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A number of different types of hernia mesh made by various manufacturers have been associated with design defects that could cause severe and life-threatening complications after hernia surgery.

FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE A HERNIA PATCH LAWSUIT: Thousands of hernia mesh lawsuits have been filed in recent years as a result of problems with the Ethcion Physiomesh, Atrium C-Qur, Alloderm, and Kugel Patch.


OVERVIEW:  Manufacturers of hernia repair mesh have an obligation to adequately research their products and warn about risks associated with their device. In recent years, a number of specific hernia mesh products have been linked to high rates of complications, including:

  • Hernia Repair Failure
  • Infections
  • Protrusions or Movement of the Mesh
  • Internal Injuries
  • Revision Surgery to Remove the Hernia Mesh
  • Other Hernia Repair Complications

In many cases, it appears the manufacturers knew or were warned about these problems before the patches hit the market, and financial compensation may be available for individuals who have experienced complications after hernia repair surgery.

Some of the hernia products that have been linked to complications include:

Ethicon Physiomesh: An Ethicon Physiomesh recall was issued in May 2016, removing the product from the market worldwide amid a large number of failures and revision surgeries. Although the FDA classified the action as a “market withdrawal” in the United States, several foreign regulatory agencies have classified the action as a hernia mesh recall, and Ethicon has required all unused inventory to be returned and does not intend to begin selling the product again since it was unable to identify the cause of the problems associated with the controversial hernia mesh. The lawsuits were consolidated for pretrial proceedings as mart of an MDL, or multidistrict litigation, in May 2017.

Atrium C-Qur Mesh: Pronounced “secure”, C-qur is a polypropylene mesh that is covered in a gel made from omega 3 fatty acids and triglycerides. It has been linked to a number of adverse events and complications, including claims that it causes friction with the underlying tissue. In October 2012, the FDA issued a warning letter to Atrium, citing the company for failing to respond to complaints about the C-QUR mesh and other products. The FDA accused the company of failing to review or investigate any complaints involving C-QUR failures or infections. The lawsuits were consolidated for pretrial proceedings as part of an MDL, or multidistrict litigation, in December 2016.

Kugel Hernia Mesh Patches: Recalls have been issued for a variety of different Kugel hernia products used for repair of ventral or incisional hernias, which may develop at the site of prior surgical scars. The Kugel Patch contains a memory recoil ring around the perimeter of the mesh, which allows the doctor to fold it during the hernia repair. It is designed to spring open once in place to lay flat. However, design defects may cause the plastic ring to break, resulting in serious internal injury. A number of Kugel hernia mesh settlements have been reached in recent years.

AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix: Alloderm is a hernia repair and abdominal reconstructive surgery patch, which is manufactured from tissue harvested from human cadavers. The manufacturer then aseptically processes the tissue to remove the cells and epidermis, and freeze-dries it to remove some of its elasticity, leaving a white, fibrous patch.

When used as a hernia repair patch, Alloderm has been linked to problems due to the manufacturer’s initial failure to warn physicians about the importance of pre-stretching the product, which can expand after it is implanted, causing a number of painful and debilitating complications.

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  1. Deb Reply

    I had a double hernia repair lower and upper hernia. I got a bad infection. From the mesh now I have a lump size of egg to the left of my belly. It hurt like someone is stabing me with a knife and turning it around. The infection gone accord ing to the ct scan. He gave me pills to help but aren’t work to make lump go away or the pain.going back to surgeon Nov 20th to tell him I’m no better. I still can’t work because a can’t sit to long.

  2. Barbara Reply

    In May of of 2010 I was diagnosed with lower quadrant abdominal spigelian hernia yhat contained multiple loops of small bowel. I had it repaired that month with Bard Elliptical L/P mesh. Since this surgery I’ve had nothing but pain that’s gotten increasingly worse over the years. I’ve gone back to the surgeon and was tole there’s nothing wrong, have seen GI specialists and told the same thing None of these Doctors have bothered to perform any tests. I’ve recently changed PCP’s who’s actually listening.
    I’m also wondering if this mesh could be on the list of mesh

  3. lisa Reply

    I had a.colon resection surgery that caused an abdominal hernia, I went through a six hour surgery. To repair because according t to my doctor, my stomach was a mess and I had no lining left to my stomach, a piece. Of mesh was used to repair, after several months there was an obstruction and a larger piece of mesh was put in i still suffer with. Stomach pains and up under my ribs, they just keep telling me it’s from the mesh and they can’t do anything about it.

