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Problems with the designs of certain inferior vena cava (IVC) filters have caused many individuals nationwide to suffer severe complications and injuries when the small devices fractured or broke inside the body.

IVC FILTER LAWSUIT STATUS: Lawyers are reviewing potential Cook IVC Filter lawsuits, Bard Recovery IVC Filter lawsuits and Bard G2 IVC Filter lawsuits for individuals nationwide. All cases are handled under a contingency fee, which means that there are no fees or expenses unless a recovery is obtained.


OVERVIEW: Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) filters, or blood clot filters, are small devices designed to catch blood clots that may break free inside the deep veins of the body and travel toward the lungs. The spider-like filters are implanted in patients who are at risk for a pulmonary embolism, when they are unable to take anticoagulants or when those medications have failed.

In August 2010, the FDA issued a warning to doctors, alerting them about the risk of problems with retrievable IVC filters, such as those manufactured by Cook and C.R. Bard. The agency indicated that the blood clot filters should be removed in many cases once the danger of a pulmonary embolism has passed.

At least 900 adverse event reports have been received by the FDA involving complications from IVC filters. One of the most common complaints is of the filter, or a piece of the filter, breaking off and migrating through the patient’s body.

In May 2014, the FDA issued an updated safety statement indicating that patients may face an increased risk of problems with IVC filters the longer they remain in place, advising doctors that the ideal time for removal appears to be between 29 days and 54 days after implantation.

Due to improper warnings and instructions, many doctors were not aware of the importance of removing the IVC filters. In addition, design problems with certain products may increase the risk of IVC filter failures, including fractures of the device, perforation of the vena cava or other injuries.

In April 2015, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that IVC filters were not as effective as blood thinners at preventing pulmonary embolism. The researchers found that filter recipients were twice as likely to have a blood clot travel to their lungs than those on blood thinners.

A study published in August 2015 in a letter in JAMA warned that the long-term risks of IVC filters may negate any health benefits they provide in catching blood clots.

The FDA issued a warning letter to Bard in July 2015 for illegally marketing a device used to remove the Recovery IVC filter, as well as for problems with its Denali IVC filter.

COOK CELECT AND COOK GUNTHER TULIP IVC FILTERS: A study was published in the April 2012 issue of CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology which found that all Cook Celect and Gunther Tulip filters showed some degree of vena caval perforation after just 71 days. The researchers found that full perforation of at least one component all the way through the IVC wall occurred in 86% of all cases. The filters were found to have tiled in 40% of cases.

Like the FDA, the researchers called for the removal of IVC filters as early as clinically indicated. They also called on doctors to take a close look at IVC filters during follow-up imaging scans.

In October 2014, all Cook Medical IVC filter lawsuits were centralized as part of an MDL in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana for pretrial proceedings.

Researchers from the University of Colorado revealed in March 2015 that rates of IVC filter perforations were significantly higher with the Cook Celect than with competing IVC filters.

BARD IVC FILTER FAILURES AND PROBLEMS: The Bard Recovery IVC filter was approved in 2002 and placed on the market in 2003. Although the company indicated plans for “long-term success” when the filter was introduced, it was removed from the market just over two years later in October 2005.

While a Bard Recovery IVC filter recall was never officially issued, the Bard G2 IVC filter was introduced as a replacement product, reportedly providing “enhanced fracture resistance”, “improved centering” and “increased migration resistance.” However, both Bard IVC filters have been found to be prone to fractures and failures. Studies have confirmed that the Bard Recovery IVC filter and Bard G2 IVC filter have a particularly high rate or failures and other problems that could cause serious and potentially life-threatening injuries.

Pieces of the IVC filters appear to be prone to break or fracture, allowing pieces to flow through the bloodstream travel to the heart, lungs or cause other internal punctures.

According to an August 2010 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the Bard Recovery Filter system failure rate was 25% and the Bard G2 Filter system failure rate was about 12%. Researchers recommended an immediate halt to the use of the Bard IVC filters to protect patients.

In August 2015, all Bard IVC filter lawsuits involving the G2 and Recovery IVC filters were centralized as part of an MDL in Arizona federal court for pretrial proceedings.

LAWSUITS OVER IVC FILTER FRACTURES: If an IVC filter fractures in a patient’s body the filter, or parts of it, can migrate causing internal injuries including:

  • Perforation of the heart
  • Perforation of the lungs
  • Hemorrhagic pericardial effusion (blood around the heart)
  • Cardiac tamponade (disruption of the heart caused by excess fluid)
  • Ventricular tachycardia (accelerated heart beat)
  • Puncturing of the vena cava

In many cases, the problems require emergency treatment for the blood clot filter removal, which may result in open heart surgery in some cases. Through an IVC filter lawsuit, individuals who have experienced a fracture, failure or migration of their device may be able to obtain compensation from the manufacturer as a result of the allegedly negligent and defective design of these products. IVC filter lawyers are providing free consultations and claim evaluations for individuals throughout the United States.

