Samsung Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Top-Loading Washing Machine Recall

  • Written by: Russell Maas

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Samsung over problems with top-loading washing machines, which were recalled last year amid reports that they may begin to shake violently and explode, resulting in debris that has injured several consumers.

Oklahoma resident Jerry Wells filed a complaint (PDF) in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma on January 13, 2017, seeking class action status to represent all individuals who purchased one of the recalled Samsung washing machines.

According to allegations raised in the Samsung lawsuit, the manufacturer is trying to force consumers to take a rebate option that will result in additional money being spent with the company, instead of paying for repairs or offering a complete refund for the defective and dangerous washing machines.

The case comes only two months after a Samsung top-loading washing machine recall was issued, impacting about 3 million units. The recall followed at least 733 consumer reports that the machines broke apart or exploded due to excessive vibration.

The Samsung washing machines have reportedly caused at least nine injuries, including a broken jaw and injured shoulder from a consumer being hit by pieces of the metal frames or struck while attempting to control the shaking washing machines. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), many of the reports also included incidents of property damage to surrounding walls and floors in laundry rooms.

Before the recall, a warning was issued on September 30, alerting consumers about the risk that Samsung machines may explode. The warning initiated an investigation by both the CPSC and Samsung, which concluded that the impacted top-loading washing machines can lose balance at high spin speeds with heavy loads, such as bedding or bulkier water resistant items. When the loss of balance occurs, the machines may spin out of control, causing excessive vibration that may result in the top of the frame detaching from the chassis, posing an impact injury risk.

According to the lawsuit, Wells purchased his Samsung washing machine new in May 2013. After the recall was issued, he attempted to schedule a repair or in-home modification, but the lawsuit indicates that the Samsung representative failed to show on at least three separate occasions.

“After learning of Samsung’s recall of the Recalled Washing Machines, Wells has not used his Samsung washing machine because of the danger posed from potentially having his washing machine ‘explode’ during normal use,” the lawsuit states. “In addition to being without a washing machine since November 2016, Wells has spent countless hours on the phone with Samsung attempting to have his defective washing machine repaired or replaced.”

The class action lawsuit names Samsung Electronics America, Inc., and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd as defendants, alleging the manufacturers intentionally delayed and denied repairs for the machines.

The recall statement from Samsung promised customers three choices, which included a warranty extension and in-home repair, a rebate on a new machine, or a complete refund if the consumers had purchased the machine within 30 days of the date the recall was issued. However, the Samsung class action complaint suggests that “Samsung was intentionally cancelling repair of Wells’ Samsung washing machine so that he would be forced to use the rebate, to purchase another Samsung washing machine, thereby creating business for Samsung and saving them money on paying for repairs.”

In reports received by Consumer Affairs, many others have come forward stating that Samsung has either refused to refund them or have also cancelled several appointments, potentially attempting to force consumers to use the rebate option.

Wells is also asking for a court order that would require Samsung to replace parts for all consumers’ washing machines free of charge and in a timely manner, and for the court to bar Samsung from continuing to manufacture top-loading washing machines, given their dangerous nature and poor business ethics.

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  1. Jane Reply

    I have left 2 voice messages (due to overwhelming telephone) traffic with Samsung. Neither have been returned. Prior to the recall, I made several other telephone complaints to customer services about other problems and I had a plumber recommrnded by the store where I purchased the machine come to my house for a consultation. This machine is a nightmare. I want a FULL refund.

  2. Linda Reply

    I have been in HELL with this company for 8 weeks. I had to go buy new washer(not Samsung) because I had recall done on lid so I could have a service done.Washer would not work after only having 1year and 1 week.
    After service which did not fix problem and me having terrible time with service and Samsung:talking to at least 20 reps including excutive consumer relations I gave up. Machine in garage. All I wanted now was 1/2 my money. NO GO and after 9 weeks they sent a warrenty HAAA

  3. Ingrid Reply

    How do I join this class actions suit?

