GM Recalls 1.5 Million Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Pontiac Vehicles

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and General Motors have announced an auto recall for 1,497,517 Buick Regal, Chevrolet Lumina, Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Oldsmobile Intrigue and Pontiac Grand Prix vehicles.

The vehicles all have GM 3.8 liter engines, which contain a defect that may cause oil to leak and potentially cause a car fire.

The GM recall was reported on April 14, 2009, and registered owners of the affected vehicles are expected to be contacted so that repairs can be made starting in May 2009.

The model years that will be impacted by the recall include the 1998-2003 Chevrolet Lumina, 1998-2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 1998-2003 Chevrolet Impala, 1998-1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue, 1997-2003 Buick Regal and 1997-2003 Pontiac Grand Prix (with a 3.8L V6).

The problem with the engine involves a defect which could allow drops of oil to leak onto the exhaust manifold during hard breaking. If the manifold is hot and the leaking oil runs under the heat shield, it is possible that a flame could ignite and cause an engine fire.

Owners of the vehicles with GM engines will be asked to contact a dealer service center to arrange repairs. The spark plug wire retention channel at the front and the engine will be removed and replaced with two new spark plug wire retainers at no cost to the owner.

Additional information about the GM recall can be obtained by contacting Chevrolet at (800) 630-2438, Oldsmobile at (800) 630-6537 or Pontiac at (800) 620-7668. Additional information can also be obtained at

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  1. Mandy Reply

    We owned a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix that we bought used from a dealership. In May 2012 my husband drove it home from work and parked it in the garage. 10 minutes later, it was fully engulfed in flames and our house and all our belongings are gone….We came away with just the clothes on our back..2 weeks later our 2000 Chevy Impala was being driven by our son. this car was bought used from my parents who had bought it new from a dealership….My son stopped at my sister-in-laws house and within 5 minutes the car was in flames. The fire melted her garage doors, siding and gutters… It was after the second fire that I found this recall information….we NEVER received a notice nor did my parents… Our home owners insurance paid us for the house and our contents…Our car insurance paid us for both cars through the comprehensive coverage we had on both….BUT my beautiful home and things are gone, I can not replace my wedding photos (I have none now), my kids school pictures, the quilt my grandmother made for us, etc. Our insurance was not enough….The home that burnt was a 10 yr old story and half, 3 br, 2 1/2 bath 2900 sq ft home. I built a one story, 3 br, 2 bath 1900 sq ft home for the same $$$ that our first home cost. We received no money for the damages to my sis-in-laws home….we paid for that out of our pocket because we did not want her homeowners to increase because of us……..I would be very interested in being part of a lawsuit…I can not find out if there is one or not…..the damage that this has caused me and my family is huge (both physically and mentally)….GM’s $ wont “fix” us but something HAS to be done about recalls and a lawsuit is the only way to get their attention. I feel that insurance companies could play a part in notifying consumers of recalls…they know who is insuring a car whether it is a used vehicle or not….

  2. Michael Reply

    My 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix exploded this morning while trying to jump if off. I had a dead battery. The battery is still intake just the motor is burnt out. What the heck is going on?

  3. Sherri Reply

    My 2002 chevy impala caught on fire while driving down the interstate…..burnt up! who can I contact about this?????

  4. David Reply

    My 1998 Buick Regal caught fire while my wife was driving it home from work in September 2005. My wife was able to get out of the car but the car was a total loss. In 2009 I received my first recall notice and have been receiving them twice a year ever since which drives me nuts.

  5. courtney Reply

    Me and my fiance have a 93 buick century we woke up this morning to it on fire due to a electric malfunction

  6. larry Reply

    So my 1997 Pontiac Grand prix caught fire after 2 days of receiving the information about the 09047 engine compartment fire code in the mail . What should I do??

  7. David Reply

    I have the same problem with my 2003 Impala 3400. Overheated so I refreshed the Dexcool and replaced the thermostat and all the gaskets are rotted, all major gaskets are rotted as well.
    It still overheats with new thermostat and new water pump, intake gaskets are leaking and maybe head gasket also but must replace it or junk a beautiful car with only 170,000 miles with Dexcool.
    It goes without saying that the air conditioner does not work, neither does the heater.
    I certainly hope to be a part of a class-action to make GM get it’s act together; it used to be a proud company with a good product and I do hope it does not go the way of the Rambler/American Motors Co.

  8. DEBRA Reply

    yes I have a2001 monte carlo that has similar problem as the other cars. ican be driving and my car completely dies, no steering or anything I have to restart it. it doesn’t happen all the time. but it is scary to have no control .I keep watching for the recall on my vechile but haven’t seen it yet.

  9. dylan Reply

    hello well i was just wondering a couple ?s about this recall i did own a 1998 regal ls and know alll about the car but mine had the recall took care of but later had wrecked it.. but my ? is i have my eyes on another gm car same make and model but a little different its the gsx model and its a 99 and the check engine light is on possibly faulty 02 sensor and equipped with ceramic coated tube headers (SLR) the collector tube is wich is made of braided steel has deteriorated and is need of replacement and a gas leak from around the front of the tank does the recall cover any of that?? would love to know any information as soon as possible plz and thank you!!!