  4. Ralph Reply

    My sister had a mesh surgery, and is now having complications. She’s even had a corrective surgery done. Now she is bleeding from the navel. She is being schedule for another surgery.

  5. christina Reply

    I had to have 2 mesh implants for hernia due to the doctor not revue exray right..had infection..hospitalised..thought was getting better but for yrs since surgery I have huge soft ball size buldge and I notice a rock size hardness above where last mesh was implanted and feels like a stabbing knife.. I not one to go to doctors .. I just deal with pain due to dotor or emergency room says nothing to do if life threatening of rupture and send me home..can’t work due to it..and my childrens dad quit paying child support for 5 months now..

  6. charlotte Reply

    I’ve had two meshes put in after having hernia surgery. Since the last mesh was put in i have been sick off an on for the last year. I’ve been hospitalized an no one seems to know why my blood pressure is high.supposedly dehydrated an my one kidney started to shut down. I havent gotten any answers of why

  7. Margaret Reply

    I had hernia mesh surgery 2005, have had a problem ever since, soreness in right side, infections, bowel problems, I am to get a ct soon. please contact me. 9313896540 or cell 931-639-2858. please leave a message. Thank you.

  8. Sallie Reply

    My hernia mesh have been giving me problems for a while the mesh hurt when I move or walking around it fell something is pulling the wrong and I can fell the mesh it fell like something is sticking me all the the pain is bad at time.

  9. SHERYL Reply

    I have been hospitalized numerous times for hernia mesh erosion bowel preforation and a number of hernia repair surgeries

  10. Joy Reply

    5 incisional hernia surgeries and now abdominal reconstruction then seroma formed. Drain put in and a large section of fatty tissue pulling causing pain. Feel surgeon is dragging his feet to get it taken care of it

  11. Jan Reply

    I had a hernia surgery 2010 and for the last two years I have had pain and i have been hospitalized 3 or four ct scans and the doctors can’t find any thing still having pain what to do

  12. Richard Reply

    I had an ambilical hernia surgery, however they made about 5 small incisions and placed patch in. After surgery my abdomen area has stayed sore and a large lump on right lower side of my belly button has appeared and has been there for a few years now.When I have brought up to MD. as well as Surgeon who preformed no explanation except surgical hernia and that it can’t be repaired. It is really tender and sore all the time. If I lay down and go to sit up, my stomach area looks as if an ALIEN from a movie is trying to come out. I’m not sure what kinda patch they used.

  13. JANET Reply

    My husband had umbilical hernia repair in 2010. He was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in 2012. He died from liver cancer in Jan. this year.

  14. lametrica Reply

    I had hernia repaired back in 1999 and did not have complications right away but eventually i began having problems with my stomach specifically in the navel area. The pain sometimes gets unbearable like knots and sharp stabbing pains. I have not been able to go to specialist bc I have no insurance. Now it is to the point where I can barely digest my food and as soon as I eat something I have to go to the bathroom n certain foods cramp my stomach.

  15. leah Reply

    had patitex mesh implanted 3/12. Need name of legal advocate.

  16. susan Reply

    I had hernia repair for 5 abdominal hernia in 2010 . A mesh implant was used to repair my abdominal wall. I stayed I’ll and was then treated for ulcerative colitis. On Dec. 31 2113 , I operated on for hernia, mesh removal, and removal of Infection pocket. Still nor.t well I had surgery for recurrent hernia repair on June 3rd 2015. I had been sick due to herniated with blockages, infection caused by faulty transplants for several years. I left my job in 2012 because I could no longer do my job.

  17. Becky Reply

    My mother is in the hospital this week having a repair surgery done. She has had intestinal fistulas for a few years now and finally found a doctor who would perform the surgery to fix it. All this because of the hernia mesh inside of her has broken apart and tore into other tissue. The doctor said she’ll have to have at least four other surgeries to completely repair the damage from the mesh.

