Humira Lawsuits

Potential side effects of Humira may increase the risk of serious and potentially life-threatening injuries, including fungal infections and cancers, as well as a possible risk of permanent nerve damage that may result in multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis, optic neuritis, neuropathy or other problems.

STATUS OF HUMIRA LAWSUITS: Product liability lawyers are evaluating whether individuals may be entitled to compensation through a Humira lawsuit for vision problems or nerve damage that may have been caused by Humira.

MANUFACTURER: Abbott Laboratories, Inc.


OVERVIEW: Humira (adalimumab) is a tumor necrosis factor blocker, also known as TNF blocker, which is approved for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, Crohn’s disease, moderate to severe chronic psoriasis and juvenile idiopathic arthritis, which was previously called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

HUMIRA NERVE DAMAGE AND VISION PROBLEMS Adverse event reports have suggested that Humira may increase the risk of nerve damage, which could cause:

  • Optic Neuritis or Vision Impairment
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Transverse Myelitis
  • Neuropathy

Lawsuits over Humira have alleged that Abbott downplayed the risk of nerve damage from Humira, including a risk of Central Nervous System (CNS) demyelination and harm to the optic nerve. While other drugs in the same class, such as Enbrel and Remicade, contain warnings about the risks, Abbott has not provided adequate warnings to physicians and consumers, which could have prevented serious injury and permanent nerve damage.

During clinical trials, at least three cases of demyelination with Humira use were reported, compared to no reported cases among those taking a placebo. Of those nerve damage problems, two involved optic neuritis on Humira, which could result in vision loss or sight problems.

In addition, an analysis of FDA adverse event reports during the first two years Humira was on the market identified at least 9 reports of neurological problems with Humira, including two cases of optic neuritis. Since that time, a number of similar Humira problems have been reported. It is widely accepted that the number of such problems reported to the FDA likely only represent between 1% and 10% of all actual adverse events.

HUMIRA CANCER SIDE EFFECTS: A study published in the May 17, 2006 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) indicated that Humira side effects could increase the risk of developing cancer. Warnings have been added to the prescribing information about the possible cancer risk.

In August 2009, the FDA announced a Humira black box cancer warning after investigating the potential association between Humira and Lymphoma and other cancers among children and young adults using TNF blockers.

Approximately half of the cancers seen in children and young adults taking TNF blockers were lymphomas, including bother Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is a cancer of cells in the immune system. Lymphoma is not a recognized complication of JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) or of Crohn’s disease. Other cancers reported included leukemia, melanoma and solid organ cancers.

HUMIRA FUNGAL INFECTIONS: A number of users who were receiving TNF blockers, such as Humira, have experienced fungal infections, such as histoplasmosis, blastomycosis and cocciioidmycosis. In several of these cases the infection resulted in death.

In September 2008, the FDA issued an alert to healthcare providers to provide new information about the risk of Humira fungal infections. At that time the agency also indicated that new information will be added to the Humira black box warning to ensure that doctors and consumers are aware of the risk, especially for those who live in or visit areas where fungus is prevalent.

Unfortunately, many cases of fungal infections from Humira go undiagnosed by doctors, since the symptoms are similar to the flu. Symptoms could include cough, fever, fatigue, loss of weight, sweating and shortness of breath.

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  1. chris Reply

    I was diagnosed with RA 2 years ago. After having an allergic reaction to methotrexate, tried enbrel and cimzia. Nothing worked until Humira. Started it 9 months ago. After 2 months felt like symptoms came back after 1 week so rheumy had me take every week. Very scared now that I have read this. Do I stop it n go back to laying in bed miserable not being with my family or do I take it and enjoy the time I have. So scared.

  2. Linda Reply

    My husband took Humira and Embril . He passed away May 16 th. 2012 of cancer that is caused by taking either one of these shots drugs or what ever you want to call them it was a shock when they told us what was wrong with him. He died only three months after he was told he had the cancer. WOW!!! What do we do about this drug??

  3. Johanna Reply

    I took Enbrel for four years and when it stopped working I switched to Humira for my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis . I have had numerous sinus infections that required hospitalizations . I finally had sinus surgery to correct some congenital abnormalities. Within two months of the surgery I had a horrible infection in my neck. My physicians referred me to an infectious disease doctor, but before I could see her ended up in ICU for 3 months with a massive infection in my neck and one where a dental implant had failed ( due to an infection). After a coma that lasted over 3 weeks and 3 code blues, my family was told that was it. I then woke up. Needless to say, I had to learn to walk again and deal with the worst case of psoriasis any of my doctors have ever seen. Six months later, I decided to give Methotrexate a try, within two weeks I was back in the hospital with an abscess on top of my sinus. Did I say how good I did on Humira until the infections started?

