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A number of women have reported suffering serious and debilitating injuries from side effects of Mirena IUD, where the implanted birth control increases fluid pressure in the brain, causing migraines and permanent vision loss. There are also claims that it perforates the uterus, migrates to other areas of the body and causes infections or other problems.

MIRENA IUD LAWSUIT STATUS: Financial compensation may be available through a Mirena IUD lawsuit as a result of the manufacturer’s failure to adequately warn about the risks associated with the device.


Lawyers are reviewing potential Mirena cases for women throughout the United States who have suffered:


OVERVIEW: Mirena, which is sometimes referred to as an IUD (Intrauterine Device) or IUS (Intrauterine System) is a long-acting form of birth control that is placed into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. The IUD disrupts the connection between the egg and sperm, and Merina also releases levonorgestrel, a progestin that helps keep the woman’s ovaries from releasing eggs.

Mirena was approved by the FDA in 2000, and use has grown in recent years amid heavy promotion as a hassle-free form of birth control that lasts for 5 years or longer. The manufacturer has been attempting to promote Mirena IUD to appeal to younger and younger women and girls, despite serious risks that they may not be adequately disclosing or warning about.

MIRENA LITIGATION STATUS UPDATE: Although the Mirena warning labels do indicate that there is a risk of perforation, the information provided to consumers and the medical community suggests that such problems only occur during insertion of the IUD, which is misleading and inaccurate. A large number of women have experienced “spontaneous” Mirena IUD complications that may occur years after the device was inserted.

Lawsuits over Mirena migration problems have been centralized at the state level in New Jersey Superior Court in Bergen County as part of an MCL, or Multicounty Litigation. At the federal level, all Mirena IUD injury lawsuits have been centralized and consolidated for pretrial proceedings before U.S. District Judge Cathy Seibel in the Southern District of New York. In August 2016, Judge Seibel dismissed all federal Mirena IUD migration lawsuits, but state lawsuits and claims of other injuries, like pseudotumor cerebri, were unaffected.

However, in April 2017, all Mirena pseudotumor cerebri lawsuits were consolidated in a new MDL in the U.S. District Court for Southern New York before District Judge Paul A. Engelmayer

MIRENA IUD PROBLEMS: A number of potentially serious problems and complications have been associated with Mirena IUD side effects, some of which the manufacturer may not have adequately researched or warned about, including:

  • Pseudotumor cerebri/idiopathic intracranial hypertension: An increase in cerebrospinal fluid which causes pressure on the skull, resulting in migraines, vision loss and other problems.
  • Uterus Perforation: Mirena may puncture the uterus or embed in the uterine wall. Mirena IUD perforation can cause internal scarring, infection or damage to other organs and may result in the need for surgery.
  • Migration: Delayed detection of a perforation may allow the Mirena IUD to migrate through the intraabdominal cavity, potentially resulting in intestinal peforations, intestinal obstruction, absecesses or adhesions.
  • Expulsion: Partial or complete expulsion of Mirena IUD may occur. It may be more common among younger women using Mirena IUD, women who have not had children or women who have the device inserted immediately after childbirth or abortion.
  • Infection: As a result of infection from Mirena IUD, women could suffer serious scarring that may deminish fertility or their ability to conceive, and in severe cases infection may be life-threatening and result in death from Mirena.

An analysis released in May 2013 by a private company found that the FDA had received more than 47,000 reports of Mirena IUD injuries and complications between November 1997 and late August 2012. Most of the problems involved the Mirena being expelled from women’s bodies, migrating to different locations, or causing vaginal hemorrhaging.

A report issued by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices in January 2018 found that the number of adverse events reported to the FDA involving the Mirena IUD outnumbered reports concerning all other leading birth control methods combined.

BAYER ADVERTISING WARNING: In December 2009, the FDA issued a warning letter to Bayer over its promotions of Mirena. The FDA accused the drug manufacturer of overstating the efficacy of Mirena, presenting unsubstantiated claims, minimizing the risks of Mirena and using false and misleading presentations.

The FDA accused Bayer of organizing live in-home Mirena promotional events that claimed that the use of the IUD would improve couples’ relationships and sex lives. They also blasted the company for telling women that using Mirena would help them “look and feel great.” The FDA said that there was no evidence the device did any such thing.

The FDA also pointed out that at least 5% of Mirena IUD recipients reported decreased libido in clinical trials, which would certainly not help a couple’s intimacy or sex life. They also noted that women using Mirena had reported side effects including irregular bleeding, ovarian cysts, back pain, weight increase, breast pain and tenderness, and acne. None of those things will help someone look or feel “great,” FDA officials said.

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  1. Katrina Reply

    Omgoodness now I am so worried. My symptoms have been on and off for quite awhile:
    Untreatable hormonal ance
    Breast swelling
    Mood swings
    Weird hair growth infacial area 🙁
    Severe random headaches
    Dizzy spells
    Racing heart
    And when I go into the doctors, they look at me like I am crazy and looking for attention. Makes me feel like they do not care. I have talked about getting it removed or checked or my hormone levels checked and they always turn me down. Well this Thursday its gone I skipped the doctor and am going straight to my ogyn. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Just hopeand pray my body will go back to normal and I can have kidds still. <3 praying for all of us.

