Chrysler 2.7 Liter V6 Engine Class Action Lawsuits Consolidated

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The United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation has issued an order which will transfer all Chrysler engine class action lawsuits pending in various federal district courts throughout the United States to the District of New Jersey for coordinated handling during pretrial proceedings in an MDL, or multidistrict litigation.

There are currently five class action lawsuits pending against Chrysler over their 2.7 liter engines used in several models of Chrysler and Dodge vehicles between 1998 and at least 2003. The Chrysler lawsuits allege that defective designs make the engines prone to form oil sludge, which could causes the engine to fail much earlier than would normally be expected.

A growing number of complaints have been filed by owners of Chrylser Sebring, Chysler Concord, Dodge Intrepid and Dodge Stratus vehicles with the smaller 2.7 liter engine, which have been found to fail around 50,000 to 60,000 miles, but in some cases as early as 20,000 miles.

This type of catastrophic engine failure would not typically be expected anytime before a vehicle reaches 100,000 miles, yet Chrysler has been denying engine warranty coverage since the problems are caused by a build up of oil sludge.

According to the Center for Auto Safety, at least 2,800 reports of Chrysler engine failure involving oil sludge in the 2.7 liter engines were received as of early 2007. Since that time, as the vehicles age, owners continue to report the engine problems.

Chrysler and Dodge engine failure class action lawsuits are currently pending in the Eastern District of California, Middle District of Florida, Northern District of Illinois, District of New Jersey and Southern District of New Jersey on behalf of vehicle owners in those states. In addition, other class action lawsuits and individual lawsuits could be filed in other districts.

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation found that the Chrysler engine lawsuits involve common questions of fact and that centralization would serve the convenience of the parties and witnesses and promote the just and efficient conduct of the litigation.

Chrysler’s lawyers opposed the consolidation, arguing that the proposed classes do not overlap and that agreements can be reached between the parties in the lawsuits to minimize any overlapping discovery or risk of inconsistent rulings without the formation of an MDL. However, the Panel rejected these arguments.

“These actions are nearly identical in terms of the facts alleged, and discovery undoubtedly will overlap,” wrote Chairman of the Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, John G. Heyburn, II, in an order issued February 10, 2009. “Centralization will enable one judge to streamline pretrial proceedings and make consistent rulings on discovery disputes, dispositive motions and issues relating to experts.”

The MDL panel decided to transfer all of the Chrysler engine lawsuits to the District of New Jersey, as the action in that Court has been pending longer than the other actions. The litigation will be assigned to U.S. District Judge Faith S. Hochberg for coordinated and consolidated pretrial proceedings.

Since the litigation involves putative statewide class actions for residents of five different states, the MDL panel did indicate that in the future, Judge Hochberg can suggest that the Panel consider remanding the actions to the original courts where they were filed for class certification considerations if that becomes necessary.

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  1. Stephen

    I bought a 2004 Chrysler Seabring converable with 1700 miles on it in Feb.of 05 It now has 54000 I am a ASE certified. Chrysler auto mechanic at a round 40000 miles I started having overheating issues fan relays burning out causing over heating. This in turn overheats the catalytic converter making more heat thus cooking the oil in the engine making want they call slug ! All from bad fan relays !! And they know this for years bad engine no bad electrics Still there fault .I. Want my money back or a new car !Dam MOPAR. Ive backed you guys for years Make it Right !

  2. Belinda

    2002 crysler Sebring convertible 2.7. have same problems with motor. I don’t have a lot of money and been off work 7 wks now because i can’t get my car going. Crysler should replace or pay for losses due to this faulty engine. Im out raged by cryslers performance on this issue . Please help and compensate some where some how.

  3. Scott

    Chrysler 2.7L engine very terrible motor design. Engine rattles awfully loud due to tiny upper oil ports that does not allow oil to reach top of engine. Chrysler needs to be held responsible. I will NEVER own another!!

  4. Michael

    I have a 2007 300 with the 2.7l I bought this car 2nd hand form a Chrysler dealer in Redding, Ca 2014 with 95504mi. I was never told there was a problem with the 2.7l engine, I lost the water pump at 129400 which dump all antifreeze into the oil causing severe damage to the bearings of the engine. The problem is the water pump being inside the engine. Water pumps condensate putting water in the oil which will cause it to sludge furthermore water pumps will leak slightly well before they go bad causing the oil to sludge and when they go bad it will dump all the water into the oil causing severe damage to the bearings of the engine damaging the engine. I believe this such a bad design that Chrysler should recall this engine.

  5. Stacey

    My 2006 Chrysler engine stop pumping oil to the engine due to a bad water pump now I have to find a motor for it now

  6. Robert

    I bought a 1999 Chrysler Concord in 2000 with only like 10,000 miles, I did regular maintenance on this car and my wife and I were on the highway when the engine light came on and before I could even touch the brakes the engine seized!!! Thank god I was driving because the steering locked up but I was strong enough to get it going towards the shoulder!! Then had a hard time stopping because the brakes were hard to push as well. The total cost to fix my car was approximately 3,800.00 because it was so hard to find a motor.. as we now know why!! They were all blowing up!! The dealer didn’t want to hear anything!! Used motor cost me about 2,000 shipped from Wisconsin to New York!! Then the labor costs of replacing the original motor…this was such a strain on my family as we just had our 3rd child..

    Sincerely, Robert

  7. Michael

    I am the owner of a 2006 Chrysler 300 with a 2.7 ltr engine. At around 85000 mi the engine started acting up.When I brought it in for service I was informed of the faulty engine problem that the 2.7 was famous for. I was told that my only option was to purchase a remanufactured engine. When I was informed of the price it was no longer an option.I was told to take good care of maintaining the engine and see how long you get out of it. At about 90000 mi the car was knocking an constantly stalling until it finaly died.I( tried to contact Chrysler but found there was no way to get through to them. I realy found them to be hiding from this situation…

  8. Carol

    Changed engine 3x.. timing chain busted through 11/21/17.. while driving on highway.. could of killed me have pics to prove it

  9. michael

    I also own a 2006 Chrysler 300 with the 2.7 ltr.engine After years of problems the engine has now seized .

  10. allan

    I have 2.7 2004 sebring conv and have had water in the oil 2 times first time it cost me 900.00 now I’m looking at much higher cost of replacing the hole engine@$2200.00 I live in fla and wish class action suit would help

  11. Sean

    2005 Dodge Stratus sedan 4 door automatic 2.7 w less than 60k miles. Reverse went out after what I think was a clinking sound near the front. It drives normally, just does nothing in reverse. If the car is parked it will roll backwards if the car is on a incline. Transmission rebuild is more than the car is worth. This should be a recall. So many Dodge transmission issues, they are losing many customers.

  12. Louris

    Coolant went from water pump straight down in oil pan mix with oil blew the motor engineerd to fail 2001 Concorde

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