  4. Jennifer Reply

    A couple of weekends ago I began taking Humira for treatment of Ulcerative Colitis. That same weekend I developed a rash on my face. At first I thought it may have been an allergic reaction to a new make-up I began using a week prior. But two weeks later the rash has spread to my ears, neck, cleavage and scalp. It itches and stings. My lip has a swollen ring around it and requires constant chapstick. Benadryl and topical ointments have not helped much. My doctor does not believe it was caused by Humira. She urged me to stay on it and not give up on it so quickly. My friend sent me this website. After reading the testimonials, I am discontinuing the Humira. The risks far outweigh the benefits. I will have my colon removed before risking the side effects of this medication. I hope my rash clears up soon. I can’t wear makeup because it has become super sensitive to ingredients that I previously was able to tolerate. I hope my immune system has not been permanently compromised because of this medication.

  5. Melinda Reply

    I have been on Humira for 2 1/2 years. The incredible pain from AS, IBS and depression forced me to take the doctors suggestions to take Humira. The injection site reactions were immediate, swelling and itching the size of baseball. Then the chronic sinus infections. I was constantly making readjustment to the Humira schedule so as not to overlap it with antibiotics. Then the Shingle erupted 6 months ago. I had 2 bouts 11 years ago so I knew the symptoms. Had to make rheumatologist clear that I wasn’t hypochondriac, went to emerg after 8 hours they agreed. Because it affected the facial nerves causing severe head face and optic pain they took it serious. The meds were awful, worked on pain, but made me higher than kite. Not sure I should tolerate those side effects but the pain was not good. Then painful blistering rash on heel of right hand inflamed. Seeping and looked infectious; had it covered to avoid spreading or causing myself more infection. Never went back to doctor. Tired of them knowing less than me. I applied Abreva, kept it covered and clean. Rinsed open sores with rubbing alcohol. It took a month of constant care but it healed. It is still discolored but seems OK. The ongoing body temp issues never stop. Over heating with no reason. Sweats with chills, now I was at dentist several weeks back and I know something isn’t right from that. My jaw and teeth seem out of alignment and have an infection inside cheek forming. Other issues such as depression/ bipolar signs, vit D absorption problems, GI problems, etc. I am looking into the homeopathic route. Inquiring can’t hurt. I’m a single mom of a beautiful 12 yr old daughter. The eventual severe side effects of Humira will leave her prematurely alone. That’s not acceptable. Thank you to everyone who has posted in the past you have given me strength. Make sure you remember that you are the expert of your own body. We all seem to have similar stories not necessarily the same problems. I believe the major drug companies are looking for clinical results for their own profits. I’ve changed my own schedule to a dose every 3 weeks if I’m infection free. And I’m looking into the silver as well. I feel for those who have lost loved ones due to this. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Tamara Reply

    I have had Crohn’s for 15 yrs and have been on humira for about 6 yrs. It has been great for my Crohn’s symptoms. However over the years I have had lower back pain, constant sinus infections, thrush (yeast) infection in my mouth, sore joints, fatigue and once had a major toe fungal infection. I never even paid much attention to these things and just thought they were normal. Then over the last few months I began having frequent headaches, strange tingling sensations, electric shock sensations, feeling of water dripping on my leg, pain when people touch me in certain areas, sore neck, almost daily headaches, extreme fatigue and loss of the central vision in my right eye due to loss of pigment in my retina and they say the same thing is happening in my left eye and just hasn’t moved into the area of my central vision yet. I am still in the process of going to the neurologist, Gastro, and a retinal specialist to try to find out what exactly is going on and to see if it has anything to do with the Humira. I would like to know if anyone knows how exactly do I prove that it is due to humira enough to file a lawsuit. I was never told about any of these kinds of side effects being a possibility and now doing my own research I have found out that no research has been done on Humira being used for longer than one year. I am so sick and would have never started the humira if I had been told that getting MS or neuropathy or anything like that was a possibility. Does anyone know if stopping the humira would reverse any of these problems or am I stuck feeling like this forever?

