Oxycodone and Morphine Among Dozens of Drug Recalls

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Ethex Corp. and Ther-Rx Corp., two subsidiaries of KV Pharmaceuticals, have recalled an additional 35 types of drugs following a series of manufacturing problems which have allowed oversized pills to be distributed to consumers.

The drug recall includes generic versions of painkillers, hypertension drugs, cough and cold treatments and antidepressants, which were sold by Ethex Corp. It also includes brand name medications sold by Ther-Rx Corp., including two vaginal creams, Clindesse and Gynazole, and a potassium supplement, MicroK Extencaps.

The recalls stem from a series of manufacturing issues which allowed oversized tablets of Morphine Sulfate and other generic drugs to be sold with up to twice the appropriate amount of the active pharmaceutical ingredient. This has resulted in a number of serious injuries involving morphine overdose and other problems caused by the extra strength tablets.

The problems first surfaced in June 2008, when Ethex issued a Morphine Sulfate recall for a single lot of extended release tablets. That recall was later expanded to include additional lots, and subsequent recalls added other drugs which were also found to potentially contain too much medication.

FDA inspections have uncovered a number of violations of Good Manufacturing Practices, causing KV Pharmaceuticals to notify the FDA on December 19, 2008 that they were suspending shipment of all drug products in tablet form.

Earlier this week, KV Pharma announced that they were suspending manufacturing and shipping for all of their products, and indicated that they were in discussion with the FDA about issuing this recall for drugs they had already distributed.

Most of the products will be recalled from the wholesale level and some from the retail pharmacy level.

The FDA has posted copies of the Ethex recall notice and Ther-Rx recall notice, with complete lists of drugs impacted.

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  1. Vesna Reply



    here I have been told that the major manufacturer of the Oxycodone had to recall all of it plus a bunch of other drugs.

    So in clear if 99% of the pharmacy in this country buy sub-standard stuff made in some remote backyard in India between the Chicken coop and the open air bathroom, then your are out.

    We are in deep trouble because of this, the condition that recquires such strong medication is a VERY painful condition and of course the doc gives only 30 days suply at the time. There is NO room for a shortage.

    Today is the 30th day and after 5 hours of wait at the doc, we get the prescription but NOT A SINGLE pharmacy in a 10000 miles radius carry this medication.

    Very few gives a dime. They told me how try to call the parmacy before going. Well after calling a dozen places where they told me “Sorry We do not have this”, I finally got someone who told me “There is a recall on that drug”.

    Vey nice. So At least I know I can stop calling. Thanks but now what do we do. The doc is VERY difficult to get a hold of and we are out of supply of the drug.

    May be go before the pharmacy and commit suicide right there rather than at home?

    US health system is broken.

  2. Christine Reply

    Vesna, thank you for your comment I had the same problem as you and where do you turn when you have been taking this medicine for years and you can’t go with out it. Then when you do get the doc they want to give you a mediacation that you cannot afford? I spent countless hours on the phone as well trying to locate this but no one had it in the State of Delaware. What is most disturbing to me, is that my Pharmacy Costco was not aware of the problem, and for me to call back on Monday for speak to the other Pharmicist. I feel as though we should have been notified ASAP, but not a single call. The Pharmicist that was on stated that she just fills in when needed, so I read to her what was on the FDA site, her response was oh my. Did they have them yes, I said don’t you feel as though you should pull them off the shelf since you know NOTHING about this recall. Answer again was call back Monday? The Dilaudid that I was taking was very strong that I could not funciton but wantd to sleep all the time, and my respatory systme was very very shalllow due to this drig. Something needs to be done as to where these drugs are comong from I don’t feel that it is the United States not when you buy in bulk like Costco does. As for feeling better I am still very sluggish. Thanks for your comment way to go.

