HP Laptop Battery Recall: Risk of Notebook Fire

About 70,000 lithium-ion batteries used in Compaq and HP notebook computers were recalled last week by Hewlett-Packard Co., as they could overheat and potentially catch on fire.

The HP laptop battery recall was issued after at least two incidents were reported where the computer batteries ruptured and caused flames to ignite. The fires did not result in any personal injuries, but property damage was reported.

The lithium-ion batteries were sold between August 2007 and March 2008, both separately and together with the following notebook computers:

  • HP Pavilion Laptop Battery: for Models dv2000, dv2500, dv2700, dv6000, dv6500, dv6700, dv9000, dv9500, dv9700
  • Compaq Presario Laptop Battery: for Models A900, C700, F700, V3000, V3500, V3700, V6000, V6500, V6700
  • HP Laptop Battery: for Models G6000, G7000
  • HP Compaq Laptop Battery: for Model 6720s

When sold together with a computer, the systems retailed for between $500 and $3,000. When sold individually, the recalled notebook batteries cost between $100 and $160.

The potentially defective notebook batteries contain a label on the bottom of the battery, featuring one of the following bar codes (where the “^” represents any letter or number):62940^^AXV^^^^, 65033^^B7U^^^^, 65033^^B7V^^^^, 65033^^BGU^^^^, 65035^^B7U^^^^, 65035^^B7V^^^^, 65035^^BGU^^^^, 65035^^BGV^^^^, 67059^^V8U^^^^, 67059^^V8V^^^^.

Owners of HP Pavilion, Compaq Presario, HP and HP Compaq laptops have been urged to check their battery and remove any defective batteries that have been recalled. A free replacement battery can be obtained by contacting HP at (800) 889-2031 or visiting

Last year, several different HP laptop model were affected by a notebook battery recall issued for batteries manufactured by Sony Energy Devices Corporation. Aproximately 35,000 lithium-ion batteries used in Toshiba, Dell and Hewlett-Packard notebooks were recalled after reports of at least 17 fires or flames erupting from overheated batteries.

There was also a massive lithium-ion notebook batter recall in 2006 for over 8 million other Sony batteries used in computers sold by Dell, Apple, Lenovo Group and Toshiba.

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  1. Joe Reply

    I read this earlier and it scared me to death. The big Dell recalls were not fun either. You can log on to YouTube at anytime and see all of the laptops that literally blow up. I have continued to purchase 3rd parties for my HPs and Compaq and have yet to have any problems. Most recently at A lot of companies like this have full waranties anyway instead of the limited ones that come with the stock batteries when you buy the laptop. Not to mention you are saving almost half of what you pay HP for it.

  2. Mike Reply

    My SmokeShutoff power strip shuts off if it detects smoke. Might add a level of safety for any of these situations where you have to leave a charger plugged in for when you need it. You can read more about it at

    Seems like with all these recharger fires, in some conditions my power strip should be a required part of the setup.

  3. Norm Reply

    Thank goodness most of these laptops (like my dv9000) never ran long enough for this to happen due to their faulty nVIDIA chip or wireless card or bad backlight. 😉

  4. Mary Ann Reply

    My HP laptop battery exploded while on my lap. I was sitting up in bed and it burned my bedspread. Black smoke went all over. Two days later, the whole computer ignited. It was not plugged in. It sent flames to the ceiling. It was at work and a co-worker doused it with water. The battery exploded on a Sunday evening. I took the computer with me to work so I could call HP and report it. It combusted on it’s own Wedneday evening. (Three days later). Thank God it was not at my home, in my car, or in a cabinet at work. I have sent the computer to HP. They have received it. I have not heard anything else as of yet. The offical recall happened a few days after I sent in my device.

  5. jennifer Reply

    I lost everything I own due to my laptop catching fire. Thank the Lord I was able to get my children out. Why weren’t we told this could happen. I would have never put my boys in such danger. Someone needs to be handle accountable. This happen on June 29th 2009.

  6. pat Reply

    laptop caught fire today while it was turned off and in my carry case. carry case was on fire – had to be put out with fire extinguisher. fortunately the bag was out in the open and i was able to extinguish the fire within moments, so no injuries – just a burn on finger. why was i not notified about recall? this computer is registered with hp.

  7. patrick Reply

    I just found out about the law suit, this battery mess explains why my operating system quit working I can get a browser but can’t connect to the net.
    I’m hoping I can get them to replace my laptop. I had some smoking vapors coming from the device, I was oversea’s when it happened, all i could do is pray, I got home just in time to witness the departure of my lap top and the birth of my exspenive my note pad, dvd, cd player, that’s HP baby

  8. R Gramazio Reply

    Unfortunately I trusted a aquaitance and purchased a Compaq from Arrons rent here buy here scam artists. Fro day 1 it never worked properly. It is sold with a sub-standard operating windows Vista system. And they charge a ridiculous price compared to an outright purchase of a better product offered by Compaq/HP………….