  7. Mary Reply

    Update to my comment dated December 1, 2012
    I am starting Physical Therapy on March 19, 2013. Next Tuesday.
    It has been a slow healing process of my muscles. But thankful that I am to this point. Ultra sound has shown that these lumps in my muscles are Hematoma’s. caused by tearing and bleeding inside the muscles. There is no guarantee that Physical Therapy will get rid of them but my Genaral Practitioner, Family Doctor has been doing all he can to help me through this. My Gastro Doctor of over 11 years has not given one concern ever since this happened from Humira. That he prescribed to me for Crohn’s. they have not called me either. The Gastro Clinic nurse called in January to let me know I was approved for Cimzia. When I told her I was still in pain in my muscles and I could not start another high risk med while my body was in severe dehydration and bladder infection and lumps all over and could barely get around. I have not heard from them again. Unbelievable !
    I was on Humira 9 months. Had some fatigue and muscle aches for a couple of days after each injection. Then on October 29th 6 hours after that injection I was throbbing in pain from every muscle and sweating out for over 2 days. Muscles started tearing with every move. I had to stop doing anything or going anywhere for over 2 months. Literally staying in bed. Even my feet could not stand the pain of walking. Yes !!! Humira did this to me and now I am fighting not only Crohn’s with out a Gastro Dr. but trying to get rid of painful lumps and hopefully re-strengthen my muscles. Total weight loss through this is now 26 lbs. I am down to 110 lbs. I am trying to maintain.
    So sorry for everyone-who lost loved ones and suffered from this so called miracle drug.

  8. Kathleen Reply

    I was diagonosed with Crohn’s disease in 2007 and had tired every medication there was. I tired predisone, entocort, pentasa, asacol, imuran, and eve cimzia. While on a combo of cimzia and Imuran I was still having flare ups. M doctor just switched me to Humira in late January. I know the said effects are similar to cimzia but I am very unsure of continuing this medication. I have recently changed my diet to an all organic (USDA approved food) and have limited my sugar and yeast intake and seem to be doing a thousand times better. I also eat cultures foods ( foods containing probiotics) and taking probiotic supplements, which mainly consist of the brand “Garden of Life” and that seems to be helping tons. I also take adivse from “Doug Kauffman who has a tv show segment called ‘Know the cause” and he is very nutritionally wise because he is linking most to all cancers and diseases to fungal/ yeast/ overgrowths in the body cause by the food we are eating. Please check into all these things.. Just try it.. It does not hurt to try and research new ideas. Jesus loves you and wants you to get better and so do I !!

  9. olivia Reply

    I have been on the Humira injections since oct 2007. I have not had any problems until now. My hair is falling out. Has anyone else had this problem. Would love to hear from you.

  10. Amanda Reply

    My step father took this medication for several years. Be aware that if you catch a virus or sickness this medication can turn it into a super bug! My father caught the flu, which turned into double pneumonia within days. He has trouble breathing- he went to ER and they were going to have to put him on a respirator to help him breathe. They gave him the medicine to relax him and his heart stopped. This happened at least 4 more times until my mother decided to stop doing CPR- them he passed away. This medicine caused a normal sickness to turn deadly- so please take caution when using this medicine!

  11. kelly Reply

    My 46 year old husband was on Humira. He has a prior history of Hodgkins but an expert in Chicago said this was the best option. Now he has leukemia (aml) and is fighting for his life. Do not take this drug!

  12. Towanda Reply

    I was bitten by a bug? and I got infected by something. This infection ran rampant and I was hospitalized in days. My Dr,’s were puzzled and decided the only new drug I had been on was Humara. No drug’s were working and I was on the last ditch drugs for infections. My sores had to be lanced and my legs were immobilized for days. Since then I have been hospitalized many times. My lungs are bad and I have been hospitalized for problems with breathing. I had my back operated on 3 times for the Humara fed a tumor in my spinal column. So many problems but nothing is fixed. I have MESA causing a compromised immune system.

  13. betty Reply

    They warn you right on television about the side effects to cover their butts for law suits-don\’t take it. I won\’t take any meds and use holistics instead. why would you take something that in their ads say may cause cancer and or death???

  14. Sara Reply

    I am two years out from a catastrophic medical event contributed to being both on Humira and Methotrexate. I had been on the combination for 4-5 years for RA. I developed a sore throat that was misdiagnosed as Strep and put on the Z-pack (anibiotics) within a week I was in a Coma with a 5% chance of survival….liver & kidneys shut down and other failures. I was in a coma for about 30 days then came out and made my way through rehab with a pretty miraculous full recovery. No explanation fully of what happened much less how I managed to recover, according to the doctors I should NOT be here. Needless to say I would NOT RECOMMEND humira/methotrexate to anyone. I take nothing but Plaquinil and some ibuprofen as needed now.