  3. Dee Reply

    I can relate to Ms. Arizona, My issurance has denied me so many drugs that I need to Live because something happened to my pituilaty gland right after my second child birth. It took me from 1996 til 2002 to get a doctor to run some test to see what was going on. I told my doctors and obgyn doctor that some thing was going on. During this Time i told the Doctors about the differant changes in my body, the freaking dark depression, pain all over. Not one time did they check my blood like a cbc with a chem21.
    ok now up to now have had to fight to get my depression meds, i have had to fight with doctors for pain meds for fibromyalgia, addisons disease, and i have sores that come up that are very painful the are called lynching field sydrome. but suicide will not be the answer. i have went through withdraws so many time on differant time. i feltt like my skin was gonna crawl off and just best to stay away from people because i could not even stand my self.
    now i find out that 4 of the meds i have been on have been recalled.
    the morphene 15 has help alot it hasnt stopped the pain completely. and yes i hate that 5-7 hour wait for pain meds + you have to take all or your meds for them to count.
    I do believe doctors, FDA, and the Medical board should be held a countable, but i also see the other side where some many abuse their drugs. i have lost alot of friends to freaken oxy’s roxy’s meth. It is crazy. Then on top of fighting to get a doctors appntment, getting my meds. you have to fight with disablity because they said they couldnt see any thing wrong with me. I am 43 and i wonder if i will get to see my kids grow up, will i get to watch my two grandkids grow up! ok i will get off of my soap box now. one last thing if you feel the doctor is ignoring you write the date and time down and call your insurance and ask for a second opinion because of the way the doctor dimissed you. and this is not for the ones doctor shopping to get more pain meds!!!! that is a big part of this mess right now.

  4. David Reply

    Here I sit with the withdrawals starting to set in. I am in the same sinking boat as others are with the voluntary recall of Oxycodone. The worse part of it is that I have a syndrome which I was put on Oxycodone 15 years ago. It is a very painful syndrome plus as it goes on, the pain does start to get worse. So I am fighting two battles here, the withdrawals are tough enough but the pain that has been somewhat controlled is now starting to take over my body and mind. I was instructed many years ago, to go to this clinic that uses all types of medication’s to fine out what the best medication was the best to help control of the pain. I did not expect for all of the pain to be gone, but enough to function like a human being. So what is my next step? I can’t get an approx. date of when the oxycodone will be available again but where is the answer for the legit people who are on this medication, and has been for years and now we try to go cold turkey or go to a detox. facility? What a spot you have put us in, it could have been taking a certain mgs. off the market until that is corrected then move on to the next and so on. But no, the shelves were stripped bare and no one was thinking of the patient.

  5. matt in ny Reply

    i was told same story by wallgreens my script for pain meds oxycodone 15 mil.was unavailable do to shortage .they were no help so i went to cvs and was told same thing but he said he could call my doctors office and ask to switch to 30 mil. at half the amount and i could break them in half . he said they would be less expensive around 60$ to 65$ then he checked the price and said oh boy looks like they raised the prices its now 118$ twice the price from last week.sounds like price gouging.on a huge scale

  6. mack Reply

    thats what all of you get for enjoying the pleasue of the new crack….aww now your getting withdrawals…what a shame i feel so bad for the millions of basers that are going to be detoxing for the next few months…lmao finally they take it off the market…ive been waiting for this to happen and im glad it did..too many kids are dying…and for those who really do need it for pain dont worry theres plenty of other painkillers out there u will be ok…think of this as a blessing in disguise…now hopefully you can stop depending on a pill and live a normal life

  7. mike Reply

    I suffer from degenerative disk disease and arthritis. Having had back surgery and requiring many more surgeries, I’m truly thankful that drugs such as Oxycodone exist. I would not liked to have lived in medieval times where medical conditions (such as I’ve listed above… and there are worse) would’ve essentially meant the ending of ones life in order to escape the suffering. For those of us that NEED these or other similar drugs, I suggest we find a good law firm and initiate a class-action lawsuit for undue pain and suffering.

