E-Cigarettes Contain Carcinogens and Toxic Chemicals: FDA

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The FDA has issued a health warning about the potential dangers of electronic cigarettes, commonly referred to as E-Cigarettes, which are growing in popularity, claiming to be safer than normal cigarettes, and which seem to be marketed primarily towards young people.

E-Cigarettes are battery-powered devices, usually shaped like a pen, cigarette or cigar, which heat up a flavored nicotine solution when the user inhales. The resulting vapors are inhaled in the same manner as smoking a cigarette.

The FDA released a warning on Wednesday that laboratory analysis of some E-cigarettes revealed that they contain carcinogens and toxic chemicals. One of the detected chemicals, diethylene glycol, is an ingredient used in anti-freeze. The tests also found nitrosamines, some of which are known to cause cancer and also are present in normal cigarettes.

The FDA considers E-cigarettes a combination drug-device product that falls under its jurisdiction, but that jurisdiction has been challenged in court by E-cigarette manufacturers. The agency has been stopping shipments of E-cigarettes, a Chinese invention, at the borders for examination.

E-Cigarettes are sold mostly at mall kiosks and through the internet. The FDA is also concerned that the devices appear to be directly marketed to young people, do not contain any health warnings, and are currently virtually unregulated. They come in flavors such as bubblegum, chocolate, and mint.

Public health experts expressed concern that the cigarettes could increase nicotine addiction in young people, and that they are being marketed as being safer than they really are.

Smoking Everywhere, Inc. has a pending e-cigarett lawsuit against the FDA, claiming that it is overstepping its jurisdiction, and that E-cigarettes should be considered similar to cigarettes, which are not regulated by the FDA. The lawsuit was filed earlier this year after the FDA blocked a shipment to Smoking Everywhere, Inc. from entering the country.

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  1. Sharon Reply

    I can’t believe it! Even after the FDA warning, there are newspaper columnists and folks leaving blog comments, bragging about puffing on e-cigarettes instead of real cigarettes. What, cancer from a pretend-cigarette is a better way to die than getting cancer from real tobacco? Denial just will not stay in Africa. One of the better articles on e-cigs, which warned consumers months ago about safety concerns, is at:

  2. Raven Reply

    It’s sickening that the FDA allows drugs like chantrix to be sold to stop smoking.It’s already proven itself to be a dangerous substance,people have become suicidal on that drug.
    That same agency wants to stop me from harming myself accoriding to them by stopping my use of a personal fog machine mixed with nicotone,flavorings and propelene glycol.
    If this gets taken away from me I’ll just go back to smoking regular cigarettes.
    Surely with the 400 plus chemicals in those including MAOI inhibitors,arsenic and tar I’m not harming myself.
    The FDA could care less about me,they just want more power to tell me what I can or can’t put in my body.

  3. Adam Reply

    I am a bit concerned over the recent FDA data that has come out regarding electronic cigarettes. The FDA found levels of diethylene glycol, which is toxic to humans, and TSNAs. The product was marketed as a “safe alternative” to cigarettes, but this does not seem to be the case. This product should have carried a warning on the label such as “the safety of this product has yet to be determined” or something to the effect that the FDA has not yet thoroughly evaluated the product for safety. This is deceptive and potentially harmful marketing.

  4. Roy Reply

    I recently had a heart attack caused by a 95% blockage after using the e cigarette for about 3 weeks. Not saying this caused it, but my problems only started after I tried these.

  5. returningTarzan Reply

    “cancer from a pretend-cigarette is a better way to die than getting cancer from real tobacco?”

    You are not very likely to get cancer from a pretend-cigarette. The levels of tobacco-specific nitrosamines the FDA study found were below the limit of quantitation, which is to say, they were just barely detectable (low parts-per-billion range), and the same levels as found in other nicotine-replacement products like nicotine chewing gum. Real cigarettes contain the same carcinogens except in much, much higher concentrations, as well as many additional carcinogens and toxins. Even if the diethylene glycol which was found in one cartridge out of the 18 tested was a common thing with e-cigs (evidently it is not, and some suppliers have their liquid tested and enforce strict QC guidelines for ingredients just to make sure things like that doesn’t happen), e-cigs would still stand as a much, much healthier alternative to smoking, as real cigarettes contain DEG aplenty.

    Given the number of people who keep dying from smoking-related diseases, the FDA’s “recommendation” backed by threats of legal action is decidedly wicked. E-cigarettes could help so many people stay alive, even the FDA’s own study shows that very clearly.