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  1. Phyllis Reply

    I had a Bard Recovery IVC filter placed in 2004. First I learned from a CAT scan that the legs perforated the IVC which I was told was “no big deal”. After reading in the Wall St. Journal that the FDA recommends removal of these filters I tried to get mine removed today. The doctor was unable to remove the filter and told me that two of the filter legs were now lodged in my lungs.Since they fractured the filter tipped and became too far embedded in the wall of the IVC for safe removal. I am 51 years old and otherwise in excellent health.

  2. Eric Reply

    i have a ivc filter.and want it out.

  3. r cook Reply

    See Dr William Kuo (Uni Stanford Palo alto Ca) He is a formost expert. He got mine out in one hour. A God send. He can help you.

  4. Dianne Reply

    I had a BARD Eclipse filter placed in April of 2010. I received a call last week from the intervention radiologist asking if I wanted to have it removed as we were approaching the end of the window for safe removal. This is the first time anyone mentioned it had to be removed. When I spoke directly with the doctor via phone, he said it should have been removed 3 months after it was implanted! I have no insurance and currently am unemployed. My online research brought me to a government page for Emergency Medical Assistance but it was only available to non-citizens! Do I have to give up my American citizenship to get help?

  5. R. Popp Reply

    I hope to have the G2 removed by thoracic surgeons on 28 March by way of a hook inserted in the vena.

  6. Jamie Reply

    I had a Bard G2 Express implanted in 01/09 after a car accident. I had this implant along with taking a blood thinner. In 11/10 I had the filter removed and learned that a leg had broken and traveled to my heart. From what I understand I am very fortuante. The piece then traveled to the middle lobe of my right lung while doctors were trying to figure out what to do about. I was sent from TN to PA to a interventional radiologist to have removed which he do with a little diffuculty. Since I have no lasting side effects no attorney wants to deal with it. I am out about $10,000 for medical bills and travel. My case is unimportant.

  7. timothy Reply


  8. Jeff Reply

    Everyone needs to see Dr. Kuo at Stanford Hospital in CA!!! The man…he will get any of them out!

  9. Cheryl Reply

    I had a Greenfield filter inserted in 2007 before a knee surgery due to being allergic to most of the blood thinners they had tried to give me, It was removed without a problem in 2 weeks, then due to infection had another knee surgery and again a Greenfield filter was inserted and again removed in about 2 weeks, yes, you guessed it I had another knee surgery and again they put a Greenfield filter in and after 2 weeks went in to have it removed, was in the Cath Lab about 6 hrs that day, Dr. said he needed a different instrument and I would need to come back the next week, returned to the same thing only this time he said he could not remove it due to the filter tipping over as he put it and they could not get a good grip on it, but it would be fine and not cause any problems. I just had a CT scan done and the radiologist that read it said the legs have protruded through the vc wall but did not see a leak yet!! What does that mean YET! Now I have no idea what to do because I was told it had embedded itself in there so they cant retrieve it, so I just have to walk around with a ticking time bomb in my body. That is just not right

  10. Monika Reply

    I had my Bard filer placed in 2006, since its been almost 10 years I can no longer have it removed because it will just be to dangerous/its stuck. I know eventually my Filter will fall apart and guess till then I just wait with a time bomb in me. NOT Right !!

  11. Elizabeth Reply

    I had a Bard Simon Nitinol ivc placed 1997. One day, Jan 2001, I got a jolt of pain in lower back that would not go away. X-Ray showed a broken strut (leg)-it is embedded in disc of anterior spine. No lawyer would take my case then or now. Wrote to Bard in 2001 and was ignored. Continue with chronic pain to this day. Put on disability 2012. If a filter is broke what difference does it make regarding help? Only certain ivc filters can’t break?! Or is it all about the $.

  12. Howard Reply

    Dr. Willaim T. Kuo – at Stanford University Medical Center removed my trouble-causing IVC filter. He is an answer to many prayers. He removed my filter, when other doctors said it couldn’t be removed. His contact number is 650-498-0797.

