Dollar General Space Heater Recall Issued After Fires

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Reports of TrueLiving Heater Fans and Portable Quarts Radiant Heaters bursting into flames has resulted in a recall of about 92,000 of the space heaters, which were sold exclusively at Dollar General stores. 

Eight reports of the True Living heater fans overheating and 21 reports of the Quartz radiant heaters overheating have led to the Dollar General heater recall, announced on Wednesday by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Reports to Atico International, the manufacture, include at least one minor hand burn and several reports of flames shooting out of the units.

The TrueLiving heater fan problems have caused damage to electrical outlets and walls, and have erupted in flames. The Quartz radiant heater reports include flames coming out of the control knob. With both heaters, some consumers have reported that the units smoked and the plastic casings melted.

The space heater recall affects Dollar General TrueLiving Heater Fans with model number NSB-200B, an item number of A14B1053 and a UPC of 40022749831. It also affects Dollar General Portable Quartz Radiant Heaters with model number HD-700, an item number of A14B0979 and a UPC of 400022750066.

The heaters were sold only at Dollar General Stores from September 2010 to December 2010. The heater fans sold for about $15 and the quartz radiant heaters were sold for about $42.

The CPSC recommends that consumers immediately stop using the recalled heaters and return them to any Dollar General Store for a full refund. Consumers with questions can go to Atico International USA’s website at

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  1. Robert Reply

    Who ever it may concern,I have a radiant hearter that puts out a bad smell that we have got sick from it.I bought it at Dollar General store.Model #RH150 Item # W14B8502 and upc # 200022749596.

  2. john Reply

    identical unit as the NSB-200B, is the Dollar General “Comfort Zone” model CZ40DG. they arent including this in the recall and theres probably over half million of them out there, built and sold about the same time as the NSB-200B, with a white plastic casing. it may be irresponsible they are not including the CZ40DG in this recall.

  3. D. Fogle Reply

    I “owned” three of these heaters last winter after our central unit went out. It was going to take four days for a repairman to come out, so off to Dollar General we went. HUGE MISTAKE!!

    The reason I say “OWNED”, is because after three days, one of them melted and almost bonded to the wall plug receptacle face plate (while the front of the heater itself was also slowly melting), and another one of the three units would not shut down when you picked it up. You could turn it upside down, sideways, pick it up completely off the counter, and it WOULD NOT SHUT DOWN UNTIL YOU PHYSICALLY TURNED IT OFF!!

    NEVER again will we purchase another Comfort Zone product. Not from them OR one of their affiliates. It’s not worth loosing a life or your home over these shoddy appliances. I agree, they should also be included in this recall. They’re identical in every way, right down to the design.. Why they have NOT been recalled along with this TrueLiving heater fan is beyond belief.

  4. Raquel D. Reply

    I have a Comfort Zone exactly like the one being recalled that doesn’t work CZ40 but its not being recalled?! Wonder why and who could we ask?

  5. Tori Reply

    I just had the white one pictured with the name “Comfort Zone” just catch on fire today in my living room. The original unit was purchased at Dollar General in Barboursville, WV on 10-19-2011, was returned with reciept where they would only give me an exchange where the unit was already opened. So, on 11-1-11, it was exchanged for the new unit. The new unit caught on fire on 11-27-11. I should of known with an exchange policy as this one, that something was wrong with this product, or that issues has arose. I am wondering if this first “company” did not change their name to “Comfort Zone” because the design is totally the same.

  6. Crystal Reply

    My husband and I bought a “Comfort Zone” heater just a couple months ago at Family Dollar and the on and off switch just melted. Luckily it did not ruin anything but the heater and didn’t burn my house down. I am really surprised it hasn’t been recalled yet.

  7. keith Reply

    I had the comfort zone cz446,, is this on the recall ? I bought this at a dollar general in detroit,mi on 10-06-2010 I lost my garage and all contents to fire, no cause was found but I did have this heater running at the time.

  8. april Reply

    Same thing happen as “comment by crystal on 4 jan 2012” the knob is melted off. I smelt burning plastic and tried to shut off and the knob came right off, I had to unplug it. What if my child was the one to notice or maybe they wouldnt have noticed. This is so serious sham on the manufacture this product needs to be recalled. I will be letting Family Dollar aware of this problem, I consider myself very lucky I was sitting next to.

  9. Crystal Reply

    I had the comfot zone cs40 model fan/heater in my office at work that I had purchased at my local Family Dollar store. I left for a 15 min. break and when I came back, the entire office was in comotion. The heater was shooting sparks and totally melted on one side. The fire department was almost called. The office building smelled like burnt wires and burnt plastic for the rest of the day.

  10. William Reply

    I had (had) two of the comfort zone they both did the same thing, melt down. Send this junk back to CHINA , before it kills someone. I wont own another one.

  11. Jeff & Phebe Reply

    we bought a comfort zone,oscillating fan heater for $30. and it doesnt work, we can’t take it back because we opened the box. This heater will not stay on for more than 5 min..totally not worth the beware..the model # for this heater is..#cz50

  12. Andrea Reply

    I almost bought a Comfort Zone, but instead bought a True Living Space Heater. As a result of this heater, my home caught on fire totaling out my home. So much for the warning on the box that says “will automatically shut off if it gets to hot.” This just happened a week before Christmas and now I’m living in a hotel. Has anyone else had problems with theirs? If so, if you are interested in a Class Action Lawsuit Please feel free to email me. Thanks so much!

  13. Darryl Reply

    We have CZ35 model fan heater that would not shut off and it caught fire and melted on one side it was even 4 months ago that we purchased it and the smoke was so bad that we had to go outside in the cold with our 1,2,and 3 year old kids and it purchased from dollar general in pa. My personal point on this all the comfort zone heaters should be recalled. We was eating dinner when we noticed the smoke. I don\’t know what it is going to cost to replace the carpet and the smoke damaged clothes and the mental distress of getting my family out of the house not knowing how it was going to ignite.

  14. Darryl Reply

    I will never buy any products from this company comfort zone

  15. Alice Reply

    I have the cz40 model, the high speed stopped working the day after i bought it. Not long after the low speed stopped working. I do not like to see my hard earned money go up in smoke(literally). They were recalled at dollar general but i got mine from family dollar. where they recalled also? It’s a shame companies so greedy they put these dangerous products out just for the almighty dollars, even though it could possibly cause serious injury or even death. I like many others will nevet buy a comfort zone product again.

  16. Greg Reply

    It’s 2:15 in the morn I just woke up to use the rest room where I had the cz798 comfort zone heater plugged in at and smelled a terrifying smell. Immediately I New the house was on fire. got to looking around and found the electrical outlet was on fire and had already melted the outlet and cord started up the wall next to the room where my twin daughters sleep. After reading the other reviews I can’t believe the comfort zone heaters are still being sold anywhere!!!! Howard Bergens company will be getting a call from my attorney!!!!!

  17. lanisha Reply

    I had a comfort zone heater catch fire in my apartment

  18. Marlene Reply

    I have a comfort zone cz 550 electric heater, 1250 watt and 1500 watt. I hate it! It runs for less than a minute and then shuts off and the alarm light comes on. I will never purchase another one of comfort zones pieces of junk!!!! What a waste of money!

  19. Monica Reply

    I bought a comfort zone heater model no. CZ50bkdg November 2015 and now it’s February 2016 and the heater has stop working. I bought this heater from Dollar General. How can I get my money back???

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