Hyundai Elantra Recall Issued Over Power Steering Problems

Government safety officials have announced a recall of more than 200,000 Hyundai Elantra vehicles, due to problems with the electronic power steering system, which may fail and require drivers to apply extra force to steer the vehicles, increasing the risk of a crash. 

The Hyundai Elantra recall (PDF) was announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on February 26, following multiple warranty claims indicating the electronic power steering (EPS) system’s torque sensor signal was susceptible to “noise” when the vehicles were started, resulting in the EPS system to default to its manual steering mode. To date, no injuries or accidents have been recorded in relation to the defect.

The EPS makes it easier to steer the vehicle, determining the level of steering assist required at every turn. An analysis of warranty claims to dealers indicated that the torque sensor diagnostic logic within the EPS system may be vulnerable when the vehicles are started, resulting in an incorrect diagnostic code being set. This causes the system to default to its manual power steering mode, making it unexpectedly more difficult to steer.

In the event that a driver loses powering steering assist, a red “EPS” will become illuminated on the dash display screen and the driver will be forced to apply higher than normal effort to turn the steering wheel.

The level of difficulty to turn the steering wheel will be greatest at lower speeds, increasing the possibility of a crash. In many cases, drivers are prone to accidents because the event is unexpected and they are unfamiliar with operating the vehicle in its manual steering mode.

The recall includes 204,768 model year 2008 through 2010 Hyundai Elantra vehicles manufactured from June 1, 2008 to April 30, 2010, and 2009 through 2010 Elantra Touring models manufactured from November 1, 2008 to April 30, 2010.

Hyundai announced that it will begin notifying owners by certified mail with instructions on how to schedule an appointment at a licensed dealer who will verify the proper orientation of the Electric Power Steering and update the EPS control unit free of charge. An official repair schedule has not been released yet, but customers with further questions may contact Hyundai customer service at 1-855-671-3059 and refer to the recall number 127.

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  1. James Reply

    i owned one of the Hyundai cars the elantra and it was the worst day of my life when j crashed 2/10/2015 and i still didnt knoe why until i got the recll lettrt

  2. sonja Reply

    Same thing happened to my sister today coming from work. She was trying to control the steering n crashed on the railing. Car is totaled.

  3. Stan Reply

    My daughter also crashed and totaled her car in Jun 2015. The steering failed. What did you guys do? Did Hyundai replace your vehicles?

  4. Frances Reply

    Our 2010 Elantra Started making noise in the steering wheel and it gradually is gettig harderto steer We called the dealer and they said to bring it in We are afraid to drive it the 30 min drive to the dealer after reading the crash problems others are having Will call dealer to have them come pick it up. Hope they will respect customer camplaints

  5. Laura Reply

    My nephew wrecked my 2010 Elantra and I only received the recall notice a couple of weeks before the accident. I’m really baffled that when I contacted Hyundai multiple times about recalls and had the brake light recall fixed last year this recall was never mentioned to me.

  6. Merline Reply

    Had four recalls on 2010 Hyundai Elantra. The radio was an after market that was put on a brand new car when I purchased it from a dealership. 6-2-15 my car stopped working, refused to start road side started it I took it to a dealership stayed there for over 3 weeks. I received no loaner, no refund for the rentals. Still fighing with Hyundai and they refused to assist. My was covered under the factory warranty and was under miles 32,000

  7. Ileana Reply

    omg.. on june 19 2016 i had an accident with my elantra,, no one ever called me for a recall or even sent me a letter . My car was totaled. i felt the steering a little hard but didn’t know why. i had time to move over and not hit the other car but since i could not turn the wheel there was nothing i could do…i have a recording of the noise it made cause i was going to take it to the mechanic the following monday. thank go no one got hurt but im out one car ..

  8. Benjamin Reply

    This is a big safety issue my son’s steering on his 2015 Hyundai Elantra failed 4 times 2 time it was on the freeway call the dealer on the 4th time they disclosed to me there was not a recall on this particular vehicle they took a diagnostic on the vehicle and concluded that the electrical power system on the steering column was defective this issue is really going to injury somebody this is a big safety issue for the steering column to malfunction sense this same mechanical issue has been happening since 2008 I believe it calls for Class action lawsuit

  9. ROBERT Reply

    I have a 2013 elantra and my steerring sticks so when you try to correct it over corrects. The dealer fixed the problem in 2015 but its back again and magically they cant find what they did to it the last time. First the lie about the gas mileage now this, im not impressed at all. Also dont know if you guys ever had this problem but mine ticks like hell when its cold, sounds like an old sewing machine till it warms up.

  10. Barry Reply

    I too have a 2015 Elantra and the steering wheel “sticks” cuasing me to oversteer when correcting. Took it to the dealership and they couldn’t find anything wrong. It’s an intermittent problem but once it starts to stick it doesn’t stop. It may do it one day and not the next. Very aggravating. What casn i do?