  4. Teresa Reply

    When they came out to reinforce the lid, they bent and scratched the lid. I am now trying to get that fixed on top of getting the needed repairs to stop the shaking. I have documentation on how many times I have talked with Samsung and the people that I talked to. I want to join the class action lawsuit as well

  5. Jennifer Reply

    I too decided to replace my recalled Samsung washer with a brand other than Samsung & will not be receiving a full refund on the washer I purchased less than a year ago. Adding insult to injury, Samsun claims they received my completed rebate paperwork on Jan. 13, 2017 when I mailed it on Dec. 3, 2016. So the 4-6 weeks time-frame is really more like 8-10 weeks. I’m extremely frustrated & will NEVER purchase anything Samsung again.

  6. Peggy Reply

    I have spent countless hrs talking to either the scheduled repair company and/or Samsung to no avail. My husband & I are elderly I have a 99yr old Mother in a Nursing Home I do her laundry. I worry every time I do laundry that the my samsung washer will go thru the ceiling. I want to know what I have to do to join the Class action suit. Samsung should replace my washer .!!!!!!

  7. Rebecca Reply

    I also want to join the lawsuit. After trying to work with Samsung since last fall, I still do not have a working washing machine! It took three tries before a repair person showed up to “correct” the problem. Afterwards it is even worse and not safe. Can’t even wash 5 pair underwear on delicate without it becoming out of balance. Multiple calls, including executive customer relations if that really exists,no responses. Count me in!

  8. Janine Reply

    Purchased our washer (and dryer) last March and mine shut down on us completely right before Christmas and we waited for a repair call and never got it and with 7 children we couldn’t “wait” for the repairman or afford to go to the laundrymat. We used our Christmas savings to purchase a new one and now waiting for the rebate 🙁

  9. Pat Reply

    Because the machine was so new, I opted to have the repair. There was no issue with those who provided the service or the timeliness. What is at issue for me is that there was a template to place over the cycle selection until the repair could be completed and additional warning stickers that were to be placed on the machine. However, after the repairs were complete I then find out that one must continue to wash bedding etc. on the different cycle and that another template will not be provided.

    So having said that, the machine is not therefore able to perform as it should be and that was never communicated in the information that was sent. All that they did was complete the repair and extend the warranty. If I had known in advance that the machine would never perform as it should I would have opted to replace. Now I have no recourse and do not believe this to be an acceptable outcome.

    When the auto industry recalls their product due to defects and one has the repair completed you have confidence that the product is safe to operate and as intended – example the air bag recalls of which we had two vehicles that were included.

  10. Desiree Reply

    Purchased another machine but never received my rebate. I am out hundreds of dollars after buying 2 machines! Cust. Service never processed my rebate, nor sent the money. They have all of the documentation required.

  11. Roger Reply

    Since November, Samsung has scheduled 4 repairs for our washer and each time they were no shows. After 12 calls, through January 27, finally got to three people in Executive Customer Relations who promised a resolution. They said no technicians in my area, so something else has to be arranged. They asked for Home Depot Bill of Sale, which I promptly provided. Now they are saying the Home Depot document s not valid, even though has purchase date, description of item, price and delivery information. I think it is a fraud on Samsung part to avoid repairing the washer!

  12. Brian Reply

    They cancel my apts as well. I got a new sticker. lol..My refund would have been 300 washer is 1500..sounds fair.

  13. Cathy Reply

    I have a top load Samsung washer…..can’t wash bedding it starts making a funny noise. I didn’t know about the recall. Seems repair is not an option neither the rebate since I haven’t done 50 loads in it. I want in on the class action suit. No rebate no placing a sticker over it…I want a refund.

  14. Crystal Reply

    My washer was 1 month out of warranty. I was told I would get $600 rebate only if I purchased a Samsung. That is half of what I paid a year ago!! Then I am to use my own money to buy a new one and they will pay me back…how about a merchandise voucher? My Samsung dishwasher also went to hell 1 month after warranty and I cannot get them to respond at all!!