  6. Irene Reply

    My husband has been smoking ecig for the past 5 months. I started to realized his personality changes and problem with his vision.
    Today I took him to the hospital and the catscan result shows that he has tumor in his brain. If anybody exposed to the same situation like mine please kindly email me.

  7. Moktarino Reply

    re: Irene

    It was probably his cell phone.

    re: Roy

    95% blockage? Yeah, that can happen in 21 days because of inhaling nicotine, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol. Oh wait, no it can’t.


  8. Jonny Reply

    too all those bashing ecigs, you’re retarded and go do some research retards… FDA was initially only testing ones from china and have recently ran new ones on those produced here… go look for yourselves idiots… they’re a thousand times safer than cigs, only issue now is getting correct dosages down cuz they came up different all the time… oooo big deal… lamers… don’t open your mouth unless u know what you’re talking about because you’re just making yourself look stupid.

  9. nick Reply

    e cigs are a hundreds of times better then regular cigarettes, some cheap chinese companies use that the diethylene glycol, but most reputable manufactures and resellers use FOOD GRADE propelyne glycol or vegetable glycerin, and even if they still found very minute amounts of toxins, id like to see a comparison between tobacco cigs and the e cig with pg and vg juice

  10. Rick Reply

    I looked up “brain cancer and e-cigarette’ on Google because I was prompted by some redneck that said “some dude got brain cancer from those.” I don’t think the two have a correlation. Some people just get brain cancer and we don’t know the cause.

    I’ll have to agree with the previous comment. Every day you hear and see ads from people like who bash cigarettes, and I will have to agree with those people. Having been a smoker for 17 years, I always said I wanted to quit, but just never did.

    I am in the business of Information Technology and me and 3 other coworkers at my job have stopped smoking using this SAFE alternative. I was pleased to find out that someone invented it because his father died of lung cancer.

    If people that smoked regular cigarettes already know they will give you lung cancer and emphysema, why haven’t they quit? Probably the same reason why I didn’t for so long.

    Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin have both been FDA approved for inhalation. True, you are still getting nicotine, but I believe that to be just as bad for you as caffeine. Coffee drinkers, look out!

    And marketing to kids: they say that tobacco execs market cigarettes to kids and kids are going to smoke if they want to. Do you think I waited until I was 18 to smoke my first cigarette? They have put an age restriction on e-cigarette products, which I agree with. If I had kids I would rather them pick up an e-cigarette than a real cigarette.

    The way that I tell people about the e-cigarette is this: you save your money and your health at the same time. I continue to be a big believer in the e-cigarette.

    That’s it. I’m done.

  11. Cameron Reply

    I am having chest pains after only smoking the e cig for three weeks as well. I would like to hear more from Roy and his experience. I am going to the doctor this week.

  12. Sam Reply

    Wow. Are you people serious or just hypocondriacs? I have been using a massively vapor producing battery mod model and HIGH nicotine liquid for over a month (almost constantly sucking on an e-cig, as I used to smoke A LOT!) and have no ill effects.

    But as a non-e-cig news: nicotine is BAD for you if you have high blood pressure no matter how you suck it in. So DON’T. Simple as that and has nothing to do with the vehicle.

    PG and VG are also harmless. PG (Propylene Glycol) has been researched since 1942 and is FDA approved USP Certified food additive. VG (vegetable glycerine) is … Duh! … From vegetables, so watch out eating your veggies!!!! Laughing out loud.

    Stop being idiots and do some simple research before you make a monkey out of yourself in public.

  13. Stephanie Reply

    It’s sad how people overreact to everything new. I know change is scary. If you take a step back and really compare the e cig to real cigarettes, it’s a great alternative. Also, look at the potential that these e cigs might have at eliminating cigarettes all together and perhaps even provide a healthy alternative, like I don’t know, vitamin infused e cigs rather than ones containing nicotine. It could happen

  14. Stephen Reply

    I switched to the e-cig after smoking heavily for twenty years. (I also weight train three times a week.) I noticed chest pains during the first couple of weeks, but I also had chest pains *every single time I’d tried to quit cigarettes before* and I’d never made it far enough to call it quits for good. The chest pains went away. I visited my doctor for my physical after the one year mark, and he performed a standard lung capacity test. His eyes widened as he looked at the results. “You’re off the charts!” he told me. “You have the lung capacity of a healthy non-smoker.”

