Class Action Lawsuit Over Pampers Diapers with Dry Max Filed

A class action suit has been filed against Proctor & Gamble on behalf of all purchasers of Pampers diapers or “Easy Ups” containing a new “Dry Max” technology, which have been linked to reports of severe diaper rash, blisters, chemical burns, infections and other problems.

The Pampers diaper class action lawsuit was filed on May 11 in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. The claim seeks to force Proctor & Gamble to reimburse parents who bought the diapers, pay for the treatment of skin ailments allegedly caused by the Pampers diapers and regularly test their products to ensure they are not causing skin rashes or chemical burns.

In March, Proctor & Gamble released new Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers diapers using “Dry Max” technology. The diapers are thinner than previous Pampers. However, a growing number of parents say that their children suffered severe rashes, blisters and what appear to be chemical burns after wearing the diapers.

The company has previously called the claims made in the Pampers diaper lawsuit false, and says that the allegations of severe diaper rash were started by a group of parents using social media to spread rumors about the diapers because they did not like the changes the company made to the diapers. However, parents from a Facebook group say they took to social media after they went to P&G directly and their concerns were swept aside.

The company pulled in about $8.5 billion in revenue from Pampers last year.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that it was opening an investigation into Pampers Dry Max diaper rash claims. Health Canada has also launched an investigation. The CPSC is urging parents who have experienced problems to contact them immediately. Parents can contact the CPSC at

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  1. booker Reply

    My baby is 14 months and have never had a diaper rash. We purchase the cruiser dry max a couple of weeks ago and this pass Friday, September 10 my baby started to form a light rash. As the days pass the rash have getting severe. I was tell my husband that we would call the doctor in the morning because the rash is turning into blisters and bumps. I decide to check the internet and came across the suit on pampers. I have taken picture and I still have the box with the diapers. The more wet diapers she would have the worst the rash was getting.

  2. taqueta Reply

    i have 2 daughters 8yrs and 8mo i always used babydry on both but when i went to the cruiser a couple of weeks my baby had a rash within 2days i have taken her to the doc 2weeks back 2 back ive been dealing with this for 3wks no sleep just crying i have to take her back monday its not gettin better my sunflower is suffering pg have 2stepup and take responsiblity on there action because im not going dwn without a fight, and yes she have all syptoms i purchased size3 cruiser drymax

  3. Jeff Reply

    They say that a mother (end user) invented this diaper. Maybe they should have left it up to the scientists. When you get down to the intention of the diaper, it holds more urine than a diaper of the same thickness. In other words, this diaper was created to get rid of the bulky diaper look. No thanks. I purchased these diapers before reading about the problems, and my son endured blisters that broke open. We have never experienced this effect with any other brand of diaper, even generic.
    Pull these off the market Pampers…..have a conscience.

  4. taqueta Reply

    my baby is going through the same thing blister rashes and infection she has been to the er and primary care doc for 2wls striaght im so tired of this she has sufferd to long and pampers need to do something about it now i have to go monday again because her rash havent got better yet im so stress right they need to own up to it and do a recall this is not good pampers get your weight up and own up to your mistake

  5. Tracy Reply

    My baby has been going through a bad rash with blisters, red, swollen and then they would bleed and scab up. I have gone to see about 6 specialists because we could not figure it out and even stopped her from her favorite foods. IT has been a true nightmaire. She was stuck 8 times for blood work also. I am a nurse in a pediatric specialists office and no one could figure it out.
    We has her changed every hour hour on the dot and spent alot of money and alot of time into something that should have been caught sooner.

  6. Steve Reply

    We purchased these diapers recently for our 9 month old (he has been using Luvs since birth) we decided to give these a try since they were on sale. After a few days of using these diapers my son has a red swollen penis. I will never use these diapers again. They should be ashamed of themselves, these are babies we’re talking about!