  2. Michelle Reply

    I had mirena put in April 2009 after the birth of my daughter in january 2009 at age 16 (judge all you want). My doctor told me that I needed to get mirena and didn’t even discuss alternatives or side affects with me so being young and just having a child I trusted her and got it. After a year and a half of severe abdominal pain, ultrasounds and X-rays, my doctor told me it was “settling in”. I also experienced a loss of sex drive and pain during sex which at age 17,18,19, and 20 I should be pretty much ready for sex anytime. No drive. So a couple years have passed now with irregular bleeding and still severe cramping and abdominal pain my doctor hasn’t mentioned anything about the lawsuits or even suggested that my problems could be caused by this miracle drug. Now, I’ve been bleeding for 3 weeks and am scared that something is really going wrong and after finding this information on my own I dont know what to do. I’m only 20 now and terrified I may not be able to have more kids :'( any advice?

  3. AScott RN Reply

    WOW!!!! I just seen MIRENA RECALL commercial on TV. So here i am looking at this website. I had my MIRENA placed in Nov 2010 after having my second son in Aug 2010, in which i got pregnant for while on birthcontrol pills. All of these symptoms listed above by others I have expereinced in the last 2 years. Abdonminal pain, crazy bleeding schedule, no sex drive, severe mood swings, (alomost caused divorce) in which I went to OBGYN and got put on high dose of Zoloft for post part depression, PCP has tried to wean off the Zoloft but not successful continue to have the swings. I am continuously drained of energy, and not even going to get started on my weight gian (unexplained) All i can say is OMG. I guess Im calling my OB in the morning to get this thing out!!! Hopefully my health will return, and dont have any complications afterwards.

  4. Shaquita Reply

    I had the IUD for 4 years I had constant lower abdoman pain along with back pains and awful migranes. I also had overian cysts which was the worst pain ever. My IUD came out on its on after I reached my 4 year mark since then my periods have been very irregular and most times I bleed for more than a week and alot of times have periods every 3 to 4 weeks when before i only had them once every 30 days r so. For the past 2 years me and my husband have tried to have another job and its just constant disappointment. I am 23 years old if I would have known that this form of birth control would have made me infertale I would not have chosen it because now im afraid my child will never have siblings and I will never be able to have another child for my husband

  5. Devany Reply

    I received the Mirena IUD in May 2009 and had no problem with it for 3 years, until October 2012. Out of nowhere, a sudden horrible pain came over me and after several hours of severe pain I went to the hospital. My IUD caused an absess to form in my fallopean tube, and I had a hardcore Pelvic Inflamatory Disease. I was in the hospital for 8 days, and I have been on IV antibiotics for over a month now.

  6. Heather Reply

    I have had the mirena in since Dec 2007, this has been the worse 5 years of my life. I am getting this removed 12/11/12. My Dr. told me they would have to sedate me to remove it. i have heard this is a very painful procedure . When i had the IUD inserted I was 215 lbs. I am weigh 295 lbs. I had planned on getting another Mirena put in after i get this one removed , but after reading all these concerns i am definetly not going to chose this IUD ever again. I have had heart palpatations,which i saw a cardiologist for and had a heart cath done because they thought my artieries were clogged and when they went in there nothing was wrong.. stomach issues, depression, Anxiety, Tiredness, Low sex drive, some pain with sex, weight gain, headaches, blurred vision, dizzy spells, high blood pressure, acne, and other emotional problems. I do not recommend this IUD at all. I am 33 years old and feel like i am 65. I dont want to do anything but sleep.

  7. Mack Reply

    I had the mirena inserted in April of 2010 after 6 weeks of birth. My doctor explained the side effects because that his job. I understood the side effects but still decided mirena was the best way to go. It took a little over a year but my cycle is now just spotting but it is irregular. I check to make sure my strings are still in every now and then. Everything has side effects especially something that’s going into your body. It also contains hormones so yes it’s possible to have other things happen. If your doctor didn’t explain all the risks that would come then that’s who should be mad at right now, not the makers of mirena.

  8. Gigi Reply

    To: Comment by teresa on 18 September 2012:
    Yes, UTIs and IUDs are related. See, and read “discussion”:
    I had a copper IUD placed 5 years ago and since then I’ve had a UTI. I asked years ago if there could be a relationship and was told none at all. It’s time to replace my IUD and the gynecologist recommends Mirena. My husband said it’s too much a coincidence that my UTI’s started 5 years ago, so I looked up IUD and UTI and bumped into this page of Mirena horrors. I have been to two urologists in two different continents, have had a urinary tract endoscopy performed, I take a low dose of antibiotics daily, have received horse doses of pills and things only work for a while. At the moment I’m having a UTI once or twice a week and I’m trying to make it with the AZO pills to next week when I’m having the IUD removed. I will never start on the Mirena or any other IUD ever again. I think and hope my UTI will go away (like I’ve read has happened to most here). I feel I have a problem, but when I read these Mirena horrors, I think mine is small. I feel for you and your daughter. Maybe an option for your daughter are the contraceptive injections, they too stop the period.

