Paxil Class Action Settlement Approved for $40 Million

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GlaxoSmithKline has agreed to pay $40 million to settle a Paxil class action lawsuit, which claims that the drug maker promoted the antidepressant for use in children without disclosing information about Paxil side effects and evidence that the drug is not effective in kids. The Paxil settlement will refund insurers for benefits paid for use of the drug by children and teenagers.

Paxil, known generically as paroxetine, is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor prescribed to treat depresion. It was originally approved in 1992, and has become one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States.

The FDA has never approved Paxil for use by children, but it has been widely prescribed “off-label” to treat depression in people under 18.

Although they have denied wrongdoing, Glaxo has faced government investigations about their promotion of the drug and claims that they withheld information about the safety and efficacy of Paxil for children.

Research has suggested that Paxil is not effective for kids, and it could increase the risk of suicidal behavior.

The Paxil class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of over 40,000 health insurers that made payments for prescriptions of the antibiotic to children between January 1998 and December 2004. Under the terms of the Paxil settlement, insurers are entitled to reimbursement of 40% of their payments for prescriptions to children and teenagers diagnosed with a major depression, or 15% of the cost if the diagnosis was unknown.

In 2007, Glaxo agreed to settle a similar consumer Paxil lawsuit for $63.9 million. Under that settlement, parents who purchased Paxil or Paxil CR for their child were entitled to recover money spent on the drug. Without a receipt, parents were entitled to receive up to $100, and with documentation on how much was spent, they were able to receive up to the entire amount.

Although these settlements end the lengthy Paxil litigation surrounding the use of the drug by kids, the drug maker continues to face a number of lawsuits filed on behalf of infants who were born with birth defects after their mothers took the drug during pregnancy.

Paxil birth defect lawsuits have been filed that allege Glaxo failed to properly warn about side effects which could cause women to give birth to children with certain heart defects, abnormal skull development, gastrointestinal abnormality and brain defects.

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  1. sarah Reply

    I have had MRI and my arms are left with redness on them. I saw on tv a while back about a class action lawsuit about this

  2. charles Reply

    paxil is to hard to stop taking, the withdrawals are to hard to bare, help

  3. JUDY Reply

    my son tyler was perscrided paxil ,for social anziety phobia disorder in 2002, he started cutting his hair at school and told me that he did not cut his hair one of his classmates did. Tyler got into my razors and started cutting himself ,on his arms and, hands He did not want to go to school .Paxil did not help my son at all ,it made him worse.

  4. Patricia Reply

    I developed breast cancer after having taken Paxil for more than ten years.

  5. Pamela Reply

    I was prescribed Paxil for post Hysterectomy symptoms. I began to binge eat. I never liked to eat alot of food ! I gained 15 lbs in a short period of time. One day @ work, I was fixing my hair and a good amount of hair came out ! never has my hair fallen out ! I stopped taking Paxil, soon after I got very bad headaches 🙁 So I went back on it. I was on it for one year 🙁 Then I had to stop, I could not loose the extra weight. I believe it being prescribed Paxil for me was the wrong drug for me.

  6. Chris Reply

    I took Paxil for depression and I had side effects. My main one was a serious anger and violent outburst problem. I ended up in jail more than once for assault. I was taken off the drug and now I don’t get angry or violent. I believe the drugs side effects are a widespred problem.

  7. Linda Reply

    I have been on paxil for about 9 years I just recently stoped taking it and my head felt so messed up.I cant even keep a conversation with someone.I feel asthough my head is distorted and its like I cant catch everything that is coming out of a persons mouth.Im highly anxious 24\7 I sweat.shake.dry mouth,cant normaly function,dont want to go anywhere alone,racing thoughts,sleeplessness every night.At this point I dont know what to do.

  8. Kim Reply

    My sister was told to remain on her paxil while she was pregnant, that it was safe, Her pregancy was her third, and she is a very healthy young lady, with two previous pregancy , both normal and both children very healty., during this pregnancy she was told that her baby had a hole in his heart, a birth defect, and we all prayed that he would survive the pregancy to have a chance to have surgery to hopefully save him, two days before her due date, she didnt feel him move, she then was told at the hospital , that little Robby Nelson had died, he was deliverd stillborn., my sister still crys for beleiving the doctor who told her paxil was safe, We to wish little Robby was here, he was a beautiful little blonde boy at normal size and weight., but his little heart was taken by the drug paxil., My sister feels guity..but she shouldnt., it was not her fault to believe her doctor., What I must say is?, Why in Gods name do these docs push drugs that they know are dangereous for unborn children and give them to children when they are not to be given. God help us, the first act of a Doctor is to do no harm, in my sisters case, not only harm , but death and after death has come the tears of a lifetime, the son that she will never be able to hold , kiss and raise to be a gentleman in this world. I pray for all those who have lost a child, and I pray for those little ones who didnt have a chance with the drug paxil prescribed by doctors who dont give a damn.

