Generic Yaz Lawsuit Filed Over Launch of Gianvi Birth Control by Teva

Teva Pharmaceuticals announced this week that it has launched a generic version of Bayer’s Yaz birth control pill, which will be marketed as Gianvi. The announcement has sparked a patent infringement lawsuit from Bayer, who says Teva is breaking an agreement between the two companies. 

The generic Yaz lawsuit was filed shortly after Teva announced the copycat pill. Bayer officials say Teva is violating a contract between the two companies that prohibited the generic drug maker from launching Yaz generic until at least July 2011. Teva officials, however, say that the contract allowed them to sell the generic birth control pill early under certain conditions.

Yaz (ethinyl estradiol and droperinone) is a birth control pill manufactured by Bayer, which contains a fourth-generation progestin that is only found in Yaz, it’s precursor, Yasmin, and Ocella, a generic Yasmin version. While Ocella is also distributed by Teva, Bayer still manufactures the pill under a prior agreement between the drug makers.

Earlier this year, Bayer reported a 10% drop in Yaz sales for the first quarter of 2010 amid growing concerns about the potential side effects of Yaz and Yasmin. The losses in the healthcare division were at odds with gains made in other parts of the company, which saw a 5.3% increase in sales overall for the first quarter of 2010. The successful launch of a Yaz generic would likely cause Bayer’s profits from the birth control pill to fall even further.

“Demand for [the Yaz family of oral contraceptives] in the United States suffered particularly from the discussion surrounding the thrombosis risk of contraceptives containing drospirenone,” the company said in its report. “However, Bayer continues to believe that the risk profile is comparable to that of other combination oral contraceptives.”

Bayer currently faces more than 1,100 Yaz lawsuits, Yasmin lawsuits and generic Ocella lawsuits filed throughout the United States on behalf of women who allege that the drug maker failed to adequately research their birth control pill or warn about the risk of serious and potentially life-threatening injuries, such as stroke, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, gallbladder disease and other complications.

Critics have pointed to drospirenone as the likely cause of an increased risk of blood clots and other serious health problems with Yaz and Yasmin. Many of the complaints filed against the drug maker allege that a recall of Yaz and Yasmin should have been issued after post-marketing reports suggested that the birth control pills carry a higher risk than some other oral contraceptives

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  1. danielle Reply

    i dont see why people make a big deal about it being generic. generic means its has THE EXACT SAME INGREDIENTS without the cost of the brand name.

  2. danielle Reply

    and if your prescription costs that much thats on your healthcare because i pay $5 for mine

  3. chelsea Reply

    I have taken yaz for the past 4 years and then in july my doctor switched me to Gianvi without telling me. After taking it for about a week or two I started to get really sick to my stomach so I stopped taking it. I haven’t had my period for the past three months and I’m not pregnant. Even though I stopped taking the pill I am still breaking out and am extreamly moody. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow. I hope I don’t kick her ass. Even if I did it’s her fault I’m in such a shitty mood in the first place. If this pill made me sterile I will be so upset. I’m only 20 and I’ve always wanted to be a mom. 🙁

  4. jenna Reply

    I went to the pharmacy and was surprised when they put me on the generic of Yaz. I knew it was not my doctor because I had a discussion with her about how it wanted to stay on Yaz and not get switched to the generic. Since it was a SaturdayI could not get ahold of my doctor so I figured I would start this new pill. I could care less about price. It took me a long time to find a pill that worked so well for me, and Yaz was the miracle pill I needed. After only 2 days on this generic I became very emotional and could not stop crying. I did not feel like myself and I knew it was because of this pill. If this generic is the same exact thing as Yaz, I should not be experiencing these horrible symptoms. I went on Yaz to control my moods, and now this new one is making me worse. It also made my period heavy and the worse it has been in a long time. I only took it 2 days, and there is no way I am taking day number 3 tomorrow!!! I will be calling my doctor in this morning to make sure that I can get a new month of Yaz asap. I am upset that this generic form is going to screw me up for a month since I was doing so well on Yaz. But there is no way I will take another day of it. I will do whatever I have to to keep on taking Yaz. At this point I do not care how much money I have to spend.