  9. Yvette Reply

    The device perforated my uterus. I had to go to a surgery so it could be removed, I was luckly because it was near my intestines and it could kill me.

  10. Kristin Reply

    hello i got mirena inserted in 2005 pretty soon after having my first and only child i am 25 now and i heard bout this bull about the birth control i use i am concerned i have had alot of stomach pains in the past year or so and have got kidney infections is any of my side effects due to this?

  11. Wendy Reply

    I had the mirena inserted in February 2012, right after I had my son. I had severe abdominal pains when it was inserted. I also suffered headaches, depression, anxiety, loss of libido, night sweats. I finally had it removed in March 2012, my husband and I decided it was time for another child. Since then I have had no luck getting pregnant, having abdominal pains, and I went to my OB in September only to find out I am not ovulating. I’m hoping that I will be able to have more children as I am only 22, but it is not looking good. I am very upset that there was no concerns from my doctor, or even any information about how bad the aide effects of this BC are.

  12. ob doc Reply

    mirena is the safest most effective method of birth control in the world. It doesn’t migrate if you have a perforation it happened at the time of insertion it does’nt mean the doc was incompetent it happens. like strokes and blood clots from pill.
    side effects are rare but acne and depression and weight gain may be reported 1% of the time doesn’t mean it is caused by mirena

  13. michele Reply

    I am on my second IUD i have had no problems decreased my bleeding amount threefold, currently I am now in full menopause so I will be having it removed because i have to take progesterone with HRT. I really cant understand all these problems it is a low dose of progesterone if I am not mistaken, and that is in almost every birth control pill ??? And as for all the side affects I think its listed on most meds before you take them???clots, have been around forever with the use of birth control no??

  14. Tiffany Reply

    I had my second IUD placed in April of 2012. After having it the first time in 2007, I thought it was going to work great! This time has been a night mare. My stomach stays bloated and I get nauseated when eating. It almost seems like I have more “fat” around my stomach area (and I see I’m not the first to say that). My doctor had a problem getting it in to begin with and said my uterus was high. After irregular bleeding and pain in the bottom of my stomach all the time my OB doctor decided to do a vaginal ultrasound and found that the IUD had dropped and was at the bottom of my uterus! They then decided to remove it and ever since they removed it I have been bleeding for 7 weeks now! So I have pretty much been bleeding since April. Now my blood count is low, I am anemic, and I’m constantly tired! This is extremely frustrating to have 2 kids and not enough energy to get out of the bed during the day. I will now be having another ultrasound to see where to blood is coming from and why after being prescribed something to stop the bleeding, it won’t stop. Has anybody else experienced the same symptoms?

  15. andrea Reply

    has anyone been called or emailed about a case yet? i see people talking from 2011 till today and not one has said anything about being contacted? im tired of the pain and suffering over this stupid thing!!!!! the headaches. the low sex drive, the cramps and dizzyness and the list like all of yours just goes on and on!!!!!

  16. Nic Reply

    OB Doc how can a device that by its very nature requires the physical insertion of an object be THE safest brith control method around? Surely performing a procedure, by its nature entails more risk than swallowing a pill? The risks could include getting an infection, a perforation as you stated and migrating to other parts of the body. The pill is available OTC in Europe. It is a myth that it is dangerous. And futher more, the mini pill is just progesterone like the Mirena but it comes without the risks outlined above.
    Your dismissive attittude to the women’s complaints here are offensive. Any goood doctor would take the time to listen to complaints, not reject them and imply that they are not real or related.I suggest you familiarise yourslf with the info sheet that comes with the Mirena because it lists many of these women’s complaints as side effects.

  17. Dorothy Reply

    I got the Mirena in 2010 after I had my son. I have had all these symptoms at on time or anther. Mostly I deal with the dizzy spells, headaches everyday, not bleeding for months and then spotting twice a month, lower abdominal pain and cramping, and a extremely lowered sex drive. I would love more then anything to get it removed but I dont know where i can go without health insurance.

  18. Helen Reply

    I have to be honest and say that I have not had any of the horrible experiences that many of you have had. I am 52 and had the mirena fitted 3 years ago due to very heavy periods. Yes it was a little uncomfortable when it was placed, and I did bleed irregular with stomach cramps for a couple of months. But It then settled and I found my periods were very light and no other problems at the time. I am however thinking of removing it as just recently I have experienced soreness internally and I feel it might be where the string is, I also am experiencing irritation with my cervix like its trying to expell something. I am hoping to have it removed soon and see if this alleviates my issues. Otherwise I feel that I have been one of the fortunate, for the Mirena has done what it was supposed to have done for me.