  15. Bernie Reply

    This is a response to Jan on 19th October 2008. I have been on Humira for approx 5 months. Got very sick with lung infection so stopped for approx 3weeks. Then started again and now after my second injection I am having breathing problems and swelling of my legs. Not sure what it is -still investigating. Doctor wants to rule out congestive heart disease. I never had any sign of this before I went on Humira.

  16. theresa Reply

    My Boyfriend passed nov 2012 after being on humria for 2 yrs and the 3rd yr was night mare of events infections after infection Blood problems and a blood special still no results. Went to all 3 of his dr\’s in the end of Oct and all 3 said thing were good Nov 2nd he was dead.

  17. Manuel Reply

    I been taking humira for 3-4 years the first year it worked good I was taking it every month I stop using it went to the Dr so now I’m taking it every 2 weeks my body is amune to the shot it don’t work no more I get wird symptoms don’t get an appetite the shot only helps on my arthritis its getting worst my body is full from head to toe and I’m still taking the shot wird headaches…

  18. LeeLee Reply

    I was diagnosed with RA in April of 2013. Never had any signs or symptoms just woke up one day unable to walk was in excruciating pain. My doctor diagnosed me immediately with what he thought was RA. He was right on the money. After taking methotrexate and plaquenil for six months, losing my job, and just prior to losing my insurance I took my first and last dose of Humira. Just after taking it, I felt on top of the world, like I could do anything. Even though I had diarrhea every time I ate or drink or chewed even a piece of gum, and could not sleep, because I could not stop peeing, I did not have joint pain, and for nearly a month I went back to living a mostly normal life and had I still had my up job, I’m sure I would have gone back to it. Fast forward two months, I have been in bed for two weeks. I am sick with flu-like symptoms and a constant headache and I know, I definitely know something is terribly wrong. I enrolled in today and the effective date is February 1. I am praying for a miracle, but expecting the worst. This drug is bad news. I feel worse now than I ever did before and God only knows the damage it has caused. I pray for all the victims that were led to take this gruesome drug; it’s equivalent to a nuclear bomb, and someone needs to stop it.

  19. Lou Reply

    I began taking Humira in Nov. for psoriasis. I had double injections a week apart & then began single dose injections every other week. After the initial 4th injection, all 4 sites became large red blotches about 21/2″ in diameter. I also noticed a small rash near the sites as well as on my forearms. All of these symptoms disappeared along with many psoriatic patches. Then the recession of the psoriasis almost ceased. I noticed in Dec. I had the sensation at night that I’d swallowed something and it became lodged in my esophagus. By January I had developed a pain in my sternum that went through to my back. The last injection of Humira was Jan. 6. I had not equated Humira with these symptoms yet. Then my face & under my chin began to swell, I had pain in my abdomen, the sensation in my esophagus and diarrhea. I’m beginning to believe I have pancreatitis acute another adverse episode connected with Humira. I ‘m just hoping I have no lasting damage.

  20. kathleen Reply

    When Methotrexate didn’t work, my rheumatologist started me on Humira injections twice a month. Within 3-4 injections I developed warts, nose sores/bleeding, infected acne, SOB, dypsne and edema. I stopped Humira after approx 4 months. Two weeks after my last injection, I was CT scanned for a pulmonary embolism, but it turned out to be PCP pneumonia. I was hospitalized for 4 days and referred to an orthopedic, a neurologist and now I’m under the care of an oncologist because I have MGUS. I just had a bone scan and MRI (both head to toe) to look for bone lesions indicating multiple myeloma. I am waiting for test results and will find out next week if I have cancer. I wanted to tell my story so that anyone experiencing similar side effects could/should discontinue taking Humira!

  21. Diane Reply

    I have been on humira for 2 years for crohn’s. I didn’t put the symptoms together until this past January of first tingling/numbness in the hands and feet, now its full out pain, numbness. I called the dr’s office that put me on humira and they called Abbott, they said I’m a 1 in a million. Yeah, right, I’ve been reading through these comments and a lot of people have the same issue. I’m done with this drug. I’m also controlling my crohn’s with diet and holistic care. (Should have done that right from the start)! I actually trusted the medical/pharmaceutical fields! They are only in it for the $$$ not for our health. Learn how to help yourself! These big corporations do not care about you or I they just want to make the big bucks. Diet, exercise, clean meats, fruits and veggies. (Go to your local Farmer’s Market). If you can find this page, you can find info on fixing your gut health or skin health. The only one who cares the most about your health is you!

