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The use of the diabetes drug Byetta may increase the risk of developing chronic, asymptomatic pancreatitis, which could ultimately lead to a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer from Byetta.

BYETTA LAWSUIT STATUS: As a result of the drug maker’s failure to properly research the side effects of Byetta or provide adequate warnings about the impact of the medication on the pancreas, product liability lawyers are reviewing potential Byetta pancreatic cancer lawsuits on behalf of individuals nationwide.


MANUFACTURERS: Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Bristol-Myers Squibb

OVERVIEW: Byetta (exenatide) is a type 2 diabetes drug which was approved by the FDA in April 2005 to help reduce blood sugar levels. Amid aggressive marketing and promotion, millions of prescriptions for the Byetta pen have been written.

The drug belongs to a class of drugs known as incretin mimetics, which mimic the action of endogenous incretin hormones like GIP and GLP-1, which are found in the gastrointestinal tract. Byetta lowers blood glucose levels by stimulating insulin secretion from pancreatic cells.

Shortly after the Byetta pen was introduced, reports of pancreatitis among users began to emerge. Although pancreatitis is a substantial risk factor for the subsequent development of pancreatic cancer, due to the chronic inflammation and increased cell turn over, Amylin Pharmaceuticals failed to warn users or the medical community about the importance of monitoring for the first signs of changes to the pancrease.

BYETTA PANCREATITIS SIDE EFFECTS:  In October 2007, the FDA issued an alert about reports of at least 30 users of Byetta diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. That warning was updated by the FDA in August 2008, after at least six additional cases of necrotizing pancreatitis or hemorrhagic pancreatitis were identified among Byetta users, including at least two deaths

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas, which can cause symptoms like:

  • Severe upper abdominal pain which may radiate through the back
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • High or Low Blood Pressure
  • Elevated Heart or Respiratory Rates

If a user of the Byetta pen develops pancreatitis, it is important that the medication be stopped to avoid further risk of more serious injury. However, as a result of Amylin Pharmaceutical’s failure to warn about the risk of pancreatitis, many individuals continued to use the diabetes injection.

BYETTA PANCREATIC CANCER LAWSUITS:  A number of recent studies have suggested that there may be a link between Byetta and pancreatic cancer.

According to a study published in the medical journal Gastroenterology in February 2011, the development of pancreatic cancer among Byetta users was three times greater than among other diabetics.

In the February 2013 edition of JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers raised serious concerns about the Byetta pancreatic cancer risk, after a study found that individuals treated with Byetta were twice as likely to be hospitalized with pancreatitis, which could ultimately lead to pancreatic cancer.

Amylin Pharmaceutical’s failure to warn about the Byetta pancreas cancer risk has had devastating consequences for individuals throughout the United States, as it is the fourth most common cause of cancer related deaths in the United States.

Pancreatic cancer symptoms may include:

  • Upper abdomen pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Jaundice
  • Fatigue and weariness
  • Nausea and Vomiting

Contact a Byetta Lawyer About Pancreatic Cancer

Byetta pancreatic cancer lawyers are reviewing potential lawsuits for individuals throughout the United States as a result of Amylin Pharmaceutical’s failure to provide adequate warnings for users or the medical community. To review a potential claim for yourself, a friend or family member, request a free consultation and claim evaluation.

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  3. Sonji Reply

    I started Byetta in May 2008. I thought this was a wonder drug. My blood sugars were normal for a change. However, in June 2008, I developed severe abdominal pain and was hospitalized. I was dx with a small bowel obstruction and pancreatitis. The hospitalist stopped my byetta because of the reports he had heard regarding the use of Byetta and pancreatitis. Four month later, I still have GI problems and have been told this is probaly due to the Byetta.

  4. Linda Reply

    around october 2003 my dr. put me on byetta. In February 2005 I had to have my right kidney removed andon May 27, 2007 i had to go on dialysis.

  5. Brigitte Reply

    In 2006-2007 I was on Byetta. At first it really helped my blood sugar and I ate less. But I was always sick with abdominal pain which I thought it would pass but never did. I still have GI problems to this day.