  19. Regina Reply

    A positive experience! I am currently 29. I had my first child at 18, my second at age 20 (while irregularly taking the pill), had Mirena for 5 years (down to the month) with mild cramps at insertion and no known side effects other than little to no regular periods, used the patches for birth control for a few months after that and shortly after stopping with the patches we became pregnant a 3rd time in 2009 at age 26. Did have to have an emergency appendectomy in the 3rd trimester, but don’t believe that was anyway connected to Mirena. We are currently trying to have our 4th child, would like to add a daughter to our family of all boys, I have suggested Mirena to family and friends that are viable candidates for Mirena. Mirena is suggested ONLY for younger women who have had children and only one sexual partner with low risk of getting an STD.

  20. brittany Reply

    I got Mirena in 2007 after I had my first son and I had it til 2009 when I got it removed, I had no problems at all with it. After my second son in 2010 I got it again and I have had nothing but problems. I now have abnormal paps, I have clots of blood, stomach cramps that hurt so bad I can’t move and I can not have sex with my husband because my side hurts so bad I feel as though I’m in labor. I have asked my doctor for months to take it out and he saids everything I am going threw is normal and no other doctor can take it out. I do not know what else I can do as I don’t have insurance anymore but I can not continue living like this. The pain is so bad I have to lay in bed and ball up in a ball, I fell as though I’m missing out on my kids growing up. Will someone please help me…what can I do?

  21. Jeanie Reply

    I had my I.u.d inserted in 2008,and I haven’t been right since.It hurt to get it put in, I was hurting for days after it was inserted.My periods are never regular, they are extremely heavy, I hurt really bad, I bleed after my menstrual cylce is over, and it doesn’t smell like menstrual blood, it smells like death.I never feel good, and I’m always moody.Ive been to the hospital one time, but they did nothing for me, they just checked to make sure it was in place.It hurts to have intercourse, and the pain gets even more intense after intercourse is done.This has ruined who I am!!!!! I have no insurance to have it removed.What can I do?????? I cant take it anymore!!!!!!!!

  22. Natalie Reply

    I had my Mirena IUD inserted in February 2008. As I have never given birth, I was told it may be a bit uncomfortable. Actually, the pain was incredible and drove me to tears, but I managed to get through it. I had irregular periods for months after the insertion along with excruciating cramps which I could only imagine might have been what a contraction would feel like. I had been warned that I might have some of these issues for the first few months, but after that things should improve. Eventually, after 14 months, my periods stopped (which is great) and the cramps finally subsided. However, I was concerned with the sudden stop of my period that the IUD may have come out (neither I or my doctor could feel/see the strings during an examination). I was afraid I might have become pregnant. Turned out I wasn’t pregnant and an X-ray confirmed that the IUD was in place, but had moved way up in my uterus to the point that my doctor may have to send me to the hospital to have it changed. I’m due for a new IUD in February 2013 and I’m terrified of going through the pain of having them poking around trying to find it AND of possibly going through a year’s worth of agony again after a new one is inserted. After weighing the options, I’ve decided to go ahead with getting a new one, but I think I’ll insist on having it done at the women’s clinic in the hospital and that a local anesthetic be close by!!!!!

  23. starr Reply

    I’m 24 yrs old and I’ve had the miriena for 3 yrs. I got it 7 weeks after I had my son and I’ve had migrains every day, no sex drive, depression and moodiness and back and hip pain and I’ve been to the doctors all over the town I live in and my obgyn refused to take it out when I asked 3 months ago. I feel like I’m. Failing as a wife and mother bacause I am in so much pain all of the time and I can’t sleep and I’m loosing myself. At this point I’m just trying tofind a dr that will take it out.

  24. Breann Reply

    I had this IUD in for approx.12 month. I had constant bleeding similar to reverse menstruation, breakthrough bleeding spells and blood streaking and pink mucous after sex. I gained weight and developed cystic acne that left visible scarring to my skin. I had developed vaginal odor and multiple vaginal infections including yeast, bacterial vaginosis,and vaginitis. worst of all I found out I was Pregnant and that my Mirena IUD had dissapeared all while thinking I was protected from pregnancy. My OBGYN said the device expelled. The expulsion had occurred without my knowing and led to my pregnancy which I ended up miscarrying . I want some compensation for my pain and suffering.