  13. Samuel Reply

    I had a filter put in july21 2009 and on Aug 9, 2009 a clot broke off and went to my lung and almost kill me. I have went through 4 surgery since than. It was one of cook filter.I have a store I to tell on what it did to my life. Samuel Mills of Portsmouth Va. I need somebody to listen to me. Please.This stories need to be hear.ASAP

  14. MICHAEL Reply

    A good friend of mine had an IVC filter implanted despite him being contra-indicated (his embolism had passed due to thinners and had no chronic condition) for the device. Doctors did not reveal he had other options, did not reveal it was permanent, did not reveal embolism was gone, did not reveal risk, did not reveal symptoms of broken filter to rush to emergency room. 12 months later he complained intense pain in thigh (one of the symptoms of broken filter)- tried to sleep it off and 5 hours later died at the same hospital that installed the filter. Autopsy revealed the filter punctured his vena cava in 3 different places. Criminals.

  15. eliezer Reply

    have filter put in 2010 had bend 5 years some time i get chest pain what i need to do

  16. laurie Reply

    It seems like alot of people have cases no one will take but shouldn’t the medical company still be held accountable because they have a defective product that is implanted inside people.

  17. Judy Reply

    I was told I had an IVC filter placed last May before urgent back surgery. I have a history of pulmonary and venous embolism and had been on a blood thinner before the surgery. I was on so much pain medication that although I do remember signing the operative permit, I remember little else. I had severe life threatening complications after the surgery including not being able to get off the ventilator for eight days, pneumonia, mini strokes, and seizures. On to of all this I developed a blood clot in my right calf. I was in the hospital for six weeks with a long follow up recovery. I asked a nurse about the filter and was told I didn’t have one listed in my records. However both my surgeon and pulmonologist stated I did. I was never given any information on type/brand of filter. A few months after my surgery and after having resumed my Warfarin, my pulmonologist said I should probably have it taken out. I asked my surgeon who said he didn’t really know. My PCM days I probably need to talk to a radiologist. When I went for a MRI this week I was asked about the type and brand of filter and they wanted to see the card I was given for identification. When I told her I was never given a card or any information, she seemed concerned a little about the magnetic field of the MRI environment but did the test anyway. As far as I know I have had no issues with the filter and it has been a bit of relief not to worry about blood clots to my upper body. But the new info coming out on the filters has me a little concerned. I love the docs who took care of me but don’t seem to be able to get good directions on whether or not to have the filter removed. Any professional ideas out there?

  18. Mary Reply

    I too had an IVC filter which eventually mitigated it’s way thru my vein, finally puncturing it in numerous places by the filters head and legs. The filter actually perforated my small intestine. I had the filter inside me for over two years. No mention was ever made to me of possible side effects to look out for and I was never given any “ID card” describing my particular filter and indicating that I had it placed in my vein. I began experiencing severe nausea and agonizing completely debilitating abdominal pain.
    I suffered for such a long period of time, until the problems with my IVC filter was diagnosed. I daughter out numerous doctors to remove my filter. However, no one was willing to attemp its removal. They told me, despite the emergent circumstances, removal was impossible. Finally, I found Dr William Kuo at Stanford university Hospital. He was willing and able to retrieve and remove my IVC filter.
    I am So very grateful to Dr Kuo and his wonderful staff !
    They were indeed a God send. It is unknown at this time what my degree of permanent damage from the filter may be. But, I am so happy to have it out of my body. So, I strongly encourage anyone who is in similar circumstances with an IVC filter to contact Dr Kuo.

  19. patty Reply

    I had a bard filter put in, in 2007 because I was having weight loss surgery. I never had a clot or family history but the surgeon insisted on putting one in because my legs swelled, so I did it because if not the surgeon wouldn’t have done the surgery, but I had already gone thru all the testing to have surgery, anyway I had the filter put in on a Friday and Monday was the surgery, I was never given a card either. The vascular Dr told me it could stay in so I left it in. 3 yrs later I started having a severe cough and it was like for 6 months so I was getting warnings at work and losing my voice and my boss would send me home because they would think I was sick because of the cough. One night about 1 am I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and never knew the filter was breaking. They did an chest xray and a cat scan w and witout contrast. The emergency Dr was puzzled and asked if I ever had a clot or family history and that was no. The emergency Dr sent me to a bigger hospital. I seen a pulmonolgist, vascular surgeon and a thoracic surgeon, I had a surgery to try to get the leg of the filter out of my lung and cut a piece of my lung out but didn’t get it out, 3 days in the hospital. I ended up flying from ct to California, Stanford university, dr cuo who was highly recommended by Drs here , he removed the filter in 2 hour’s but he went after the piece in my lung and after 8 hrs on the table, no success for the piece in my lung, so here I am with a cough still and scared to death it’ll move again because I forgot to mention that during my lung surgery to get piece out , it shot into my left lung and it was in my right lung originally. I am frightened to death. A month ago I had pain in my left lung and I came back to the emergency room, it ended up being pluracey from the cough. Idk when this nightmare will end but the piece is wrapped around my main artery. But Dr cuo was excellent and getting the filter out he’s a 100% . that’s my story.