  7. mhm Reply

    When my son was born I used pampers swaddler no problem, after couple of months I switch to pamper swaddlers with dry max (I continue using pamper because this was what he was using when he came out of the hospital) and my son started getting a dry rash on his whole buttock, I had an instinct that it was from the diaper but was not sure so didn’t change the brand. I consult his pediatrician and told my husband they wasn’t sure either. I continue using the brand and as he turn 1 and being able to reach behind to scratch his buttock, he scratch his dry scally buttock every chance he gets when the diaper comes off and he would scratch so hard it bleeds, his pediatrician gave creams and it didn’t work. When his bottock started getting worse the peditrician suggested cream with steriods I did not like that plan or idea so I finally decide to switch him to Huggies to rule out the pamper before using cream with steriods and within 4-5 days his dry itchy rash went away and I knew it was the pamper and I was so upset at myself for letting my son experience that terrible uncomfortable feeling for 1 year especially when I already had an instinct from the beginning. I have 2 older girls who used huggies and he was the first to use pampers I will never use pampers again.

  8. jnique2000 Reply

    I used pampers swaddlers ever since my baby was a newborn they were great. However, as soon as I switched over to pampers cruisers with dry max she received the worst blistering, bleeding rash that we could not get to go away. My grandmother insisted it must be because we switched from swaddlers to cruisers we called the pediatrician who said babies were having severe reactions to papmers with dry max.We decided to switch to huggies. Although the rash has gone away her bottom is now very sensitive to anything we use on her

  9. cdnmom Reply

    I have never had any problems with Pampers but every other brand of diaper I have tried gave my kids diaper rash with blisters.

  10. Sharon Reply

    We’ve been using Pampers on our baby girl for the passed 7 months of her life. We preffered the Pampers to the Huggies or any other leading brand names, despite the price, because it worked so well for us. The diaper really absorbed well and contained everything. We loved it. Our baby is an easy baby and really only cries when something is wrong. About a week back my hubby bought a new pack of Pampers… Needless to say that she developed a rash. We have used 5 different creams, that worked previously for small rashes, and none of these have worked so far. For the passed 4 days since the rash developed it has just become worse. Red, inflammed blisters. The poor child can’t sleep it hurts so much. We are currently changing her diaper nearly every 2 hours, which was previously not needed. Now that i have read this.. And just the thought that it could be the diaper causing my baby so much pain? The hell with the new full pack!! I’m buying Huggies tomorrow!!!

  11. Geetha Reply


    If someone else had told me that their baby has an UTI after starting a new diaper, I would have laughed on them. But I am a physician myself and very particular about hygiene. Inspite of that my 4 month old daughter had an UTI 4 days after starting pampers dry diapers. I was taken aback after my daughter suddenly started developing high fevers and was diagnosed with UTI. Was wondering what went wrong. But continued same diapers. Today,she developed severe rash , which she never had before and it was disheartening to see her crying at the top of her voice. Then I started thinking what went wrong in past 1 week, only change we had done was buying new pampers baby dry. We noticed that it doesnt hold urine much, but then again we were thinking may be she is making more urine and changed frequently, but later realised it doesnt even hold her 1 time pee. I am trying myself as to reason out why it shud cause UTI, but unable to conclude. But nevertheless ,I am positive it has something to do with pampers baby dry diapers.
    Long story short- My daughter had to get IV antibiotics and we had such a stressful time at our home bcoz of this stupid product.

  12. Kelly Reply

    Today I opened a new box of pampers swaddlers dry max and after my daughter peed I couldn’t believe the chemical smell of the diaper. The smell has been making me nauseous and sick. I called the company when I smelled it and asked if anyone has ever complained about a chemical smell in the diapers and they said no! Now I see these complaints, this is awful! Don’t they care about our children’s health?

  13. HIEN Reply

    STAY AWAY FROM PAMPERS CRUISERS. My son has never had issues with diaper rash. When we switched to this product, he developed a rash within several hours. It was painful for him and he is currently healing while we switched back to his old diapers. Shame on pampers for not taking responsibility for this and owning up to this adverse product effect.

  14. Nichole Reply

    I can’t believe they are denying this. I have heard many complaints about these diapers. I used to love pampers. I will no longer buy. My son too broke out in a horrible diaper rash from pamper diapers.

  15. Jessica Reply

    My son was born01-22-2011. I’ve started off using Swaddlers(newborn), which has given me no problem. After his newborn days were over I’ve been using Huggies and Luvs. I will prefer Luvs any day. I thank God Cedric Jr. has never had a diaper rash, he’s a happy baby. For those that do have rashes, I reccommend that u allow your baby’s bottom to air dry and apply vaseline throughout the day.