  9. markethia Reply

    this medicine has made me very sick can not do anything when is in use my eight sight is also affected

  10. Angelique Reply

    I went through suicide attempt, I now suffer gastrational severe problem , which now I,m on medication for the rest of my life.I now have a irrevesable heart condition as well, after taking paxil.

  11. Jennifer Reply

    Paxil is the worst drug in the world to be on. It has the most terrible side effects when you decide to stop taking it. Doctors do not warn you of the side effects while your on it and then how hard it will be to stop it. I just want to encourage you that it is possible to get off of it, you just have to be extremly dedicated and just have someone who supports and understands what your going through. I takes about two weeks for the terrible headaches to go away and then you will still have the zap feelings every now and again. Ive been off of it for four weeks now. So keep it up and tell anyone u know who is thinking about starting this drug to NEVER do it.

  12. pj Reply

    I took paxil back in 2000-2001 for 3 years. it was fine in the beginning, let say during the first 6 months and I was happy to find relief. Then after a yearcutive refills of the same drug, it turned out to be real hell with suicidal thoughts, apathy and lack of interest in life. I had a brilliant career in financial marketing now I am still paying the backfiring results.

  13. Dale Reply

    I was on Paxil for many years in my late 30’s early 40’s, is this class action suit only for children and infants?

  14. lynn Reply

    i have taken paxel(diff dos’s) bet.2002-2004 and the my doc tried prozak,zyprexa(all within 3 yrs)when they did not have all the warning lables on them..i tried a couple on line clas-action lawers,not one would take my case because in dont have a right to sue med.companys..and they dont even give you the time of day…i have to sue my ex-clinic to get recent wont even send to my new doc) to even sue a med company…im on disabliity now..and i dont take ANY meds now i dont trust them…does anyone know a class action lawer that will look at my case? hope you all have better luck…god bless you all.

  15. Eduvigis Reply

    I took paxil for a year in 2000 after having back surgery and loosing my job after 21 years with the co.Took it to fight depression. Ever since I’m having problems remembering dates, names and simple stuff 3 or 4 days after and
    simple things that I should remember about the job that I performed for 21 years. What can I do?

  16. Roberta Reply


  17. brandy Reply

    I took paxil for almost 2 years and during 2 pregnancies. my youngest was born at 26 weeks gestation, with severe hypertension, heart defects and facial abnormalities. No doctor could tell me why.

  18. Cora Reply

    I took Paxil from from 2003 to 2005.

  19. Cora Reply

    I did have problems while taking this medication

  20. ann Reply

    My daughter took paxil and had violent outburst on a regular. She also got diabetes for m the drug paxil.

  21. Amber Reply

    I took Paxil after being diagnosed with depression in 2000. I only took the drug for a very short time but I begged my doctor to let me stop because I was grinding my teeth in my sleep so much that I would wake up with a bloody mouth and severe pain in my jaw. I was jittery and I couldn’t think straight. The doctor said “Paxil doesn’t cause stuff like that.” I hated the way I felt so I quit using the drug. Shortly after I begain having terrible headaches and then seizures like those described as being zapped by lightening. When I am over tired or haven’t eaten, my face will start to twitch and then my spine begins to tense up and if I don’t go lay down and relax I will experience a “seizure” that feels like the most horrbile electric shock. Over the past few months, it has been accompanied by the partial loss of sight in my left eye. I hate living this way and for years doctors told me they didn’t know what it was, but after reading other statements I believe that what I have may be related to my use of Paxil. I would give anything for these horrible seizures to stop so that I can live a normal life. It has cost me so much time that I can never get back. I have no insurance so I cannot even get a diagnoses to help me. I am at a loss.

  22. Sheena Reply

    I took paxil foe 6 years when i was a child and it made things worse foe me. I became suicidal and had thoughts all the time. I also stoped taking them myself and had crazy witdrawls! It was so bad!