  5. Tina Reply

    I just recently got swithced over and it is almost as expensive as yaz I have been on it about a month now and I have noticed the difference. I called my doctor because I feel uncomfortable taking the generic brand. Why is it so expensive?

  6. Judith Reply

    My daughter was switched to the generic several months ago by the insurance company and had nothing but problems: headache, spotting, etc. which she never experienced with Yaz. She stuck with it for 2 months and then she contacted her Dr. They brought her right in- there have been numerous, severe problems with this generic drug!!!! We are currently fighting with the insurance company to get them to pay for the Yaz which she is now paying for out of pocket.

    I am all for generic brands if they work the same- this one obviously does not.

  7. 16 year old daughter. Reply

    Okay, so here’s the point of view from me. I’m 16. My father requested that I take birth control after he found out about me and my boyfriend. At first I was taking Yaz, which was prescribed by my doctor. I didn’t even want to take this, but whatever. So I’m taking this and already in the first week I have issues with dryness, etc. I got pretty upset. After a few weeks of taking it though, it started to go away, so I was like “Cool.” A few months later, someone (I don’t know who) changed my prescription to Gianvi. I was worried, considering this was a generic brand and all. I gave it a shot, though. I read the little book thing and it’s exactly like the Yaz book. The only major problem I have with this pill is that I believe it is making me moodier and maybe have more of an appetite. I’ve been taking this for a few months and I can say that I honestly cannot tell the difference, besides the name of course. If you’re worried about giving your daughter birth control, don’t be. It’s much better than having her pregnant or something. I haven’t had any “life threatening” side effects. Companies are required by law to put ANY potential threats. These ‘extreme’ side effects happen to like 1 in a million people. Another thing I like about this birth control is that it still comes with the little wallet and only costs TEN DOLLARS CO PAY. I can keep going, but all I’m trying to say is to NOT worry. It’s the same thing.

  8. Melanie Reply

    BEWARE!! my daughter was on Yaz for 3 years until 2 weeks ago was switched to generic. within 4 days she thought she had the flu, aches, pains, vomiting, diarrhea, and eyelids almost swollen shut. She stopped taking the generic. Went to doctor was told it was a virus, 3 days later went back to dr, was told it was a sinus infection, restarted pill within in 12 hours, symptoms came back with a vengeance.Went to see different doctor he said it was an allergic reaction to the generic. that they use different “fillers”. So who knows how long it will be until she is back to normal. no more generic for her!!!!

  9. Jennifer Reply

    Thank you to everyone who has shared on this page. I recently got my prescription of Yaz refilled after a 6 month break due to insurance issues and was surprised to be handed Gianvi. I felt very uneasy about this new pill so I decided to research it. I found this site and immediately decided not to take it.

    I called my pharmacy and they said that I could switch it out for Yaz which I did that same night. With my insurance Gianvi cost $63 and Yaz $76. I’m happy to pay the extra money not go through what has been described on this page.

    Thank you everyone.

  10. Brittany Reply

    I also want to thank everyone for their comments on Gianvi. I was going to switch to the generic brand because of the price like probably all of us, but it’s not worth the risk. I’ve never had any problems with Yaz and that’s good enough for me. By the way, I would love to be paying $35 or even $65 for my Yaz; where I live its $80 with a savings card!

    It’s ridiculous, but there is a reason why Gianvi is NOT called Yaz!!

  11. Bitsy Reply

    Gianvi made me nearly suicidal. I have depression and was nervous about the pill for that reason, but as a 21 year old that has always had vomit inducing periods that ibuprofen and naproxen sodium do little to treat, I decided it was enough. I was prescribed Yaz with the assurance that it would not make my depression worse, but it might make it better. Not knowing much about drugs, I said yes without a thought when the pharmacy asked if the generic was okay. I didn’t realize that “generic” meant “similar drug that isn’t approved to treat all the same things and hasn’t been tested enough.”