  15. Daniel Reply

    I had one of the recalled Samsung washing machines. Contacted them, they gave me the 3 options. Have a repairman come to repair it and get a 1 yr. warranty, buy another Samsung machine and they’ll give me up to $545. or buy a different brand and they’ll give me a refund of up to $445. After looking at what was at The Home Depot, 100% of the top loading units on display were on the recall list. I paid about $700 for my machine. I had to buy another brand, I purchased a Maytag. The Manager at Lowe’s let me have it for the $445 refund price I’m still waiting for. Samsung sent me 2 labels to cover the original label which made it look like a few if the cycles were never on the machine. Which were the selling point the led me to purchase it in the first place. I further was told that the Samsung repairmen actually have no idea if what they were told to do to fix the machine would actually be a fix. They didn’t think so. And if I ever do get the refund of $445 I’ve been waiting for for months, I’m still loosing money for a machine that was THEIR problem. I loose? Where is that right?

  16. Royella Reply

    When I heard about the problem I called in and was told that I would be contacted by a local repairman…. have I heard from him?…No. our machine is around Two years old and this should be replaced or money refunded because you are limited to the full function of the washer!

  17. Tamisha Reply

    I have been dealing with Samsung since November with my top load washer. At first, it was difficult to get through on the phone and once I did to file the complaint…it’s always they will get back to you within 24-48 and each time its more like 72 hours or longer. They set up a service to come out and install the brackets and they didn’t show up as expected. So, I called Samsung back and it was another 24-48 hours for another technician to set an appointment and after the 3rd try a technician came out and finally installed the brackets. However, my washer still vibrated and broke the motor. So, I called Samsung back and was told someone will contact me in another 24-48 hours with a call back and was told Samsung wrote the repair ticket up and it was written up wrong so I had to call Samsung back. This has been going on since November and I still don’t have a washer and have been going to the laundromat ever since.

  18. Lora Reply

    I want to know about this class action law suit, count me in.

  19. lois Reply

    I unfortunately bought TWO washers, and they both have been repaired BEFORE the recall. One now after being repaired for the drum issue is again broken (different repairmen said a circuit board and a motor) so it’s sitting in my garage waiting for some sort of refund from Samsung. I had to buy a new washer after waiting for months for a response from Samsung. I had this for 13 months when the drum broke, just out of warranty. Samsung offered me something like $150 for it. They never answer their phone, and when they do they give me conflicting information. One of their call centers in the Philippines knows nothing, so that’s a waste of time. I too would like to join a class-action suit.

  20. wally Reply

    We bought one and liked it enough to purchase another one for a second home – now double trouble. The Samsung offer for us was less than 1/2 of the purchase price. Some slick accelerated depreciation on their part. The label templates are a joke and deprive the owner of features they paid for. After reading multiple blogs on this, I am reluctant to bear the pain of even submitting a claim to Samsung. Note: Australian law (excerpted below) apparently has taken a more aggressive stance, perhaps it is time for US to do the same:

    Samsung today, in response to consumer feedback, again confirmed that where a consumer indicates that they are dissatisfied with the re-work of their affected unit, Samsung will replace or refund the customer’s unit. This is of course in addition to Samsung’s existing policy to provide affected consumers with models yet to be reworked with either a rework, replacement or refund at the consumer’s election.
    Samsung continues to work constructively with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the NSW Fair Trading in relation to this recall.

  21. julia Reply

    I just received a $31 check for my washing machine, I can’t tell you how insulting that is after I had to replace my broken Samsung machine in August of 2016 when the drain pump broke and spewed water all over my basement. I was looking to buy a new refrigerator from Samsung but that’s not going to happen now as I will never buy a Samsung product again.

  22. Darrell Reply

    I have had three missed appointments where I took the day off. No show and no call. And it is going on three months. They said next Monday but we will see. Count me in. I want a full price refund and compensated for the missed work

  23. Jenice Reply

    Just off phone with Samsung. My washer was only a year old when I learned of the recall. After visiting their website I decided to purchase another unit from Samsung because “consumers who choose a Samsung washer will receive an additional loyalty incentive up to $150.00 toward their new Samsung washer purchase.” My machine was valued around $650. Caught the sale at Thanksgiving and got the new machine for $599 plus tax. Well, got the check today for 599. Called about the “additional” incentive. Was told it was included in the amount of the rebate. How is that “additional”? I got what the sale price of the unit was, which was below the value of my machine. And, what about the $35 in taxes? To me this is deceptive sales. Fraud. I acted based upon their representation of the “additional” incentive. No more Samsung loyalty from me. I’d love to know who the attorney is on this suit.