  23. Charlene Reply

    I was prescribed Paxil as a non-pregnant woman about 9 years ago, and I have numerous symptoms/life altering difficulties dr’s can’t reallly help me with. I wonder if this lawsuit includes me.

  24. Nickie Reply

    In about 2007 I was taking paxil for depression (work related)… it made me feel awful and I gained about 25 pounds in the several months I was taking it. All I wanted to do was sleep and it felt I was even more depressed while taking it. I took it in 2001 for several months as well with the same results. I had uti’s all the time while taking paxil. While on paxil I also had anger outburst, which is NOT normal for me as I am a very passive person. At times I would black out and that was not a normal thing for me as well… I have been paxil free since 2007 and no uti’s and no more anger out burst! I recomend no one take paxil.

  25. Kelly Reply

    On paxil in my 20s and had a very bad reactin to it allmost killed me
    violent night terros and on third mornning of just starting paxil i had ringing in my ear and hit my head on dresser in my friends bed room and had a sesure my blood preasue was 40 over 60 the ambulance
    needed to have parimedic administrate meds.. called company to report
    life threating reaction need to make them respondsible for this.. can anyone help me?

  26. Rebecca Reply


  27. Jessica Reply

    My brother is currently in the hospital and just had his 3rd pancreatitis attack in the last couple years. He became a diabetic on the 2nd attack. He now has renal failure and just came out of his diabetic coma. We still do not know the extent of his damage. I found out this week that he has been taking Paxil for years. I wonder if there is a connection? He is only 39 years old.

  28. audrey Reply

    I have been on Paxil for years, I started cutting and never could figure out why,Why am I so overly depressed, when I take paxil,It cant be working if I feel this way,I am having a lot of memory loss,weak,
    and depression.

  29. James Reply

    I took Paxil around my 18th birthday for about a year due to depression. I never felt relief during that time, and honestly got worse in many ways. I stopped taking the drug after about a year because I was a broke college kid with no insurance at the time, and honestly it was at that time I started to improve mentally. However, during my 20s I developed severe anxiety and now have to take another med daily to help me cope with that problem. I blame Paxil.

    GSK just paid the government $3 billion for fraudulently marketing this drug and most of us will never see a single penny, and our lives have been the sacrifice.

  30. Trish Reply

    Well where do I start…….I was also taking Paxil 16 years ago,which effected both my sons.The oldest now 14,has siezers from birth which he did out grow afew years ago.But the long term effect on both of my boys is life long!Major ADHD and brain damage to the oldest,major learning disabilities!The sad part is the Dr who delt with my son over time said it was FAS,as a parent i have worked very hard to recieve help and support which has left me hopeless,but will not give up!I know this Paxil caused my childrens disorders.I do live in Canada ,only my oldest is with a Law firm for this class action.
    I do pray for all that was effected by this drug and hope justice will happen.

  31. Allison Reply

    I took Paxil for two years at 10mg for generalized anxiety disorder. It worked alright until I increased the dose to 30mg. I started having visual and auditory hallucinations and didn’t sleep for days on end. I was also extremely irritable and nasty to my family and fiance. I had bouts of hysterical laughing. I also had suidical thoughts and I seriously believed I was losing my mind. I ended up missing weeks of work and having to go on medical leave. Everything is better now since I stopped taking that poison. Not to mention that the withdrawal symptoms from stopping Paxil are horrible. I felt like my brain was falling through the floor for weeks. Now that I am on Lexapro I am doing much better. I will never take that awful drug again.

  32. angela Reply

    ive been on and off paxil and others for over hair fell out,i feel electric shocks in my body,i tried to kill myself,have violent outbursts (was suspended at work),its ruined relationships,have no sex drive,sleep all the time or cant sleep at all,gained weight,have no concentration and the list goes there no class action suit in canada that we can join to be reimbursed for this?

  33. Susan Reply

    Having read the heart wrenching comments above, I want to suggest the following:, click on a city or state. for information on SSRI’s and more. Breggin is on facebook too. Robert Whitaker on the web: MadinAmerica. Also on facebook., started by Jim Gottstein, who is on facebook., Senator Grassley’s “Disclosure of Drug Company Payments to Doctors”. ProPublica’s Patient Harm Community on facebook. Hope this is helpful and healing information.

  34. aubrey Reply

    i took paxil from 1995- 1997 made start pulling my air out and i got anncy all the time

  35. Bobby Jo Reply

    I took paxil for over 12 years and experienced all the anger and side effects along with loosing 20 of my teeth.