    I ended up in the worst state of depression I have ever had. I wasn’t myself. I got angry or upset over things all the time since starting Gianvi. Then, because of the depressive tendencies I already had, I attributed it to depression, but nothing that usually helps the depression worked. I did everything I could think of to help it, but I stumped a lot of people with my psychological case. I could only assume there was something so wrong with me it couldn’t be fixed. I have, with all my depression, never been self-harming. However, I told my roommates that I wished I was because then someone could put me in a hospital. I worried my roommates so badly they called my family, a counseling center, and an ecclesiastical leader. Finally, my sister made the connection between the start of Gianvi and the start of my terrible moods and my mother started looking stuff up and everything started to make sense.

    I recognize that this is just my situation, to all you people who are accusing us of being fear-mongers. I am glad you didn’t have any problems. I recognize we are all different and different things can happen to us. I also cannot have gone through this–feeling like I should have never been born, worthless, a problem to everyone–and not say something about it. We all are different, but we also never know what will happen when we switch medication and with side effects this bad, I would say it isn’t worth the risk. The fact is this drug is being marketed as something it isn’t. It isn’t a substitution for Yaz. It may keep someone from becoming pregnant, but so many people use it for so many other things and it cannot fulfill all those functions.

  12. Kaycee Reply

    Last week I went to my doctor because I was having major pains when I was ovulating (I’ve not been on BC in almost 6 years). It turns out I have a cyst on my ovary. The Dr. told me BC might help, so she prescribed Yaz. I had heard both negative and positive things about it, but decided to see how it would work for me. I picked my generic prescription up from Walgreens and my co-pay was only $5…I was so excited. I had taken generic medication before, but never thought much about them. Then I decided to do some research on Gianvi and found this board…I read through every comment and started getting freaked out…I’ve only been on this pill for 6 days and have already noticed major bloating, and new pimples on my face, as well as some weird intestinal cramping yesterday that had me laid out on the couch for a good 30 minutes. I called my Dr’s office and told the nurse about my concerns and she said “well the generic is supposed to be the exact same as Yaz” but I told her I wanted to only be prescribed the real deal…hopefully my Dr. will understand my concerns and will tell the pharmacy to ony give me the name brand stuff. Like I said, I’ve not been on birth control in almost 6 years (I like my body to do its thing naturally, not with fake hormones), so I was skeptical to even get on something that might mess with me, but I needed something for my migraines and ovarian cysts. Hopefully I can get on Yaz and everything will be good from then on.

  13. Becky Reply

    Just want to warn those with serious PMDD about new Gianvi. I had my gynecologist put me on Yaz about 3 years ago for PMDD. My symptoms were so bad (migraine, sick stomach, hot/cold flashes, exhaustion, serious mood disturbances, terrible food cravings, all beginning about seven days before my period and not ending until my period started). I thought I was going to go crazy until I went on Yaz. It was like a miracle. My symptoms decreased to an occasional mild headache the day or two before my period. It was WONDERFUL. Two months ago, my pharmacist gave me the new generic Gianvi. I never thought much about it, I have always used generics without any problems. This month, my symptoms started on Saturday, bad headache, nausea, so cold my teeth chattered no matter how many covers I piled on myself. I felt so bad I missed work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I would have missed Friday except I don’t work Fridays. By Wednesday morning my head hurt so badly I was crying. I called my gynecologist who refused to call me in anything for a migraine and had her nurse call me back to tell me to go to the emergency room if I felt that bad. I fired her. I was hysterical. I couldn’t stop crying, I felt like a complete idiot, but I was so miserable I wanted to die. I went to the urgent care where the PA prescribed me Bupap, a combination of butalbital and acetaminophen which is often prescribed for migraine. It made me sleepy, but I didn’t notice much improvement in my headache and absolutely no improvement in my nausea or emotional instability. Finally, this afternoon, I started my period and my symptoms have died down to a mild headache and mild cramps. After racking my brain for a reason for this horrible (and I DO mean horrible) episode, the only change I have made in any medicines, foods, lifestyle, etc., is switching from Yaz to Gianvi. When I remembered they had switched me to Gianvi, I also remembered that I had a worse time the week of my period last month as well (not nearly as bad as THIS month!!!), I just thought it was a bad patch, not realizing it was this new pill. So……I don’t care if it costs twice as much or whatever. I missed three days of work and lived through a week of horror that my poor family had to live through with me. I won’t EVER be taking Gianvi again!!!