  24. Patty Reply

    They have been stringing me along since November. We have no repairmen, and people say they send Dish Network installers to do the job. I have not gotten a call back, have called them repeatedly, and from what I understand they stall us so the value of our machine is less since it keeps getting older. They keep saying we have no repairmen here, so why can’t they refund my money? The repair does not fix the washer, people still cannot use the features Samsung advertised to get us to buy their piece of junk.

  25. Sharon Reply

    Before I got my 2 yr old washer fixed, I made many calls to the recall center. I was assured that if I got my washer fixed, it would work the same as it did before the recall, except it wouldn’t blow up. Plus they would extend the warranty. Scheduling was easy and I received my new template the day I had it fixed, which was Jan 5, 2017. I thought it a little strange that the technician was from Dish, but he made the fix in little time with no major problems. When I asked him about the template, he told me I didn’t have to use it because the machine had been fixed. Well, that isn’t a true statement, so I put the template on. In addition to never being able to wash bedding in hot water with a soil level higher than light, if you read the documentation that came with the template, legally, we can never sell or give away our recalled washer. That was never explained to me when I talked to Samsung. I would have never agreed to getting it fixed and would have taken the rebate, even though it was less than 1/2 of what I paid for my original washer. I called Samsung right after the technician left and I was treated very poorly. I was told that if I couldn’t wash bedding in hot water, it was a technical problem and they said they would transfer me, bur they basically hung up. I called back 2-3 times on that day and each time got a different person that didn’t understand me and tried to transfer me which ended in another hang up. I finally found a person that opened a ticket and said someone would call me. Someone did, but as soon as I told them it had to do with my recalled washer, they automatically transferred me to the recall center and everything started over again. I have several tickets that have never been address. Most recently on 2/14/17, I did an online chat so I could save their comments. When I asked if I could talk with someone to make a formal complaint, I was given his supervisor. I was told by the supervisor, someone would get back to me immediately. Still haven’t heard anything from them.

  26. Joseph Reply

    A service man from Dish Company (??) came by representing Samsung and installed a hardware kit to better retain the top of Washer. Later, I was supposed to have received a package (Sticker) to place on my washer that basically prevents from using high speed spin on heavy blankets to prevent the damage from happening (Exploding Washers as the service guy put it).

    In my opinion:
    1) Repair was just an exercise to collect my signature that something was done to address the recall. Thinking back, I believe the repair was strictly decorative (A crock of Sh…)

    2) I never received the sticker package. Again, the idea of slowing the spin speed down tells me nothing was truly fixed. So next time I wash blankets, I may end-up with an exploding washer?

  27. Micki Reply

    How do I join this lawsuit? I mailed my rebate information on December 13. Today is February 23 and I have received NOTHING. I have made 4 phone calls and cannot get any help. I was told they received my rebate form on December 16 which was 10 weeks ago. The website says checks will be mailed in 4 – 6 weeks. I am being given the run around. I just spoke with someone else who said they had not received my form and then when I pressed and stated I had already been told it was received on December 16, he came back ands said “Oh, I’m showing it was received on February 1”. They are lying and giving people the run around. My next call is going to be to an attorney.

  28. Pierre Reply

    I tried contacting Samsung about my recalled washer through their recall website when I heard about the recall. I was not able to submit my request then. A couple of weeks ago I received their control panel update kit. Last week I receive a phone call from their recall center. I requested the in home repair. I spoke with them today and they told me they cannot find a service provider in may area and the only option I have is the rebate. They are offering me $49 for a machine I paid almost $900 for 3 years ago. Other than the recall, the machine is in excellent condition. I think $49 is unacceptable and I told them that. I live in Anchorage AK and there are plenty of appliance repair companies here. What other options do I really have?