  18. Alberto Reply

    hi i have a lot of complications with those prolene mesh in 2009 i had bilateral inguinal hernia repair in a week i stared with a lot of testicular pain and inflammations then it was pain even in the pelvil so i had 5 surgery even the urine stop with the need of a suprapubic tub just in January 2015 the removed those meshes but there a lot of pieces of mesh that still give me a problem with chronic epididymitis chronic colitis pain inflammations and infection and the need for more surgery i can work i don’t know how to fight this cos hospitals hide document from me i still don’t know what wen wrong i never imagine that doctors are so bad like that just 46 i can’t even have sex is that not crazy?

  19. Bruce Reply

    Had an abdominal surgery about 6 years ago. The lower abdominal area has pain on and off over the past 6 years. Sometimes the pain is so bad it gets hard to handle. Have had to take Vicodin over the entire time.

  20. george Reply

    large lump in hernia repair area pain and cramps thought it was normal now think different–over

  21. Marcus Reply

    Had hernia surgery ten years ago, belly button would always leak had to keep bandaid over it. Now a piece of wire was sticking out so far that it would hang on my shirt, i took clippers and clipped it off but one can still feel it sticking out. Now it has got infected and i have appt with surgeon next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. jackie Reply

    i had a hernia surgery and they put a mesh in my abdomin it now is wire all in my stomach and pain i also have problems breathing and swelling everyone ask why is your stomach so big you have lost so much weight and i dont wont to eat help reply im in texas dallas

  23. Robert Reply

    I have bad pains very much in pain all the time.

  24. robert Reply

    Surgery 12 yrs ago, constant pain

  25. JOANNA Reply

    Please call me to explain this lengthy story of what my mother endured over8years to date thank you for your time

  26. jordan Reply

    I had a left inguinal hernia repair done on april 1,2015. The surgeon used a 3DMax left large patch manufactured by bard/davol.Also they used a sorbafix fixation system.Since the surgery I have been in unbearable pain. I used to be very fit and athletic always working out and playing with my kids and working on the house etc. I also use to work 75 to 80 hours a week in the oilfield. Since the surgery I have not been able to do any of those things. I cant even pick my kids up or push them around playing like we used to. I have been unable to work cause sitting or standing lifting courching doing all of these things puts me in pain that even pain pills will not take away. The pain is 24/7 pain pills only dull it enough to walk with a limp and not cry.When I talk to the doctors I can never get a straight or even a good enough answer as why im in so much pain and why my abdomin is constantly swelling. I cant even have sex with my wife without buckling over in pain after.. Its been almost a year now and i cant take it anymore. My family is suffering because im not able to work I even had to swallow my pride and start a go fund me account to get help which im not having any luck there. I need help. I NEED ANSWERS. and most important I NEED OUT OF THIS HELL OF PAIN. and to return to a normal life where i can take care of my family. Please some info or help and prayers will be greatly appriciated.

  27. Keith Reply

    I had an umbilical hernia repair using mesh in 2005. I had a bad infection after surgery, which was handled using antibiotics. The past couple of weeks I have been experiencing discomfort in the area of my navel , and yesterday when I rolled over in bed I felt a sharp pain there. I checked the area, and a small amount of blood was seeping from my navel. I am scheduled to see my family doctor next week.

  28. Susan Reply

    2 Surgeries 1 in 6/2008 & 2nd 6/2010 & now I have to have a 3 rd. Surgery.
    I have pains, Bacterial Infections, with having the Parietex & Ventralex Mesh in my stomach. My Surgeon wants to put more mesh back in me to repair the existing hernias now. I don’t want anymore meshes in me and I want the other meshes taken out. So, I need an Attorney to Help Me with this matter.