  14. rachel Reply

    Do not take gianvi!! I took yaz for over 2 years for acne and never had one pimple ever the most would be a small blackhead everyonce in a while. After switching to gianvi my acne is the worst its been in years and it makes me depressed. Along with the severe moodiness this pill makes me wana cry. I can’t have a normal conversation with my mom and the added stressed of having cystic acne isn’t making things better. I’m getting yaz back tmrw and I cannot wait to throw these pills out.

  15. Michelle Reply

    I just wanted to share my horrible experience with Gianvi in hopes that if someone else is going through the same thing they will recognize it. Four years ago my doctor put me on Yaz for horrible cramps, hot flashes, headaches, mood swings and heavy bleeding. After about 6 months I stopped having a period and have talked to 3 OB/GYN who all told me that since I’m not at risk for getting pregnant that I don’t need to be concerned about not having a period. I’ve felt better than ever without having a week of my life gone every month due to these symptoms.

    Everything has been fine for the past 4 years, then last month the pharmacy gave me Gianvi. I asked what it was since it was obviously different and they told me it was the new generic form and they were no longer carrying Yaz. So I took it the past month. On Wednesday night I went on the placebo pills and by Friday was starting to feel very emotional. I had some stressful things going on at work but I’ve never reacted so irrationally to something like this. I started getting hot flashes and stomach aches that I thought were maybe just early flu symptoms. Then Saturday evening I started my period and it’s been extremely heavy and painful. I’m also getting horrible cystic acne. My physical and emotional state have been awful. I went to the doctor today and they took me off the Gianvi and told me to not take anything but Yaz. Apparently sometimes generics can be just different enough to really affect certain people and I’m one of them. If you started taking this and have any of these change in physical and especially emotional state, please go to the doctor immediately.

  16. Jillian Reply

    GIANVI IS NOT THE SAME AS YAZ!!! I have been on Yaz for 3 years, prescribed it for heavy periods and to manage endometriosis. Yaz made my mood better, drastically cut down on the heaviness/length of my period, helped prevent endo pain and I even lost a few pounds. Two Months ago my insurance stopped covering Yaz so I was forced to switch to Gianvi to save money. Within 2 weeks of the switch I had severe stomach problems which ended up requiring hospitalization and numerous tests. My stomach completely shut down and stopped processing food. After all of the tests, nothing abnormal came back, my Dr. was stumped. Month two on Gianvi I experienced severe depression and mood swings (which I have never had before), and at the end of the second pack of Gianvi, my period was just as heavy and painful as before taking the Yaz. This was my light bulb moment that not only is Gianvi NOT the same medication as Yaz, but it was the cause of my two months of health problems hell. If you take Yaz, don’t make the switch to Gianvi, you can still afford Yaz. Bayer is now offering a discount card (found here : For insured or uninsured, it’s $5 for your first pack of yaz and then $25/pack thereafter. Also, if you are like me and experienced serious side-effects from taking Gianvi, report it to the FDA by filling out the form found @: This form is specifically good for reporting generic drugs that are not similar to the original. Gianvi is manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals, a company that recently recalled their generic version of Adderall to find that many of their 5mg pills had upwards of 20mg per pill! Let’s stop these horrific drug companies.