    For shallow minded thinkers, such as Mack from 4 March 2009. I have but one wish: I hope that one day you’ll be afflicted with a disease or illness which will help you to open your eyes. I know that nothing else will do this for you as your posting shows that you’re clueless about the subject matter. Your rantings are similar to all those who voted for the trickle-down-economics congressmen, until they lost their jobs and investments, and suddenly found their sight! Oh and by the way, yes there are those out there that abuse just about anything including drugs. Punishing or poking fun at those that use the drugs for their intended purpose in an attempt to salvage as much of their remaining life as possible, depicts a shallow human being lacking empathy for ones fellows, a mean-spiritedness, lack of decency and just plain good-ole fashion common sense!

  8. Honest Pain Person Reply

    Hey Mack….What a jerk! I hope one day you suffer from some horrible condition and then have go without meds….We’ll see how you feel you inconsiderate tool. May karma get you.

  9. alison Reply

    for the comment from mack it was very ignorant and by ignorant I mean someone speaking from lack of experience and pain…I am very happy that you are able to live pain free but you should be respectful of others who are not as fortunate as yourself…there are many people who take their medication responsibly and should not be punished for the abuse of others! and yes some may depend on a pill to live a normal life…I guess what you are implying is someone with diabetes shouldnt take their medication to live a normal life depending on pills?!!!!Very Very ignorant person! I hope that you never have to live in pain…you really must not have a clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I take pain meds to be able to walk and you know what it keeps me working and off of disability so I can support myself and my family..I guess you would rather have me on diability and you can support and pay for my family!!! I had a stroke and was left with severe damage to my right side and i am only 31 years old…you have truly offended me. I cannot help some teenager pops pills illegally… if they are dumb enough to pop a pill that they are not prescribed how is that the fault of any company or physician or the people that truly need them????????

  10. Crickkett Reply

    hey mack,
    one day when your life is shattered by some syndrome or disease that literally takes over your life, and leaves you in such horrible pain that you CANNOT function anywhere near normality; you will certainly regret the thoughts you have shared here.

    how dare you put down people who have been thrown a horrible health/life curve ball that has changed their life in ways that you could never even imagine. i was a successful career woman for 20 years as an executive administrator for wythe ayerst, and then boom….i have this neurological disease that will change life as i have known it, forever. i have not been able to work for 8 years now, and my life as i once knew, is altogether gone!

    i have lost my home, my job, my savings, etc., along with what i thought were good friends and family who all told me in emails for a two week period right after i told them what i had, that they could no longer be a part of my life, because they could not be the kind of friend that they felt that i needed in my life. how would that make YOU feel? one day you are fine, and the next you have an uncurable disease that will forever change your life, and you will never live life as you once did, ever again. not even close to normal, and you now have to take pain meds just so that you can get out of bed, and not do a whole lot more.

    my son was in college at age 18, and left school in order to come home to be with me; his own decision because he could not bear what i was going through, and then seeing me in such dire straits. he lived with me for nine months, listened to me whimper during the night because my arms, hands and legs went numb, yet hurt like hell at the same time. he would get up at night, and massage them, and said “mom, your limbs don’t even feel real.” he also went to work full time, and took care of the house, grocery shopping and cooking during that time. thank god i was blessed with a wonderful young man, my son, who i raised completely on my own. he sure did turn out to be quite a wonderful person, and i will be forever thankful for the time he gave to me.

    in 1991, my condition was diagnosed by the president of the american arthritis association at the time. there is no cure for what i have, so i will live the rest of my days to the best of my ability, and i will have to depend on a pain med to let me get out of bed and function to the best of my ability, with the hope of being able to somewhat enjoy yet another day at home. i’ve been to the best pain clinics, and through all the bio-feedback programs. they DO NOT WORK! i have seen all the doctors, all the specialists, and there is nothing that can be done. it’s a neurological disease, which means that my brain is telling my body that something is quite wrong, and therefore my body reacts in the way that it does; horrific pain that is worse than the pain i had when giving birth to my son, without pain meds.

