Nexium Bone Fracture Lawsuit Filed By Ohio Woman

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An Ohio woman has filed a lawsuit against AstraZeneca, alleging that she suffered bone deterioration and fractures from Nexium, a popular acid reflux drug.

The Nexium bone fracture lawsuit was filed on April 19 by Ginny Begin, 58, of Toledo, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas. According to the complaint, Begin suffered a broken leg in July 2005 and again in 2007 due to bone deterioration while on Nexium.

Begin took Nexium daily from 2003 until earlier this year. The lawsuit claims that the side effects of Nexium caused her bones to degenerate, resulting in multiple breaks.

In May 2010, the FDA warned that there may be an increased risk of bone fracture from heartburn drugs like Nexium, which are part of a class of medications known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). The FDA required an update to the warning label about the risk of Nexium fractures, and similar warnings were added to other drugs in the class, including Aciphex, Prevacid, Prilosec, Protonix, Vimovo and Zegerid.

Last month, the agency updated its warning, saying that the bone fractures appeared to be linked to high doses over a long period of time. Over-the-counter versions of the drugs did not appear to be affected.

The prescription drugs pull in about $14 billion in U.S. sales each year, and many are prescribed for indigestion and heart burn, although with the exception of Prilosec, they are only approved for treatment of ulcers, acid reflux disease and erosive esophagitis.

There were about 119 million prescriptions for proton pump inhibitors in the U.S. last year. Some medical experts estimate that as many as 69% of proton pump inhibitor prescriptions were written for “off-label” uses, which have not been approved as safe and effective by the FDA.

Begin’s Nexium lawsuit accuses AstraZeneca of failing to warn doctors and patients of the potential risk of bone fracture side effects, alleging that the company knew or should have known about the health risks. 

The complaint states that Begin’s leg and ankle injuries have never fully healed and seeks damages as a result of AstraZeneca’s negligence and marketing a defective drug.

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  1. cassandra Reply

    I have been taking prevacid as well as nexium for the past ten years, and I noticed how my bones in my legs,arms, and back seem to hurt, crack and pop more than normal recently I didn’t think much of it at first nor did I think that it could be from my acid reflux medication. However since I stop talking the medication every day as prescribed, but only as needed I have found that my pain has lessen in my joints in my body. So perhaps the medication was doing more harm to other areas of my body while helping the acid reflux. I do feel that this should have been told to me as a patient what the side affects may be. Since it was not I do feel that I should be compensated for my life time condition of pain that I now have to endure with.

  2. Sharon Reply

    I have been taking Nexium 40 mg for about 20 years. I recently had my right knee replaced on December 7, 2010. I also have been diagnosed with Osteopenia and this scares me to death, I have a balance problem and use a scooter when I am out. My mother had both her knees replaced and I believe she also had osteoporous, she also took Nexium. Unfortunately, my mother passed away in 2002. Has Nexium caused the deterioration of my bones? I would like further details on what the major problems are with Nexium.

  3. tiffany Reply

    I have been taking nexuim for about 4 years 80 milg a day 40 morning and 40 at night. I started taking it for heart burn in 2007 then in 2008 I found out I had mild stomach erosion and was told to continue the medication. Then in dec of 2008 I had to have a back surgery for lumbar fusion L5-S1 and I never healed properly. Could it be from taking such a high dose of nexium for so long?? I am still on the medication and take it every day thinking that it was doing me some good. But I too have started having problems with my knees had a cortosone injection in my right knee for pain and it is on going can’t seem to get relief I am only 36 years old and falling apart. Don’t know if that is a big part of the problem but would like to know. I also want to know why I have NEVER been informed of this possible risk and if it was worth all the side affects that come with it. I have been taking different heart burn medication for about eight years but on nexium the longest. I would really like some answers.

