Seresto Class Action Lawsuit Claims Flea and Tick Collars Injured, Killed Pets

  • Written by: Irvin Jackson

Following a recent report suggesting dogs and cats suffered serious and potentially life-threatening health problems from Seresto flea and tick collars, a class action lawsuit has been filed by two pet owners whose dogs developed tumors or died suddenly after wearing the collars.

Earlier this month, a special report published by USA Today indicated Seresto flea and tick collars have been linked to more than 75,000 health reactions among both humans and pets, including nearly 1,700 deaths.

The illnesses and deaths from Seresto collars are believed to be caused by pesticides used by the manufacturer, but no recall or label warnings have been provided to consumers.

Elanco Animal Health, Inc., the manufacturer, now faces a class action complaint (PDF) brought filed by Aitana Vargas and Faye Hemsley on March 22, in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

Vargas, of California, had a soft tissue sarcoma surgically removed from her pet Siberian Husky, Lolita, following exposure to a Seresto collar, according to the lawsuit. Hemsley, of Pennsylvania, bought her 13-year-old terrier mix, Tigger Shadow, a Seresto collar in January 2020, and the lawsuit indicates that the dog died suddenly a month later.

The lawsuit also seeks class action status for Seresto pet collar purchases in the state of California since March 22, 2017, purchases in Pennsylvania since March 22, 2015, indicating that common questions of law and fact are likely to be involved in claims on behalf of thousands of individuals, which would be too numerous to joint together in one lawsuit.

“Since Seresto Product’s introduction, those who experienced its harmful effects complained through’s customer reviews, through social media, to the EPA and to Elanco’s previous owner, German conglomerate Bayer,” according to the complaint. “These complaints run the gamut from skin irritation to neurological issues including seizures to death. Yet nowhere in the labeling, advertising, statements, warranties, and/or packaging of the Seresto collar Products does Defendant disclose that the Products can cause severe injury and/or death in the dogs and cats who wear them and to their human caregivers.”

Although the front of the Seresto collar packages indicates it “Kills and Repels Fleas and Ticks”, information is omitted about the risk that dogs and cats wearing the collars may be seriously injured or killed, the lawsuit states.

In addition to their individual damages, Vargas and Hemsley present claims for violation of California’s unfair competition laws, violation of the state’s advertising laws, violations of the state’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act, and of Pennsylvania’s unfair trade practices laws. They seek compensatory and punitive damages.

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  1. Mary Reply

    I started using the Seresto flea collar on my South African Boerboel in 2015. She developed insulin producing tumors in her pancreas in November 2017 and I had to put her down. She was only 6 years. I stopped using the collar on her brother

  2. Karen Reply

    My vet recommended the Soresto collar for my 10 pound Schitzu about 8 months ago. I then purchased it at a holistic pet store known for not using chemicals in food, one said anything to me about pesticides. My poor Lily started having trouble walking and balancing while trying to walk as if she were drunk. It happened over time and I didn’t make the connection not being aware of what the EPA knew all along and didn’t warn the public. Lily also had bloodwork done and suddenly had liver issues. Again didn’t know why and kept checking her and her levels would go up and down. Then they went up again and the vet said she needed an ultrasound but couldn’t do it for 3 weeks because the best are so overwhelmed. So I went to another vet who I had dealt with with my previous dog and they were able to do it immediately. Thankfully there was no tumor but she needed expensive liver supplements of Ursodial and denamarin. I was hopeful these would work having read about their use. During the last 6 months of her life, Lily slept in my arms at night. I was having headaches and ended up having a mini stroke Dec.1, 2020 as she layed next to me . Still didn’t make any connection because I didn’t have the facts. I had to put Lily to sleep Feb 15, 2021 because even after making sure she had the proper meds to help her liver recover, how could it if the collar was poisoning her and possibly me. I’m so angry that I’ve been consumed with trying to get the word out in the last few days after learning the truth about the harm and deaths that have occurred from this product unchecked since 2012. It’s too late for my poor Lily and I hope she can forgive me for not realizing there was a connection. I hold Bayer, Elanco and the EPA responsible for Lily s suffering and death and I will not stop telling my story and warning other pet parents about the harm of this Soresto product . I’ve contacted the Holistic store where I bought it and they refuse to take it off the shelves. I’ve contacted a friend who happens to know the owner to influence her to remove it. This friend also works at the local tv station and is going to talk to the producer and top investigative journalist to see if there’s a way to generically warn pet product consumers about pesticides in certain products that could harm or kill as we approach the flea and tick product season. I’ve also contacted Chewey co. With whom I’ve done a lot of business and asked them to remove the product from their websites until research can be reviewed. They were as always very concerned and took my story seriously. I know a Congessional subcommittee asked the company to recall the product and they refused but I’m not giving up. CONGRESSMAN MATT CARTWRIGHT is my Pennsylvania congressman and I plan on contacting him next. We must hold this company accountable and get this product off the shelves. I couldn’t save Lily but I’m going to make it my mission to save other pets from harm or death. That’s what Lily would want me to do. Please help me get the word out.

  3. Robert Reply

    My little Dachsand started having trouble after the second year I used the Soresto Collar. She started acting strange, like being drunk, she ten lost the use of her back legs. She would slowly drag her self along. She stop eating, which concerned me, so I took her to the Vet., they said she had a Stoke or a Siesure. They kept her for 1 week and then put her down. I lost a part of my family that day. Damm Seresto.

  4. Juanitta Reply

    My girl worn them also, mu misty ended up having sezuires, she had never had them before, she had 3 in a half hour, thought i was gonna lose her, she went on meds and reg vets visits, if affected her whole left side, affected her bowls she was on meds for inconience and had trouble wagging her tail, I lost her last Sept 2020… my Chocolate lab, developed cancer in her hind legs, lost some of her hair, lost Tanika Mar 2021 both my girls were gone with in 6 months of each other,

  5. Kathy Reply

    We have a Minature Australian sheppard that turned a year old in March. We got him when he was a little over 3 months old. He had a seresto collar for about 8 months and started having issues with his back and front legs. Seems like his legs get stiff and he can’t use them, it happens daily and will happen for a few seconds when he has the episodes. He doesn’t have the collar any more, the vet really isn’t sure what his problem is and says it would cost a fortune for tests and is more then likely something that would be irreversible, so he recommends just treating as we go and treat any symptoms or problems that he has. I’m wondering if this could be a side effect from the seresto collar?

  6. Josie Reply

    So very sad after seeing this warning on the news.. lost my little yorkie in Feb. this year, she was only 7 yrs old.. survived two surgeries on her breast and the other was a growth in her mouth. Miss her everyday .. stop putting things on the market that kill our pets… they are our family.

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