  11. Crickkett Reply

    please take into account some other things when it comes to people having to take pain medications, and the physicians who prescribe them.
    the majority of physicians that prescribe these medications, have both an excellent working knowledge about the illnesses that they are treating their patients for, as well the medications that they are prescribing to treat the illness (s). also, if physicians like my own, who are concerned about patient abuse, etc.; they will have a signed patient/doctor contract as well. this contract protects both patient and doctor. it’s a filed agreement where the patient lawfully agrees that they will not doctor or pharmacy shop, and the doctor promising to treat their patient as best as they can and within the state’s medical pain treatment laws. they do this because there are people out there who will abuse these medications. there will be some that will abuse their meds no matter what they sign or say, and that is not the doctor’s fault. most states now require that their patients who takes meds in this class, see their doctor every 28-30 days, and are given a one month’s supply ONLY! also, most pharmacies are linked by computer, in order to keep good record of what the patient is doing when purhasing these kinds of medications.

    until you suffer from something that is incredibly painful to the point of passing out, that is incurable (cancer falls within this area as well), and changes your life, for the rest of your life, you will never understand the importance of many of these medications to the patients that do the RIGHT thing.

    however, in this case, the error is on the part of the manufacture in ways that may cost them plenty, and not the patients who follow their doctor’s instructions and directions to a T. neither patient or doctor knew of these misdoings by the pharmaceutical companys until recent time.

    the saddest and most medically distubing thing of all, are the patients who do the right thing when taking their much needed medications, and are now the victims of this pharmaceutial company’s horrible errors. the effects of withdrawal from these medications may cause them great harm while detoxing, and if they have any other serious health issues, such as with the heart, the act of withdrawal can and in many case, will be life threatening.

    there are plenty of people who abuse these medications, but that is not the issue here. the issue is the errors made by the pharmaceutical companys who make these medications, and not taking great care in what they are doing, thus harming good people who rely on them to live as good a life as possible. they are NOT at fault here.

  12. JOhn Reply

    Same thing going on here in Florida. When I go back to the doctor the only alternative is Oxycontin. So to mack who said its a good thing..nope, this makes me have to take a stronger medication instead of my normal 30mg blue pill. I can;t believe no one got heads up. I get the script, go to my normal pharmacy..and baaam..Sorry we had those taken away from plans on when they will be back… So the doc put me on Oxy 40’s which are stronger and make me even more addictive. I can’t beleive they shut it ALL down.

  13. Crickkett Reply

    where i reside, none of the pharmacies and/or doctors were given any kind of information other than the following: meds on backorder and no idea when they they will be shipping out. there is a huge and famous medical facility here, where people from all over the country come for things that cannot be treated, in the location of where they live. therefore, we have a huge amount of pharmacies here, and not one has any oxycodone ir, in any strength. this is not the same as oxycontin sa of which no problems exist at this time.

    yesterday, for my own information, i hit about 3-4 pharmacies just to see what they knew, and not to fill my script. i take 5mg on an as needed basis, so i should not have much, if any, problems. no one knew anything other than what i have said here. i then updated my own pharmacy and doctor to what has actually happened, and they had no clue about what i shared with them. i will admit that in the past couple of months, after taking one or two of the 5mg capsules, i did feel strange……..blood pressure up 20pts, headaches more than the norm w/dizziness, and more tired than usual.

    so basically it looks like the pharmaceutical company (s) did indeed not perform the proper quality control when making all these medications! however, doctors do not have to up the dosages in order to keep their patients on the meds, and from having to deal wih withdrawal. there are medications that will work for the time being, and until this whole mess is straighened out.