  29. Cheryl Reply

    I also had a recalled top load washer. I decided to not buy Samsung due to their many problems on other products. The rebate process was rediculous. The thing that really angered me was the pressure to buy another Samsung washer. They wouldn’t even pay for the replacement hoses which is a law that the consumer has to abide by, no matter how old they are. I ended up loosing about $400.00 because of the recall. I will never buy another Samsung product.Thankfully we weren’t injured by this.

  30. Denise Reply

    1. The kits don’t work any intelligent person would have picked up on that when they saw it. They must really think we are stupid. 2. The rebate is a joke. A total insult. My machine is 4.5 yrs old. It is making vibrating noises and doesn’t spin out all of the water. The machine was originally $1199 on sale for $809.99. Samsung wants me to take a rebate (only buy their brand) and they will give me $127 or if I buy (any other brand) they will give me $27. Gee how big of them. They will raise the prices on all the washers so it will include the rebates and they won’t lose a dime. The $27 doesn’t even cover the tax on any new washer. BUY AMERICAN.

  31. Mary Reply

    How do I join in on this recall lawsuit? Please advise details.

    What a terrible experience with the Samsung recall …

    Too much to write and very exhausting to be honest.

  32. Elizabeth Reply

    Got rid of mine. It tore up more cloths than I can count and the washer finally got off the track on the drum part. Called samsung since it was out of warranty after two years they wanted to charge me over $600.00 to replace the drum……Crazy… I went out and bought another washer from Lowes Maytag which is perfectly a better choice. Wish I could get my money back not only on my washer purchase but the cloths and bedding that the washer destroyed.

  33. Leslie Reply

    I have emailed and called several times and get no response, but I got some stupid stickers in the mail and told me I can’t use high spin. Are you kidding me, I work full time, I do not have time to go to a laundry mat to washing bedding. We went to buy a new stove and dishwasher, saw I really nice Samsung stove and went with the other brand I liked after this experience.

  34. Beth Reply

    I purchased my Samsung Washer 9/2014 from Best Buy. I also purchased their protection plan, and good thing. Within 2 months of purchase a gasket seal came loose ruining decorative bedding pillows. When I called for repair, the Geek Squad came out and said they would have to order the part. Another month went by and still no word. When the tech came back out he told me there was no replacement part available and he had to go to the local hardware store and purchase zip ties to secure my washer.

    Then last fall I received the recall information. Filled it out and purchased a new Samsung Front load washing machine 12/2016. The same capacity machine was $1300. Way more than the $583 that was considered a convenience/loyalty rebate. Last month (2/2017) had the tech out because my new washing is leaking water from an unknown location. Fabulous 2 Defective machines!

    $583 is not even beginning to begin to compensate for the grief and aggravation of having to purchase a new machine. They can buy this one back as well.

  35. Kelly Reply

    I’d love to join this lawsuit! How do I? I don’t even feel like going into detail over my nightmare, it gives me anxiety and I’m so over it! Let’s just say a technician has been out at least 7 times now, I have spent countless hours on the phone with Samsung and hundreds of $$’s at a laundromat doing laundry that I should be able to do in my home. Oh, and I have Raynaud’s disease, so wringing out sopping wet clothes is physically hurting me because it is too cold for my body.

  36. John Reply

    I chose to have the washer repaired which was done on 02/08/2017. Some of the new wash cycles leave the cothes sopping wet. With no way to remove excess water. The washer is not fully functional. The new wash cycles are fixed so that no high speed spin can be done. I would like to join any class action suite against Samsung. How do I do this?

  37. Aleeta Reply

    I hate how litigation crazy our county has become…. that said, I hate worse this debacle with Samsung. I splurged on a matching platinum washer/dryer set last summer that I now fear every time I run. I thought the sticker plan was suspect, so I waited to see what they did. When I ran bedding on the new recommended cycle, everything was so wet it took over 2 hours to get the load dry. I do not have the time, money or lack of energy conscientiousness to continue their solution! I have never been in a class action lawsuit (and never thought I would) but here we go for some hoped for accountability for Samsung and relief for me!!