  6. Linda Reply

    I being for the last five months having chest pains and my EKG test has being unnormal. I being recommed to go too a heart doctor. I’m 43 years of age and, I have never had problems, before taken Byetta.

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  9. Jennifer Reply

    I began taking Byetta in December of 2007, and continued to take it until April of 2008. Though it worked wonders at lowering my blood sugar levels in combination with my Glipizide, it made me sick to my stomach with serious abdominal pain. In August of this year my pills completely stopped working, causing my sugar levels to soar into the 500’s on nearly a daily basis, and I was informed that my pancreas had completely stopped working, and there are threats of dialysis in the very near future. I am going to have additional tests run this week, but I need to know if anyone else has had issues like this after taking this drug?

  10. patty Reply

    I started taking byetta in july of 07. It worked wonderful until aug of 08 when i developed severe pain and was taken to a local hospital where they transferred me to a bigger hospital. I am still having pain of and on and have to take morphine when it is severe.

  11. Shelly Reply

    I started Byetta in 2006 and stop taking it about four months ago. I was never told about the pancreatitis issues. My doctor took me off of it because my blood sugar was well maintained. For a little over a year I have been having severe abdonminal pain and abnormal bloodwork. I was told my liver and pancreas levels were high. I have under gone several tests. Now it looks like I have liver disease. I’m having a liver biospy done this coming Thursday to see how bad it is. I’m 34 and what most doctors consider a good diabetic. My A1C hasn’t been any higher than 6.7 in a year and a half. Now I’m thinking that their is a link to my liver issues. Has anyone else been having liver issues? I was also told that my gall bladder is involved. So I’m having issues with three organs. I had a full cardio work up about three months ago. Everything is fine. I only failed the EKG. Since taking Byetta I have been having heart palpations. I’m glad I’m no longer taking Byetta.

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  13. patricia Reply

    in 2006 i was precribed byetta. i began to take it even with the warning from my dr. about the side effects. he did say stay with it because in timr the symptoms will probably go away. that is what i did, every side effect listed i experienced. i was sick as a dog, lost a great deal of wehit, could not keep anything down, the abdominal was awful, i mostely stayed in bed then i would take the second dose, the onslaught continued. after being told by my dr. to hang on a few more weeks i did but got no better. in 2007 i stoped taking byetta for three months then i was told to begin again. again i suffered the same symptoms but with a vengence. after 6 mo. i finally told my dr. i could not do this anymore. now i take lantus, but my sugars are difficult to keep at a normal range.

  14. Richard Reply

    I took byetta for 14 months and had excellent control over my diabetes as well as lost 50 pounds. Six weeks ago my endocrinologist d/c my byetta and prescribed insulin due to extremely elevated liver enzynes. SMy liver levels have now gotten back to almost normal. I also had to d/c lipitor at the same time so I’m uncertain which or if both are related.

  15. Bill Reply

    I have taken Byetta since 2005 when it was first approved. I have never had any problems with nausia and my blood sugar has been well controled. I have had some heart problems over the past three years I have had to have stints put in on two occassions as well as triple by-pass surgery. I had never had any heart problems in my life, also my chlostriol levels have always been excellent. I am not a Dr. but, I feel that all of tthese problems were brought on by the use of Byetta/

  16. Stu Reply

    I’m afraid to eat anything because the Byetta shot starts a radiating burning feeling in my stomach within 1 hour followed my throwing up shortly there after.

    From 5:15pm last night when I took the shot until around 3:30am I had this constant burning feeling throughout my body just like when I was taking the Chemo treatments.

    Bye Bye BYETTA Before this stuff frys my insides out!!!

  17. Jarrod Reply

    i’ve been taken byetta for about 1 year my liver levels are out of control it has gone up by three times higher since taken byetta. my kidneys levels are bad also i have not checked my pancreas levels. i also suffer from lower back pain below my ribs when i lay down throuhout the night. i shake, have bad heartburn and nausia. if i stop taken Byetta will this get any better?