  10. dylan Reply

    hello well i was just wondering a couple ?s about this recall i did own a 1998 regal ls and know alll about the car but mine had the recall took care of but later had wrecked it.. but my ? is i have my eyes on another gm car same make and model but a little different its the gsx model and its a 99 and the check engine light is on possibly faulty 02 sensor and equipped with ceramic coated tube headers (SLR) the collector tube is wich is made of braided steel has deteriorated and is need of replacement and a gas leak from around the front of the tank does the recall cover any of that?? would love to know any information as soon as possible plz and thank you!!!

  11. Jon Reply

    Got a 2003 Malibu after my wife’s grandmother passed away….very low mileage…it would loose oil and coolant slowly, but as time went on over the past year of us using the car the coolant would drain faster and faster. The past couple months my wife had to put a gallon of coolant in the car EVERY DAY!!! We can not afford $1300+ to have the manifold gasket replaced… So I took it upon myself to do this CRAZY repair… Spent a week doing the job to make sure I got it right taking my time and watching a step by step video over and over as I worked on it. Finally get it all back together and now the engine is having random misfires. I will NEVER own another GM product ever!!! They put these bad gaskets in more cars than I can count…for years knowing they were bad….and they refuse to recall them and foot the bill for replacing them with quality gaskets. After reading all the stories above now I am worried it will just spontaneously combust on us any day now. The government should have just let them go bankrupt… They don’t give a S**t about the American people….so why did we bail them out???

  12. Stephen Reply

    Have 1997 Buick Lesabre my wifes father gave to us a few years ago. This morning it caught on fire in engine area and is total.

  13. Deb Reply

    2001 olds silhouette premiere van. Started leaking coolant like crazy onto the ground under front passenger side. One day “service engine soon” light started flashing. Left it in parking lot of where I work. Was scared to drive it as steam had come up from under right side of hood. The other day I was going to try and drive it home. I had let it sit too long and the battery was dead. I’m terrified that a jump start may set engine on fire and it’ll be a total loss. I’m 100% certain its the intake manifold gasket and maybe the catalytic converter. I can’t afford a tow or to repair it right now. I work nights and the vehicle is necessary to keep my job.I only had it 14 months. Truthfully, although I hate to say it, GM needs to go out of business rather than continue building poorly constructed vehicles that aren’t worth anywhere near what consumers must pay for them. And in my case its going to cost me my job.

  14. TERRENCE Reply

    2000 buick lesabre was running fine . One day it wouldnt start battery was dead. came out the next day with a battery jumper went to start it heard a loud bang then smoke and a fire errupted . whats up with that can any one help me figure this out .

  15. Trevor Reply

    I have a 2002 impala [3.8] and my engine bay caught fire right along the fire wall. Not sure what caused it , but now the car every now and then stalls out and has to sit for a bit then it works fine.. this is inconvienent and very dangerous. Any help would be greatly appreachated.
    thanks for any help

  16. Dayton Reply

    This stalling problem that will still restart after sitting sounds a lot like an Ignition Control Module. They cost roughly $200 at Autozone, but are easy to replace. They can also test them off of the car for free, but it only fails when hot, not sure if their test would show good results because of this. It may be worth it to swap one with a good friend with a similar GM 3.8L vehicle for testing purposes. Good luck!

  17. Aaron Reply

    I have a 2001 Pontiac grand prix. I went to start my car up this morning and it started up then puttered then dyed. I started it up again with a little gas peddle with it and had it puttering till it’s warmed up, plus while the check engine was blinking smoke started to come out of the middle between the seats a little scary but after I got the car warmed up it runs good. Plus I’m leaking oil and I can smell it smoking also on the motor. I called Premier GM in Morgantown and told them about my troubles and they told me they would call back I’m still waiting. I’m not a rich man I got a child that’s 3yrs old with autism, this car is the only means of transportation I got if someone can help me by telling me what or what the problem is it would make me very happy.

  18. Bryan Reply

    My 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP caught on fire on Dec 31st 2014 my wife was driving to work just as she pulled into the parking lot she saw smoke and 5 sec later it flashed under the hood. the fire started on the driver side front near the head light no recall notice, no problems with the car before this, WE only had PL/PD so know we are without a car, how do we sue?

  19. Richard Reply

    On 12/31/2014 our 2003 pontiac grand prix exploded just 10 min after my wife and children got out of the car. It was a one owner we bought from the dealership new. We never had any trouble at all with this car until this. I almost lost my home and 2 other vehicles. It was a complete loss. we never received anything about a recall for this.

  20. Kelly Reply

    I have a 2001 Pontiac Gran Prix GT and got this issue fixed. There was a recall on the cooling system that expired but the car was not serviced (I didn’t own the vehicle at the time) they won’t service it. 3 throttle body fasteners and sealant and I have to pay a mechanic to find the issue(which they can’t). I brought it to 3. Cannot find a leak. Oil is fine. Car does not run hot.