  22. Lee Reply

    My dad started taking humira about a year ago for his psoriasis. the humira did stop the psoriasis…butit also gave him lymphoma. he died this past november from the lymphoma that humira gave him. he never had any stomach problems until he started takin this drug. if you or anyone you know is taking this drug or is considering taking it pkease stop them! humira will kill you. its not worth it to risk your life. i lost my dad because of this killer drug, dont lose yours. the drug companies dont care about helping people, just about profit. pretty sokn they will come up with a miracle drug to combat all ghe diseases that humira caused..just to make more money.

  23. SAM Reply

    Started Humira in April 2014.After one shot on fri . When to DR. the next tue did blood work liver enzymes were 435 way high. Has anyone else had this was there damage or did they go back down to normal.Dr told me was not the Humira to keep taking the shots .DID NOT worried that the levels wont go down and will have damage .I also have itching and headaches.

  24. Lory Reply

    My daughter was 10 when she was diagnosed with JIA, had her on methotrexate didn’t work changed to enbrel, didn’t work. Now we are on a Humira for about 6 months. But now she is developing flank pain on both dudes. Waiting for doc response. Anyone experience this?

  25. David R UK Reply

    My Dr’s here in the UK knew I was on Humira but failed to spot bilateral cellulitis. Rhuemmy nurse told me to go to a+e immediately as I needed urgent care. I knew about tne infection issues with this medication due immunosuppression effects. I have had infections galore since this. I am annoyed over this as cellulitis is not mentioned as an issue. This medication should be banned.

  26. Paul Reply

    I’ve been on humira for about a year.initially it worked great for my crohns,took 4 doses in the beginning.i inject once every two weeks after the 3 rd month I developed a rash and tiny pimples on my thighs then rash on biotin of my feet and top of my foot,then rash inside my nose. I have Some kinda fungal bacteria according to my gp I blow green snot all the time I’m sooo stuffed up can barley breath!! I have scabes in my nose that won’t go away. My gi sent me to a dermatologist and he said I have eczema!!!! Never had this before. Told me to put cream on, but never worked and put vasoline in my nose??? Ya it helps with dryness but never healed it. I have a strain that goes from my ear to my throat. My throat on the left side has a lump feeling to it and went and got a ultrasound done. That came back as swollen lymph nodes and one is irregular size. Told we’ll we will keep an eye on it?? Ya right!! Since then I have developed virtigo I am constantly dizzy and feel heart is racing all the time.i see a nose ear throat doctor next week a sleeping disorder specialist next month and neurologist. I can’t comprehend things anymore and developed anxiety from all this.after finding this site I am stopping humira. I also feel nerve problems and shacking hands. Hope you all have good luck with your health this has been a nightmare!!

  27. Rich Reply

    Thanks for all the sharing, after reading all these I decided not to use this drug.
    Hope you all recover soon.

  28. collette Reply

    I was diagnosed with IBS at the age of 28, Crohns at 40 in 2003, I took Pentasa for 7 yrs. I then was hospitalized with Crohns once more in 2009, I was told by my doctor that I had to take Humira shots biweekly for the rest of my life or I would get worse quickly and die. In 2012 I was diagnosed with Neuropathy that went from my toes to my upper thighs. i am now on vitamin B12 shots once a month plus Savella. In October 2013 I started getting nausea, headache, diarrhea, constipation, extreme fatigue, extreme muscle weakness. This comes on without notice. I then drink coconut water and 32 ouches of water and rest for 30 minutes. It helps. The episodes got worse to vomiting and the others systems got more severe. I vomited my feces two weeks ago in June of 2014. I went to my family doctor and then to my gastrointerologist. I was given multiple blood test which revealed high levels of liver enzymes. I also had to have an ultrasound, x-rays, and an open MRI. The liver enzymes went back to normal. Before the MRI results the GI doc said he already knew what the results would be. He then referred me to a heart specialist and to have a treadmill test plus other heart tests. I am scared to death to stop the Humira even though I have all these problems that multiple drs say are not related to Humira. The GI doc now has referred me to a cardiologist to have a treadmill and other tests

  29. Cheryl Reply

    I was diagnosed with psoriasis about three months ago. Dr. wanted me to take Humira but I refused. He offered me no other treatment. I will not go back to him even though he is supposed to be the best. I have psoriasis on my palms and soles of my feet also some on my legs. I am on my feet all night at work and it is very painful because they crack really bad. I don’t know what to do now but I do know I will not take Humira!

  30. Rami Reply

    My brother has a chrons diseases, doctors started with him HUMIRA needels since two month, after one month Palmoplantar pustulosis psoriasis appeared on his body and start spreading inside his ears, all his hands and feet, between legs, his back and head. Now he can’t walk because of his feet, he has a strong pain and he is yelling from pain strenght, HUMIRA destroyed his life and our life as a family. HUMIRA destroyed us!! We thought that it will provide him a quality of life but it does not. We had a very bad luck in side effect.

