McDonald’s Shrek Glasses Recalled Due to Risk of Exposure to Cadmium

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McDonald’s has recalled about 13.4 million promotional drinking glasses for the movie “Shrek Forever After 3D”, as they cadmium, which can cause health problems with long-term exposure.

The McDonald’s Shrek glasses recall was announced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on June 4. The 16-ounce glasses were manufactured by ARC International, of Millville, New Jersey, and distributed by McDonald’s restaurants in connection to the new animated movie.

The presence of cadmium was brought to the CPSC’s attention by Congresswoman Jackie Speier after it was discovered that the toxic metal was used in the painted designs on the glasses. Over time, the cadmium could wear off on childrens’ hands and be consumed.

Although there have been no illnesses or injuries associated with the recalled McDonald’s Shrek glasses, consumers have been urged to stop using them immediately.

Cadmium is a toxic metal that is often a by-product of zinc production. Before its toxicity was understood, it was used as a paint pigment and as corrosion-resistant plating on steel. Cadmium is a known carcinogen and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ranks cadmium as the seventh most hazardous substance in the environment. Cadmium poisoning is considered an occupational hazard in some industrial processes and can cause metal fume fever, pulmonary edema, pneumonitis and death. It has also been found to cause developmental problems in children.

The recall affects all 12 million 16-ounce “Shrek” glasses distributed nationwide from May 2010 through June 2010 by McDonald’s in the U.S., and more than a million sold in Canada. The glasses sold for about $2 and are painted in four different designs featuring the main characters for the movie.

Customers can go to the McDonald’s website at for information on how to obtain a full refund.

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  1. Julie Reply

    Do the previous glasses promoted by McDonalds have the same problem. We have used them for years?

  2. tim Reply

    how come there is no law suit? What is the real risk of these glasses?
    Cancer cost alot more to treat then$3.00

  3. STACY Reply

    i purchase the mcdonals glasses on june 2nd then on june 3rd they stop selling them i found out there wer recall. i took my glasses back to mcdonals on june 4th. few days later on june 8th i was getting sick june 9th i went to doctor he told me i had uri kidney infection now i held those glasses and wash them in my dishwasher now i feel i was exposed to these glasses and i got sick. i do have proof from my doctor. i have read the information about the recall and was told this is what cause me sick got kidney infect. this sounds like to me a lawsuit! any comments? i feel i am going take action for this cause!

  4. Gregory Reply

    i just recently learned of this recall as my two kids have been using these glasses frequntly. So I took them back to mcdonads where we purchased them and the store manager (shift manager) just threw it off like it was nothing. No form for me the consumer to fill out , just here is your 12.00 dollars now go away im busy. Someone has to look into this further and I hope someone will get something done for the sake of the children because these things are bieng marketed to children.

  5. Bobbi Reply

    I bought one of the glasses here in utah.. Took it home told my kids not to use it that it was mine.. I washed it and used it with my dinner and then took the glass upstairs to bed with me… I woke up with a head ache didn’t think any thing about it. Got up and went to work that went on for 2 days I thought I had a head cold.. Then I got a fever and my lower back started hurting and every time I stood up I ended up throwing up.. My mother in-law text me and my husband about the glasses and told us not to get any of them and if we did then to take them back.. My husband looked up the symptoms for cadmium poisioning and I had all of them. My husband took me to the er and 12 hours I went home… I’m just glad I told my kids not to drink out of it or it could of been them….

  6. Linda Reply

    I got my glass in Ohio on a trip I used it for about a week then heard about the recall. A couple of days later I had to go to the hosital for a kidney stone! It lasted for 3 days I have documentation from the hospital! Why is there no lawsuit? And Why won’t a lawyer start one? Obviously there have been problems!

  7. Jaimie Reply

    We have been using the shrek glasses since they came out almost exclusively to drink from. This is ridiculous that a toxic substance was used. My children and I all have symptoms. My son’s has been the worst. Even teachers and bus drivers have noticed behavioral changes and what do I get for it? 2.00?! No! Something needs to be done!

  8. jaimie Reply

    This is ridiculous! We have all used these since they came out. I checked the list of possible symptoms and we all have some. They are endangering our health and the health of our children to make a quick buck! I just went to the hospital for pain in the area of my kidney’s and in my back. My husband and I have had problems sleeping for a good while now. I have had nausea issues and head aches. What can I do? Just get a 2.00 refund and let them off the hook?no something has to be done.

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