  18. S Smart Reply

    I took for 3 months everyday vomiting and pain. My doctor believed in the drug and did not want to take me off of it. I finally told him there was no way I was continuing to take this medicine. I still have problems with my GI tract.

  19. angela Reply

    I never lost a pound on the byettam, as I was promised. It did control my appetite. I was naseus when I first started but then that subsided. I am afraid to go back to the dr. I did stop taking my byetta about 3 mnths ago because I hated giving myself shots.

  20. Sharon Reply

    In July of 2007 I was prescribed Byetta and began to use it. It worked extremely well at controlling my blood sugars, however I was constantly sick to my stomach with diarrhea constantly. I used this drug until November of the same year. I could no longer take the bad side effects and called my doctor. He told me to immediately stop using the Byetta and he prescribed Januvia. Until about three weeks ago I had this feeling of being extremely full all the time. I’m just wondering if this could have been some lasting side effects from the drug. Has anyone else experienced this?

  21. Doris Reply

    I started taking Byetta in March 27th of 2008 and stopped taking it soon after. While I was on it and even after I stopped taking it I experience severe abdominal pain, nausea, heart palpatations, and now my stomach does not empty properly. It may have even caused a bacterial infection I had soon after taking it. I stopped taking it because I couldn’t handle the side effects anymore and I’m still having problems with my stomach and GI tract.

  22. Shari Reply

    I began taking Byetta in September 2005. I began with the .5mcg dosage with some nausea for a few months and occassional vomitting but eventually my body got used to it and my sugar was controlled and I began to lose weight as well.. Then in April of 2008, my blood pressure began to go up despite my BP meds as did my weight with a lot of waterweight gains so my doctor increased my BP med and increased my Byetta dosage to 10mcg. That dosage made me deathly sick…mostly in the evenings. I rarely kept anything down so I made the mistake of eating very little at night and eating my bigger meal at noon which defeated the purpose of the Byetta. I lost the weight and my sugar was kept within acceptable range but the vomitting was wrecking my body and I was losing weight the wrong way.

    My doctor took me off of Byetta last October and put me on 2 tabs of Janumet/day. It took my body a couple of months to get used to being off the Byetta and on the Janumet, but my sugar is stable and I have not gained back the weight I lost plus my BP has remained controlled. I do not miss the Byetta. It was definitely not for me…I had enough of that nausea with 3 pregnancies…I didn’t not want to have to put up with it for the rest of my life.

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  24. Donald Reply

    I took 5 shots of Byetta 5mcg – on the third day the heartburn and abdominal pain and fatigue were so severe for that I broke out in a full body sweat. I was never informed of this side effect before being prescribed. So I continued for 2 more days and thank God my wife is an RN – I went to the hospital and my LFT’s (liver Function tests) were extremely abnormal – That was only one day ago – I have to have the blood tests rechecked in 6 days to see if they are going back to normal…ALT normal 50 – mine 1068…..Please do NOT take this drug

  25. patricia Reply

    wellwere do i start chronic stomache pains my stomache is massive cant bear it to be touchrd on byetta 9 months the last 2 months severly ill vomiting after ever bit food sweating now after 9 months and taken off it chronic stomache pain back on metformin (glucoghage 4 a day gligklazide one a day constant antibiotics for water infections lasaparazole and other stomache meds now suffer acid reflux never had befor byettanever been so ill under stomache specialist and diabetus specialist constantly constant pain please dont anyone go on this i also now have enlarged liver and showing pancreitus were does it end was fine till i went on this

  26. PATRICIA Reply

    well thought i might add bit more after mt previous message i now have very exstended stomache cant get in my clothes pain is horrific under ribs through to my back never felt like this in my life after 9 months of byetta PLEASE DONT ANYONE TAKE IT apart from bit high sugars i was ok previos to byetta now i hav e put one stone on cannot loose weight nothing takes mt stomache pain off feel sick when i do eat i blow up like a balloon in constant pain enlarged liver and possibly going towards pancretitus which i am seeing my gp and specialist this month i have had camera in stomache and scan with dye i am damaged by this rubbish and will be taking up a lawsuit very soon

  27. Faye Reply

    I took byetta for two years and recently rushed to hospital with Renal failure.

