Nissan Pathfinder and Infiniti QX4 Recall Issued Due to Corrosion Risk

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About 196,000 Infiniti QX4 and Nissan Pathfinder vehicles are being recalled by due to potential steering problems that may result from corrosion in certain cold-weather states. 

The Nissan Pathfinder and Infiniti QX4 recall (pdf) is being issued for vehicles in so called “salt belt” states, which are northern states that use a lot of road salt to clear snow and ice from the roads. It affects Infiniti QX4 vehicles from model years 1997 through 2003 and Pathfinder vehicles from model years 1996 through 2004.

According to investigators at the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), a mix of snow or water and salt can spray up through an assembly location hole in the upper strut housing and cause water to collect there.

The NHTSA has determined that the corrosion can cause the strut housing to crack and pull away from the inner hood ledge assembly. As a result, occupants may hear grinding noises, experience difficulty in steering and the steering column could ultimately break, leading to a loss of steering and control and potentially causing an auto accident.

Nissan began investigating the problem in October when the company was notified of a steering loss incident involving a 2001 Pathfinder in Canada. It is unclear whether there were any other steering loss incidents or accidents as a result of the problem.

An estimated 162,658 Nissan Pathfinders and 33,333 Infiniti QX4 vehicles are expected to be affected by the recall. States where the Infinity QX4 recall and Pathfinder recall are in effect include Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Washington, D.C.

Recalled vehicles will be inspected by Nissan dealers and repairs will be made free of charge, as necessary. Nissan has announced that it will mail notification letters to registered owners on or before May 16. Owners with questions can contact Nissan at 1-800-647-7261.

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  1. Joseph Reply

    At the time of my incident, my home was Beech Grove, IN.
    On or about 10-06 I was driving on Emerson Ave. just past Southport road heading towards Beech Grove when the steering mechanism on my 1998 Infinity QX4 suffered a catastrophic failure.

    The vehicle instantly careened of the road completely uncontrollable, I had no time whatsoever to apply the brakes. It climbed a telephone pole “guy wire” and flipped onto it’s driver side.

    Stunned and with injury, I was able to exit the vehicle through it’s sunroof and crawled out onto Emerson Ave. Two vehicles behind me was a Marion County, IN Sheriff patrol unit. The Deputy came immediately to my aid.

    I was transported by Fire/Rescue ambulance to a local hospital where I was treated for broken ribs and a gash recieved on my head as a result of impact when the vehicle hit the concrete. The QX4 was destroyed and transported to a police impound by flatbed truck.

    I have recently discovered there were at least 35 incidents of issues with this and other Nissan products.
    Another 5 or more crashes without injury.

    This is my first and only contact regarding my accident/incident and I wanna know who’s butt I can kick for the loss of my vehicle, the injuries I endured and the trauma I suffered.
    Thank you.

  2. Joseph Reply

    Regarding the steering failure and subsequent destruction of
    my 1998 Infinity QX4… I should also add the vehicles Airbag System failed to deploy.

  3. Bora Reply

    I had my 1999.5 Pathfinder in for the recall (in NJ). I was surprised when nissan told me that they can not give my car back, because it is unrepairable. I took top care of this vehicle and washed the undercarriage after every drive in the snow on salted roadways. Now Nissan is buying back my car but only giving the blue book value. That car is much more valuable to me than the bluebook value, since I know it inside out. Plus I will not be able to buy an as good car for the same cost. You buy a car, it should last more than 12 years. I am gratefull that Nissan is stepping up to fix the problem, sounds like Joseph (above commenter) went through hell, but they dont give you a good deal on a used car to get you going again. Just a few $K off of a new one.

  4. Karen Reply

    I own a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder and was recently told that they would not be releasing my vehicle back to me to drive. It is going to be bought back. I bought my Path new and have had it serviced faithfully. It has 148,000 and should last me many more years. If they only give me book value I’m going to be enraged. Why wasn’t this recalled sooner? Why wasn’t it seen during inspections? I paid $32,000 for my Path and part of the reason was because of reputation. I didn’t think I was buying a 148,000 mile vehicle or I never would have bought it.

  5. brian Reply

    I have a 1998 pathfinder.I took it to the dealer for the recall because there was a hole in the driverside wheel well frame the size of a basket ball.and on the other side it was rusted thru along the frame rail.The dealer told me that I could not drive the car because of the damage and the they would give me a rental till they fix it.The repair is going to be a plate that gets bolted over the hole and glued in place then covered with a sealent.I told them that i dont think the car repairs will be safe but they refuse to do anything other then the repair.I talked with nissan america and was givin a case number and was put in touch with the local director but they are un willing to inspect the truck and are going by the dealers inspection.They said if I were to take the car back without the repairs I would have to sign a release just to remove it from the dealer.I wish there was more I could do about this but they have my car and are going to do a cosmetic repair to it and leave me with a car that now is worth nothing seeing it is branded now with frame damage

  6. Maria Reply

    I am currently looking for an attorney with regard to my 1999 Q4x infiniti. It was brought to infiniti twice for the recall. First time, they only fixed one side. Second time, they assured me that the car was fixed and safe. I explained to them that I needed the car thoroughly checked out because I did not feel safe driving it. I was reassured that the car was safe to drive. Clearly it was not. On May 15th, I was driving the car with my 14 month old neice in the car, and heard grinding, cracking noises. I then could not turn the wheel properly. I had too pull the car off the road and have it towed. Upon inspection by a mechanic, it was found that the frame is so rotted that it cracked and the metal holding the wheel on the drivers side of the car has literally rotted through. I have been driving around with children in the car and the car is being held together by a piece of sheet metal due to the frame rotting out. The mechanic would not even let me drive the car home in fear that the rotted steel holding the wheel on the car would break off. I cannot get resolution from infiniti. Now I have to purchase a new car and I dont have the funds to do so. My fiance and I again have no way to get to and from work. I have spent a tremendous amount of money paying to have the car towed and car rentals and taxi service for us to get back and forth to work. If you are an attorney handling such cases, please contact me at

    Thank you

  7. Helen Reply

    I am currently looking for an attorney with regard to my 1998 Q4x infiniti. I took it in to the Infinity dealer for the recall they assured me that the car was fixed and safe. I explained to them that I needed the car thoroughly checked out because I did not feel safe driving it. I was reassured that the car was safe to drive. Clearly it was not because the stearing wheel began to shake on the expressway. I took it to a mechanic and paid $600.00 in repairs. Only to find out later that it was the front strut housing panels. The exact problem from the QX4 recall.

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