Homelite Chain Saw Recall: Potential Chain Brake Failure

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Approximately Homelite chain saws have been recalled due to a potential problem with the chain brake failure which could pose a risk of laceration or other serious personal injury.

On October 30, 2008, the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Homelite Consumer Products Inc., of Anderson, S.C., issued the Homelite chain saw recall for model numbers UT10514, UT10516, UT10517, UT10518, UT10520, UT10540, UT10560 and UT10918.

The chain saws were manufactured between November 2007 and August 2008 and sold at Home Depot stores throughout the United States for between $110 and $200.

The recall of Homelite chain saw was issued after it was discovered that the chain brake on the power tool could fail to stop the chain from moving on the first application.

Although the manufacturer indicates that there have been no reported injuries, this defect could result in consumers cutting themselves, someone else or creating an otherwise hazardous situation by continuing to cut an object after they intended to stop.

The chainsaws contain the “Homelite” brand name on the side, and the model number and date of manufacture are located on a plate beneath the rear handle of the saw.

Homelite chain saws with a green dot sticker on the bottom side of the handle area and on the outside of the package are not impacted by this recall.

Owners have been urged to stop using the chain saws immediately and contact Homelite Consumer Products to find the nearest authorized service center for a free repair . Consumers can also contact Homelite Consumer Products Inc. toll free at (800) 242-4672 or through the company’s website at

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  1. Francis Reply

    I have a UT10947D And have a chain brake problem as well. Is this also covered under this recall?

  2. Basil Reply

    I have a Homelite Model UT 10946A S/n AF2330389 .I have a chain brake problem is it covered und3er the recall

  3. William Reply

    Model #ut10522 with the plastic chain tightener will not tighten as supposed to. WILL NOT STAY TIGHT111111111111111111111

  4. Conrad Reply

    Except for the Serial Number my comment is the same as Basil’s
    “I have a Homelite Model UT 10946A S/n AG1240643 .I have a chain brake problem is it covered under the recall”

  5. Conrad Reply

    Please disregard my comment suggesting that I have the same issue as Basil. As it turns out mine is the same issue that Francis has experienced

    “I have a UT10947D (S/N AG1240643) and have a chain brake problem as well. Is this also covered under this recall?”

  6. russell Reply

    Model #ut10522 with the plastic chain tightener will not tighten as supposed to. the chain flew off and cut my leg really bad had to go to hospital get sticthhes

  7. Dave Reply

    i have a homelite UT10947D that the brake wont release all the way.took it apart and didnt see anything wrong.i also have a UT10516 that the brake works(parts saw) there is a brass colored insert where the coil goes in that is not in the i installed that part in the 10947D and now the brake works. WHERE can i buy that insert?? its not shown in the parts brake down

  8. Kevin Reply

    I started to dissamble my sonsw chainsaw to see why the chainbrake would not relese and found out on line there is a recall for the problem. Do I need to reassemble the saw to take it to the service center?

  9. Douglas Reply

    I have a Homlite UT 10947D chain sae. The chain brake will not loosen up enough from the cam. It used to work fine, now it slows down the blade making it unusable. Is there a recall on this? Help!

  10. James Reply

    My Homelite chain saw mod UT10522B My brake works but my tool less bar tightner has stripped where can I buy another bar side cover purchased from Home Depot in 2010.


  11. Jim Reply

    I have TWO UT 10946 D saws with Douglas’s problem.

  12. Dan Reply

    Stuck chain brake is obviously a very common issue with homelites. On another site there is much discussion about how to modify the brake by shortening the spring so it grips less tightly. This seems like a common fix, although not clear if it negates the safety function of the brake.

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