  36. Michael Reply

    i took paxil for about 10yrs i got disabled from my work and my.dr.put me on it for depression.during these 10yrs.i got diabetes iwas on medication and shots,i got to hearing adds on t.v.about paxil causing diabetes so i saked my dr.about it and she said it would so, iasked to be took off of it and the dr.agreed and sure enough my sugar went down but not enough to go completely off the meds.i still take meds.but no shots at this point they are montering me.i need a lawyer to talk to about this.would appreciate it.thank-you.

  37. Chantal Reply

    i there I’ve been on Paxil for 10+ years. I’ve been trying to be off from it for over a year now as I’ve suffered a miscarriage, nausea, bouts of diaherra so severe I’ve been hospitalized, insomnia, lethargic all day, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and depression. I’ve been trying to reach some one for help and my doctors suggested here. Thanks,

  38. Pamela Reply

    I am one of the many victims of GSK’s fraudulent manufacture, promotion and sale of the toxic drug Paxil, which I was prescribed for a mild case of postpartem depression in 1997. Before Paxil I was an ambitious, socially well-adjusted, intellectual and deeply compassionate and caring person. I graduated with honors from an all-girls college prep school, also from the university I attended. I worked overseas for UNESCO, was even offered a job by the Amer. embassy in Moscow. I had great potential and was looking forward to making a real difference in the world and with my two precious babies. Instead, I became psychotic, with delusions, rage, depression, apathy, numerous physical ailments…and the list of suffering goes on ad nauseum.
    WHAT OUTRAGES ME IS THAT GLAXO SMITH KLINE IS GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER< LITERALLY!!!! Does nobody see this fact? They have violated my constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by knowingly allowing a dangerous drug, which they manufacture, to be released for consumption by the most vulnerable class of consumers - the mentally ill. AM I THE ONLY ONE STRUGGLING TO UNDERSTAND WHY GSK has not been dissolved as a company and it's executives condemned to life in prison for homicide, and attempted genocide (I dont know what you call the en masse killing of mental health patients), where they should be forced to take a daily combination of Paxil, Wellbutrin and Avandia. Wouldn't you be interested to now how many relatives of GSK employees take Paxil? My guess is none, unless GSK thinks they are expendable and worthless. WHO MADE GSK GOD? HOW DO THEY JUSTIFY HOMICIDE AS AN ACCEPTABlE side effect of taking Paxil. I cant imagine any condition being so unbearable that homicide and it's far-reaching consequences-is a better option. GSK thinks we are insignificant lad rats on which they can use and destroy. AND OUR LEGAL SYSTEM SUPPORTS THIS BY NOT RALLYING TOGETHER to help us take a stand against such atrocities. The warning label on Paxil should read : "warning: this medication will cause severe adverse reactions such as destroying your marriage, driving away your family and loved ones, stealing your children, robbing you of your privilege to parent your children and will ruin your potential to earn a living, keep steady employment or engage in a meaningful tasks of anykind. This drug will cause hallucinations, delusions, spontaneous rage and violence with no cause; you will feel as though your brain was removed and scrambled in a blender, you will not be able to identify the time, day, month or year, or your location. This drug is poison and will eventually kill you or make you wish you were dead to escape the madness and torture. Use at your discretion. That would be a start. During my time on Paxil I had no health insurance. If I was offered $80 for compensation by GSK in a class action suit like the one above, I would sue my lawyer for negligence. Are you kidding me - after all that time in litigation, and all these people in CA only get $80. That is how much GSK thinks our lives are worth - $80. I am sick to my stomach and will fight GSK alone, if necessary.

  39. ROBERT Reply

    I was injured my back my back surgeon know that I have a.d.d. ,a.d.h.d took the med cylert 500mil for over 15 yrs this doctor prescribed paxil to me I thought it was suppose to be a relaxerlike flexeril I took it and it made me like very slow motion walking talking then I hung myself my girlfriend found me dead cut me down used cpr brought me back I was life lighted to a hosp. in LV NV had I tube put in to feed me there was know reason for a back doctor to give me paxil when I went to see him I told him with my girlfriend in the ex room I shoult knock him out for giving me a drug like that an I did not lay a hand on him he could not answer us why he gave the drug to me n said he could no longer be my doc he tried to tell us that I was allergic to paxil , I’m allergic to penicillin real bad so I know what it means to be allergic to something . so he flat out lied to us the med bills are over 250000. grand

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