  25. Tyanesa Reply

    I had the iud inserted in July 2008 4 months after having my son. After having it put in I bled for 4 weeks straight. Then when that finally stopped I had my period every month for 14 days straight. then after a year I missed a month and then the next month I had the worst cramps and then started my period again and it wasn’t normal. I had my period the first and third week of the month every month for about two years or so. Then I missed a period and when I started again It was all over the map, they could be any week of the month and I never knew when it would start. When I would miss my period I would gain a little weight. There was a time where I went to the Dr. because I had a weird smell down stairs and when I was seen the Dr. said I had an infection from having my period while on the iud. While having the iud in I had no sex drive at all really. When my husband and I would have sex it was painful for me. My pelvic area hurt really bad and I would get cramps plus sometimes I would spot afterwards. I had the iud removed in September 2012 and It was the worst pain I have ever felt besides childbirth. I spent about 30 minutes laying on the table in pain because the lining of my uterus had grown over the iud. When they finally got it out i was lightheaded and had this horrible pain in the female area. My first period after having the iud removed I had really bad cramps to the point I didn’t want to move. The second period after removal I had a very heavy flow and had huge and a lot of blood clots. I went thru a 18 pack of tampons in about 12 to 14 hours. I hurt so bad that I didn’t want my husband to touch me or for my 4 year old son to lay on me or love on me. I have had mood swings since having the iud inserted and worse since having it removed. I can be sitting watching tv and then all of the sudden start crying for no reason. I am just now getting my sex drive back and my husband and I are wanting to have another baby so I had the iud removed. I still have some pain during intercourse and it is making it hard to enjoy intercourse. If I would have known that this is what I would have had to deal with while having and after removal of the iud I would have never got it. When I was pregnant I was told I had HPV and they looked at my cervix and told me the size and location on the hpv positive area. Then I had the Iud put in and a few months after having it put in I switched Doctors. Well my son was about a year old and the found the HPV and come to find out I had had it since I was pregnant they just missed it. I had to have the leap procedure done while having the IUD to remove the HPV. The IUD did nothing but cause issues for me but I was not ready for another baby and so I delt with it. I would never tell anyone to use the IUD.

  26. Elizabeth Reply

    Okay, I am 15 and my mom made me get on this birth control on June 7th 2011 and the very next week I started my period and I had it every day until August 20th 2011. I have woken up in cold sweats and I have suffered from bibolar and depression worse since then. I have read all of this stuff and I’m afraid of what might happen if I get it taken out. I haven’t had a period since August 20th 2011. The doctors never told me these side effects could be possible.

  27. Kari Reply

    I just found out that I am pregnant with my 3 child I have the mirena in for about a month in a half it turns out that it now can not be taken out because it is stuck somewhere in my cervis or somewhere close to that. So now i am going to be a high risk they still want to try and take it out. I am in pain from them trying to pull it out.

  28. Ecco Reply

    I had Mirena for 8 months I had it removed 2 mo. ago and the other night was sitting and felt intense pain in my wrist and my vein was blown up 2-3 times its regular size… I went to ER where they said I had no risk factors for blood clots and was probably just trama, but did an ultrasound of my arm and neck…Sure enough I have blood clots all down my left arm from my neck to wrist and now have to be on blood thinners, the Dr said the only factor I had to explain it was my Mirena and the fact that I smoked 1-2 cigarettes a day which my Dr said was safe at my age… I am convinced the mirena caused it and for those of you with numbness and tingling please see a DR to rule out blood clots!!!! I have never been so scared in my life I wish I never had it inserted…..

  29. Jen Reply

    I had the Mirena IUD put in approximately April 2008 at age 35. I already had two boys but having the IUD inserted was VERY uncomfortable and not something I would have ever volunteered for again. I had a follow up with my doctor in October of 2008 and everything was normal. In February of 2009 I went to the emergency room and was advised that I had a prolapsed uterus. I contacted my OBGYN and had to have a vaginal hystorectomy two weeks later in March 2009. My OBGYN could not figure out why this had happened since my pap in October, just 5 months prior was normal. I had not done anything unusual to cause this to happen. Not only was my uterus basically falling out but my bladder had to be stitched back up because is was falling as well. Luckily my bladder had not fallen too far otherwise I would have had permanent damage done and would not be able to hold my bladder. After reading all the comments above I am beginning to wonder if this happened to me due to the IUD. I am now 40 with two beautiful boys (9 & 11). I had previously been on the depo shot for many years both before and after having my children. With the depo I did not have a period so I did not experience the heavy bleeding others have had with the IUD since I went from depo to the IUD. I did have some cramping but figured it was due to the fact I was not on the depo shot anymore. I suffer from migraines and back pain and have been on many different medicines in an attempt to alieviate some of the pain my body is in. I am not sure if this can be attributed to the IUD or not. I am however not very happy with the fact that I may have had to have a hystorectomy due to having the IUD in my body. I would not recommend the IUD to anyone. I was on and off the depo shot for years and never had any problems the only side effect I experienced was no period, which was a side effect I could live with. I originally decided to get the IUD because it lasted 5 years and I did not have to receive a shot every three months. If I had it to do over I would have stuck with the shots…

  30. Audra Reply

    I have the mirena and have bad back pain constant infections and its painful etc. But I don’t have healthcare and can’t afford to pay out of pocket. I haven’t read to much on this but I’m hoping it doesn’t get worse. Anyone know if you can get this removed for free or anywhere you can see if there is a problem.

  31. Camille Reply

    2 1/2 years ago about 12 weeks after my son was born I had the Mirena IUD put in. I was told the pain was minimal. I still remember how painful the insertion was! I was in tears and shaking. When the doctor was measuring my uterus she made a comment how large my uterus was. After I left for weeks I could “feel” the IUD in me. I hated it right away so for the follow up appointment I decided I wanted it out. When the doctor went in to get the strings she could not locate them. She sent me to get a ultrasound of my uterus to make sure it just moved from the right place. Nothing showed up on the ultrasound so she said my body must have expelled it and I didn’t notice that if fell out. The pain of having it had diminished so I figured she must be right.