  21. Gary Reply

    My mother has a 2000 Cheve Impala with a 3.8 liter enginewith only 40,000 miles on it. I went in her garage to start the car for her yesterday. It has been sub zero temps here for a wile now and the car has not been started for a few weeks. I turned the key and there was a load bang then smoke started to come from under the hood.I poped the hood and there were flames coming from the rear top of the engine. I started to throw snow on the fire to put it out but could not stop the fire. I closed the hood( not all the way and pushed the car out of the garage in case the fire
    got out of hand . Called the fire department. By time they arrived the car was smoking alot from the engine. Insurance adjuster came today and said the car was totaled. My parents never received a recall notice from GM about a fire issue on this engine.

  22. virginia Reply

    My Grand Prix was paid for and running fine.
    I left out to go get gas and post office.
    I checked all my fluids and filled the car up.
    I drove aprox. 3/4 of a mile before the car lost power as I turned into the post office drive way it began to have flames shooting up from under the hood with smoke boiling out. I grabbed what I could out of the car as the fire dept and police arrived only to watch flames shooting at least 4 foot over car’s hood. It was totaled.
    It has put a huge burden on me to purchase another car.
    The recall notices began arriving at my house two weeks after my car went up in flames.
    I think there should be a law suit and I want to be on that list.

  23. Dianne Reply

    Came out to go to work, got into my 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix, turned the key and heard a loud pop noise..then saw smoke coming from hood..then more smoke, then out to see what the heck was going on..saw red flame through the crack in the hood..grabbed the hose and yelled for help…my boyfriend rushed out to open the hood . There was a ranging fire going on under the hood…just paid $3000.00 for inspection..they said I needed all this emission work to pass inspection. .now I have no car…what the hell happened and what do I do now….complain to mechanic or call insurance

  24. Keshia Reply

    My 2002 Chevy Impala Limited caught a fire when my daughter was driving. Two months later I received a recall of possible fire, what should I do!! The car was a total loss, so I juked it!!! I was not a happy camper after receiving this notice!!!!

  25. samuel Reply

    had oil leak problems at 68000 miles replaced gaskets rerouted wires now I am at 244000 miles gm should have fixed this I have a 98 chevy lumina cost me a lot of money to fix their problem

  26. Sue Reply

    Today my 2002 Chevy Impala had an engine fire. Smoke on the passenger side, then billowing smoke the fire. My car is a total loss. I just read that GM is doing another major recall due to oil leakage causing engine fires.The dealership said that there is a pending recall for my vehicle. Any advice??

  27. Melissa Reply

    My 2002 grand prix started on fire goin dwn the road last nite. My husband got out just in time but he got burnt. Then it exploded 2 minutes later. I dont think the recall should only be for the 3.8 engines but also for the 3.1 engines.

  28. Tom C Reply

    My 2004 Montana with 170000 km had an engine fire Oct 2013. I had the front drivers wheel off inspecting the brakes and went to start it up so I could turn the steering wheel easier. Heard a WOOF and popped the hood to find flames coming out from under the intake. Emptied a fire extinguisher and a dozen buckets of water on it to put it out. Insurance wrote it off due to the wiring harness (with airbag wiring in it!) being compromised. I replaced it with a 2000 Intrigue which is in great shape but now I’m worried about it after reading all these comments.

  29. Charlotte Reply

    Pontiac grand prix caught on fire while driving it my insurance doesn’t pay fire damage and I’m still making payments on the car with the recall on the car I think gm should pay for the damages

  30. Joseph Reply

    I have a 2002 chevy impala with the 3.4 in it and I haven’t had any issues and it’s pushing 230000 it’s been a good car but my 2001 has a bad head gasket and valve cover gasket and even intake gaskets I’ve switched my truck and wife’s car off deX cool deX cool rots u r gaskets out and eats aluminium heads thank u for u r time

  31. Louann Reply

    In November 2014 my Chevy Impala LS exploded and caught fire. I had gone out to charge my battery because I had been having trouble with it starting. I had one of those cables where you do not need another vehicle. One of my neighbors saw me and came to assist. He hooked the cables for me as I sttod in front of the vehicle. He in turn went inside the vehicle to turn the ignition and when he did, the car exploded. The covering over the engine blew off along with the gasket where you put your oil. I did get hit by the debre as the other neighbors in the neighborhood came outside due to the huge explosion. I put of my hands to keep the debre from going in my face and thank God I was ok. I had just had major surgery 6 months prior to this. I stood there watching my Impala go up in flames as my neighbors got a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. It was a blessing that no one got hurt. We called tge fire department and the arson squad came as well. Yhey said they had never seen a engine burn quite like that. You could see straight through but, they also told me that they thought it was a gas leak that backed up into the engine along with the oil. I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember shaking and being in tears. From that day to this one I still have no vehicle and when I get into a vehicle that is smoking, I am ready to exit immediately!!

  32. Steve Reply

    We did own a Pontiac burn on Aug 31 2017 went to town came home car burn in the driveway most of the time would have been in the carpouch would have burn the house we have the car want to get paid for our lose

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