  28. Lynn Reply

    I took Byette for a year and was nauseated the entire year. I would get so sick I would have to go to bed after taking it. But my sugars and A1C were under control and I lost almost 30 pounds. Then my sugars started to plunge to hypoglycemic numbers and I felt like I have never felt before, so scary, like you are dying or on fire inside. The doctor said the nausea was from acid reflux not Byetta? Horrible pain aroiund my chest and in my stomach and chronic diahrea. So why didn’t he tell me that when I asked him over and over about it? Now I have acid reflux so bad that he has me on acidphex and I am drinking organic vinegar with apple juice to try and stand it. I never had these porblems until the Byetta and now he wnat o prescribe a new thing called Symlin Pen? Because I may gain weight?

  29. Gail Reply

    I started Byetta in 2006. I loved it . My sugar was finally under control and I lost a few pounds. By early 2007 I started getting sick and had elevated liver enzymes.. By October of 2007 I was extremely ill , had severe abdominal pain and nausea and vomiting.A liver biopsy showed that I already had cirrhosis of the liver. I have only been diabetic for about 4 years. No where near long enough for the Diabetes to have caused this on its on.
    My Nurse Practitioner feels that the byetta is the cause also.I have already notified the FDA of my story and I hope they pay attention.
    Someone has to stop this madness . I belong to a diabetic support group and there are a lot of people still using this product.
    My heart goes out to the families of the patients that have died. But There are many of us that are facing a death sentence because of this.

  30. Gail Reply

    I took Byetta and ended up with Liver damage. I urge every one that has liver damage from Byetta to e-mail the FDA so they will watch for more than pancreatic damage.All GI problems concerning Byetta should be reported to the FDA. This drug IS causing multiple problems for many people and I don’t think its going to stop any time soon.The damage doesn’t seem to improve after you stop using Byetta

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  32. Andrea Reply

    My husband was on byetta over a year ago. He quit taking it due to our insurance changed and it was going to be to expensive for us. For the past 6-8 months, he has been having pain in his upper stomach and diarreah. The Dr ran tests, showed elevated liver. Ran other tests. Said he has IBS. After reading all of this, I think it has something to do with the byetta.

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  34. Dolores Reply

    I was prescribed Byetta the summer of 2005, first 5mg and than increased to 10mg each meal (3). I had lost 25 lbs by the end of 2006, but I was feeling nauseous during that period of time, but later on 2007 I started to feel sick to my stomach and was starting to throw-up, and felt like I had heartburn. Sometimes at night I would wake up with a burning acide rushing up my throat. Byetta is not for me.

  35. boblynn Reply

    I began taking byetta in 2006. I had great results, weight loss and great blood A1Cs. I did have just a short time of upset stomach at the beginning, nothing I was really bothered by. In the fall of 2007, I went on a business trip to Salt Lake City, UT. As I was leaving the city I began to be ill, within a week I was in the hospital. severe projectile vomiting, low blood sugars and diarrhea (which resulted in dehydration). After several trips to emergency room for treatment for the dehydration I was finally admitted. During my hospitalization they took me off the Byetta, with little explanation. I was never really diagnosed with any illness — a few weeks later we learned that there was some water born virus in Eli UT when I was there — it was assumed this was the problem. I was run through a large number of tests including a colonoscopy and one from the other end.. I eventually got better. When in the hospital they also discovered I had extremely low blood counts which was treated with Procrit. Later, I was diagnosed as Aplastic Anemia. I also began having problems with my sodium levels (too low) a little while after I began taking byeatta. I still am on restricted liquids for this. In April of last year I suffered Acute Kidney failure and was in a coma for three days. I still have some memory loss from the coma. My kidneys operate at around 70% with a few dips to the 50% since the kidney failure. I have gained all the weight back that I lost on byeatta, and even weight loss medicine will not make my weight go down. I have constant constipation. Sometimes close to two weeks between movements and that is with taking 2 Alli 3 times a day (Dr. prescribed Olliostat which is the same thing as Alli but lots cheaper), + other meds for constipation with minimal results. I don’t know if it is related, but I have had this problem since the diarrhea stopped from illness in fall of 2008. We have practically gone broke with my medical between Fall of 2007 and Now. We have insurance, but I capped out my prescription in June of 2008 (procrit shots were costing us out of pocket $2600 a month) The prescriptions have been the biggest problem. But the lost work for both me and my husband is the worst, we are self employed so we have no sick leave or family leave. The two hospitalizations totaled 18 days alone, that doesn’t count all the times running to emergency room and Drs. (both 60 miles round trip from home.) Most of last year I was too ill to drive the distance, so husband would have to close the shop to take me to the Dr.s. I sometimes wonder if we will ever recover and rebuild the business we’ve lost as a result!