  38. Janice Reply

    My machine was purchased almost 5 years ago and just started the D.C. Codes. I did an online chat with Samsung and Dish was here 3 days later to fix the recall problem. I did not even know about the recall. Today I get my labels and new template for my machine. I now have to wash bedding on gentle. Everyone knows the gentle cycle won’t spin the water out of bedding. Samsung is just trying to keep the tops from exploding. I want to join class action. I need to either have machine repaired or junk it. Why repair a ticking time bomb??

  39. Morgan Reply

    Samsung has been a total nightmare since this recalls
    was announced. Ive spent no less than 20 hours on the phone with various people who have no idea what the others have done, said etc. I had two repair people out here. The first one said Samsung was supposed to have sent parts but they sent the wrong parts so he could not fix it. The other “repair” person was a DISH network employee. He told me candidly that his bosses told the. They would be completing Samsung repairs and they watched a video to learn how to reenforce the washing machine lids. He tried to take my machine away from the wall but nearly scratched the linoleum three times and said he couldn’t move it and couldn’t fix it. The coup de gras was that at the end as he was leaving, he gave me a DISH network brochure and advertisement and asked me if I’d like to switch to DISH from cable. Needless to say my washer still isn’t fixed. I called this week and was transferred to the “executive” division and was told to send a copy of my receipt for a full refund. I did that last week and have heard nothing back. I will never buy Samsung again.

  40. Malcolm Reply

    Same as all of the above… Purchased Samsung Washer AND Dryer at the same time 3 years ago (April 2014)…. The Washer went out FIRST and was a month over the warranty… BUT Samsung DID repair and gave another year of warranty….just changed out the “arms” supporting the tub. It has worked….but then they recalled the unit…. I called in January (which they “samsung” doesn’t have a record) and was offered $341 for the machine….. I refused and was given a “Ticket Number”. Then my dryer stop heating a couple of weeks ago… and it was out of warranty….only have 1 year for it…. soooo I told them that I was not happy with the situation since I had a Whirlpool that lasted 13 years with ME replacing a timer on the washer and an heating element and a belt during that time…. so I was told that “Someone” would contact me about making an offer to take care of BOTH at the same time…. and would be 24 to 48 hours….which didn’t happened… So, now I am wanting to join a Class-Action Suit as well….PLEASE TELL ME HOW

  41. Rasmiya Reply

    I have been strung along for 2 months over a replacement of my washer. They are trying to get us to accept a model that is 2.5 inches higher than our matching dryer! Then they offered a more comparable one then they changed their minds! Now I am not in their system, magically!

  42. Christina Reply

    I’ve been trying to resolve this with them for months now. They won’t return my phone call with even a replacement washer that I’ve already paid in full for

  43. Janet Reply

    All I can say is what a NIGHTMARE! I too have been dealing with this situation since March. My machine is 2 1/2 years old and vibrates so bad that it practically walks. It has also broken my lid from all the vibration. I have spent countless hours on the phone and get the same story over and over. I have had Dish, Mr. Appliance, and Sears repair at my home. I have ask to speak to someone higher up in the Samsung company being connected to what they say is an executive representative. I can’t begin to tell you how many of my calls has been “escalated”. That is a joke. I am so stressed out on this because I have had to miss work to come home to meet these service repairmen only to find out that they can’t fix my machine. Each call I have made to Samsung is no less than 45 minutes!!!! Their favorite line is “Can I place you on a brief minute hold”!!!!! I also have documentation on my calls….who I spoke to and a ticket number for each call. I am so done with Samsung…..will never purchase another Samsung product…..not ever. My next move is to the Better Business Bureau.

  44. Angela Reply

    Had recall on top load washer took a month to get recall done by a dish network work guy. Stopped working and then took two months to get someone out. They were suppose to send check out for a new washer and never did. Then I was told they would send someone else out. Started doing same thing again and was told I was going to get refund. Has not happened.