    I bless the day I found e-cigarettes. They both saved my life AND allowed me to achieve peak health while maintaining an addiction that, as a matter of fact, I quite enjoy. From the data I’ve found on the web (combined with my academic training in physics), I’ve calculated that it’s much less dangerous to use the e-cigarette than to stand within thirty feet of an automobile while it’s running.

    If new and damning data rolls in, I’ll be happy to revise my priors on this issue, but thus far, even upon close inspection, appears to be an absolute godsend to anyone who’s currently addicted to nicotine.



  15. Rouli Reply

    The FDA should be sued for it’s scare tactics.

    Ecigs are either PG, VG, or PEG base and will be susceptible to adulterations of those substances. For instance: USP grade VG is relatively expensive and is the base for many OTC and scrip syrups mainly for children and the elderly. VG has been substituted with DEG (that anti freeze ingredient) in the past for making medicine syrups (let alone as a skin moisturizer, which is what it’s sold as and what I vape and what some runners drink to optimize water usage in competition). People have died (renal failure) in those medical substitution cases. Go wiki DEG and google USP (P stands for Pharmacopia).

    It’s not the ecig that’s contaminated with DEG: Its the USP VG.

    (Some) Ecigs use nicotine, which is extracted from tobacco and will have other tobacco extracts.

    It’s not the ecig thats contaminated with nitrosamines: Its the nicotine.

    I’ve just started vaping 60 days ago and am analog free for 30 days tomorrow after 30+ years. I don’t smell like an ashtray. I’m gaining a little weight (which is a good thing). I’m more sensitive to taste/ smell (don’t know if it’s good or bad yet). I don’t hack out (sometimes bloody) lugees in the AM anymore. Haven’t put a hole in my clothes in 30 days. And these benes are just the beginning. There is one drawback I’ve noticed: That raspy quality in my voice is not there anymore. Lows are harder to hit at kroakeoke.

    Now you do have to pay attention. I am one of the ones sensitive to PG. My gums bled (basically rashes) using PG when I first started., so now I use VG. No PG for me. The options are VG or PEG. VG is a mild laxative, but PEG is a harsh laxative. Guess what I’m using. VG seems ok for now, but I am paying attention. When ecig vendors say PG free: Beware. It’s your responsibility to figure out what PG free means. Pay attention. There will be consequences. Now PEG is safe, used properly. Its a harsh laxative and the base for most eye drops among other things. You’re not using ecig as a laxative or an eye drop so, once again: Pay attention.

    For instance: I’ve recently noticed a damp smell in my study. Well. I’ve been vaping a lot there. Is that going to be a problem? Mold? I’m keeping tabs on it.

    I’ve been using abbreviations freely without explanations. If you’re really interested, google ’em. Figure it out. If you’re not and just basing your output by media input: Go away. We don’t need your 2 cents, but yes:

    The FDA should be sued for its scare tactics.

    People with the kind of weight (authority) that the FDA and USP have should learn to use a lot of qualifiers (grains of salt) when making statements.


  16. cyia Reply

    lol @ sharon.. she is a sheep LOL

    Educate your self, don’t let others do it for you. Simple as that.FDA cleared birthcontrol for women that causes bone loss, and is used to castrate men.. I don’t trust one damn thing that comes out of their offices. They are just another greedy government run business that doesn’t give two sh!ts what they do to the human populace. And if you don’t believe me, search for depo on birthcontrol and read the countless stories of how that birthcontrol as ruined womens lives and then see if you still trust the FDA’s opinion.

  17. Mark Reply

    I’m a pharmacist in PA and a vaper. I’ve been vaping(and not smoking) for a smidge over a year now(and had nothing but good things to say). Well, 6 months ago I was diagnosed out of the blue with an aggressive posterior subcapsular cataract which has made me almost legally blind, in 6 short months, in one eye. The only difference in my life over this time frame has been the addition of vaping. I can’t say for sure if vaping had anything to do with this, but since there are STILL no verifiable, clinical safety studies, I can’t say much of anything about the safety of vaping. I’m stopping for now until my Opthamologist advises me on my options. I was once an ardent supporter of vaping, but the industry has not backed my support with any validation on these product’s safety. Until it does it’s part, I can no longer support this, still after 3 years, unverified, illegitimate industry. The industry, and those making a quick buck in it, haved really let vapers down.

  18. Danny Reply

    Sue the big cig companies and the FDA for allowing a product to be sold that killed my mother from lung cancer!
    I smoked for 15 years, at least a pack a day menthol. Since switching to e-cig I have not looked back.
    I feel better, look better, smell better and have more money and will probably save my insurance company alot of money from NOT dying of lung
    cancer. Jerkweed.