  20. Doreen Reply

    I want mine out to….two of them double risk….criminals is right!!!

  21. Loretta Reply

    My Gunther Tulip IVC filter was put in 6/08. All I was told was because of my Hx of PE’s I needed a filter and was also told it was removable. Mind you, I was “not” told it needed
    to be remover within a certain time. Twice, (number of yrs ago) on x-ray report it said IVP filter in place and IVC filter seen. I long ago misplaced the little card they gave me with the filer name and number. After seeing a law firm on TV I called, Woo, no way will I EVER sign to give a law firm 50% commission plus fees or to give them permission to look at my entire life of medical history. Need I say, I told them I wasn’t interested! Nothing major health wise other than 4 yrs ago I developed a severe blockage in left leg and needed a emergency Fem Pop bypass; recently diagnosed with Asthma/COPD; severe spine pain/isues (having another MRI next week); these awful daily migraines & occasional severe chest pain. Other than that I am healthy.

  22. Laura Reply

    Filter placed in torso 9/05. Told several doctor2 over years about extreme chest pain. Felt like i was having a a heart attack many times a day for YEARS. They said cut back on the caffeine. You’re under too much stress.
    When they carried me out on a stretcher in 2014 is when the retards finally figured it out. Fractured and migrated struts. Thanks you idiots. MRI ct scans holter monitor blood work ultrasound oh NOW you believe me???? 4 peices stuck in my chest. Still horrible pain. Have been told i have no case. Have been told i cant be helped. Oh thats great thanks you guys. Diagnosed with a heart condition due to the strut migration. I tell SOME of this story so others know they are not alone.

  23. Alanna Reply

    I have a Cook Select IVC filter that was placed in December 2009. When I first saw the law suites on TV I called The Cook corporation and was told their IVC filters were not in the named law suites. Now the more I have read I am finding that the very filter I have is one of the top filters that have failed. My Cook Celect Filter has migrated, I have had multiple health problems including tachycardia, chest pain that has required hospitalization and not once did a doctor check to see if it was my IVC filter causing the problems. I want it out but have been told it has been in too long to be removed. I would like to know what my options are.

  24. Charles Reply

    Well to the guy not willing to give the lawyers 50% well good luck cause you got 100% of nothing. and you still need to pay ur medical bills. And even if the lawyer does get ur records. All they care about is the proof to win the case. After all they want to get paid right. What is in ur records ur worried about them finding did u like get a gerbil suckered up ur butt or something. Anyway my story is V.A. put one in July 6th 2017 but I had no more conversations with them about the filter being removed. Hope this means my lawyers will get me a huge check to leave with my wife and kids when this thing kills me.

  25. mike Reply

    I had a Greenfield IVC implanted in 12/2000 after knee injury created DVT and PE. Problems began in 2011=AFIB, peripheral neuropathy, blood clots in legs. Became disabled. In March 2017, cardiologist did venogram and filter was 100% plugged. I think it became plugged in 2011! Had surgery to clear filter with clot buster drugs…2 stents put in filter, 10 stents put in right leg and 6 stents put in left leg. Have been in contact with two different lawyers since April 2016. They said that I had to wait for results on MDLs. Now being told(last week) that nothing lawyer can do. Called a few other lawyers and being told statute of limitations is up now. I’m screwed! My life is ruined!

  26. george Reply

    My Bard eclipse was tried twice for removal after only 3 months and it was sideways and ripped my vena cava apart causing a massive hematoma which required emergency blood in the amount of 6 bags.

  27. Myrna Reply

    I have had pulmonary hypertension about 20 years, A filter was put in groin in 2005. Dr. just told me that I needed to have it put in because it would catch a blood clot, or clots. I have been seeing a dr. at Duke University Hospital in Durham, N.C. every year since then. I was never told anything about the dangers of the filter. I found out it should have been taken out after 3 months but, obviously, they didn’t tell me this either. I started having real bad back pain about 1-1/2 months ago and finally it got so bad that my primary doctor sent me to have x-rays and scans made and that is when these tests showed the filter in my groin detached and is now attached to my liver. I am now in the process of seeing several different doctors to see what can be done about this. I do believe that Duke Hospital either failed to tell me that it would need to come out after 3 months or they forgot it was in there. It has now been in there a little over 16 years and I am scared to death. HELP!!!

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