  45. Chimere Reply

    I purchased my Samsung washer 4 years ago and paid $699.99 for the washer and an additional $699. 99 for the dryer. I am highly displeased by the results we have received from the washer. Our washer is no longer functional and when you pay this kind of money for a (Top Brand) machine, you don’t expect your machine to stop working/functioning in such a short time. Samsung is only willing to offer us a rebate of $136.00 to go towards a new Samsung washer and $36.00 if we purchase a different brand washing machine. This is unbelievable and despicable. I have always been a loyal Samsung customer, but never again!

  46. Kathleen Reply

    I purchased this “recalled” washing machine in October of 2014 and since day one this machine has not owed up to its manufactured promises. Immediately after purchase, this machine would not clean right. After several months of calls to Samsung to resolve this issue, and doing everything I could to accommodate their suggestions to resolve the issues, they finally sent a repairman out to fix the problem. Apparently, it was the control switch and this was replaced. Even though the machine was repaired, I would still have the same problems, not cleaning clothes, smelly mildewed clothes, clothes still being dry, etc. Now my machine makes weird noises on the spill cycle, almost scary to use. It also fills up water and overflows onto my floor everywhere. The washing machine is complete garbage! This machine is considered part of the recall and I have contacted Samsung to use the rebate offer, but I am afraid now to buy a new washer because reviews have implicated that rebates are not being sent out in a timely manner and people are still waiting months and months for the rebate and still no money. On top of all this, If I do opt to use the rebate, my washer will look differently than my dryer does now as I bought these two as a set. Also, the rebate is a joke. I paid way more for my washer $1299.99 to be exact and the rebate being offered is only $517. Would like to be added to the class action suit against Samsung. Way to go Samsung for “not” sticking by your product and doing millions of people wrong.

  47. Nadine Reply

    Ever since they supposedly fixed the top of my washer to prevent it from exploding, the washer badly thumps and vibrates when spinning, then stops and the rinse cycle stars all over again! I cannot spin the clothes dry, and God knows how much water I have been wasting, as I caught this new problem by accident. The washer didn’t even provide a code to let me know it was off balance. I called, and they told me to run the cycle with nothing in the washer. I did what they said and it did nothing to fix the problem. I cannot wash even the lightest of items! I would like to be happy included in the class action suit.

  48. Greg Reply

    I have been having many of the same problems. In January my washer started going crazy it will not go into the spin cycle without going unbalanced even when there is nothing in it. Keep in mind this is after the recall repair. I have been fighting with Samsung ever since to get a refund. They keep saying they will give a refund they ask me to send them proof of purchase and Everytime I send it to them they keep on making up excuses as to why they won’t give me a refund like last time they said the receipt had a Lowe’s emblem on it which is not where I bought the washer. Not have I ever bought anything from Lowe’s to begin with to even send that kind of receipt. What it is looking like to me is that they are just trying to wait for my warrantee to expire.

  49. Cheryl Reply

    I purchased a recalled washer 2 1/2 years ago. It totally broke down. I am having the same problem with recall people as everyone else. I opted not to go with the repair. I bought a new Maytag. Waiting for my rebate which it looks like I will never get. Samsung needs to be blown up. I want to get in on the class action lawsuit. This is criminal what they are doing to people.

  50. Cecilia Reply

    I have just begun my battle with Samsung. I held out as long as I could, but this week my Samsung Top Load went crazy. I literally washed the same load for two days trying to get it to spin out. This is with the new instructions offered from Samsung. Finally I hand wrung out the items. I called about the recall. They offered me $150. What do I do with a $150? That does not cover a new washer. I purchased my washer hoping not to need another washer for many years. I have a Maytag at my rental that has been in use for at least 20 twenty years. I paid $600 plus for this washer. I should not have to spend another $500 in 3 short years to get a new washer. This is sad and shows a total lack of concern for the customer. Samsung is obviously a money driven company that is not built on costumer satisfaction. How to I join this lawsuit or start one of my own?

    Thank you in advance for any information provided.

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