  19. G Reply

    FDA is a government owned company. Where does the government make a crapload of money from?? That’s right cigarettes. Anything that may cripple the cigarette industry is a threat. The E Cigarette is 1000 times healthier than normal cigs. The FDA is a fraud, how many medications do they approve a day just for a simple buck?

  20. MDP Reply

    Sam says: “PG and VG are also harmless. PG (Propylene Glycol) has been researched since 1942 and is FDA approved USP Certified food additive. VG (vegetable glycerine) is … Duh! … From vegetables, so watch out eating your veggies!!!! Laughing out loud.

    Stop being idiots and do some simple research before you make a monkey out of yourself in public.”

    Before you continue with the holier-than-thou name-calling, perhaps you should be the one to “do some simple research”.

    PG is well known to cause chapped, split, burning lips, as well as mouth and tongue lesions on some people who are allergic to it. This is all over the e-cig forums if you look past your nose, so don’t idiotically claim it to be harmless -= it’s not.

  21. Thade Reply

    Some people are allergic to peanuts. Peanuts should be illegal.

  22. cancerfree Reply

    In my opinion it is of the smoker’s opinion that matters. That said, I’ve been off the analogs for two months now and am smoke free, tar free, choke free, headache free, and allergy free. Thank goodness I’m not one of those allergic to PG, but even still, I only use the VG liquid just to err on the side of caution.

    E-cigs are the best alternative to smoking in my opinion.

  23. Darrin Reply

    These tests performed by the FDA are incomplete and poorly done. There are better tests out there and more that NEED to be done before the true understanding of e-cigs is complete. But the facts are still right in front of you if you want to look. Most e-liquid vendors in the US take great care in the propylene glycol they use. It is usually medicine grade and well below the amount that is dangerous.

    Plus, cigarette companies are also trying to ban e-cigs and if big tobacco is against it, it can’t be that bad.

  24. David Reply

    I have been a heavy smoker since the age of 13, I am 26 now I have recently bought into a VGO from and have been at it with no side effects. This thing is a blessing, I have not touched a normal cigarette since owning this. I can smell, taste and breathe better, and don’t have to worry about aggravating all of those people that were fortunate enough to make the right choice when handed a cigarette with a nasty plume of smoke. I don’t think people realize that most smokers don’t enjoy needing cigarettes, and even the taste of them I absolutely can’t stand them, or the noxious smell they create. Point is is as a smoker you know you are killing yourself with every drag you can feel the degradation every year you get older feels like 10. This electronic cigarette has made me happier then any other solution I have tried thus far. I don’t stink anymore, my breathe doesn’t smell or taste like an ashtray, there is no smell to the vapor exhaled so im not aggravating the non smokers, my sense of taste and smell is increasing, my lungs feel extraordinary(no more wearing hacking or nasty Flem) and my skin acne is almost entirely cleared up. (A problem I’ve been dealing with for years). Just leave us capers alone if anything we dont stink up the place and the health concerns are definitely less then that of over 4000 chemicals found in every cigarette made. I can’t wait to be done with it all smoke and cape free and it seems to be working quite well. I even got my mother one. And she had I higher carbon foot print the most coal burning powerplant and now is down to 0 cigarettes as well

  25. Millie Reply

    Target: E-Cigarettes before your loved one has Lung Cancer from this E-Cigarette, My husband after smoking the e-cigarette for 8 to 9 months, came down with Extensive Small Cell Lung Cancer, with treatment this health man with clear lungs before smoking the E-cigarettes, has with treatment a life span of 2 to 4 years with out treatment 6 to 9 months. Please Read ,my story and tell me if I have a Lawsuit. If it is too late for my husband may help someone else.

  26. Nichole Reply

    I think some of you ase being to harsh on those who are reporting chest pain symptoms. I’m healthy and young. I weigh less than 120lbs. My diet has been healthy my whole life. The only health issue I’ve ever had was smoking cigs. I wanted to try the e-cig so I could quit smoking before I had medical issues. Since I’ve “smoked” this device, I’ve had seriously painful chest pains. The only change in my routines are these e-cigs.

  27. Adam Reply

    ha Roy. What a joke. A 95% blockage doesn’t form in 3 weeks. Atherosclerotic lesions have been forming in your arteries since you were probably 18 years old because you either eat a shit diet or have a genetic predisposition towards CVD like hyperlipidima or god hating you. Correlation does not infer causation. Get it through your uneducated skulls. Tumors don’t sprout and become symptomatic within a matter of weeks either. This is the problem with the United States. Every street person gets to air their bullshit, uninformed opinion.