    Meanwhile,5 medical operations later,never mind the pre-operative procedures,and the Cancer scares/removal of tumors involved. I have found a rash like symptom that surfaces after i showered mostly.Of course I am watching this rash like thing without panic but .have concerns that it another form of Cancer possibly surfacing? Now I find that this same rash symptom is not once in a while, it is not a permanent scar/burn created by the laptop purchased from Arrons Corp.And manufactured by Compaq/HP………

    Consumers should demand that big corps protect the buyer and not sell us short in order to make mega-millions in greed for themselves and thier annual bonus’

  9. justin Reply

    is there a recall on toshiba L300 laptop

  10. Stacey Reply

    so i came home christmas night, turned on my laptop and within minutes thick smoke came pouring out and a large flame shot out the side. After jumping up in a panic the flame quickly went out (thank God). Well needless to say it has been shipped back to hp and am waiting to see what happens. i had heard about Dell computers but nothing about HP’s. Would have been nice to have been informed about the recall in may/june. i bought it June 2nd

  11. Liz Reply

    I recently discovered a “melted” VGA outport, SVideo and docking station. I am lucky that I discovered this quickly, the risk of fire is overwhelmingly frightening. I called HP and the customer service was useless, very poor communication. Has anyone researched a class action lawsuit? If so, please contact me. I expect a rebate.

  12. joanne Reply

    Yes, I also had serious overheating problems. In one case, I had the laptop on my lap and burned my thigh and got a blister that scarred. Interestingly I spoke to a lady at work who got one for her daughter and her daughter also burned her leg. These things aren’t just affecting computers they are hurting people and there should be a settlement. I’m walking around wth a scar on my leg now. I THINK A CLASS ACTION would get a bunch of people who have been physically burned by these things.

  13. Patrick Reply

    My son bought an HP Pavillon DV5000 that is still under warranty. He stores it in his backpack, and four days later took it out and turned it on. He heard an electrical sizzling sound and immediatley turned it off. I am a Dell Certified Systems Engineer, keep in mind that I have some knowledge of computers. He came to me and told me what happened and I took a look at it. I turned the power on and heard the same sound. I turned the laptop over and discovered what looked like white greenish corrosion throughout the system. Just like how Alkaline batteries left in a device for too long leak and corrode and damage or dirty car battery terminals? That is what it looked like throughout the system. I took the bottom panels off to see the extent of the damage. Everything was corroded from the memory to the Hard disk and all over the mother board. I sent it to HP for repair and they sent it back stating that it was a biohazard that caused the damage, fluid from a human body and don’t attempt to send it back. It is obvious that the battery leaked electrolyte and corroded the entire system over the course of the four days. HP is not wanting to replace the motherboard or do anything, because they don’t believe the damage was caused by the battery. So, I’ll never buy an HP again. DELL has way better customer service. I don’t know how many motherboard I’ve replaced with Dell, they do tkae care of their customers better than HP.

  14. Betty Reply

    Last year my HP laptop started smelling like burning plastic. I took it back to Best Buys and they replaced the battery. Since that time, when I stay on the lap top for awhile, I get so stuffy, i can’t breath. Has anyone else had this problem?

  15. C Reply

    Hi…I had an incident with my HP laptop where it burned my thigh…leaving an ugly scar. I contacted HP when this incident happened and they led me to believe that it was an “isolated” incident. They also inferred that it was my fault, because there is a warning sticker stating that it should not be on your lap. The warning sticker they speak of is on a clear sticker and blends in with the computer’s background colors. HP is not wanting to take responsibilityfor anything. I had a terrible burn that left an awful scar. This thing could’ve burned my entire house down. If their product gets this hot and they’re aware of this…They should have better…more visible warnings on the device. I think it’s time that HP is held accountable for these things! Please let me know any information about a class-action lawsuit concerning this…Thanks…

  16. Debbie Reply

    My hp pavillion dv2500 laptop started making a funny humming sound a couple of weeks ago so I restarted it and it quit doing it. It has always ran hot. It now won’t stay on at all. I took it to be serviced and they told me that it is the motherboard. It will cost about 300.00 to fix. It’s not even 2 years old. I believe hp should do something about this problem.

  17. Simon Reply

    My comments mirror many on here, I had a terrible burn on my upper thigh, it became infected and took over a month to heal. I now have two scars on my thigh which are bright red and stand out vewry much.

    On my other leg I had a motorbike accident and the scar from the compiund fracture and the operation are far less than this!!!!!!!

    Not only do I have the unsightly scaring but it has also affected my confidence as I feel embaressed to wear shorts now. I’d only just got over the mental scars of the accident, looking at these scars brings the whole lot flooding back.