  31. keri Reply

    Thank you all for sharing your stories about Humira. I am knee deep in all the insurance finalizations and have decided a huge HELL NO to Humira!! I will learn to live with my psoriasis for another 30 years. My heart goes out to everyone on this page. Thank you, because of you, I’m opting OUT!

  32. Michele Reply

    I have moderate to severe Crohn’s disease and have tried most of the drugs such as the mesalamines and steroids over the years with no success. I had a major bowel resection in 2006 and another in 2009. I finally gave in this year and tried Humira after this drug was pushed at me for years by the gastroenterologist. After only one loading dose, four injections, I began to experience severe joint pain. I felt pain along my spine only hours after the injections, and within three days every joint in my body was swollen and painful. I described this reaction to my gastroenterologist who said that is unusual and should not happen. Then, his nurse called me and said they had reported my reaction to their drug rep. She then asked if I had the two remaining auto-injectors and since I was not going to take another dose, she asked if they could have those other two in order to offer to patients who may not have insurance. Does anyone see something wrong with this picture?? Why would they even consider using this lot of medication that caused such a severe reaction in me on another person???
    A out two months after the reaction I went to a rheumatologist and found my liver function is abnormal. Three months in I still have severe joint pain, can hardly hold things in my hands and my feet hurt to walk on. The gastro and rheumatologist both recommended trying Cimzia, another similar TNF inhibitor! No way. I feel like this Humira has ruind my life.

  33. Laurie Reply

    First I would like to say I’m so sorry for all of you that have lost loved ones from this nasty drug.My heart goes out to all of you. I have been on Humaria for about 2 to 3 years and oh my god. I have had 1 infection after another for at least 2 years. I am now fighting a staph infection and also some kind of Fungal out break.My nails ,my arms and my legs are all covered in a red ?? I have had a serious out break of shingles one bout right after the other. The quality of my life has deteriated so much. Nobody should have to suffer like this.My Lymph nodes are all swollen and I can hardly walk.I feel like my body is starting to shut difficulty breathing heart palpatations. Thank you all for sharing it is so hard to know what to do because we like to believe that we can trust our doctors with our lives but it looks like the doctors are killing us with this Nuclear bomb. I stopped my Humaria tonight against my doctors advise. At this point I have nothing else left to lose. As I said my body is shutting down slowly.

  34. Tanya Reply

    Please be advised of all side effects of plaquenil, your doctor will not tell you of the side effects before prescribing it to you. I was diagnosed with RA and Fibromyalgia. My doctor prescribed me Plaquenil and prednisone and after taking them for a month I had severe hair loss on the sides and all of it in the back. I called my RA doctor and told him, his reply was ooh yes that happens, but yet he failed to tell me this upon prescribing it. So now he says my insurance want pay for any other kind and he only has me on prednisone which is not working. The pharmacy in which filled the prescription for me failed to have that side effect listed on the medicine information sheet that is given with the med. So now Im back to step 1 again in extreme pain and stiffness. Im a single mother and cannot work until this condition gets under control.I want and need to work so now I have to find a Real Rheumatologist that is gonna really help me.

  35. Stephanie-Ellen Reply

    It is so scary to read all these comments. I stumbled across this page when looking at what happens when you stop Humira. I have been injecting this drug for over 2 years and I can honestly say it has been the best thing that ever happened to me. Methotrexate made me black out all the time. I have psoriatic arthritis and since using this my skin is clear and I am relatively pain free. The only reason I need to stop is because I am trying for a baby. Just feel so worried about stopping. At the end of the day for me it was a choice of quality of life…I would much rather enjoy my time on this planet living as pain free as I can. Its a risk but I think its worth it.

  36. Becky Reply

    I have severe Crohns since 1982. Tried eveything out there. Went to the Mayo clinic and this is the recomendation that they gave me. Hmmm have to wonder how great is the Mayo clinic. As for Humira you have all helped me decide “NO WAY IN HELL”. Thank you all for your input and sharing these side effects. Without people voicing their side no one would find out the truth.