  16. Kristi R. Reply

    I used pampers on both of my older girls, now ages 5 and 4. I also began using pampers with my third daughter, now age 2. When she was about 1 she mysteriously got a rash that would not go away (3 weeks). It wasn’t as bad as what others have written about, but she would bleed without the consistent use of diaper cream. I couldn’t figure it out what the cause was until I was talking with a friend who suggested that it was the dry max in the diaper. I switched to Huggies and the rash disappeared.

  17. Leah N Reply

    I didn’t realize until yesterday what was coursing my daughter who is 17 months rashes. I thought it was heat rash but on many numerous times i have realize that even after applying the nappy cream she was still developing the rash. I am going to start using Luvs for now and see what happens.

  18. katy Reply

    i have also been using pampers brand since my daughter was born and she keeps on getting urinary track infections plus there where several times when she had rashes

  19. Amanda Reply

    My son alaways uses pampers as soon as I got the Pampers Baby Dry size 3 he got like a chemical burn!I used a percription cream and it did not help he had to just lay still for 2 days with no diaper,He is 11 months old!

  20. Jennifer P. Reply

    Both of my daughters were allergic to the Pampers diapers! My oldest is now 6 years old and my youngest is only 5 months. I use Huggies and have no problems! Pampers gave them both a horrible rash which I found out was a chemical burn! No diaper rash cream worked to clear it up and it was rash and blistered so bad that the skin would crack and bleed! I never use scented wipes so I know for sure its the diapers. I switched to Huggies and instantly starting clearing up!!! Yes….Babies can be allergic to a diaper! I know! I can’t believe pampers still allows their products to be sold with all the complaints from parents!

  21. John Reply

    I am also very concerned about these pampers cruisers we have that mafe a rash so bad on my daughter that she could sleep nd she is so raw she bleeds. I went to the doctor today and they told me to keep an eye on it and gave me some nystatin with steroids to help stop intching.

  22. Amy Reply

    Seems this has not yet been remedied. We typically use Cloth or Seventh Generation but in a pinch needed to get what the store had. It took half the package we bought, but my daughter has the blisters that pop and look like burn marks all over her hiney. It is extremely painful. This is 2015…several years after the original post. Wish I had known that day in the store to look for such warnings!

  23. Lisa Reply

    I wish I had known about the lawsuit when it happened. My daughter ended up with MRSA in 2007 because of cruisers. It started with a rash and turned into blisters and burns that wouldn’t go away. They would pop and then ooze causing diapers to stick to her. It was horrible. I remember being in a room with four doctors who were all trying to figure out how to heal my daughter since nothing was working. I’m having baby number 4 now and have learned my lesson with Pampers.

  24. Grace Reply

    My precious baby girl is 9 weeks old. I had been using parent’s choice wipes on occasion and the other diaper changes using a warm wash cloth. My mother bought me a case of pampers wipes. I started using them less than two days ago and my daughter has a raging allergic reaction or possibly a chemical burn . She went from having a perfectly healthy looking bottom to I’m less than 48 hours having a angry rageing red bottom and genetal area, swollen raised skin that has blisters and is bleeding. I am outraged,angry and very hurt that my infant has to go through this horrible pain. As an adult I don’t think I could handle having that horrible reaction..especially in that area! She is shaking in pain,constantly crying,can not sleep and is miserable when she is usually a very happy and content baby. I feel horrible for her and it’s breaking mine and her father’s heart. I reported this to pampers,called her pediatrician and did my own research. I believe that that preservative MCL/MI Caused her to have such a quick and severe reaction. My innocent infant should not have to go through this much ubbearable pain..especially when there are plenty of documented cases of this happening. I feel this is neglegece on pampers behalf to continue to use this chemical knowing this horrible reaction can happen to more baby’s. Also, I am watching my daughter suffer,having to pay for a cab to get to her doctors,buying creams and medications out of pocket for thier ignorance to this horrible issue. Pampers should be responsible for her/our pain and suffering and for the out of pocket expenses and time my family has put in to this issue because of their product. This is not right! Please contact me as soon as you can so i have a chance to speak up for my baby girl. Thank you.

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