    I threw my back out of whack about a week ago. I started seeing a chiropractor. He gave me an xray on Monday to look at my spine. He asked me if I had an IUD or abdominal surgery. I told him no to both since all this time I figured my IUD expelled itself and it hadn’t crossed my mind since. He said “this sure does look like an IUD” as he pointed to the xray right beneath my rib cage. Yep, it has been MIA for 2 1/2 years just floating or embedding itself to some organ.

    I went to my PC doc, the one who put in and she was dumbfounded by it. She said to me that she must have done at least a thousand of these and have never had this happen. Well, lucky me I am the 1 in 1000! So now I am going to have surgery to get it removed. With an xray you cant really tell if its embedded somewhere or exactly where it is. I am waiting to hear from the surgeon.

    I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I’m afraid of what damage it has done to my body. Its like a freak accident…surreal. I hope they will just be able to go in and get it out with no complications. I hope it hasn’t caused any damage to my organs. 2 1/2 years is pretty long for something to be floating around in my body. I really trust and like my doctor and I know people make mistakes…even doctors. I guess I don’t know what to do at this point. My husband doesn’t think our insurance or my boss should pay for lost pay and the medical bills.

  32. Melissa Reply

    I had my Mirena inserted in February 2008, my son was 8 weeks old when I did this. It was painful the entire time I had it. My ob/gyn told me the pain would go away eventually and so would the night sweats and the periods. My periods stopped but the pain and night flashes did not go away. My gyno did an internal ultrasound in June of 08 and found that the Mirena had shifted into the left Fallopian tube and there were also cysts. She moved it back to where it was supposed to go and I was still constantly in pain. August of 2008 I had it removed and was still in constant pain. I went to my mom’s ob/gyn and he diagnosed me with endometriosis caused by the Mirena. In October of 2008 I had laprascopic surgery to remove the endometriosis and was put on the Lupron injection to shut my reproductive system down temporarily while I healed. I was on the Lupron for 3 months before I had enough of that. I was still in constant pain for the next 2 years. In 2009 I got pregnant with my daughter and that stopped the pain for awhile and we thought that the endometriosis was gone. Come to find out it was not. When I had my tubes tied in October 2010 they found more endometriosis and cleaned it up yet again. I had been dealing with pain for numerous years until I found a doctor that actually took care of the problem. This year in February I had a complete hysterectomy at the age of 32. Over the last several years I had tried more than one birth control and had been on and off Ibuprofen for the pain. I had enough and had the problem taken care of even though it was in the extreme way of major surgery.

  33. Chasity Reply

    In August 2005 I had my son and at my ob checkup I decided to go with the mirena for my form of birth control. I bled heavily with the mirena for several weeks and had terrible cramping. I informed my doctor of the situation and upon discussing the problem, we decided to give the iud more time to “adjust” to my body. Once the bleeding stopped, but not the cramping, a new problem arose. Whenever my husband and I tried to have sexual intercorse, it would hurt the both of us. I would have shooting pain and my husband said that it felt like something was poking him. I went back to my doctor over this mattter and he decided to cut the insert cord a little shorter so things would feel better for my husbannd and I. Afew weeks went past and we were still having trouble sexually and I was still having the pain. I also was bleeding very heavily with my monthly cycle and severe cramping. After another visit with my doctor, I decided to have the mirena removed.
    When my doctor attempted to remove the iud, he was unsuccessful at doing so. He then asked one of his colleuges to attempt to remove the iud. The other doctor was unable to remove the iud as well.
    My doctor had decided that they couldn’t get the Mirena out so he was going to refer my to an specialist for a DNC and had me go to that office as soon as I left him.
    Once I got to the specialist’s office, I was taken back to his personal office and discussed the situation with him. He had one of his nurses direct me to an exam room so he could look for himself. Once he came in, he had me lay back on the exam table as he took a look. He asked the nurse to hand him a certain instrument and the next thing I knew, I was screaming and crying, crawling back on the table with my elbows trying to get away from him. I was yelling at him to stop and he never did. He stood up, handed the nurse the instrument and looked at me and said, “There, I just saved you from having a major surgery.” He told me to stay laying down for 15 minutes to try to get the bleeding to stop and the nurse would bring me an ibprophen for pain.
    Since this horrible incident, I have had severe bleeing with my periods that I not only get once a month but twice a month since then. I have had very large cysts on my ovary that almost became a major faction in my daughter’s pregnancy as to where they were considering doing surgery on me while pregnant if the cycts continued to grow.
    I will never forget the pain and suffering that the mirena has done to me mentally and physically to my body. I do not recommened this form of birth control to anyone and I have let every woman know my story when I hear them metion the word “Mirena”.