  29. dexter Reply

    I had hernia surgery preformed in 2001,since then I have suffered severely in constant pain.Unable to eat,sleep & nothing but severe pain.I have had every test possible in the in the medical system but yet no Doctor has been able to tell me what is causing the problem. I have lost a lot of weight, due to not being able to eat & every Doctor that you talk to thinks you are nuts. I have spoken to the manufacture of the mesh product,they said that the mesh should be removed as soon as possible,that was 3 yrs. ago, know Doctor in Canada will even listen to you.Does this sound familiar
    to any body else.

  30. Peter Reply

    First hernia surgery was oct of 2012 after 7 months of pain second surgery was may 2013 first was open second was. Laperscopic these were performed in up state ny I moved to Florida in may of 2015 and on April 1 2016 had open hernia surgery again and surgeon found golf ball size of wadded mesh. I have had to sell everything I had to support my family while struggling to work in pain please let me know if there’s any compensation available to help my family thank you Peter humphries

  31. Shannon Reply

    My mother had hernia surgery 8/3/12 and passed away 7/12/14 due to the mesh detaching and entangling in her colon perforating it. Her system went septic, etc. I have had difficulty finding any legal help, has anyone had any help finding legal assistance. If so please contact me asap.

  32. Denique Reply

    Hernia Repair surgery with mesh in August 2004 with Dr. Donna Barbot in Philadelphia Pa Graduate Hospital
    Partial mesh removal 2006 by Dr Marc Rickford in Washington DC.
    Scar tissue removal 2012 with Dr. Barnea at Camden Care in Camden NJ.
    I still have persistent pain in that area, incontinence and I am still currently in rehabilitation with Cooper Hospital in New Jersey for the same issue. I can no longer afford medical bills and have no other options. Pleas help.
    I have been to over 16 doctors and I can no longer afford the Medical bills. Please help

  33. sykvia Reply

    Jordan I also had 3 hernias repair also had a mesh omg mine was also done in 2015 and since than im suffering with so much pain just like u I cant work cause of this but im suferring with the pain 24 hours 7 days and not even the pain medicine helps ufffff I justdont know what to do to

  34. Jay Reply

    I started with exploratory surgery finding a torn colon resulting in a colostomy bag, then removed to a semi normal life in 1988. Since then I had three more abdominal hernia surgeries. My abdomen is lumpy and in pain with another obvious hernia in need of repair. I don’t know if I could handle another surgery, now at 49 years old, unemployed, on MediCal here in CA. What do I do?

  35. Robert Reply

    Had a Heriona operation…mash was used and later gaveway and forcing me to have another operation…had 2nd operation and have new scars and pain. Is there anything action I can take?

  36. Cecelia Reply

    I am a 65 yr. old female who has had recurring hernia surgeries over the yrs. since 2009. In 2010 my surgeon placed a Dual Gore-Tex mesh over my abdomen to prevent more hernias and since then I have had another hernia repair in 2012. I have experienced pain, distention and cannot have a bowel movement without laxatives. This makes life very uncomfortable and painful and I understand it could be caused from the mesh. I am scheduled for still one more hernia surgery September 18th. which is Monday.

  37. Mary Reply

    Had umbilical hernia surgery in 2012. Had ventral hernia surgery in April 2015 at which time they found the mesh from the previous surgery (very small amount remaining) and tangled up. Had ventral hernia surgery in June 2015 because the mesh (manufactured by Bard) had disintegrated (or as the surgeon put it, I at the mesh). This time had biologic mesh put in. As of now, I have yet another ventral hernia. Two loops of bowel are pushing out by my navel. I have been in constant pain for over a year already. The surgeon said that I now have 2 options – try the biologic mesh again or wear an abdominal binder for the rest of my life. I’m 58 and just got on disability after being laid off last year from the job that this mess caused me to miss 6 months from. This hernia has put so much strain on my back that I really cannot stand the pain much longer. Can I be included in the class action law suit?