    also, this is great example and time for people to become their own self advocate/caretaker, which means to be well advised or educated about their health issues, and the medications that are out there to treat their affliction (s), along with their medication’s physical/mental affects. knowlege is KEY when it comes to anything and everything, and especially when it comes to one’s health. there are medications that can be used for now that will most likely help, and not cause one to go through the horrors of withdrawl.

    another very good thing to do, is to find the websites where you can compare your current medications to one another in order to see if any of them will have harmful interactions with each other, thus causing more problems for you than the just the current one. i did this five years ago, even though i thought that the director of a famous pain clinic, who was my doctor at the time, knew what he was doing….. WRONG! i had to remove myself from 4 different medications because of this, along with the fact of really not needing to be on them. only one was a pain med that i had been on for just 3 months. however, i went through hell, yet it was worth it all because the situation could have caused an early death!

    so, become your own health caretaker in additon to your doctor’s care. do your homework no matter what! it will improve your life, and save you from uncertainty.

    also, remember that addiction is NOT the same as dependency. the first means that you must have it, like a cigarette, yet probably for reasons other than one’s health. dependency means that your body/health requires it due to an affliction of sort, in order to deal with what one has, and to give you the best possible day by day living. HUGE difference, and many do not get that!
    my best wishes to you all.

  14. Crickkett Reply

    just a thought…………the recall for oxycodone ir, is on the generic brands only, not the brand name. so inquire with your pharmacys as to whether they can order the brand name for you, at this time. it does pay to do the research.

  15. marta Reply

    Unfortunately there will always be (Mack type ignorance) the nay sayers you waste time on them. Just as prohibition criminalized many good law abiding citizens so does our War on Drugs, to what end?We have spent approx 16 billion a year for the last 20 yrs for “The War on Drugs” I was a Steel Worker until we lost our jobs to foreign trade. How about some of that 16 bill to get some health insurance. Last month I paid 142. for my pills this month I paid 620. for same pills, this week I cannot find any (oxycodone 30 mg) Now what? methadone so I can be labled a heroin addict?

  16. Martha Reply

    This is to Mack. First of all you do not know what you are babbling about.There are people out there who take oxycodone because it is the only way for them to lead a somewhat “normal” life. I am sick of hearing about teenagers dying from overdosing on oxy, or any other drug for that matter. Where is their common sense? and I sure don’t want to hear about peer pressure. They have a brain, no one is forcing these dimwits to do what they do. Also where are the parents? Believe it or not Mack, a majority of people take Oxy,or some other potent pain pill because they need it. Don’t judge, until you have walked in that person’s shoes.

  17. Martha Reply

    Marta you need to read up on methadone.Methadone is not prescribed only for Heroin addicts.Your ignorance shows. I take methadone for restless leg syndrome. It is used as a non labled use. I tried requip,and became sick from it, plus I could not afford it.So just because I take methadone does not lable me a heroin addict. I use it for pain relief,which I have throughout the day. You’re like Mack, you are judging before you have all the facts.Read up, you might learn something.

  18. Heather Reply

    Mack – (March 4th) you really should think before writing out reponses on a board first but I will wish you no ill harm for irgnorce even when trying to be well meant.

    Millions suffers with chronic pain in America but everyone is unique with what is going on in their lives.I myself have CRPS ,nerve damage to the left leg and a spread of the dease to my right leg however both legs have foot drops,I was born with epilepsy and,asthma.I was lucky this month to get my medicine filled because all the phamarcy in my town were out and we had to go out to town to get it.If Im unable to get next month then my doctor will have to step up plate.

    The point here to you MACK is that I was in a car wreck at no fault of my own the other driver thought it would be a good idea to run a red light while talking on a cell phone to hit my husband and I head on.Much like your unfounded and uneeded commemts.

    While we all understand the potentional for abuse and misuse of drugs that is not the purpose for our posting and attacking folks who are speaking out about their lives the way you did showed little charcher on your part and could have been handled more apprioate fasion.

    God Bless you all and may you all have a pain free day !