  37. Monica Reply

    I was diagnosed with severe crohns/ulcerative colitis in 2009. I was put on steroids and lialda. The steroids made me swell up and I felt tike my heart was beating in my throat. The lialda caused muscle spasms around my heart and I thought I was having a heart attack. So I tried remicade. The cost of this drug was drowning me in debt. I was introduced to a natural drug called Zija. I was taking nothing but Zija and was told I did not need my doctors meds. after 9 months on Zija I began to feel really bad again. I went back to my doctor and they prescribed Humira. Before my insurance company could approve it I almost died. An ulcer ruptured in y colon and I had to have 4 units of blood and half my colon removed. Once I was out of the hospital I started Humira. I have been on it for 20 months. The 1st year was great!!!! But for the past 8 months I have suffered from sinus infections and I go to my regular doctor for antibiotic shots. I have developed allergies, my right eye waters uncontrollably and I take so much allergy meds. I now have a sore in m y nose that won’t heal. No ne has mentioned shoulder pain. I think that is the joint pain that I am experiencing. Sometimes my husband touches me in some places and It hurts, like I have a bruise. I was told I could loose the rest of my colon if I don’t stay on this medicine, but I’m tired of being sick and going to one doctor after another. I’ve been to eye doctor, ENT doctor, and my family doctor.

  38. brian Reply

    I suffer from severe reactive arthritis andI would rather live in pain than die from a drug that definitely causes cancer ( the manufacturer says it does) ,its a no brainer people ….

  39. Kevin Reply

    I was supposed to start humira injections in December for p A but it was put off due to me being unwell until 2nd January that did not take place because they decided it was better to go to hospital to get it done which gave me the time to look up these sites and how glad I am that I did so.
    I was on methrotexorate 3 or 4 years ago for 6 months and got multiple recurring problems so stopped taking them thankfully they all cleared up in a few weeks it was then the doctor started to try to get me on humira which I resisted until a visit to hospital in November which I was given a nice little glossy pamphlet telling you all about it ????.
    At least it did say there could be some side effects but this section was very brief indeed! I wonder why? are they trying to hide something you bet they are .
    After some thought I made the decision to cancel humira a simple enough thing you may think O no ! I phoned the hospital to confirm this and a rather irate sounding nurse started to question me or give me the third degree when I had to become more forceful and say I am not having it the phone was slammed down I then phoned the humira provider to request the unused items to be collected no problem I was told 1 hour latter the phone rings to arrange a delivery of more humira I explained again I was not going to use it and I had cancelled ok I was told but then the hospital rings back the same person who had earlier put the phone down on me to say bring the unused injections to the hospital but then gives me an appointment for a little chat! or maybe brain washing is a better word and while she is now in posetion of the injections to again try to get me to have one a bit like bribing a child with sweets to do something.
    At this stage I re phoned the supplier to see if I can get them collected before the appointment which the hospital are seemingly blocking I was told I would be phoned back but that never happened maybe tomorrow I hope.
    Whatever I intend to stand my ground on this one I have made my mind up I refuse to have this injection.
    I notice that the most of these reports are not very good in the longer term who knows what further problems may occur It may work for some but I think this drug is an unknown and potentially dangerous one which could ruin your life I would rather have and live with the problems I have than invite some new and unwanted ones into my life.

  40. Jaime Reply

    I was on humira for 11 months and had to stop because I had been exposed to TB. since I have been off of it, my body had gone to the birds. I now have inflammatory disease in my eyes, chronic pancreatitis, my Crohn’s has spread to my colon, my stomach, my tongue, and my lips. The only side effect I had from humira was flu like symptoms and fatigue the day after I took my shot and I was once weekly. I am going back on it in a couple of weeks and am praying it helps me again. All I do is spend time in the toilet or in bed in pain. I miss being outside and functional without pain medication

  41. rita Reply

    Humira is the only drug that has worked for me. NSAIDS, DMARDS are far worse for you than a BIOLOGIC.

  42. Erin Reply

    DO NOT take Humira! I started it to help with Crohn’s Disease. 30 minutes after my second injection I was unable to walk or use my arms/hands. They were numb and I kept having terrible muscle spasms. I had to be carried to the car and rushed to the hospital. I am now able to use my limbs but having numbness, tingling, dizziness, and some blindness in my left eye. I am waiting to see a neurologist and hoping not to have done serious nerve damage. I also have no energy and a terrible cough.

