EOS Lip Balm Lawsuits Filed Over Skin Rashes, Allergic Reactions

  • Written by: Irvin Jackson

The makers of EOS lip balm face a growing number of class action lawsuits as a result of reports that users are experiencing rashes, skin irritation, loss of skin pigment and other allergic reactions. 

EOS, or Evolution of Smoothness, is a brand of lip balm that comes in small spherical containers, which is supposed to make lips feel smooth and healthy, purportedly helping to prevent cracking and chapping. However, a number of women nationwide have filed complaints saying that the lip balm does just the opposite.

Women’s complaints involving EOS lip balm include issues like bleeding, flaking, peeling, blistering and loss of pigmentation. Some claim that the injuries are permanent, and others say the reactions were so bad that they required medical attention.

One such EOS lip balm class action lawsuit was filed by Rachael Cronin in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California on January 12, indicating that the manufacturer has ignored a deluge of complaints.

“Consumer complaints have flooded the EOS Facebook page and their email,” according to allegations raised in Cronin’s complaint. “Consumers, including the Plaintiff in this action have written to EOS to share their complaints and adverse health problems arising from the use of the production.”

The lawsuit says that, despite the complaints, EOS has failed to add a warning to the lip balm, its website, or any promotional materials, and has failed issue any EOS lip balm recall or study any of the consumer complaints.

Cronin’s lawsuit indicates that she purchased “Summer Fruit” EOS lip-balm at a Target store in Los Angeles on December 4, 2015. As she used it, her lips became dry and cracked and began to bleed. Thinking she needed to use more, she applied more and her lips became so severely covered in blisters and rashes that she sought medical attention on December 7.

Her condition lasted 10 days, after which she posted photos to Facebook, which, according to the lawsuit, set off a series of other women stepping forward.

Several other EOS lip balm lawsuits have been filed, all involving women who raise similar complaints of severe skin reactions and who seek to represent all women who purchased EOS lip balm in a class action complaint.

EOS has posted on its Facebook page that its products are safe to use and that the lawsuit is without merit. The manufacturer maintains that all of its products are tested before being released to the public.

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  1. Allison Reply

    upon using this product,I noticed severe rash,cracking and flaking of lips,skin irritation.My daughter used this product as well and while doing so would kiss her five month old daughter and noticed the same rash shown on babies face.

  2. Nancy Reply

    I also bought 2 of these EOS, thought I was using a safe product. After 5 days of using, I developed a horrible rash under my lip. I also thought I just needed to use more since it is winter and all. but it burned. so I immediately stopped using this product. This rash lasted pretty much 7-8 days once I stopped using.

  3. Sandra Reply

    I have been using Eos since October 2015 and have had multiple lip issues. Itchy,Flaky, dry,blistering lips and redness surrounding the lips along with inflammation. I initially thought it was nuts so I took them out of my diet and it continued getting worse. I even changed my toothpaste to sls free. Stopped the balm. Just started again using the balm and now I’m having the same exact issue all over again. Now I realize it’s the Eos

  4. Chelsea Reply

    I just started using EOS this past Saturday, March 11th 2017. By Friday, the 17th I was in the doctors office with sores covered my entire body… eyes, ears, lip, elbows, shoulders, under my buttocks, behind my knees and on the bottoms of my feet… just curious if anyone else has this type
    Of reaction?? And what else did you do to ease the itching and swelling?! Do I need to file a statement with them.. any advice is greatly appreciate!

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