  4. sarah Reply

    I’ve been on Nexium 40mgs for 13 yrs and not just my bones but muscles have constantly hurt . My knees feel like they are bone on bone when walking but I cant kneel for its almost impossiable getting up without pulling myself up with an object close .I myself , never gave it any thought to this medication til now , just thought at being 42 yrs old I was suppose to feel this way . I’ve been fortunate not to have any broken bones but while walking it feels like the lega and hips can snap . I havent followed up witth a doctor and wondering if I should ?

  5. Andrew Baker Reply

    I took nexium 40mg for about 2 years when i suffered a pretty bad break of the bone just above my ankle. I have always been a pretty athletic guy, and it deifinately struck me as odd that it broke as easily as it did. I continued taking nexium for about another 2 years or so after, then was switched to protonix. Not long after healing from my broken leg, i suffered a torn rotator cuff. Again for an activity that didnt seem to warrant such an injury. I wonder if there is any studies on these types of medications effecting ligaments or tendons. To this day i still get frequent pain in my ankle and both shoulders. I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place… i dont want to become brittle, yet acid reflux attacks are no picnic either!

  6. Hope Reply

    I have been on nexium 40 mg. for like 10 years and in the past year I had 3 shoulder surgeries and neck surgery. I had to have 3 vertebra taken out of my neck and ended up with a total shoulder replacement and now I need to have my lower back fused where I had surgery in 2002. Now I have been having knee problems with popping, I have thought it was strange that I have been having all these problems all of a sudden. It just seems like its one bone problem after another. I just feel like I’m falling apart at the age of 44 and my leg muscles ache all the time. Nexium helped with my acid reflux but its crazy all the bone problems I’m having now.

  7. Elaine Reply

    I am a now 60 year old woman that has been taking Nexium for 12 years. I take 40m sometime twice a day then there are days when I don’t need it so much. I was dignoised with acid reflux in 1993 and over the years the insurance company’s have made me change medications about 5 times. In 2006 I broke my back from a simple fall, 2 years later I fell and busted my left knee, I have had to have surgery on both. I never go a day without hurting. Now my dentist wants me to be tested because in the last 5 years I have lost 8 teeth. Each one of these had to have a root canal and crown. I have teeth that have had root canal’s and crowns 40 some years ago and they are fine but the 8 in question have been worked on in the past 4 years. I also have to have dental surgery on the 12th of May because I have an infection in the bone of my upper left jaw. My doctor has cleaned the area then put antibiotic cream in it, then tomorrow I am having a bone graf. I am very scared about what is happining. I would like to know if there is anyway the damage can be reversed, I take Caltrate-D and have been taking the calcium suppliment for 10 years. Any help you can give me on this would be greatly appreciate.

  8. Sanda Reply

    I took nexxium several years back.probably 1996-2000. I had back surgery in 2005 L5 S1 disc replaced. need two hip replacements,just waiting as long as I can; I’m only 47! this last year my ankle joints swell and feel like I’m walking on two broken legs ,and I take pain meds 4 times a day. I’m in almost constant pain now ,and I’m affraid I’ll become disabled.1

  9. Brad Reply

    I have been taking Nexium 40mg/day for 11 years and was diagnosed with gerd, the Nexium has been very effective at controlling my acid reflux I have tried to skip some days from time to time just to control expenses even received a letter from my insurance company telling me to continue with my medication as directed, last August I broke my left ankle in three places that required two plates and twelve screws to reattach was told in the ER it was a difficult break. If Nexium is proven to be a contributing factor in weak bones to the point of easy fracture then I will be seeking compensation as well.

  10. Cinda Reply

    I have been taking Ranitidine 150 mg 3 times daily for over 10 years.about 5 years ago Dr. added omeprazole 20 mg 2 twice daily along with it. I have developed severe osteoarthritis and I’m looking at surgeries on both hands and both feet. My neck is also affected. I am in chronic pain!

  11. Wendy Reply

    Hello, I am 39 years old and this past year I had to have four teeth pulled. Severe infection supposedly ate my jawbone. The dentist says that I will have further trouble when I lose the rest of my teeth, because I have no jawbone to help steady the false teeth. I had 4 absessed front bottom teeth. I just found out this year that I have rhuematoid arthritus strongly in my blood, fibromyalgae, and I have known for years that I had scoliosis.