  43. Kevin Reply

    I started taking Humira in 2011 to help with psoriatic arthritis. It did great in this regard, the arthritis pain was literally gone overnight. However, in early 2012 I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I had surgery in Jan 2012 to remove several tumors. After about a two month break, I started taking Humira again in March of 2012. Then in June 2012 they found more tumors in the bladder, and these were also removed. I quit taking Humira after the second surgery, and have been cancer free since. I’m taking some alternate drugs to help with the arthritis (Sulfasalazine, Plaquenil and Arava). And they are managing the symptoms pretty well. So no more TNF blockers for me EVER. 🙂

  44. Carl Reply

    Started humira over 5years ago. Sept 23, 2014 I had a heart attack requiring a stent. In 2013 had a good nuclear stress test. And a year later I have a heart attack. When we started humira the main problem we were warned about was lowered immunity. Nothing was ever discussed about heart problems. As soon as heart attack was diagnosed I was told to stop the humira & lodine-an antiinflamatory med. When I requested a container to return used syringes in they said they would report the attack to FDA. Is there anything that can be done. The heart attack has slowed me somewhat. Thanks

  45. Karen Reply

    I was given Humira for psoriatic arthritis 4 years ago along with methotrexate. I had never had psoriatic outbreaks to any large extent just little spots that were never diagnosed over my lifetime. The decrease of pain was immediate. However, after a few months, I began to look terrible. As time went on, over the next years, my skin was swollen but dryed, enlarged pores, weeping eyes and eyelids that peeled,roseacae, pityirius rosa,psoriasis, skin that was raised red , itchy, and then peeled. The Doctors were notified about all of these but put it off to allergies. I had sever sinus, headaches, weeping itchy scalp, lost half of my vision, terrible bowel swelling, started limping. I stopped the Metho. and did feel a little better. The symtoms never went . I had a cough , internal itching that drove me crazy, and in the end I could hardly walk. I felt like my legs were giving out at the very top. I looked like a Gargoyle. All of these things kept getting slowly worse gradually over time. I have stopped the Humira now and after 2 months am looking a hell of a lot better and walking better. I know it will take time to get rid of the symtoms all together but feel confident it will happen . My vision is back and the rashes are going . Still stuck with sinus, a cough and some itching . a limp but sooooooooo much better overall. Hope there is no severe damage as all the Drs. don’t seem to know any of the side affects or don’t want to know. I’ll stick with OTC pain relievers until I can’t walk again and maybe even then . I think if you have allergies already you shouldn’t be prescribed these drugs and if you are ,you should be closley watched. Maybe taking a picture at the Doctors at the start would help show the decline or improvement. it’s dangerous to have no help out there.

  46. Chris Reply

    My wife started taking humira and within 4-6 months was diagnosed with leukemia. She was perfectly healthy her entire life to this point. She passed 8 months later.

  47. Maureen Reply

    I started Humira 6 weeks ago, I was fine after my first dose. Extreme fatigue and flu systems that lasted 2 weeks after my second dose. And now after my 3rd dose I have developed a very large and angry abcess on my breast. Has anyone else had this happen? I have ankylosing spondylitis and chronic iritis and am very fearful after reading all the previous posts

  48. joel Reply

    My son was diagnosed whith jra
    By age three his reumatologist
    Prescrived him whith humira due to
    That medicine, he was admited 3
    Times at the hospital whit major
    Infections or abces should i say.
    Finally after sugestin many times
    He decided to switch him to embrel,
    Where things got worst after 6 month he was admited at the hospital whith an infection that ended whith his life,
    There is no doubt , it was cause of this 2 medicine.

  49. Jill Reply

    I have sever Crohn’s Disease, diagnosed in 1999. Tried every drug. Started HUMIRA ten years ago. It has been a wonderful drug for me. Have not had one single flare in ten years.
    However, since injecting HUMIA, I’ve had breast cancer, eye problems, and lots of abscessed teeth.
    Which is worse: having flares (which involve severe abdominal pain, high fevers, blood in stools, many colonoscopies and hospitalizations every year) or my previously mentioned side-effects?
    I think I’ll stay on the HUMIRA.
    QUESTION: Has breast cancer ever been associated with HUMIRA???

  50. Bob Reply

    I took my first humor a shot 10 day ago, the first couple of days I noticed some clearing.. Then I woke in the middle of night itching but didn’t think anything of it. The next morning I awoke to my chest , back and legs brokeout with a horrible rash. Later that day I felt as if my face was swelling and burning. I went to bed that evening and awoke to my face throbbing. I went to the mirror and my face was bright red with the butterfly rash. My back and chest are are completely covered and the rash is spreading all over. I went to the emergency room at 1am and sat for hours for them to only tell me to take benydril and they sent me home. I went to a urgent care and they prescribed me prednisone. I’m worried that it’s gonna be hard to get rid of this rash from my past exsperince with psoriasis breakouts. I wish I would have never tried this drug I was a lot better off. Has anyone else had this and did the rash go away?

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