  28. alexe290 Reply

    Very nice site!

  29. johnny Reply

    I smoked cigarettes for twenty five years, and iv been wanting to quit for the last twenty, without any luck, so i tried an e cigarette, thatvery same day i started, only four hours actually, i started to cough really bad, i was coughing for a few weeks, The doctor said this is normal when you quit smoking and its due to your body getting rid of the phlem and stuff as your lungs are waking up and going back to normal. i dont believe him, no, i was fine the whole 25 years i smoked, i only coughed in the morning when i woke up, well actually really bad, but only for an hour or two, so to make a long story short, i got a chest x-ray, the doctor then said i had the lungs of a 60 year ols man, Im only 40, E- cigarettes ruined my lungs in three weeks, im so embarrassed, why, WHY i ask, why did this happen to me. My lungs were fine im sure, i never had them checked but im ignorant, so i know what im talking about. e–cigs are the devil.

  30. Paula Reply

    I want to rant on people who don’t know anything about e-mods and VG based only. and we DYI to know what is in our solution. (Google) The neg people not using this has no clue and by my experience has nothing more to do than get on sites they don’t know about a product and leash out the contained anger built up from the pathetic life they must have(try to find something you do approve of ) give positive ‘knowlege’ and feel good that day. My husband and I heavy smoker no health issues found from a pulmonary spec. before using e-mod VG several months no health issues found, returned to pulmonary Sp. after for all retesting, he said the goo coming up is not vaping its cause were not continuing tar inhalation, were moving that crap now from giving our lungs a rest. we are drinking more water and taking herb ‘Marshmellow root’ (nt fluffy marsh mellows OTC- is not used in those) (google it) for lung detox and to cause lubrication to promote healthy cough. Okay people, if no symptoms before e-mods/cigs, and your in question, go get a baseline of lung testing(asthma, COPD, Bron., Emph.) it will take that wonder out of your head(having insurance does help too) I highly suggest to do take the time (days, weeks)- it’s worth it) research at every site possible. Not the promoters of e-cig companies. People on utbue sites not affilated with brands, you will know by them picking only one company over the others they show. I suggest VG( vegetable glycerin, (Google it). Good Luck all that is trying to cleanse as much of 400+ cig poisons out of their body. Learn how to smoke it, there is a right way to do it like any new device. Negatives change your interest. And evaluate your nasty habits to (hey that could result in a positive) Good Day.

  31. Cheri Reply

    I tried the blu brand e-cig to quit smoking, until last week when I found myself in ICU fighting for my life from a known(to the co.&Dr.s) allergic reaction to it. I want legal council to know exactly what my rights are as apparently this is known, but not public. Anyone who can help me, please email me@
    Thank you.
    Cheri N.

  32. Sam Reply

    Yeah and Tobacco only has about 4000 chemicals, I don’t think that’s regulations!!

  33. jessica Reply

    “I smoked cigarettes for twenty five years, and iv been wanting to quit for the last twenty, without any luck, so i tried an e cigarette, thatvery same day i started, only four hours actually, i started to cough really bad, i was coughing for a few weeks, The doctor said this is normal when you quit smoking and its due to your body getting rid of the phlem and stuff as your lungs are waking up and going back to normal. i dont believe him, no, i was fine the whole 25 years i smoked, i only coughed in the morning when i woke up, well actually really bad, but only for an hour or two, so to make a long story short, i got a chest x-ray, the doctor then said i had the lungs of a 60 year ols man, Im only 40, E- cigarettes ruined my lungs in three weeks, im so embarrassed, why, WHY i ask, why did this happen to me”

    Um didn’t you say you smoked for 25 years?
    Wouldn’t the LOGICAL response be that you probably ruined your lungs in the 25 years of smoking rather than the 3 weeks of e-cigs?

  34. Earl Y. Reply


    You are out of your mind if you think that e-cigs are your problem! You smoked for 25 years (I have for 20)! Your cough was caused by tiny organelles in your lungs called cilia, they sweep “stuff” out of your lungs. The reason a smoker coughs in the morning is that cilia are semi-paralyzed by smoking, in the morning they work, as soon as you smoke they pretty much stop!