    My mother has had both her knees replaced with artificials. I will need to get my knees done in the future if I am not careful. My knees crunch when I walk up or down steps. They hurt all the time, especially when it is damp or cold.

    I took Nexium for several years, prescribed at 20 mg a day, then increased to 40 mg daily. The doctor informed me that any dose higher than that would require tests for ulcers. I have also taken prilosec. Currently, Doctor has me taking Rantidine, generic form of Zantac. I take 150 mg pill twice a day. Before that, I have heartburn for as long as I can remember, but I did not know what it was until I was a late teen.

  12. Shelly Reply

    I am a 40 year old female. I have taken Nexium for several years. I have had severe back pain which led to cortozone injections, 2 pain blocks a year apart and then eventually two surgeries for ruptured disk in my lower back. I am currently dealing with severe pain again. This time the pain is not only in my lower back, but now in my neck, hip, arm and legs. This has been going on for quite some time now. I am scheduled to see my doctor again tomorrow. Having been through so much trouble with my back alrady I anticipate yet another ruptured disk. This has been a long painful and debilitating road. I can hardly walk when I get out of bed in the mornings. Bending is next to impossible without major spasms. Quick motions send shooting pains through my body. Simply riding in a car with the normal road surface bumps is extremely painful. I was told by my surgeon several years ago, that I have Degenerative Bone Desease. As you can imagine, this condition has robbed me of some very special times with my children as they grow up, activities that I love and employment that has a minimum ability to lift a certain amount of weight. It is painful to lift a 5lb of sugar. That’s not normal for someone my age!! It’s very depressing.

  13. Dean Reply

    I am experiencing the same problems as all of you above that I believe may be from taking Omeprazole. After 4 back surgeries with no future now ahead. I am stuck on disability now and I want to know how to get in touch with Ginny’s attorney in Toledo? I see this as my only option right now before I lose everything that I have worked my whole life to get?

  14. Barbara Reply

    I have been taking nexium for the past ten years I never had any problems with my bones until 2006 I had to have a plate put in my neck and then in 2008 I had to have cement put in my back I am now taking Bovina for my bones I am having the same problems and would like to know how to get in touch wiht the GinnY’s attorney

  15. Wright Reply

    My back is deteriating and my vertibrae is sitting on the nerve in my legs. I am in constant pain. Right now I am trying to cope with the pain, but it is so depressing.

  16. Jill Reply

    I have been taking nexium for years, Ten, fifteen years 80mgs a day..Before that previcid. Even though It has helped my reflex, I am wondering if that is why my bones have been breaking. I have had two broken ribs, I have a plate in my neck, and now a severly broken arm that has not healed for almost two years now. I would love to talk to someone for some help…

  17. Lonny Reply

    I took nexium for many years. I than went to using omeprazole, as I could not afford my nexium. Which I am still using. I have Osteoporesis and Ostec arthritis, now taking Bovina once a month.
    in June 2010, I had an nondisplaced fracture of the right anterior 7th rib.
    I am now having problems with my knees hurting me, very bad leg pain and problems with my hands. They tell me with osteoporesis I have to be very careful as my bones can brake easy. I would like to know how do I get in tounch with the GINNY”s Attorney. I think I should have been told this when I was on this medicine, so many I wouldn’t have had the problem I am having now.

  18. Becky Reply

    I also took Nexium for years actually until my insurance refused to pay for it. I now have to take Boniva due to bone loss in my hip. I also just had to have back surgery due to a dics that ruptured and was pressing on a nerve that causes pain in my right leg. I also have stenosis of the spine.

  19. James Reply

    have been taking nexium for awhile and have been having severe problems with my bACK hip and leg. How do I go about getting something?

  20. Roberta Reply

    I am currently taking 40 mg of Nexium each day and have been taking it for over 10 years. In the 10 years I have had L5 surgery, oral surgery and dentures because my teeth where falling out, diagnosed with RA, Osteoarthritis, and Osteopenia. Every joint in my body hurts. My hands and feet are very bad. I’m just finding out that Nexium destroys bones.

