Birth Defect Risk Linked to Antibiotics Like Bactrim and Macrobid

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A new study has found that certain types of antibiotics, such as Bactim, Thiosulfil Forte, Furadantin and Macrobid, could increase the risk of birth defects when used by pregnant women.

The study, published in the November issue Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, suggests that there is an increased risk of birth defects from sulfa drugs (sold under the brand names Bactrim and Thiosulfil Forte) and nitrofurantoins (sold as Furadantin and Macrobid). The drugs are often used to treat urinary tract infections, however, the most commonly used antibiotics during pregnancy, penicillins, were not found to have the same risk for unborn children.

The antibiotic birth defects study is the first large investigation of the risks of antibiotic use by pregnant women, researchers said. Doctors looked at about 18,000 women, including more than 13,000 women who gave birth to children with birth defects, and 5,000 women from the same geographic regions who gave birth to healthy babies.

Focusing on antibiotics used for urinary tract infections, the researchers interviewed the women about their antibiotic use during the months before conception and through the first trimester of their pregnancy. Researchers warned that some of their data is based on the subjects’ memories, which can be faulty. At least a third of the women interviewed could not remember which antibiotics they were prescribed.

Researchers found that sulfa drugs were linked to six different types of birth defects, including an increase in rare brain problems, heart defects, and stunted limbs. Nitrofurantoins were linked to four different types of birth defects, including cleft palate and heart problems.

However, the scientists warned that even with the increased risks, the chances of birth defects from antibiotics were very rare. The study authors said that they believe the risk to the baby from untreated infection was far greater, and suggested that pregnant women who need to take antibiotics discuss their options with their doctor.

Researchers said more studies were needed before a determination could be made on which antibiotics were safe for pregnant women to take and which ones were not.

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  1. Stacy Reply

    Hello my story is very sad my doctor didnt check me to see if i was pregnant before giving me bactrim for my infected toe and i didnt know i was pregnant cuase she didnt do her job bye testing me well at that time fi was possably a month pregnant and two months later i found outi was pregnant and the first few oltra sounds where perfect and then they sent me to UT hospital i ask is there anything wrong with my baby no its you and when i had the next oltra sound at UT they wonted me to abort my baby girl and i told them no i will not no matter how many times they kept giving me that same choice saying its the better thing to do for me and the baby any way i dont beleave in killing my child and after she was tooken out of me bye sea section becuase her head was full of liquid and swelling and she was born with clep of her head and her lip she barley had a nose no ears 4 fingers on one gad two of them finger where stuck together she had one foot conected to her torso and her one lem was short and small had club foot on that one lem and she had heart defects and small lungs so you tell me why i had to let my little Maria go with god i had to have my husband to unplug her becuase my heart wouldnt let me cuase the UT hospital didnt wont to save my little girl shes going to die she wont make and this was over and over agian i couldnt even sleep from them herassing me they pretty much made me let her go i was heavly medacaded and they wouldnt leave me alone i still cry every day for my baby it happend on march 5 of 2014 i beat my self up i cant never heal from this pain she was my first baby after my baby girl hAd passed they got me to sign papers to donate her skull i didnt even know what happend they took her sjull and i got it back later on becuase i told them they took her skullwith out my knowlage and i wonted it back its was cute in to peaces i hate UT hospital i feel like they took my heart can a lawyer help me heal my pain from loseing my baby girl

  2. Samantha Reply

    I was prescribed bactrum in my first trimester going into second. I went find out the sex of my child. They told me I had no amniotic fluid that my baby had no kidneys. All doctors kept telling me it wasn’t because of the medication bactrim I was on but I believe it was. I looked and looked all answers are pointing to my sons birth defects to the medication I was on. I went full term and delivered my son may 31st 2016 he died shortly after due to no kidneys.

  3. Katrina Reply

    My sad story began more than 20 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child and was found to have a UTI on a urine test, my doctor immediately prescribed Bactrim for me without checking to see if I could take something less dangerous, I didn’t know any better and took the full course of Bactrim, had a girl, who has made it to age 20 but has many problems now including years of turmoil and distress in her school years for both her and myself trying to help her and feeling her pain : ADD, Asperger’s with Autism spectrum disorder, depression, anxiety, congenital underdeveloped long bones, especially her legs, she had a partially clubbed foot at birth, with underdeveloped hands and feet which are very small for her torso the size of a 10 or 11 year olds feet. She’s always asked me why do her brothers and sisters have long skinny feet and long legs but she is so short, her growth and development is stunted. My poor daughter has had to take numerous medications for Attention deficit disorder, depression, and anxiety and has trouble in school. She passed High School much due to my persistent help but still doesn’t understand why she has brain problems.

  4. Leslie Reply

    I took bactrim before I found out that I was pregnant, for a infected toe.I stopped taking them the day that I found out I was pregnant though it was probably too late.I went in to my 9 week appointment and had a ultrasound only to realize that I lost the baby early on and the sac and placenta kept growing.I went to several doctors appointments, several blood test and ultrasounds only to end up with a D&C yesterday at 11 weeks and 6 days.I cant help but think the bactrim caused my miscarriage.I’m so heartbroken over my loss.

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