  11. Kelly Reply

    I have a 2016 Elantra and my steering sticks all the time and you have to correct it .ive taken it to the dealership once already and they say there’s nothing wrong with it but it does it all the time I’m almost scared to drive it because I’m afraid eventually I won’t be able to steer at all .i bought it new and it has 20,000 miles on it I’m taking it back to the dealership Monday there should definitely be a recall on this

  12. Tiffany Reply

    Just purchased a 2013 Elantra from CarMax and took it in because it was jumping all over the road when I hit a bump, was pulling to the left and was just hard to steer sometimes. Was told my torque sensor needs to be calibrated. I hope this isn’t going to be an on-going problem.

  13. Michelle Reply

    I just seen this recall notice reguarding Hyundai Elantras. I had absolutely no idea. I have a 2010 myself. I went searching on the internet due to my steering wheel making a clicking noise when I turn the wheel, and I found this. At times when I start my car it will make a loud squealing noise. I recently went into service at the dealership on 03/30 a little over 1 month ago, and my car should not be squealing, nor should it be making a clicking noise. I am a single parent with a 4 year old and I do not want to get into an accident. Any suggestions???

  14. B Reply

    My 2010 Elantra Touring just started having these problems and it’s a tour of the 3rd circle of Hell so far. Hyundai’s “customer service” is a joke. The snotty twat waffle I called the last time talked to me like I was a retarded child and said “Sir,there is no recall and I don’t know where you got your misinformation”. I never got a certified letter,nothing.The dealer said I need a $1900 steering column.I’m pissed. 🙁

  15. Marci Reply

    My Mom bought a 2013 Elantra with just over 10k miles in August 2017. Two weeks later she drove it on the freeway and it started jumping lanes then rolled multiple times. Over a dozen surgeries to save her left arm. Have pictures of her arm when it was degloved. They had to remove the latissimus muscle on her right side to cover the broken bone. She still struggles to perform simple tasks. No notice of a recall and nothing for pain and suffering. Wishing we could pursue legal action before the statute of limitations expires. My Dad was dying of cancer when that car almost killed my Mom!!!!

  16. G Reply

    Power Steering failed on my 2014 Hyundai Elantra Limited edition. The description is the same as other Elantra power steering failures, where it loses power steering, I turn it off and on, and its ok for a while, then it repeats. After a few times, it does not reset. I am convinced that the root issue is the same, yet I am not able to get it fixed at no cost. I am not sure how I can reach Hyundai USA or other authority to get their attention. Any suggestions to flag this will help.

  17. Vincent Reply

    2009 Hyundai elantra clickihg sound in steering wheel

  18. Fred Reply

    Just started to hear clicking noise. Icon shows in dashboard.

  19. Barbara Reply

    My 2012 Hyundai Elantra steering wheel has started making clicking sounds. This can be heard while driving making short turns and while sitting still turning the wheel side to side. What is the problem..

  20. Tameka Reply

    My steering failed to work properly while driving home, got really stiff and illuminated EPS LIGHT on dash board, took it to 2 mechanic and both said replace the power steering rack! I heard the thud noise whenever i started the car for months and didnt know where it was coming from ,also replaced my tie rod ends twice because theres a rattling noise when i drive if i barely hit a pothole or anything, thought that was the culprit. I hope this helps someone/ save a life.

  21. Milta Reply

    Recall 127 my Hyndai Elantra 2008 turned off several times in the middle of the highway, I have taken the vehicle to several mechanics and spent over 2,000 or more in repairs but the car continued to turn off despite my efforts and many mecanics. Three green letters pop up on the dashboard and as I was driving the letters EPS suddenly appear the steering wheel became stiff and I could hardly move the wheel. With the help of family got the car Infront of my house but I ran out of money to pay more to fix it. Finally, I found out about the recall and decided to call bring the car in as they said they would fix it, only to call me and tell me they are not fixing the recall and stated the failure wasn’t caused by the recal, they are now refusing to pay and are making me pay diagnostic fees and over 700.00 of repairs. All I want is for them to fix the recall and the EPS I have small children and the car has turned off because of this the wheel became stiff and the green letter EPS how can this not be a clear factor in the functioning of this vehicle. I feel this is wrong does anyone have any advise?? My name is Milta Hyndai is refusing to fix any of the recalls

  22. Jacqueline Reply

    2014 Elantra limited engine make noise, power steering making noise. Engine rebuild Before 60000 miles, emission canister, alternator, battery all at the same time. Why isn’t this model part of the recall for engine and power steering?

  23. Adzoa Reply

    If they know about this issue, Hyundai shoot replace parts at no cost to the customer. My steering system is almost dead….please assist

  24. Adzoa Reply

    If they know about this issue, Hyundai shoot replace parts at no cost to the customer. My steering system is almost dead….please assist

  25. vincent Reply

    EPS light on and clicking sound in steering,steering wheel wont lock

  26. Tabitha Reply

    I just bought a 2012 Hyundai alantra. i love it. goes smoothly but only thing i noticed is that when i am driving straight the wheel stiffens but nothing bad. i read since its electronic it does this when just cruising. Is that normal? i have no clicking noise. steering wheel isnt stiff at all. just when i drive straight. Is this normal?

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