    I would be interested in a class action, they should not be able to get away with scaring us for life………….

    For me the mental scaring is as bad if not worse than the physical ones………

    I Also dread to think what could have happened had the scar been on my little daughters leg and not my own.

  18. Gary Reply

    Ant other recent info on this issue? My son’s laptop just started smoking and shut down as well.

  19. malcolm Reply

    In feb 2009. While at work the Fire investigators stated the batteries in my hp laptop exploded while charging. The electrical fire destroyed the interior and all contents of my home. hp has no comment.

  20. gin Reply

    i have a 3 yo hp pavilion dv 6000 that i don’t if it was on the recall llist or not. however, my battery gets extremely hot and does not hold a ‘charge’, plus my usb wiress card had burned out within the first year i had it, now, my power cord (rectangular piece on the power cord actually) heats up so much i’m afraid it’s going to catch fire. all of this ihas to be what is causing my mousepad and area around it to heat up as well. i went on line to hp to tell them the problem but they wouldn’t even answer a question until i gave them a credit card to pay for help in this matter! what to do?

  21. jennifer Reply

    so yesterday my 4 year old was playing on my moms compaq laptop. he got off and we went outside. 10 mins later we came back in and went to my room, we walked down the hall and into my room when black smoke came rolling down my hallway. The laptop has caught fire and my couch, wall, end table and everything in my living was in flames. Compaq is not doing much at this point but we now have to leave our home and go where, we dont know. My mom bought the laptop in Feb of this year and we have never heard of anything wrong until yesterday when this happened.

  22. kevin Reply

    I contacted HP after I heard the recall. I had already replaced the battery a few months ago because it burnt up,but HP refuses to eremburse me for the new battery because the place I bought it from recycled the old one!

  23. Brenda Reply

    I will never purchase another item from this company. Purchased a DV6700 laptop in July 2008 for my daughter at a cost of about $800.00. From the beginning she said it got hot after about an hour of use while on her lap. We purchased many things for her to put the laptop on. 6 months ago the sound went, and know the wireless has gone. I have taken it to 2 techs to have it diagnosed and they both say the same thing, It is useless, the mother board has to be replaced. I wish I had read some of these comments before the actual laptop stopped working. Spend a half hour on the phone today with a tech from the company who told me there was nothing they could do as it is past warranty, asked to speak to a supervisor and was left on hold for a half hour. Hewlett-Packer knows there is a problem with these laptops and did extend the warranty. Obviously we missed out on that. Well I guess I should be happy that it crashed after only 2 1/2yrs. It could have been alot worse, she could have been badly burned or even worse the whole dorm could have burned down. After reading the other comments I am so disgusted that I will be e-mailing consumer reports and broadcasting this in every media that is available.

  24. JCH Reply

    I was burned on my left knee due to an overheating DELL laptop and the now famous NVidia Chip issue. I am a quadriplegic, so I could not feel that I was being burned, but due to the burn, I now have a 2 1/2 inch permanent scar on my left knee. The laptop had a faulty video chip and it is now well documented that my unit and many others had an overheating issue. I contacted DELL discussed this with them over the past couple years. They recently offered to settle. Also, there is a Class Action suit in play for this and a google search should scare it up (I have the original web article somewhere). Bottom line, anyone who has been burn or suffered loss because of these faulty products is entitled to compensation. Don’t let them tell you otherwise – it’s their attorney’s job to lead you otherwise.

  25. julie Reply

    my laptop hp 4710 was damaged and worthlesss no due t56o recalled battery overheating shouldnt hp have to replacvve it?

  26. Jaime Reply

    I purchased an HP G70 laptop from SAMs club a few years ago and we have always had problems with the battery. Tonight, while I was searching for a birthday party venue for my son, I felt something like a bite on my leg. Immediately I lifted the laptop and started scratching. As soon as I started scratching something was caught in my nails. I looked at my fingers and saw my skin in my nails and even some on the bottom of my laptop. I literally scratched off my skin because of some sort of electrical shock. I saw the imprint of the grid from the bottom of the computer on my leg right after it happened. I sprayed neosporin on it and it stung pretty bad.

  27. Tamra Reply

    I own a Compaq Presario C700 CTO Laptop that I purchased in June 2008 from HP that I did not use often. I had reconstruction surgery on my foot in 2010 and was disabled for some time. During this time I used the laptop as much as 8 hours a day (as a home office and entertainment tool) but was unable to fully sit up due to the need of elevation for my leg/foot. I pulled the laptop onto my chest to have hands free for the keyboard. During this time I suffered random overheating and my left breast looked like it was scalded like hot water had pour onto it. It was not extremely painful and I thought perhaps it was the fan overheating. I tried different buffering but still had the heat problem. Also strong exhaust from front vent would choke me if inhaled. I learned to lean away from the small vent but the \\\’hot spot\\\’ that heated my skin remained on and off. After I could walk again I did not use the laptop much. 8 months after my foot surgery I was diagnosed with cancer in the left breast. A unique cancer #1/1000 in cancer cases# of unknown source that was removable but still I lost a good portion of my breast. Does anyone know of a connection to cancer with laptop use or laptop malfunction? I saw another comment here that mentioned a heat rash look after using a laptop. Could the type of overheating cause the cells to cook and malfunction ending in cancerous cells? Is it worth a question?