  36. kari Reply

    I was put on byetta last year. IT was HORRIBLE i would cry before my injections because i knew i would be violently ill. I was told by my doctor that the side effects were normal and would pass over time..but they didnt they got worse. so bad infact that i was in the emegency room weekly for massive abdominal pain wich they could not explain they tried everything right down to removing my gallbladder (wich was perfectly health) I truly belive it was due to teh byetta . still to this day i suffer from unexplained massive abdominal pain that cripples me. I would break out in massive sweats and vomit so hard that i really thought my insides were going to come out. i ultimately stopped taking it and found a new doctor. it was not normal to feel that way and my doctor pushed so hard for me to stay on it. my husband called her in a panic one night and she told him to tell me to buck up and deal with a little nausea. as i was sweating from head to toe and violently shaking as i couldnt even sip water. i truly felt as though i were dying. and to this day i still get the pain. it is an evil drug please dont take it. you will suffer.

  37. Chris Reply

    I took my first dose of Byetta this morning… I’m trying to get my health on track. Thank you for the information. I will discontinue the Byetta if any extreme side affect take place or the pen is exhausted (which ever comes first).

  38. Eileen Reply

    When my dr put me on this – i took it for about 3 months in 2006, I looked forward to it because of the hype that it would help me lose weight too- but within the 3rd month I began to feel sick to my stomach alot and my blood pressure would bottom out, after I woke up in the middle of the night freezing in the middle of the summer I went to the dr and stopped taking byetta – I still have problems with my g. i. and believe this is related to my use of byetta for the short period of time I did use it.

  39. Betty Reply

    I started Byetta for blood sugar controll and weight loss. I had abdomina pain to the point my doctor had me tested for stomach cancer. The pain continues even after I have stoped the byetta. My blood count dropped to 6 and now I have to have blood tranfusion and iron transfusion. My kidneys also failed. I recomended no-one take this drug.

  40. KATHY M Reply


  41. Terri Reply

    We almost lost my best friend due to this. She was in ICU for about a week. It scared me and her husband. This a crazy that the doctor did not tell her about the bulletins.

  42. Evan Reply

    Wife started Byetta in oct 2007 and stopped it in March 2009 because of abnormal lfts. Alk phos 387, ggtp200 ,sgpt 130 and sgot 65. These abnormal lfts have persisted despite stopping Byetta for 4 months. While taking byetta wife always had epigastric discomfort. Pancreas and Kidneys have been normal. All serological tests for autoimmune hepatitis and viral hepatitis were normal as were sonograms, MRCP , ct scan with contrast, and EUS. My wife and I are convinced that byetta caused the abnormal lfts. Soon the hepatologist will do liver bx . When I stopped the Byetta in March the lfts were only marginally elevated but peaked at 3 times the normal values 3 months later . Thank god we stopped the Byettta hopefully before permanent damage was done!