    My cough is starting to mellow out but I know that it may take a while to be rid of completely! If your “doctor” did not explain this to you he is a QUACK!!! Any damage caused to your lungs is very likely the result of 25 years of smoking, that is the reason that I switched to e-cigs and am trying to quit completely!

    Your lungs are messed up, without doubt. E-cigs did not cause that damage, real cigarettes did! I was a track star in high school, it is now work to walk up a few flights of stairs. I am getting better but I know that it will take time!

    Johnny, keep up the fight and quit the real cigs or all of them altogether!

    Sorry if I was a bit coarse but best of wishes to you!

  35. fe Reply

    I zone really bad when i smoke my e cig and cough…i also have been more ceptible to colds ever since i habitually puff on my electronic cigarette…im sorry i have recently been told also that a friend of mines relative died from internal bleeding in her kidneys and lungs from e cig…this is very concerning for me my whole family uses these and it is scary to think something that is supposed to help you quit that no one knows what e cigs can cause long term…i would like oppinions on the internal bleeding because i dont want to think it is possible but is it?

  36. A really stupid genius Reply

    Ever heard of vapor gets hot sometimes. A vaporizor is a completely differnt thing than a cig get better at it. Be conscious of the temp of the ‘smoke before putting it into ur lungs YOU CAN HURT YOURSELF pretty good with over heated vapor dont POACH YOUR LUNGS. If u cooked ur lungs like quite a few ppl above this comment hopefully u were smart enough to get to the more recent information seeing as this propaganda article is almost half a decade old. Dont listen to this bickering and for the sake of love dont smoke those death cigarettes. These things really are absolutely impossibly worse than tobacco smoking. First of all its vaporization+, ingredients r amillion times better++++, and still as of now there are no really long term tests on the gylycerin thing— but i think after the dead matter in your lungs rejuvinates and your lung self cleaning system starts working again it could possibly completely negate any possible negative effect of the glycerin, my opinion. but DONT POACH YOUR LUNGS and come on seriously,, tar build up, severe drop
    In functionality to entire body, andd inevitable lifelong suffering and early death including excruciatingly painful last few yrs like my pa? or an edible product? Dont be a controllable retard listening to every other stupid person and hopefully u take my words with an open mind im just trying to say dont just settle with these stupids on this page dont ever stop researching. The moment u stop learning you start dying…sorry im bad at english

  37. Linda Reply

    My pen exploded and started a fire during charge

  38. Ronnie Reply

    The same FDA has been saying marijuana was lethal and caused cancer for how many years? And come to find out that’s the exact opposite of the actual reality of what it does. They will say anything that puts money in their pocket. Regulated means they are getting paid a percentage. Anytime something blows up and they don’t have a finger in it, they try to ban it and do “research” and provide the same thing that they banned only now we gotta pay a tax to them. Come on people. I can’t be the only one that understands this. Use a little common sense.

  39. Andy Reply

    Sharon, you might want to grow up just a little bit. Apparently you don’t realize just how incompetent and backwards the FDA is, not to mention the rest of our government. That’s all I’m going to say because anything more will be throwing my pearls before swine.

  40. Sweetness Reply

    Tell me how a child dies from any cancer. Tell me how a nonsmoker dies from throat cancer. Tell me how 90 year old pack a day didn’t get cancer. Tell me how something like tabaco that many a native american smoked and traded.. effect with un unprocessed tobacco has on life.tell me how science trys to cure what they have manipulated to addict young and old. YES DONT SMOKE. Nicotine(which can be used as a.bug extermination) how or what is it…. so many questions……… for every joy,cure,pain killer…. for everything there is a effect…….it would be great if the government could figure out how to have health care like some of the other countries…to help cure the epicedimic like drug addiction, because we are alway trying to cure what we as people have created…we rationed our troups with cigarette, then blame those who are addicted, and blame the following generations. If they see it or are told not to do it they still do……. time to reevaluated what we are doing as a hole…. when cancer lives in every human no matter what we do. Addiction starts with what weare given…… cure it from the inside

  41. james Reply

    johnnieyou dont think that idk say smokeing for twentyfive years had anything to do with you haveing the lngs of a sixtyyear old just saying use the brain god gave you do your math and figue out that hey maybe it was not he e cig. but pehaps the damn cigs i was smokein for 25 years

  42. staila Reply

    FDA has been saying marijuana was lethal and caused cancer for how many years? Even after the FDA warning, there are newspaper columnists and folks leaving blog comments. I can’t believe it! I don’t think that’s regulations….

  43. Linda Reply

    Yes i am agree with Staila.

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