  34. Gillian Reply

    I’m 35 and have had the mirena coil in for almost 5 years now. I believe that it has cause me such drastic” mood swings” (a term I’m using lightly) that I ended up in a mental ward on and off for a few months and I received shock treatment! After all of this I had my first period since having the coil and magically I’m all better. I was due to have it removed in a month or so anyway but I’m getting it out ASAP. I’m so glad I found this site

  35. Ruby Reply

    I have had the marina since late 2009. I feel like I’m going crazy. The mood swings are driving me insane, blurred vision and the tenderness of my boots. I still have my period and is very painfull. Sometimes it lasts for 2 days and other times it lasts up to 3 weeks. I have called about having to removed but the wait is too long to see doctor and the cost to have it removed is outrageous. I have decided to remove it myself when my cycle starts again.

  36. brianna Reply

    i had the mirena placed in sep 18th and as soon as i left i gotsick i couldnt sleep and had serious pain throwing up and soon a month later i started having pains in my left side so i went to a different doc and told them and so they did ultrasound and i found out the mirena was emmebedded im my left side so they called my orignal doc and he told me they were lien and its not emmebedded so i went back to the doctor today and complain about heart burn and weight gain,depression and still pain in my left side he told me it had nthin to do with the mirena and that i had to wait until april 3rd 2013 to have it removed should i be worried

  37. Charmaine Reply

    i got the merina iud put in like on oct of 2012 i been haveing really bad expirence off this iud i have had bad headaches bad skin break outs acnes out this wrld feeling tired, depressed, also have bad tenderness of my nipples and breast, cant sleep at night cionstantly going to the bathroom at night, i have picked up a lot of weight past 2 months as well and haveind bad side pain and lower stomach pain

  38. scott Reply

    Gang, this can cause severe consequences to a guy. A year ago I had sex with a woman where I got poked by the string on deep thrusts. Woke up the next morning with significant pain. That turned into a serious infection (not STD), and either the trauma of the poking or the infection led to a recurring urethral stricture (scar tissure buildup in the urethra) that has required three surgeries in one year. Definitely not fun.

  39. maritza Reply

    i had my marina put on on dec or 2011 for the reason i was having veryheavy piriod and they would last at times 15 day i would get anemic at time so the doc recomended that i put the marina on so that my perior would go away and then it would probaly be menopause time when i took it of but the day it was put was very painful i still kept getting heavy piriod for the first six month then it stated to slow down my problem is i still have it on i was check doc told me it was in place but i have bad migrain, retaining water in my ankle .my back is away hurting me. i hurt all over i am moody all the time i do have anxiety since i was young but its gotton worst my medication have been chance i still feel axiety all the time i have light bleeding still that last abot a week ,feel weel nausuase and have gain alot of breat hurt alot and for some reason i am lacktating still. i urinate 8 or 9 time in a day my mouth is always dry when i wake up my voise barely is hard until i got wash my mouth and gargle.i get cramp and i have to bend down until it goes away.i cant sleep and i am also on medications to sleep and at time it woks i am crying all the the time but i suffer from depression but its wort now.get hot flashes like crazy sleep with fan on even in cold nights.

  40. Becky Reply

    I’ve had my Mirena in for almost 7 years. Don’t let them kid you, it hurts to have put in, there was quite a bit of spotting the first month but after that no periods (best thing ever!!) and absolutely no problems. I loved it….UNTIL I wanted it removed to have a new one inserted. Two doctors have been unable to get it to come out, without excruciating pain that I just can’t handle. The doctor thought it might be embedded but wanted to keep yanking on it anyway. Now my doctor wants to do surgery to remove it, my insurance called it a pre-existing condition and would not pay for the surgery, soooo that’s why I still have it when it was only good for 5 years. Have no clue if it is still working or not, after 7 years still no periods so I am guessing it is but NOT counting on it. Just hoping to get this thing out soon!!!

  41. Miesha Reply

    Hey everyone I’m just seeing all of this but I got a iud back in 2009 & it was painful, I had problems every since I actually had an ectopic pregnancy & had to go to the er every week on Sunday to get a shot in my butt for the baby to dissolve it made my period come out heavy thick & looked like dried up boogers sooooo I kept calling the hospital to talk to any nurse about it because I was scared but they told me everything was ok so I was on my way out & I got to the front porch of my buiding & collapsed I had a fever of 110 & hot & cold flashes along with migranes everyday. I had to get my left ovary cut off where the baby was & that was june 27th 2009 but turned around & got pregnant on august 8th 2009 & still be having migranes & pains in my pelvic & stomach area.

  42. Jessica Reply

    I just had laporascopic surgery to have the Mirena removed from the outside of my uterus. My new OB that did the surgery says it most likely perforated when it was inserted since at 6 weeks pp our uterus is still very soft and healing. My left Fallopian tube was wound around the device. Luckily, the dr was able to just slip it off with no damage but it could have been so much worse. Like others, I had weight gain (I’ve lost 8 lbs since the surgery 2 weeks ago), crazy mood swings, I had a period every month, and excruciating pain after exercise and sex. If you found this link doing research for getting the Mirena, please know that these testimonies are very real and some of us have real injuries. Please, just use something else for birth control.