  38. Trudy Reply

    In 1995 I had a severe infection from my bowel leaking and was taken to the hospital and emergency surgery done. I was in the hospital for 30 days. I had to wear a colostomy bag for over a year and had it reversed in 1996. Because of that surgery I ended up with Hernia’s (Huge Hernia’s ) one on the right side and one on the left side. In 2006 or 2007, I can’t remember the exact date. I went to Hershey Pa Hospital for Hernia repair on the right side and I was in the hospital for 6 days, sent me home and I ended up back in the hospital in Hershey Pa. with in 3 days with a severe infection, It was so bad that when I went to the Doctors office they laid me on a table put a plastic basin under my stomach area and was pushing the infection out into a plastic pan. Then sent me to the hospital opened me up farther and left me open after cleaning me and giving me so much antibiotics and etc. for 7 days and then sent me home , left open and I had to get changed and stuffed with gauze for a long long time. I was left open for a year and then sent back to Hershey for them to fix the other Hernia on the other side which I was cut back open again after I was healing from the inside out, and I was finally stitched back up and sent home. I still have problems with pains in my sides but nothing can be done about those. They took me away from my business for a year because I could not go down to the barn to make sure I did not get any bacteria. I had to hire people to do what I normally did. It was costly and broke me. I asked Lawyers before to help and they only wanted the vaginal mesh cases. I told them this is a mesh case. Would not take it. I was treated unfairly. Now some one wants to help after all this suffering. Thanks

  39. phillip Reply

    Had first hernia repair 4/2014 and had all kinds of complications. Infections, rejection of the mesh, removal and then replacement. Then again in 2016 bowel blockage and another hernia repair

  40. Lori Reply

    I have had 5 hernia surgeries the last one being in 2010. I have had severe pain on the surgery site of the 1st 4 surgeries and was told it was because of the scar tissue. I have asked what kind of mesh was used and was told not the kind that was being recalled that was the first recall now I’m wondering if out of the 5 different kinds I have some of the recalled mesh?

  41. Kirk Reply

    inguinal hernia repair in 2011, pain started 2 1/2 years after surgery, now I’m missing right testicle and have a large lump size of an egg on my left pelvis. Can’t work the pain can get so bad I can’t even talk, hurts after ejaculation, usually no sperm. please help! ALL MESHED UP Kirk

  42. joseph Reply

    Had hernia surgery right of groin I have a large scare that is painful and changes frequently. Internal pain,testical pain, painful to sit to long, pain while driving is unbearable. Limited mobility. The list goes on. Need help getting my life back..

  43. mike Reply

    is there a statute of limitations on mesh hernia surgery? I had 2 hernias, one in 2004 one in 1997. in pain of and on all these years. have hydrocele in one testicle.

  44. Matthew Reply

    In March of 2016 I had a hernia repair done. Shortly after it got infected and I actually ended up getting MRSA and readmitted and quarintened. After several more infections it finally healed yet now there is a massive lump on my stomach from another hernia that has formed. I wonder if the biomesh they used was faulty…

  45. delores Reply

    Had hernia surgery 4 times, and my stomach hurts all of the time & I feel something is very wrong.

  46. Brian Reply

    I had umbilical hernia repair surgery with a mesh product (don’t know what make/model yet) in mid Jan 2017. Now on March 9, 2017, I discover it has failed already and the hernia is returning.

  47. Paul Reply

    I had a hernia surgically repaired and the mesh was used. Two years later, I had a diverticulated bladder thanks to the fact the mesh failed and my bladder when down my iguinal canal where the original hernia had been. I had to have a second surgery to put my bladder back in place and repair the broken mesh with another form of repair. I believe that, if a lawsuit is happening, I’m certainly one of the “victims.”

  48. Fred Reply

    I had a hernia mesh surgery in 1999 and this past year I am suffering bad pain every day , it is bulging and I have to constantly push it back in , I am fearful for what the mesh is now doing inside me ,

  49. Alicia Reply

    Had my surgery June 2004. I was telling the doctor then, it was hurting. He just said you need to adjust. Years later I am still having problems, bowels , bulging, stomach constantly is tender. Every now and then i still fill it pulling. Also lack of appetite, but gain weight around that area and it is kind of hard around my navel area. Had a doctor that didn’t speak good english to me and dismissed what my concerns were. I just want to feel better.

  50. chris Reply

    i had hernia repair twice in 2012 in november 2016 i was unable to work due to complications and cronic pain where meshes were placed still out of work as of today physio mesh and perietex mesh are still in me and no surgen wants to help me

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