  19. Paul Reply

    I have read extensively regarding this “shortage”. If this were a legitimate problem, the FDA would have stepped in to force the DEA to INCREASE each manufaturers limit.
    With all of these intractable pain patients-and NO medicine, what do you think will happen?
    It is bad enough to have my life curtailed by the daily, chronic, unrelenting pain I must endure as I have submitted myself for 2 operations which have failed.
    DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ABOUT THE PRICE-GOUGING that seems to have materialized…OVERNIGHT. When will it end?
    I have ,for 3 years, been paying LESS THEN $1.00/PER PILL. but lately?-I HAVE BEEN PAYING ALMOST $2.45 PER PILL.
    I am not able to work (due to oher maladies I suffer in ADDITION to my chronic daily pain) and cannot afford insurance.
    To whom do we complain? May I write a letter to Mr. Obama outlining the geniuses working at, not only, the FDA and the DEA, but also those who work at the manufacturers.
    As I said before-It’s bad enough being in the type of pain that is barely controlled by,even, these medications-but calling a spade a spade…it’s better than nothing.
    Please post if any of you have an idea to whom we should direct our never-ending frustration, please let me know.Let us ALL write to express our displeasure about the treatment we are, and have been, recieving due to this contrived “shortage”. The Mfr’s HAVE the raw material-they HAVE the personnell. SO WHY DON’T I HAVE MY MEDICATION?
    God bless you all…”every day above ground is a GOOD day”

  20. Angel129 Reply

    I too was in a horrible car accident which was no fault of my own in my mid 20’s. I suffered a broken neck, 3 herniated discs in my neck, 1 in my back, completed torn knee (all but 2 ligaments) and a torn rotator cuff. I now have nerve damage, tendonitis, and chronic pain along with nerve pain. It really sucks to suffer this at no fault of your own at a very young age. I have not been able to pick my youngest daughter up since she was 13 months old. Now she is 8 and I have missed alot. People like Mack just don’t understand. They only see the bad in every situation. I can’t live like that or I will be fighting depression next. I understand drug addicts I had two parents that were herion addicts and trust me I was scarred when I started taking pain meds but I do this to function throughout the day and go to work to help support my family. I don’t do this to get high. People that truly have severe pain don’t feel the residual effects of the meds anyway. What does that mean? We don’t get high off our meds because the pain is so great. Mack walk one day in my shoes and I guarentee you will change your way of thinking. I have been on Oxycodone 30 mg for 4 years (with no increases in dosage) and now I may not get it. The last time I got it filled I could only get a 2 week supply because they didn’t have a 30 day supply (this was after i went to 9 pharmacies to get my meds filled). Now I have to go again. I hope this problem is gone soon but I know its now over because they just had something on the news about it yesterday. I don’t want to switch to Oxycotin as that will be too strong but we will see what happens next week. To everyone else that is be affected by this problem. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope nothing else serious happens from this.