  43. JOSEPh Reply


  44. linda Reply

    i also have just been released from the hospital after being on byetta for about a year. the 5mg dose was ok at first, so i moved to the 10mg. the side effects were awful but the weight loss was great so i stuck it out…after a few months the 10mg became unbearable, so the doctor put me back on 5mg.. this worked for a couple of months, then yuch… sick again… but i hung on… 60 pounds weight loss was fantastic.. in july i stopped urinating and on the 3rd day was told i was in kidney failure. rushed to hospital and spent 5 days while they got them going again and then 5 more for a blood clot from the IV they had in my arm. i am lucky to have normal function again and am very grateful for that. my potassium was 12 and my kreatin (sp) was dangerously high as well. they said my heart could have stopped at any time… needless to say i am no longer taking byetta and i feel great. i have energy, and feel better that i have in a long time. please be careful if you are taking byetta … it does not warn about kidneys !!!!

  45. Richard Reply

    My wife began taking Byetta about 2 years ago because her blood glucose level was not stable with insulin alone. It helped with the glucose levels for a while but her levels started to drop dramatically after a while. On August 30, 2009 she was admitted to ICU with severe abdominal pain, all of her LFTs, creatinine, BUN etc were off the charts. She was diagnosed with acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis. All of her organ systems began to fail. They tried dialysis. IV hydration, and eventually a ventilator since her lungs were failing as well. She died on September 6th, 2009. The COD was Acute Respiratory Distress caused by Acute Hemmorhagic Pacreatitis. All the Drs felt it was due to her use of Byetta. Anyone who is currently using this drug should be made aware of the extremely dangerous side effects this drug can cause and weigh the risk of taking it VERY cautiously.

  46. Rainey Reply

    My husband took byetta for almost a year. He had the stomach pains and didn’t eat well. He was on it for about a year. He had sever back and stomach pains for months and when he finally went to the Dr he had pancreatic cancer. He lived in pain for more then a year afterward. After all I’ve read about the byetta in the following months it would not surprise me one bit to know that that was the cause of it. He passed away Nov 18, 2008.

  47. Beth Reply

    I used Byetta for about two months. Initially it worked well and I ate less and lost weight. Soon, I had a terrible burning pain in my stomach and was always feeling sick and in pain so I was forced to stop this medictaion. As a result I have had an endoscopy, colonoscopy and upper GI. I have now been diagnosed with gastroparisis (paralysis of the stomach) which means my stomach does not empty properly. This is a direct resultof using this medication and now I have to add a medictation for that condition. Don’t use this drug. It will harm you.

  48. John Reply

    I have been on Byetta for about 2 1/2 years now. I have lost 90 pounds while on Byetta. However, it takes me about 2 hours in the morning, after taking my Byetta, to start feeling OK.
    In addition, since taking Byetta I have developed a gluten intolerance (celiac).

  49. sharon Reply

    I started byetta in 2006 and never had any problems with it and lost around 30 pounds. in the spring 2009 I told my dr that my stomach are hurt a lot and asked if I should go off the byette. she said to stick with it longer. said I would know when It was too bad, when I started throwing up. so I trusted her and stayed on it. over the summer I had other issues and didn’t get my blood tested when I should have. last month I had a flue shot and 4 days later got a bad cold. was throwing up a couple days a wk. finally got my blood work done and my liver enzymes are up. saw my dr last night and she took me right off the byetta. what upsets me is why she didn’t do this last spring. I had the signs of problems. the red flag was there but she didn’t see it. I trusted her opinion. so now I pray that I don’t have any long term problems from this like a lot of these people have had. I have to get my blood tested again in 2 weeks and I pray things are normal. I lost both parents on dialysis. I thought I was doing the right thing using byetta. its hard to work or function with the feeling that you want to throw up all the time. I hope this goes away. I don’t want to eat.

  50. Ken Reply

    I was given Byetta to take about three years ago for my type two sugar problems. My sugar levels were ok for a time and I never lost weight. To make a long story short, Since taking this junk, I have Neuroendocrine Cancer, three very bad cases of Pancreatitius. My serotonin levels are throught the roof. They had to remove 60% of my pacreaus, all of my spleen, and a chuck off my liver. Laid up for months. My sugar is out of control and have all sorts of “fun” eating. You can bet I stopped taking Byetta.

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