  43. lorraine Reply

    I had the Mirena fitted in 2003, I had it for 5 years and had it removed in 2008. I didn’t have any problems while it was inserted. However in 2008 I started to have slight menstrual problems, in 2011 i was diagnosed with adenomyosis and now its at a severe stage. Could the Mirena be the cause of this problem, as I never had any problems before.

  44. EO Reply

    I had the Mirena inserted on January 2011, to help control my heavy periods. The insertion was very painful to the point that it took me about two days to recover. I had abundant periods for about three months, then it stopped completely for a few months. Now I have my periods sporadicly and not very heavy. A few months back, I started having migraines, severe mood swings, I’m tired all the time, some nights I can’t sleep, although I’m exhausted. When I went to have my Pap smear, the doctor who inserted it could not find the strings and ordered a sonogram, which revealed the Mirena was still in place. However, my health keeps deteriorating, I’m having real bad PMS symptoms, painful cramps almost like having contractions, hot flashes, sweats, balance problems, my lower back hurts, now my upper back started hurting, also my knees, feet, neck arms, shoulders hurt a lot. Libido is none existent and my breast are very tender. Did I mention that I gained about 50 pounds? I just called my doctor for an appointment next week to have it removed.

  45. Lori Reply

    I have had a Mirena IUD inserted in me since Feb. 2011. I have lower abdominal pain so bad it makes me nauseated, migranes, dizziness, muscle aches, mood swings, depression, etc. I am afraid to have it removed because it was inserted to stop me from hemorraging to death. I need help.

  46. Dana Reply

    I had the Mirena IUD put in in 2002, I was told it was the only safe birth control i could use for health reasons. when it was inserted it was so painful that the gyn finally did a nerve block. I had severe pain from the start, severe headaches, night sweats, mood swings,abdominal/back pain, cyst on the ovaries, tachycardia, pcos, fibromyalga. The pain was so severe it caused my blood sugars to go high, thus causing multiple trips to the ER and hospital admits. I was sent to physician after physician, I was tried on many different meds, had reactions, nerve blocks for the headaches, nobody could say what was wrong, then they said it was all in my head. I had to have eye surgery due to the high sugars and vomiting. this has been a living hell. now i see this on tv and am reading about this? I am a nurse, or was before the surgeries I had to have. I know how it all sounds, but I said all along there was something wrong. I had the IUD taken out in 2006, but still have issues.

  47. Karen Reply

    I had my Mirena IUD removed about 31/2 yrs ago,after having it in me for 10 yrs.I never could figure out why I had real heavy bleeding during my menstrual, and why all the sudden I had cramping after it be removed. Because I never had cramp before it was placed. I started have dizzy spells,lower back pain, no energy,racing thoughts,blurred vision, ( I now wear proscription-glassing all the time when I only needed them to read), I see spots,. I now have uncontrollable mood swings.I was diagnose of have anxiety. I now have a uncomfortable felling when having sex .

  48. Stephanie Reply

    I had my mirenia inserted in aug 2009 2 months after my sons birth, no problems noticed at first. Then I got severely depressed and had anxiety that I was medicated for. I also had severe cramping. I’ve had 2 abnormal paps which I still don’t know for sure why, and no sex drive what so ever. I just got my mirenia removed last wk I’ve had a headache and felt weak, tired, and nauseous since. Pls help.

  49. Rachel Reply

    I had my IUD inserted in December of 07. After accidentally pulling it out in December of 09 I had one reinserted in January 2010. I had my first seizure in March ’10 while sleeping. After that I had a series of “black outs” basically i would start talking about things unrelated to the conversation I was having. I ended up on seizure meds in September of 2011. Things seemed to be getting better but then I started having grand mals. I had 1 December 2011 and then some more in May 2012 and finally 1 in June 2012. I stopped taking the seizure medication. The grand mals went away but I began tracking my “black-outs” and noticed that I got them 2x’s a month, once at the beginning of my period and then another just after. I finally got the IUD removed February 7, 2013 I had my last “black-out” on February 6, 2013.

  50. Amy Reply

    I have had some of the same issues as everyone: mood swings, a general feeling of not feeling well, melasma, cystic acne, and thyroid issues. I had the Mirena in July 2007. In October 2008, I developed ovarian cysts. I was given birth control pills to shrink the cysts. At that time, I received a breast exam. Nothing was found. In May 2009, I found a lump and it was determined to be Breast Cancer. I was treated with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. I then had a hysterectomy and my gall bladder was removed that same year. I had about a year and a half of thinking I was cured and was living my life. In March 2012, after feeling off, I was informed that the cancer had spread to my bones. I was considered Stage 4, life expectancy unknown. I wish Bayer could look at my 5 children in the face and tell them why their mom is going to die because of their product. I was just 40 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I just hope I can live long enough to sue these people.

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