  21. Christina Reply

    I am 39 years old and have been taking Nexium & Prevacid since I was about 24 years old… I am now on disability, and I am in chronic pain, in which I have to go to pain management often, I have degenertative bone disease, and had C5-C6 Neck bone fusion, and my other disc in my neck are going out…. I also have back pain, knee pain, ankle pain, and damaged nerves from my bones/disc deteriation…. I have been sick most of my life, and none of this started until I started taking prescriptions, one of the first prescritopns I had taken was for Acid reflux… I also take Plavix, and hearing that it could possibly interact with this too scares me, as I now have Heart Disease, Fibromylygia, and my Electrical System (brain and heart) cannot communicate, where I have to regulate my own blood pressure… I do not know if any of these prescriptions I have been taken for years have actually helped me or hurt me, but I am interested more into weather or not I should continue taking this medicine…and I would like to see about getting off it to see if my problems will improve.

  22. maureece Reply

    i am currently taking 40 mg of nexium every day and i have been taking it for about 3 to 4 years and have had severe back problems and joint and hand problems

  23. loretta Reply

    i havetook nexium for years. but receive i have legs cramps pain my back ,hands .i see a doctor for injections in my back for the pain .i have problems with stomch . i don’t know if any of these prombles are could by taking nexium .

  24. Protonixuser Reply

    49 years old, hip fracture after using Protonix

  25. Lila Reply

    I am a 47 year old female that started taking Prilosec in the late 80’s and then switched to Nexium when it first came out. This is one drug that I CAN NOT live without! I can definitely tell when I have missed a dose….In the last two years I have experienced several different minor fractures in ankle, toe, and most recently hip. Last year I was seen by a doctor for pain in my hip, after taking X rays he suggested that I have a cortisone injection instead of hip replacement because of my age. So I did. It worked for about a year. The pain has since returned which caused me to return to the doctor. I decided to see a different doctor which wanted to get another x ray and also did an MRI. My appointment was Wednesday for the results and the first thing the doctor said to me was do you recall fracturing your hip???? I was completely thrown off guard and did expect that result and could not pinpoint anything that may have caused this except for when I hurt my ankle and toe. His response was that it could have been a stress fracture but couldn’t say for sure. He wants to review the actual MRI disk at a later appointment but for now have been scheduled for another shot in June. As I stated before this drug has saved me so many years of agony and would not be willing to give it up, but am very concerned about my health and the long term affects this may cause and why is it now just coming to our attention?

  26. sjones Reply

    im writing because i have taken omeprazole, nexium, aciphex, tums, you name it for acid reflux disease. my reflux was so bab that I had to have a surgical procedure called Lap. Nissen fundoplication.- basicly they wraped my stomach around the bottom of my esophagus to help my reflux. this helped some but i have continued to take nexium or tums. had the surgery in 2002. since this time I have been dx. with degenerative osteoarthritis, facet arthritis, fibromyalgia. I live in constant pain and am in need of back surgery for herniated disc. I can not afford to have surgery for I am the only person working in my house hold. spouse is disabled. If the nexium is the cause for hte problems I’m having I would like to be compensated for the pain and the continued problems I’m going to have to live with.
    My spouse also has taken nexium since 9/2000, when he was dx the acid reflux disease. he now has to take the medication 2 times daily 40mg. in 2008 he had auto accident and obtained spinal fractures which has left him unable to work. he is now totally disabled. he to has constant leg and joint pain and if the medication is what is causing part of the problems he too should be compensate for his pain and problems.

  27. david Reply

    was taking prevacid from march 2006 to may 2010 and as of march 2010 sarting getting severe pain in left hip went for evaluation at family doctor got some xrays then said to see an orthopedic doctor which in turn took some mris and diagnosed me with avn avasculor nucrosis so from there went for second oppinion at jefferson university in philly which not only said i had it in my left hip but my right hip as well november had my left hip replaced and its just a matter of time for the right to go been off any acid reflux meds take apple cider vinegar once in a while when flare ups occur

  28. Steven Reply

    I have taken it for several years and also have had knee and ankle problems . I had rotator cuff surgery and about 4 yrs later i developed a bad infection where the anchor pins were put in and ended up with a new shoulder joint after 14 surgerys . Could this be a side effect ?

