Omegle Settlement For Child Sex Trafficking Shuts Down Video Chat Service

Critics say the video chat website regularly paired children with sexual predators, resulting in instances of harassment, rape and child sex trafficking.

Omegle has agreed to shut down, as part of a sex trafficking lawsuit settlement reached with the family of a young girl, who claimed the video chat service lacked proper safeguards to protect children from online predators.

Omegle found Leif K-Brooks published a statement on the service’s website last Thursday, announcing an end to operations after being in service since 2009. The decision reportedly came as part of the resolution of a 2021 Omegle sex trafficking lawsuit filed against the company by the family of am 11-year girl who was sexually abused by an adult she was connected to through the website.

The girl was blackmailed and harassed into sending obscene content to Ryan Fordyce in 2014, the lawsuit indicated. Fordyce was in his late 30s at the time, and the lawsuit claimed Omegle’s most common use was for live sexual activity, but lacked adequate age verifications and actively marketed its services to young children.

After failing to have the lawsuit dismissed, the girl’s attorneys and family say the shutdown was part of an Omegle settlement agreement reached to resolve the case. The rest of the details of the settlement have not been disclosed.

K-Brooks, who says he himself is a childhood rape survivor, launched Omegle when he was only 18. He claims Omegle connected people around the world from the safety of their own homes, as the means of making the world a “global village.”

However, in his statement he acknowledges that Omegle was also used for harmful purposes, but claims the service has been unfairly targeted in recent years.

“The only way to please these people is to stop offering the service. Sometimes they say so, explicitly and avowedly; other times, it can be inferred from their act of setting standards that are not humanly achievable,” K-Brooks wrote. “Either way, the net result is the same.”

He indicated operating Omegle is no longer sustainable financially or psychologically.

Critics, however, say Omegle lacked basic protections for its users. Because it is a web-based service and not an app, users are harder to track. It lacked age verification to ensure either children were not using it, or to make certain children were not being paired with adults by the service, which used an algorithm to anonymously connect strangers to talk to one another.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Omegle was linked to more than 600,000 reports of “apparent child pornography”, child sex trafficking and online child enticement in 2022 alone.

Social Media Safety Concerns

The announcement came just a couple weeks after a group of states filed a social media addiction lawsuit against Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, alleging the company purposefully uses features it knows will get children and teens hooked on the services.

This leads them to engage more frequently, which can have serious mental health ramifications, the states’ attorneys general claim. The lawsuit also accuses Meta of unlawfully collecting the personal data of millions of children without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

The complaints join a number of other social media addiction lawsuits brought against Meta and other internet companies, such as Alphabet Inc., Google LLC, YouTube LLC, Snap. Inc., TikTok Inc. and ByteDance Inc., each raising similar claims that the platforms are intentionally designed to manipulate and maximize user time and engagement, as well as the type of content they view.

The lawsuits claim these tactics cause addiction and self-destructive behavior among teens, resulting in anxiety, depression, eating disorders and psychological damage that has led to attempted or actual suicides, especially among young girls.

Each of the social media platform giants have been accused of ignoring clear evidence about the harmful consequences of their behavior, indicating that they have refused to do anything to prevent the addiction and emotional distress, since it would directly impact the profits generated.


  • JanineNovember 17, 2023 at 3:48 am

    As an adult, I appreciate Flingster's commitment to a mature audience. It goes beyond what Omegle offered, providing not only better security but also cool features like real-time translation for international conversations.

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