  21. jack Reply

    This is the first I have heard of a recall on the meds, I was just traded out 15mg’s as the doctor did not have my 30mg monthly supply. To comment on “Mack’s” ignorant statement I dont wish him to go through pain but he obviously does not have Any understanding of the daily and Nightly struggle of cronic pain Victims. I use the word victim because this is how I feel, and the doctor perscribes what they thing should be good for the month and I am breaking the “law” if I use more then my alloted perscription, wich was so much I thought a year or so ago 8 30 mg oxycodone ir a day plus other meds, everything was going fine until i got into yet another car wreck , at first I thought it made me better I was not feeling as much pain and 2-3 months later i am abusing my perscription because it no longer takes away the pain. I have been a problem patient for quite some time as I did not want to be “hooked” on pain meds, truth be told I could “street” pain “help” for alot less money as I have no insurance …$500 + a month to see doctor and get meds has ruined my life in more ways than one. They are starting me on a Fentanal patch wich I feel will give me less control and am kinda worried if I will ever be able to break this cycle, this following month I am going to see a back cracker and I am going to try and work out and get into shape and hopefully find some control, dont want to look at my reserve retirement plan. I will Not be titeled a drug addict I use to sell drugs at a younger age so I could mostly (play) my summers and winters away, I was one of the lucky ones and just walked away … away from Eveything the drugs, people lifestyle, but after all the accidents, sigh and now 1 my fault vehicle accident I am in a position I have tryed to avoid my whole life and the cost of this lifestyle ,,(lifestyle) because there is no just quit my living is day by day countuing meds and remembering days and Nights when I have been out or waiting, shivers… I hope you all find your place and can hold together as i do for myself, not sure of this patch but I was a bad patient because I never wanted to try new medication , the loratabs where fine not medication more like vitamins that took my pain away, now I have been forced into trying most everything they have and am realizing it is up to me to control this, at least I am hoping with my working out and maybe some adjustment I can find a medium that I can live with. Something at this moment I do not have.

  22. mike m Reply

    Hey Mack, Great, I see they must be out of aricept also since you don’t seem to be taking yours. That’s the only reason I’d think you’d say something so stupid. If your giving drugs to your kids let us know where you live so we can send hhs over there.

  23. Terry Reply

    My husbad has been on the oxycodone now for 3 years (5mg.). He had a brain tumor now has lung cancer. We were getting them in capsule form because we are old and it is easier to pick them up. When trying to refill the phamacies never stated that there was a recall just that it was difficult for them to get them. This is for the past 2 mos. He gets 300 tbs for one month. Now they say them can fill it for 100 tbs but then you lose the rest of the script if you agree just to get some for yourself. I also take isorsorbide and the pill was much larger than it has been and when I called the pharmacy about a recall they said there was none. Also the same on the hyrocodone 325/10. The pharmacies are not notifying their clients that there is a problem other than it is difficult to get them and pain management who should also be aware is still writing scripts for them. This is very frightening. ARe the pills he has been taking safe. He has not been getting any relief from the tablets and has had to increase his dosage. ARe the tablets less effective? How in the world will the public be informed and what options do they have for pain relief?

  24. don Reply

    use to purchase 80 mg contin from a reliable sorce in india now its real difficult and my pain from a 36 foot fall is worsening with age and 9 bone surgeries later i hope people get a little bolder and speak up

  25. john Reply

    my son over dosed on oxycodone the docotor was giving him 240 pills that ifound and another 90pillsfor a month he had a drug problem for a long time and i read that if you have a drug problem that you should not given oxycodone

  26. tony Reply

    In the past two and a half months my oxycodones which are 30s and 15s at 45mg four times daily of which I buy at UNM pharmacy in Albu,N.M. are not working. It seems that this brand which is not stated on the script is very weak. I know this because I found one of my older scripts that had a few left over and they work just fine. I had to report this because I believe they are selling bootleg oxys. I have been taking these meds for approx. 5 years as I have sciatica and nerve damage causing burning hand and foot syndrome that is unbarable without my meds. Heck, I’ve taken every vitamin, salve and other over the counter pain medications there is and none of them work. Only the oxycodone works. If anyone has any suggestions Id love to hear them. I am thinking that we need to file a class action lawsuit of which I can prepare. Let me know if any of you are interested as the dea and fda along with the manufaturers have abused us long enough. It is reasoned that someone is messing with oxycodone and other pain meds like oxycotin and morphine so they can get it all off the market and leave us to suffer. I don’t wish to see anyone hurting but it would be pay back if all the Dea and Fda people would themselves need pain meds and have to do without like the rest of us that truly need these meds. My doctors are truly afraid to prescribe pain meds, and everyone of them state that they have been threatened by DEA agents. It is the law that is suppose to protect us from gestopo police tactics that violate the rights of doctors and patients from illegal infractions of our constitutional rights. Lets get er done.

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