  28. Tee Reply

    Has any one else had a problem getting their HP recalled battery replaced in a timely manner? In a few months it will have been 2 years since I began the HP Battery Recall Program. Wonder what the consumer protection agency would comment.

  29. NBush Reply

    I was using my Compaq Pressario (Fully charged and unplugged) when it popped, smoked and flamed. I set it down on the floor. It looked like it was finished so I picked it up to take it outside. I tossed it on the ground as it began its “grand finale.” It whistled and flamed out like fireworks. [How fitting so close to July 4th!]

    I am disappointed that Compaq/HP did not contact me. What is the registration process for? Just their marketing department?

    I could have been seriously injured. If this happened while I was away it could have easily started a fire! Unfortunately I also bought an identical laptop for my daughter so hers could do the same thing!

  30. S - Towers Reply

    So, there I was, with my HP laptop on my lap, doing the usual internet activities. And suddenly, there came the sound of an explosion accompanied with shooting flames of fire from the bottom of the computer !! Being that the computer was on my lap, and that I was wearing shorts, the flames and the heat caused 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns on both legs before I could jump up and throw the thing away from me. The ambulance personnel took me to a burn unit at a local hospital where I was treated,released, and scheduled for re-evaluation regarding skin graft possibility. At this point, the pain is unbearable and I can barely walk, but must attend out patient burn treatment. I was sitting in a lobby when this happened. The smoke and fire triggered the alarms which brought two fire trucks and two police cars. The lobby attendant called an ambulance. In the mean time, the battery gave off two additional explosions along with the same belching flames as it did while on my lap. The lobby attendant used the fire extinguisher to to put out the fire. I new nothing of any defective product advisories regarding these computers or batteries, but after some research, I see that some other folks have had similar experience.

  31. Barb Reply

    So I am sitting here on my laptop by HP Visioin. I reach for my cell phone sitting beside the computer. It is really, really hot on one side. Then I realized it is the computer that is really hot on one side. It has happened before when the blower is on but tonight there was not a blower on at all. Is the recall on still. I changed cell phones a few years back and needed a car charger so I went back the next day and the guy said that my old phone had caught on fire on his shelf and I was lucky I no longer owned it. Techie things!

  32. Terry Reply

    My HP Pavilion G6, this morning (with no warnings of any kind or even a sign of am impending problem), literally exploded.

    Flames shot out of the back like a blowtorch, setting fire to the outlet strip behind the computer and spraying molten pieces of plastic all over the place. Even more frightening, flames shot up into my face and I was also covered in pieces of molten plastic and my hand (which was on the keyboard at the time) was burned.

    When all of this happened, I lost my work computer. (Fortunately, I do make backup’s and have all of my data saved. still, I lost all of today’s work and a good deal of yesterday’s, not to mention the burns.)

    I just thought you guys might like to know this.


  33. Elaine Reply

    I bought at Costco an HP Pavilion about 2 years ago for around 800.00 plus 100.00 for an extended warranty. Less than a year later under normal one person home use, it completely died. HP sent me a refurbished one and about 8 months later I realized that out the battery had started oozing on top of the keyboard and into the screen. At first I noticed after washing my hands, that one of my fingers started to have a bubble under the surface of the skin deeper than a blister. It hurt when I was washing dishes. HP took my computer for repairs but sent it back to me damaged. I was told on the phone I was getting a new computer and a week later I received the battery laced one back. I was told to put it in my garage but now I am concerned that it might explode or catch fire even not plugged in or in use. HP told me they would have to build me a new one and it would take 2-3 weeks to do that = to 2 months without my computer. Really? I don’t see anywhere on here how to join the class action lawsuit. Does anyone have the actual contact information? I am going to call my local fire department and ask them to help me dispose of this computer in the morning. My finger is still a month later feeling weird and I lost all of my personal data and installed data twice! I feel very sorry for people who had them catch fire or explode in their faces or lose them home’s! Costco has not helped either as they say it is a HP issue! Really? Maybe it will take a class action lawsuit beyond just replacing computers to get Costco and HP to notice we are hurt! Anyone know a phone number and or an address of a law firm handling a class action lawsuit regarding this issue? It is not funny that consumers are getting hurt and losing money/data.

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