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Darvon is the brand name for propoxyphene, a relatively weak painkiller that has been on the market for decades. On November 19, 2010, the FDA announced a Darvon recall after determining that the risk of Darvon side effects outweigh its health benefits. The recall came after the FDA analyzed data linking Darvon to potentially fatal irregular heart rhythms, a condition known as heart arryhthmia.

DARVON LAWSUIT STATUS: Darvon lawyers are reviewing potential claims for individuals throughout the United States who may be entitled to compensation through a Darvon lawsuit for injuries such as:

  • Heart Arrythmia
  • Heart Attack
  • Suicide
  • Overdose
  • Death


OVERVIEW: Darvon (generic: propoxyphene) is often prescribed to manage post-surgical pain. It may also be prescribed together with acetaminophen, or as the brand name drug Darvocet, which contains both propoxyphene and acetaminophen.

It was one of the most widely prescribed generic medications, with approximately 22 million prescriptions for propoxyphene in 2007.

DARVON RECALL: Side effects of Darvon have been linked to thousands of deaths and other serious injuries. According to data from the Federal Drug Abuse Warning Network, Darvon deaths linked to propoxyphene accounted for over 5% of all drug related deaths between 1987 and 2006.

Although an FDA advisory committee voted to recall Darvon in early 2009, the FDA did not move to pull the drug until November 2010, after the agency identified the potential risk of Darvon heart arrythmias. The FDA determined that the risk of heart problems from Darvon, combined with the risk of overdose and suicide from Darvon, justified removing the medication from the market.

The first calls for Darvon to be recalled were made in 1978. In Feburary 2006, the consumer watchdog group Public Citizen filed a petition with the FDA urging the U.S. drug regulators to remove Darvocet from the market. They cited thousands of Darvon deaths since 1981, the fact that it is highly addictive and that it is no more effective than safer drugs like ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

FIND OUT IF YOU MAY HAVE A DARVON LAWSUIT: Free consultations and claim evaluations are provided by lawyers who are reviewing potential Darvocet and Darvon lawsuits throughout the United States. As a result of the drug makers’ failure to adequately warn about the risk of problems with Darvon and Darvocet, individuals may be entitled to financial compensation through a Darvon settlement.

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  2. Vicky-Joy Reply

    My mother died in 1978 of alcohol and Darvon poisoning here in London Ontario.She was found dead with Me and (2 year old) and my brother(7 year old) in the house alone by a neighbor in 1978!!
    I was wondering if there was problem’s with The Darvon medication in the 1970’s. wouldn’t mind some more info about these Darvon lawsuits, it probably doesn’t involve in the death of my mother in theses lawsuits.

  3. linda Reply

    took darvon and darvocet for years supposed to be the panacea for my growing pains / arthritic pains attempted suicide first time i think at scott afb not sure had stomached pumped it was all darvon time capsules and you will never get the medical records no one will ever know what happened to many service brats i’m probably some of the few left of that time period

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  5. Tracy Reply

    I think that doctor should not give the medication to there patients if there was a petition filed in 2006 which urged the removel of darvocet and should not be given. Now that there are chances of suicide and heart failure,or highly addictive. Ihave also been confused at time never knowing what was the source. the doctor should have been aware of the problem

  6. penyy Reply

    22 million prescriptions in 2007. so far i found an article stating that there were 2000 deaths blamed on darvon or darvocet. That sounds like pretty good odds to me.

    Can’t blame the darvon if someone drank alcohol while on it!

    A little common sense, please. Thanks for taking away a medication that works well on me! I guess I’ll just have to go to codeine.

    i’m just a doctor’s daughter and a doctor’s granddaughter. What the hell do I know?

  7. connie Reply

    This is directed to Penny the doctors daughter. To answer your question, you must not know crap! If this drug is related to ONE death……that’s ONE too many! You should turn to what ever drug turns you on honey, but this one should have been removed a long time ago! Who knows how this will affect our health down the road? If your dad the “doctor” has been giving this out KNOWING it has been linked to any deaths then in my option the doctors should be charged and sued as well! I appreciate the FDA looking out for me and my family!