  17. nicole Reply

    I was also confused when I saw my pharmacy had switched me from yaz to gianvi. When I saw that it said “generic yaz” I was relieved, because I usually trust generic brands. However, I am now starting my second month of gianvi, and I have noticed a significant weight gain. I have gained TEN pounds in a month- which is ridiculous considering I exercise regularly and watch what I eat. This is the heaviest I’ve been in years.
    Also I have noticed acne breakouts, which I never had on yaz. I am going to talk to my doctor about switching back to yaz; I’d rather pay more for yaz than less for a pill that makes me fat.

  18. Jilly Reply

    Thanks Jennifer, (comment on June 28) for info on savings card. This morning I went back to pharmacy with my savings card(printed from website) and got a whole 70 dollars back, after purchasing Yaz yesterday. Great savings!!! hope Yaz will help for my daughter’s acne.

  19. Katie Reply

    Wow. I think everyone on here should quit taking birth control because it’s making you all crazy. The pills are the same. Okay? Has anyone heard of the placebo effect? You get something that looks different, therefore you think it is different, therefore you think all these different things are happening, when really it’s all in your head. I swear to you that if someone told you that you were getting Yaz, and you believed you were taking Yaz, when really they gave you Gianvi instead, you would be just fine. Seriously. Get over it.

  20. Melissa Reply

    My 15 year old daughter started taking Yaz when she was 13 to help regulate her periods and for endometriosis. She tried several different birth control pills and after severe migraines we switched back to Yaz. Last month her pharmacy gave her Gianvi since her insurance would no longer pay for Yaz. After 2 weeks of taking the generic form she has had break through bleeding, severe abdominal pain and migraines! I honestly feel this generic formula is nothing like Yaz. She NEVER had any problems or side effects taking Yaz. I made her stop taking Gianvi and she has started feeling better again.

  21. Donna Reply

    All generics are not always the same. My daughter has breakthrough bleeding on the generic brand but not on the Brand name. Also there are several medications were you do not achieve the same blood levels on generic as you do with the brand. (ie: Coumadin vs Warfarin)I take care of many patients whose doses need to be increased to maintain the proper therapeutic levels. Just letting people know to listen to what their body is telling them etc.

  22. mariana Reply

    I too was given the generic and have been taking for about 4 months..I loved everything about Yaz except the price so I when I was told that there was finally a generic that cost $5 buck I jumped at the chance of saving a few bucks. Well you know what they say you get what you paid for; everything Yaz had “fixed” for me, adult acne and PMDD is now long gone in fact my acne came back worse! I kept asking the pharmacist if they were the exact same thing as I’ve noticed changes but was always reassured it was, now I’m demanding to be put back on the Yaz!

  23. Amy Reply

    After being on Yaz for over 4 years without any problems my mail order pharmacy switched me to this new generic…after hesitation I took it within two months I gain ten pounds even though I was running 3-5 miles a day and suffered from on going yeast infections within that timeframe and just didn’t feel good…I went back to my Dr.who put me back on Yaz and everything is back to normal including losing the 10 pounds I gained…I do not recommended this generic and say always go with what u instincts tell you..u are in control of ur health not the insurance companies.

  24. Anna Reply

    I have taken Yaz for the past 5 years, and I love it. I have had amazing skin, a weight decrease (except a half-cup bra size increase, bbut no complaints from me-it was like natural implants without the surgery!), and my mood is completely stable to a guru-esqe level. My periods are super light, short, and easy, oh, and did I mention it has prevented cconception? I would much rather continue paying $88 a month for Yaz than pay for all the other “fixes” for the things it helps: acne meds, weight loss meds, breast implants, anti anxiety or depressants or mood stabilizers, tons of tampons, pads, and ibuprofin, a KID. II would never risk all of these positive factors and switch to the new generic. If it was the exact same it would be called Yaz, not Gianvi.