  29. Daphne Reply

    I started taking Prilosec 18 yrs. ago and when it quit working was placed on Nexium (40mg) and have been taking it now for 16 (sixteen) years. Now I understand why, at the age of 64 I have been falling alot over the years. I broke my left foot and fractured my left ankle. Since this incident, I tripped and fell at home, a Hair Salon, Car Wash and at the home of my sister whom I now live with. Since moving in with my sister, lost by balance for no reason and fell through my bedroom window. I was referred to an Orthopedic doctor by my Family Practitioner and was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff and nothing can be done. I have problems with my legs, knee caps, left shoulder & left side of neck. Also have two ruptured discs in my neck that are inoperable. Now I know why I’ve gone through all the pain and falls. I can tell you, after reading all of these cases, somebody should be held responsible.

  30. Jacqueline Reply

    I’m 43 years old and been in Nexuim for 3 years or so. Dince then i’ve been hurting every were. My doctor order x-rays and i have bone deterioration in my neck, spine and hands. Im all hurting so i had some lab test that were prescribed . In 2008 i was diagnosed with fibromialgia. My gastrointeralogist never told me about the risk of taking Nexuim 40 or sometimes 80mg a day for many years. Ive been carying for days because it hurts so much that i can’t even walk. I saw this comercial in the tv that said if someones is taking Nexuim and has bone deterioration call to fill your claim, but i havent seen it again. someone wrote a coment were it says that se or he stop Nexuim and fells better. Maybe i should try that, even thought my heart burn is so bad. I wondet if tjere is something out there that could help, not nexuim or protonix or prevacid. Ive had them all. I have my right hip that hurts so much. Wow this is serious. Im from Puerto Rico

  31. Angela Reply

    I was 45 last year. I have been taking Nexium since it hit the markets. Last August I slipped and landed on my left hand, it broke it off my wrist. I have since gone surgery and physical therepy. My left hand is weak and doesn’t close all the way. My wrist doesn’t turn much. I have alot of pain when holding anything of weight. This has really affected my life in so many ways. I was proposed to last Christmas and cryed because I didn’t want the ring on my left hand because of the way it looked. I just wish I would have known.

  32. Tracey Reply

    I am 41 years old and have been on nexium and prevacid for years. A couple weeks ago, I noticed that previcid had been slowly disappearing off the shelf and I asked one pharmacist and they told me that they thought they were changing the package. I didn’t think nothing of it because it was not a recall. Today I called a different pharmacist and was told she didn’t know why they pulled it off the shelf. ( Key word PULLED). She said she would call me back with a number to the company that I am assuming they received their precacid from. Well, she called me back as I was looking on the internet to find out any information I could, and she found the same information I did. This was news to her as well. If our pharmacists don’t even have the information how are we supposed to get it. It sounds like someone is trying to keep this a secret. Well, I also am suffering from severe degenerative authritis, joint pain, neck and shoulder pain and am deficient in vitamin B12 and hard telling what else. I agree that someone should be held responsible.

  33. Denise Reply

    I have been taking Nexium for 9 years and have joint pain in my hands, knees and hips that has gotten progressively worse every year. Am now taking an anti inflammatory drug because of the pain. Cant kneel without great pain and cant get up without help if I do manage to get into a kneeling position. Why were when not told Nexium could cause bone loss before we started depending on it?

  34. Burt Reply

    Been having knee pain for close to 3 years, after reading other peoples post it made sense. Recently I was hospitalized for something else and wasn’t given any Nexium. Its been 1 week now no Nexium reduced leg pain almost disappearing and no chronic fatigue, anxiety, loss of concentration , vertigo now all gone

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