them.

  31. CRACKEDNUT Reply

    Received a letter yesterday from Avandia Litigation; It reads, Re: Avandia Litigation Update Dear XXX XXXX I write to update you again on the current status of the Avandia settlement. We are nearing the end. GSK is funding the final group of cases, which will allow Medicare to finalize the lien resolution model. Once Medicare (as well as state Medicaid and private insurance lien holders) complete the review and lien finalization process, we will be able to send you a final accounting on your case, as well as your second half net payment and any supplemental payment awarded by Justices Panelli and Trotter. If your claim is based on the loss of your loved one, please remember to sign and return the beneficiary and allocation forms that we have sent to you. We need these in order to disburse payments to you. We look forward to completing this process for you in the very near future. With kind regards

  32. Laura Reply

    We talked to GSK today. It is easier to get somewhere talking to them instead of the lawyers. He said they were in the final stages with the lien resolutions. He said that United Health Care had agreed to their offer. How long it well take to get the check, I don’t know. We will get the same letter to sign just like we had before for the first check. Then they will send out the 2nd check.

  33. Deborah Reply

    Why do I need a probate lawyer to get my AVANDIA settlement on my deseased husbands behalf. And is Medicare taking it all?

  34. Cracked Nut Reply

    Gonna be a gooood Christmas!

  35. gina Reply

    I have same attorneys cracked nut has. I was told nov 29th they were doing everything they could to get our final payout by the end of the year.

  36. Cee Cee Reply

    Well it been a year since I received the first half of MY money from G&K ? Having been calling daily and nothing but lies. I spoke with Providian and was told I had no medical,liens so where is MY money. I plan to contact CA Bar Association and file a complaint. Not sure if it will help but they need to be reported for what they are doing. I am so sorry that so many of us have had to go through this with these shady lawyers after we have suffered so much. In a few days it will be 2015 and 10 years since I had a stoke, congested heart failure, lost my job, and my entire life changed. I wanted these funds to give my grandchildren a nice gift for Christmas

  37. Laura Reply

    I haven’t been on here in a while. We have been calling GSK and they still say they are still waiting. They said by the end of the year. Here it is another year. Seems like they are taking there sweet ass time.

  38. Cee Cee Reply

    Happy New Year fellow Avandia claimants! No money, No communication, same lies and same bull shit from G&K ahere in California. Have anyone received their second check? Have anyone heard anything different ? Lies and Lies, why are they doing this to us. We have no voice and no support. Well I guess we will hear some in 2015 but what month, i don’t know!!!! Keep trusting and believing is all I can say when dealing with crocks……

  39. judy Reply

    I had Motley Rice when will they let go of the hold back fund

  40. Linda Reply

    Has anyone gotten a settlement, yet? I’ve called the lawyers working on my case because I have never received any paperwork telling me anything, I called on December 29, 2014 and then again on January 15, 2015 only to be told that a disbursement statement was requested but I haven’t heard a thing as of yet. I probably should mention my husband is deceased.

  41. Cee cee Reply

    Well January has come to an end and still no second check. Well I guess some of you must have received your checks, no updates on this page. Help us out and let us know if you have been paid. Where are the people? Have you got you money? Do you know what is going on? Please pay me ………..

  42. Bruce Reply

    Finally, finally, finally after many years, lies, stalls and total confusion, TODAY we received our final check! It’s been a long and crazy journey with the supposedly lien withheld.
    Well, I hope you receive the call soon that your funds have been released! Call this number
    1-866-694-4446. They will know if you have money coming to you.

  43. hunter Reply

    Bruce, do you have any information on how the supplement award point system works? Were you happy with your settlement amount… any information is helpful. Thanks…

  44. tanya Reply

    We have waited many years and our lives put on hold.. We are using giradi and can’t even get a time frame.. The dates keep changing its been a year and a half since first check.. Patience is wearing very thing…

  45. cracked nut Reply

    Can anyone tell me how much 1 point = in us dollars?

  46. xx Reply

    Was told the last week in July hat the second half awards letter would come out July 6 .July 6 seems to be a little late getting here.

  47. Debra Reply

    I took that Medcine and had all kinda medical problem and they say I didn’t meet there standard.

  48. gigs Reply

    Has anyone gotten the 20% that was held back?

  49. Lisa Reply

    my step dad had a lawsuit from this pill it did cause heart attack, he was awarded 17,000 and was told he would get the rest within a year. this has been 4.5 years and the lawyers office told him they are still processsing his papers and will not tell him exactly what he should get total lawsuit money. They said by law they are not required to tell him his total. Has anyone else heard of this crap?

  50. Frank Reply

    I took Avandia f-2004 to 2007 had conjestive heart failure and 3 heart attacks on the same day in Feb 2009.

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