  25. grace Reply

    I am a college student and I was on Yaz for just over a year and very happy with it. When my Doctor switched me to Gianvi without notice I was nervous and hesitant to take it. I love Gianvi so far I’ve been on it for four months and it has been just as goo. d if not better than Yaz. The extra $20 a month in my pocket isn’t too shabby either

  26. Laura Reply

    One thing to keep in mind with prescriptions… there is a box on a written prescription that the Doctor has to check if they want it to be filled for “name brand only”. Often when there is no generic available (as was the case prior to June 2010) they don’t bother checking it.

    If you have a standing Rx for a year’s pill packs, and a generic comes out during that year, all those unchecked “Brand Only” boxes result in the pharmacy software & insurance auto-switching you to generic when it becomes available. From that day forward insurance companies adjust their pricing tiers for the drug making the brand a higher copay and the generic a cheaper one… even if by a little. If the Brand Only box is checked the Pharmacist cannot change you to generic without the doctor’s consent.

    Also, you can ask your pharmacist to pull your original prescription (yes they are required to file them onsite) and physically check it to see if that Brand Only box is checked. I worked as a Pharmacy Technician for a couple of years and I frequently pulled original Rx’s to verify refill amounts and brand selections for customers suspecting errors on either the Doctor or Pharmacist’s part.

    As for my experience, I am on BC to treat PCOS. I changed from Yaz to Gianvi a couple of months ago. I had bad nausea and dizziness the first week or two, but I get that with the start of any BCP. After that settled out I seem to be tolerating the med well. I have had some gastrointestinal problems that lead me to suspect an increased sensitivity to carbs, but it’s sporadic so I can’t say for sure. One change was my periods are extremely light and short which I frankly am fine with. I have noticed I am a bit more sensitive to sad stuff (tear up at stuff a bit, but don’t cry) which is a bit out of character for me but it’s infrequent and perhaps a bit more “normal” than my usual tendency. If my “tummy trouble” turns out to be Gianvi related, though I will try to change back.

  27. Ashley Reply

    Ive been on yaz for quite a few years (about 6) I think, and I switched to the generic about 5-6 months ago and have not had a problem with it what so ever. About a year ago I tried to switch to loestrine fe so I’d get my period every 3 months, not a good idea. I had my period for about a month and was batshit crazy, and this was about a week or so into the new meds. Clearly Im easily susceptible to changes in my medications, but switching from yaz to the generic didnt bother me at all.

  28. angela Reply

    I filled my prescription this last month and was sold gianvi the generic brand of YAZ. I could tell something was wrong within 3 days. I was irritable and angry. I finished the month but I am calling my pharmacy today and complaining. My body needs the Yaz. They say it’s the same but I know my body and it’s not responding the same. I wish there was some law that the pharmacy had to atleast TELL you you have been switched to a generic form. For me it is worth the price to have YAZ.

  29. Lauren Reply

    I began taking Gianvi about 8 months ago (whenever it first became available). Prior to that, I was on Yaz for about 4 years. I have never had any problems with Yaz. Since the EXACT DAY I began taking Gianvi, I had been experiencing severe migraines. For 8 months I went from specialist to specialist trying to figure out why I was having migrained 4-5 times a week. The second I stopped taking Gianvi- they went away COMPLETELY. That’s the last time I do generic birth control pills…. my life was miserable for 8 months.

  30. Heidi Reply

    I don’t have insurance for the first time since my dr prescribed Yaz for me about 8 months ago. I’m scared to death how I’m going to pay for it. Been taking Gianvi. He prescribed it in answer to my absolutely insane hormones that were causing extreme anger/depression in alternating periods. I have been really happy with the results and feel pretty much normal again. Just wondering how much I’m gonna end up paying now and may have to stop taking it so that is in itself upsetting. I would hate to go back to the way I was before I was taking this. My family will hate it even worse.