  8. Jay Reply

    I have been taking Darvocet as I can’t take many pain meds. It has worked for me but I do agree with what was said above. What effects of this will we see in the future? If the FDA knew of the many serious side effects then why did they wait so long to recall it? I think I will ask them.

  9. Dianne Reply

    While taking Darvocet, I suffered Mulit System Organ Failure. On life support for 3 weeks in a coma, then a total of 55 days in hospital on Dialysis. Took me over 2 years before I could even function and try and work again. I am hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt because of my astronomical medical bills left after my insurance paid out and then canceled me. I may loose my job because of my debt issues. It has totally destroyed my life.

  10. stephen Reply

    I have taken darvon 65 mg/propoxyphene 65/and even Doloxene in Australia.I have had a number of siezures.But in the last year feelings of sucide like never before.So now Doc.has cut me off.Now I wonder what other conditions have or will present themselves.

  11. Marie Reply

    I also have been on Darvon 65mg/Propoxyphene 65 in Auburn, NY.I have had severe stomach pains, vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches. I called for my refill today and found out about the recall and the problems it is causing.

  12. jimmie Reply

    took darvon for 20 years in the military. retired in 1984 and had a myocardial infarct in 1991. I died in the emrgency room 2 times but was brought back by a good med team.

  13. chris Reply

    I have sworn by this medication for headaches to leg pain for about 4 years now. Who knows of the lawyers that will be handleing the cases against this drug maker or the company that has the lawsuit?

  14. lah Reply

    this might sound stange but i don’t have a problem with darvon as it is the ONLY, i repeate ONLY medicine that works for me without rendering me unconsious for days at a time. when my chronic pain flares to acute pain that has pushed my BP to well over 200/180’s. all the other meds that do knock out that system (codiene, oxycodone, and morphine) have me sleeping and according to my mom barely breathing, like come on, they have to know that some people have benefit on this drug (not more than 3 a day, not more than 3 days at a time). i just dont know about government.

  15. L Reply

    PENNY,some people just don’t know. Darvocet is the only med I could take and the only one that helped..I am in pain now because they took it off the market..My dr gave me Norco. I tried it and it really knocked me out and made me sick..Im glad your Dad and your Grandad are Doctors. They would know better than anyone.Darvon/Darvocet are both good meds for chronic pain. I feel really bad for the ones that had to go back to their chronic pain and have to go thru so many strong meds to try to find something that may help. Good Luck with your pain and I hope you find something that will help.. After all they have been on the market since 1957. (sigh)

  16. Jim Reply

    I took Darvon and darvocet in the military for pain many times in the late 60’s and early 70’s and I have Afib with no known reason.
    I was in Vietnam and that is almost all they prescribed for light pain.

  17. tammie Reply

    i have a irreglar heart beat and i took the medcation in 2006

  18. Betty Reply

    Had a heart attack in April 2010, had blood clots in both lungs, July 2010. I was taking darvon for pain, regularly.

  19. Cay Reply

    My husband was given a prescription for Darvon in the summer of 2010, by his physician at
    Rush Hospital., following knee replacement surgery. .
    ,, The strange thing about this prescription order was that the Doctor told us to get it filled at the Rush Hospital Pharmacy, in the past we were never told to get any prescription at any particular pharmacy. My husband experienced a complete change in personality…becoming violent and then fallling into a terrible depression which lasted until his death.almost four years and a half years later. My husband was treated with ECT treatments until his death.
    This was truly heart breaking, a much loved, gentle man, turned into a shadow of himself.
    Is there no recourse? I a called the hospital about a half hour ago and was told I would have to come into the hospital to pick up the information on my husbands Darvon prescription., I hope I can still get it after this posting.

  20. JC Reply

    I had taken Propoxyphene (Darvon) regularly from 1974-2010 for migraine, and later neuropathy. It worked well for its intended purposes. After it went off the market, I was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat, had a quadruple heart bypass, and a pacemaker inserted. I wonder if it was caused by Darvon? I successfully transitioned to a different pain medication.

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