  31. Upset Mid-20yo Reply

    I have been taking YAZ for 5 yrs. Recently I tried the generic due to my insurance not covering the brand name. I have had terrible side effects from the generic. I take birth control due to a medical condition. I think it is crazy that my insurance will not cover YAZ anymore due to the release of the generic, which obviously isn’t the same.

  32. mkz Reply

    I took Yaz for 2 years with no problems, then was switched to Gianvi last April. Since then I have developed acne on my chin. I switched back to Yaz last week and am hoping for the best.

  33. ellekay Reply

    Of course Bayer reports lower sales, we were automatically given Gianvi! I was, and still, not very happy that I received it. I went to one doctor for 2 years and we agreed that I would take Yaz. I moved to a different state, different doc and I pick up the Rx and it’s some generic I’ve never heard of?! I’m okay with generics for infections, stuff like that, but this, no way. When I go to a different doctor next month for a refill/exam, I’m demanding I get put back on Yaz. I haven’t noticed many differences, but it seems a lot harder for me to shed pounds and exercise. I’m always hungry, tired, more irritable, and have had worse cramps since getting Gianvi. Yaz is so much better.

  34. Jay Reply

    I too was surprised to find a generic for Yaz when I went to pick up my prescription and was happy until I tried it. I had severe headaches from the first day. I’m very disappointed and have to go back to Yaz.

  35. Joan Reply

    I had the Gianvi and hated it. Some folks have problems when they go off of Yaz no matter what. Since I am 50 and going off birth control I will find out if it was the Gianvi or going of Yaz in itself. Not looking forward to simialar problems.

  36. jamei Reply

    I don’t understand how Gianvi and Yaz can be exactly the same, because when I was on Yaz, I NEVER got a period. Now I’m on Gianvi and I get one every month.

  37. tk Reply

    I took the generic for about six months and the symptoms that Yaz relieved me from immediately came back. The irritability, long periods, etc. This generic DOES NOT WORK for PDD sufferers.

  38. Loretta Reply

    I took Yaz for 5 Years ad my gallbladder EXPLODED! I almost died! So yall go right on ahead and forego all the warnings if u want to. Bad cramps, long periods, and acne are the least of my problems now.

  39. Stacey Reply

    My pharmacy notified me when Gianvi was available, so I tried it. I had been taking Yaz for awhile with no problems, but just before Gianvi came out the price of Yaz was fluctuating from $30 to $60 and back (with insurance).

    I ended up being allergic to something in Gianvi, a filler, which resulted in extreme head pain and a $12,000 hospital bill, of which I have to pay $3,000 out of pocket. Gianvi was definitely no savings for me.

  40. Kay Reply

    Gianvi is HORRIBLE and i DO NOT recommend it. I had taken Yaz for about 3 years with absolutely no problems, no weight gain, no spotting, and my mood was generally approved even though I have no history of PMDD.

    HOWEVER, after switching to Gianvi to try and save a few bucks, I have had TERRIBLE side effects. I have been ten times as irritable as I was previously, have suffered from depression, I have frequent spotting, and even intercourse has become painful.

    I had never had any of these problems my entire life before switching to Gianvi. Bayer has every right to sue Teva for all they’re worth. Gianvi is an HOAX, and IS NOT even CLOSE to the same drug as Yaz, obviously, and SHOULD NOT be sold as the generic version.

  41. amp Reply

    I was on Yaz since January or Feb of last year, and I was surprised when they changed to gianvi.

    I get free birth control bc in my state if you have low income (I’m a student), and no insurance you’re covered if you apply.

    However, I just moved and obviously have no free birth control in this state and have no insurance (until it starts in a couple months), and Gianvi which is generic IS $76. This pharmacy I went to just charged me only $67 for it. I have had no problems with this pill. but as far as being generic, it IS expensive relative to its Name Brand. I take another drug that’s like 200+ a month for the name brand and the generic is 70, still a lot, but comparably much much lower and that’s why it’s a generic.

    I can’t wait till my insurance for my new job begins and I can have a $30 copay! It won’t be free, but it’ll be half the price of what some are paying now. But for all the girls out there who have no insurance and pay out of pocket, bless your hearts– i know how you feel; i’ve had to do it a couple times. It’s worth it to me, though, bc I take for irregular periods and pregnancy prevention with my fiance… it’s cheaper than the monthly rate of raising a kid or coming up with hundreds of dollars at once for (heaven forbid) an abortion. you gotta look at it on a larger scale.

    I have tried almost every other birth control out there: IUD (gained 30 lbs in 3 months!!), depo-provera, para gard (the copper version of mirena, and it made my periods last 14+ days and was HEAVY, like i used a super plus tampon in 1-2 hrs), etc and other pills and the nuva ring.

    The nuva ring is my favorite form out there; however, I decided to try taking the Pill again because my doctor told me about Yaz. So, I will tell you what– that was the best BCP ever and I can’t believe I spent all those years trying all those other horrible methods. Gianvi seems to work just the same for me.

    On another note, I tried nuva ring to see if i’d like it, and the month after I tried yaz, and i noticed that on Nuva Ring, i had a lot of discharge and it was nasty, so I went back on the pill and I don’t have that anymore. If only I didn’t get dishcarge on nuva ring, that’d be my first choice.

    I’ve been on birth control for 10 years.

    my doctor before rewriting me a Rx for yaz/gianvi, she said “are you sure? it is a very strong drug with severe side effects, so I am just going to ask you again, do you really want me to write you this prescription? it can cause strokes, etc.” So, a responsible doctor would explain to you the risks, and stress how strong the drug was; she didn’t want to write a Rx for it, but I told her straight up, I am very sure, it’s the only thing that works best, I am aware of the side effects. I do want this exact type of pill. So she wrote it, but she didin’t just scribble out her signature and let me on my way. So, there are good doctors out there (this one was at a college health center, too).

    Best of luck with all your BCP (birth control problems! ha ha).

  42. Gail Reply

    I tried the generic for two months. I also had cramps and spotting I NEVER had on Yaz. I agree with some of the other comments, it was like taking a different pill. I was extra pissed because I had no idea there was a generic and MEDCO just sent me three months of the generic without asking or even warning me. Their records said they sent me Yaz and they charged me the brand price but it was clearly not Yaz. The customer service rep even had the nerve to ask me to make an appointment with my doctor so she could explain to me that the pill was the Yaz brand. Really? I don’t know what it looks like? I’ve been taking it every day for years and it said Gianvi on the box… anyway. I dropped Medco and Gianvi. When do we start getting brand birth control covered under ins the way Viagra is?!?!

  43. Ashley Reply

    I was put on Gianvi when i first started taking birth control. I was on it for 2 months and asked my doctor if i could switch to another because i was breaking out really bad and my face has always been pretty clear. I was then put on Kariva for one month (not even) and i had really bad pains in my calf for a week and a half and I told my mother it hurt to walk , move etc. so we went to the urgent care center and they did an ultrasound on my leg and rushed me to the hospital. It was the worst pain in my life. I was in the hospital for 2 days and I had to take Coumadin and stomach shots (they hurt so bad and left me bruised.) After i got out of the hospital I had to see my doc every week to make sure the Coumadin was working and still had to have the stomach shots. So after 4 months or so I stopped taking the medication because I am stubborn and I am now blood clot free for now. It was a horrible thing to go through as a teenager and I am not able to take any birth control at all for the rest of my life my doc told me. Oh and the meds made me gain about 15-20+ pounds in less then 3 months I still can’t get rid of the weight. I am also still paying off hospital bills. Not fun.

  44. Amy Reply

    I guess everyone is different because im taking gianvi and it has worked wonders for me. I love this bc

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